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Important if true especially if dark energy turns out to be advanced Wheeler-Feynman Hawking radiation from our future de Sitter cosmological event horizon.

Black Holes, Information Loss, and Hidden Variables

Authors: Antony Valentini
(Submitted on 6 Jul 2004)
Abstract: "We consider black-hole evaporation from a hidden-variables perspective. It is suggested that Hawking information loss, associated with the transition from a pure to a mixed quantum state, is compensated for by the creation of deviations from Born-rule probabilities outside the event horizon. The resulting states have non-standard or 'nonequilibrium' distributions of hidden variables, with a specific observable signature - a breakdown of the sinusoidal modulation of quantum probabilities for two-state systems. Outgoing Hawking radiation is predicted to contain statistical anomalies outside the domain of the quantum formalism. Further, it is argued that even for a macroscopic black hole, if one half of an entangled EPR-pair should fall behind the event horizon, the other half will develop similar statistical anomalies. We propose a simple rule, whereby the relative entropy of the nonequilibrum (hidden-variable) distribution generated outside the horizon balances the increase in von Neumann entropy associated with the pure-to-mixed transition. It is argued that there are relationships between hidden-variable and von Neumann entropies even in non-gravitational physics. We consider the possibility of observing anomalous polarisation probabilities, in the radiation from primordial black holes, and in the atomic cascade emission of entangled photon pairs from black-hole accretion discs."

And what about in living matter - us? See Brian Josephson's and my independent work on the subject - that life and inner consciousness demand the same nonequilibrium (hidden variable) distributions.
Category: Science