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Looking for life on Mars? Try the salty bits 22 February 2011
Launching a Space Station to Other Worlds 22 February 2011
The Stars As Forbidden Fruit: Is Interstellar Civilization Possible? (Yes!) 22 February 2011
Life on other planets: latest discovery comes after string of recent signs of extraterrestrials 21 February 2011
Starless planets may be habitable after all 20 February 2011
US science chief warns: 'China will eat our lunch' 20 February 2011
Spin–orbit qubit in a semiconductor nanowire 19 February 2011
A new high-resolution method for imaging below the skin using a liquid lens 19 February 2011
Experimental evidence adds to likelihood of the existence of supersolids, an exotic phase of mattter 19 February 2011
Scientists Call for New Sources of Critical Elements 19 February 2011
Methane From Oil Spill Migrating Undigested? 19 February 2011
Molecules seen rebounding before they hit a surface 19 February 2011
Mind Over Matter: EECoG May Allow Control of a Prosthetic or a Paralyzed Arm by Thought Alone 19 February 2011
Continent-Wide Telescope Extends Cosmic 'Yardstick' Three Times Farther Into Universe 19 February 2011
Scientists pleasantly surprised by number of Earth-size, distant planets 19 February 2011
Fooled by Randomness 19 February 2011
Catastrophe Looming? The Risks of Rising Solar Storm Activity 18 February 2011
Physicists build bigger 'bottles' of antimatter to unlock nature's secrets 18 February 2011
Waiter, there's metal in my moon water 18 February 2011
Hibernating black bears suggest new paths for tissue preservation 18 February 2011
Carbon Jelly: C60's Latest Trick 18 February 2011
World's First Anti-Laser Built 18 February 2011
Scientists ready to shed some light on dark energy 18 February 2011
Making Stargates: the Science of Absurdly Benign Wormholes 17 February 2011
IBM's Watson Computer Wins on ‘Jeopardy!’: Trivial, It’s Not 17 February 2011
Herschel Measures Dark Matter for Star-Forming Galaxies 17 February 2011
Indirect Evidence for Tachyons as Faddeev-Popov Ghosts? 16 February 2011
Evidence For a Large, Natural, Paleo-nuclear Reactor Explosion Near Cydonia on Mars 16 February 2011
Carbon nanotube transistors could lead to inexpensive, flexible electronics 16 February 2011
New Material Provides 25 Percent Greater Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency 16 February 2011
A Dialogue on SETI 16 February 2011
Ray Chiao Faster Than Light Quanta? 15 February 2011
Black Holes in Nick Herbert's Sink 15 February 2011
Back From The Future Hologram Dark Energy APS April 2011 Meeting 15 February 2011
Scientists say it's high 'NOON' for microwave photons 15 February 2011
The lock shapes the key: Mystery about recognition of unfolded proteins solved 15 February 2011
How Metamaterials Will Boost Wireless Power Transmission 15 February 2011
Researchers develop new hydrogen storage technology 14 February 2011
Why infertility will stop humans colonising space 14 February 2011
2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal 14 February 2011
Physicists isolate bound states in graphene superconductor junctions 14 February 2011
James Webb Space Telescope Gets the Shaft by the Obama Administration's 2102 NASA Budget 14 February 2011
Obama: Five-year freeze on NASA budget -- Has this administration lost their minds? 14 February 2011
Progress in Artificial Intelligence Brings Wonders and Fears 14 February 2011
Sail E-way: Spacecraft Riding the Solar Wind on Electric-Field Sails Could Cruise at 180,000 Kph 14 February 2011
How to spot a spinning black hole 14 February 2011
Scientists Develop Control System to Allow Spacecraft to Think for Themselves 14 February 2011
Toward an Interstellar Bibliography 14 February 2011
The physics of a sustainable society revolution 14 February 2011
Is the Future God of Post-Modern Physics Malicious? 13 February 2011
Back From The Future Nielson 13 February 2011
Light through a blocked hole? Plasmonics is the answer 12 February 2011
Incredible journey: Can we reach the stars without breaking the bank? 12 February 2011
Vacuum has friction after all 12 February 2011
'Atomtronics' may be the new 'electronics' 12 February 2011
Outcast Planets Could Support Life 12 February 2011
Huge volcano under Yellowstone Park rising 10 February 2011
Microwave photons can nullify the conductivity of electrons confined to the surface of liquid helium 10 February 2011
The Smallest Computing Systems Yet 10 February 2011
What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Immortal Micro-Organisms 09 February 2011
Democratizing Access to Space: A Privately Managed UFO Satellite Surveillance Network? 09 February 2011
Atom-Thick Material Shows Electronic Promise 09 February 2011
To boldly sow: Seeding the galaxy with Earthly life 09 February 2011
China's hostile space capabilities worry US: official 08 February 2011
Antimatter atoms ready for their close-up 08 February 2011
Neutron analysis reveals '2 doors down' superconductivity link 08 February 2011
Long and narrow, free of defects, and soluble: graphene nanoribbons by bottom-up synthesis 08 February 2011
Researchers Predict Future of Electronic Devices, See Top Ten List of Expected Breakthroughs 08 February 2011
Project Icarus: Which Exoplanet to Visit? 08 February 2011
Homemade Portable Solar Death Ray! 07 February 2011
'Tall order' sunlight-to-hydrogen system works, neutron analysis confirms 07 February 2011
Creating a pure spin current in graphene 07 February 2011
More on the Italian Cold Fusion Claim 07 February 2011
Bestselling string theorist: Betting on the multiverse 07 February 2011
Could the Higgs Be Hiding in Graphene? 07 February 2011
Article: Earth-Like Worlds Might Be as 'Common as Ants at a Picnic' 07 February 2011
Modern Cosmology in Pictures 06 February 2011
Meta-Material SImulation of Cosmological Multi-Verse 06 February 2011
Engineers Grow Nanolasers on Silicon, Pave Way for on-Chip Photonics 06 February 2011
Tim Ferris reviews Brian Greene's "The Hidden Reality" 06 February 2011
Are Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms? 06 February 2011
Horizons in GR, Holography, Thermodynamics 05 February 2011
Cal Tech Lectures on String Theory 05 February 2011
Feeling the Future: Experimental evidence for anomalous retroactive influences 05 February 2011
Paradigm Shifts in Phys Rev Letters - Egyptian Collapse of The State 04 February 2011
Hologram Horizon Entanglement Entropy/Area Frank Wilczek 04 February 2011
Time Travel without Regrets 04 February 2011
U-bend breakthrough for superfast graphene transistors 04 February 2011
An exotic new state of matter -- a neutron superfluid 04 February 2011
A Metamaterial-based Model of the Alcubierre Warp Drive 04 February 2011
Argument against Max Tegmark's hot brain thesis in Phys Rev Lett 04 February 2011
Quantum Mechanics in Metric Space: 04 February 2011
Planet Hunter Bill Borucki Calls Kepler Discoveries 'Game-Changing' 04 February 2011
Physics Girl looks at nanomaterials 04 February 2011
Entangled Minds 03 February 2011
Experiments: World May Be Influenced by the Future 03 February 2011
Invisibility cloaks hit the big time: New approach can conceal objects big enough to see 02 February 2011
A Disturbingly Weird Exoplanet System 02 February 2011
NASA Finds Earth-Size Planet Candidates in Habitable Zone, Six Planet System 02 February 2011
Invisibility cloak enters the real world 02 February 2011