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There are many alternative energy technologies being developed. Many of them are very well known - such as solar, geo-thermal, wind, hydroelectric, and bio-fuels. Others are not so well known - such as those that utilize magnetic interactions to gain energy, tap energy from electromagnetic waves all around us, manipulate electric circuits, or produce reactions between atoms that are not understood. Until recently, none of these technologies (mundane or exotic) seemed ready to make a major impact on the energy crisis our civilization is facing. But one technology is emerging that seems to have the potential to rapidly change how we produce and utilize energy. It has the potential to impact all aspects of our civilization. This is Andrea Rossi's Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer technology.

Andrea Rossi is an Italian inventor that claims to have produced the world's first commercial ready "cold fusion" or "LENR" (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) reactor. Cold Fusion and LENR are terms used to describe nuclear fusion and other nuclear reactions at low temperatures. For 20 years or longer scientists have been producing nuclear reactions at low temperatures in small reactors that cost a fraction of what is used to produce "hot fusion." There have been thousands of successful cold fusion experiments in which nuclear reactions have occurred. But none of these experiments come close to the robustness of Rossi's device. Many cold fusion devices only worked intermittently or produced low levels of output. Andrea Rossi's device seems to work on demand and produces extremely high outputs. As an example, in a recent experiment over an 18 hour period with an average input of 80 watts it produced at least 15 kilowatts continuous, and sometimes as high as 20 kW.

This still remains to be seen, IMO. To read the rest of the article, click here.
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