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Scientists enter unexplored territory in superconductivity search 06 December 2018
Researchers examine competing states in high-temperature superconductors 06 December 2018
Is the U.S. Lagging in the Quest for Quantum Computing? 06 December 2018
Bizarre ‘dark fluid’ with negative mass could dominate the universe – what my research suggests 06 December 2018
Dark matter mystery solved? Oxford University scientists may have answered one of universe's biggest questions 06 December 2018
Is There Really A Fourth Neutrino Out There In The Universe? 06 December 2018
What happens when you nearly die? Science reveals the truth behind ‘supernatural’ hallucinations 05 December 2018
Lord Martin Rees On the Best Use of Science to Safeguard Humanity 05 December 2018
A controversial sighting of dark matter is looking even shakier 05 December 2018
The quantum heretics 05 December 2018
A step closer to fusion energy 05 December 2018
Russia Suspected Of Launching Secret Space Weapon Into Orbit 05 December 2018
Yes, a NASA Scientist Said Aliens May Have Visited Earth. But There’s Some Nuance 05 December 2018
Retired Astronaut: NASA Left Earth Defenseless Against Asteroids 05 December 2018
NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrives at asteroid Bennu 04 December 2018
The force of the vacuum 04 December 2018
New Quantum Paradox Clarifies Where Our Views of Reality Go Wrong 03 December 2018
Revisiting the Dyson Sphere 03 December 2018
New quantum materials could take computing devices beyond the semiconductor era 03 December 2018
What every physicist should know about string theory 03 December 2018
New material, black silver, discovered 03 December 2018
Graphene unlocks new potential for 'smart textiles' 03 December 2018
Combination of space-based and ground-based telescopes reveals more than 100 exoplanets 03 December 2018
New observations challenge universe model 03 December 2018
The Clovis Comet and the Forging of Human Civilization as We Know it 02 December 2018
Great strides made in carbon capture using earth-abundant elements as photocatalytic system 02 December 2018
Could The Present Ever Change The Past? 02 December 2018
Inside the world of AI that forges beautiful art and terrifying deepfakes 01 December 2018
Probing quantum physics on a macroscopic scale 01 December 2018
Varying graphene’s conductivity modulates THz waves 01 December 2018
Brilliant iron molecule could provide cheaper solar energy 01 December 2018
A new light on significantly faster computer memory devices 01 December 2018
Scientists find a way to enhance the performance of quantum computers 30 November 2018
Major graphene breakthrough: "Epigraphene," a new type of graphene, epitaxial layered epigraphene, has emerged 30 November 2018
Dipolar quantum mixture makes its debut 30 November 2018
Russian scientists unveil plan to colonize the moon 30 November 2018
Topological Dirac magnons spotted for the first time at zero magnetic field 30 November 2018
Adding graphene to jute fibres could give natural alternative to man-made materials 30 November 2018
Computing with Wi-Fi Waves 30 November 2018
Light triggers gold in unexpected way 30 November 2018
Do Brain Waves Conduct Neural Activity Like a Symphony? 30 November 2018
Artificial magnetic field produces exotic behavior in graphene sheets 30 November 2018
New catalyst produces cheap hydrogen fuel 30 November 2018
There Could be Hundreds of Interstellar Asteroids and Comets in the Solar System Right Now That we Could Study 29 November 2018
The U.S. Air Force of the Future: Hypersonic Weapons, Swarm Strikes and Stealth Fighters 29 November 2018
High-density lithium in graphene: An intriguing battery possibility 29 November 2018
Microsoft wins $480 million military contract to bring HoloLens to the battlefield 29 November 2018
Topological insulators: from graphene to gyroscopes 29 November 2018
Varying graphene’s conductivity modulates THz wave 29 November 2018
Quantum Entanglement With 10 Billion Atoms 29 November 2018
Revolutionary insulator-like material also conducts electricity 29 November 2018
Study unlocks full potential of 'supermaterial' graphene 29 November 2018
NASA Set to Announce Partners to Help Send Crewed Missions to The Moon 29 November 2018
Scientists in the U.S. and Japan Get Serious About Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions 29 November 2018
Making AI algorithms crazy fast using chips powered by light 29 November 2018
This is when AI’s top researchers think artificial general intelligence will be achieved 28 November 2018
DroneSeed is planting trees from the air 28 November 2018
“Lava-Lamp” Proteins May Help Cells Cheat Death 28 November 2018
Searching for Life in the Great Beyond 28 November 2018
Expanding Universe Mystery Deepens 28 November 2018
The Silk of These Spiders Is 5 Times Stronger Than Steel. Now, We Finally Know How That's Possible 28 November 2018
New concept for metamaterials based tractor beam from Star Wars developed 28 November 2018
Can lab-grown human brains think? 27 November 2018
“It’s Time To Take the Existence of Aliens Seriously” –Odds Are that Humans are Not the Universe’s First Civilization 27 November 2018
Materials scientists have discovered a new class of carbides expected to be among the hardest materials and the highest melting points in existence 27 November 2018
Graphene breakthrough could lead to future computers operating at speeds 1 million times faster than today's 27 November 2018
NASA InSight lander arrives on Martian surface to learn what lies beneath 27 November 2018
Deep-sea Microbes Discovered That Gobble Greenhouse Gases, Possibly Oil Spills 27 November 2018
Successful second round of experiments with the Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor 27 November 2018
The hunt for (potentially) life-giving water beneath Mars 26 November 2018
AI thinks like a corporation—and that’s worrying 26 November 2018
Can We Avoid the Potential Dangers of AI, Robots and Big Tech Companies? 26 November 2018
Quantum computing at scale: Scientists achieve compact, sensitive qubit readout 26 November 2018
New technique to make objects invisible proposed 26 November 2018
Light-activated, single-ion catalyst breaks down carbon dioxide 26 November 2018
Physicists have finally calculated where the proton’s mass comes from 26 November 2018
The Plot Thickens for a Fourth Neutrino 26 November 2018
Robust, flexible thermoelectric coils power miniature devices 26 November 2018
Exoplanet stepping stones in the quest to discover extraterrestrial life 26 November 2018
Elon Musk Considers Permanently Moving To Mars 26 November 2018
Drop the Batteries—Diamonds and Lasers Could Power Your Drone 25 November 2018
An intermediary between qubits provides basis for control and scaling 25 November 2018
The fully 3D printed Nera E-Bike looks like something from 2030 25 November 2018
Another NASA Mars Lander Getting Ready for 12,000 mph Landing on Elysium Planitia 24 November 2018
Spotting nature's own evolution of quantum tricks could transform quantum technology 24 November 2018
Galactic Beacons Get Snuffed Out in a Cosmic Eyeblink 24 November 2018
Climate of small star TRAPPIST 1's seven intriguing worlds 24 November 2018
Army Scientists Use Quantum Research to Revolutionize Cybersecurity 24 November 2018
Photons, Quasars and the Possibility of Free Will 23 November 2018
Star Trek-style 'ionic wind' plane hailed as most significant advance in flight since the Wright brothers 23 November 2018
Pentagon wants more money for directed-energy weapons for drone-swarm and missile defense 21 November 2018
Have Astronomers Found Another "Alien Megastructure" Star? 21 November 2018
Researchers defy 19th Century law of Physics in 21st century boost for energy efficiency 21 November 2018
Earth’s new neighbor 21 November 2018
An orbiter glitch may mean some signs of liquid water on Mars aren’t real 21 November 2018
One-Way Transfer of Magnetic Fields Material Developed 21 November 2018
Cool graphene composites block EM radiation 21 November 2018
Cosmic expansion rate remains a mystery despite new measurement 21 November 2018
The microscope revolution that’s sweeping through materials science 21 November 2018
Watch: Plane with no moving parts takes first flight 21 November 2018