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This debate has never been resolved. David Bohm basically solved their issues up until 1993 when he died. See the book "The Undivided Universe" with Basil Hiley. There have been new developments by Yakir Aharonov and his students - the destiny/history Wheeler-Feynman theory also used by John Cramer in the "transactional" interpretation, topological phases, weak measurements and other developments triggered by new technologies seeking quantum computers. The key issue is "signal nonlocality," which demands a violation of orthodox quantum theory that is only a limiting case of thermal equilibrium of the classical dynamical degrees of freedom (AKA "hidden variables") distinct from their pilot wave (AKA "quantum potential" or "super potential for classical boson fields as distinct from fermion particles in 3D - also 2D "anyons"). Therefore, living matter must have signal nonlocality. Curiously, Antony Valentini is blind to the latter conclusion and restricts his work in signal nonlocality to cosmology.

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