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OK I read it - did not check all the algebra in detail on the count predictions - but it looks like a sound paper in general.

"Conclusion. An experiment has been proposed to demonstrate nonlocality at detection using a setup that can be used to reproduce the Michelson-Morley negative result as well. Both experiments happen under exactly the same conditions and both are supposed to falsify an equivalent prediction for changes in the counting detection rates. Thus, the demonstration of nonlocality can be considered as “loophole free” as that of relativity.

Additionally the experiment stresses that nonlocality at detection prevents locality from bearing odd concepts like “conservation of energy only in average but not in each individual process”, and “hidden local variables propagating in space-time but inaccessible to direct observation”. It also highlights that local models assuming “decision at the beam-splitters” are actually logically inconsistent.

Finally, the experiment clearly shows that relativity and quantum theory share the very same experimental basis, and derive from the same principles. Both seem to respond to the motivation of making a world characterized by the unity of local and nonlocal steering of detection outcomes. Relativity and quantum theory are two inseparable aspects of one and the same description of the physical reality. They do not have a “frail peaceful co- existence”, but share a “maximally entangled” existence: we can’t have one without the other."

This conclusion has been further strengthened in another paper [8].

Work to realize the proposed experiment is in progress.

I have not yet had time to read the several messages from James Woodward on my specific idea to make an ultra-high Tc superconducting meta-material (stacks of specially impurity doped nano-engineered graphene sheets used as high voltage capacitors?) as a warp-wormhole generator. No question that the idea is leading to new predictions like Woodwards's "Carnot Engine" (shine a beam of light far field through the meta-material flat sheet, which heats up at the entrance boundary and cools down at the exit boundary whilst generating a repulsive anti-gravity field in-between. However, with the high voltage capacitor using only the electrostatic near field the Carnot Engine effect should not be there.

More anon.

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any opinions on this?

I have not had time to try to understand it.

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"Stardrive is quite simply the best fringe science site on the web.  Period."