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Drone mystery solved? Wichita group might be responsible for some sightings 20 January 2020
Are the aliens us? UFOs may be piloted by time-traveling humans, book argues 20 January 2020
What Were Aerial Triangles Over Mecca, Saudi Arabia, On August 7, 2019? 19 January 2020
The Tale of the Tape 18 January 2020
An Airliner, a UFO, and Mysterious Lost Documents 18 January 2020
The Year of UFOs 16 January 2020
Breaking The Silence Luis Elizondo Speaks Out on Criticism, the Pentagon, Disclosure and the Future 15 January 2020
'Mystery drone' faithful undeterred by lack of evidence (Bullshit!) 14 January 2020
Perth UFO sighting 14 January 2020
Large, bizarre UFO cruising through mountains, Los Angeles, California. Jan 8th 14 January 2020
Secret Gov’t. Task Force About Mystery Drones in Colorado and Nebraska: No Explanations 12 January 2020
Who’s Behind Those Mystery Drone Swarms? An Investigation 11 January 2020
Billy Cox: Ex Navy boss stumped by UFOs 11 January 2020
The Dark Connection Between UFOs and Grisly Mutilations 10 January 2020
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Nighttime drone activity recorded in rural Saunders County 10 January 2020
Ex Navy boss stumped by UFOs 09 January 2020
US Navy has more footage of USS Nimitz UFO 09 January 2020
Mysterious Drones Persist After Secret Meeting of FBI, FAA, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement. Tune In Earthfiles YouTube Live Broadcast Tonight For News Update. 08 January 2020
New drone task force investigating mysterious sightings across Colorado, Nebraska 07 January 2020
Video Shows Triangle UFO Clearly Flying Over Neighborhood at Night 07 January 2020
Could mystery of Colorado drone sightings finally be explained? 05 January 2020
Homeland Security, FBI now investigating mystery drones in northeastern Colorado 04 January 2020
Mysterious drone swarms over Colorado and Nebraska unleash origin theories 31 December 2019
UFO sighting: 'Strange lights' and 'creepy stuff' over the UK spark an alien UFO frenzy 31 December 2019
White Triangle UFO and red Orb sighting over a cloud in Ilion, New York 29 December 2019
A Big And Bizarre Drone Mystery Is Unfolding In Rural Colorado 27 December 2019
Strange flashing lights in the sky in North Dakota. 23 December 2019
December UFO Videos 22 December 2019
Pilot who saw 'Tic Tac' UFO: 'Technology I saw could change the world' -- Part 1 20 December 2019
What Is Aerial Mystery Over Las Vegas, Nevada, Early Evening of December 19, 2019? 20 December 2019
UFOs Over Vegas 18 December 2019
Some compelling UFO sightings, E.T drones 18 December 2019
UFOs Over Las Vegas 17 December 2019
50 Years Ago, the Air Force Tried to Make UFOs Go Away. It Didn't Work. 17 December 2019
The real reasons the US government is so secretive about UFOs 17 December 2019
Here Come The Men In Black - Why Is AFOSI Investigating Navy UFOs? 15 December 2019
‘Alien’ sighting above Arizona as strange lights appear ‘It may be aliens’ 12 December 2019
FAA Denies Tracking UFOs; Publishes Database Containing UFO Sightings 12 December 2019
UFO drops ‘fireballs’ near Arizona military base in clip baffling US Air Force 11 December 2019
Possible Bigfoot sighting revealed as scientists hunt for ‘apelike creature’ in Oregon forests 10 December 2019
Strange Encounters with White Bigfoot 10 December 2019
Huge 'UFO' seen by 100s of witnesses over California as bizarre video emerges 08 December 2019
US Navy vet who served on USS Nimitz recalls seeing ‘2-mile-wide UFO’ over base 04 December 2019
The Long, Strange History of People Filing Flying Saucer Patents 03 December 2019
The Cambridge laser beam welder who filmed '100 UFOs' flying through the sky 03 December 2019
Here Is What Really Happened With That Mysterious Washington D.C. Air Defense Scare 30 November 2019
ISS stream ‘cuts off’ Russian cosmonaut the moment he reports mysterious UFO 30 November 2019
Huge glowing flying saucer Russia 11/27/2019 30 November 2019
Area 51 Veteran And CIA Electronic Warfare Pioneer Weigh In On Navy UFO Encounters 27 November 2019
Mystery of Vanishing Jets and Loud Jet Sounds in Colorado’s Grand Junction Region. 24 November 2019
NASA mystery: Unexplained soundwaves captured by ISS sparks super-velocity UFO claims 24 November 2019
Ufology: From Fringe Field to Serious Science 23 November 2019
The Scientific Challenge of Proving Sasquatch Are Real 22 November 2019
Interception: UFO Data and the Military 19 November 2019
Mysterious object seen ‘floating’ in the skies above Arizona in weird video 19 November 2019
Group reports a Bigfoot sighting: ‘We had eye contact’ 19 November 2019
Bad Ass Interview with Jim Goodall. The Richard Dolan Show 18 November 2019
Aliens ‘turning off nuclear weapons to show humans they’re useless’ 18 November 2019
Chris Marx on Skinwalker Ranch, AAWSAP and Possible Human Experimentation 16 November 2019
Billy Cox: Revisiting Ruwa ’94 16 November 2019
Huge Mass of Metal At Moon’s South Pole – Asteroid Or Alien Base? 16 November 2019
ALIEN RIDDLE USS Nimitz UFO may have opened up a black hole to escape to the far reaches of the universe, Navy vet claims 16 November 2019
Sasquatch Believers Think Hunters Found Bigfoot In Canad 16 November 2019
‘NEARLY DIED OF FEAR’ Flashing UFO ‘left bizarre landing marks and shut down nearby boat engines in terrifying encounter with two fishermen’ 16 November 2019
Is a sasquatch loose in Ontario? Maybe not, but there's no harm believing it, says author 16 November 2019
UFO Researcher Explains Why She Sold 'Exotic' Metal to Tom DeLonge 15 November 2019
Bob Lazar Says the FBI Raided Him to Seize Area 51's Alien Fuel. The Truth Is Weirder 13 November 2019
The Witnesses 13 November 2019
'Real Bigfoot' creature runs in front of camera in horror close encounter clip 12 November 2019
Cigar-shaped UFO appears as plane flies over Kansas in bizarre footage 11 November 2019
Why Are People Hearing Strange Jet-like Sky Sounds, But Not Seeing Planes? 09 November 2019
Back to Area 51: Revisiting the “Alien” Invasion 09 November 2019
Video: ‘Crazy’ Mysterious UFO Lights Appear in Nighttime Utah Skies 08 November 2019
Navy pilot who chased USS Nimitz UFO says there are tapes of encounter 'missing' 06 November 2019
The Navy acknowledges UFOs — so why aren't they on Washington's radar? 02 November 2019
Mythical or mysterious -- search for Bigfoot alive among Montana believers 01 November 2019
Mysterious Green Crop Formation Emerges in U. K. Brown Harvested Field 01 November 2019
I-Team: Former Sen. Reid encouraged by newfound interest in UFOs 01 November 2019
Cattle Mutilations and a Satanic Cult? 01 November 2019
UFO Caught Hovering Over A San Diego Freeway During The Morning Rush Hour. October 22, 2019 01 November 2019
The Truth Is The Military Has Been Researching "Anti-Gravity" For Nearly 70 Years 29 October 2019
The 1967 Blitho Florida UFO Incident 28 October 2019
The Black Knight Satellite: A Hodgepodge of Alien Conspiracy Theories 28 October 2019
Mysterious Officials Boarded US Navy Ship to Take Equipment Following Alleged UFO-Encounter 25 October 2019
Mystery of alien-looking object found in packet of mussels that has marine experts stumped 23 October 2019
Former Mir astronaut recalls UFO sightings 23 October 2019
This Silicon Valley Startup Is Dedicated to Detecting UFOs Off the California Coast 23 October 2019
'UFO mothership' emerges from thunderstorm in astonishing clip 21 October 2019
Two brothers saw a 'UFO battle' 40 years ago 21 October 2019
Bigfoot videoed by three people 19 October 2019
The Army Wants To Verify To The Stars Academy's Fantastic UFO Mystery Material Claims 19 October 2019
What We Know About The Army Teaming Up With Rockstar Tom DeLonge's UFO Research Company 18 October 2019
Big Game Hunter Shoots Sasquatch 18 October 2019
The Strange Tale of the Tuttle Bottoms Monster 18 October 2019
'UFO' spooks couple after bizarre flashing lights spotted in Ayrshire skyline 16 October 2019
I Study UFOs and This Is the Best UFO Documentary Ever Made 16 October 2019
Mysterious UFO Returns to Mexican Refinery 16 October 2019
Haunted Albanian Alps 16 October 2019
UFO’s and High Strangeness at Scotland’s Falkirk Triangle 16 October 2019
Huge cigar-shaped object ‘with spheres circling it’ seen hovering over Baltimore 15 October 2019