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On Sep 21, 2010, at 4:28 PM, nick herbert wrote:
Fantastic, Jack.
Now where's the Heisenberg Choice that magnifies the power of remote viewing by factor of 1000?

Hey Nick

Why don't you ask Ed Witten and Polchinski to predict the data from the LHC?
What you ask is like asking Einstein in 1905 to design a nuclear reactor.

The finding of the precise nanometer scale machine inside the human nervous system/brain that is the transducer between the matter field classical configurations and their macro-quantum coherent  (super) Bohm potential Q* is multi-disciplinary and I do not know enough biology etc to solve it. It requires a massive effort, some of which I saw at the recent Singularity Summit e.g. work of Anita Goel.

I only make three points here

1) we need signal nonlocality i.e. the elan vital (so to speak) is a violation of quantum theory!

2) we need P.W. Anderson's "More is different" AKA spontaneous symmetry breaking in the ground state of the relevant matter degrees of freedom --> Josephson type robust long-range phase coherence in order parameters of boson condensates in pumped dissipative structures.

3) the key consciousness-matter transducer must couple a negative to a positive ambient body temperature, therefore, the information transduction between mind Q* and matter (hidden variable) will be very efficient greater than 100% in terms of two positive temperatures.

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