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A group of theoretical physicists has just published a new study which suggests that reality as we know it may just be the result of quantum mechanics, which may help to explain how confoundingly odd the universe behaves at times.

As Science Alert reports, new research has explained why space-time itself is very likely to be nothing more than the effects of quantum mechanics playing itself out. Furthermore, distortions within these quantum mechanics may also help to explain seemingly bizarre things like quantum tunneling and entanglement, which still have not been satisfactorily settled and explained by physicists.

While the idea that reality is nothing more than the product of quantum mechanics may seem outlandish at first, it is not completely out of the ordinary as it is based on past hypotheses that have been studied, and this new theory may finally be able to at long last link general relativity with quantum mechanics. What this means is that the Theory of Everything that physicists have long sought may finally come to fruition.

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