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A Fayette County man claims to photograph bigfoot 28 November 2020
UPDATE: No, It’s Not McCracken Art. Metallic Monolith Still A Mystery in Southern Utah Rocky Wilderness 28 November 2020
Mysterious, Metallic Monolith Discovered in Southern Utah Rocky Wilderness. 24 November 2020
Trump May Block the Public From Learning the Truth About UFOs 24 November 2020
Scientists Find Mysterious Metal Monolith in Utah Desert 24 November 2020
The Unknown Files: Truly bizarre Cryptid sightings 23 November 2020
Earthfiles YouTube Viewer Reports About Mysterious, Glowing Orbs in Infrared, But Invisible to Human Eyes 14 November 2020
Mysterious lights 'changing formation' spark UFO fears for baffled locals 14 November 2020
Multiple UFOs Spotted in Dallas Sky 12 November 2020
I Am Excited About—and Feel Vindicated By—All the Talk of UFOs 03 November 2020
Ex Director of Air Force UFO Program Says “They Know” What UFOs Are In His Very Last Interview 03 November 2020
The Mystery Of Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch Very Much Alive 29 October 2020
Bigfoot is alive and well and living in Leominster 29 October 2020
Claim ’mysterious craft’ that ‘shoots away’ over Texas is ‘100 percent alien 27 October 2020
Skinwalker Ranch: possibly the spookiest place on Earth 27 October 2020
Mystery Of Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch Very Much Alive 27 October 2020
Fleet Of UFOs Caught On Camera Over California: ‘Something Big Is Going On’ 27 October 2020
US Navy Veteran Captures Image of ‘Opaque’ UFO Over North Carolina Mountainside 27 October 2020
UFO trio’ caught on camera over Colorado 27 October 2020
More mysterious lights appear over Hawaii (and they’re likely not Starlink satellites) 26 October 2020
Fleet of UFOs Pass Over Walmart Over Oakland, California, Oct 18, 2020 24 October 2020
A large black triangle shaped craft about the size of four football fields filled the Pinetown sky 24 October 2020
The Strange World of Back Engineered UFO Technology 17 October 2020
UFO landed on a mountain ridge in Mexico 16 October 2020
Harry Reid claims US government is hiding key evidence of UFO encounters 15 October 2020
Trump Acknowledges UFOs, Threatens Aliens With Military Action 15 October 2020
Footage of 'UFO' captured in night skies over Scottish town 15 October 2020
The Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings: An Unresolved Enquiry 09 October 2020
Bank worker Andrew spots 'UFO' hovering over Marton homes and says 'I've never seen anything like it' 08 October 2020
Part 1: Bloodless Animal Mutilations in Kenya, Sweden, France, England, United States 29 September 2020
The Carter Administration’s Attempt to Create a NASA UFO Commission 26 September 2020
Truly Bizarre Accounts Of Very Close Encounters With Bigfoot 26 September 2020
Meteoroid bouncing back into Space: UFOs or just another NASA lie? 26 September 2020
Watch as 'huge UFO-shaped drone' shoots a green laser beam into the Milton Keynes sky 25 September 2020
The Mysterious UFO Invasion of 1973 24 September 2020
Some Truly Bizarre Accounts of Very Close Encounters with Bigfoot 19 September 2020
USAF pilot who saw Nimitz UFO says ‘highly possible’ governments hold alien tech 19 September 2020
UFOs, the Occult, the Paranormal and the Supernatural: All Connected 18 September 2020
This Air Force Jet Was Scrambled To Intercept A UFO – But Then Disappeared Without A Trace 18 September 2020
Here are 3 Chilling Eyewitness Sightings of Bigfoot in Wyoming 17 September 2020
Did two school girls just prove UFOs are real? 10 September 2020
Looks like the Pentagon has no intention of sharing UFO information 10 September 2020
UFO Ejecting Smaller Objects, Utica New York (9.3.2020) 08 September 2020
Does This Video Footage Show a UFO Flying Over Utica? Read More: Does This Video Footage Show a UFO Flying Over Utica? 08 September 2020
Mysterious object races past US passenger plane with 'extreme speed' - VIDEO 05 September 2020
There’s Something About Mount Shasta 05 September 2020
Massive Cube UFO Over Florida 03 September 2020
CIA Serves Assist to Researchers Seeking Previously Processed UFO Docs 01 September 2020
Billy Cox: Rolling the bones, upping the ante 29 August 2020
Another Strange, Unexplained Invisible-Jet Sound in Colombia, South America 26 August 2020
Earthfiles Viewer Feedback About Navy Flight Engineer’s Report of Alien Presence in Antarctica 25 August 2020
Letters from Earthfiles Viewers: Laser Weapon — to 15,000 mph Jet? — to Souls That Meet Us On the Other Side 20 August 2020
Bigfoot fingernail found in back of deer skull? 20 August 2020
The End of UFO Disclosure? | Richard Dolan Show 20 August 2020
Pentagon sets up UFO task force to ‘detect and analyze’ sightings of mysterious aircraft that ‘could pose security risk’ 15 August 2020
Part 2 – Edwards AFB Deep Underground E. T. Facilities Described by Celestine Star, Ernest Robert Hunt and “Robert from Ohio.” 14 August 2020
Did They Actually Spot A Low-Flying UFO Flying Over The Adriatic Sea? 12 August 2020
Pentagon Can’t Keep Their Story Straight on UFOs/UAP 12 August 2020
Kent has second highest number of UFO sightings in the country 11 August 2020
UFOs and Strange Vanishings at Australia’s Mysterious Bass Strait Triangle 10 August 2020
Amazing UFO-Portal Video (Fake?) 10 August 2020
The Most Unsettling U.F.O. Theory? 08 August 2020
UFO Gatekeepers: You Shall Not Pass 08 August 2020
New York Times Reporter Ralph Blumenthal Addresses 'Off World Craft' – INTERVIEW 08 August 2020
UFOs / UAP and The Hot Mess at the New York Times 08 August 2020
Stunning Footage UFO "Orbs" Witnessed Over Las Vegas, Nevada. August 6, 2020 08 August 2020
UFO hits NBC's evening news 07 August 2020
Neil Armstrong 'believed in aliens' after trips to moon says astronaut's son 06 August 2020
President Trump and Fox’s Lou Dobbs discuss the nation’s UFO situation 05 August 2020
Egypt invites Musk after 'aliens built pyramids' tweet 05 August 2020
Why on Earth isn't everybody talking about aliens? 05 August 2020
RAF veteran claims photos show evidence of mysterious UFO flying over Europe 05 August 2020
Donald Trump’s October surprise: Aliens? 02 August 2020
8-Fold Circular Geometry Discovered in German Wheat Field. 02 August 2020
Mysterious UFOs spotted in the skies above Edinburgh 02 August 2020
Pentagon admits UFO program still exists. But Navy's alien sightings don't quite add up 02 August 2020
Woman Reports Being Chased by Bigfoot in New York's Hudson Valley 01 August 2020
I-Team Exclusive: Reid says UFOs not necessarily from other worlds 01 August 2020
Elon Musk Tweets That Aliens Built the Pyramids 31 July 2020
UFO sighting near Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany 31 July 2020
Multiple Bigfoot Encounters in North Alabama 31 July 2020
The mystery drone plot thickens 30 July 2020
Torbay UFO ‘hotspot’ revealed 30 July 2020
Pentagon Has ‘Off-World Vehicles Not Made on This Earth’ 29 July 2020
Materials Retrieved from “Off-World Vehicles Not Made On This Earth.” 25 July 2020
How Worried Should the U.S. Be About UFOs Buzzing Our Military Bases? 25 July 2020
UFO Sightings Up Nearly 50 Percent During Coronavirus Lockdowns 25 July 2020
Tons Of UFOs Have Been Spotted In California & The Stories Are Super Strange 25 July 2020
Hiker believes he might have found evidence of Bigfoot 24 July 2020
Pentagon Has ‘Off-World Vehicles Not Made on This Earth’ (Really?) 24 July 2020
No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public 24 July 2020
In One Ear: Have you seen Bigfoot? 23 July 2020
Marco Rubio Doubles Down on UFOs 22 July 2020
Locals baffled at claims calf was abducted and killed by aliens in mysterious attack 22 July 2020
Idaho is one of the states with the most per capita Bigfoot Sightings 22 July 2020
Rubio: It “might actually be better” if the UFOs are aliens 19 July 2020
The secret US military device for seeing the past within a specific location 18 July 2020
'National security risk': Rubio seeks declassification of UFO secrets 18 July 2020
Stan Gordon: Recent UFO Reports From Westmoreland & Fayette Counties, PA 18 July 2020
ArchAngel RECON offers mystery drone explanation 17 July 2020
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