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Bestselling string theorist: Betting on the multiverse 07 February 2011
Could the Higgs Be Hiding in Graphene? 07 February 2011
Article: Earth-Like Worlds Might Be as 'Common as Ants at a Picnic' 07 February 2011
Modern Cosmology in Pictures 06 February 2011
Meta-Material SImulation of Cosmological Multi-Verse 06 February 2011
Engineers Grow Nanolasers on Silicon, Pave Way for on-Chip Photonics 06 February 2011
Tim Ferris reviews Brian Greene's "The Hidden Reality" 06 February 2011
Are Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms? 06 February 2011
Horizons in GR, Holography, Thermodynamics 05 February 2011
Cal Tech Lectures on String Theory 05 February 2011
Feeling the Future: Experimental evidence for anomalous retroactive influences 05 February 2011
Paradigm Shifts in Phys Rev Letters - Egyptian Collapse of The State 04 February 2011
Hologram Horizon Entanglement Entropy/Area Frank Wilczek 04 February 2011
Time Travel without Regrets 04 February 2011
U-bend breakthrough for superfast graphene transistors 04 February 2011
An exotic new state of matter -- a neutron superfluid 04 February 2011
A Metamaterial-based Model of the Alcubierre Warp Drive 04 February 2011
Argument against Max Tegmark's hot brain thesis in Phys Rev Lett 04 February 2011
Quantum Mechanics in Metric Space: 04 February 2011
Planet Hunter Bill Borucki Calls Kepler Discoveries 'Game-Changing' 04 February 2011
Physics Girl looks at nanomaterials 04 February 2011
Entangled Minds 03 February 2011
Experiments: World May Be Influenced by the Future 03 February 2011
Invisibility cloaks hit the big time: New approach can conceal objects big enough to see 02 February 2011
A Disturbingly Weird Exoplanet System 02 February 2011
NASA Finds Earth-Size Planet Candidates in Habitable Zone, Six Planet System 02 February 2011
Invisibility cloak enters the real world 02 February 2011
Hunting for Earth-like Alien Planets: Q & A with Astronomer Geoff Marcy 02 February 2011
Space Stasis: What the strange persistence of rockets can teach us about innovation 02 February 2011
Back-from-the-future at MIT - Seth Lloyd on Yakir Aharonov's QM 31 January 2011
Max Tegmark's refutation of the Penrose-Hameroff idea is refuted. 31 January 2011
Lockheed Martin's F-35 - with Egypt destabilized what's coming? 31 January 2011
Emergent gravitational dynamics from multi-Bose-Einstein-condensate hydrodynamics? 31 January 2011
Gazing Afar For Other Earths, and Other Beings 31 January 2011
How to cook up 'foamy' space-time in the lab 31 January 2011
Italian Cold Fusion Saga Continues With Release of New Corroborating Papers 31 January 2011
Relativity Crackpots 30 January 2011
Spintronics: Giving Light a Spin 30 January 2011
Asteroid Deflection: What If a Huge Asteroid Was Going to Slam Into Earth? 30 January 2011
New transistors: An alternative to silicon and better than graphene 30 January 2011
GRIN Plasmonics: A Practical Path to Superfast Computing, Ultrapowerful Microscopy, and Invisibility 30 January 2011
Powerful New Painkiller With No Apparent Side Effects or Addictive Qualities, May Be Ready in a Year 30 January 2011
Quantum Nonlocality Yakir Aharonov's Ideas at Chapman University 30 January 2011
What is gravity? 30 January 2011
If You Don't Like This Universe… 28 January 2011
Quantum pendulum trick explained 28 January 2011
Crew of 520-day mock Mars mission nears mock landing 28 January 2011
"Quantum Water" Discovered in Carbon Nanotubes 28 January 2011
Atomic disguise makes helium look like hydrogen 28 January 2011
Dr. Marc Millis: A Report on the Hundred Year Starship Meeting 28 January 2011
Multiple-Universe Theory Made, Well, Easier 27 January 2011
A New Type of Crystalline Graphite 27 January 2011
A Shortcut to Designer Nanostructures 27 January 2011
Graphene and 'Spintronics' Combo Looks Promising 27 January 2011
Black Holes Not Affected by Dark Matter - evidence for Sarfatti's theory! 27 January 2011
A Protocol for Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence 27 January 2011
Making Stuff NOVA PBS excellent series - don't miss 26 January 2011
Pentagon, NASA Talking Interstellar Travel -- NASA/DARPA Hundred Year Starship Study 26 January 2011
Department of Defense JASON Science Advisory Group 25 January 2011
Dropping Einstein’s universe into a black hole 25 January 2011
Can we feel the future through psi? Don't rule it out 25 January 2011
Scientists show how to erase information without using energy 25 January 2011
New material enables 'information sorting' at the speed of light 25 January 2011
Might Extraterrestrial Intelligence Sway Religious Beliefs? 25 January 2011
New Materials May Bring Advanced Optical Technologies, Cloaking 25 January 2011
Hidden in plain sight 25 January 2011
Social networking sites are a 'modern form of madness' 24 January 2011
Physicists describe method to observe timelike entanglement 24 January 2011
3-D TV? How about holographic TV? 24 January 2011
Quantum reality: The many meanings of life 24 January 2011
A Report From the Recent 100 Year Starship Study Conference 24 January 2011
Nick Herbert debunks the Italian claim of cold fusion - where are the gamma rays? 23 January 2011
Stephen Hawking, Kip Thorne, Lynda Williams at Cal Tech 1-18-11 23 January 2011
Betelgeuse Going Supernova: Earth 'to get second sun' as supernova turns night into day? 23 January 2011
Quantum robins lead the way 23 January 2011
Dawn of the Spintronics Age: Curved carbon for electronics of the future 23 January 2011
Ultrafast Quantum Computer Closer: Ten Billion Bits of Entanglement Achieved in Silicon 23 January 2011
We ARE alone: Despite discovering more planets, the chances of finding ET unlikely, says astronomer 23 January 2011
Beaming rockets into space 22 January 2011
Which-way detector unlocks some mystery of the double-slit experiment 22 January 2011
Has China's new jet launched a stealth arms race? 22 January 2011
Telltale chemistry could betray ET 22 January 2011
Unexpected Properties Unveiled in Superconducting Material 22 January 2011
New Device May Revolutionize Computer Memory 22 January 2011
Case in Point: Fractal Metamaterials Promise A Radically New Method of Cooling 20 January 2011
Low-Loss Plasmonic Metamaterials 20 January 2011
Project Daedalus: A Plan for an Interstellar Mission (Dead on arrival?) 20 January 2011
Physicists unveil unexpected properties in superconducting material 20 January 2011
Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells 20 January 2011
Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion (w/ Video) 20 January 2011
Single photon management for quantum computers advanced by NIST 20 January 2011
Sticky Business: Video Shows the Right Way to Extract Silk Glands from a Black Widow Spider 20 January 2011
A Private Space Shuttle Replacement 20 January 2011
First silicon entanglement will aid quantum computing 20 January 2011
Quantum states last longer in birds' eyes 20 January 2011
NASA Mars Rover Will Check for Ingredients of Life 20 January 2011
The Healing Power of Light 20 January 2011
John Norton's Einstein for Everyman 19 January 2011
TED-X Caltech Pays Tribute to the Genuis That Was Richard Feynman 18 January 2011
Evidence Emerges That Laws of Physics Are Not Fine-Tuned For Life? 18 January 2011