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It flew across the capacity- defying room charged with anticipation and landed in the lap of my heart. The Spark. That's how we began, Sarfatti and I.

At the end of the  presentation spell that cloaked us all, I meandered over to The Spark for a closer perusal. It was the delight projected from his eyes beyond his cerebral brilliance that magnetized me in instant non-time recognition. I knew geniuses in my life but this one combusted with a secret energy source. He twinkled. I told him so. I actually heard myself tell him that his eyes twinkled like Henry Miller's. And that was our first hello.

Edward Teller had kept me riveted on the notorious history edge of my physics front row center seat at Cal long ago, like U2's Bono holding 100,000 stadium fans mesmerized in one note, one wail. But Sarfatti was captivating on a personal sub-atomic particle level. While totally serious about and dedicated to his lifework physics matter dark or light, theoretical pundit or quantum, he saw the humor at the seams of it all -- along with the wonder (i.e. there are no seams). The universe was his to challenge and he challenged it outside the box, outside the outside, beating at the status quo. Indeed un enfant terrible.

Part of the Sarfatti magic is the non-linear nature of his talks, his teachings, his sharings. He drums rhythmic illuminations. Sarfatti weaves an interdisciplinary tapestry not only as backdrop to his physics but as the connective plasmic tissue that links and binds the micro-macro, the universe, the infinite, the all/All.

Several weeks ago I opened one of my long ago journals at random. Reaching into the diaries treasure chest heavy drawer of my antique cabinet, I pulled a  journal out of its labyrinth and an entry leaped at me:

September 16, 1986
Galesteo, New Mexico

"Esalen Institute. Go there.  Jack Sarfatti, physicist director of (Physics) Consciousness Research Group."

Well, Jack O'Lantern, it may have taken me 18 years to manifest you, but really only an augenblink because you were a part of my consciousness all those years, yes, beckoning like a Castaneda experiment, playing with my awareness to readiness, ripeness.

Then you catapulted your Sarfatti Spark into the lap of my heart and became my quantum buddy. How good it is.

Rina Shelly Orid
to Jack Sarfatti
San Francisco, CA

September 26, 2010