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Jeff Bezos Throws Shade at Elon Musk for Wanting to Go to Mars 26 February 2019
When a superconductor truly becomes super 26 February 2019
Thermodynamic Quantum Time Crystals 25 February 2019
A new spin in nano-electronics 25 February 2019
Alien encounter a RISK as they could DESTROY us with ease - scientists warn 25 February 2019
In search of ET: Fear of what’s out there causes big split among space scientists 24 February 2019
Material Created with the Elasticity of Rubber and Hardness of Metal 24 February 2019
Navy files for patent on room-temperature superconductor 24 February 2019
A Shocking New Study Has Suggested That Reality As We Know It May Just Be The Result Of Quantum Mechanics 24 February 2019
The future seems wide open with possibilities – but is it? 23 February 2019
Suicide Drones: Are Tiny Missiles That ‘Loiter’ in the Air for Hours the Future of Assassination Wars? (Yes) 23 February 2019
Scientists fear end to Mankind not 'decades away' but ‘much sooner’ 23 February 2019
Side trips on the road to commercial fusion 22 February 2019
Zombie Stars Shine On after Mystery Detonations 22 February 2019
Structural supercapacitors prepare for take-off 22 February 2019
Refrigeration by Quantum Measurements 22 February 2019
A quantum magnet with a topological twist 22 February 2019
Habitable Zone Planet Finder enables discovery of planets around cool stars 22 February 2019
Researchers Explain Why Superconduction Is so Cold 22 February 2019
The 'WIMP Miracle' Hope For Dark Matter Is Dead 22 February 2019
How Our Universe Could Emerge as a Hologram 22 February 2019
Research creates DNA-like molecule to aid search for alien life 22 February 2019
Physics of Extraterrestrial Life –“Earth May Be The ‘Standard Model’ for the Universe” 21 February 2019
Physicists get thousands of semiconductor nuclei to do 'quantum dances' in unison 21 February 2019
Trump Signs Directive to Create a Military Space Force 21 February 2019
Quantum effects boost engine performance 20 February 2019
New Quasiparticles Confirmed in Topological Material 20 February 2019
Physicists 'flash-freeze' crystal of 150 ions 20 February 2019
The holy grail of nanowire production 20 February 2019
The future of Mars exploration may rest on a glider 20 February 2019
“The Milky Way Could Be a Huge Spacetime Wormhole” 20 February 2019
New Gadget Detects Lifeforms From Long Distances 20 February 2019
NASA news: Space agency creates dedicated ALIEN HUNTING team - UFO BREAKTHROUGH 20 February 2019
Author Q&A: Carlo Rovelli on the physics of time 19 February 2019
The quest for quasicrystals is a physics adventure tale 19 February 2019
A polariton filter turns ordinary laser light into quantum light 19 February 2019
Breakthrough in the search for graphene-based electronics 19 February 2019
The Next “Deep Blue” Moment: Self-Flying Drone Racing 18 February 2019
What we risk as humans if we allow gene-edited babies: a philosopher’s view 18 February 2019
Developing a flight strategy to land heavier vehicles on Mars 18 February 2019
Exotic spiraling electrons discovered by physicists 18 February 2019
Carbonaceous chondrites provide clues about the delivery of water to Earth 18 February 2019
The confounding magnetic readings of Voyager 1 18 February 2019
How Do We Search for Intelligent Life? 18 February 2019
Engineers develop room temperature, two-dimensional platform for quantum technology 18 February 2019
Moving artificial leaves out of the lab and into the air 17 February 2019
Teleportation Physics Study 17 February 2019
Elon Musk Says SpaceX Is Developing a Complex 'Bleeding' Heavy-Metal Rocket Ship 17 February 2019
Side trips on the road to fusion 16 February 2019
Graphene-based wearables for health monitoring, food inspection and night vision 16 February 2019
Therapeutic Molecules Reverse Memory Loss from Depression, Aging 16 February 2019
Laser pulses light the way to tuning topological materials for spintronics and quantum computing 15 February 2019
Philosophy: What exactly is a black hole? 15 February 2019
Be Kind to Extraterrestrials 15 February 2019
3-D experiments shed new light on shape memory alloys 14 February 2019
A Theory to Tackle Supercooling 14 February 2019
A new insulation material is practically weightless yet still durable 14 February 2019
Shaping light lets 2D microscopes capture 4D data 14 February 2019
Superconductivity: What is it and why it matters to our future 14 February 2019
Hydrogen Peroxide, Bringer of Life? 14 February 2019
Fossilized Tracks Suggest Multicellular Life Far Older Than Previously Thought 14 February 2019
Mysterious Quantum Rule Reconstructed From Scratch 13 February 2019
Sustainable electronics manufacturing breakthrough 13 February 2019
Unveiling the topological nature of electromagnetic surface waves 13 February 2019
Running an LED in reverse could cool future computers 13 February 2019
Laser physics: Transformation through light 13 February 2019
Laser-induced graphene gets tough, with help 13 February 2019
Ruthenium catalyst sets new efficiency record for water splitting 12 February 2019
Neutrino Probes of Long-Range Interactions 12 February 2019
A new 2-D material uses light to quickly and safely purify water 12 February 2019
Questions in quantum computing—how to move electrons with light 12 February 2019
Phase transition dynamics in two-dimensional materials 12 February 2019
Quantum science breakthroughs could change face of national security 12 February 2019
We just 3D-printed a microphone in the lab – and the things coming next are pure science fiction 12 February 2019
After a remarkable resurrection, Firefly may reach space in 2019 12 February 2019
New images reveal Ultima Thule's shape is a "scientific puzzle" 12 February 2019
Oumuamua: visitor froim another star 12 February 2019
Hyperbolic metamaterials enable nanoscale 'fingerprinting' 12 February 2019
The case for leaving Earth 12 February 2019
NASA to find aliens 'IN YEARS': Shock study reveals countdown to alien discovery 12 February 2019
The Army Is Sending This Weapon to Europe (Armed to the Teeth with Lasers) 11 February 2019
Trump to Sign Executive Order Promoting Artificial Intelligence 11 February 2019
A Metamaterial for Superscattering Light 11 February 2019
Magnetic monopoles appear in artificial spin ice 11 February 2019
New Images of Ultima Thule Shock NASA Scientists 11 February 2019
US materials science faces resource threat, warns panel 11 February 2019
Quantum strangeness gives rise to new electronics 11 February 2019
Sweden says it built a Russian fighter jet killer — and stealth is totally irrelevant 10 February 2019
Are Cyborg Warriors a Good Idea? 10 February 2019
US step closer to developing hypersonic missile that travels at five times the speed of sound 09 February 2019
Researchers Spot New Phenomenon That Can Solve Wavelength Splitting Problem In Lasers 09 February 2019
Artificial Intelligence Study of Human Genome Finds Unknown Human Ancestor 08 February 2019
How quantum terrorists could bring down the future internet 08 February 2019
Machine Vision and Deep Learning for Classification of Radio SETI Signals 08 February 2019
Life on the edge in the quantum world 08 February 2019
Have We Mismeasured the Universe? 07 February 2019
New measurements of exotic form of magnesium suggest surprising shape-shift 07 February 2019
Extra Dimensions Give Optimization a Boost 07 February 2019
Broken shoes and tyres could be history thanks to new materials that repair themselves 07 February 2019
ALMA Detects Complex Organic Molecules around V883 Orionis 07 February 2019