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Radical New Battery Design Could Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Technology 06 June 2011
Changing repulsion into attraction with the quantum Hippy Hippy Shake 06 June 2011
NASA: Beginning of the end for extraterrestrial life search, or … 05 June 2011
Unveiling the secrets of antimatter 05 June 2011
Gravitational Theory Reproduces Superconducting Circuitry 04 June 2011
Tevatron's mystery signal grows stronger with more data 04 June 2011
Lasers Used to Form 3-D Crystals Made of Nanoparticles 04 June 2011
DNA Can Discern Between Two Quantum States, Research Shows 04 June 2011
Four Dirty Secrets about Clean Energy 03 June 2011
When the multiverse and many-worlds collide 03 June 2011
Making Light From Nothing: Researchers Claim to Have Produced Long Sought-after Quantum Effect 03 June 2011
Quantum Physics First: Physicists Measure Without Distorting 03 June 2011
Wave 'invisibility cloak' could shield coastlines 03 June 2011
Gold-mine worm shows animals could be living on Mars 03 June 2011
Quantum physics first: Researchers observe single photons in two-slit interferometer experiment 02 June 2011
Does Quantum Mechanics Flout the Laws of Thermodynamics? 02 June 2011
First Observation Of 8 Entangled Photons Smashes Entanglement Record 02 June 2011
Microscopic Worms Could Help Open Up Travel Into Deep Space 02 June 2011
UFO sightings help astrobiologists crack the extraterrestrial barrier on Earth 02 June 2011
Desktop Big Bang Shows Time Travel May Be Possible After All 02 June 2011
‘Worms from hell’ unearth possibilities for extraterrestrial life 02 June 2011
Finally, the ‘ultimate’ carbon nanotube development 02 June 2011
From seawater to freshwater with a nanotechnology filter 01 June 2011
Living Interplanetary Space Flight Experiment--or Why Were All the Strange Creatures on the Shuttle 01 June 2011
Tapping Quantum Effects for Software that Learns 01 June 2011
The incredible device that makes objects appear far smaller than they really are 01 June 2011
"The Human Species Will One Day Migrate to a Parallel Universe" -- Michio Kaku 01 June 2011
Cold Fusion #1 Claims NASA Chief 01 June 2011
Physicists describe how to make time-reversed light pulses 31 May 2011
First sale for quantum computing: The D-Wave One 31 May 2011
Researchers Create Nanoscale Waveguide for Future Photonics 31 May 2011
Project Icarus: The Gas Mines of Uranus (BTW, I didn't make up the title!) 31 May 2011
Boron nitride is a promising path to practical graphene devices 30 May 2011
Rewriting the textbooks: Magnetic north without south 29 May 2011
Study shows that babies can perform sophisticated analyses of how the physical world should behave 29 May 2011
Better viewing through fluorescent nanotubes when peering into innards of a mouse 29 May 2011
Bose-Einstein condensation in the textbook and in the lab 29 May 2011
Plasma Generates Surprising Patterns 29 May 2011
New Hope of Detecting Gravitational Waves: Final Piece of Einstein's Jigsaw Puzzle 29 May 2011
New Synchrotron Technique Could See Hidden Building Blocks of Life 29 May 2011
Matter-matter entanglement at a distance 27 May 2011
Rewriting the textbooks: Einstein's cosmological fudge 27 May 2011
Green Crystal 'Rain' Observed in Outer Clouds of Infant Star 27 May 2011
Student finds universe's missing mass? No, not really. 27 May 2011
The Higgs Boson: To be or not to be? 27 May 2011
The Discovery of Arsenic-Based Twitter 27 May 2011
Cal Tech's Sean Carroll on Lenny Susskind's latest multiverse paper 26 May 2011
No fallout danger to California from Japan as of 5/26/2011 26 May 2011
Graphene: New electronics material closer to commercial reality 26 May 2011
Projects in Profusion: A Skeptical Look at 3 Wild Fusion-Energy Schemes 26 May 2011
First Observation of the Dynamical Casimir Effect 26 May 2011
Carrying Humans Into Deep Space: NASA Announces Next Deep Space Transportation System 26 May 2011
Making materials to order 26 May 2011
NASA going to asteroid, bringing back samples 25 May 2011
New results about the primordial universe from CERN experiments 25 May 2011
Survey captures local universe in 3-D 25 May 2011
Why Mars Is a Planetary Runt 25 May 2011
So You Want to Live Forever? 25 May 2011
First images from Great Pyramid's chamber of secrets 25 May 2011
Using Microbes to Generate Electricity? 25 May 2011
Rocket man - Controversial scientist began U.S. career in secrecy at White Sands 25 May 2011
Passionate about hunting for little green men 25 May 2011
Column: Is Obama grounding JFK's space legacy? 25 May 2011
John Preskill's Cal Tech Course in Quantum Computation 24 May 2011
Progress Toward the Dream of Space Drives and Stargates 23 May 2011
How unique is the Milky Way? 23 May 2011
Light flight makes a comeback 23 May 2011
Multiverse = Many Worlds, Say Physicists 23 May 2011
Black Holes Spinning Faster Now Than Ever Before 23 May 2011
Materials 'sandwich' superconducts 22 May 2011
arxiv Find: Breakdown of Classical Gravity? 22 May 2011
Artificial Leaves: The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind 22 May 2011
Simplifying the process of detecting genuine multiparticle entanglement 20 May 2011
Miracle material: Graphene 20 May 2011
Cells may stray from 'central dogma' 20 May 2011
Weird 'unparticle' boosted by Tevatron signal 20 May 2011
Radio Telescopes Capture Best-Ever Snapshot of Black Hole Jets 20 May 2011
Apparent roadblock in the development of quantum lithography 20 May 2011
New Technique Could Identify Planets With Extraterrestrial Trees 20 May 2011
NASA'S Galaxy Evolution Explorer Finds Dark Energy Repulsive 19 May 2011
Experts claim dark energy is real 19 May 2011
Russian Nanotechnology Water Purification Breakthrough 18 May 2011
Black Hole Driven Starships Might Ply the Galaxy 18 May 2011
Interview with Akira Tokuhiro, Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima and the Mass Media 18 May 2011
Alien-hunters focus in on habitable planets 18 May 2011
Splitting Water for Hydrogen Simpler Than First Thought? Manganese-Based Catalyst Shows Promise 18 May 2011
Invisibility Cloak: Scientists Achieve Optical Invisibility in Visible Light Range of Spectrum 18 May 2011
Kepler data scoured for extraterrestrial signals 18 May 2011
I'd stake my life that Stephen Hawking is wrong about heaven 18 May 2011
Greatly enhanced supercapacitor 18 May 2011
Japan nuclear crisis: Fukushima shutdown for January (Huh?) 17 May 2011
The Secret Sharer 17 May 2011
Nanocyrstalline diamond aerogel: New form of girl's best friend is lighter than ever 17 May 2011
Major Breakthrough: New Solar Product Captures Up to 95 Percent of Light Energy 17 May 2011
What did Stephen Hawking mean? 16 May 2011
Physicists Experimentally Produce Quantum-Superpositions, Simply Using a Mirror 16 May 2011
First Habitable Exoplanet? Climate Simulation Reveals Candidate That Could Support Earth-Like Life 16 May 2011
Bursting the superconductivity bubble 16 May 2011
Nanosatellite Will Look for Alien Worlds 15 May 2011
Exotic behavior when mechanical devices reach the nanoscale 15 May 2011