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From Demo Hassan

"A study of the spread of Stuxnet by Symantec
showed that the main affected countries as
of August 6 2010 were:

Country Infected Computers

       Iran           62,867
       Indonesia      13,336
       India           6,552
       United States   2,913
       Australia       2,436
       Britain         1,038
       Malaysia        1,013
       Pakistan          993
       Germany            15

Symantec estimates that the group developing
Stuxnet would have been well-funded, consisting
of five to ten people, and would have taken
six months to prepare.

Symantec claims that the majority of infected
systems were in Iran (about 60%), which has led
to speculation that it may have been deliberately
targeting "high-value infrastructure" in Iran
including either the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant
or the Natanz nuclear facility.
Ralph Langner, a German cyber-security researcher,
called the malware "a one-shot weapon" and said
that the intended target was probably hit, although
he admitted this was speculation.

There are reports that Iran's uranium enrichment
facility at the Natanz facility was the target of
Stuxnet and the site sustained damage because of
it causing a sudden 15% reduction in its production
capabilities. There was also a previous report by
wikileaks... [  ] ...disclosing
a "nuclear accident" at the said site in 2009... "