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Quantum Interference Across an Astronomical Distance 21 August 2019
Single-layer T-graphene could be an intrinsic elemental 2D superconductor 21 August 2019
Newly-Discovered Microbe Turns Oil into Methane 21 August 2019
Black hole holograms 21 August 2019
World's first link layer protocol brings quantum internet closer to a reality 20 August 2019
Mission to Jupiter's icy moon confirmed 20 August 2019
Physicists use light flashes to discover, control new quantum states of matter 20 August 2019
Researchers propose new holographic method to simulate black holes with tabletop experiment 20 August 2019
Toward Topological Protection with Qubits 20 August 2019
New rechargeable aqueous battery challenges Lithium-ion dominance 20 August 2019
Materials that can revolutionize how light is harnessed for solar energy 20 August 2019
Enabling longer space missions 20 August 2019
DARPA Study Forecasts New Encryption Ending Intelligence Surveillance (Good!) 20 August 2019
Ancient Mars Was Warm with Occasional Rain, Turning Cold 20 August 2019
Ions clear another hurdle toward scaled-up quantum computing 20 August 2019
First quantum simulation of 3D topological matter with ultracold atoms 20 August 2019
The future of commercial space transportation 20 August 2019
Scientists Mull the Astrobiological Implications of an Airless Alien Planet 19 August 2019
Wired for sound: A third wave emerges in integrated circuits 19 August 2019
Researchers demonstrate three-dimensional quantum Hall effect for the first time 19 August 2019
New 3-D interconnection technology for future wearable bioelectronics 19 August 2019
Questioning a Universal Law for Electron Attenuation 19 August 2019
Non-Local Game of Life in 2D Quasicrystals 17 August 2019
Here’s what Earth might look like to aliens 17 August 2019
AI can read your emotions. Should it? 17 August 2019
Counterintuitive physics property found to be widespread in living organisms 17 August 2019
Researchers build a heat shield just 10 atoms thick to protect electronic devices 17 August 2019
How many Earth-like planets are around sun-like stars? 17 August 2019
Researchers search for Bigfoot in Kisatchie National Forest 17 August 2019
Chemists make first-ever ring of pure carbon 16 August 2019
Newly Discovered State of Matter Could Vastly Enhance Computing 16 August 2019
Researchers Discover What Could Be a New Substrate for Building “Topological” Qubits 16 August 2019
Russia Wants Four Submarines Armed with Nuclear Warhead Drones That Can Cause Tsunamis 15 August 2019
Get Ready, China: Taiwan Is Developing “Suicide Drones” 15 August 2019
Light can scatter from light, CERN physicists confirm 15 August 2019
Aeolian abrasion of rocks as a mechanism to produce methane in the Martian atmosphere 15 August 2019
UCLA Scientists Improve Device That Processes Information at the Speed of Light 15 August 2019
Scientists find a way to create long-life, fast-charging batteries 15 August 2019
Researchers propose new topological phase of atomic matter hosting 'photonic skyrmions' 14 August 2019
Breakthrough in understanding of magnetic monopoles could signal new technologies 14 August 2019
Why Are Deepfakes So Effective? 14 August 2019
Biofluorescence Could Expose Hidden Alien Life on Exoplanets around Red Dwarfs 14 August 2019
Supersolidity appears in ultracold atoms 13 August 2019
The Three-Body Problem 13 August 2019
Schrödinger's cat with 20 qubits 13 August 2019
Evidence Grows That Russia's Nuclear-Powered Doomsday Missile Was What Blew Up Last Week (Updated) 13 August 2019
Cause of mysterious methane spikes on Mars still unknown 13 August 2019
Tug of war around gravity 12 August 2019
To Find Aliens, You Have To Ban Wi-Fi, Mobile Phones And Gas-Powered Cars 12 August 2019
Researchers take a direct image of magic-angle twisted graphene sheets 12 August 2019
How do atoms vibrate in graphene nanostructures? 12 August 2019
Something Big Seems To Be Going Down Near Area 51 This Weekend 12 August 2019
Neuron-inspired electrical model goes quantum 12 August 2019
The Quantum Computing Party Hasn't Even Started Yet 12 August 2019
A single-photon source you can make with household bleach 12 August 2019
Watch DARPA test out a swarm of drones 11 August 2019
Raptors Armed with Lasers? Air Force F-22s Could Get Some Serious Firepower 10 August 2019
Don’t change your DNA at home, says America’s first CRISPR law 10 August 2019
A key piece to understanding how quantum gravity affects low-energy physics 08 August 2019
Has this scientist finally found the fountain of youth? 08 August 2019
Scientists Have Developed a New Way to Know Where Heavy Black Holes Come From 08 August 2019
Light–matter interactions take strange new turn 08 August 2019
Carbon Sucking Technology May Help Save The Planet 08 August 2019
Entangling the Radial Parts of Photons 08 August 2019
This Is Why Two Higgs Bosons Don't Have The Same Mass As One Another 08 August 2019
Mysterious, Ancient Radio Signals Keep Pelting Earth. Astronomers Designed an AI to Hunt Them Down 07 August 2019
Designing a light-trapping, color-converting crystal 07 August 2019
Researchers uncover hidden topological insulator states in bismuth crystals 07 August 2019
Scientists Find Way to Measure Quantum Entanglement in Chemical Reactions 07 August 2019
Quantum teleportation moves into the third dimension 07 August 2019
Air Force Reveals Tests Of Supposed Record-Setting Scramjet Engine From Northrop Grumman 07 August 2019
“Qutrit” Experiments Are a First in Quantum Teleportation 06 August 2019
Space telescope would turn Earth into a giant magnifying lens 06 August 2019
TESS Finds Smallest Habitable Exoplanet 31 Light Years Away From Earth 06 August 2019
Simulations demonstrate ion heating by plasma oscillations for fusion energy 06 August 2019
Power generation achieved by a self-assembled biofuel cell 06 August 2019
Material that Replicates Human Bone Tissue Developed By Oregon Researchers 06 August 2019
Asteroid Mining: Beneficial Or Dangerous? 06 August 2019
Why smartphones’ “cop mode” might not keep cops out for much longer 06 August 2019
What would we say to extraterrestrials? 06 August 2019
Speculative ‘supergravity’ theory wins US$3-million prize 06 August 2019
The Hunt Is On for Alpha Centauri’s Planets 05 August 2019
Direct measurements probe the state of magic-angle twisted graphene 05 August 2019
A Laser-Sharp View of Electron Correlations 05 August 2019
Biomanufacturing is Now Being Tested at the International Space Station 05 August 2019
Dark energy vs. modified gravity: Which one will prevail? 03 August 2019
Quantum microphone detects the presence of phonons 03 August 2019
Should Artificial Intelligence Be Credited as an Inventor? 03 August 2019
The Universal Law That Aims Time’s Arrow 02 August 2019
With its CRISPR revolution, China becomes a world leader in genome editing 02 August 2019
Light Seems to Pull Electrons Backward 02 August 2019
The strongest fibres have their roots in wood 02 August 2019
Shining (star)light on the search for life 02 August 2019
Physicists Copy Some Properties of the Sun in a Ball 02 August 2019
Quantum entanglement in chemical reactions? Now there's a way to find out 02 August 2019
Graphene Discovery that Could Help Develop Superconductors 01 August 2019
Topological Insulators Do the Twist 01 August 2019
Scientists seek materials that defy friction at the atomic level 01 August 2019
Physicists make graphene discovery that could help develop superconductors 01 August 2019
It’s Sentient 01 August 2019