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Bulletin of the American Physical Society
APS March Meeting 2018 Los Angeles Convention Center

Session V08: Quantum and Relativistic Frontiers
2:30 PM–5:18 PM, Thursday, March 8, 2018
LACC Room: 153C

V08.00001 : The Meaning of Quantum Mechanics
2:30 PM–2:42 PM
Jack Sarfatti
(Internet Science Education Foundation)
The debate over the meaning and completeness of quantum mechanics between Einstein and Bohr has never been settled. David Kaiser describes it in his book "How the Hippies Saved Physics." I will describe some extraordinary recent papers by Huw Price, Roderick Sutherland and others that make David Bohm's 1952 pilot wave "hidden variable theory" completely relativistic replacing nonlocality with local retrocausality especially for complex many-particle entangled systems. The need for configuration space is eliminated by Costa de Beauregard's "zig-zag" used by John Cramer and Yakir Aharonov, and this permits quantum gravity to be reformulated in a simple way. Even more important is that Sutherland's use of the Feynman-Schwinger action principle in Bohm's picture shows how statistical linear unitary quantum mechanics is a limiting case of a deeper non-statistical nonlinear non-unitary post-quantum mechanics. Indeed, the latter's relation to the former is identical to the relation of general relativity to special relativity - both generalized theories use Einstein's action-reaction as the common organizing idea. God does not play dice with the universe in the new post-quantum mechanics.
Category: Science