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“We want to perform the so-called `unproved theorem paradox' experiment, in which the time traveler sees an elegant proof of a theorem in a book,” Lloyd said. “She goes back in time and shows the proof to a mathematician, who includes the proof in the book that he is writing. Of course, the book is the same book from which the time traveler took the proof in the first place. Where did the proof come from? Our theory has a specific prediction/retrodiction for this paradox, which we wish to test experimentally.”

On Mar 1, 2011, at 8:08 AM, Creon Levit wrote:


We already had a reference to Seth's paper up at Science News http://stardrive.org a few weeks ago. I will add this pop article.

In my theory ALL our creative thoughts work by the above retrocausal presponse mechanism via signal nonlocality in our brain from the nonunitarity of our mental Landau-Ginzburg order parameter. The time dependence of the L-G equation is tricky, it has both dissipative non-unitary (no "i" in d/dt) and wavelike - with i parts.
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