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Chirality: New Method to Consistently Make Left-Handed or Right-Handed Molecules 18 June 2011
Progress Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Reverse Blindness 18 June 2011
What nitrogen did for soil, carbon may do for water 18 June 2011
U.T. Experiment Grapples With Essence of Gravity 18 June 2011
What Physics Owes the Counterculture: Or, How the Hippies Saved Physics 17 June 2011
Funding cut to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the death of curiosity 17 June 2011
Europe looks to complement SETI’s search for alien signals 17 June 2011
A Baby Star Spits Water in the Space 17 June 2011
NASA’s Heavy-lift Launcher Would First Fly With Solid Rocket Boosters 17 June 2011
Canadian researchers devise method to directly measure the quantum wavefunction 16 June 2011
Research team develops method to produce large sheets of metamaterials 16 June 2011
International Particle of Mystery 16 June 2011
Second team does not see Tevatron's mystery signal 16 June 2011
Neutrinos Can Change 'Flavors', Scientists Discover 16 June 2011
First Self-Powered Device With Wireless Data Transmission 16 June 2011
Clumpiness of Distant Universe Surprises Astronomers 16 June 2011
Expert determined to find life on Earth-like planets 16 June 2011
Countering Contamination for Mars Spacesuits 16 June 2011
Research team develops method to produce large sheets of metamaterials 15 June 2011
Invisibility carpet cloak can hide objects from visible light 15 June 2011
Listening in on the listening brain 14 June 2011
What's down with the Sun? Major drop in solar activity predicted 14 June 2011
Making quantum cryptography truly secure 14 June 2011
Researchers record two-state dynamics in glassy silicon 14 June 2011
New technique spins superlong nanowires 14 June 2011
The Limits of Intelligence (Human, that is) 14 June 2011
‘Smart cars’ that are actually, well, smart 14 June 2011
First Telecommunications Wavelength Quantum Dot Laser Grown on a Silicon Substrate 14 June 2011
Why the universe wasn't fine-tuned for life 14 June 2011
Under pressure, sodium, hydrogen could undergo a metamorphosis, emerging as superconductor 14 June 2011
China starts building world's biggest radio telescope 13 June 2011
Carbon 'grapevine' may store hydrogen 13 June 2011
Is delayed choice really retrocausal? 13 June 2011
What Would Happen If Earth and Mars Switched Places? 12 June 2011
Lasers Made from Human Cells 12 June 2011
Second team does not see Tevatron's mystery signal 11 June 2011
Using Waste Heat from Automobile Exhaust 11 June 2011
"If we could prove string theory wrong, I would be thrilled!" 11 June 2011
Warp-drive quest for the Big Bang's 'lost' material 11 June 2011
Long: Toward an Interstellar Institute 11 June 2011
More fashionable nonsense 10 June 2011
More trouble for physics 10 June 2011
I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Graphene Circuits 10 June 2011
Tevatron teams clash over new physics 10 June 2011
Einstein’s theory applied to superconducting circuits 10 June 2011
Lone inventor creates stronger steel 10 June 2011
Ultrathin Copper-Oxide Layers Behave Like Quantum Spin Liquid 10 June 2011
Aerojet Unveils Novel Hypersonics Plan 10 June 2011
A Practical Way to Make Invisibility Cloaks 09 June 2011
MIT Students Develop Liquid Fuel for Electric Cars 09 June 2011
Two-dimensional graphene metamaterials, one-atom-thick optical devices envisioned 09 June 2011
Did Asteroids Help Incubate the First Earthly Life? 09 June 2011
Vast Solar Eruption Shocks NASA and Raises Doubts on Sun Theory 09 June 2011
Wave function directly measured 09 June 2011
‘Artificial leaf’ moves closer to reality 09 June 2011
Researchers Discover Superatoms With Magnetic Shells 09 June 2011
New Carbon Substances to Shine Brighter, than Diamonds 09 June 2011
New super-dense forms of carbon outshine diamond 08 June 2011
Could Saturn's Moon Enceladus Nurture Alien Life? 08 June 2011
New data still have scientists in dark over dark matter 07 June 2011
What Does the New Double-Slit Experiment Actually Show? 07 June 2011
Innovative quantum simulator prototype replicates structure of graphene 07 June 2011
Biotechnology Instruments Being Used to Detect Alien Life 07 June 2011
100 Year Starship Study: A Response 06 June 2011
Erase quantum entangled memory to cool a computer 06 June 2011
Material Turns Hard or Soft at the Touch of a Button 06 June 2011
Radical New Battery Design Could Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Technology 06 June 2011
Changing repulsion into attraction with the quantum Hippy Hippy Shake 06 June 2011
NASA: Beginning of the end for extraterrestrial life search, or … 05 June 2011
Unveiling the secrets of antimatter 05 June 2011
Gravitational Theory Reproduces Superconducting Circuitry 04 June 2011
Tevatron's mystery signal grows stronger with more data 04 June 2011
Lasers Used to Form 3-D Crystals Made of Nanoparticles 04 June 2011
DNA Can Discern Between Two Quantum States, Research Shows 04 June 2011
Four Dirty Secrets about Clean Energy 03 June 2011
When the multiverse and many-worlds collide 03 June 2011
Making Light From Nothing: Researchers Claim to Have Produced Long Sought-after Quantum Effect 03 June 2011
Quantum Physics First: Physicists Measure Without Distorting 03 June 2011
Wave 'invisibility cloak' could shield coastlines 03 June 2011
Gold-mine worm shows animals could be living on Mars 03 June 2011
Quantum physics first: Researchers observe single photons in two-slit interferometer experiment 02 June 2011
Does Quantum Mechanics Flout the Laws of Thermodynamics? 02 June 2011
First Observation Of 8 Entangled Photons Smashes Entanglement Record 02 June 2011
Microscopic Worms Could Help Open Up Travel Into Deep Space 02 June 2011
UFO sightings help astrobiologists crack the extraterrestrial barrier on Earth 02 June 2011
Desktop Big Bang Shows Time Travel May Be Possible After All 02 June 2011
‘Worms from hell’ unearth possibilities for extraterrestrial life 02 June 2011
Finally, the ‘ultimate’ carbon nanotube development 02 June 2011
From seawater to freshwater with a nanotechnology filter 01 June 2011
Living Interplanetary Space Flight Experiment--or Why Were All the Strange Creatures on the Shuttle 01 June 2011
Tapping Quantum Effects for Software that Learns 01 June 2011
The incredible device that makes objects appear far smaller than they really are 01 June 2011
"The Human Species Will One Day Migrate to a Parallel Universe" -- Michio Kaku 01 June 2011
Cold Fusion #1 Claims NASA Chief 01 June 2011
Physicists describe how to make time-reversed light pulses 31 May 2011
First sale for quantum computing: The D-Wave One 31 May 2011
Researchers Create Nanoscale Waveguide for Future Photonics 31 May 2011
Project Icarus: The Gas Mines of Uranus (BTW, I didn't make up the title!) 31 May 2011
Boron nitride is a promising path to practical graphene devices 30 May 2011
Rewriting the textbooks: Magnetic north without south 29 May 2011