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Russian telescope launch pulls national space program out of black hole 28 July 2011
Maybe black holes don't really exist 28 July 2011
The Big Crunch: Physicists Make Time End 28 July 2011
Time Travel May Still be Possible: Scientists Say Large Hadron Collider Research May Hold the Key 28 July 2011
International Space Station to be dropped in Pacific Ocean after 2020 27 July 2011
Astrophysicists apply new logic to downplay the probability of extraterrestrial life 27 July 2011
Monster Waves Behind Sun's Coronal Heating Mystery? 27 July 2011
A Touch Screen Keyboard that Accommodates You 27 July 2011
Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas 27 July 2011
Seven-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Cosmological Interpretation 27 July 2011
Testing Heisenberg's uncertainty on your kitchen table 27 July 2011
How to get the edge of the universe quickly? 27 July 2011
Enceladus rains water onto Saturn 26 July 2011
Don't have all the information? In the quantum world, that doesn't matter 26 July 2011
It’s Fashionable to Take a Trip to Another Universe 26 July 2011
Physicists Recreate 'End Of Time' in Lab 26 July 2011
Existence: Why is there a universe? 26 July 2011
Hubble Constant: A New Way to Measure the Expansion of the Universe 26 July 2011
Scientists Study Bacteria in Space for Long-Duration Missions 26 July 2011
Where Is Now? The Paradox Of The Present 26 July 2011
The chaotic orbits of asteroids and Earth 25 July 2011
Astronomers Discover Largest and Most Distant Reservoir of Water Yet 25 July 2011
Major Step Toward Creating Faster Electronics Using Graphene 25 July 2011
Life on Mars? New rover to tackle old question 25 July 2011
New 3-D photonic crystal has both electronic, optical properties 25 July 2011
Time Travel Impossible, Say Scientists 25 July 2011
Probability of ET Life Arbitrarily Small, Say Astrobiologists 25 July 2011
Enormous Water Vapor Cloud Spotted Around A Black Hole 25 July 2011
Should we worry about what the LHC is not finding? 25 July 2011
Existence: Where did we come from? 25 July 2011
Scientists see hope for Higgs hunt 25 July 2011
US Manned Space Program: RIP 21 July 2011
A Semiconductor DNA Sequencer 21 July 2011
Breakthrough may have implications for superconductors 21 July 2011
Chemists create molecular polyhedron 21 July 2011
What Next For U.S. Human Spaceflight? 21 July 2011
An advance toward ultra-portable electronic devices 21 July 2011
Breakthrough in Quantum Computing: Researchers Develop System That Resists 'Quantum Bug' 21 July 2011
Heavy Relative of the Neutron Discovered 21 July 2011
The Death of Human Space Flight 21 July 2011
Cloak could hide ships from flowing water 21 July 2011
Pure Nanotubes by the Kilo 21 July 2011
Nanotechnology Transforms Disease Detection 20 July 2011
Through the Wormhole Episode: Can We Travel Faster Than Light? 20 July 2011
Quantum theory gets physical:New work finds physical basis for quantum mechanics 19 July 2011
Does the Multiverse Really Exist? 19 July 2011
The Case for Parallel Universes 19 July 2011
How to be in two places at the same time 19 July 2011
How to make quantum entanglement last 19 July 2011
Quantum Entanglement Breakthrough Could Yield Faster Quantum Computing 19 July 2011
Could the Big Bang have been a quick conversion of antimatter into matter? 19 July 2011
Darpa Searches for Life’s Master Clock 19 July 2011
Punching a Hole in Time 18 July 2011
Photonic neuron may compute a billion times faster than brain circuits 18 July 2011
Windows Will Be the Minority Platform by 2013, Says Analyst 17 July 2011
Modified Theories of Gravity: Traversable Wormholes 17 July 2011
Space telescope to create radio 'eye' larger than Earth 16 July 2011
Crystals detect threats to national security 15 July 2011
Graphite + water = the future of energy storage 15 July 2011
Diamond disappears in sunlight 15 July 2011
While you’re up, print me a solar cell 15 July 2011
Amplified nanotubes may power the future 15 July 2011
NASA Solicitation: Research Opportunities in Fundamental Physics 15 July 2011
SpaceX chief sets his sights on Mars 15 July 2011
Does Ignorance of the Whole Imply Ignorance of the Parts? 15 July 2011
Science fiction opens up the universe 14 July 2011
Invisibility gets a reality check 14 July 2011
A cloak in time 14 July 2011
"Dark Fireworks" Seen on Sun—Blast as Big as Ten Earths 14 July 2011
First Thunderbolt storage device strikes the market 14 July 2011
New York Times & Wall Street Journal Reviews of David Kaiser's new book 14 July 2011
Research update: New way to store sun's heat 13 July 2011
25 Tesla, World-Record 'Split Magnet' Makes Its Debut 13 July 2011
Review: How The Hippies Saved Physics 13 July 2011
U.S. Army testing real life 'Iron Man' exoskeleton that gives soldiers super strength 13 July 2011
New design for heat sink could speed up computers 12 July 2011
Astronomers probe matter in early universe 12 July 2011
Scientists Turn to Crowds on the Web to Finance Their Projects 12 July 2011
The Neurobiology of Bliss--Sacred and Profane 12 July 2011
Google+ Marks The End of Blogging As a Means of Personal Expression 12 July 2011
Simulations Improve Characterization of Cosmology’s 'Standard Ruler’ 12 July 2011
Reading List: Slide Rule 12 July 2011
Does The United States Still Care About Space Leadership? 12 July 2011
Space-Time Cloak Possible, Could Make Events Disappear? 12 July 2011
Experimental Metaphysics Testing Quantum Reality 12 July 2011
Important living physicists today - Anton Zeilinger 12 July 2011
China’s New Spy Satellite Surge 11 July 2011
China's Space Program Winds Up, Targets Moon, Mars And Venus 11 July 2011
Is there something wrong with the Spallation Neutron Source? 11 July 2011
Astronomers Publish New Map of Galactic Habitable Zone 11 July 2011
Experts Skeptical about Potential of Rare-Earth Elements in Seafloor Mud 11 July 2011
In two places at once 11 July 2011
Questioning the rules of the game 11 July 2011
Bell's theorem in complete detail 11 July 2011
Advanced Manufacturing and New Materials 10 July 2011
On Bell's Joint Probability Distribution and Proposed Experiments of Quantum Measurement 10 July 2011
Quantum Nature of Light Measured With a Single Detector 10 July 2011
A Model of Habitability Within the Milky Way Galaxy 10 July 2011
In a major breakthrough, scientists control light propagation in photonic chips 10 July 2011