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Cap'n Jack Sarfatti Is quantum consciousness a wrong confused idea? Frank Maye SINCE WE ALL HAVE ONE...I GUESS ITS NOT CONFUSED...LOL
'bout 5 turn o' yer hourglass ago · Arr! · Jack Sarfatti Frank I don't think you got the point. The question is, can we understand consciousness in terms of quantum physics? The answer is no, with a very high degree of probability in my opinion.
'bout 4 turn o' yer hourglass ago · Arr! · Frank Maye I think Jack that consciousness in and of itself has never gotten its fair academic research both in funds and diversity..I have been trying to do my part in connecting consciousness to medicine..Life physics , biochem, biophysics, psychoneuroimmunology, Chinese medicine and cosmology all have contributions to what I am doing...BTW Happy New Year and with all my prayers you should be written in the book of life! Even though these days I am quite ecclectic ...I enjoy your posts ...Thanks
'bout 4 turn o' yer hourglass ago · Arr! · Jack Sarfatti Your remarks while commendable have nothing whatsoever to do with what I am talking about here.
'bout 3 turn o' yer hourglass ago · Arr! · Robert A. Cook Would it be more relevant to say that a quantum aspect to consciousness seems implicit in the Copenhagen interpretation, but not necessarily in the Many-Worlds interpretation, Jack? Because that's how it seems to this layman.
'bout one turn o' yer hourglass ago · Arr! · Jack Sarfatti NO! You also miss the point. NO INTERPRETATION of quantum theory can explain consciousness because we need signal nonlocality.
Neither can consciousness explain quantum theory.
55 shots o' rum ago · Arr! · Robert A. Cook I was afraid I missed the point. By the third paragraph, I might as well have been listening to Geordi La Forge explain how a warp core works.
48 shots o' rum ago · Arr! · Andras Laszlo YES
40 shots o' rum ago · Arr! · Frank Maye A good start would be to define consciousness since it tends to be different based on cultures and individual abilities to experience the expanded limits of consciousness..some w/ such experience feel consciousness exists throughout the universe ie sun ,moon,earth....or to its most inward direction at within the cellular level individually....that's why I humbly believe the jury is out....if you then factor information for all material exists before manifestation and evolves back to non non duality and consciousness are both very interesting...sorry if I am re structuring the conversation...but that's sometime the price for stimulating questions ...
36 shots o' rum ago · Arr! · Jack Sarfatti No, you confound the contents of consciousness with the mechanism that permits consciousness. In other words you are confusing this or that software program with the hardware machine that runs the software. As a physicist I am only interested in the hardware - not which ghost is in the machine.
Got it?
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