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A mystery creature is haunting the streets of Texas. Described by some terrified witnesses as a monkey, by others as a chimpanzee and as “anything’s possible” by police, a sense of apprehension is spreading.

The unidentified humanoid has been repeatedly spotted in the city of Santa Fe, with one witness claiming they saw the beast attempt to snatch a cat.

The alarm was first raised in the early hours of Monday, when a woman named Patricia de la Mora called the police to say she had seen some kind of primate causing pandemonium on the corner of 24th and East Bellaire streets in the south west of the city.

She had apparently been woken up after midnight by thunder and lightning, and after urging her husband to look out of the window when she heard “strange noises”, eventually got out of bed herself, opened the curtains and was “paralysed by fear”.

“I look out the window and I see it was in there. It was a monkey, a big one,” she told US news outlet KVUE.

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