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Full 3-D Invisibility Cloak in Visible Light 26 April 2011
New Evidence on Origin of Supernovas 26 April 2011
Top astronomers warn the world could end within 90 years 25 April 2011
Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension 25 April 2011
Budget crunch mothballs telescopes built to search for alien signals 25 April 2011
Anti-Helium Discovered in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Experiment 25 April 2011
Funding the seed corn of advanced space technology 25 April 2011
Sir Martin Rees: Atheists should drop anti-religion campaigns 24 April 2011
Towards a Gamma Ray Laser: A Laser from Atomic Nuclei 24 April 2011
SpaceX aims to put man on Mars in 10-20 years 24 April 2011
Journal of Cosmology, 2011, V14:Retrocausality and Signal Nonlocality in Consciousness and Cosmology 23 April 2011
Alien World's Fast Orbit Creates Shock Waves 23 April 2011
Has the LHC found a hint of the Higgs boson? 23 April 2011
Titanium oxide doped with cobalt produces magnetoeletronic properties at room temperature 22 April 2011
Isolated proton reveals magnetic secret 22 April 2011
Huge Dry Ice Deposit on Mars: NASA Orbiter Reveals Big Changes in Red Planet's Atmosphere 22 April 2011
Functioning Brain Synapse Created Using Carbon Nanotubes 22 April 2011
The ultimate camo: Team to mimic camouflage skill of marine animals in high-tech materials 22 April 2011
Primordial weirdness: Did the early universe have just 1 dimension? 21 April 2011
How To Spot a Rotating Black Hole 21 April 2011
Polymer heals itself with exposure to light 21 April 2011
Another Universe Tugging on Ours? Maybe Not: Data from Exploding Stars Contradicts Earlier Study 21 April 2011
Harvesting Water From Fog 21 April 2011
Single-electron transistor may be quantum leap for memory/processors 21 April 2011
Extraterrestrial DJs: spinning tunes for the stars 21 April 2011
A Roadmap for Stalking Extremophiles 20 April 2011
New limit on putative dark-matter particle 20 April 2011
Laser spark plugs promise revolution in internal combustion engines 20 April 2011
Scientists make quantum breakthrough 20 April 2011
A breakthrough on paper that's ten times stronger than steel 20 April 2011
Novel cloaking device makes 'larger' objects invisible 20 April 2011
Conventional Propulsion to Support an Interstellar Probe 19 April 2011
NASA funds next-gen spaceships 19 April 2011
If There's Life Beyond Earth, Does It Change Our Sense Of Nature? 19 April 2011
"The Second Relativity Revolution": Jack Sarfatti Comments On Super Technology 19 April 2011
Accelerate Data Storage by Several Orders of Magnitude? Ultra-Fast Magnetic Reversal Observed 19 April 2011
Alien trees just might look black 19 April 2011
Researchers create super-small transistor, artificial atom powered by single electrons 18 April 2011
To Tug Hearts, Music First Must Tickle the Neurons 18 April 2011
To Share and Share Alike 18 April 2011
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Now Crawling With Robots (Video) 18 April 2011
Painkillers lose their potency in space 18 April 2011
NASA pulls out of astrophysics missions 18 April 2011
What Will the Universe Look Like in One Trillion Years? 18 April 2011
New Kid on the Plasmonic Block 18 April 2011
Talking about God, are you a converger or a diverger? 18 April 2011
Solar power: breakthrough could herald big drop in costs 18 April 2011
One-way Light 18 April 2011
Sensor Data up for Grabs 18 April 2011
Do Aliens Speak Particle-Tongue? 18 April 2011
Neutrons could test Newton's gravity and string theory 18 April 2011
Antiparticles Cannot Replace Dark Energy as the Cause of Universe’s Acceleration! 18 April 2011
Sonic booms may shape cosmic strings 16 April 2011
Can antimatter gravity explain the Universe's expansion? 16 April 2011
World's first human brain map unveiled 16 April 2011
Solar Activity Heats Up 15 April 2011
Beam me up ... Quantum teleporter breakthrough 15 April 2011
Putting a fuel cell 'in your pocket' 15 April 2011
Are larger earthquakes a sign of the times? 15 April 2011
Dark matter no-show at sensitive underground lab 15 April 2011
The 'quantum magnet': Physicists expand prospects for engineering unusual materials 14 April 2011
Scientists make magnetic new graphene discovery 14 April 2011
'Tendex' lines help visualise black holes 14 April 2011
DNA Nanoforms: Miniature Architectural Forms No Larger Than Viruses Constructed Through DNA Origami 14 April 2011
Particle Hunt Nets Almost Nothing; the Hunters Are Almost Thrilled 14 April 2011
Neptunic Technologies Neptech Super Fabric/Material for Knife-Resistant Tactical Clothing 14 April 2011
Corner the nickel market? 13 April 2011
Far-Future Astronomers Could Still Deduce the Big Bang 13 April 2011
Physicists build Big Bang in a box 13 April 2011
Physicists create a quantum mirror image 13 April 2011
Nick Herbert on the Italian Cold Fusion Machine 12 April 2011
Mad Scientists 12 April 2011
Space Telemetry: How Extraterrestrials Phone Home 12 April 2011
At Heaven's Gate: 50 Years After Humans First Reached Space, What Frontiers Remain? 12 April 2011
Fukushima set for epic clean-up 12 April 2011
IBM introduces new graphene transistor 11 April 2011
3-D Avatars Could Put You in Two Places at Once 11 April 2011
How Would Humans React to Extraterrestrials? 11 April 2011
Rossi Cold Fusion Update With a Confirmation 11 April 2011
A physics lecture for John Lilly I gave in 2002 11 April 2011
Scientists view a quantum jump in real time 11 April 2011
Physicists discover new way to visualize warped space and time 11 April 2011
Planets Could Orbit Singularities Inside Black Holes 11 April 2011
Are We Only a Hop, Skip and Jump Away from Controlled Molecular Motion? 11 April 2011
How much free will do we have? 11 April 2011
Batteries that Recharge in Seconds 11 April 2011
Israel's missile defense breakthrough 10 April 2011
NASA Flyby Anomaly Solved? 10 April 2011
Galactic Ecosystem Survival: Keep Your Head Down 09 April 2011
Screwy symmetry revealed 09 April 2011
Graphene ready for prime time: Polish team claims leap for wonder material graphene 08 April 2011
Researchers discover way to create true-color 3-D holograms 08 April 2011
Baffling blowup in distant galaxy 08 April 2011
Interstellar Predation Could Explain Fermi Paradox 08 April 2011
How to turn the vacuum into a superconductor 08 April 2011
Deep-Space Travel Could Create Heart Health Woes for Astronauts 08 April 2011
How oven rust could be the key to unlimited fuel that will power anything 08 April 2011
Buildings Made with a Printer 07 April 2011
U.S. Collider Offers Physicists a Glimpse of a Possible New Particle 07 April 2011
Lofting Aspirations: SpaceX Plans to Launch World's Most Powerful Rocket in 2013 07 April 2011