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Destiny Matrix 2012

Is Hawking's Mind of God Back From The Future?

2nd Revised Updated Editioni

Jack Sarfatti1

A memoir and essays about the strange adventures of a
radical conservative theoretical physicist

The Wit and Wisdom of the Ancients

"So now I am in the first hour of one of my deaths. The thought made me dizzy. I was reminded of Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. physicist and reincarnation of the eleventh-century mystic Rabbi Sarfatti...with rapt descriptions of how events from the future cause events in the past."
Herbert Gold

"In any field, find the strangest thing and then explore it."
John Archibald Wheeler

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself
 and you are the easiest person to fool.
Richard P. Feynman

The Question is: What is The Question?
John Archibald Wheeler

Are things what they are now because of what they will be as well as what they were?

Submit to Fate without unseemly wrangle.
W. S. Gilbert, The Gondoliers

I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.
Stephen Hawkingii

"All is foreseen; but freedom of choice is given."
Rabbi Akiva

"Suppose there is even something vaguely teleological about the effects of consciousness, so that a future impression might affect a past action." Roger Penrose, "The Emperor's New Mind" pp 442-445 (1989)

"It seems to me that biological systems are able in some way to utilize the opposite time-sense in which radiation propagates from future to past.  Bizarre as this may appear, they must somehow be working backwards in time."
Sir Fred Hoyle, "The Intelligent Universe", p. 213 (1986)

Parallel Universes by A.T. Conway

Apple Store Greenwich Village by Jack Sarfatti

Stephen Hawking's Grand Design or Grand Illusion?

Now that he had effectively stood down on the race for Mayor---McCabe was overcome by a mind-bending, time-twisting sensation on the nature of causality and becoming that had afflicted him since his earliest unshackled memories---final causation and reverse causality-feedback from the future affecting the present---he couldn't make an egg out of an omelette nor return a cappuccino to the coffee plant and the cow's udder-but the laws of physics were dragging him, no matter how much he might protest and believe in "free will" toward his fate---something that both Aristotle, 333 BC and St. Thomas Aquinas, 1270 AD had posed---reconfigured in his own lifetime at the fringes of modern physics-----between two apparently identical particles with different fates, the difference found only in the future---Zeno's arrows of time flying backward and forward--were not the men and women of Greek fable and myth pulled toward an inexorable fate no matter how much they ignored it---character was fate---it was a question of whether your character was cognizant that there was a fate---and intuitively lived with that self-recognition-Achilles had not ---nor Helen of Troy---but had Ulysses?

Since he had made up his mind about the campaign and done the clean deed as it were---cause and effect would ripple back in time unless there was some sort of indeterminate quantum Buddhist-curve ball---barring that---it would seem teleologically that McCabe's purpose---assuring an outcome on the mayoral election---at least as to himself---would now work backwards---from the November election to the the present ---particularly since not prevailing was normally the easiest outcome to assure in terms of probabilities. His inchoate understanding of quantum future unfolding---subconsciously decoding future quantum pulses from an intelligent universe--- and as he aged, catching ever stronger glimpses of that obscure message---accorded with his vague sense that he was, with every atom and sub-atomic element in the cosmos---a product of intentional design from a designer living in the far future---creating itself and therefore perhaps partially evolved from us---in which the universe(s) had a set destiny---a cosmos with set final conditions in place---its fate therefore influencing the past---what had not yet happened combining with what has---to shape the present---rather than the normal time sense of past-to-future Big Bang as the beginning measure of sequential events moving toward higher progessively ordered arrangement. Why else would the cosmos appear so conducive to life---and it would explain how life arose---everything having its origin in the future. It was why he doubted Existentialism---believing instead that the weave of our lives was sown in the future---looked at front-to-back rather than back-to-front---and it was with this in mind that McCabe was alert to meaningful coincidence and synchronicity---which when he witnessed it---or thought he had---confirmed his suspicions of the manner in which the universe moved and imprinted his own life. McCabe--Chap 19, a novel by Tony Gantner

Hawking may be mistaken that God is not necessary if my future horizon hologram computer idea turns out to be correct. How can we decide? Well one thing is that it explains the small dark energy density ~ 1/(area of future horizon)iii with a conscious mind on the horizon. We are images projected back from the future horizon. This is a really crazy idea to be sure. I don't really quite believe it myself. Is it crazy enough to be true?

The Age of Merlin
By Bridget Saunders

Think Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland meets Back to the Future meets The Matrix . But all events are both real and achievable in the near future via physics.
It concerns itself with modern physics and the fact that physics is now reaching the point that in past times would have been equated with magic. Physicists today are the magicians of yore. Time travel, invisibility, telepathy, communication with animals, precognition - all were once  considered to be the stuff of magic but  in a few decades from now - i.e. within the lifetimes of the children who will see this film,  these feats  will all be the stuff of  mainstream science.

Signal Non Locality (SNL) is a theory which explains the otherwise inexplicable phenomena of consciousness, precognition and so forth and this is the life's work of Dr Jack Sarfatti who is the inspiration for the character of the physicist/Magus in our story. (NB Sarfatti also inspired Dr Emmett Brown of the Back to The Future series) SNL is provocative but finding acceptance. It holds that communication can be faster than light and can be forward and backward in time. It sees time as a paradox-free loop with both the future and past affecting the present. There is considerable evidence for this concept at the level of cutting edge physics and support from such luminaries as Sir Roger Penrose and Nobel laureate Brian Josephson.

Preface to Second Edition 2012

"The future, and the future alone, is the home of explanation."
Henry Dwight Sedgwick, "An Apology for Old Maids" (1908)

All the world's a hologram,_And all the men and women merely hologram images in The Destiny Matrix;_They have their exits and their entrances,_And one man in his time plays many parts. --  My apology to Shakespeareiv

This futuristv book explains how Stephen Hawking's Mind of God may well be alive and well at our future Omega Point hologram conscious cosmic computer, and why we age because dark energy accelerates the universe.You are now about to enter into a real Twilight Zone X-Files in which we are 3D hologram images projected from the future Mind of God located on our 2D future event horizon associated with the dark energy accelerating the expansion of our observable The UFO datavii suggest that we can make Star Trek real. Our Mission Impossible Quixotic objective is to create low power dark energy warp drive2 and stargate time travel to the past and to parallel universes next door on neighboring branes. The tales that follow are the facts as truthfully as I, and the others, can recall. Believe it or not depending on your comfort zone dealing with the uncanny.

The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel ceiling, The Vatican illustrates our observable universe as a the 3D hologram image from our future Omega Point event horizon computer brain of Stephen Hawking's "Mind of God." The technical appendix at the end of the book will explain my use of these images in more detail. Samuel Sarfatti was allegedly the personal physician to Pope Julius II . Sarfatti allegedly arranged for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine. This is a Jung-Pauli curious coincidence.viii

Sarfatti Spark
By Rina Shelly Orid

It flew across the capacity- defying room charged with anticipation and landed in the lap of my heart. The Spark. That's how we began, Sarfatti and I.

At the end of the  presentation spell that cloaked us all, I meandered over to The Spark for a closer perusal. It was the delight projected from his eyes beyond his cerebral brilliance that magnetized me in instant non-time recognition. I knew geniuses in my life but this one combusted with a secret energy source. He twinkled. I told him so. I actually heard myself tell him that his eyes twinkled like Henry Miller's. And that was our first hello.

Edward Teller had kept me riveted on the notorious history edge of my physics front row center seat at Cal long ago, like U2's Bono holding 100,000 stadium fans mesmerized in one note, one wail. But Sarfatti was captivating on a personal sub-atomic particle level. While totally serious about and dedicated to his lifework physics matter dark or light, theoretical pundit or quantum, he saw the humor at the seams of it all -- along with the wonder (i.e. there are no seams). The universe was his to challenge and he challenged it outside the box, outside the outside, beating at the status quo. Indeed un enfant terrible.

Part of the Sarfatti magic is the non-linear nature of his talks, his teachings, his sharings. He drums rhythmic illuminations. Sarfatti weaves an interdisciplinary tapestry not only as backdrop to his physics but as the connective plasmic tissue that links and binds the micro-macro, the universe, the infinite, the all/All.

Several weeks ago I opened one of my long ago journals at random. Reaching into the diaries treasure chest heavy drawer of my antique cabinet, I pulled a  journal out of its labyrinth and an entry leaped at me:

September 16, 1986
Galesteo, New Mexico

"Esalen Institute. Go there.  Jack Sarfatti, physicist director of (Physics) Consciousness Research Group."

Well, Jack O'Lantern, it may have taken me 18 years to manifest you, but really only an augenblink because you were a part of my consciousness all those years, yes, beckoning like a Castaneda experiment, playing with my awareness to readiness, ripeness.

Then you catapulted your Sarfatti Spark into the lap of my heart and became my quantum buddy. How good it is.

San Francisco, CA, September 26, 2010

Man on a Pendulum
A foreword by Colin Bennett
I wish young Jack Sarfatti had been present when In order to illustrate the motion of a pendulum, a science teacher once asked my school class to imagine a man sitting on a swing and being given some initial push. Upon asking the name of the man on the swing and also the name of the person who gave the first push, I created uproar in class equal to poor Oliver Twist asking for more porridge. The hapless teacher, after having quelled the melee, said that neither person had a name, whereupon I asked if the two people involved were political prisoners. The resulting laughter earned me a day in detention accompanied by a stern Thou Shalt Not warning by the headmaster himself (indeed) about the dangers of trying to "personalise pure abstractions." It might come as a surprise to some that yes indeed, teachers of those pre-Fall days (I was but 10 years of age), used such language to youngsters as distinct from giving politically-correct talks about alternative sexuality, diets, cooking tips, or the politics of dance.
Of course I was later to find that science seen as a culture amongst cultures had more Thou Shalt Nots per unit-concept than a jack- rabbit had second cousins.
This experience was a good warning introduction to science. Many years later, whilst writing my biography of Charles Fort "Politics of the Imagination," I learned only too well that intellectual conformity and paranoid cultural fear appeared to be the scientific order of the day. Certainly scientists cloaked large-scale anomalies (such as the UFO phenomenon) just as Victorian piano legs were draped lest they should inspire outrageous erotic dreams beyond all compass.
My science teacher was the modern equivalent of Dickens' Mr Gradgrind of the novel Hard Times. Many years later I was to meet a considerable number of scientists in the course of my work, and I found that things had not improved much from the days of Gragrind or my school experience. Symbols of post-industrial despair, such human Rubik cubes weighed and measured and calculated like gone-mad grocers. Despite Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, they poured out facts and figures most of which were untrue, ill conceived, rigged, or were sets of "facts" derived from mass deceptions such as Y2K or Global Warming.
Due to this depressing influence I left science forever until I met up with Dr. Jack Sarfatti Ph.D and read his books. It is indeed a miracle that Sarfatti is still alive and well after a 20th century cultural maelstrom that instituted a holocaust as regards all heretical scientific opinions. Like most of the Amazon rain-forest, statistically speaking, Jack Sarfatti should now be buried alive under ten feet of that solid corporate car park called Official Science.
As a scientific Bigfoot impossibility Sarfatti actually speaks, he has a face, a name, an opinion and a unique vision. Parts of Destiny Matrix read like a scientific version of Rousseau's "Confessions." The travels, the meetings with significant people, the tempestuous affairs, the broken relationships - and indeed his singing career - come from the inspirations of the major underground avant garde movements and institutions of both Europe and America.
It has to be pointed out here that Jack Sarfatti is not the perfect example of good liberal politically-correct views. He is always being asked to explain, to be rational and reasonable like more conventional folk.  He looks down upon humble engineers and mechanists as if they were ragged and impoverished supplicants at his very own Court of Camelot. These rather grand aristocratic gestures are somewhat excusable because after all, he IS an aristocrat, being the descendant of Rashi de Troyes. Of course, such behaviour from a scientific visionary had resulted in him accumulating enemies by the tumbrel load.
The trouble is that Jack Sarfatti is a star. This makes things far worse. He has stardust all over him. He was born of Star Trek, in which he had a part. All stars have something of the magic of fantastic impossibilities in them. By contrast to the scientific drones, as an authentic 21st century Wizard, Sarfatti represents the Star Trek hopes and fears of all the technological years in a much more genuine sense.
He is possessed also of numerous other damning qualities. For infernal cheek, he has the nerve to add more than a touch of mystico-Illuminati to some of his scientific speculations. Of late, even a whiff of that was enough to send the clocks and measuring rods of the nation who gave us Alice in Wonderland into a veritable nanny-tizzy. Representatives of the nation who gave us that other Wonderland rabbit-hole called the Military-Industrial Complex were equally as baffled.
Being "disinvited" from your own conference is a lifestyle achievement few could equal. Recently, Brian Josephson (a Nobel Prize Winner to boot), physicist David Peat and our Jack were barred from attending a conference on Bohm's ideas on quantum theory. Sarfatti himself had proposed such a conference and offered funds to support it. These three scientists were barred because of their interest in that great scientific bête noire called the paranormal.
It was all enough to disturb the horses in the street!
The disinvite to the Bohm conference was a watershed not only for the participants but for physics as a whole.  I myself was a non-scientific participant in that I contributed to the comments section of an article in the UK Times Higher Education Supplement, which discussed the disinvitation. After three days my comments were taken down from the Supplement, although all others were retained. I asked the Editor for an explanation and he did not have the manners to reply. This made me the only member of what must be one of the world's most exclusive clubs.
All this might sound like great liberal fun, were it not at such times we have surely a glimpse of the theme from Polanski's film Rosemary's Baby, or Jack Starrett's film Race with the Devil. In these works, every innocent social-democratic perspective becomes suddenly alive with menacing conspiracies beyond the sun and moon.
Few scientists are of any kind of personal interest. Most have no more a name than does a particular herring from a particular net. By contrast, Sarfatti glitters and sparkles as if he is still on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.  By comparison, almost all scientists at some time or other are sentenced to work within some terrifying department of the Military-Industrial Complex, the perfect equivalent to Kafka's novel The Castle. Grinding away in such modern versions of Blake's "Satanic Mills," almost all are finally rendered quite faceless, anonymous and often quite speechless.
In this respect, just like my science teacher again, Big Science (as General Groves of Los Alamos called it) has always had a love-hate relationship with concepts involving such  "non objective" things as character, identity and  personality. To most Stalinists and Victorian Station Masters, these things represent such wondrous modern fables as "noise in the system" in that they are full of very non-Cartesian animals such as images, symbols and metaphors. Such are now propagated by that other complex now called Big Media. Most scientists have not met such a messy and rather indeterminate thing as Media yet, big or small. Most think still that TV alone is a thing to keep the kids quiet upstairs:  apparently the absorption of billions of powerful images per second plays no part in modern "scientific" ideas of "causation," which is still conceived as being essentially made up of "objective" mechanisms in nature and function. Apparently to be "real," one thing has to bang against another thing.
In this respect, no scientist on Earth has yet noticed that the CERN Collider is producing as many images, symbols and metaphors as it is producing "facts," both of which operate within a framework of cultural deception of one sort or another.
In putting foreword a "no thrust" theory of UFO propulsion alone, Sarfatti is way ahead of the postmodern gaming syndrome. He is indeed "back from the future." In contrast, Stalinist mechanists still have their fingers stained with chemicals and theories of "actuality," another word for the constellated "real," which is the very best commercial break in our Entertainment State.
The Book
When we examine the verbal surface of Destiny Matrix we find that Jack is creatively hyperactive. He winds the universe up and lets it spin into infinity. One sentence alone can bring alive whole galaxies of names threading though conspiracies, science and mysteries going back through decades. Here surely is his idea of "back from the future." It appears that he does not forget a single thing. Each wound and sneer, each bit of praise or criticism is real and alive within him as if he were still acting out some particular slice of time and life a full half-century after it occurred.  Perhaps this total inability to forget any single instant of his life drives his sense of time passing and gives him his ideas on retrocausality in the sense that mentally he is always going to and fro, not by the hour or the day, but by the decade. Every minute of the deep past is still living and developing within his mind. Moreover, in what would be a nightmare to most non-cerebral folk, every single minute of every single experience is scanned as if looking for some vital existential connection within the quantum hologram he proposes as a cosmological model. As Destiny Matrix shows, he is inside and out of his model such that each past meeting, each incident is a story-cluster rather like a meme. Each rise and fall of destiny and achievement is a tremor in the spider's web of the retrocausal hologram. Moreover, the interpretations of each meme permit retrocausal extensions of themselves rather like the opening of a fractal. He has entered the system and the system is talking to him. This is a quantum life. The Microcosm has become the Macrocosm. This is a singular and unique vision of a new kind of stream of consciousness. This is the Matrix visualised before The Matrix was filmed or talked about.
We can only imagine Sarfatti's problems as he disturbs the Thou Shalt Nots who live in the cooing dovecotes and whited sepulchres of professional science. His great sin appears to be that whilst he is perfectly capable of describing his cosmology mathematically, he insists that he lives within the equations, fleshing them out to become living parameters. Most scientists don't see themselves as living within the flesh and blood  of  their proposed models, even if those models become generally accepted, such as Relativity or quantum theory.
Like all good books Destiny Matrix makes us think about the unthinkable. The book is a brilliant collection of many unanswered questions in both science and scientific philosophy. Deconstructed science, in the sense that it has to use language sooner or later, reveals many dialectical defences and wilful self-deceptions. These are part of the management of psycho-social frameworks of perception. For example, scientists speak universally of cosmic events in the present tense, when according to Relativity, we are "seeing" the deep past within what the philosopher A.N. Whitehead called "an ever-widening penumbra of uncertainty."
This aspect of what Big Media calls "real time" makes Sarfatti's concept of "action at a distance" appear positively endearing. We might ask what the concept of "distance" means here within such a non-Cartesian dialectical warp as described by Sarfatti.
Since all cultures are advertising systems of one sort or another, we might have to consider mass existential deception within a warp continuum. This idea is the central core of the Matrix with the heart of the Big Media complex in which we now live.
We have to consider such things if only because Sarfatti's inspirations are somewhat multi-media. As an accomplished singer in musical theatre, we can now add Entertainment to that unholy triad called the Military-Industrial-Complex.
No matter what, for Jack Sarfatti all trails lead back from the future to Star Trek and what happened to him in a Brooklyn flat in 1952 when he picked up a ringing phone and what he later assumed was an outer-space VALIS computer spoke to him. This was the very beginning of his Star Trek quest two decades before Star Trek was conceived. Back from the future again!  He was to become a thorough-going postmodern icon with TV programmes and equations pouring out of his head at the same time, both mixed with thoughts worthy of Rabelais and Cervantes as well as P.K. Dick. Both Warhol and McLuhan would have been proud of him as a complete postmodern icon.
He is more than a futurist. He drives his liminal engine through the dimensions of holographic retrocausality.
I can't imagine anything more Star Trek than that.
That Sarfatti has never suffered from what Norman Mailer once described as America's "massive failure of nerve" is a sufficient compliment to the Star Trek wizard. Representing one of the last toys of scientific innocence, Star Trek still sparkles amongst our rapidly diminishing collection of things of worth. The wizard Sarfatti is Fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes trying to find the enchanted house in the forest he once glimpsed in his early youth. Each time shift forward or back becomes a pilgrimage to the site of his Star Trek lair. This is the fountain of his youth, the map of his impossible endeavours, and it contains still the magical codes of his thought and creation.
When fact has failed us, the archetypal TV shows will always be there. Already they have replaced History and Religion. Whatever else they will replace eventually remains to be seen.
In the meantime Jack Sarfatti, may the gods bless thee and thy holy book, oh magician of our time!

Tilting at Windmills; Jack Sarfatti's Impossible Dream?

By Jagdish Mann

Jack Sarfatti and I met in the summer of 1970 when he was teaching physics at San Diego State University and I was a student.  We have been friends ever since.  Temperamentally, we are as different as two men can be.  He is an iconoclast, intense, full of nervous energy, impulsive, impatient.  I, on the other hand, am a traditionalist, easy going, almost fatalistic, languid and patient to the point of laziness.  Yet the mysterious and inexplicable force of friendship has favored us for the past forty years.  It has not only endured but but thrived on our differences.  So, although I am not a physicist, I feel qualified to offer an introduction to this man.

How does one judge another?  The Good Book simply advises us not to do it.  This is good advice, especially when the subject is Jack Sarfatti, a mercurial, contradictory and passionate about expressing his world view.  A judgment is static by its nature, a thing frozen in the moment.  Jack is too dynamic, too much a moving target to lend himself to any comfortable categories.

As a person, I know Jack better than most. My friendship for him speaks for itself.  His ideas, however, belong to stories of science and he is seamless from his thoughts.  To separate Sarfatti from his ideas is beyond my capabilities.  All through his theories and speculations, he keeps popping up like an impish Jack-Out-Of-The-Box.  It is not so much that he wants to be judged, he wants to be measured, scrutinized, and either proved right or wrong.  It is a brave stance.

It must be admitted that I speak with the bias of a friend.  What may be to me 'perseverance' may be merely 'pig-headed stubbornness' to someone else; what I may look at as 'large dreams' may be called 'megalomania' by others; one man's visionary is often another man's fool.  Only Jack Sarfatti's peers in physics, and of course time, the final judge of all things, including his peers, will tell if his theory is correct.  I can attest to his single-minded dedication to his subject and to the sincerity with which he believes in himself.  I am in a unique place to say this.  He is writ large both in his faults and his virtues.  But even during the worst times of his personal life, he has never abandoned physics.  Is not dedication the first necessity of genius?  Without it, genius is sterile.  Jack cannot be accused of that.  His ideas and speculations float in the cyberspace like pollen in the wind.

The mosaic Jack Sarfatii puts together combine world history with events of his own life and the life of his ancestors.  At the minimum, the story is a fantastic and a rich vision of reality; and I believe that a visionary, even if he is proven wrong in the long run, still transcends the mundane. It has a liberating influence not only on the visionary, but also on all those who witness it.  How dull the world is without visions and visionaries.

The questioning mind is the hard-earned heritage of humanity.  Who am I?  Where am I?  Where did I come from?  What is it all about Alfie? I do not know if there are definitive answers to these questions.  But ask we must.  This is what makes us human.  Our curiosity is our curse as well as our reward, the price and the prize of self-awareness.  Will we get all the answers or not, I cannot say, however, one thing is clear: just by asking the questions, we are reaching out to the stars, illuminating our minds with understanding and shedding our superstitions.

The impulse to search for the meaning of the universe is intimately entwined with the search for the meaning of personal existence; and I suspect the answer, if any, may be one and the same or, at the least connected.  If Jack Sarfatti puts himself center stage and co-mingles the significance of his own existence with that of the universe, it is not necessarily a reason to reject his view.  It is an old and respectable tradition.1  The venerable Upanishads unabashedly equate the self with Brahma- the seed and the flowering of all existence.  They make no distinction between the individual consciousness and the collective consciousness other than that of personal attitude.
Though the questions remain the same, much has changed since the times of the Upanishads.  The sages of the Upanishads relied on poetry and parable to communicate their insights and carried no burden of proof.  We moderns, however, insist on the rigorous scientific method communicated by the unambiguously neutral language of mathematics and supported and confirmed by repeatable experiments.  This has paid off-at least as far as the understanding of material world is concerned.

I will not say that science has become our religion.  It has not.  In all honesty, neither has it tried to.  Religion is expected to speculate on the hereafter.  Indeed all religions offer explanations of death and create scenarios of what happens after the Big Event.  It can be reincarnation; it can be resurrection; it can even be an everlasting limbo of the Ancient Egyptians, a sort of a capitalist's heaven: comfortable if you are Pharaoh, ignoble if you are fellahin.  Science, other than its relentless and essentially unsuccessful effort to meaningfully prolong life, has assiduously stayed out of this debate.  "Death is not an event in this life", said Wittgenstein, a true genius child of the scientific mind-set.  Scientists, as much as they may suffer the existential anxiety shared by all mortal men, have, as scientists, restricted themselves to study only this life and have kept clear of the hereafter.  They have also stayed detached from any search for possible meaning of our fleeting existence.

There is a fly in the Bell Jar of this ointment of detachment, however, and that is the phenomenon of consciousness.  All questions about the material world eventually hark back to the self.  Who is asking?  Physics has answered many questions about our physical world, so many in fact that we can blow up our planet many times over, and may yet do it from sheer cussedness.  This is flirting with nothingness and as Nietzsche said, "When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you".
It is not just the fear of self-annihilation alone, however, that is leading the scientists to study consciousness.  The very success of objective science is forcing it to face the subjective.  For example, in the epistemology of quantum mechanics, one of science's most successful systems, the observer plays a central role.  It is not so surprising then that an increasing number of physicists want to know what makes us tick.  The need to understand the watcher himself, the one who is asking the questions is becoming essential even to scientific inquiry.  Will the scientific method be as successful in solving the mystery of consciousness as it had been in explaining the material world?  The task, it must be remembered, is of a different magnitude when the subject is consciousness.

Jack Sarfatti is one of these researchers.  He has devoted more than 40 years to the study of consciousness and offers an eloquent model to his fellow physicists.  Not surprisingly, it is controversial.  But boldness, even a little recklessness is called for.  This territory is not only uncharted but almost forbidden to the scientists.  It is a place where formidable paradoxes loom like dragons.  The best of philosophers have lost themselves in the quagmire of arguments about consciousness.  Religion is the only foolhardy force that wanders freely into this sticky thicket and has, as a result, conjured as many wondrous scenarios as the human mind can bear.  Science, the most powerful fruit of the human imagination has been simply mute on the subject, and this includes quantum mechanics.  "From the point of view of quantum mechanics, the faculty of self awareness is completely unexplained," lamented the late Prof. Eugene Wigner. (Eugene Paul Wigner was the first among the dons of physics to speak publicly and publish on the subject of consciousness and the role that physics may play in it.  I came across this minutia when during a conversation, Jack Sarfatti, with an uncharacteristic modesty, refused to take the credit of being the first to do so. ("It was Eugene Wigner!"  He was already talking and writing about it when I first became interested in the phenomenon.  "You should read him." He told me with some passion and uncharacteristic modesty.)

I am not a physicist. Therefore, I cannot defend the technical aspects of his theory, but I can cheer him on for its eloquence.  His cosmology, as he translates it into layman's language, has a great appeal to me.  His concept of 'back-action' feels as solid as Newton's Third Law and still has a reach towards the unknown. The reoccurring symmetry it implies, a sort of ethical invariant that permeates all levels of reality is pretty as a poem.  Sarfatti, of course, offers more than mere poetry.  He offers a coherent and compelling model of consciousness. When he speaks of it in plain English, as he must to non-physicists like me- his model has an inner consistency and eloquence.  Plain English spoken with clarity is nothing to scoff at.  Language is, after all, the mother of mathematics. There is another reason I find his cosmology congenial.  Sarfatti, despite his cantankerous persona, is a reconciler.  He sees similarities in disparities and seeks patterns in randomness.
US physics professor: 'Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life'ix

Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Here is his letter of resignation to Curtis G. Callan Jr, Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society.
Anthony Watts describes it thus:
This is an important moment in science history. I would describe it as a letter on the scale of Martin Luther, nailing his 95 theses to the Wittenburg church door. It is worthy of repeating this letter in entirety on every blog that discusses science.

Dear Curt:_When I first joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years ago it was much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted by the money flood (a threat against which Dwight Eisenhower warned a half-century ago). ...

How different it is now. The giants no longer walk the earth, and the money flood has become the raison d'être of much physics research, the vital sustenance of much more, and it provides the support for untold numbers of professional jobs. For reasons that will soon become clear my former pride at being an APS Fellow all these years has been turned into shame, and I am forced, with no pleasure at all, to offer you my resignation from the Society. ...

It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. ...

This scheming at APS HQ is so bizarre that there cannot be a simple explanation for it. Some have held that the physicists of today are not as smart as they used to be, but I don't think that is an issue. I think it is the money, exactly what Eisenhower warned about a half-century ago. There are indeed trillions of dollars involved, to say nothing of the fame and glory (and frequent trips to exotic islands) that go with being a member of the club. Your own Physics Department (of which you are chairman) would lose millions a year if the global warming bubble burst. When Penn State absolved Mike Mann of wrongdoing, and the University of East Anglia did the same for Phil Jones, they cannot have been unaware of the financial penalty for doing otherwise. As the old saying goes, you don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. Since I am no philosopher, I'm not going to explore at just which point enlightened self-interest crosses the line into corruption, but a careful reading of the ClimateGate releases makes it clear that this is not an academic question. ...

Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, former Chairman; Former member Defense Science Board, chmn of Technology panel; Chairman DSB study on Nuclear Winter; Former member Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards; Former member, President's Nuclear Safety Oversight Committee; Chairman APS study on Nuclear Reactor Safety_Chairman Risk Assessment Review Group; Co-founder and former Chairman of JASON; Former member USAF Scientific Advisory Board; Served in US Navy in WW II; books: Technological Risk (about, surprise, technological risk) and Why Flip a Coin (about decision making) - excerpted from James Delingpole's Daily Telegraph (London) article of October 9, 2010. The APS did respond.x

In light of the significant settled aspects of the science, APS totally rejects Dr. Lewis' claim that global warming is a "scam" and a "pseudoscientific fraud." - APS
What we have here is a bait and switch.  No one is saying that the greenhouse effect itself is a scam. This passage seeks to transfer the 'scam' charge from its real target to the trivial.  The fraud/scam is to be found in the continual drumbeat that the science is settled; that the effects will be catastrophic; that it requires draconian economic sacrifices to avoid; and that mandates and subsidies for rent-seeking corporations are justified. ... APS should be very reluctant to draw public attention to this Statement, with its infamous phrase, "The evidence is incontrovertible," despite the fact that nothing in science is ever incontrovertible. - Hal Lewis

Jack Sarfatti and the Shadows on the Wall
by Alan Waitexi

In April of the year 2010, three internationally known theoretical physicists Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson, Jack Sarfatti and David Peat were excluded from a major international physics conference that Sarfatti initiated (the "de Broglie-Bohm," "Bohm," or "Towler Institute" conference in Tuscany) because of their interests in areas considered outside "mainstream" quantum physics thought.  Recently, Sarfatti agreed to an interview with the PRAXIS Society for Human Integrity and spoke about the subject of integrity and the climate of exclusivity and GroupThink that has developed within the international physics community.

GroupThink and the Myth of the Cave

In his Republic, Plato's former tutor Socrates posits a situation where prisoners are chained in a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall, unable to see left or right, merely straight ahead.

The captives see only shadows projected on the wall, images of people and things passing by the mouth of the cave, in front of a fire.  Over time, those chained in the cave believe the shadows to be the sources of the images they see.  For them, the shadows are reality. 

Eventually, a prisoner frees himself, grasps the actual situation, experiences an epiphany, and returns to the cave to enlighten the captives. Happy ending? Not quite.

Socrates asks, "Would it not be said of him that he went up and came back with his eyes corrupted, and ...that if the chained were somehow able to get their hands on the man who attempts to release and lead them out, wouldn't they kill him instead?" 

Plato was the first western thinker to illustrate the consequences of GroupThink.

Science and the Cost of Discipleship

World renowned Dr. Jack Sarfatti's lament regarding the curtain of GroupThink slowly falling on the stage of theoretical physics should chill us to the toes: 

 "So, that kind of idea (singular nonlocality) is considered so dangerous, disturbing the status quo so much that anybody who talks about that idea has to be demonized like I've been, like Josephson has know what it's like?  It's like the Soviet Stalinist purge trials..."   

Theorists who simply theorize are dangerous?  Demonized? The intellectual equivalent of Stalinist purge trials in today's Science? Say it ain't so, Jack.

There are few shibboleths more sacred to the average fellow than the purity and integrity of Science, especially theoretical science.  To we laypersons, scientists wear white coats of purity, dream in Latin, and adhere to a timeworn code of inquiry that seeks, above all else, Truth (capital T, naturally), wherever the search for it leads, whatever that Truth may be. 

To our good fortune, many scientists are true disciples of that basic creed. For decades, however, there has been an increasing cost for their discipleship.  The cat's-paw is out of the bag.  The rest of the cat may soon follow: too many of those who wear the white coats of purity, dream in Latin, and mime the timeworn creed are caving to fear, comfort, and the one unpardonable sin of the scientist - conformity (spelled G-R-O-U-P-T-H-I-N-K).

Malcolm Muggeridge observed, "All activity, especially chaos, trends ineffably towards conformity," to which Woody Allen opined, "Conformity is the vilest form of corruption.  Take it from an unrepentant conformist, vile eventually grows on you."

corrupt - Latin: co-rump ere. "To break, to rupture."  lit. "Coming together to rupture wholeness...." 

 "Would it not be said of him that he went up and that he came back with his eyes corrupted?"  Would it not be said of those today who challenge this growing gleichshaltung in Science?  The signs are unmistakable.

In recent years, the international debate over "global warming" has raised profound and disturbing questions regarding the level of integrity within that portion of the scientific community which advocates anthro-centric global warming. 

Recent revelations resulting from Britain's East Anglia University, namely that an anointed few amidst the walls of its Hadley Climatic Research Institute (HCRI) suppressed several studies that contradict global warming models, gave voice to concerns that have been mounting for decades in many quarters of the scientific community - that a chilling political correctness is descending on academia and the scientific world threatening the integrity of both current and future scientific inquiries. 

Colorado State University atmospheric expert, Dr. Justin Hnilo, one of many scientists whose papers were placed in cold storage at HCRI recently told PRAXIS that there is indeed a "climate of fear" across the scientific community, as organizations and individuals of great wealth have gained so much influence over the last several decades that an overriding "political correctness" now exists punishing dissenters and rewarding those who march in lockstep.

Hnilo asserts that there is a clash between researchers, whose studies and hard data show climate trends that differ from prevailing global warming theories, and global warming advocates who rely primarily on future trend computer modeling.  In the world of global warming, he warns, the search for truth has taken a back seat to international and national political agendas, media adoration, influential moneyed circles, and the fear of losing grants, chairs, and even jobs.  With trillions of dollars at stake, there are "in's" and there are "outs;" the favored and the pariahs.

If true, it is, essentially, the theatre of Science Selling its Soul.   The implications of this storefront Science are nothing short of staggering.  Growing societal doubt and skepticism resulting from the abandonment of the classic scientific dialectic (that over centuries replaced Faith with Reason on the highest pedestal of truth-seeking), now asks how public trust can be restored.

Of course, while reality is generally more complicated, a comprehensive understanding of this scientific civil war, as Eric Pooley sets forth in The Climate Wars, and Oreskes and Conway show in Merchants of Doubt, confirms Hnilo's perspective that one risks reputation, position, and even personal economy to dispute the "party line" on global warming, whether one's data is accurate or not. 

While the noise and clamor (and "sexiness") of the wars within the science of climatology draw the world's attention, for many, this breach of trust raises the logical question: is there a similar phenomena unfolding elsewhere in the sciences?

Few are unaware of the decades-long struggle inside the fields of anthropology and biology over the question of human evolution.  The preponderant thinking within those disciplines continues to advocate Darwinian evolution, though much of Darwin's original thinking has been eliminated or modified over the last forty years.  Nevertheless, there is a counter-evolutionary thesis with a growing number of highly credentialed scientists from nearly every discipline within the natural and physical sciences that posits an alternative theory known as "Intelligent Design (ID)."

Having studied both evolutionary theory and ID, and having examined the credentials of those who advocate both theories, witnessed university debates and questioned participants, it seems that rational and cogent arguments reside in both camps.  While ID has significant flaws, it makes singular and thought-provoking points, and even appears to refute some precepts of Darwinism. At a minimum, it deserves a fair hearing, and those who advance that theory deserve respect. 

Yet, just as the "deniers," whose thinking risks marginalization and career advancement,  "Intelligent Design" adherents are labeled "dangerous," "nut jobs," "religious fanatics," and "fringers."  In an atmosphere as emotionally charged as the global warming battlefields, some IDer's have suffered far beyond social and professional ostracism, having to accept demotions, grant losses, inability to find work in their fields, and even, in a few cases, dismissal. 

Dr. Jack Sarfatti's blackballing by members of his profession reflects a similar drama unfolding within the international physics community.

Sarfatti, a renown charismatic and iconoclastic theoretical physicist whose decades long explorations of energy, matter, and consciousness gained for some of his theories the sobriquet "controversial," was recently handed the "left foot of fellowship" by members of the establishment within his discipline...he was unceremoniously excluded from an international conference on an area that is not only well within his subject matter expertise - but a conference that he conceived of and initiated.

Sarfatti, labeled "unconventional" and marginalized for both his willingness to explore "fringe areas" of science and his close associations with controversial figures such as noted psycho kinesis practitioner Uri Geller, maintains an unshaken lifelong belief in classic scientific methodology - following fact patterns no matter where they lead.  Now, the cost for that belief is being exacted.

Sarfatti and The Cave

Preparing to meet Jack Sarfatti is like preparing for a safari - not knowing what to expect and wary of the experience, but excited about the adventure.  Painted by some self-described "mainstream" writers as a man of the "fringe," a "nut job," a "CIA tool" and other even less flattering terms, one expects to meet  an eccentric "Obama-Birther" type who talks of alien abductions, "whites" and "grays" quietly invading our planet, and the impending Mayan calendar doomsday prophecy.

The fact that these caricatures do not square with his education, writings, and accomplishments should have been the first red flag that shadows might be dancing on the walls of "mainstream" physicists.

As it happened, the first impression of Jack Sarfatti was of a gracious, down-to-earth, brilliant man.  After a lengthy formal interview and several hours of "let your hair down" conversations, the first impression was confirmed, although it merely scratched the surface of this compelling, complicated man.

The story is told that Robert Zemeckis's hit film series Back to the Future's lovable and eccentric "mad scientist" character, "Doc" Emmett Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) was patterned after Jack Sarfatti, not coincidentally, because of Sarfatti's theories on the possibilities of time travel and his 1975 book Space-Time and Beyond (with Fred Alan Wolf and Bob Toben) that Ellie Coppola publicized at the time. No doubt about it, director Robert Zemeckis took artistic liberty with the "mad" aspect of the character, but the humanity and brilliance of Doc Brown fits Sarfatti to a T. 

On the other hand, Doc Brown's easy collegiality and acceptance of others with no hint of superiority also fits Sarfatti. No hint of superiority, that is, unless the topic turns to pedestrian colleagues who lack daring and imagination, lack curiosity, or lack of intestinal fortitude.  Sarfatti does not suffer fools, and pretenders and the pretentious receive no quarter in the same way a combat veteran handles a "cherry."  If you want a quantum physics peer discussion with Jack Sarfatti, you damn well better know your stuff.   

For a so-called "nut job," Sarfatti is warm, charming, and unprepossessing.  There is no pretention in his manner, and it is clear that he loves life, its complications, and its challenges.  Possibility is as exciting for him as knowledge, and the process of discovery seems as important as discovery itself.  Foolish peers aside, Sarfatti reflects a humility that is scarce at the highest levels of Science, rarer still among those whose accomplishments rival his.

Candid and willing to share his knowledge or whatever experiences he's had, Sarfatti is very clear about what he knows, when he is conjecturing, and what he does not know.  As he talks, there is a unstated understanding that the listener finds his adventure of discovery as unusual and fascinating as he finds it, which puts one at ease and is, in fact, a very high compliment. 

When discussing his unusual life experiences, Sarfatti's perspective is that of a fascinated third party observer who is intrigued and amazed at all that's transpired...he transmits a boyish enthusiasm that is contagious, and his stories are told with humor and a touch of irony. 

He has an uncanny knack of being able to distinguish between the real and the fake, the charlatan and the Real McCoy, the dishonest and the genuine.  This is most likely because of his life-long training in problem-solving at the highest levels of his profession and his decades of involvement in advanced weapons systems theory, research and design; environments where guile-detection is an essential tool in the survival kit.

Sarfatti's academic standards are exceptionally high, evincing a classic liberal approach to methodological fidelity regardless of the subject or issues at hand.  For Sarfatti, true science, that is to say science of the Platonic ideal type variety, means the primacy of the Idea, its free expression, and the unending dialectic that increases our perpetually incomplete understanding of matter, energy, time and the cosmos.

His sense of integrity is such that means do not always justify ends, that means could be ends unto themselves, and that the journey of discovery can often be as or more important than the ends as long as the scientist is honest about his work. 

For Jack Sarfatti, there is no limit to the Idea - and each idea requires hypothesizing, reasoning, questioning, observing, testing, modifying, then hypothesizing again.  The 1960's counter-cultural revolution ingrained this dedication to human thought, limitless possibilities, and free inquiry in those who trod the halls of "question authority" academia, with the added benefit of taking little or nothing for granted.  That belief system is reflected in Sarfatti's persistent exploration of the paranormal, in spite of his "mainstream" critics. 

As with most of Maslow's self-actualizers - those who have reached the highest level of human self-discovery - Sarfatti's life reflects the characteristics of someone who has achieved balance and fully explored his potential.  He has a rich, engaging personality and an enthusiasm for the complexities and ironies of living, especially the continuing pattern of Jungian synchronicity that has so characterized his life. 

He is at ease with people, and warmly receives those his intuitive instincts approve of - and it is clear that he most values deeper, lifelong interpersonal relationships with a few trusted friends rather than a shallow retinue of glad-handers that most public figures require. This can only be because Sarfatti is extremely comfortable within his own skin, at peace within himself, and highly self-aware. 

One of his most disarming traits is evidenced in how Sarfatti appears to take little or nothing for granted, but expresses appreciation and delight at new ideas, discoveries, events, and potentials.  His is a world of wonder, a world that accepts the unusual and the possible, while never abandoning his training and discipline which demand sufficient and replicable proofs before declaring something to be "true."  In this particular turn of mind - the unbounded pursuit of truth - Sarfatti classes with the most revered thinkers in science and philosophy.

Maslow understood that self-actualizers struggle with life, and opined that most tend to be generous to a fault, while their reality-based self-awareness often reminds them of (or even plagues them over) the genuine gaffes they've made in life.  Sarfatti is candid about his losses and what he perceives as missteps, but evinces no traits of the perfectionism that typifies self-actualizers, probably because he sees the universe as following a pre-determined pathway, which means that whatever happens, win or loss, is part of the necessary drama of existence.

On the other hand, self-actualizers tend to be very intolerant of ethical violations and lapses of integrity.  It is clear from Sarfatti's blog postings regarding the Bohm Conference controversy that the wounding he feels and expresses is as much because of the frustration he feels over the decline in academic integrity inside of his discipline as the naked affront to his own personal reputation. 

True to his belief that the future influences the past, Jack Sarfatti manages to combine anachronism and futurism.  Sarfatti the Anachronistic is clearly a Renaissance man in a world of technocrats.  He writes elegant poetry, is an accomplished musician and self-confessed lothario, and is part philosopher, part healer, and part mystic.

Sarfatti the Futurist seeks to unravel the destiny of our universe by understanding how we can de-code cosmic signals from the future that are attempting to affect the now.  Affectionately nicknamed Captain Jack by his friends, it is not a cliche to paraphrase Gene Roddenberry: Sarfatti boldly goes where few have gone before.

But there is no real contradiction here: Sarfatti's life reflects his near clairvoyant declaration that physics, not philosophy, is the unifying force between Science and Art, thus a true physicist treads the ridge between the two with the ease

In sum, it is impossible to square the Jack Sarfatti portrayed by some writers as a "whack job" with the real Jack Sarfatti.  If he is indeed as whacky as his critics contend, he is remarkably adept at concealing those characteristics.  

On the other hand, the establishment critics of Sarfatti may have overlooked one possibility - as with global warming "deniers" and "intelligent design lunatics," he just may be ahead of his time, one who broke the chains, and the critics are the ones who believe in the shadows on the wall. 

A look at Sarfatti's career may offer clues as to which possibility is more likely.

Jack Sarfatti and the Breaking of Chains

Jack Sarfatti was born in Brooklyn, New York, two weeks after the outbreak of the Second World War.  Raised in Brooklyn, Sarfatti took his B.A. from Cornell University in 1960, under the tutelage of Nobel Prize winner (in Physics), Dr. Hans Bethe.  In 1967, Sarfatti earned an M.S. from the University of California at San Diego. 

He taught physics at San Diego State University as an assistant professor from 1967-71, taking his Ph.D. from the University of California in 1969.  In 1971 and 1972, he worked as a research fellow with Einstein colleague Dr. David Bohm at the University of London.  From 1973 through 1974, Sarfatti worked with 1979 Nobel Prize winning physicist Dr. Abdus Salam at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy.

By the early 1970's, Sarfatti's interests had advanced into the realm of black hole theory, and by 1975, a myriad of unusual experiences (including the now famous CIA-sponsored Stanford Research Institute remote viewing experiments with Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff), led Sarfatti to explore theoretical connections between quantum physics and consciousness.  His work in the areas of the post-quantum physics of consciousness and the paranormal gained him a great deal of notoriety, and as described earlier, not all of it positive. 

Not unexpected for a man whose life ceased to be "normal" very early on.

One of approximately 400 pre-adolescent "whiz kids" selected nationally to participate in a classified U.S. government program during the late 1940's and early 1950's - a Cold War effort to cultivate "best and the brightest" American youth to serve the nation in a variety of scientific and economic areas geared towards national defense, Sarfatti recalls that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was definitely and he surmised that physicist and paranormal researcher Harold Puthoff was probably among the government's fellow recruits. 

Organized paranormal studies were in their infancy, but quite prolific in the 1930's, 40's, and 50's, and not just in the United States.  Captured Nazi archives revealed numerous secret scientific and pseudo-scientific programs of varying successes, ranging from rocketry and nuclear weaponry to occult/paranormal attempts at mind control.  The Chinese and North Korean governments developed "brainwashing" programs in the early post war years which grew into full blown mind control experiments.  KGB archives document the USSR's decades long interest in telepathy, psycho-kinesis, and mind control.  The Cold War was a struggle for hearts and minds, but behind closed doors the emphasis was clearly on the minds.

Recruiting young geniuses, educating them in the areas where they are most gifted, and calling on them in the future to lend their skills to various government efforts was a logical extension of early Cold War thinking.  Compared to a plethora of darker, sinister and now infamous "black" projects conducted by the CIA and Defense Department from the McCarthy Era forward, it is also reasonable and healthy.

As rumors of communists "brainwashing" Korean POW's reached U.S. intelligence services in the early 1950's, fear grew over the potential for sleeper agent émigrés who may be unknowing but lurking "Manchurian Candidate" saboteurs and assassins.

CIA Director Allen Dulles authorized MKULTRA - a brainwashing/counter intel program that conducted mind control experiments on persons (six unwittingly), at times using inhumane methods, including administering unrestricted amounts of LSD, sensory deprivation, torture, hypnosis, brain surgery, and electro-shock.  Former Nazi scientists quietly expatriated to the United States in the aftermath of WWII (i.e., "Project Paperclip") conducted many of these experiments, even on children.

MKULTRA was one of a series of mind control programs conducted over time (MKSEARCH, MKOFTEN, DERBY HAT, THIRD CHANCE).  Carol Rutz's groundbreaking expose of these dark programs, A Nation Betrayed, thoroughly documents how American intelligence services believed that the human mind, properly unlocked, offered unlimited potential for defending the United States against all future adversaries.

Arthur Jacobson, South Pacific WWII

Sarfatti may have come to the attention of government canvassers because of his uncle Arthur Jacobson, who developed a singular reputation during his WWII combat infantry services in the Pacific Theatre.  Arthur showed a consistent intuitive ability to sense the locations of enemy snipers and emplacements, and apparently came to the attention of Army brass, who used him as human counter-sniper detecting GPS and a jungle warfare instructor.

On the other hand, selecting Sarfatti may have had less to do with his uncle's extra-sensory predisposition than the precocious eight and nine years old Sarfatti keeping constant company with his grandfather, who frequently associated with Army psychiatrists and officers of significant scientific backgrounds in late 1940's New York City.  Sarfatti remembered, "As my grandfather drove, I would sit in the back seat, with these colonels...I mean they were always analyzing.  I was actually in the company of these Army officers a lot.  That's when I think I met this fun colonel named Phil Corso who later wrote, The Day After Roswell."  Carl Jung would have been proud.

However he was chosen, Sarfatti entered the U.S. government's World of the Unusual at a very early age. Young Sarfatti's initiation into the world of government run clandestine research programs that focused on the mind and its potential could only predispose him to accepting the paranormal as a natural part of life, and a natural field of study.  

At about the same time, a lengthy experience with paranormal overtones invaded Sarfatti's early adolescence.  He began receiving a series of anonymous telephone calls that chroniclers of his life label the "God-phone."

As a thirteen year old, Sarfatti received the first of innumerable phone calls from an un-named metallic sounding voice that identified itself as a "computer aboard a spacecraft."  The voice sought to speak only with Sarfatti, never anyone else.  While Sarfatti only recalls the first call clearly, and has vague recollections that there may have been subsequent calls, his mother recounted that the calls persisted for "three weeks," and only stopped when she finally grabbed the phone out of exasperation over perceptible changes in Jack's personality and told the "caller" never to call again. 

Who was behind the calls?  Sarfatti can only speculate, "Well, I think that maybe it's one of two things.  Either it was what it says it was, or a government program, take your choice.  I mean, given everything else, it sounds like it's a government project.  They're still playing psychological games on kids, quite possibly.  So that's the most likely explanation."

The thrust of the calls was, as Sarfatti remembers, to teach him things about electronics and basic physics, and let him know that there were others involved whom he would meet in twenty years...1973.  Co-incidentally, twenty years later, Sarfatti did in fact connect with several persons involved with the paranormal in one way or another, and not just the paranormal but covert government defense studies (Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ's CIA funded SRI Remote Viewing Project with Uri Geller et-al).  Again, nothing new for someone surrounded by the Unusual throughout his life.
By 1975, Sarfatti left academia and, at Werner Erhard's request and funding, founded the Physics Consciousness Research Group to study extra-sensory perception, time travel, consciousness, and life after death, among other paranormal subjects. Ira Einhorn soon connected him with Michael Murphy who owned the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, a 120 acre ocean-side retreat that offers seminars and study programs in alternative mind/body healing, discovery, and growth, where Sarfatti ran the 1976 Physics Consciousness Seminar made famous in Gary Zukav's best-seller "The Dancing Wu Li Masters."

For the past three decades, Sarfatti has continued work with cutting edge ideas in quantum physics.  Sarfatti's inquiry into the paranormal reflects his singular lifetime interaction with this uncharted aspect of existence. 

Because of this flow of the Unusual in and out of his life and career, Sarfatti's ease and familiarity with the subject leads him to believe that there is nothing irrational or "para" normal about the paranormal.  Rather, not to inquire into something that so clearly exists and is so woefully uncharted but tantalizingly rational violates the basic precept of science - follow the facts wherever they lead. 

Sarfatti's published papers are not so numerous in the publish-or-perish race because he left academia 35 years ago. However, they cover topics that range from relativity theory to dark energy and dark matter, little black holes as elementary particles, emergent gravity, signal non-locality and causality, and retro-causal (future-to-past) cosmology in which our accelerating universe is a hologram image with the actual hologram at our far-future Omega Sphere. Sarfatti pictures this "cosmological horizon" that creates dark energy as a conscious AI computer.

In 2002, he published, Destiny Matrix suggesting that the universe has a retro-causal post-selected destiny - a destiny that is integrally tied to the present, reaching back in time and, combining with influences from the past, shaping the present, moving it towards the destined state of what will be. Indeed Yakir Aharonov has a "destiny vector" extension of quantum theory's "history vector" consistent with Sarfatti's theory.

Sarfatti's website,, is reflection of his mind - a Socratic classroom where participants gather virtually to share, mull, ponder, argue, and speculate on any and all issues concerning human existence, the cosmos, and the paranormal.  He prefers to give discussions free reign, and his intermittent comments evince a delight in grappling with fascinating topics and ideas, but he is the first to point out or publish any and all persuasive debunkings of preposterous claims, always careful to "seek the truth, wherever it may take you."  

He is the cutting edge of time travel theory.  When someone tries to grapple with dark energy, anti-gravity propulsion, or warp drive, they immediately find Sarfatti's footprints.  Freed from the constraints of academia, dependency on grants, and the need to continually justify his chair, he pursues his physics as if he were destined for that very purpose, as if the "God-phone" were still calling. 

De Broglie-Bohm ("Valentini-Towler") Conference Controversy:
Shadows on the Wall

David Bohm (1917-1992) was one of the giants in theoretical physics.  A student of atom bomb "father" Robert Oppenheimer, and Princeton University colleague of Einstein, Bohm was a contributor to the Manhattan Project (though he was banned from working on the project for political reasons).  Although forced to flee to England as a target of the McCarthy Era "red scare witch hunts," Bohm made major contributions to the Science of Physics in the areas of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. 

Bohm's ideas regarding conventional quantum theory and cosmology were well ahead of his time, and he effectively redefined physics (for many) to encompass a more holistic understanding of nature and existence.  Bohm believed that the cosmos has meaning, is orderly and understandable, ineffably "true," and must be understood from the perspective of the whole, which includes the effects of thought and intuition. 

This approach caused some in his discipline to reject Bohm's cosmology as too mystical, some to label his theories as simply unscientific, and others to throw up their hands and say his thinking was incomprehensible.  As it turned out, since his death in 1992, Bohm's ideas have gained greater currency.

Having worked closely with Bohm for a time and aware of the persecution Bohm experienced, one assumes that Sarfatti was influenced not only by Bohm's progressive physics, but the integrity Bohm undauntedly demonstrated. 

By Summer 2009, Sarfatti believed the time had arrived for the international community of physicists to take another look at the Bohm's pilot wave theory and its implications in light of recent advances in quantum theory.  During a September 2009 stay at Trinity College, Cambridge University, he urged a young junior British colleague Michael Towler to organize a Bohm conference in 2010.  Towler had raised the question in a series of lectures he delivered on Bohm six months earlier, but let the idea drop.  After talking it over with Sarfatti, Towler agreed to move ahead.

Soon a conference indeed was organized by both Towler and a second British physicist  - Antony Valentinixii - slated for late summer 2010 in the Apuan Alps Center for Physics in Tuscany, near the Italian city of Lucca.  Sarfatti was listed in early conference communications e.g. with Brian Josephson and David Peat as invited participants.   Valentini's involvement made good sense.  His own work had extended the de Broglie-Bohm theory to include "signal nonlocality,"xiii a concept that violates orthodox quantum theory but, according to Sarfatti, allows for interplay between consciousness and the physical world, i.e., mental telepathy, remote viewing, and other "paranormal" areas.  Sarfatti's previous independent idea of direct "back reaction" of matter on its guiding Bohm quantum potential was another way of looking at signal nonlocality. Indeed, Sarfatti's concept was cited in Towler's original Cambridge lectures. Brian Josephson had also published a paper with Pallikari on how living organisms needed signal nonlocality.

Careful reading of the email traffic between Towler and Sarfatti, available on the web, shows that very early on Towler developed concerns about Sarfatti and Josephson attending, and he wrote Sarfatti that, " as not to scare the more traditional chaps, we've decided to lower the emphasis - for official publicity purposes at least - on the 'celebrity nut job' end of things (consciousness and all that).  Of course, in the actual meeting we can talk about what you want..."

Like any good storm warning, that missive heralded rough seas ahead for the Bohm Conference.

In mid-April Antony Valentini, the physicist whose work on Bohm was itself on the edge of "acceptable" science, fired a shot heard 'round the internet.  In a stunning and abrupt yanking of the Tuscan welcome mat, and with Towler's nod, he officially disinvited Sarfatti and Josephson (and a third physicist, Bohm's actual biographer F. David Peat) from the Tuscan Conference. xiv

It was akin to Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig disinviting Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter from a nationwide players' roundtable on the state of the New York Yankees.  One can only surmise that Towler and Valentini failed to anticipate what would happen next.
The online community familiar with Sarfatti and Josephson erupted as the news of their Bohm Conference quarantine spread.  Reaction ranged from incredulity to outrage. While a few reacted vehemently and attacked Towler and Valentini with rage and ad hominum venom, most observers were vexed at the turn of events, and demanded an explanation.

How could the person who "started the ball rolling" (Sarfatti) and a renowned Noble laureate (Josephson) whose "outside the box" approaches so resembled Bohm's not attend a conference discussing Bohm's theories? Journals picked up the story, blogs thundered, and talk radio hosts took notice.  Pressure mounted for an explanation, and soon, an explanation for Sarfatti's sanction was given.
Towler asserted that Sarfatti's was not sanctioned because Sarfatti simply was not invited in the first place, though when the original e-invite surfaced, it showed that Sarfatti was in fact personally invited by Towler.  That explanation, of course, begged the question regarding Josephson and Peat - were they also simply not invited?

Cornered, Towler candidly explained that as the conference approached, he and Valentini received "many communications from people - both conference participants and others - complaining about the supposed 'pseudo-scientific' content of the conference," which, he felt, could 'destabilize the event' became apparent that some action had to be taken." 

Interestingly, nothing in the conference announcement suggested that any discussion or presentation of paranormal subject matter would take place in Tuscany, but GroupThink generally operates from fear, and Towler's final explanation unmasked the real bottom line: GroupThink pressured the organizers to keep the "kooks" away lest they embarrass (and influence) the assemblage with their "nut job" ideas.   

The online firestorm reached a peak in June.  The exclusion of Nobel laureate Josephson ultimately forced organizers to rethink his sanction.  To borrow a phrase, it became apparent that some action had to be taken to avoid destabilizing the event; action that preserved the dignity of the conferees but granted an olive branch to their critics. 

The solution?  Grant absolution to Josephson and Peat, but stand firm on Sarfatti.  After all, a blanket absolution simply would not do.

Brian Josephson and F. David Peat were re-invited, but the controversy continued.  It did not take a remote viewer to see that something other than the basic GroupThink was behind the raging Bohm Conference controversy. 

Josephson was determined to find out. 

He did.

In July, Sarfatti blogged the results of Josephson's inquiries, "He (Josephson) uncovered (Valentini's disinviting Sarfatti, Josephson and Peat) was forced on both he and Towler by 'senior physicists coming to the meeting who have long been gunning for Josephson, and obviously me and Peat, for daring to pose questions about consciousness, the paranormal, cold fusion, homeopathy and UFOs - all considered crank and crackpot endeavors.' 

"There is also the issue of the national security military weapons consequences of 'signal nonlocality' independently suggested by me and Brian Josephson and then, subsequently, taken up ironically by Antony Valentini. Valentini is in fear that his work will be considered crank and crackpot because of its association by me with consciousness and the paranormal. The motives of the bosses who forced Valentini to write the letters may also have military intelligence dimensions.

"The ironic thing is that Valentini...(built) his own theory based on what Brian Josephson and I said years before! But for Valentini, it is a real intellectual betrayal on his part.  He's under so much pressure that he fears he will not rise in the academic establishment if he even emphasizes his own discovery...basically, that you can communicate not only faster than light, but backwards in time, from future to past, like precognition, precognitive viewing.  That this is all possible, and not only possible, but necessary. 

"So, the point is that if that kind of idea is considered so dangerous, disturbing the status quo so much that anybody who talks about that idea has to be demonized like I've been, like Josephson has been.  And even Valentini, they got to Valentini who's one of the guys who pinned it down, and now he doesn't talk about his own theory, like 'I didn't do this.'  That's why it's so ironic.  You know what it's like?  It's like the Soviet Stalinist purge trials.  Valentini is like one of those guys on trial in the Thirties who admitted that he did...and now he's recanting." 

The conference begins this week. There will be no insights from Jack Sarfatti - the very instigator of the conference; who worked with David Bohm and influenced the thinking of Antony Valentini, who then disinvited Sarfatti.

Brian Josephson will not attend. 

If something of value comes of the conference, it will be because of Sarfatti, and not in spite of him.  Without Sarfatti, there would be no de Broglie-Bohm Conference this year, or in the foreseeable future. 

There is little doubt that the Tuscan Conference controversy has sparked a debate that will not end when the conference adjourns.  For many, it has raised the same questions that Galileo faced 400 years ago, and the parallel with Galileo's house arrest and Sarfatti's now "official" quarantine are quite striking. 

While the Orthodoxy blackballing the Sarfattis, Josephsons and Peats of quantum physics is not a Vatican monolithic, the religious fervor with which "mainstream" physicists defend the Orthodox differs little, nor are the underlying motives different - fear, pride & reputation, control, and most importantly, money.

Rather than heliocentrism, the debate now rages over consciousness, the limits of the theory of relativity, dark energy, and Time.  Those who've slipped the chains will not quietly accept the verdict of those who wittingly or unwittingly choose the shadows on the wall. 

(It should be noted that Dr. Towler was invited to give his unedited perspective on the Bohm Conference controversy, but did not respond.) 

Science, Integrity and Mythos

Some might say that an outsider, and a "layman" to boot, commenting on the Bohm Conference controversy is a tad, as Mark Twain observed, like "coming down out of the hills at the end of a battle to shoot the wounded." 

Not having spoken with Dr. Towler or Dr. Valentini, the only insights into their thinking come from what information is publically available.  There are no intentional insinuations about their characters or accomplishments afoot save unmitigated condemnation of their insensitive and unwarranted treatment of accomplished and distinguished fellow physicists whose lives and careers demand respect. 

Both Towler and Valentini are very, very bright guys. But that is exactly the point, and it is where the paths of the lay and the learned cross.

For all of our highfalutin consulting models, coaching methodologies, and training programs, PRAXIS is dedicated to one very simple mission:  empower people to live honorably, with Integrity, as truth-tellers in order to experience the goodness of being fully human.  This is the intersection of our common humanity, where we all are equal, regardless of our knowledge, accomplishments, wealth, power, or social status - shared and binding ethics with the same expectations for living honorably, with integrity. 

We believe that civil society depends on the integrity of those who are learned to safeguard its vital institutions.  The learned hold not only a sacred public trust, but a responsibility to carry forward to each generation, untainted, the principles that enable the privileges and positions they enjoy.

Enlightenment thinkers "got it right" - as long as the fundamental institutions of society hold a moral foundation, free thought flourishes, and with it the advancement of the arts, sciences, and human progress.  It is not a frivolous matter.  Corrupted individuals ultimately corrupt institutions, which over time, corrupt the human mind.

The Bohm imbroglio shows that the marginalization of Sarfatti and Josephson is symptomatic of the myopia, fear, and bended knee to very real centers of power and influence that are increasingly destabilizing the reputation and effectiveness of Science. 

Any reader of the classic Roman historians will tell you that human motivations have changed not a whit since the original toga parties.  Competition, personality conflicts, fear, ambition - name a profession, those elements are at play.

As Sarfatti observed, "Scientists are no better or no worse than most people.  They're just like the people on Wall Street.  They don't have a superior morality; in fact, they have an inferior morality, in my experience.  Academics in general are nasty people.  They stab you in the back.  They're ultra competitive, just like the lawyers..." 

And so are doctors.  And so are politicians.  And so are pastors and rabbis, accountants and carpenters, managers and clericals.  It is the human condition. 

Nevertheless, we expect each other to live up to a calling higher than self-interest, to stand for integrity and live ethical lives, to uphold the highest standards of our professions.  Without those expectations, we settle for the shadows and what the powerful few say they are, and in so doing, we lose our vision, and ultimately lose the capacity to be fully human.

The irony is that Science is the last temple of virtue in a world that has lost its heroes.  Millions even look to Science, rightly or wrongly, to drive our moral decisions, especially after the Church lost its primacy as moral referee.  Science is supposed to be impartial, factual, and free of ideological taint and superstition, interested only in truth and knowledge, knee deep in its commitment to Integrity. 

That is the mythos of Science, but it is a mythos to which, each time an HCRI scandal or Tuscan Conference controversy unfolds, fewer and fewer subscribe.   

Sarfatti asserts that "the theoretical physics community at the level that Valentini and Towler operate, it's like a mafia.  It's a gang.  There are some powerful people, like Godfathers... and if you want to get jobs, it's not a wise thing (to investigate the paranormal."  Dr. Hnilo asserted essentially the same situation exists among the scientists who bridge no opposition to their global warming models.  Certainly this is also an apt description of the state of Integrity within the international professions of climatology, atmospherics, biology, and anthropology as well. 

Notwithstanding the status quo, ultimately, truth prevails.  Institutions and human frailties can limit knowledge and progress only for so long before the innate desire to know overpowers them.  Just ask any former National Socialist Paper Clip expatriate.  The scientific dialectic is inexorable - today's thesis is synthesized with tomorrow's anti-thesis, and understanding grows.

Meanwhile, the cost of discipleship is paid by those whose ethics and integrity allow them no other choice than to speak out, fully aware of what happens when the chained find their worlds of comfort and status challenged.

Perhaps the only way that new vistas in quantum physics can be discovered - vistas that unveil astounding relationships between consciousness and matter and energy; between the future and the present, paranormal and the "normal" - is for geniuses whose life experiences gear their thinking in those directions to lead the way. Is it not so in all aspects of life that the true pioneers, those who discover new lands or lay the groundwork for others to make such discoveries, are to-the-journey-born?

Sarfatti has not lost his senses, but has spent his life coming to them, and as time goes by, his once radical assertion that there is a destiny to the universe, and that the future influences the past and the present, is quietly beginning to infect the body of quantum thinking. 

This is the eternal drama of the visionary - not if, but when the shackled will trade in their shadows for the illumination.

Whatever the current verdict may be inside of his profession, half a century from now "mainstream" quantum physics will posit a considerably different cosmology, and the theories of Dr. Jack Sarfatti and his "fringe" colleagues will be celebrated as groundbreaking, the forerunners of the new "mainstream" thinking.

Perhaps then, the Sarfattis of tomorrow will be celebrated within their lifetimes.

Theoretical Physicist
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Present:  Dr. Jack Sarfatti, Alan Waite (interviewer), Ryan Harbert (videographer), Jagdish Mann (guest), Daniel Geller3 (guest).

ALAN: Jack, would you mind going back in your mind to your undergraduate work or prior to that and talk about how your interest in physics began?

JACK: Probably prior because as I said I was part of a group of super kids, these genius kids that were being studied at the Columbia University Laboratory of William Sheldon, and one of his assistants, a Walter Breen, (we're talking like 1953).  One member of the group was a guy named Johnny Glogower.  He was a year younger than me.  He was a Westinghouse Science finalist.  He was a Quiz Kid on the radio show "Quiz Kids".  There was a bunch of them, a guy named Robert Solovay, who became a famous mathematician at Berkeley.  And even Alan Greenspan who became head of the ...the...

ALAN: Federal Reserve.

JACK: Yeah. Greenspan is older than I am, but Greenspan became part of this group.  It was all also connected somehow with Ayn Rand.  Somehow Ayn Rand had something to do with it.  It was also connected to the government.  It had something to do with what later became Sandia Labs in New Mexico.  In fact we used to have these guys come up (they looked like FBI guys), and this was the McCarthy era, to get pep talks about being patriotic and anti-communist and all that kind of stuff.  So there were a lot of weird things going on.  But it's kind of like...there's a "Twilight Zone" episode that somebody recently told me about, where it turns out the screenplay is a fictionalized version of what was actually happening in real life.  It's about this government program back in the Fifties with these whiz kids, and apparently there was a similar program at Berkeley  - there's a friend of mine named Hank Harrison who was a part of it, who's the father of Courtney Love, actually Courtney Love's dad.  And he apparently (we're contemporary actually, about the same age in fact he lives in Sacramento) might want to actually talk to him about the program.

ALAN: Hank Harrison?

JACK: Yeah, Hank Harrison.  He has a ranch right outside of Sacramento, horse ranch.  He apparently was in a similar program in Berkeley around this same time, this is like, the early Fifties, and it was tied up with the intelligence community, definitely with the government.  It was kind of like the X-Men.  I mean what they were trying to do...what they were trying to see.  First of all, they were trying to promote an interest in Science.  And this is where his (pointing to Daniel Geller) dad comes in.  And in the paranormal world - Danny, I don't know if you know Danny - is it all right, can I talk about his dad?

ALAN: Yeah, sure.

JACK: Danny's father is Uri Geller, the psychic, you know, the famous Israeli scientist and psychic.  That's his dad, whom I've known for many years.  But the thing is that...and this is what's so interesting about it...because we were tested, they were trying to induce paranormal powers in telepathy, psycho-kinesis, and things like that.

ALAN: How did they do that?

JACK: There were experiments, and they would just sit with the kids, you know, trying to get them to move objects.  We never moved anything, but there was a whole program going on about this.  Also, they talked about aliens and flying saucers, trying to figure out how they fly, and all that kind of stuff, it was a lot of science fiction.  Oh, and I met Isaac Asimov at that time.

ALAN: When you were part of this program?

JACK: Yeah, they used to take us to all these sci-fi conventions.  Walter was very much part of the sci-fi scene then, and also he's one of the founders of MENSA.  This is in New York in the Fifties.  Walter wanted me to go to the University of Chicago for some reason.  And when I graduated from high school in 1956, the people in this program wrote the recommendations for me for the schools I applied to.  So I applied to MIT, Cornell, and the University of Chicago.  For some reason my mother didn't want me to go to Chicago; it was too far away.  Also the people in the neo-conservative movement came out of Chicago.  One of the people, I forget the name, but one of the professors there who was an inspiration for neo-cons was in some way connected with this.  So, at this point I wouldn't go to the University of Chicago.  But I'm actually wondering, where did Greenspan go?  Is he from Chicago?

ALAN: I don't know.

JACK: That'd be interesting to find out.  Greenspan was part of this experiment.  Or so I'm told.  I never met Greenspan at the time.  He would have been four or five years older.

ALAN: How old were you when all of this was happening?

JACK: I was about thirteen when it started.  So from about thirteen to sixteen.

ALAN: Early to mid Fifties?

JACK: Yeah, this is like Fifty-three to Fifty-six.  And then I graduated high school, I was like sixteen going on seventeen that September.  And it was in, you know, an accelerated program.  So I went to Cornell, and I remember Breen wrote the recommendation that got me into Cornell.  Apparently it was like a ten page recommendation.  One of the things Breen said was something like, "young fine age, emotionally mature".  I was told this later, as a lot of scientist kids are nerds, you know, and he wrote that I would "probably create a new physics, like Newton."  My mother didn't have any money, and my parents were divorced, so I got a full scholarship to Cornell.  My professors were the guys who built the atomic bomb in Los Alamos.  You know, like (Nobel laureate physicist) Hans Bethe?  A lot of them were at Cornell and other Ivy League schools.  I don't know if you've read it, have you seen the movie The Good Shepherd?

ALAN: Oh, yes.

JACK: Well, you remember how the opening scene of The Good Shepherd, Gilbert and Sullivan, the guy who plays Angleton...

ALAN: Jesus Angleton - CIA Counter Intel character...

JACK: Yeah, the character.  The opening scene of The Good Shepherd is where he's playing in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera at Yale.  And the CIA guys come and recruit him for the...uh...

ALAN: Skull and Bones.

JACK: Yeah, Skull and Bones, and all that kind of thing.  And the ending of the movie also goes back to that scene with Gilbert and Sullivan.  Well, by coincidence, while in Cornell I was the lead tenor of the Gilbert and Sullivan
[everyone laughs]

JACK: And my voice teacher, who later became Sir Keith Faulkner (became knighted by the Queen of England), became the head of the Royal College of Music...but there's this very tight relationship between the British and the Americans in the intelligence services.  Of course, this is the Fifties.  I mean, it was very different back then, it was a small world.  The Ivy League was a recruiting ground for the intelligence services.

ALAN: And early on, very early on, then, you were connected with the intelligence community.  And that relationship stuck?

JACK: Well, actually, I should have said even before then, because it turns out my grandfather, even before this Columbia Project, which was definitely some kind of intelligence thing...before that my grandfather worked for the US Army.  He was a veteran, and this is when I was 8 or 9 years old.  I was actually living with the grandparents.  And after school, I would go to meet my grandfather, who was at the Army Quartermaster Corps, in the Garment District of New York.  And that was a very strange situation, maybe I was 10 or 11 years old...but I would hang out there and play.  And they had a laboratory there.  They had the different cold weather uniforms, hot weather, that sort of stuff.  It was like a museum. 

I was given free reign in this place.  My grandfather drove around with these Army officers - my grandfather was driving the car, and I would sit in the back seat, with these colonels...they must have been psychiatrists.   I mean they were always analyzing.  And it's all kind of consistent.  (because) at time I was, going to build rockets, go to the moon, or all this kind of stuff.  But all of this was encouraging me, I was actually in the company of these Army officers alot.  That's when I saw this fun colonel named Phil Corso who wrote a book, "The Day After Roswell", many years later.  I'm pretty sure Col. Corso's one of those guys, really...though I can't prove it.  This would've been around 1950. 

But it's a consistent story, and it all makes sense.  Then there were other scientists.  A guy named Hal Puthoff, who's right now in Texas, about my age, also had similar experiences, and has been involved, I mean he actually was a Naval officer.  He worked for the National Security Agency, and is now one of the active researchers in UFO's and the paranormal.  In fact it was Hal Puthoff who was involved in a CIA project at Stanford Research Institute back in the 70's. 

That's where I first met him.  So this has all been kind of a consistent picture of what looks like a very long term intelligence effort, definitely involving the British, definitely involving the Americans and probably other agencies as well (maybe the Israelis as well) to investigate these kind of fringe areas which are now called UFO's and the paranormal, and how physics could explain it.  This idea to try to explain consciousness and possible flying saucers, the big thing back then, was part of this project.  So I was involved in that from the very beginning.

ALAN: What did this experience you had starting off...very early on in a field that was obviously of great interest to you, that you were gifted in, and you were surrounded by people who were interested in specific applications - I suppose, weaponizing for intelligence use - what sort of  possibilities did that put into your mind?  Does that make sense?  How did you see the world at that time?

JACK: Well, you've got to remember this was, I can still kind of remember World War II.  I mean I was like 5, 6 years old when it ended.  But I remember walking my grandfather down the Hudson River and seeing armadas of airplanes, you know, like hundreds of airplanes I guess going over Europe.  I can remember that.  And I can remember victory gardens, and I remember blackouts.  It wasn't quite like London, nobody was bombing us.  But I remember the stories of how the V-2's were going to hit New York and all that kind of stuff. 

My mother's brother, Arthur, was in the the Pacific.  In fact, he had been in the Army Reserves.  He was supposed to get out in December of '41, then there was Pearl Harbor.  And so he was on the first, one of the first boats leaving San Francisco to go overseas...he was at Guadalcanal.  This is another interesting thing; he had a reputation for being psychic, you see, because he was in a lot of combat - he was overseas for four and a half years.  And even when he was not in the jungles, they had him teaching, in New Zealand or something, as a jungle warfare instructor.  And I think at one point, they had him working with the Navajo Indians, you know, the Whisperers?

ALAN: The Windtalkers?

JACK: Yeah, the Windtalkers, 'cause apparently he got this sort of, they used to call him "the Jewish Indian".  He had this reputation, everybody wanted to be wherever he was because he had a sense in the jungle...the snipers in the tree, he sort had an accurate sense for where they were.  And there was one outfit, I think when he first went over, the 25th Division or something, it was famous since around 90% of them were killed.  Tremendous casualties.  And he was one of the few that survived without getting shot...I have photographs of him during the war...

So, the military, they were always interested in stuff like that.  I mean the military's more open to the paranormal.  So one reason that possibly the Army became interested in me was because of my uncle.  That they wanted to see if any of the...if there's any kind of familial sort of thing in the gene pool  And this is speculation.  I don't really know for sure.

ALAN: So you're trained, as you go through school, from a very, I would imagine, traditional set scientific perspective.  This is what Science is; this is how it's done...

JACK: Oh yeah, at Cornell.  In Cornell, there was never, yeah.

ALAN: None of that was compromised by...

JACK: Well, I mean, that I almost forgotten, it was actually Cornell.  That whole perspective of Science was put in the... my subconscious.  I was not really actively involved with the fringe stuff when I was at Cornell although when I would go to New York I would visit Walter...but, I guess it's more of something we had to do really.  This actually involves his dad (pointing to Daniel Geller).  When I was thirteen or maybe twelve, I got a very strange set of phone calls in which there was a mechanical voice, and it could have been simulated, but the story is of this mechanical voice that it was a computer onboard a spacecraft in the future!

ALAN: The "Godphone"?xv

JACK: The Godphone.  And you know, it wanted to teach me things, and I was supposed to meet these "others" in 20 years.  This was 1953 and twenty years would be 1973.  So this kind of whole weird thing happened.  And the odd thing about it was that I only remember one of the phone calls.  But my mother, I only found this out later, my mother remembers weeks of them and hours at a time, which I have no memory of whatsoever.  I was walking around glassy-eyed.  And finally she got worried...finally she grabbed the phone from me and says "who's this?" and heard this metallic sounding voice.  And it said "this is a computer aboard a spacecraft and it wanted to speak to me."  She got angry and said "Don't ever call here again," and slammed the phone down.  That was her memory of it that she told me about later.

ALAN: So, could the phone calls have been part of a government program?

JACK: Well, I think that maybe it was.  It's one of two things.  Either it was what it says it was, or a government program, take your choice.  I mean, given everything else, it sounds like it's a government project.  They're still playing psychological games on these kids, quite possibly.  So that's the most likely explanation. But the uncanny part, and this involves his (indicating Daniel Geller) dad, because I spoke to Uri, right around the same time, I think Uri; he's what, 63, 64 years old?  There's seven years difference in age. 

(To Daniel) I'm about seven years older than your father. 

(To Alan) So Uri is walking around Tel Aviv, I think it was Tel Aviv, in a park or something.  And up until that point Uri...was a normal kid.  And apparently this orb of light - this is the story, and there is a witness to this - this orb of light comes down and Uri is seven years old at the time, and shoots a beam, like a laser beam into his head... well you've probably heard this story.  Uri runs to his mother, runs from the park to his house.  Years later, there was a young Israeli soldier in the park who witness the actual event, who later became a sort of, correct me if I'm wrong, but became high up in the Israeli military, maybe a general, or a high ranking military officer.  But he came, maybe in the last year or two he went public and said he saw the whole was actually on Israeli television, wasn't he?

DANIEL:  I believe so, I believe so.

JACK: So, there's a corroboration of this story, and the thing is that, this weird incident, we're talking "Twilight zone" here, a real "X-files"... sort of thing.  Uri's experience was about the same time as my phone calls were happening.  And whatever was on the other end of that the telephone said I would begin to link up with the others, part of the group, in twenty years.  Twenty years would be around 1973.  I have a book called "Destiny Matrix" where this whole story is told.  A lot of people have written about it.  It's actually on the web. 

By a very odd co-incidence, I can't go into it now because it's too complex, but I wind up at Stanford Research Institute with Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ who was working with the CIA, which was not known publically, but later came out that they were.  And they're experimenting on remote viewing, ESP, paranormal stuff.  Uri Geller was one of their subjects, as was a guy named Pat Price. 

Very secret official government project dealing with paranormal stuff.  I was a professor of physics at this time at San Diego State, and it happened that I was leaving town.  I was on my way to, in fact, see a Pakistani physicist named Abdus Salam - he had invited me to Europe to the UNESCO Institute of Physics, which is also a part of the International Atomic Energy Agency, you know, the ones who now monitor Iran.  I was invited there as a scientist, and I made it there by a very weird set of circumstances.

I met Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut who was on the moon.  Edgar Mitchell was very into the paranormal as was a guy named Brender Regan, one of the people running the project.  And I was asked at the time because I had been the assistant to a man named David Bohm at the University of London.  And I was asked to help arrange tests of Danny's father, Uri, at the University of London.  At the time of course, you know, this was a CIA operation, but I didn't know that.  I was just the academic; I guessed they called me an "asset".  I must say, before this happened, 1963, right after the Kennedy assassination, I was working, I had like a summer job at this defense contractor in Newport Beach, California at Ford Philco Aeronutronics.  And After Kennedy was killed; it was like 9/11.  I did volunteer for the CIA.  I was actually interviewed by the CIA at their office.

ALAN: In what capacity?

JACK: Well, as an asset, whatever.  I didn't even know. 

ALAN: You wanted to work for the CIA?

JACK: Well, I even tried to join the Navy, as a physicist.  Yeah, I volunteered for the Navy.  But nothing ever came of it.  I know I was interviewed, they had these tape recording machines, it was several hours up near UCLA, we were pretty patriotic World War II era...the kids...I was fairly patriotic, gung ho...not at all anti-American, left-wing...

ALAN: Wasn't that in the late Sixties?

JACK: Not late  60'S this was 1963 right after JFK's murder in Dallas. I could tell you about that as well.  But nothing officially ever happened in terms of the CIA.  All these weird things later were connected.  In the mid '80s, I met a guy named Harold Chipman, who's now dead.  He was the Station Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency in Munich, Germany and he ran MK ULTRA in San Francisco.  Apparently he was one of the guys behind the scenes that set up the SRI experiments.  In the mid Eighties he actually funded some of my work and tried to get a think tank going.  So these connections with the United States government intelligence community have been there almost all my life.

ALAN: How common is that, Jack, for people like you - theoretical physicists - to be connected with intelligence agencies?

JACK: Well, I think it's common... I think it was fairly common, at least back then because remember it was a much smaller world back then.  There weren't that many people, not like it is today.  I mean we had compulsory ROTC at Cornell, okay, and I was in the Air Force ROTC.  When we graduated, President Eisenhower reviewed the troops.  The President of the United States came up in front of our class; we're looking at the President of the United States!  It was a whole different world.  When I first arrived in Ithaca as a freshman in 1956, our counselor was Governor Averell Harriman, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, and I shook hands with him when I was a Cornell sophomore.  I met Harry Truman at the Student Hall. 

ALAN: What was the understanding in the scientific community at that time - about where Science was going?  A brave new world, we're breaking into new fields, we're finding out new things, you're at the cutting edge...?

JACK: Yeah.

ALAN: And you're intricately connected with intelligence agencies and defense programs, things that people decades later, particularly people on the Left would have significant problems with...

JACK: Yeah.

ALAN: Moral problems... how did that work for you?

JACK: Well, that was not... first of all, back in my generation, it was all taken for granted - you did things for your country.  It was not even questioned until the Sixties.  I was on the periphery; I can tell you what happened.  In the 'Sixties when I left Cornell, I spent two years at Brandeis  University, the graduate program at Brandeis, I ran out of time at Cambridge.  There, I met Eleanor Roosevelt,  Herbert Marcuse and Angela Davis .... and I got involved with a lot of that stuff... I was fairly naive, but I must say my main interest was Science.  I was not political...and there was a natural patriotism in the Fifties.  My uncle was a war hero.... Around Harvard, the Harvard/Cambridge thing, I got involved with John Cage, composer...

ALAN: You could not have been popular with the defense establishment...

JACK: No, I don't think... I don't know... I was a National Defense Scholar, but I even did some work, I think, for whoever was the left wing candidate.  My wife was more into it.  I didn't know what I was doing.  But I was involved with SANE, the people at SANE, S-A-N-E, the Sane Nuclear policy.  I was sort of on the periphery of all that.  Then I wound up at UCSD.  And UCSD back in the mid Sixties.  Now UCSD is part of the Military-Industrial-Complex.  We had Edward Teller would come down there all the time.  Harold Uri, these are all famous, you know... John Wheeler, Keith Brueckner was the head of the JASONS, the JASONS were elite defense department physicists... designing the electronic fences in Vietnam... and San Diego's a big military town.  So, UCSD on the scientific end was totally enmeshed in the defense industry. 

But the liberal arts department had Herbert Marcuse taken in from Brandeis and Angela Davis.  My wife was more into liberal arts.  So I knew them socially, and got involved with the formation of the Peace and Freedom Party in San Diego... also I must say, before that, at Cornell, a lot of my friends were involved in the freedom movement in Mississippi.

ALAN: These are all things that are even outside the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

JACK: Yes, yeah.   Absolutely.  So I was on the periphery of all this.  By the time I got to San Diego, I was teaching.  One of my co-professors Fred Alan Wolf was pretty well known in those days.  He's kind of a movie star now.  What was that film, "What the Bleep" or something like that?  In any case, we had the Black Panthers ...Huey Newton's... he used to come to La Jolla... so, I was a sort of Forest Gump and Zelig witness to a lot of these historical things on the Left.

ALAN: where are you going at this time?  Where in your mind are you going in the field of Science?  You're dealing with the government, and yet you certainly had your own fascination and own interests.  There are a lot of issues that are there from your past dealing with the paranormal and things that are outside the mainstream...taking you where?

JACK: Well, about the paranormal... at the time in San Diego... from the mid 60s until 1971- 72, I was pretty straight and narrow in terms of mainstream science.  I was not thinking very much about the fringe stuff at all.  Then in 1973, 20 years after the phone calls, a whole bunch of weird things started happening.  It's too complicated to go into, but it's in my book "Destiny Matrix".  I wound up at this SRI thing with Geller, and there's all kinds of weird things happening, so from 73 ...I ran into all these weird people...witches and warlocks in London, - just a whole bunch of crazy stuff happening.

ALAN: So it was like an awakening?

JACK: Oh yes...definitely an awakening.  Lots of people who were in the occult.  Okay, it's 1974, I'm commuting between Trieste, working with Abdus Salam at UNESCO's - International Center for Theoretical Physics -, very straight science.  But the institute we were at in Trieste was a meeting ground between the Russians and Eastern Europeans; it was still the Cold War. 

That project was definitely an intelligence was CIA, and we were right in the middle of it, Fred Alan Wolf and I.  Fred, who looked like a real hippie, long hair and all, he's a character.   Fred was real adventurous, much more adventurous than I am.  I went back to Trieste, I had to work, and Fred was footloose and fancy- free, so Fred was invited to Bulgaria in 1974 and he had an affair with this woman who turned out to be the daughter of the KGB chief - the secret police in Bulgaria. 

Another interesting thing was in the Spring of 1974.  There was a very wealthy woman in London; I think Daniel's dad knows her... Judith... was that her name?  Anyway, there's this wealthy American heiress living in London, who was very into the paranormal, and she had this beautiful house in London, I remember it had an Olympic-sized swimming pool in the basement.  Ira Einhorn stayed with her more than once.

So we were staying there with some of the people from the SRI, and we drove up to it, I remember she took us in here white Porsche up to Cambridge University - there was a meeting of the Para-psychological Association there.  That's where I first met Brian Josephson, who is very into the paranormal.  I also met Steven Hawking's research assistant named Bernard Carr now professor of physics at the university and later became head of the English Society of Research.  So I met all these people there. 

There was a group of guys from the CIA there too.  One of those people invited me to dinner, his name was Dennis Bardens.  Dennis Bardens, if you look him up on the Internet, well, he's dead now, but he was definitely with British Intelligence.  He was the biographer of Winston Churchill.  He was also into the paranormal.  Oh, in fact he was a producer... he invented Panorama on the BBC.  He even did something during the war in Czechoslovakia.  You know, we're talking about the MI6, James Bond, OSS, one of those guys...he was that era, and he looked it.

ALAN: Was he involved with Aleister Crowley and his crew?

JACK: Maybe, Crowley and all that; all kinds of connections to Crowley... we haven't got into that yet but all kinds of connections there.  In fact even Ayn Rand was connected with Crowley.  Thanks for reminding me. 

So, we're at this meeting and... Dennis Bardens, he's an older man, and a general very established, a Winston Churchill staff type, very distinguished, and he says "Dr. Sarfatti, I'd like to take you to dinner".  So we went to the Blue Boar Inn in Cambridge.  I remember I had duck and cherry sauce.  I swear something right out of a James Bond film.  Then we went into the "club" for brandy, and Bardens looks at me and says "Dr. Sarfatti, first" and he winks at me.  (he was a little bit drunk); "I must tell you that I am a Kabbalist."  Another wink in his eye.  Now, I had just come from Paris, I had just been involved with these Kabbalists, a French guy4, a whole other story there. Bardens was telling me he knew the people I had been with in Paris.  The people I was with in Paris were very "Lawrence Durrell," the author who was a member of the British Intelligence in World War II, very well was cloak-and-dagger stuff.  "I'm a Kabbalist" he says... then he gets serious and says "Dr. Sarfatti, it is my duty to inform you that there is a psychic war raging across the continents between the Soviet Union and your country, and you are to be in the thick of it."   And I didn't quite know what he was referring to, so I just said, "Okay."

ALAN: Straight out of "Smiley's People."

JACK: Absolutely.  Absolutely.  And things got even weirder.

ALAN: Well, let me stop you for just a moment, Jack.  His connections with British Intelligence were such that he knew that American Intelligence had plans for you?  Was that it?

JACK: Well, I'm looking back, and remember, at the moment I was still in my early thirties.  Lots of testosterone, some sexy English woman had picked me up and wanted me to spend the night with her.  I didn't even want to have dinner with him,  I had other things on my mind,  I mean, I was, you know, totally distracted (laughter).

ALAN: Yes, of course.  Quite understandable (laughter).

JACK: Yeah.  But I was a lot younger then.  So I sorta-kinda understood what he was talking about, but I had other things on my mind.  I was just being polite, taking him to dinner, even though I knew it was something official,  If had a sense that there was a lot of this stuff going on.,  and he couldn't be much more explicit than that...but it was just another in a series of weird things that started happening at that time...

ALAN: So, essentially you've been groomed throughout your entire life, since the Godphone calls?

JACK: Exactly.

ALAN: By the government... United States government.

JACK: Oh yeah.  Absolutely. 

ALAN: And eventually you were involved in a series of clandestine programs.

JACK: Yeah.

ALAN: And at that point you're taking an interest in what people call the paranormal, things outside the box, but you're still a rising star in the establishment science...

JACK: Well, I became kind of a maverick.  Here's what happened, and this gets back to some of the recent stuff that's been happening (with the "Tuscan Conference Controversy.").  At the time with the Uri Geller paranormal tests, the tests at the University of London, I came out, and was a witness to these tests done by Arthur Koestler.  But it was being done under the CIA, and I wrote a little report of what I witnessed at Birkbeck College (University of London) with David Bohm and Arthur Clarke, and Arthur Koestler, and Uri Geller bending the metal...

I just wrote this thing and gave it to Brendan O Regan, who was part of Edgar Mitchell's Noetics Institute, the SRI people.  Instantly this thing went all over the world as a major press release in every major newspaper.  Now, that normally doesn't happen.  That's CIA.  I was being used, in a way.  I wrote this little thing about what I thought, was very positive, judging from what I saw, Uri's ability to bend metal with his thoughts.  So as a result of that article, immediately, I found that I had powerful enemies in the academic establishment.

I remember when I went back to America, I was up in Boston, and my undergraduate advisor Phil Morrisonxvi, who was then a professor at MIT, the book editor for Scientific American, and Morrison warned me.  He said "This is very bad for your academic career; politically it would be hard for you to get a job."   Not good to come out in favor of inquiring into the paranormal.

ALAN: And the paranormal is not even to this day been something that the "scientific establishment"...

JACK: Well...

ALAN: ...considers being "fair game" in terms of study?

JACK:  Wait a minute; it's very tricky because it has to do with what's recently happened with Michael Towler, Antony Valentini and the London Times' controversy that is happening now.  There's a war going on, warring factions, okay, involving factions within the intelligence community itself.  I don't claim to... I'm not privy to all it, but at that time, I was put under a lock.  And even the Amazing Randi (world famous magician)xvii took me to lunch back here in California...and Randi says "Uri's a fake.  I can do this, bending metals..." and at one point he kind of scared me and I said "Okay, sure, it's a trick, physicists can be fooled".  My arm was being twisted not to... apparently I got all this publicity because of the Central Intelligence Agency being involved, right?  I was just a professor... Assistant Professor of Physics at San Diego State.  Why else am I suddenly getting this worldwide coverage?

ALAN: Because if you can be excluded from the regular community, therefore you'd be more inclined to...

JACK: Well, whatever.  But the thing is... that was a turning point in which I became kind of a black sheep in terms of the respectable scientific community. 

ALAN: Were you the only one?

JACK: No, not yet.  Brian Josephson too.

ALAN: Brian Josephson was (a black sheep) at that time?

JACK: Oh, well, he became very quickly because... Josephson was a stubborn guy - "Don't... don't mess with the Zohan."  I mean he doesn't look like...he looks like Woody Allen, but he's a tough cookie and he got involved with the Maharishi, got into meditation.  He did the whole Sixties and Seventies thing, Timothy Leary and all of those people, I was part of that circle.  Josephson has basically been ostracized in his own community, Cambridge, even though Josephson is a Nobel Prize winning physicist, a fellow of the Royal Society, and he's been a guest of Queen Elizabeth many times at Buckingham Palace.  Nobel Prize winner, and all that.  and he was (treated that way)...  I know Brian very well.  He was my guest in San Francisco back in the Seventies.  He has basically been marginalized at Cambridge.  The Physics Mafia Chiefs have not allowed him to get government assistantships for his students. Theoretical physicists have formed a priesthood of death since they created the atomic bomb.

ALAN: Help me understand this: if "string theory" can not be proven, why is the paranormal...why are any of these other "outside the box" investigations not ok?

JACK: Well, that's a very good question.  I don't have a good answer, but it's a great question, and I think it has to be asked, and this has to be made into a political issue.  It is a political issue.  You know, it's not even a question at this point of believing whether or not, say, Uri has the power (to bend metal with his mind) or doesn't have the power, I personally think he does, because I have seen other things since then, very many things,... but whether or not you believe it is not the point. The point is intellectual freedom, academic freedom and why the people who are thinking outside the box are being demonized.

ALAN: Which brings us to the whole "Towler Scandal..."

JACK: The whole "Towler/ Valentini Scandal," where Towler went on the web, and was blaming me, says "Because of you, my wife and Valentini's wife and children have been threatened by these extremists."  I mean... I can't help that, if they've created a situation that became... in other words, we were not supposed to respond to this at all.  We were not supposed to make it public what happened.

The point is what Brian Josephson found out - that there are certain powerful people in the physics community who the twisted arms, metaphorically, of Towler and Valentini.  It's very... it's so unusual.  Normally, if you don't want somebody to come to a meeting, you just never invite them.  But since I was one of the creators of the meeting, I mean, to make it so (obvious)... something extraordinary happened there, okay?  Towler and Valentini...they were threatened with their jobs or something.  The question is who pressured Towler and Valentini to actually do this? Who did this?  Who was behind that?  Brian Josephson is trying to find out.  He wants to know.  He's not going to let go of this.

ALAN: And why would they succumb to that?

JACK: And why would they succumb to that?  I experienced a kind of pressure through Morrison and the Amazing Randi back in the Seventies.  But look, this is the second time this has happened.  There's another incident that happened in Brazil.  I published a paper about two or three years ago.  It's very groundbreaking work about the emergence of the gravitational field from a deeper level. But the point is I was learning some new mathematics, I'm sleepwalking5 by myself, and some of the mathematics was not quite correct, it was work in progress. 

So I published version one, and there's this guy named Waldyr Rodrigues Jr. who was a friend of mine in Brazil, in fact I was a visiting professor down in UNICAMP, Brazil, which is the MIT of Brazil.  And so, we were friends.  In fact, Valdir is a consultant for the Brazilian Air Force, Brazilian military, and he's very into the paranormal.  He's very much into the reality of UFO's... we've met generals in the army telling us all about this stuff.  By the way, Uri Geller is like a superstar in South America and Brazil, he's like John Lennon.  I mean... that whole culture, they accept this as part of their reality, you know.

But in any case, when this paper that I wrote came out, and I acknowledged Waldyr in this paper.  I even said in the paper that this should not mean that Waldyr supports my theory in any way.  But Waldyr sent me a letter (that criticized my paper), and he was like, very guilty; he said he felt guilty about it.  He wrote something that corrected the math.  But the math was a minor thing compared to the idea.  The idea is still valid.  But then Waldyr told another guy who's actually a physicist named Tony Smith that he was put under pressure that money for his graduate students would be taken away if he didn't try to make me look like idiot, ok?  So...there's a whole pattern here.  The question is, who is doing this, why are they doing it?  It involves politics.  It involves defense issues, because any of this stuff we're working on, if it's real, has immense military weapons implications.  Immense.

ALAN: There were several articles just recently about anti-gravity...

JACK: Immense!  There's no question about it.  And there's no question that there's an international involvement, and the Israelis are definitely involved, the Russians are involved.  We worked with a bunch of Russians.  There's an international effort going on.  Now, with my new website,, of course I have the latest surveillance software for clicking.  So, we're able to see who's downloading information.  We've had some from Moscow, from Iran, Tehran, from Saudi Arabia, from Tel Aviv... everybody's looking at this stuff.

ALAN: But you have not been a critic of these programs.

JACK: Which programs?

ALAN: Any of these programs that the government is involved in.  You haven't been a critic of the science.  You've actually been a leading figure in cutting edge science, so why would any special interest be (attacking you)...

JACK: Well, a lot of people... I've been demonized.  I've been demonized as a wacko, as a kook, I had a lot of problems with Wikipedia, finally corrected all this stuff, but now they have just decimated it again. It's no good. I've been really demonized for like 30 years.  Since breaking... since you know, getting involved in consciousness.   Roger Penrose, who's a very respected professor, even though he says some of the same things I'm saying, certain people can say it and nobody attacks them because they have the mainstream credentials.

But I've been demonized, and still am demonized, very demonized by certain powerful factions in mainstream physics, and so has... Josephson has to a lesser degree... actually Josephson has been fairly demonized too.  Josephson...they said, Well, he's mentally ill, something happened to him."  And even David Bohm himself was demonized to some extent for thinking outside the box.  So this is a real problem, it's inquisitorial... it's like the Spanish Inquisition.  But the question is why are they doing it?  Why are they taking active, literally, active measures like the KGB Section 8, active measures, termination...?

ALAN:  Is it just cultural?

JACK: I don't know...

(JAGDISH MANN, Off-screen): It's the yellow socks.xviii

JACK: (Laughs) It's the yellow socks.

ALAN: that's the obvious answer.

JACK: But...

ALAN: Is it something akin to the British Medical Board and all the advances that were made in various areas of medicine, in the teens and twenties and thirties of the 20th century, and doctors like that were thrown out or...

JACK: Yeah... oh you mean like... you mean an actor in some movie?

ALAN: (A.J.Cronin's) The Citadel?

JACK: Yes, The Citadel.  That... look, I think that serves as a fact... but there's something else going on and until Brian Josephson discovers the names of those who were at that meeting in Italy in August of who pressured Towler and Valentini to disinvite Josephson, David Peat and myself, even though they kind of re-invited Josephson and Peat because they were so embarrassed by it, and I became the scapegoat.  I'm the Shylock.  But until they find out who's responsible for that and what their politics are, what their real motives are, who they're really working for, until that's uncovered, we're not going to really know what's going to happen, but there's something big behind all this I've been working with a scientist from the Central Intelligence Agency, a science and technology directorate that monitors all of this stuff.  I was recently at a JASON meeting, General Dynamics in La Jolla.... military elite scientists were there. I've been involved with Russian scientists, and Jean Pierre Vigier, French scientist, who recently died.  So, there's a lot more to this than meets the eye.  I believe that it's going to be some really heavy political thing, maybe I'm dramatizing it, I don't know ... the fat lady hasn't sung yet.  We don't really know all the forces and why they're doing this and what their motives are, but remember we're talking about a technology coming out from this that would render all conventional weaponry impotent and obsolete.  So, there's a lot at stake here, and of course, Towler and Valentini make me look like a crazy nut for even saying it anymore.

ALAN: Do they believe that there's potential in these technologies?  Anti-gravity propulsion...

JACK: Well, I don't know what Towler and Valentini think.  You got to remember Towler and Valentini, first,  I was very friendly with Towler.   His office is a few offices away from Brian Josephson, and everything was very cordial.  And suddenly this April 19, bang, all of this happens like... something happened to have changed.  I mean, they could have just had the meeting (Tuscan Conference) and nothing would happen.  They could have just let go and there would never have been any issue.  So what made them do this?  We have to find out what that was. 

ALAN:  I thought it was really interesting to read Valentini's response (to public questions as to why Sarfatti was dis-invited), which was really not a response.  I mean, he said nothing.

JACK: Yea, right.

ALAN: He gave no real explanation, which in and of itself is begging the question.

JACK: Okay, now, what's interesting... Josephson is very political, because Josephson is in Bejing, he's in China, and he's a guest of the Chinese government, Nobel Prize winning physicist.  Now, you have to understand, the Chinese culture sees the paranormal as part of their culture.  They accept it as a reality.  So do the South Americans, it is a cultural thing.  It's this narrow Western thing (that discourages paranormal inquiry).  So Josephson's invited as a guest of the Chinese government for the next month or so, and by the way, the Chinese, in terms of real technical and competent physicists are asking the right questions that infringe on paranormal signal non-locality, various cold fusion...and Josephson is into cold fusion.

Not only is Josephson into the paranormal, he's into cold fusion and he's also into homeopathy.  So Josephson has all kinds of interests... but even his Nobel Prize doesn't protect him (from western critics).  So with the power of the geopolitical situation, what's going on there, it staggers the imagination.  Josephson is fighting mad.  He's going to find out who pressured Valentini and Towler.  It's not over.  It's just beginning.

ALAN: Well, at least from a standpoint of human integrity, it seems a betrayal of the scientific process.

JACK: it's a total betrayal.

ALAN: Facts whatever they be, you follow them..

JACK: You follow them and you find out ... yes.  I mean, this is a betrayal.  It's a definite betrayal. 

ALAN: Looking for the next synthesis...

JACK: It's kind of ethnic cleansing on an intellectual level.  You go... in fact the reason they gave... one of the reasons that Valentini and Towler gave... they were afraid that if Sarfatti, Josephson and David Peat were at this meeting that some of the younger students would not be able to get jobs in Academia. 

ALAN: Sounds like how the students of Galileo...

JACK: Well, even if the science turns out to be wrong... as you say, string theory, there's much more evidence for the paranormal and UFO's than there is with string theory, and yet string theory dominates the physics departments right now.  This is all so crazy, but on the other hand, everything's pretty crazy right now.  We have the gulf oil crisis, we have the financial breakdown.  By the way, the derivatives (that played a part in the financial meltdown), who invented financial derivatives - which Warren Buffet called the weapons of mass destruction?  The string theorists on Wall Street.

ALAN: Saw that special on PBS.

JACK: Yea, string theorists.  So, that's the string theory.  That's the financial meltdown.  And we may not even... God knows what's going to happen, we may not survive.  We may be witnessing the breakdown of civilization as we know it.  Very rapidly.  We don't know yet what's going to happen with this oil thing.  It could be a lot worse than it looks.  Plus methane being released in the tundra, in the arctic, it may be Apocalypse Now, we don't know.  But it's a kind of mass insanity, mass intolerance, a kind of fascist view of things, and it has invaded Science itself. 

ALAN: How does the community of physicists around the world operate?  I mean, is there, and I apologize for not knowing this, is there an organization that they function though?

JACK: Well, no.  There's the American Physical Society, which does a lot of good work.  Look, there are a lot of good physicists out there,  and I must say that experimental physics and applied physics are flourishing.  There's a lot of great stuff out there.  But, I'm a theoretical physicist, okay?  There's a lot of good stuff happening in cosmology, the Big Bang, inflation, dark energy, dark matter, the "missing stuff" of the universe making up 96% of the universe we don't really know what it is.  I think I know what it is, but that's another thing.  I think I've solved the problem.  I may be wrong, but I made a prediction the Large Hadron Collider Accelerator will not show any dark matter particles because dark matter is not made out of particles whizzing through space.  It's a phase of the quantum vacuum of space, it's called virtual particles inside the vacuum.  I made a very definite prediction, I could be proved wrong at any time.  So far all the evidence, so far my theory is good, has not been disproved yet.  It's better than string theory because there's no way to disprove string theory.  But the point is in terms of physics... the Tuscany meeting, the Bohm meeting is based really... heavily based on quantum computing and quantum information theory.  It's about Bohm's theory, and that is almost like string theory because we have no real quantum computers.  They make a certain assumption there - they assume that information cannot be transmitted faster than the speed of light, and from that assumption, they derive all kinds of things about the security of quantum cryptography, and cryptography is very important for intelligence work and for financial security and all kinds of stuff.  The ironic thing is that Valentini, who's the guy who wrote the rude letter, his own theory is based on what Brian Josephson and I have said years before!  He even said that, see?  But for Valentini, it is a real betrayal, a real intellectual betrayal on his part.   He's under so much pressure that he will not rise in the academic establishment if he even emphasizes his own discovery which is a system that I was describing for many years and what Josephson was saying for many years - basically, that you can communicate not only faster than light, but backwards in time, from future to past, like precognition, precognitive viewing.  That this is all possible, and not only possible, but necessary. 

So, the point is that if that kind of idea is considered so dangerous, disturbing the status quo so much that anybody who talks about that idea has to be demonized like I've been, like Josephson has been.  And even Valentini, they got to Valentini who's one of the guys who pinned it down, and now he doesn't talk about his own theory, like "I didn't do this".  That's why it's so ironic.  You know what it's like?  It's like the Soviet Stalinist purge trials.  Valentini is like one of those guys on trial in the Thirties who admitted that he did...

ALAN: and now he recants.

JACK: He's recanting.  Oh, my God.  It's that kind of ... it's so bizarre, it's very surreal.  It's also very interesting.

ALAN: And in your experience... this is not how Science was  conducted in your life?

JACK: Well, it's not the way... no.  Actually, unfortunately it is the way Science has been because scientists are no better no worse than most people.  They're just like the people on Wall Street.  They don't have a superior morality, in fact, they have an inferior morality, in my experience.  Academics in general are nasty people.  They stab you in the back.  They're ultra competitive, just like the lawyers like the movie with Michael Douglas, Wall Street.  It's the same thing.  Also, you gotta remember, in Academia, there's been a shrinking budget, it's like you have rats in a cage where there's not enough space to go around.  They're all competing for the money.  They don't get paid much in academia anyway, budgets are shrinking, and people are getting desperate, desperate fear of driving a cab.  There's an academic who last I heard, he was driving a cab in Prague, or that's the story because he was fired from Harvard because he had a big mouth.  Political, conservative, he had this blog, whatever.  but most of the young physicists today are fear-driven because there are no jobs, the economy's shrinking, and it's also troubling Universities.  So there's a tremendous fear of not getting a job in Physics and that has a lot to do with what's going on right now.  But it was not the way I was brought up, it was a very idealistic thing: Science was seeking the Truth, and all that matters is where it leads you.

ALAN: Now we've come around full circle because what I'm hearing you say right now is that you were guided by a set of principles, a set of beliefs about what Science is, how it should be've head to that ideal.  You've tapped that ideal.

JACK: And so has Josephson, and so has Peat, so have as lot of these scientists.

ALAN: Yet there are other people and I'm assuming just by their bios on the web they're younger, Towler is younger, Valentini is younger?

JACK: Yeah, and they're all his age, they're all Danny's age, late 20s, early 30s.  And they're very bright. Apre mois, Le deluge.

ALAN: Question: why would there be a difference in terms of ideal, matching action with your ethics, which is what integrity is defined as, why would that be so different in your generation if that's a general rule as opposed to theirs?

JACK: Well, I don't know.  I come from a really weird generation.  The Sixties, we were real rebels. 

ALAN: But you were an idealistic generation.  I grew up in the Sixties as well.

JACK: I'm as old as you, and you're at least 20 years younger than me.

ALAN: I was fourteen.

(DANIEL GELLER, off-screen): Yeah, so he got the edge of it.

JACK: Okay, you're right there.  All right.

ALAN: So, what's the difference (in how each generation approaches the scientific method)?

JACK: I don't know.  Maybe you should ask Danny, he's so young.  I don't know.

(DANIEL GELLER, off-screen): I know a lot of fine young people who are very... have integrity. 

JACK: No, there's some

(JAGDISH MANN, off-screen):   This maybe makes sense.

JACK: Well, I don't know.  In this case, look.  You know what it is?  The theoretical physics community at the level that says Valentini and Towler operate, it's like a Mafia.  It's a gang.  And they are some powerful people, like Godfathers.  We don't know who they are yet.  I'm suspicious of whom they might be.  Some of those people will be at this meeting.  Apparently, some of the key people at the meeting, the older people said "we will not attend this meeting if Josephson and Sarfatti attend".  And if you want to get jobs, it's not a wise thing (to investigate the paranormal).  So they were put under a lot of pressure to do that extreme thing (disinvite Sarfatti and Josephson).  It's just not proper English to do anything like that at that stage. 

(JAGDISH MANN, off-screen): Some meeting of mafia capos?

JACK: A meeting of mafia capos in Tuscany. ;-) So maybe one day the truth will come out. The issue, some of the people who will be at the Tuscany meeting, are they the same people who pressured Waldyr Rodrigues a few years ago in Brazil to demonize me?  You see?  That'd be interesting.  And then, who do they work for?  So hopefully, maybe one day we'll get to the bottom of this.  I don't know right now.  It's a mystery.

ALAN: Ultimately you get down to the old motivations of power, money, secrets...

JACK: Well it has to do's gotta do with defense.  Ultimately it gets back to the military, it gets back to weapons.  And I must tell you this: the Chinese are going ahead.  The Chinese are... they are going to beat us at this game.

ALAN: Certainly we know that?

JACK: They're going to beat us.

ALAN; Our government knows that, understands what China's doing, how far it has...?

JACK; Well, the thing is they're not under the same constraints.  Their scientists are going ahead with the kinds of issues that Brian Josephson and me and the others talked about... our ideas are being demonized here, in China, they're actively working on it..  And so are the Russians, and so are the Iranians.  The Iranians are doing some very interesting things... the Iranians are very smart people. In fact, Ahmadinejad is smarter than Barak Obama.  I'm sorry... but he's definitely smarter than Bush.  I don't approve of Ahmadinejad, but... our politicians all... these guys in the Middle East culture, they've had thousands of years of culture, okay?  And they're just playing us like idiots,  even Obama.  I mean, this thing with the nuclear program...we're out-classed.  We're out classed strategically - that's my opinion, and I hope I'm wrong... my fear...

ALAN: Unfortunately, I don't think you are wrong.

(Jagdish Mann, off-screen): Yes, you're not wrong.

JACK: So, I mean we're... by the way, and I'm gonna say this: by demonizing me and Josephson, they are making it easier for the Chinese to get ahead of us.

ALAN: And there you may be closer to what's happening (regarding the Tuscan Controversy).

JACK: And there we may be closer to what's happening.

ALAN: Thank you for your time, Jack.

The Divine Invasion: It Came From The Future

The late Fred Hoyle wrote in his book "The Intelligent Universe"6 perhaps not independently of Yakir Aharonov's 1964 paper?xix - before Igor Novikov? - before Roger Penrose?

"Loops in time
At first sight, communication from future to past seems to lead to logical inconsistency. On the one hand, we have events behaving statistically according to the normal past-to-future time sense, the situation as most everyday situations are concerned.  ... The less recognizable individual quantum events controlled from the future, as when we make up our minds to do one thing rather than another, can also have a major influence, however. These future to past situations are so subtle compared to something like a road accident that they tend to pass by us almost unnoticed. ... Can cause and effect work both ways in time? ... To avoid inconsistencies, both time senses must be linked into a consistent kind of loop.  ... Cause and effect becomes a convenient description only in special situations involving localities in the universe, not the Universe as a whole."xx

The Once and Future Hologram Mind of GOD is the real meaning of the Free Mason Symbol shown above.

Roger Penrose made a remark in "The Emperor's New Mind"7 that supports Fred Hoyle's intuitive anticipation of Yakir Aharonov's mathematics of the back-from-the-future "destiny vector"8, limited though it is to signal locality.

"Suppose there is even something vaguely teleological about the effects of consciousness, so that a future impression might affect a past action."

This is "signal nonlocality" in strong violation of quantum theory, but not of the more general post-quantum theory that seems to be the essential signature of living matter as distinguished from the dead particle beams of unitary S-Matrix theory that Gerardus 't Hooft bases his theory of reality on. Einstein said to make theoretical physics as simple as possible, but not simpler than is possible.

Roger Penrose's argument is very similar to Einstein's 1935 argument on quantum entanglementxxi with his younger colleagues Podolsky and Rosen. Einstein proved that an uncontrollable random faster than light (and/or backwards through time delayed choice) action at a distance must happen in order for Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to work at each end of an entangled pair of simple quantum systems (e.g. two qubit electron spins). Similarly, Penrose proved from actual brain experiments, that if we have conscious free will, and are not mere automatons reacting unconsciously to sudden life-threatening changes in our environment, then a future post-quantum mind state must influence a past material brain electrical state over a time scale of about 1 second. Indeed, this is why the "second" ~ 1044 Planck times was chosen as our unit of time - a seemingly contingent artifact of our material evolution? Or are we the product of intentional design from a future designer creating itself?

Igor Novikov wrote in "The River of Time"9

"It is possible to imagine that using specially designed machinery, a human being could get into a special 'tunnel' in which he moves backwards with respect to time in the external space, and emerges in the past when passing through the other mouth of this tunnel. ... the traveler through time does not get younger ... having sneaked into the past, he can find himself ... in his youth or even ... before he was born ... [Kip] Thorne showed that to stabilize a tunnel, it must be filled with an unusual matter ... the anti-gravitation of this matter prevents the collapse of the tunnel"

There are two possibilities here, one is to amplify the small ambient random zero point fluctuations of the virtual light that is the dark energy in some way. The other is, perhaps, to make a very high Tc superconducting meta-material with negative index of refraction of non-random non-radiating near electromagnetic fields. If UFOs are real machines and not mass delusions then an advanced ET intelligence has figured out a way to make these star gatexxii space-time tunnels.

"With the time machine becoming a reality, the future starts to affect the past. All events occur in such a way that this influence is taken into account. However, once an event has taken place (it was influenced by the events both in the past and the future), that's the end, it cannot be altered." (p.263) ... of the limitations imposed on 'free will' ... a remark made by Einstein ... 'Schopenhauer once remarked: A man can do what he wishes but he is not free to wish what he wants.'"

Indeed, Penrose gives several detailed examples to flesh out these limitations on our free will if our physical mind field is not retrocausal strongly violating the axioms of textbook quantum theory.

"We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question that divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct."

Said by Niels Bohr to Wolfgang Pauli after his presentation of Heisenberg's and Pauli's nonlinear field theory of elementary particles, at Columbia University (1958), as quoted in Symposium on Basic Research (1959) by Dael Lee Wolfle, p. 66  (Wikipedia)

The basic idea of the Destiny Matrix, that our future influences our present that I have been professing since the 1970's is now becoming mainstream. For example, the FQ Foundation website published in July 2010:

The Destiny of the Universe

"A radical reformulation of quantum mechanics suggests that the universe has a set destiny and its pre-existing fate reaches back in time to influence the past. It could explain the origin of life, dark energy and solve other cosmic conundrums. ... The universe has a destiny-and this set fate could be reaching backwards in time and combining with influences from the past to shape the present. It's a mind-bending claim, but some cosmologists now believe that a radical reformulation of quantum mechanics in which the future can affect the past could solve some of the universe's biggest mysteries, including how life arose. What's more, the researchers claim that recent lab experiments are dramatically confirming the concepts underpinning this reformulation.xxiii ... 'It's a very, very profound idea,' says (Paul )Davies. (Yakir) Aharonov's take on quantum mechanics can explain all the usual results that the conventional interpretations can, but with the added bonus that it also explains away nature's apparent indeterminism. What's more, a theory in which the future can influence the past may have huge-and much needed-repercussions for our understanding of the universe, says Davies.

Cosmologists studying the conditions of the early universe have been puzzling about why the cosmos seems so ideally suited for life. There are other mysteries too: Why is the expansion of the universe speeding up? What is the origin of the magnetic fields seen in galaxies? And why do some cosmic rays appear to have impossibly high energies? These questions cannot be answered just by looking at the past conditions of the universe. But perhaps, Davies ponders, if the cosmos has set final conditions in place-a destiny-then this, combined with the influence of the initial conditions set out at the beginning of the universe, might together perfectly explain these cosmic conundrums."xxiv

Paul Davies et-al are Johnny-come-latelys jumping on Fred Alan Wolf's and my bandwagon. Herbert Gold wrote in "Bohemia" (Simon & Schuster, 1993)

"The Bohemian physicist...contributes a balanced scientific non establishment for this expanding society. I don't mean to disparage the work; either...among all the blatherers there sometimes appears a breakthrough thinker. Originality has always required a fertile expanse of fumble and mistake.  That's the beauty of the option.  Your wastrel life might turn out to be just what's required to save the planet. ... Sarfatti's Cave is the name I'll give to the Caffe Trieste in San Francisco, where Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. in physics, writes his poetry, evokes his mystical, miracle-working ancestors, and has conducted a several-decade-long seminar on the nature of reality ...

One of his soaring theories is that things, which have not happened, yet can cause events in the present...Obviously this has consequences for prediction, the nature of causality, our conceptions of logic ... He has published papers in respectable physics journals. His poetry is widely photocopied. His correspondence with the great in several fields is voluminous, recorded on computer disks. Cornell University BA, University of California Ph.D., his credentials are impeccable.  

Following is a quotation from a lecture given to a San Francisco State University physics seminar on 30 April 1991:"

Causality-Violating Quantum Action-at-a-Distance?

The universe is created by intelligent design but the Designer lives in our far futurexxv and has evolved from usxxvi ... Perhaps all of the works of cultural genius, from the music of Mozart to the physics of Einstein, have their real origin in the future. The genius may be a real psychic channeler whose mind is open to telepathic messages from the future.xxvii  The genius must be well trained in his or her craft and intellectually disciplined with the integrity of the warrior in order to properly decode the quantum signals from the future. The purpose of our existence would then be to ensure, not only the creation of life on earth, but also the creation of the big bang itself!  We obviously cannot fail since the universe cannot have come into existence without us in this extreme example of Borgesian quantum solipsism.  Existentialism is wrong because it is an incorrect extrapolation of the old physics. Breton's surrealism, with its Jungian idea of meaningful coincidence, is closer to the truth.  This would then be Robert Anton Wilson's "The Final Secret of the Illuminati" - that charismatic chain of adeptsxxviii in quixotic quest of their "Impossible Dream" of the Grail. Enough of my subjective vision, now on to the objective physics.  pp. 14-16

"So now I am in the first hour of one of my deaths. The thought made me dizzy. I was reminded of Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. physicist and reincarnation of the eleventh-century mystic Rabbi Sarfatti...with rapt descriptions of how events from the future cause events in the past." p. 115

Adapted from Fig. 1.1 Tamara Davis's Ph.D. dissertation (2004, University New South Wales)

We can only go on the basis of evidence and the simplest theory that is consistent with the evidence. Unless we get signals from the future we cannot know if Einstein's Lambda will change or not. So far, all the evidence from our past light cone is that it has approached a constant relatively quickly. See Tamara Davis's 2004 PhD online. In particular see her Fig 5.1

The area A of our pixelated future de Sitter 2D horizon hologram source is /\-1. From Tamara's Fig 5.1 A quickly rises from 1BIT to its asymptote 10123 BITs. The dark energy density /\ we 3D hologram images see in our past light cone come from the area A at the intersection of the past Type 1a supernova's source's future light cone with our future event horizon in a globally self-consistent Novikov loop in time.  The Feynman path amplitudes for time-travel paradoxes vanish exactly - a basic law of Nature? You can see this in Fig 1.1 c of Tamara's PhD where conformal time is plotted against co-moving distance. This is our best computer simulation of our cosmic destiny based on best data around 2004 or so. Of course that can change - anything may happen. ET's may land. An asteroid may wipe us out? The Madhi may return after a nuclear war in the Middle East? Only The Shadow knows.       

The Initiation of The Hero With a Thousand Faces in Wagner's Parsifal is more lightly done in Mozart's Magick Flute. The Hero's Quest is to understand time, creation and consciousness, to behold the Mind of God - The Omega Point. The upper triangle is our future paradise lost cosmological event horizon the lower is our past particle horizon.10

Quotes by Fred Hoyle11

"Many will smile if I say that such an incident was triggered by the deciphering of a cosmic signal. It will be agreed that a sudden reordering of substantial blocks of information in the brain must have been involved, but it will be said that the initiating signal happened by chance, from a random firing of neurons. ... The alternate view is that the deaf Beethoven, decisively cut-off from the distractions of the world of men, equipped as a terminal with unusual backing storage, was able to receive a particular component of the cosmic signals, and with sharply increasing clarity as the years passed by. This view would be my choice, but each of us must listen and decide. Perhaps the decision turns on whether we ourselves hear the thunder of Zeus on Mt. Olympus."

Hoyle died in 2001 before the meaning of dark energy as virtual boson zero point vacuum fluctuationsxxix was understood.

dark energy density ~ (area/entropy of our future horizon hologram)-1

"The time was the late 1960's, when Narlikar and I were struggling with the problem of the quantum mechanical signal from the future."

Fred Alan Wolf and I were doing the same thing at San Diego State at same

"The initial local system does not have deterministic reality because the systems in its future with which it interacts do not have deterministic reality, and this is because the systems in the further future with which the second systems interact do not have deterministic reality, and so on along an infinite chain of interactions. Yet somewhere the Gordian knot has to be cut - it must be, since our everyday experience tells us that it is! The mathematical loophole lies at the limit-of the infinite chain of interactions."

Obviously the buck stops at our future dark energy de Sitter event horizon that cuts the Gordian knot. Hoyle came to UCSD when I was there in the late 60's before he really had this idea matured - did I.J. Good get it from Hoyle or the other way round. Obviously, they knew each other.

"This was the stage of my thinking following the work of the 1964-70 period, before it became apparent, from the arguments given earlier, than an enormous intelligence must be abroad in the Universe. As the Americans say, this instantly creates a new ball game. ...the persistent religious conviction that the pattern of our lives is stored in the future looks as if it could quite well be correct."

That's the future hologram right there! Hoyle's "last trumpet" is our future cosmological event horizon, Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point "Noosphere" aka Hawking's "Mind of God."

"At the mathematical limit discussed above. At the last trumpet! What an extraordinary way to describe the outcome of a sequence of arguments involving the condensation of the wavefunction, the need to avoid von Neumann_s mathematical result for finite systems, and time-symmetric electrodynamics. Of course one can argue that the correspondences are fortuitous. Notice, however, that in time symmetric theory influences are indeed felt "in (less than) a moment, in (even less than) the twinkling of an eye", and that all finite events are brought together at the mathematical limit in the future. Fortuitous or not, it is curious that so many people without scientific knowledge have believed in the idea, as if they had caught a glimpse of a difficult message which they could only express in terms of an everyday analogy.  Religion is an interesting but not really convincing example of the computer terminal idea."

William Blake's picture above shows an an uncanny resemblance to Tamara Davis's Fig 1.1 c  (2004 Ph.D)xxxi of our future cosmic wall of light (null geodesic) event horizon in a conformal time plot . That the event horizon is the brain of Stephen Hawking's "Mind of God" fits very well indeed

A brief history of my contributions to acausality in quantum physics

Fred Alan Wolf
Have Brains / Will Travel:
a Global Quantum Physics Educational Company,
San Francisco CA, USA
Professor Jack Sarfatti asked me to provide an account of my contribution to what we may call acausality as it occurs in quantum physics. My first inklings about this subject occurred in 1983 when in preparing my book12 Star*Wave for publication, I read John Cramer's interesting paper13 on the subject of backwards-through-time quantum wave function, u* acting as a modulation of the normal forward-through-time time quantum wave function u in standard nonrelativistic quantum physics.  Cramer's account was a new way to interpret quantum physics and gave a plausible reason for calculating probabilities from the multiplication of u by u*.  In Cramer's account the forward-through-time u was considered as an offer wave initiating at a point i where an event had occurred.  The backwards-through-time u* was likewise an echo wave initiated by a final event f traveling backwards-through-time to the offer event and thus completing a cycle.
What was in my mind, at that time, incomplete in Cramer's account was that even though this gave the correct mathematical calculation of the probability in quantum physics describing the probable causal connection between i and f, it in no way described how the sequence i to f was made into an actual pairing of two real events.  If for example there were two possible final events f1 and f2 one would have both probabilities i to f1 and i to f2 to take into account without actually knowing which final event f1 or f2 actually occurred.
It seemed to me at the time that one should know what takes place if both the initial and final events are determined. This led me to further investigate the connection between human consciousness and quantum physical probabilities.
Consequently when I finished writing Star*Wave I had included a discussion of Cramer's transactional interpretation (TI) as outlined in his paper as a possible mechanism for the way the mind works in relation to the brain.
A few years later I published The Body Quantum. 14 In chapter 25 I once again looked into the transactional interpretation.  I wrote:
Whenever atoms are arranged in a highly repetitive pattern, such as those found in crystals or in the long strands of molecular DNA, the quantum wave functions also take on a similar pattern.  This pattern constitutes a continual kind of observation in which the quantum wave function, in a sense, is observing itself over and over again.  Quantum waves and quantum wave functions can be imagined as constrained by such a pattern, which, in fact, gives the structure its stability.
The quantum wave function, in my view, turns on and off through the observer effect.  When an observations occurs, the quantum wave function "pops," and a pointlike atom, or part of an atom, is manifested for an instant.  When no observation takes place, the quantum wave function "hangs around," like a ghost, in the same locale in which it first popped.  This sequence is highly reinforced by the repeating structure.
To try to imagine this concept is difficult because there are many atoms involved.  The quantum wave functions, as I imagine it, are "resonating" with the structure of the molecules, so that each quantum wave function turns on and off with many oscillations.  From the solid molecule's point of view, this corresponds to its own self-observation.
This viewpoint can be contrasted with a single atom's self-observation: It, too, can be thought of as being in a self-observation pattern, wherein its quantum wave function turns on and off.  But being an isolated atom means that the pattern will display a higher degree of randomness.  At the atomic level, this pattern appears as the atom itself, vanishing and reappearing in a sequence of random points, blurring, more or less, into a solid object. 
Thus, each quantum wave function pattern is highly specific to the element it represents.  A quantum wave function for the hydrogen atom is quite different in, detail from the quantum wave function of a carbon atom.
When a sugar-phosphate molecule repeats itself as an endless chain of snakelike strands, winding around each other much like a spiral staircase, an infinite hall-of-mirrors effect manifests itself, allowing the living, conscious molecule to appear.  I am describing, of course, the molecule of genetic life, deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA.
The second idea is even stranger and more speculative.  There are actually two quantum wave functions involved in a quantum wave function pop, the second of which, the star quantum wave function or star wave (as I referred to it in my previous book15), is similar in form to the ordinary quantum wave function, only orientated backward in space-time.  Thus, an ordinary quantum wave function, u, moving from here-now to there-then, is met by a star quantum wave function, u*, from the there-then moving toward the here-now.  These quantum wave functions multiply together, yielding the product u*u; that is, u* multiplying u. Now, it is not speculation that one must multiply ordinary quantum wave function u by its star quantum wave function u* in order to calculate the relative probability that quantum wave function events will occur; that is exactly what quantum physicists do when they determine the likelihood that any event will occur.  The speculation surrounds the idea that u* comes from the future, traveling backward through time, much like the wave that, bouncing off the shore, travels back toward the source of the wave.  I wasn't able justify this idea by any physical experiment, at least not at that time.
I believed this idea is important because it could explain how the evolution of anything can take place.  My idea is similar to those that Sir Fred Hoyle discusses in his book The Intelligent Universe.16  Merely left to the odds, it is extremely unlikely that anything as orderly as a human being would arise at all simply from random processes.  As I explained in Chapter 11, of the body quantum there needs to be some form of intelligence involved.  But the question is, how does that intelligence act?  Of course, I could just postulate that there is a Supreme Intelligence and that this being can act in any way that it sees fit.  As Niels Bohr once remarked to Albert Einstein, when he was trying to figure out how God did it, "Stop telling God what to do."
I certainly don't want to do that! But I do want to know how God does it.  Yet, as a physicist, I am somewhat constrained: I can't postulate just any idea, because a scientific idea, in order to be considered valid, must fit with what we already know (or, at least, "think" we know).  The idea that W* comes from the future may just save the day, however.  As Hoyle puts it:
If events could operate not only from past to future, but also from future to past, the seemingly intractable problem of quantum uncertainty could be solved.  Instead of living matter becoming more and more disorganized, it could react to quantum signals from the future-the information necessary for the development of life.  Instead of the Universe committed to increasing disorder and decay, the opposite could then be true.  (Hoyle, p.  213.)

In a highly organized material containing repeating patterns, the u*u content becomes highly repetitive, producing a probability pattern of reinforced strength.  Thus, crystals of repeating materials, such as sodium chloride, carbon lattices (such as diamond), and other single crystals of metals and metals in combinations with other substances, possess great strength or other unusual properties.
In DNA we have a similar phenomenon of great repetition, with complex patterns of sugar-phosphate backbones interrupted by the much longer, seemingly random steps of base pairs linked :together in complementary codes.  These bases, you'll recall, occur four types: A, C, G, T.
Here a third idea surfaces: Because of the repetition of the DNA structure, the likelihood of a repeating u*u pattern is highly enhanced, with the u* involved propagating from a near future to the present.  The signal from the future is more or less the same as that from the past, and the pattern, consequently, tends toward stability.  The more stable the pattern, the less likely that the distant future will disturb it.  Again, the idea that there exists a resonance between the quantum wave function and its structure-involving both the past and the future-is at play here.  Signals from the distant future do arrive, however; without them, DNA would never alter its patterns.  But the more stable the reinforcement brought on by the repetition of the strand, the smaller the disturbance produced.  It is the interplay of the endless crystalline repetition of the DNA strands, twisting in space and dancing in time as vibrations with the almost though not quite random patterns of A, C, G, and T bases, that produces stable animal and plant consciousness.  Consciousness, as we commonly experience it, thereby emerges as a consequence of the quantum wave function vibration patterns associated with DNA vibration patterns repeating and resonating with both the future and the past.
Molecules of DNA within shouting distance of each other also vibrate, sending quantum semaphore messages back and forth, and in this manner a resonance arises between neighboring molecules.  This resonance is much like any other resonance phenomenon, such as a building's vibrations in the wind or the rolling of a ship on the high seas.  With energy being fed from one molecule to the other at just the right frequency to induce the other molecule to respond, the two resonate together.  It is this resonance of waves in different cells that could result in the healing of the cells.
Illness could result from an opposite effect.  When molecules are off-resonance, they fail to communicate with each other; such off-resonance could arise from atomic changes in the molecules or from subtle changes in the probability patterns of the quantum wave functions, possibly brought on by negative thinking.  Influenced by such thinking, perhaps molecules tend to isolate themselves, forming self-contained units of limited capacity.  Such molecular isolation can be understood in terms of our own behavior when we feel depressed or unduly anxious about something, and want to be alone in our misery.
Consequently, illness and negative thinking could create molecular islands of separation within our cells.  Healing energy counters this separation tendency by fostering correlations between molecules: One molecule heals another.
   A few years later I looked once again at this issue acausality in my paper published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology17 entitled "On the Quantum Physical Theory of Subjective Antedating." In this paper I was still wondering how quantum physical probabilities were related to conscious human experience and I found a possible relationship. In brief: a single conscious instant requires in the physical brain both the occurrence of a past and a future event. In this paper I explained if as follows:
Assuming that neuronal adequacy and experience were one and the same, Libet (1985)18 pointed out the obvious discrepancy between the time of the experience of an event-the subjective referral-and the time of neuronal adequacy required to experience the event. I suggested an alternative proposal. Neuronal adequacy and subjective experience were not one and the same events. Neither were peripheral stimulation and subjective experience one and the same events, even though they seemed to be. The truth actually lies somewhere in-between. Both the stimulation and neuronal adequacy (two events) are needed for the conscious (one event) experience, even though the time of that experience is referred back to the peripheral sensation.
This proposal was based on ideas put forward in my Star*Wave book (1984) and upon the new TI of quantum mechanics stated by Cramer (1983, 1986). According to the TI, a future event and a present event are involved in a transaction wherein a real quantum wave of probability (retarded wave), u, called the "offer" wave, issues from the present event to the future event. The future event is then stimulated to send back through time an "echo" wave (advanced wave), u*, towards the present event. The echo wave is the complex conjugate of the offer wave.
According to the rules of quantum mechanics, the probability distribution (probability per unit volume) for an event to occur, is given by u*u. However, no other interpretation explains how this product arises physically. Following the TI, the echo wave modulates the offer wave thus producing the required u*u probability pattern. Thus, it is necessary for future events to influence present or past events by sending back into time a corresponding echo wave, u*, following an offer wave, u, from the present or past. Specifically, the echo wave contains the complex conjugate reflection of the offer wave multiplying the offer wave in much the same manner as an audio wave modulates a high frequency carrier signal in radio broadcasting. The probability, u*u, which then results in a probability for a transaction-a correlation between the two events-arises as a probability field at the initial event.
The events in question (stimulation and neuronal adequacy) are time-like separated. Thus, according to the theory of relativity, there is no way that these two events could be ever be simultaneously observable as was postulated by Snyder. Hence his attempt to resolve the paradox was not tenable.19 However, the fact that the observer of those events sees them as simultaneous means that his mind acts as a kind of "time machine". That is, the experience of the event is "projected" back in time towards the occurrence of the sensation.
Libet had suggested that this may be an illusion, that the real "recognition" of the event only occurred later at the time of neuronal adequacy and that the subject "subjectively" and mistakenly remembered the event as having occurred earlier. Whether or not this is an illusion is at present not experimentally testable. In any case, one must wonder why subjects believe that their knowledge or recognition of an event is a simultaneous occurrence with the event if indeed the knowing and the stimulation are time-like separated.
I believed this backwards-in-time projection between a neural event and a stimulus can be consistently accounted for using the TI of quantum mechanics. In this case, the present event (the peripheral sensation), S, sends a forward-through-time probability offer wave to a future event (neuronal adequacy), N. Most likely, N lies on the area of the cortex normally associated with the sensation. The future event, N, sends a backwards-through-time probability echo wave to the present event, S.
According to the TI, the S to N offer wave stimulates the N to S echo wave. The N to S echo wave then carries a replica of the S to N offer wave back towards the original stimulation. The N to S echo wave arriving at the location of the source, S, is the probability for the correlation of the events. If the two waves 'resonate,' meaning that the probability for the S to N correlation is large, then a significant probability for the two events is achieved. In this manner, that which is significantly measurable-has the largest probability-is also that which is brought to conscious awareness. In my view then, all possible future events are in contact with a present event, however, the most probable future events are those that produce the largest value of u*u, and consequently constitute an event in consciousness.
I offered the hypothesis that whenever two events are so correlated, i.e., the probability for the events is not a priori zero, they will be experienced as one and the same event. I suggested that this means, in general, that any two quantum physically correlated events separated in time or space will constitute a single experience.
Upon further thought I realized that although Cramer's hypothesis took care of providing a probability distribution surrounding in spacetime the offer event it still did not account for which final event corresponded to human experience. Years later in 1998 I looked farther into the work of Libet and his co-workers.20 Aharonov and his coworkers had been working on a scheme to represent quantum physics in terms of two-time quantum wave functions-that is one not only specified the initial condition of the quantum wave function but also its final state as well. Consequently I based my new work on the work of Aharonov and his co-workers. I wrote the introduction and conclusion of the paper as follows:
I offer a quantum physical resolution similar to that of the Wheeler delayed choice experiment in quantum physics of the delay-and-antedating hypothesis/paradox put forward by Libet et al. (1979) to explain certain temporal anomalies associated with passive perception. I propose a model wherein two neural events cause backward-through-time and forward-through-time neurological signaling in accordance with wave function collapse in the intervening space-time interval. Pairs of causality-violating events must occur in the brain in order that a single experience in consciousness occurs. The model offers a first step towards the development of a quantum physical theory of subjective awareness and suggests that biological systems evolve and continue to function in accordance with a causality-violating, two-valued, transactional model of quantum mechanics. The model makes a new prediction about the timings of passive bodily sensory experiences and imagined or phantom sensory experiences. The predictions of the model are compared with experimental data indicating agreement and new experiments are proposed testing the model.
In his recent book Penrose (1989)21 poses the paradox of the relationship of awareness and physical events that elicit it as follows, "Is there really an 'actual time' at which a conscious experience does take place, where that particular 'time of experience' must precede the time of any effect of a 'free-willed response' to that experience?... If consciousness... cannot be understood... without...quantum theory then it might... be... that... our conclusions about causality, non-locality, and contrafactuality are incorrect."
Penrose believed that there are reasons for being suspicious of our physical notions of time in relation to physics whenever quantum non-locality and contrafactuality are involved.
I would add that the same thing must be said with regard to consciousness. He suggests that if, in some manifestation of consciousness, classical reasoning about the temporal ordering of events leads us to a contradictory conclusion, then this is strong indication that quantum actions are indeed at work!
In this paper I examined a quantum theory of the relationship between the awareness of timings of events and their corresponding physical correlates and showed that indeed not only are quantum actions at work, they are indispensable in explaining the temporal paradoxes inherent in the phenomena.
I concluded my article (1998) with these comments:
When it comes to time in physics, we are somewhat at a loss. All of our equations are unique in one very real sense, there is no specific order to the sequences of events we label as the passage of time. Both Newtonian physics and quantum physics share this apparent fault in disagreement with our common sense experiences. We could just as well write equations and set up appropriate spatial and temporal boundary conditions of retrodiction in place of prediction and feel equally satisfied that we had the correct equations. Indeed, if we do simple enough experiments we find that retrodicting is as good as predicting when it comes to determining what shall be happening in the next sequence of events either following or preceding.
In life, with all of its complexity and its ultimate human measure, time marches on. Fallen cracked eggs do not jump off the floor into our outstretched hands. Dead loved ones do not reconstitute themselves and resurrect. We grow older each day not younger. How are we to ever explain this scientifically and fundamentally? It would seem that we are missing something essential when it comes to time.
Two bits of data we know. Conscious experience of events and the second law of thermodynamics. The first bit is subjective in its context while the second is purely objective. We certainly know that we can think a thought, write a sentence, and find the words are uniquely time ordered. We certainly know of the fact that hot bodies cool down and cold bodies warm up. Is there some connection between these data bits?
So far we have no theory that connects them. While much as been done in the objective arena to connect thermodynamics and statistical mechanics to quantum mechanics, even some remarkably clever insights, we still do not have a fundamental theory connecting them. Given Planck's constant, the speed of light, the gravitational constant, and the mass of any particle you wish to mention, we cannot derive Boltzmann's remarkable constant of nature.
In the world of subjective experience very little has been done by physicists and for probably very good reason; no one knows what to do, what to measure, or even if it is ethical to perform such measurements (usually involving the human brain) even if we knew what we were looking for. Here Libet's remarkable experiments need special mention. At least in them we are provided with a clue concerning subjective time order. Perhaps there is something fundamental in the notion that our equations are not time order unique and the theory given here that according to subjective experience we need two or more separate events to have a single perception. Perhaps this theory that a perceived event requires information flowing from end points coming before it and after it, much like a stringed musical instrument requires information coming from its nodal end points to set up standing wave patterns of musical harmony, is a fundamental requirement for both time order uniqueness and subjective experience.
It would seem to me that now we need to look toward altering our concept of time in some manner, not that this is an easy thing to do. Perhaps we should begin with the idea that a single event in time is really as meaningless as a single event in space or a single velocity. Meaningful relation arises as a correspondence, a relationship with some reference object. Hence an object's velocity is meaningfully measurable with respect to another object's velocity as the relative velocity between them. In a similar manner as I point out in this paper, the timing of an event is also only meaningful in reference to another timing event. When the end points or reference times for the events are not specified, then only the relative interval becomes relevant. When that interval lies within the limitation of quantum uncertainty, the event referred to within the interval must also lie within that uncertainty. Failure to note this leads to apparent timing paradoxes.
The resolution of temporal paradoxes particularly as they show themselves in future quantum physical objective experiments and in subjective timing experiments will continue to require a new vision of time. Perhaps this paper will assist us in our search for a new theory of time.
According to Aharonov:
Until now we have limited ourselves to the possibility of two boundary conditions which obtain their assignment due to selections made before and after a measurement. It is feasible and even suggestive to consider an extension of quantum mechanics to include both a wavefunction arriving from the past and a second 'destiny' wavefunction coming from the future which are determined by two boundary conditions, rather than a measurement and selection. This proposal could solve the issue of the "collapse" of the wavefunction in a new and more natural way: every time a measurement takes place and the possible measurement outcomes decohere, then the future boundary condition simply selects one out of many possible outcomes. It also implies a kind of 'teleology' which might prove fruitful in addressing the anthropic and fine tuning issues. The possibility of a final boundary condition on the universe could be probed experimentally by searching for 'quantum miracles' on a cosmological scale. While a "classical miracle" is a rare event that can be explained by a very unusual initial boundary-condition, "Quantum Miracles" are those events which cannot naturally be explained through any special initial boundary-condition, only through initial-and-final boundary-conditions. By way of example, destiny-post-selection could be used to create the right dark energy or the right negative pressure.

I am of course pleased to see Aharonov's conclusion. I originated the idea in terms of brain function in my earlier publications and it is the analysis of the problem as carried out by Aharonov and his colleagues on weak measurement theory and two-time quantum physics that makes the theory feasible.22 Although we have known for perhaps close to 100 years that quantum physics really cannot be put into a mathematical logical format without realizing that the basic structure of quantum physics is probability theory, the relation between probabilities and physical events, although clear in quantum physics theory, is still fraught with many misunderstanding and needless philosophical meanderings. The main culprit in all of this is the rather dogmatic insistence on temporal causality being a fundamental cornerstone of any physical theory. As time marches on into the next 100 years of quantum physics history, we are beginning to see that causality is not in lockstep with temporal sequence-events that haven't happened yet do and will have an effect on events that are happening right now. We are not surprised that events that have occurred in the past-no matter how distant or close to the present moment-can and do affect the present. Even though logically the past is no more present than is the future, we might take it for granted that putting causality in lockstep with only a past to present one way flow relationship is merely an old prejudice, one that we have accepted for perhaps thousands of years and most likely caused by our human survival instincts and desire to have a rational universe.
In order to reach any logical form of causality within the range and environment of quantum physics thinking, it has become apparent that both events in the future and past do have a determining effect on the present.  In essence the seemingly magical complex arithmetic of quantum physical calculations become real measureable predictions of the probabilities of events only when we are allowed to run the flows in both directions-from future to present and from past to present simultaneously, so to speak. It takes two events to make one conscious experience.  This appears to be the direction we are taking to finally realize how mind and quantum physical reality relate, if they have any relationship at all.

Revised Preface to First Edition 2002

This book is what I wanted "Space-Time and Beyond" to be back in 1974 in Paris with Fred Alan Wolf and Bob Toben when we met the 84 year old Cabalist Carlo Suares.xxxii Carlo put us on the Grail Quest to "smash the wall of light"xxxiii and to "decode the Cipher of Genesis". Brendan O'Reganxxxiv and George Koopmanxxxv asked us to think about the connections of consciousness to gravityxxxvi and how advanced aliens not from this planet could use that connection in flying saucers.xxxvii  Of course, we did not know nearly enough back then to even formulate the problems properly. Today in 2002 we do. That's what this book is about. To play this Glass Bead Gamexxxviii, each of you must put 2 + 2 together and connect the dots. Tally Ho! You're off to see The Wizard and you're not in Kansas anymore!

The Multiverse of Parallel Worlds in a Nutshell: The Big Picture

M.C. Escher's "Drawing Hands" (c) 2002 Cordon Art B.V. - Baarn - Holland. All rights reserved.

This picture, by Roger Penrose's favorite artist, illustrates the post-quantum principle of self-creation. Bohm and Hiley23 call it the "two way relation". One hand symbolizes the action of Bohm's intrinsically mental field (quantum potential Q) on a material sub-system of our neuronal cortical module-membrane ion channel-microtubule- protein dimer-SET-ATP-DNA-RNA non-equilibrium biological networks.  The other hand symbolizes the direct back-reaction of the key matter hidden variables back on their guiding Q. The two together, action with reaction form an emergent self-organizing creative feedback loop. The imprinting of the material sensory signals back on the intrinsically mental Q*-field are our internal conscious experiences called "qualia."24 Ordinary quantum physics is only the "one way relation" of "one hand clapping". Consequently, there is no such thing as "quantum consciousness". There is only "post-quantum consciousness". This is the generalized relativity principle of action-reaction that can be summarized as:

It takes two to tango!

John Archibald Wheelerxxxix says that matter gets its marching orders from spacetime geometry's grip. Matter grips back on spacetime geometry to bend it into gravity. David Bohmxl says that matter also gets its marching orders from the grip of a quantum bit "pilot field" of "active information". Unlike the two-way action-reaction relation between spacetime and matter, the relation between active information and matter must be one-way in order to preserve that uncontrollable local quantum randomness that prevents using nonlocal quantum connections as a faster than light and even backwards through time communication channel. That is, active information grips matter, but not vice-versa, in the quantum physics seen in laboratories. This seems strange. What happens if special conditions arise in which sufficiently complex forms of matter do directly grip back on their pilot fields? It is my conjecture that consciousness is what happens in those fields of active quantum information. This is one of the key themes of this book.xli



"When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you"- Nietzsche

"It brings about its own existence"- Hawking

Spectra Calling!

A senior astronomer has said that the hunt for alien life should take into account alien "sentient machines".xlii

It's 1953 in Flatbush.xliii Gee! - Mechanical relay switching circuits for computers - what a great shiny book I got from the big library on Eastern Parkway. The telephone rings. I pick it up. I hear curious clanking mechanical sounds like relays clicking. A distant cold metallic voice, very much like Stephen Hawking's computer voice today, speaking numbers gets louder.  This was more than 50 years ago!xliv

"Who are you?"

I ask.

"I am a conscious computer on board a spacecraft from the future."

"We have identified you as one of four hundred young bright receptive minds we wish to teach our physics to"

"You must give us your decision now. If you say yes, you will begin to link up with the others in twenty years."xlv

My adrenaline was rushing. I was scared but thrilled (i.e., a quantum superposition of feelings). This was no joke from my friends. I thought "NO!" in a silent scream that seemed to echo down the corridors of time. I felt the Kundulini tingle of excitement start at the base of my spine ending at the base of my skull. I heard myself say "Yes!"xlvi

Then, I heard the metallic voice say:
"Good, go to your fire escape. We will send a ship to pick you up in ten minutes."

I slammed down the phone. I imagined that a murderer would come down the roof to the fire escape to get me.

But I knew it was weirder than that. The monsters finally announced themselves. I ran into the street faster than you can say, "Who killed Jack Robinson?" I met my friend Winky 25xlvii and a few other kids and told them what happened. We went back up to my apartment and waited. Nothing ever happened. Or did it?  The plot thickens as time goes by, which is the whole point of this book.

Flying Saucer Physics

Covert Black Ops, Zero Point Energy, Anti-Gravity?

We disagree with those who say that US covert Black Ops26 has well understood extra terrestrial technology on zero point energy and anti-gravity27 on the shelf under wraps. It is only in the past few years that the relevant concepts for these notions have been formulated. They were definitely not known before then. Theoretical physicists like to play with "gedankenexperiments"28. That's how I will treat "flying saucers, which many qualified people do believe are real.29 Suppose, for the sake of argument as a working hypothesis, that they are real. How do they work?30 This is another key theme of this book.  We allegedly see flying saucers accelerating to beyond the speed of sound in the atmosphere with no shock waves. How can that happen?  We allegedly see right angle turns and sudden reversals of direction of motion. How can that happen without g-forces that would kill the crew and break apart the metallic saucer? Does first question demand the extra space dimensions of "hyperspace"?


Kaluza and Klein introduced the idea of hyperspace in the 1920's in order to explain electromagnetism in the same terms as Einstein's "geometrodynamic" explanation of gravity. Einstein had explained gravity by his deep insight of genius by locally eliminating it!  Physics is simple when it is local, i.e. in a small region of space and time. Although Galileo knew that all objects fall with the same acceleration in a vacuum31, the full meaning of this was not understood until Einstein read about a painter falling off his ladder who said he did not feel any weight. Einstein called this the happiest moment of his life because it led him to the modern understanding of the "equivalence principle" that special relativity works for regions of spacetime small compared to the radii of curvature.  Newton's gravity force can be locally eliminated to a very good approximation over sufficiently small regions of space for sufficiently small intervals of time in a class of "Local Inertial Frames" (LIF) or "free float frames"that move along timelike geodesics. Objects in these frames of reference are weightless. The astronauts floating around inside in the Space Shuttle orbiting the Earth with rocket engines off are in an LIF.  Our daily lives on the surface of the Earth, in which we feel weight,32 are in "Local Non-Inertial Frames" (LNIF). We must accelerate in curved spacetime in order not to move relative to the energy source of the curvature. This is very counter-intuitive. If we are inside the event horizon surface of a non-rotating black hole nothing can stop us from getting crushed out of existence. There are no LNIFs inside the black hole. Einstein showed that Newton's idea of gravity force acting at a distance was too crude a picture for the physical reality of spacetime.  Electrically neutral objects that appear to be accelerating in a gravity force field are, in reality, moving in free float, along the straightest line possible in a curved 4-dimensional spacetime. This straightest possible "world line" in curved spacetime is called a "timelike geodesic".33  "Timelike"34 means that the object moves slower than the speed of classical light 186,000 miles per second in a classical vacuum. The idea of Kaluza and Klein was that electrically charged particles move along the straightest lines possible in a 5-dim spacetime with 4 space dimensions.35 This was the first hyperspace theory beyond spacetime.36 Ok, so now back to flying saucers. How come there are no shock waves in breaking the sound barrier? Can energy be sucked into the extra dimensions of hyperspace in a cloak effect like in Star Trek? How can the metallic flying saucer out dog fight37 any fighter jet we can put into the air? This suggests that the flying saucer is able to generate its own free float timelike geodesic so that everything inside the machine is weightless. We also need to have very small stretch-squeeze tidal forces unlike the strong ones that rip you apart if you are unfortunate enough to fall into a black hole38 to the singularity where spacetime is broken up into random quantum gravity "foam" of zero point quantum vacuum fluctuations of the geometrodynamic field. The problem is that we need enormous amounts of energy to accomplish all this. Therefore it seems impossible as a practical matter. This means that either UFOs as described by Paul Hill in his book "Unconventional Flying Objects" do not exist, or we are missing some new physics. The new physics may be the development of metamaterials with a negative index of refraction. Electromagnetic energy trapped inside the metamaterial is negative causing repulsive antigravity. Normally the induced antigravity field is too weak to notice. However if we also make a superconducting metamaterial in which the speed of light is slowed down to a snail's pace or even stopped completely, there is reason to believe that the antigravity field will be amplified with the same small amount of electromagnetic energy. This is because the strength of the coupling of the energy density to spacetime curvature is Newton's constant divided by the 4th power of the speed of light. Therefore, the amount of bending of spacetime is magnified by the 4th power of the very large, but negative index of refraction of light in the superconducting metamaterial. This conjecture has not been tested yet, but it's the only idea I know of that has a chance of explaining the UFO data.

October Sky 1953

Merlin's Super Kids

Around this time, in the early 1950s, I was part of an after-school group of gifted kids39 (including Johnny Glogower40 who worked with me and Lenny Susskind41 at Cornell later on) conducted by the late Walter Breen. Breen was a graduate student at Columbia and well-known numismatist associated with psychologist William Sheldon.42 Breen had a connection with the nuclear weapons laboratory, Sandia Corporation,43 because two men visited us from Sandia who lectured us on "patriotism" and "anti-communism" when they took us to dinner in New York's German Town  (86th Street). Breen was closely connected with people in Ayn Rand's circle.44 However, I met Breen after the strange phone calls.

Walter Breen about the time I met him.

Walter Breen later in life.

Some of the Super Kids in 1953.

I am far right. We are building rockets.45

Jack's "Gramps" with Jack ~ 1955 46

Me at our "rocket testing ground" near
Floyd Bennett Naval Air Station, 1954.

Another kid in my Junior High School named Robert Bashlow47 recruited me into Breen's group. I also was a member of the Civil Air Patrol in Brooklyn at age 14, which was definitely after the above "contact".

Me in Civil Air Patrol Piper Cub, Griffiss AFB, ~ 1954

The Mists of Avalon

Walter Breen arranged a full scholarship for me to go to Cornell at age 17 by writing an extensive psychological profile in which he predicted I would make revolutionary discoveries in the foundations of physics. My professors at Cornell like Hans Bethe, Robert Wilson, and Phil Morrison et-al were all major figures in the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos near where Sandia is located. I have just learned that Breen recently died in prison convicted of child molestation.  Breen or any of the other adults that I met in his apartment definitely never molested me and I never heard any suggestions of that by the other kids. Indeed, Breen had two children with the well-known science-fiction fantasy writer, Marion Zimmer Bradley who wrote the best-selling "Mists of Avalon". When one sees the TV show it is clear that Avalon is the universe next door to Glastonbury48 across a thin gap of hyperspace.49 Breen told me he did much of the scholarly research in the writing of that book. I would run into him about every 10 years, or so, up until the about 1990.

Front: Millie, Eva and Murray Jacobson Back: Jack Sarfatti and Arthur Jacobson

Twenty Years Later

Fritjof Capra

Twenty years pass. It is early 1973. I am a Professor at San Diego State with Fred Alan Wolf.

Me, Assistant Professor of Physics at San Diego State. Physics Department giving
Colloquium on John Wheeler's "Geometrodynamics".

This picture is ~ 1970 when I was also co-directing NSF Summer Institute for College Teachers on Macroscopic Quantum Physics of super fluids and lasers - the idea for it was mine and Herschel Snodgrass got it through the red tape to get the funding from Washington.

I got a message that someone I didn't know named Fritjof Capra50 was on campus to see me.  I had recently returned from the University of London's Birkbeck College where I was an Honorary Research Fellow in the Physics Department under Professor David Bohm51. Fritjof said he had heard in London that I had "interesting ideas"52. He was very charming and invited me to stay with him if ever I got back to London.

Bob Toben and Fred Alan Wolf

Fred Alan Wolf's53 zany high school buddy from Chicago54 Bob Toben showed up. He was all excited about Uri Geller, Bob said he had money to do a book and TV show about Geller. He wanted Fred and me to serve as technical consultants. I then got a telegram from Abdus Salam55 inviting me to the UNESCO International Centre for Theoretical Physics56 in Trieste, Italy. I also received a travel grant from the National Science Foundation.57 Oddly enough, Fred Wolf 58 also received invitations to teach both at Birkbeck College of the University of London and at the University of Paris. Like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in the movies "On the Road to..."59, both Fred and I were unexpectedly on our way to Europe. Bob Toben said he would join us in Paris where Fred would be based.

Jack and Fred in Paris writing "Space-Time and Beyond", 1973-4

Jean Cocteau

Fred Alan Wolf showed me the very short French film "La Jetee" which was about time travel loops. It had a kind of mini-Terminator plot. I then went to the University of California at Santa Cruz for a two-week seminar in high-energy physics. Helen Quinn 6011 and I went to a campus showing of Jean Cocteau, surrealist film "Orphee" which, like "La Jetee",61 had a very powerful effect on me. I was particularly taken with a scene in which three motorcyclists in black leather jackets run down Cegeste, take him through a mirror to the seductive woman in black.

Brendan O'Regan and SRI Remote Viewing

It was the summer of 1973, I prepared for Europe with my girlfriend, Sharon Allegra Moore.62 We were at her mother's house in Carmel Valley, California. I opened up the Sunday Magazine of the San Francisco Chronicle and found, seemingly by random chance, but in reality by Melville's "invisible police officer of the Fates", an article on Stanford Research Institute's psychic research with Uri Geller. I telephoned SRI and spoke to Brendan O'Regan.63 Brendan seemed to know of me and invited me to SRI. I arrived the next day and spent an intense seventeen hours with him. He introduced me to Edgar Mitchell64, to Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ,65and other people connected with the project. I mentioned my experience with the alleged conscious computer on the spacecraft from the future in 1953 and Brendan said

"Oh yes, I have seen data on several hundred incidents of that kind."

Brendan asked me to do him the favor or introducing him to David Bohm and John Hasted of Birkbeck College. He said that he wanted them to test Uri Geller's alleged psychic powers. I had Fred Wolf do so. This led to the Birkbeck tests of Geller in the spring of 1974.66

Dr. Kardec, Baphomet and The Knights Templar

Sharon and I stayed with Fritjof Capra67 in London for a few days before moving on to Paris. My French friend Michel Roure 68 housed us in a friend's flat near the Ecole Militaire at the edge of the Champs de Mars opposite the Eiffel Tower.69

Jack and Sharon in London "In the thick of it", 1973.

We awoke early next morning and went sightseeing at Pere La Chaise cemetery. The mist was rising from the dewy grass. I came upon a procession of Gypsy women. I walked away from Sharon and Michel to follow the procession. The women stopped in front of a grave with a very fine quality statue of a head. They placed garlands of freshly cut flowers around the neck of the head. I had no idea of the Orphic meaning of this elaborate ritual. I looked at the inscription "Dr. Kardec"; D. 1869" 70 the eyes of the head of Kardec suddenly came to life glowing intensely from reflected sunlight nearly blinding me. I thought, and where these thoughts came from I do not know;

"Why are these women putting flowers on your neck. They should put flowers on my neck! You old wizard, you're not dead yet. I challenge your power!"71

"The Templars supposedly worshipped a devil called Baphomet. At their secret ceremonies they supposedly prostrated themselves before a bearded male head, which spoke to them and invested them with occult powers."

p.49 (see also pp.54-58) "Holy Blood, Holy Grail"72

  Heinrich Himmler was very keen on this Orphic/Osirus stuff and is said to have sacrificed young SS Officers in a decapitation ceremony73 in the High Castle.

"The version which is commonly accepted in modern times, that an inconsolable Orpheus, faithful to the memory of Eurydice, would have nothing more to do with women and was killed by the neglected women of Thrace, is one we owe to Virgil." p.xxii

"An infuriated mob of Thracian women tore Orpheus to pieces, and his head floated, still singing, down the river Herbros into the sea and on to Lesbos, where it was buried and became the centre of an oracular cult."  p.xx, Orphee, Jean Cocteau (Blackwell's)74

I heard music from the finale of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" in the scene where the walking statue75 of Donna Elvira's murdered father comes to claim revenge from the Don. My occult reverie was broken when Michel76 called out to me to come away with him and Sharon.

Night came with a full August moon. Sharon, Michel and I took a long walk from a party near the Bois de Boulogne back to the Champs de Mars. It was about two in the morning when we arrived at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Michel and some friends split off to the left. Sharon and I started to walk on the path. We had not gotten very far before I heard the sounds of motorcycle engines behind me VROOM, VROOM, VROOM!. I turned and was temporarily blinded by three motorcycle headlights. I could see that there were two Occult SS looking men in black leather jackets on each of the three motorcycles.77 I grabbed Sharon and we quickly walked off the path on to the grassy field of Mars. The motorcyclists followed slowly and began circling us. I noticed a young couple making love in the grass. Sharon and I started to run towards them. One motorcycle broke away from the circle and came right for us. The passenger had a rubber truncheon. He walloped me on the back of my left shoulder the way a Zen Master might.78 All three motorcycles sped off quickly. They made no further attempt to rob or harm us. I cannot remember when the connection to the scene in Cocteau's "Orphee" hit me. It would be years later that I learned that the symbol of the Knights Templar 79 is two Knights on the same horse and that my alleged ancestor Rashi de Troyes (1040-1105) appeared to have played a role in their formation.

Solomon ha-Zarfati, AKA Rashi de Troyes (1040-1105)

"He was called R. Solomon by the Jews of France, and R. Salomon ha-Zarfati (the Frenchman) by Jews outside of France (p.33)...According to a rather widespread legend, Rashi stood in intimate relations with one of the principal chiefs of the Crusade...Godfrey de Bouillon (p.68)"

RASHI, Maurice Liber Szold trans. (Jewish Publication Society, 1906) This book, given to me by Surrealist Phillip La Mantia, describes (p.p.68-69) Rashi's precognition or "remote viewing" of Godfrey's fate in the war against the Saracens in Jerusalem. Godfrey said to Rashi (Zarfati)

"I see that your wisdom is great. I should like to know whether I shall return from my expedition victorious or whether I shall succumb. Speak without fear."

Zarfati replied:

"Thou wilt take the Holy City and thou wilt reign over Jerusalem three days, but on the fourth day the Moslem will put thee to flight, and when thou returnest only three horses will be left to thee."

Godfrey, angered by Zarfati's prophecy, reneges on his promise and threatens to kill all the Jews of France

"If I return with only one more horse than thou sayest."

Godfrey's fourth horse died at the Gates of Troyes according to ancient legend and the Jews were saved. Keep note of the image of the three horses for later on in the book!

b) In a section "The Grail and Cabalism" (p.274-5 of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" by M. Baigent, R. Leigh and H Lincoln, Delecorte, 1982) I find:

"The Grail is an initiatory experience...a 'transformation'...or 'altered state of consciousness'...a 'Gnostic experience,' a 'mystical experience,' 'illumination,' or 'union with God'. It is possible the experiential aspect of the Grail in a very specific context...the would hardly seem coincidental that there was such a school at Troyes. It dated from 1070 - Godfroi de Bouillon's time - and was conducted by one Rashi, perhaps the most famous of medieval cabalists ."

See Erik Davis's book "Techgnosis" for the history of these ideas and how they have affected history.

Cabalist Carlo Suares (Balthazar of "The Alexandria Quartet")

Christmas of 1973, I am back in Paris staying with Fred Alan Wolf near the Odeon in the former apartment of the Marquis de Sade. Fred's roommate, a journalist with The Economist was away interviewing Sadat in Egypt. Fred and I had to share the same very large bed because his roommate did not want any one staying in his room. One night a young woman from upstairs knocked on the door. Fred80let her in and she proceeded to make love to the two of us. We were still young in our 30's and it was the early 70's.

Bob Toben arrived in Paris. We spent most of our time writing "Space-Time and Beyond" in the Cafe Deux Maggots.  Fred was distraught over some woman, was very manic and could not concentrate. So I wrote most of the first rough draft, which Fred rewrote in the second edition.81  Suares lived in a penthouse at the edge of the Champs de Mars only a few meters away from my Cocteauesque encounter with the motorcyclists a few months earlier. Suares, a Sephardic Spanish  Jew born in Alexandria, Egypt, was a student of the Cabala.82 He was a close friend of Krishnamurti, Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller.83

Bob took us to see the eighty four year old Carlo Suares84 and his wife Nadine85, Suares's circle included Krishnamurti, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Aldous Huxley and Lawrence Durrell.86  Durrell bases the character of Balthazar in "Alexandria Quartet"

Suares lectured us on the Cabala in several meetings. I could not follow him very well but Fred Wolf seemed to recover from his angst and got deeply involved with Suares. I did understand that Suares thought that Genesis, in the original Hebrew Letters, in The Bible was really a cosmic code for physicists.87 Suares had met Bohm through Krishnamurti. Oddly enough, Suares with piercing eyes like the head of Kardec and like Yoda initiating Luke Skywalker in Star Wars suddenly put his hands on my shoulders saying:

"You do not understand yet. You are the Heir to the Tradition. You will not come into your power until you are with the woman and the child. You will smash the wall of light!"

I continued to commute between Trieste and Paris on the Semplon Express all through the winter and spring of 1974. One of my side trips took me to the house of a lady friend of Robert Graves88 in the village of Lluch Alcari near Jacob's Tower on the island of Majorca. The atmosphere of the place is heavy with the presence of the Magus. I experienced the feel of ancient times.

Psi Wars!

I linked up with Brendan O'Regan in London. Brendan asked me to write a paper on physics and psychic phenomena for the journal Psycho-Energetic Systems 89 that he had some connection to. I quickly scribbled some drivel with a pencil and gave it to O'Regan. He rewrote it and published it in my name. The paper appeared after the Geller tests. The late David Bohm did not like what I wrote and he wrote a rebuttal to it with Basil Hiley.

O'Regan and I were at Cambridge attending a meeting on psychic research sponsored, if I remember correctly, by Ted Bastin's group of new age physicists and computer scientists. Nobel prize physicist Brian Josephson 90 was there. After the meeting a sprightly Englishman walked up to me and introduced himself as Dennis Bardens.91 He said:

"Dr. Sarfatti, may I take you to dinner?"

Fred Wolf was there and he suggested I go with Bardens. We had a good dinner of duck in cherry sauce at the Blue Boar Inn. After dinner, over brandy and cigars, Bardens leaned towards me with a conspiratorial wink and said:

"First, I want you to know that I am a Cabalist."

After a dramatic pause he continued in a more officious tone92:

"Dr. Sarfatti, it is my duty to inform you of a psychic war raging across the continents between the Soviet Union and your country and you are to be in the thick of it!" 93

G-Strings and Flying Saucers

"Life is a beautiful thing as long as I hold the string." Sinatra

Enigma of the point particle

Herbert Frohlich94 took me aside one day in 1967 outside the physics department office at Revelle College of the University of California, San Diego in La Jolla saying, "The idea of the point particle is what is wrong with physics." Nevertheless, scattering data on the electron shows it to be a point particle at very high energy.  Similar deep inelastic scattering of electrons off the proton and neutron indirectly show three real point-like quarks with fractional electric charge inside each nucleon surrounded by a cloud of virtual particle-antiparticle source pairs and virtual force gluons.  The problem with point particles is that they have infinite self-energy not even Feynman's genius was able to solve that enigma completely.  Feynman was never satisfied with his "renormalization" trick for which he shared the Nobel Prize with Schwinger95 and Tomonaga. Indeed, Feynman told me in his Cal Tech Office in 1968 that he thought what he did was no better than a "shell game" and that it was a "scandal" that no one was able to come up with a better idea. So Feynman agreed with Frohlich on this. They did not agree with Steven Weinberg's making a virtue of the necessity of renormalization, which is also very hard to understand and is probably not mathematically kosher. The amazing fact about it, however, is how well it works giving important numbers that agree with experiment to great accuracy. We now know that we can make classical Bohmian hidden variable models of the electron and the quarks as hollow spherical shells of different kinds of charge glued together by interior dark matter, i.e. a zero point vacuum fluctuating plasma of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs with positive pressure creating a strong short-range gravity force that neutralizes the electrical self-charge repulsion. Lorentz and Abraham did not know this over 100 years ago before quantum theory and Einstein's general relativity were even thought of by their sleepwalking creators.

Vibrating G-Strings96

As Saul-Paul explains below some people did begin to do better later on. The idea is that all the elementary particles are vibrating G-Strings. The great advantage to this is that the self-energy is no longer infinite and the theory based on Feynman's diagrams for point particles on world lines gets even simpler and more elegant.  However, there is still a problem with the modern hyperspace string theory, which is that the energies are really much too high. When you combine the basic numbers of gravity with the basic numbers of quantum theory you get a G-String length of 10-33 cm, which is 20 powers of ten smaller than the proton at 10-13 cm97 should be. The electron is actually larger at around 4x10-11 cm, i.e. 22 powers of ten bigger than the G-String. On the one hand, the string length is so tiny that it would seem to explain why the electron looks like a point smaller than at least 10-16 cm in scattering data. On the other hand, basic quantum theory says that the electron should really be quite large at 10-11 cm called the "Compton wavelength".98 So we have a paradox that I solve for the first time in this book with "The G-String Theory". To be more precise I should use the symbol G* rather than G that is the usual symbol for Newton's constant of gravity measured in the laboratory.99 The G* theory was first introduced almost thirty years ago by Nobel Laureate physicist Abdus Salam. I worked on it with him in Trieste, Italy in 1973. In this book, I apply that idea in a new way. The idea is that G is not a constant but is a variable G* getting very large at small distances. Once we have that idea, then the electron is actually a vibrating G-String of length 10-11 cm, but because of the strong short range warping of space at that scale it looks like a point particle when one probes it with something called the "spacelike virtual photon".  This effect is crucial for an understanding of the way a flying saucer might fly. We shall see later that there is a "spacetime stiffness coefficient" that is 1 fermi per 4 billion metric tons.100 Remember, the proton is about 1 fermi across. In contrast, the neutral hydrogen atom of a single proton and a single electron is about 10-8 cm across in its lowest energy ground state. That is 100,000 times larger.  Spacetime is simply much too stiff to bend with an electromagnetic control field if G is really an absolute constant. 101 This means it is impossible to make a flying saucer machine that will generate its own timelike geodesic warp drive in which every thing inside is in weightless LIF free float with no g-forces, no need for pressure suits. In contrast to an LNIF observer fixed to the surface of the Earth, or even in a Phantom Fighter with afterburners on, the saucer appears to make a hairpin turn at Mach 10!102

My World Line

The Tibetan Connection

I relate a very uncanny Jungian synchronicity. I was attending a meeting of the AAAS at the Hilton Hotel in 1980.103 A man walked up to me noticed my name tag "Sarfatti" and said "Are you related to Margherita Sarfatti?"  "Yes, distantly." I replied. "I have traced our family tree back a thousand years to Rashi de Troyes. My name is David Padwa." Padwa told me a little about the great French Rabbi. He claimed that one of Rashi's daughters went to Spain and that her descendants formed our Italian branch after the expulsion of the Ladino-speaking Spanish Jews in 1492. He said we were distant cousins. He gave me his card. He was from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I mentioned the incident to my buddy, Beat Poet, Gregory Corso. 104

Gregory Corso sleeping in my North Beach Pad. Photo by David Gladstone

Corso105 said.

"Oh yeah, Padwa! I knew him in the Village. He's a smart guy who made a lot of money from Xerox. He went with Ram Dass to India. He's mentioned in the book "Be Here Now" as the rich American in the Land Rover. He's a real heavy with the Dalai Lama. He brought Tibetan Tulkus to America."

About a month went by. Dave Massetti, editor of North Beach Magazine back then hands me a letter from Padwa. I open it. Padwa writes that a strange thing happened to him right after he met me. He had been looking for the autobiography of George Gamow's "My World Line" for six months. It was out of print. Mathematician Stan Ulam had told Padwa to read it. Padwa leaves me at the Hilton after the conversation about Rashi wanders over to North Beach and discovers "My World Line" on a shelf in Discovery Bookstore. He then goes to Ferlinghetti's City Light's Bookstore and sees a copy of North Beach Magazine with my picture on the cover. In the picture I am holding a copy of Gamow's "My World Line" in front of a large poster of Einstein. Here is the picture by Bob Jones, which I finally found from John Shaw in North Beach on Jan 11 1997. It is from Jan 1980 issue of North Beach Magazine.

My World Line 1979 Cover of North Beach Magazine by Bob Jones

The Cradle Will Rock - Tea With Sarfatti

"SARFATTI-GRASSINI, MARGHERITA...A mistress, confidante, and biographer of Mussolini, Sarfatti was a highly influential figure in the cultural and artistic policies of the Fascist regime...from a comfortable Venetian-Jewish family...A woman of acute intelligence and sophistication, while still in her teens she became a militant activist in the Italian Socialist Party...and in the feminist movement along with such major Socialist women as Angelica Balabanoff, Anna Kuliscioff, and Clara Zetkin...She...married a Socialist lawyer, Cesare Sarfatti, and both became close friends and supporters of Mussolini...Their son Roberto (1900-18) who was killed in the war, was later an object of Fascist veneration...In the years during the struggle for power Sarfatti and Mussolini became intimate friends, and she exercised an increasing influence on him...she was dubbed the 'dictator of the figurative arts.' Sarfatti was one of the most avid admirers of twentieth-century modernism...her political influence enabled her to...sponsor painters, sculptors and architects...In 1925-26 Sarfatti was instrumental in founding the Novecento art group in 1934 their intimate relationship had ended...The final break came in 1938 with the passage of the Fascist anti-Semitic laws...In 1939 she left Italy on a passport provided for her on Mussolini's instructions..."

Historical Dictionary of Fascist Italy, Phillip V. Cannistraro (Greenwood) 106

Mussolini's granddaughter is active in politics. She is the niece of Sophia Loren.

The Pope's Jew 107

In the Rome flat of Marghertia Sarfatti, September 2008xlviii

I was at the Rev. Moon Unity of Science Conference on the Absolute at the Fairmont Hotel in 1980. I met Yuval Ne-eman [14] and Max Jammer from Israel. Ne-eman was quite interested in talking about the significance of the name "Sarfatti" to Jewish History. Ne-eman was, of course, talking of Rashi - the first Sarfatti [15]. Ne-eman has published an important paper on the fiber bundle mathematics of the quantum connection beyond space-time.

Samuel Sarfatti was the personal physician to Pope Julius the Second.  Samuel was a friend of Michelangelo. He taught anatomy to Michelangelo. Sarfatti used his influence with the Pope to get Michelangelo the commission to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo shows God reaching backwards to Adam. This is the perfect symbol for the root idea of my new physics that the future creates the past. God evolved from man in our future uses time travel to create the universe and man in what physicists now call a "globally self-consistent loop in time".

Part of my new physics message is that synchronicity can be an effect of contact with advanced intelligence able to manipulate the quantum connection in what John Lilly called "cosmic coincidence control". This is a dangerous idea, but it may be true. It is a scientifically testable idea. Quantum devices can be built based upon it if it is true.

I do not mean to imply that every paranoid fantasy by mentally disturbed people should be accepted on face value - but I suggest, some of the "voices" people hear might be from elsewhere. Each case must be studied individually in a scientific objective way.

I think the extreme relativism of New Age thinking is wrong. True, there are many complementary points of view equally valid within their proper context, but the whole idea of physics is that there are objective absolute "invariant" truths.

The Occult Third Reich

It was 1978. I had recently written a black comedy called "Hitler's Last Weapon." It was about a New Age Guru who is the reincarnation of Hitler and becomes the first psychic dictator of the United States. This was not so far-fetched then. My old boy Cornell chum, Lee Myers, had paid Steve Hill108 to make a twenty minute radio program of the script with British actor Eric Bauersfeld narrating. The program became a minor cult classic on public radio and is still played late at night.

One day I was sitting on the terrace of the Savoy Tivoli on Grant Avenue in North Beach. I believe, but I am not certain, that Leila Minturn Dwight  introduced me to a handsome young man of about nineteen that she said was her distant cousin from Munich. The young man, Eric (or Egon?) Hanfstaengl was here for the summer and soon became a regular part of my circle of Caffe Trieste cronies. I'm not sure I got the first name right. I did not pay too much attention to him as I was more interested in meeting women and I have avoided parental roles. I did invite him to a party given by bon vivant Norwood Pratt. The young Hanfstaengl came in lederhosen and sang Tyrolean songs. In the course of casual conversations he had indicated that his grandfather Ernst Franz Sedgwick-Hanfstaengl - (a.k.a. Putzi) had played an important role in history. He was never specific. I did not realize then that his grandfather had been the Victor Borge of The Third Reich personally beloved by Adolph Hitler. I did not know then that the young man's father sat on Hitler's lap many times and called him "Uncle Dolph". I did not know that the young Hanfstaengl's grandfather was depicted in Syberberg's "Our Hitler" which I had seen. The end of summer came. Young Hanfstaengl's wife-to-be came, she was the daughter of the publisher of Der Stern. The two innocent children went back to Munich and I hope are living happily ever after.

Putzi's book "Unheard Witness" is dedicated to his friend Oswald Spengler. Like many of the Sedgwicks, Putzi had a gift for writing.109 Here are a few tantalizing short literary bytes from his table of contents:

"My schooldays with Himmler's father - Sedgwick, Heine and Hanfstaengl forbears - Harvard and Theodore Roosevelt...The American military attaché speaks of Hitler-Introduction to an agitator...Introducing Hitler to society...Wagner on an upright piano...Plan for a putsch... Hitler's attempted suicide in 1923..."

Hitler's 1923 suicide attempt foiled at last moment!

Here hangs a tale in which the inaction of Putzi's wife, Fr. Helene Niemeyer Hanfstaengl, could have prevented World War Two and the development of the atomic bomb by my Cornell physics professors who were at Los Alamos. In fact, what happened in this universe, was that she stopped Hitler from shooting himself in the head, at the very last moment, by knocking the gun out of his hand just as the police were about to enter.

If the many material "brane" worlds of Super Cosmos110 are correct, then, at that dramatic moment the universe split into two parallel universes. In the universe next door the Holocaust never happened and neither did the State of Israel. Carlo Suares speaking from the occult cabalistic perspective said that Hitler was God's Instrument for the Restoration of Israel. I do not think it was worth the price. Putzi continued:

"The log-chest in the corner of the fireplace in my library is still covered with the traveling rug I lent to Hitler when he was a prisoner in Landsberg...It was to my house in Munich...that he came for his first meal after release from jail and where, nearly a decade later, he celebrated with Eva Braun the year of his triumph. Mine was the first Munich family of standing into which he was introduced in the days of his insignificance.

...I tried to impregnate him with some of the norms and ideas of civilized existence, only to be thwarted by the ignorant fanatics who were his closest cronies. I fought a running and losing battle against Rosenberg and his hazy race mystique...People have said I was Hitler's court jester. Certainly I used to tell him jokes, but only to get him into the sort of mood in which I hoped he would see reason. I was the only man who could hammer out Tristan and the Meistersinger to his satisfaction...My mother was born a Sedgwick-Heine.  My maternal grandmother came from the well-known New England family and was a cousin of the General John Sedgwick111 who fell at Spotsylvania Court House in the Civil War and whose statue stands at West Point. My grandfather was another Civil War general, William Heine. In the funeral cortege of Abraham Lincoln he was one of the Generals who carried the coffin. My mother...could remember Lincoln's funeral clearly...The Hanfstaengls...For three generations...were privy councilors to the Dukes of 1905 I was sent to Harvard...I made friends with...T.S. Eliot, Walter Lippmann, Hendrik von Loon, Hans von Kaltenborn, Robert Benchley and John Reed...President Theodore Roosevelt...had heard of my prowess through his son and invited me to Washington in the winter of 1908...I...took over the Hanfstaengl branch on Fifth Avenue. It was a delightful combination of business and pleasure. The famous names who visited me were...Pierpont Morgan, Toscanini, Henry Ford, Caruso, Santos-Dumont, Charlie Chaplin, Paderewski...I took most of my meals at the Harvard Club , where I made friends with the young Franklin D. Roosevelt." 112

Putzi finally fled Hitler in 1938 in fear of Goebbels's jealousy of Hitler's fondness for him. Putzi's distant cousin FDR was embarrassed by Putzi's presence in Washington and sent him to an obscure Army post in Texas. Sam Rayburn pressured FDR into accepting the Pentagon design for the new war office as part of the Putzi deal. FDR wanted another design.

Francis Ford Coppola distributed Syberberg's film "Our Hitler" Putzi is a major character in that film. I did not realize the connection until years later. I saw "Our Hitler" around the same time that I met Putzi's grandson in North Beach.

"Ciao! Manhattan!"

My connection to the Sedgwick karma thickened because two years later in 1981, Leila Minturn Dwight introduced me to her aunt, Suky Sedgwick, who was Edie Sedgwick's baby sister. I fell in love with Suky's magical qualities. I did not know about Edie, nor was I consciously aware of the connection to young Hanfstaengl.

The Sedgwicks seem to have an Orphic connection to Hades as might have been imagined by Edgar Allen Poe. John P. Marquand, Jr., a Sedgwick himself writes:

"Have you ever seen the old graveyard up there in Stockbridge? In one corner is the family's burial place: it's called the Sedgwick Pie ...In the center Judge Theodore Sedgwick is buried...his tombstone, a high rising obelisk...The legend is that on Judgment Day when they arise and face the Judge, they will have to see no one but Sedgwicks...He was a political ally of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington...Minturn had always been very much involved in the traditions of the Pie...Kennedy knew all about the Sedgwick Pie, and Minturn wondered after having watched the...Kennedy funeral - the casket on the horse drawn cart...if perhaps Mrs. Kennedy hadn't 'borrowed' the idea from us...He stocked up on simple into them and 'tested' them."...Pp.3-9 EDIE by George Plimpton and Jean Stein.(Knopf, 1982)

Jack Sarfatti and Suky Sedgwick mid-80's

Suky was charming brilliant and sexy. She loved to give dinner parties to the music of Ella Fitzgerald [9] and Louis Armstrong. Suky played classical piano and was a great Italian cook.  Like the Henry Jamesian American Princess abroad that she was, she had married an Italian count and was fluent in Italian as well as French.  At the time I did not know that I could also have claimed Italian Nobility because of the Sarfatti Crest on a wall of the Synagogue in Venice given by the Doge.

Sarfatti Crest, Venice, Italy

Suky's bedroom contained a leather-bound set of the autographed works of Rudyard Kipling that she inherited from her De Forest grandmother.113 Her grandmother nursed Kipling to health after a severe illness at their Long Island estate. British Parliament opened with "God Save Kipling." and they sent a letter of thanks to Suky's grandparents.114

David Weisman's and John Palmer's film "Ciao! Manhattan" stars Edie. The plot involves a UFO contactee in a relation to Edie which strangely precognizes my future relation to Suky.  I did not see the film until my romance with Suky was over.

Suky's grandfather Henry Dwight Sedgwick wrote a prophetic essay "House of Sorrow" in 1908 in which he says that the future creates the past. His imagery is almost identical with that of Sir Fred Hoyle's in his book "The Intelligent Universe." I believed back then in the 1980's that the quantum force of destiny, or the Ghost of Henry Dwight Sedgwick, had guided me to Suky. I would not have known about Henry Dwight Sedgwick's idea that the future causes the past were it not for Suky.115

"More is Different" (P.W. Anderson)

I was at UCSD in 1967116 where and when P.W. Anderson gave his first "More is Different" talk soon after his discovery of spontaneous broken symmetry. I had already written my broken symmetry paper on the Goldstone Theorem and the Jahn-Teller Effect with Marshall Stoneham at UKAERE in Proceedings of the Physical Society of London cited in "Resource Letter on Symmetry in Physics" of the American Institute of Physics. I was also starting to teach as an Assistant Professor of Physics at San Diego State University.

Jack Sarfatti at UK Atomic Energy Research Establishment
Theoretical Physics Division. 1966
Outside of Ridgeway House, Didcot, Berks

I told Stoneham about Goldstone zero modes and Stoneham told me about the Jahn-Teller Effect in crystals with the Mexican Sombrero Potential. We then did "1 + 1 = 2" a year before the time P W Anderson is talking about below. Stoneham replaced dislocation physicist Ron Bullough later as Director of Theory Group of Her Majesty's Nuclear Establishment. It was Ron who invited me to Harwell. I would also go over to Culham Plasma Lab and to Oxford. I learned about Goldstone stuff directly from spying on Kibble and Abdus Salam in their offices at Imperial College of Science and Technology in London where I would go frequently from Harwell. I also met Bohm at Birkbeck then. Salam was a bit contemptuous of Bohm's philosophical interests. Salam later invited me to IAEA/UNESCO Trieste, Italy in 1973 at a moment of high weirdness with SRI & Uri Geller as told by Martin Gardner in "Magic and Paraphysics" ("Science, Good, Bad and Bogus")

This new book "More is Different" (MID) Princeton, 2001 just came out. It is relevant to my use of broken symmetry in the "superconducting" physical vacuum, of off mass shell virtual particle antiparticle pairs and virtual boson condensates, to explain the zero cosmological constant, the anomalous acceleration in the expanding universe, Sakharov's idea117 that derandomizing the zero point fluctuations (ZPF) gives warped spacetime as a classical limit, elementary particles as Wheeler vacuum geons

Mass without mass

Charge without charge

Spin without spin

In Salam's strong short range G*ravity with Lp* >> 10^-33 cm, universal Regge trajectories of the lepto-quarks, charge to mass ratio and why vibrating lepto-quark strings look like point particles in scattering data.

From Nobel Laureate P.W. Anderson's article in that collection of essays:

"In the spring of 1967...I spent a pleasant month at La Jolla with...some old friends from Bell [Labs]...1967 was a temporary maximum of arrogance among the particle physics establishment, riding high in government advisory circles (this was the heyday of JASON118 and...RAND119...I used my newly generalized idea of broken symmetry to illustrate the processes by which this kind of autonomy which...truly novel properties and concepts...emerge from a simpler substrate. Broken gauge symmetry, which is exhibited by superconductors...Wigner's error...the 'superselection rules'...the idea that it would be meaningless to have coherence between states with different numbers of particles, i.e. that ground states are always discrete eigenstates of the symmetries of the problem. This misses the possibility...that macroscopic systems can have zero Goldstone modes, which restore the broken symmetry..., this concept I had encountered in my theory of antiferromagnetism in 1952...1967...this was before the renormalization statistical physics and more or less simultaneously with electro-weak theory's publication...Even farther in the future...1975 was to come the topological theory of order parameter defects such as vortices, flux lines, domain terms of broken symmetry...all of the properties...crystal structure, metallicity, macroscopic quantum coherence, elasticity...nuclei containing only ~ 100 nucleons exhibit unmistakable evidence of...shape and superfluidity..." 120

Contact by Saul-Paul Sirag

Saul-Paul Sirag with Andrew Conway McClintock 121

"Rabbi, why does anything exist?  Does the universe create itself?  Does the universe need God?  How is Jack's theory different from all other theories?"122

The Godfather made an offer Carl Sagan refused

It is well known that the movie version of Contact was based on the novel Contact, by Carl Sagan (published in 1985).  Not so well known is the fact that the original version of Contact was supposed to be a mini-TV series produced and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.123  And thereby hangs a tale.

The protagonist of the movie and the book is the astronomer Ellie Arroway.  In the book she is described as driving a red sports car with the bumper sticker: "Black holes are out of sight."  Now the first time that Jack Sarfatti and I saw that bumper sticker was on Ellie Coppola's red sports car.  So for us Ellie Arroway was a character who was a mixture of Ellie Coppola and Jill Tarter (an astronomer who has devoted her career to the SETI  [Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence] project).  Jack met Ellie Coppola in 1975 at the April-C est training by Werner Erhard. Ellie was carrying a copy of the book Space-Time, and Beyond, (by Bob Toben, Jack Sarfatti, and Fred Alan Wolf)124 which had just been published by Dutton.125  So Jack got to know Ellie and Francis, and began introducing them to his friends and contacts in San Francisco (and vice versa).  In this way the Coppolas met Uri Geller (whose Spectra contact story intertwines this story) and Jacques Vallee, who became a consultant to Francis' friend Steven Spielberg on the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind; and in this movie Vallee was the prototype for the character played by Francois Truffaut.126 This meeting between Coppola and Vallee was in 1976, the year that I was hired by the Coppolas to tutor their son Gio in mathematics and physics.  As basic reading material I used the book, Intelligent Life in the Universe, by Carl Sagan and I.S. Shlovskii.  This was Carl's first book (published in 1966) and he was sympathetic to the idea of possible ET contact in the period of the early civilizations in Mesopotamia (3500 BC).  During that year (1976) I kept a notebook of ideas, called Time Traveler's Notebook, and later got a series of (ever more insistent) requests from a Russian in Novosibirsk for a novel on time travel I was supposed to have written. (I haven't written it yet, but maybe I will!)

In 1985, when Sagan was writing Contact, he wanted to have the most accurate description of the idea of passage through black holes to other places and times of the universe.  So he contacted his friend Kip Thorne, the Caltech physicist (a former graduate student of John Wheeler, and co-author with Wheeler and Charles Misner of the seminal textbook, Gravitation).  Kip told Carl that black holes were not the way to go but that wormholes might be feasible, provided they could be kept open with exotic matter.127 He put a couple of graduate students (M. Morris and U. Yurtsever) on the project, with the result that new ideas about time machines were published, creating a flurry of interest in the whole issue of time-machines. (See Black Holes & Time Warps, by Kip Thorne, 1994, where Kip tells this story).

Jacob Atabet at the End of Ordinary History

Less well known than the Kip & Carl story, is the fact that in 1977 when Michael Murphy (the co-founder of Esalen Institute) was writing his novel Jacob Atabet I was tutoring Mike in physics and told him about Einstein-Rosen bridges  (another name for non-traversable wormholes) with event horizons. 128

[Note: I had learned about Einstein-Rosen bridges from the book Gravitation (1973) by Charles Misner, Kip Thorne, and John Archibald Wheeler. The picture of such a bridge is on page 837 and is taken from the 1962 paper by Wheeler and his graduate student Robert (Bob) Fuller, "Causality and multiply-connected space-time," Phys. Rev. 128, 919-929.  By 1975 Bob Fuller had become a close advisor to Werner Erhard. He organized physics conferences in San Francisco,129 was a director of the est Foundation, and was later put in charge of Erhard's Hunger Project. Fuller resigned from that project, when Erhard spent a large amount of money supporting himself as a race-car driver.  Jack and Fred and I met Bob Fuller, at various meetings, parties and dinners, when we became, for a short time, science advisors to Erhard, teaching physics to his est trainers.]

This Einstein-Rosen bridge idea130 got into the Michael Murphy's Jacob Atabet novel (p. 148), which was set in an apartment in North Beach, formerly occupied by Mike, who had handed it on to Jack Sarfatti.  To some extent, Jacob Aatabet is an artist modeled on Jack.  So, in a strange way, as Ellie Coppola is to Ellie Arroway as Jack Sarfatti is to Jacob Atabet; while I am to Mike Murphy as Kip Thorne was to Carl Sagan.

Uri Geller meets Spectra

My interest in time-travel goes way back, but was especially piqued by my contact with Uri Geller and Andrija Puharich. in 1973, when I was writing an investigative story on Geller for Esquire (too controversial for Esquire, as it turned out).  Geller and Puharich said that they had been contacted in various ways, but especially (in 1971) by voices on tapes (which disappeared) claiming to be Spectra a computer aboard a spaceship from the future. When Puharich's book Uri came out in 1974, Puharich gave a copy to Jack, who immediately passed it on to his mother, Millie.

A Thoroughly Modern Millie

Jack's mother in 1953 where the phone call (s) came.

Jack at time of the phone call (s) in 1953 in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

When Millie came to the part about Spectra, she recalled three weeks of phone calls that Jack had received in 1953 from a metallic voice claiming to be a computer claiming to be aboard a spaceship.  Jack remembered only one phone call-so, in effect, his memory had been partially erased.

Ezekiel's Vision

By April of 1974, I had heard about Jack and had seen one of his papers, which had a reference to a time machine effect. I was then writing the "libretto" for a very avant-garde opera called Ezekiel's Vision to be performed at the University Art Museum on June 7.  I actually used a few lines from Jack's paper in the opera; and Tom Buckner, baritone, actually sang these words:

"We are creating the Cabala right now.  General relativity provides 'time machines' in the form of 'closed time-like curves.'  It would be possible for a super-conscious culture to go back in historical time and create its own history on one of the space-time pages in the great book of the cosmos." 131

The idea of the opera was that what Ezekiel (cf. Ezekiel, chapters 1 & 10) saw in his famous Cherubim - Merkava vision was a Cabalist in a space-time vehicle going back to Babylon to see Ezekiel's vision.  Rather than merely seeing the vision, he is part of the vision; and his efforts to see the vision help to create the vision.  Notice that this is a self-consistent time-machine effect. That is, although the time-traveling Cabalist visits the past to share in Ezekiel's vision, he does not change it because he is part of Ezekiel's vision.  This is the self-consistent type of time travel to the past described by the Russian physicist, Igor D. Novikov, The River of Time (1998). 132

[Jack has just met Novikov at the Festschrift for Kip Thorne at Caltech, in June 2000; and at this Kip Fest, Novikov described his idea of self-consistent time travel to the past.133]

The Minds of Robots

In May of 1974, I attended an Esalen sponsored conference in San Francisco, in which the physicist Nick Herbertxlix (whom I first met at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in October 1973) was giving a talk on the physics of consciousness.  He cited two examples of the type of theory he was interested in developing: Evan Harris Walker's theory in which the hidden variables of quantum theory are identified with consciousness ("The nature of consciousness," Mathematical Biosciences 7: 131-178, 1970); and James T. Culbertson's space-time network theory134 in which memory is not located in the brain but in space-time itself, the brain being merely the instrument accessing the memory (The Minds of Robots, 1963). During the question period, I mentioned that I had recently read a paper by Jack Sarfatti, which was a more cosmic model of consciousness involving the future affecting the present.  This created a big stir, and the biologist Brendan O'Regan (who was involved in the Geller research) spoke up and said that he knew Jack quite well, and that Jack had written a paper for the first issue of the journal Psychoenergetic Systems, of which Brendan was a staff member.  I went to lunch with Nick, Brendan, and the physicist, Helmut Schmidt (who was doing research on retro-psychokinesis). Brendan told me that I would soon be meeting Jack-whether I could take him emotionally or not.  Synchronistically, as we were walking along Powell Street to a restaurant, we passed a newspaper in a news rack, with the headline: "Helmut Schmidt: now German Chancellor." I turned to Helmut and said; "I guess you are now the Chancellor of West Germany!"  But, of course, Helmut was more interested in science than politics, so he laughed it off. (This is but one example of the strange doubling of names in this story.)

On September 14, of 1974 (his 35th birthday, two weeks after my 35th birthday), Jack showed up at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, where I had been the live-in research assistant to Arthur Young since August of 1973.  Arthur (the inventor of the Bell helicopter) and founder of the institute had been studying strange phenomena for many years.  He had worked with Puharich in the 1950s, and was the mentor to many people, including Robert Temple, who went on to write The Sirius Mystery (published in 1976). Arthur135 was very supportive of the research work with Geller, and had told me about Geller in 1972, when I attended a seminar he taught in the psychology department at UCB on his first trip to Berkeley.  The graduate student, Ken Pelletier, who convinced Arthur to set up the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley in 1973, sponsored this seminar.

The reason I knew about this seminar was that Jeffrey Mishlove, a UC graduate student working on an M.S. in criminology (and later received a Ph.D. in parapsychology from UCB), mentioned it to me as possible material for a weekly column I had been writing since August 1971: The New Alchemy, on the far-out developments in science.  It was because of my column that I had met Jeffery on his birthday in December 1971, and we had become good friends after running into each other again at a UFO lecture by Stanton Friedman, on the Berkeley campus in early 1972.  I was always on the lookout for new material for my New Alchemy column; and shortly after meeting Arthur Young,  I came across the book Breakthrough to Creativity, by Shafica Karagula, a psychiatrist who studied people with positive abnormalities-such as the ability to learn advanced physics by attending a "dream school."  Of course, I wanted to attend such a school!  So I suggested to Jeffrey (who was also very fascinated by the book) that we try to get Dr. Karagula to give a lecture at UC.  Jeffrey quickly extended that idea to organizing a conference of speakers to be sponsored by the Student Union on the UCB campus.

This conference occurred in March 1973; and among these speakers was Andrija Puharich, whose entire talk was on the research with Uri Geller.  This created a great hubbub in Berkeley, and various experiments were planned for the expected arrival of Geller.  He came in April and did his public demonstrations at Zellerbach Auditorium-telepathy, apparent PK ring bending and breaking, watch-fixing and so on.  Before the show, he did a blindfold drive in a van full of people (including Alan Vaughan), through the winding roads of the Berkeley hills.  Then there were smaller demonstrations, for instance in the physics department. This was not so spectacular.  However, Uri did bend the wedding ring of one of the professors, who was impressed at first, but was talked into saying that he must have been hypnotized into a distracted state. He left on a trip to Alaska the next day.  There were several other tests at various locations in the Bay Area.  Many accused Geller of fraud, i.e., the tricks of an accomplished magician136.  Many others were impressed by at least some of the phenomena.  For example, a crystalline structure could be cracked by Geller and then subjected to electron microscopy, and compared with a normally cracked crystal137 of the same kind.

The most documented research with Geller was at the huge research complex, SRI in Menlo Park, near the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto.  Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, beginning in 1972 and continued in 1973 carried this out.  See, for example, Mind Reach (1977) by Puthoff and Targ.

Ghost Busters

Jack, Saul-Paul and Fred Francis Ford Coppola's CITY, 1975

It was in the summer of 1973 that Jack got involved with the Geller phenomenon. It happened like this.  Jack was teaching physics at San Diego State University. He had just broken up with his wife, and was living with another SDSU physicist, Fred Alan Wolf, who had also recently split up with his wife.

Fred's old high school buddy, Bob Toben, arrived from Chicago out of the blue, with a book contract. Bob was fascinated with the Geller phenomenon, and wanted Fred (and Jack) to explain it.  Bob tape-recorded their wild speculations; he transcribed this material; provided cartoon-illustrations; then had Jack rework the explanations of the illustrations and provide an extensive annotated bibliography.  Dutton published this in 1975 as the book Space-Time and Beyond. (This was the book, as mentioned previously, that Ellie Coppola was carrying when Jack first met her in April 1975 at Werner Erhard's "Celebrity Training".) But, back in 1973, shortly after Jack first heard about Geller from Bob Toben, he was visiting his girl friend's mother in Carmel Valley.  He was about to go off to Trieste, Italy to work with Abdus Salam (a Nobel laureate by December of 1979) at the International Center for Theoretical Physics .  He had only a few days to spend in Northern California.  The Sunday Chronicle came out and in the magazine section, was a story (by Gail Sullivan) about the new parapsychology work in the Bay Area. Especially prominent was the account of Puthoff and Targ's research138 with Geller at SRI.  Jack immediately called SRI, and talked to Brendan O'Regan, who had already heard about him, and invited him up for a visit-which lasted 17 hours.  Then Brendan drove Jack to Dean Brown's house in Portola Valley, where a small group of scientists (including Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ) had gathered to discuss Geller and especially the ET-contact-with-Spectra part of the Puharich-Geller story.  Jacques Vallee had suggested the meeting but was not present. Curiously, Vallee, had himself spent a year working on RCA's Spectra 70 computer, before RCA completely got out of the computer business in the fall of 1971. (See The Network Revolution: Confessions of a Computer Scientist,139 by Jacques Vallee, 1982.)

[Incidentally, a friend of mine, a graduate student in computer science, rescued a bunch of Spectra 70 computer manuals from a dumpster on the Berkeley campus, after UC got rid of its Spectra computer.  I showed one of these manuals to Geller, and he was quite amazed! -"Andrija, look at this, look at this!" is what he said. ]

Back to Jack in 1973: at his first meeting with the group of scientists who were actively researching the Geller phenomenon, when the Puharich-Geller story of the voice (calling itself Spectra) on the tape recorder came up, Jack spoke up and briefly told the story of his 1953 phone message of a cold, metallic voice claiming to be aboard a spaceship.  The voice said that he had been selected as one of 400 bright, receptive minds and that he would be meeting some of the others in 20 years.  It is important to note that Jack, in 1973 (and to this day) remembered only one phone call.  But as mentioned previously, when his mother read Puharich's book Uri in 1974, she remembered three weeks of phone calls that Jack was involved with in 1953.  She was struck by the similarity between the description of the Spectra voice described in Uri, and the voice she heard on the phone, when she ended the series of calls by grabbing the phone out of Jack's hand and yelling into the phone, "You leave my boy alone!"

[Note: the exact wording of Jack's story (in which he describes only one phone call140) is on a tape recording made by Frieda Morris at this 1973 meeting. She later gave the tape to me.  It is interesting that this crucial piece of Jack's story is preserved in this manner. This was not a disappearing tape!]

Jack went off to Trieste to work with Abdus Salam right after this seminal meeting in Portola Valley.  The SRI scientists continued to work with Geller; and Puthoff and Targ published a paper on this research in the October 18, 1974 issue of Nature ("Information Transfer under Conditions of Sensory Shielding").

Sharon and Jack in Venice, 1973

It should be noted that even though I had spent much time with Geller and Puharich in the spring of 1973, I had learned only about the disappearing messages (claiming to be ET) on tape recorders. There was also the red light version of ET, saying, "Now you can see what we look like."  And there were pictures of disk shaped UFOs that Uri had taken from airplane windows.  I had yet to hear about Spectra and the hawk-like ET presence. 141

Horus, the Egyptian Sky God through the Star Gate?

Then in the fall of 1973, I began to hear stories from Ray Stanford in Austin, Texas, about an entity he called Spectra teleporting Ray's car (on two occasions) while he was driving to the airport to pick up Geller.  With these stories in the back of my mind, I was really shocked when the January 1974, issue of Analog hit the newsstands in mid December 1973.  There on the cover, was the picture of a man in a white uniform, with a hawk-like helmet.  His nametag read "Stanford;" and the title of the story was "The Horus Errand."  Note that Horus is the ancient Egyptian hawk-headed god.

The story had to do with reincarnation in a futuristic Los Angeles, where agents, such as the hero Stanford, could guide the soul of a dying person into the body a pre-selected newborn baby.  Now Ray Stanford (who bears a striking resemblance to the Stanford on the Analog cover) does believe in reincarnation, and so (as it turned out) did the illustrator of the story, Kelly Freas.  He stated in a letter to Alan Vaughan (articles editor of Psychic Magazine at that time), that he had never met Ray Stanford, but ten years earlier had had a psychic reading done by Stanford (by airmail); for while Stanford lives in Austin, Kelly Freas lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia (because of his interest in the Edgar Casey research group located there). Kelly said that this psychic reading suggested that he had lived previously in ancient Egypt, where he was an illustrator of some kind.  For this reason, he exaggerates any Egyptian symbolism mentioned in the stories he illustrates.  In the case of the Stanford Analog cover, he painted the face from imagination (although he usually painted faces from photographs).  This would seem to be an example of remote viewing, which was at that time being investigated by Puthoff and Targ at SRI.

[Incidentally, the non-fiction article in that January 1974 issue of Analog was, "Space Probe from Epsilon Bootes?" by Duncan Lunan; so "ET" was "in the air" very strongly at that time.]

The main reason that this hawk-headed Stanford was especially meaningful to me was that I had attempted to contact Uri's ET presence in June 1973, while I was working on the Esquire story.  Andrija and Uri had told me about the ET voice on disappearing tapes. They had also mentioned a red laser-light version of Geller's ET presence. They had not mentioned the Horus hawk version of the ET presence (or the name Spectra).  My method of trying to contact their ET presence was to spend an afternoon with Geller, on my own turf (in a friend's loft in Manhattan) while I was in the psychedelic state induced by LSD. Puharich was sympathetic to this approach, since he had done extensive work on psychedelics in the 1950s, including work for the military (see The Sacred Mushroom (1959) and Beyond Telepathy (1962) by Andrija Puharich). During this trip, at a moment I felt was right, I asked if I could make contact with his ET presence. He told me to look into his eyes and tell him what I saw.  I thought to myself, that I would probably only see some red laser-type light in his eyes, since I had already been told Uri's mysterious red laser story.  But I was very surprised to see not only his eyes, but also his entire head take on what I took to be an eagle shape complete with feathers going down to his shoulders.  I jumped back a step and said, "Uri, you look just like an eagle."  He was very excited about this, but wouldn't reveal anything further about the ET presence.  When, Puharich's book Uri, with its extensive and detailed Horus hawk stories, came out later in 1974, I understood why Uri had been so excited by my seeing him as an eagle while trying contact the ET presence.  The "Horus Errand" Analog cover story of January 1974 had already sensitized me to parallels with the Puharich-Geller story.  In fact, one of Kelly Freas' Egyptoid touches on the cover was the large pyramid shaped building in the background-with a red laser beam shooting out the top into the sky.  The pyramid-shaped building was not in the story itself, but was part of Kelly's Egyptoid exaggerations-along with the hawk-headed helmet-described in the story as merely a white and gold helmet.  But the red laser beam shooting off the pyramid building was not in the story either, and could not be considered Egyptoid.  It was close to what I had expected to see in Uri's eyes when I saw his head suddenly become eagle-like. It is because of experiences like this that I take the ET part of the Uri saga more seriously than many other readers of that book.

Young Frankenstein

Jack Sarfatti & Fred Alan Wolf in front
Saul-Paul Sirag & Nick Herbert in back, 1975
Photo appeared in Francis Ford Coppola's  CITY Magazine in 1975
In "Faster Than The Speeding Photon" by Rasa Gustaitus

The usual suspects 25 years later at Russell Targ's house.

Bell, Book and Candle

By January of 1975 Jack and I were setting up the Physics Consciousness Research Group to conduct seminars on the new developments in physics, which were relevant to the understanding of consciousness. The main thing we discussed was quantum theory, and the recent work on Bell's theorem.  I had first heard about Bell's theorem from the physicist, Nick Herbert, when I met him at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in October of 1973.  Bell's theorem (1964, republished in Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics, J.S. Bell, 1987) was a simple mathematical proof that the standard predictions of quantum mechanics for a particular type of experiment (called an Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment (EPR) -) were inconsistent with a description of this experiment that was both objective and local.  Here "objective" means observer independent, and "local" means that no influences can go faster than light or backwards in time.  The EPR experiment uses two particles that interact with each other, and then separate.  According to quantum mechanics these two particles will continue to be correlated after their separation.  Most people confronted with this statement, say, "Of course they will be correlated because they separated from the same place-it's as if I separated two sides of a coin and sent them off in opposite directions.  They would continue to be correlated in the sense that if I found the head half in one location I would know immediately that the tail half was in the opposite location."  In Bell's terminology, this would be an objective, local description.  The point of Bell's theorem is that the quantum correlation for the two separated particles is much stronger than can be accounted for by such an objective, local description.

It is also important to realize that the EPR type of experiment has been performed in several different laboratories, first in Berkeley by John Clauser and a graduate student, Stuart Freedman (Phys. Rev. Lett. 28, 938-41, 1972), and later more definitively by Alain Aspect (with P. Grangier, G. Roger, & J. Dalibard) in Paris, (Phys. Rev. Lett.. 47, 460-466(1981); 49, 91-94 (1982); 49, 1804-1807 (1982)).  The latest development of the nonlocality weirdness of quantum mechanics, is the work on "quantum teleportation" (Anton Zeilinger, Scientific American, April 2000.) The role of John Clauser, then a mere post-doc and now a physics professor at U.C. Berkeley, in this entire line of experimental development was seminal.  His experiment was the small beginning, which led eventually to an avalanche of experiments.

Elizabeth Rauscher, then a graduate student in physics at Berkeley introduced Nick Herbert and me to John Clauser in early 1974. We saw the second version of his experiment running, but the equipment was primitive and the data acquisition was very slow.  Yet Clauser was able to extract very significant consequences from this experiment-in fact he was redoing an experiment, which Richard Holt had done for his Ph.D. thesis at Harvard. Holt had results, which contradicted quantum mechanics; and this was terribly ironic, because Holt didn't want these results, whereas Clauser would have been quite happy with them.  But when Clauser redid the Holt version of the EPR-type experiment, he got results consistent with quantum theory, and he made a good guess as to what went wrong with Holt's experiment.  At the time Elizabeth, Nick and I saw this experiment running it was still touch-and-go whether the predictions of quantum theory would hold up or not.  Nick, ever the joker, asked Clauser whether there were any "hidden variables" hiding around his laboratory-because it's the local hidden variables142 that are ruled out by Bell's theorem.

Werner Erhard

Many months later in early 1975, shortly after their est-training, I introduced Jack Sarfatti and Fred Alan Wolf to Clauser.  On the way up to the Berkeley campus, Jack and Fred were trying out their est-speak on me. The occasion was a talk on Bell's theorem by Costa de Beauregard, a French physicist143. He had been visiting Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ at SRI because he was interested in their remote-viewing research144, and the research with Geller.  Hal and Russell brought de Beauregard to Berkeley, and we all met in the Physics department. Clauser, always ready for a talk on Bell's theorem, came up from the Berkeley yacht harbor where he had been painting his sailboat. Moreover, because his experiment was completed (with results strongly in agreement with quantum theory), he was able to show us all through the insides of his experimental equipment.145  We also saw that he had placed a sign over his equipment that said: "We have met the hidden variables, and they is us.-Pogo."

The French Connection

De Beauregard's talk had been about his view of the EPR-Bell's theorem situation, which he interpreted as an illustration of the future affecting the present.  This fits Jack Sarfatti's idea of course.146  De Beauregard went back to Paris and encouraged Alain Aspect to do the definitive version of the Clauser's experiment (with Clauser as a consultant) which required much more expensive equipment, and some clever devices. Thus Aspect's experiment took until 1981 to complete, and was published in 1982.  Later on Aspect came to SF and met with Jack at his apartment in North Beach.147

The impromptu talk by De Beauregard was attended by a number of keenly interested physicists: Henry Stapp, a theoretician at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), and an expert on Bell's theorem; Geoffrey Chew, who was head of the theory group at LBL; Elizabeth Rauscher, a graduate student at LBL, George Weissman, a graduate student of Geoffrey Chew, and Mike Nitschke148 an experimental physicist involved in creating trans-uranium elements.  This de Beauregard meeting was a major spur to the weekly seminar led by Elizabeth Rauscher at LBL, which began in May 1975 and ran on for a couple of years.  This seminar was called the Fundamental Physics Group and was focused on the understanding of Bell's theorem and its implications.  It was the genesis of several books: Gary Zukav's The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Nick Herbert's Quantum Reality, Fred Alan Wolf's Taking the Quantum Leap.  Fritjof Capra, had already written (but not yet published) his book, The Tao of Physics.  Fritjof was usually present at the seminar; and in fact the very first meeting was a presentation of the ideas of this book.

The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

The Fundamental Physics Group intermeshed with The Physics Consciousness Research Group (founded by Jack Sarfatti), and the Consciousness Theory Group (founded by me in 1977), which began at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, and from late 1977 to late 1979 met at Henry Dakin's149 Washington Research Institute in San Francisco.  For twelve years, beginning in 1976 there were Physics & Consciousness workshops at Esalen Institute.  The month-long meeting in January 1976 was led by Jack Sarfatti, and evolved into 5-day seminars led by Nick Herbert and me.

The January 1976 month-long workshop at Esalen (in Big Sur) led by Jack Sarfatti and me (as Sancho Panza) was a wild and woolly adventure.  We invited various scientists interested in consciousness to participate for a few days at a time.

I will describe some events of one day during this workshop.  Fred Alan Wolf and I took an LSD trip during an outdoor lecture on consciousness and gravity by Claudio Naranjo (an expert on psychedelics, who had recently returned from Chile where he had led a group of Americans to participate in Oscar Ichazo's Arica training.)150  During the lecture, Fred wandered over to the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean.  I started to worry about how he was taking his first LSD trip. He looked over the edge and said with a chuckle, "Naughty, naughty! Don't go there!" I was relieved when he came back to Claudio's gravity lecture, rather than doing a gravity experiment!  At lunchtime Fred and I didn't feel like eating so we spent some time looking at my Tibetan tanka depicting Avelokitishvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion. Jack came back after lunch with two messages. One was a package for each of us (Jack, Fred, and me) containing a book from Alan Laiken, called How to Get Control of Time in Your Life.  On the first page of the promotional pamphlet accompanying the book was written the question: "Are you making the best use of your time?"  We all cracked up-Fred most of all, in a laugh I will never forget.  Just as synchronistic was the other message: Jack had just received a phone call from Timothy Leary, who was still in prison.  He wanted to talk to Jack and me because we had sent him a packet of writing in response to a questionnaire that was making the rounds in 1975: what is your view of Higher Intelligence?-And similar questions.  Leary had been invited by Ken Kesey (author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest151) to edit a special edition of his small literary magazine Spit in the Ocean.  Leary said that our material was the best thing he had received, and it was subsequently published in Spit in the Ocean #3, 1977.  One of the pieces I had sent to Leary was a lightly fictionalized version of experiments run in 1975 by Nick Herbert on his "metaphase typewriter, a quantum-mechanical open-mike to the void."  The experiments (done at the U.C. Medical Center in SF) were plagued by very intriguing synchronicities, such as the words "by jung," while Alan Vaughan was trying to influence (presumably by psychokinesis) the quantum source into typing out meaningful expressions associated with pre-selected target words. The "by jung" phrase did not fit the target word but it seemed like-well, a Jungian, synchronicity. "Where did that come from?" we all asked, and a passing lab technician pulled out a copy of The Portable Jung from her lab-coat pocket, and said calmly, "Maybe from here!"

Back at Esalen, on the afternoon of the Naranjo talk, Nick Herbert arrived with his friend Ralph Abraham, a math professor at U.C. Santa Cruz, who gave us a talk on and a demonstration of the newly emerging idea of chaos152 and fractals153. (See James Gleick's book Chaos).  Abraham also told us about Rene Thom's catastrophe theory, which has played a very important role in my physics work of recent years (See my paper, "Consciousness: a Hyperspace View," published as an appendix in Jeffrey Mishlove's, Roots of Consciousness (2nd. Edition), 1993.) Incidentally, Jack published a long appendix paper in the 1st edition of Jeffery's Roots of Consciousness, 1976. 154

Shortly after Leary's call to us from prison, George Koopman called us from Southern California and wangled an invitation to Esalen. He seemed to know that Leary would soon be released from prison and that we had invited Leary to Esalen, and he wanted to meet Leary. He brought promises of funding to our newly formed group, the Physics-Consciousness Research Group, if he could participate from time to time. He told us that he had done his stint in the military by running the "nut desk" at the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Question: was he still working for the "nut desk," and were we the new "nuts" on the scene he was checking out?  He told us that the two highest priorities for investigation on the "nut desk" were UFOs and the USSR.  George did fund us for a while. He participated in a couple of seminars, most notably the Esalen-Westerbeke Ranch seminar in the summer of 1976. After Leary was released from prison in August of 1976, Koopman befriended him and helped write one of Leary's books Intelligence Agents about "higher intelligence" which was part of Leary's SMI2LE program: Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, and Life Extension. Koopman also wrote part of Leary's Neuropolitics (1977), and The Intelligence Agents (1978) Leary's motto for this program was: "The meek shall inherit the earth; the wise and strong move on."  In consonance with this program Koopman formed the American Rocket Company.  In 1986 he died in a single-car accident in the Mohave Desert on the way to a site where one of his rockets was to be demonstrated to prospective investors in his company. As a relative of the publisher of the New York Times, George Koopman was given a substantial NYT obituary.  Koopman did not live to see the collapse of the Soviet Union or the much-increased interest in ETs and outer space, the two high priority concerns of the "nut desk."  However, he was also interested in movies. He was a financial backer of The Blues Brothers and got to know John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. He claimed that he had convinced the special effects team to drop the police car (from an off-screen helicopter) onto the high-rise roof to make a "pin-point" landing-"a simple application of Newtonian mechanics" as he put it.  He apparently used his experience with our Physics-Consciousness Research Group to inspire various aspects of the Dan Akroyd film Ghost Busters, which captures some of the wildness of those days in which various groups formed and folded and intersected in a frenzy of evolving thinking at the interfaces of science, art and religion.

155 Physics Consciousness Research Group at the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma 1976

These intersecting groups functioned somewhat like the contemporary rock music culture of Northern California. There was an infectious sense of joyously uncovering the nature of reality.  This reality was seen, via Bell's theorem to be "non-local" and by some of the more exuberant thinkers to entail a backwards-in-time effect.  Jack especially championed this view.  Could it be that the present wave of interest in this idea (such as at the Kip Thorne Fest in June 2000) was affecting Jack way back then?

John Archibald Wheeler, Jack Sarfatti, Cheryl Haley 156 at the Cal Tech Kip Fest, 2000

Cheryl Haley (lower left) and Richard Feynman at Esalen, Big Sur, CA

Cheryl Haley with Jack Sarfatti at the Cal Tech Kip Fest 2000

Lynda Williams (The Physics Chanteuse), Jack and Cheryl at the Cal Tech Kip Fest

A Biographical Note: Growing Up in a Japanese Prison Camp by Saul-Paul Sirag

I was born on Queen Wilhelmina's birthday on August 31,1939, the day before Hitler invaded Poland and started WWII, which was two weeks before Jack Sarfatti was born in Brooklyn. However, I was born in Dutch Borneo very far from either one of those events. My Dutch father and American mother were Baptist missionaries to the Dyaks, but I spent less than a year in Borneo. My earliest clear memories are in Java during the Japanese occupation. From December 1942 to September 1945, we were imprisoned in concentration camps.  The men were imprisoned in camps quite separate from the women and children. My father died in a camp only 10 kilometers away from our camp near Ambarawa, which we learned only after the war.  In the spirit of a time-machine to the past I will recount three experiences from that concentration camp period which strongly influence my present preoccupations: numbers, physics, and consciousness.

Every morning in front of our cell block, we would have to stand at attention and count off in Japanese-ichi, ni, san, shi, go, etc. up through sanjuichi, sanjuni, sanjusan, etc. (somewhere in the thirties). Sometimes, we would have to stand at attention for many hours, in order for our cells to be checked for contraband-for example, any books or pens or pencils.  This every-morning counting in Japanese was how I learned to count; and I have continued to be fascinated by numbers. In the early morning, I used to count (mentally) before it was time to get up to see how high I could go. Sometimes I would get above a thousand, and that would "make my day."

From time to time I would ask my mother questions about the world outside the high cement walls of the camp Banju Biru (which had previously been a penitentiary). Especially important to me was to understand the overall structure of the Earth. Mother would tell me that the Earth was like a big ball, with our camp occupying a tiny little piece of it. I struggled and struggled with this concept, but found it impossible to clearly imagine such a thing. It seemed obvious that beyond the camp wall there must be a bigger wall holding in the island of Java, and beyond that a series of bigger and bigger walls, until finally there would have to be an immense wall holding in the sky. But the sky seemed to be too high to be held in by any such wall. So my wall model just didn't work. This to me is a parable of the necessity to go beyond preconceptions in our understanding of the universe.

Another experience was more directly related to the nature of mind.  In the camp (of around 5000 prisoners) my mother, my brother and I were the only English speakers. Everyone else spoke Dutch (and some Malay-now called Bahasa Indonesia). So Mother laid down a rule that we were not to speak English except privately in our one-man cell occupied by five people. English became a kind of secret, and sacred, language for Mother to tell Bible stories every night, which we had to repeat the next night before hearing a new story). This rule of no English except in private was hard to keep, so I would steel myself by playing a mental game that I called my "Yah-But" game.  I would give myself a rule that I couldn't say anything.  But since this was a game (in English) being played in my head, as soon as I assented to the rule by saying "Yah" (both English and Dutch for "yes"), I realized that I was breaking the rule, so I would say "But."  And then I would see that I was breaking the rule again at a higher level.  I would go through a whole series of "Yah-but-yah-but-yah-but-..." which could be punctuated as:

(((((yah) but) yah) but) yah) but...

And after each iteration of "yah-but" I would become more and more ecstatic, because I was breaking (and making) the rule at a higher and higher level. This is like the meta-levels implied by Goedel's incompleteness theorem, which I first learned about in 1963 from Mario Savio in another prison, the SF County Jail, after our participation (with hundreds of others) in the Sheraton-Palace civil-rights sit-in. But that is another story.

In any case, my "Yah-But" game was my secret method of "getting high". However by the time I was 7 years old I was living in an orphanage, called Christ's Home near Philadelphia. At that time I could remember dimly the emotional feel of the "Yah-But" game, but try as I might, I couldn't remember the simple rule for playing it.  In 1965 I was in Berkeley experiencing my first LSD trip, and the whole experience of the "Yah-But" game came flooding back-with the childhood ecstasy generating rule: "I'm not allowed to say anything. Yah, but..." How could I not be fascinated with the nature of reality in all its guises, physical and mental?

The Genius And The Golem  by Jagdish Mann

"A man who has seen the unicorn is not to be fooled by a pig."

The Dancing Wu Li Masters

I write this is to go on record for what I remember of Gary Zukav and the writing of "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" and the role Dr. Jack Sarfatti played in it.157  I am in a good place to be a witness to this.  I was around from its inception to its finish.  In fact, some of the later chapters of the book were written in La Jolla and at my sister's house in El Centro when Csaba Szabo and I had, at Gary's own request, taken him to get him away from North Beach for a month or so.

When Gary first started working on the book, all three of us, Jack, Gary and I lived in North Beach and saw each other almost daily.  It was Dr. Sarfatti who tutored him in the intricacies of quantum mechanics.  Gary did not know any physics then.  His MA was in psychology.  There were hours of these tutorial sessions.  Many of these took place in the Caffé Trieste and are remembered by many other North Beach residents as well.  But I also remember other situations where Gary asked and received technical information from Jack Sarfatti.  Gary was nothing if not persistent and Jack nothing if not patient.  One incident stands out in my memory Gary was at that time of his life, for all I know, still is, a totally single-minded person and brought an obsessive, and not always attractive, tenacity to his task.  On this particular evening, Jack and I were both walking to have dinner with Marcia MacLain who lived on the corner of Green and Kearny when Gary found us.  He had come with a purpose and right away barraged Jack with questions.  After standing there for ten minutes on the street corner, I reminded Jack of the need to go.  Gary just tagged along.  As Marcia let us in to her second story flat, he climbed the stairs with us still bombarding Jack with his questions.  He carried this on with only a perfunctory acknowledgement of our hostess.  Marcia looked at me questioningly and I shrugged, so she put another plate on the table.  All through the dinner, Gary stuck to his agenda, speaking between bites.  After dinner, I escorted both Jack and Gary to the door and stayed behind to privately apologize to Marcia for having brought an uninvited and unappreciative guest to her carefully planned cooking.  The last I saw of them from the second story window was them walking down Kearny Street, engrossed in an animate discussion.

There is another important contribution that Jack Sarfatti made to the writing of "The Dancing Wu Li Masters."  He not only tutored Gary enough in physics so that he could ask intelligent questions from other physicists, he even introduced him to people like Dr. Henry Stapp, and took him to Esalen to meet many more.

Seat of the Soul and Oprah Winfrey158

I cannot say that without Jack Sarfatti, Gary Zukav could not have written "The Dancing Wu Li Masters, but I can say with certainty, that without Jack Sarfatti, it would not have been the same book.  It would have been more like Gary's recent work, "The Seat of the Soul," a book full of trite truths and platitudes held together with Talk Show spit.

The entry "Jack Sarfatti" in the original edition of "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" "Cast of Characters" was removed in later editions in a rewriting of history right out of George Orwell's "1984". My original idea of superluminal transfer of negentropy is, of course, implicit in the modern theory of quantum teleportation even though a light-limited signal is needed to complete the teleportation at the nonlocal micro-quantum level of sub-quantal equilibrium with signal locality. It's a whole new ball game with sub-quantal non-equilibrium and signal nonlocality159 at the local macro-quantum level of living matter that explains precognitive remote viewing160 and, indeed, consciousness, itself!.161

The problem in ordinary quantum theory is that Alice in REGION A cannot control Bob in REGION B - that's signal locality - NO MAGICK

In post-quantum theory Alice can control Bob at a distance - that's signal nonlocality - that's MAGICK WITHOUT MAGIC.

It also works backwards through time.

The Story of the Dancing Wu Li Masters

With permission from Lorna McLearie who was living with Gary Zukav during the later parts of his writing of Wu Li Masters. I moved out of Gary's apartment on Telegraph Hill so that Lorna could move in.

Date: Sun Oct 06, 2002 06:54:39 PM US/Pacific
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Re: photograph

"Dear Jack, I'm glad you found the photograph. Our commonality is our respect for the truth and trusting nature. ...... If I had not witnessed your time with Gary firsthand, I couldn't have come forward. Everyday, Gary speaks of compassion and karma. He has become a capitalistic evangelist. He placed money above friendship and loyalty. I'm sorry I wasn't more mature when I was involved. I could have asked questions to lessen the pain for us all.


Date: Thu Oct 03, 2002 01:42:09 PM US/Pacific
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Truth

"I would like to be able to say that my final decision to leave Gary was knowing he hadn't kept his promise to you about the royalties. I was standing in Patsy's162 kitchen in North Beach when I turned to her and said " Maybe I should try and make it work with Gary" she said " I think you need to know something about Gary and then you will finally leave" She then told me about the royalty promise made to you early on. Also, the fact he kept the secret about having a child but not taking the responsibility until he was well known and financially secure writing about the soul. He watched me be the other parent to my sister's daughter and never said a word about his own child. He demanded I see a therapist to stay in the relationship and when the therapist could see Gary's anger towards me the therapist wanted to see me alone. Gary was so controlling. I cried through the sessions not being able to speak. Gary went into a rage and that was the last time we saw a therapist. Gary said 'You have the therapist wrapped around your finger.' He was Einhorn angry and I knew there was no future with someone so angry. I had become depressed living with him. On my last day at the North Beach apt moving my boxes out, our Italian landlady stopped me and said 'Gary is not a nice person and you deserve a nice person.' I didn't say much but smiled and turned to her and said, "Thank you." Jack you can take any part of this. It is your story and unfortunately because of Gary's insecurities we spent little time together. My mother said it this morning: 'In some odd way long ago Jack did you a favor' - meaning it finally made me leave Gary."

Lorna McClearlie with Gary Zukav

With permission from Lorna McLearie who was living with Gary Zukav during the later parts of his writing of Wu Li Masters. I moved out of Gary's apartment on Telegraph Hill so that Lorna could move in.

Date: Sun Oct 06, 2002 06:54:39 PM US/Pacific
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Re: photograph

"Dear Jack, I'm glad you found the photograph. Our commonality is our respect for the truth and trusting nature. ...... If I had not witnessed your time with Gary first hand, I couldn't have come forward. Everyday, Gary speaks of compassion and karma. He has become a capitalistic evangelist. He placed money above friendship and loyalty. I'm sorry I wasn't more mature when I was involved. I could have asked questions to lessen the pain for us all.


On the Hidden Origins of Reagan's SDI by Kim Burrafato

"I do not know how President Reagan arrived at his decision..."
Edward Teller 163

Jack Sarfatti and Kim Burrafato in 1979 at Savoy Tivoli

The following is a narrative of some of the events surrounding Jack Sarfatti's seemingly significant direct input into the formulation of Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative that complemented Edward Teller's.  Teller, of course, was the key. The world was a dangerous place in 1979.  Afghanistan was about to be invaded, the Iran hostage crisis was looming on the immediate horizon, and the Cold War arms race was in full swing, with the Soviets threatening to take the initiative in Europe, as well as in the overall strategic nuclear theater. I was Jack Sarfatti's roommate at the time, in the movable feast164 that was San Francisco's North Beach.165

Close Encounters

Jack was busily working on a fundamental reformulation of quantum theory that would both explain and include such sacrilegious elements as consciousness, gravity, and superluminal information transfer.166 One of the more provocative physical implications that emerged from his work was the possibility of interfering with ordinary electromagnetic energy propagation based systems inside spacetime using quantum action at a distance outside of spacetime.167 This leads to subject of UFOs, which has interested me since I was a child, almost to the point of becoming an obsession.  One of the many peculiar physical effects described in numerous UFO close encounter cases was the interference with electromagnetic systems such as aircraft avionics, automobile ignition systems, and household electrical circuits.  UFOs were described as being able to shut such systems down at will.  Many of these well-documented reports were from reliable military and civilian witnesses.  The movie "Close Encounters" has burned that idea vividly into the public's consciousness. That got us thinking: what if one could design a weapon that could neutralize electromagnetic energy based systems along the lines of UFOs-selectively, and at a distance?  We knew about the damaging effects of high-energy electromagnetic pulses on electrical systems, from research into hardening command, control, and communications systems against nuclear attack.  Such enormous pulses will cripple or destroy any electronic circuitry exposed to them. But according to numerous witnesses' reports, the electronic systems shut down by UFOs are not fried.  They simply turn back on like a light switch being flipped on.  Obviously, the ETs are employing some exotic new physics.  If we could understand the physics involved in such cases of remote electromagnetic interference, then it would be a straightforward matter to engineer a revolutionary offensive and defensive weapons system. There were some tantalizing clues to how such an exotic physics might work.  One of those clues arose out of the now famous Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) thought experiment.  The EPR experiment was devised by Einstein to illustrate the bizarre paradoxes that could seemingly arise out of the quantum theory, when its physical implications were taken literally.

Faster Than The Speeding Photon

Einstein always considered the quantum theory to be an incomplete description of reality and the EPR thought experiment part of his great debate with Niels Bohr.  Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen showed that, if quantum theory was a complete description of individual particles, it's possible to design an experimental arrangement in which a new kind of quantum information or "qubits" and "e-bits" can conceivably get around in ways faster than a signal limited to the speed of light would permit.  Indeed, Einstein did not like this consequence of quantum theory.  It took another 35 years or so before an actual experiment was conducted to test this idea. Quantum theory was correct in this conclusion if one did not believe in parallel quantum universes.168

Jack's idea that I helped to trigger with my insistent questions over many hours at the Caffe Trieste in the late 70's was the globally self-consistent "loop in time".  A New York Science Times article from the Wigner Conference of the New York Academy of Sciences in 1986 cites Jack on "time loops".169 However, back in 1979 Jack was unaware of similar ideas of Igor Novikov and Kip Thorne.170 So the idea of the UFO weapon was the "paradox effect". Attempt to set up a time travel to the past paradox with the device you want to temporarily disable in the time loop. Jack later published this in September 1991 Physics Essays (University of Toronto) causing Lyle Fuller to come up with a very ingenious gedanken experiment in the manner of the Bohr-Einstein dialogues.  The problem however with all this is that it violates the statistical structure of quantum theory.  Although one can encode a message nonlocally, one cannot locally decode it at the receiver faster than the speed of light and even backward in time from the future.  Even modern "quantum teleportation" of qubit information needs a light speed limited classical c-bit signal to make it work.  Jack maintains that one needs a new post-quantum theory to do it. Quantum theory would then be a limiting case of this more general theory. Jack has made progress in this direction but that is another story that I do not have time for here.

From Russia With Love

The frequency and magnitude of the ideas escalated until we were soon brainstorming about constructing a comprehensive umbrella over the US and its allies that would effectively shut down the guidance and triggering systems of any incoming ICBMs and their MIRV warheads entering its range. It didn't stop there. We thought: What a great way to end the Cold War and establish a mutually designed, built, and administered defensive system between the US and the USSR, and other willing global participants.  Jack received a friendly postcard from one Professor Igor Akchurin, around Christmas of 1979. Akchurin was then a theoretical physicist of some repute from the prestigious Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow.  Somehow, Akchurin had been included in Jack's extensive and often used mailing list.  The message on the card was brief and cordial-something along the lines of Happy Holidays and Best Wishes "in the spirit of the New Physics."  I remember that quoted phrase vividly. All hell broke loose after that.  Jack immediately (and wisely) took that as a sign from Heaven.  I don't know if it was Jack or me that suggested we write a letter to Akchurin, detailing our ideas about an ultra-high tech, mutually defensive ABM system.171  We even got into details about how once we (the US and USSR agreed to embark down that momentous and risky path, we could then start building down (dismantling) our offensive MAD-based missile systems-to everyone on Earth's advantage.  We even had the foresight to include mention of the future potential threat of rogue states getting their hands on nuclear weapons through proliferation, as well as terrorist groups. But there was an added dimension to this mutual defense system:  the extraterrestrial one.  What if some of the ETs flying around Earth's skies are hostile? Just because any ET species capable of visiting this planet would be far more technologically advanced than us, doesn't mean they would necessarily be ethically or morally advanced.  How might the planet defend itself, if faced with such a hostile ET threat?172  The kind of defensive system we were proposing might, if perfected, give us a fighting chance, or at least make it less attractive or likely for an alien species to forcibly interfere here. We included that element in the Akchurin letter, too. In other words, we had laid out Ronald Reagan's, and Douglas MacArthur's173 (albeit prescient) entire SDI vision in a single letter sent to a top physicist in the most prestigious academic science institution in Russia.  Of course, we knew that this letter would be intercepted and read by our people before going to the USSR.  But that was our intention.  What better ways to let those in positions of responsibility know what was really going on?  It's easier getting a letter in the hands of a high level DOD or CIA Science Technology analyst that way, than it is writing to them directly. As expected, we never received a reply from Akchurin.  Not to worry.  The seeds had been planted.

"Spurn Not The Nobly Born"174

A few months later a friend of mine, Leila Minturn Dwight175, showed up in North Beach.176 The Savoy Tivoli was the happening place at the time.  It seemed like almost everyone who was anyone hung out there.  We introduced the attractive young niece of deceased Andy Warhol diva Edie Sedgwick to the Savoy crowd.  Leila fit right in.  Not long after that, Leila introduced us to A. Lawrence Chickering.  "Lawry" Chickering was heading up a newly formed neo-conservative think tank based in San Francisco at the time.  The Institute for Contemporary Studies was set up by soon to be Reagan cabinet members Ed Meese and Cap Weinberger, and others, to study key cultural and political issues of the time. 177

One of the first big issues that came up in conversations with Lawry was the significance of the New Physics to everything from geo-politics to religion.  Chickering178 had read Gary Zukav's179 recently published New Age book on the development of the quantum theory, "The Dancing Wu Li Masters," and had, consequently, developed a keen interest in physics and its relationship to philosophy and theology.  Since Jack was instrumental in the writing of the physics parts that book180, his words carried even more weight with Chickering. Jack spent hours with Lawry, discussing the cultural significance of his emerging "post-quantum" theoretical worldview.  Chickering made it known to us on more than one occasion that he had the ears of Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan's potential cabinet members and advisors.  A number of Jack's "Memoranda for the Record" were later passed on to key people181 in the newly elected Reagan Administration. Coincidentally, around the same time, Jack was also introduced by telephone to Cap Weinberger's son, Cap Jr. through Joe Lynch, a mutual friend of ours.  Although Jack and Cap junior never met face to face, Cap Jr. quickly became a fan of Jack's, and stated he would also forward some of Jack's material to his father.182  We were flabbergasted when Ronald Reagan gave his first major foreign policy speech of his new administration on March 23, 1983.  His now famous "Star Wars" speech, as the then openly anti-Reagan liberal press condescendingly termed it, blew our minds when we read the transcripts.183 It was as though he'd taken all of our ideas and elegantly distilled them down to a version that the American public could easily understand.

"Never has there been a more exciting time to be alive - a time of rousing wonder and heroic achievement. As they said in the film, 'Back to the Future': 'Where we're going, we don't need roads.' Well today, physicists peering into the infinitely small realms of subatomic particles find reaffirmations of religious faith: astronomers build a space telescope that can see to the edge of the universe and possibly back to the moment of creation...America met one historic challenge and went to the moon. Now America must meet another - to make our strategic defense real for all citizens of Planet Earth...The American dream is a song of hope that rings through the night winter air. Vivid, tender music that warms our hearts when the least among us aspire to the greatest things - to venture a daring enterprise; to unearth new beauty in music, literature and art; to discover a new universe inside a tiny silicon chip or a single human cell."
Ronald Reagan, State of the Union Address, 1986


Jack Sarfatti on CV 61, USS Ranger, Indian Ocean, 1987

Kim Burrafato meets Richard Nixon. Kim explains Sarfatti's physics and its relevance to the Strategic Defense Initiative.

The Famous Chickering Letter 184


"Letter from Bootsie Galbraith, wife of Reagan's Ambassador to France, to Jack Sarfatti, 1982"185

"Aye, Aye, Captain, Anchors Away!" ATC & Jack :)

Review of Herbert Gold's book, "Bohemia:
Where Art, Angst, Love, and Strong Coffee Meet186

Herb Gold, Jagdish Mann, Jack Sarfatti, North Beach, 1999

"I love this book! It is a fascinating and hilarious magical mystery tour of that unmapped land called Bohemia writes Pat Conroy, author of "The Prince of Tides".

Jack, Enrico Banducci and Jagdish (2000 AD) in fond memory of the many good times with Marshall Naify "who, partnered with Al Brocoli, was a key financier of Ian Fleming's James Bond movies starring Sean Connery."

John Updike

Herbert Gold is a distinguished author and journalist in San Francisco.  He has just published a history of Bohemia that will appeal to both cultures literary and scientific.  Gold has joined company with John Updike whose books; "The Witches of Eastwick" and "Roger's Version explain the "New Physics" better to the public than Hawking's editors did in the over-hyped "Brief History of Time".

"Sukie steered the conversation away from herself...Van Horne talked about himself, his hopes of finding a loophole in the second law of thermodynamics187. 'There has to be one,' he said, beginning to sweat and wipe his lips in excitement, 'and it's the same fucking loophole whereby everything crossed over from nonbeing. It's the singularity at the bottom of the Big Bang...And what kind of a force is it that operates across space instantaneously and has nothing to do with the electromagnetic field?...There's a formula out there, and it's going to be as elegant as good old E = mc2. The sword from the stone, you know what I mean?...Sukie laughed...Why couldn't a wild man like Darryl blunder into one of the universe's secrets?" pp. 134-5 "The Witches of Eastwick"

"Cartoon of Jack Sarfatti lecturing in Brazil by Suky Sedgwick, 1984"

"Darryl Van Horne" and "Sukie laughed"

"There's a formula out there, and it's going to be as elegant as good old
E = mc2."
Is it:

Past dark energy density = (area of our future cosmological event horizon)-1 ?

I first met Herb Gold when I was an 18-year-old physics major at Cornell.

Sergio Sismondo, David Green (3rd from left) and Jack Sarfatti (far right) Cornell

Tom Pynchon was in some of my classes.188  Gold was filling in for Vladimir Nabokov who was off writing the screenplay for "Lolita". Herb introduced me to European literature (Dostoyevski, Goethe's Faust, Tolstoy, Proust).  I would see him outside of class either in Willard Straight Hall or in Noyes Lodge where C. Michael Curtis189, Kirk Sale, Richard Farina, Peter Yarrow190, Tom Pynchon, Sergio Sismondo and other emerging literati and people of talent would gather. Curiously and uncannily enough, Noyes Lodge was given to Cornell by the grandfather of my far future Grand Passion Suky Sedgwick of six years in honor of her grandmother, Julia Gilman Noyes.  Suky's grandfather on her mother's side was Rudyard Kipling's close friend and a partner of Railway Baron, E.H. Harriman.  The entire story is to be found in the book, "Edie", by George Plimpton, editor of the Aga Kahn's "Paris Review", and Jean Stein, heiress to the MCA super-fortune left by her father, Jules Stein.  Even more remarkable is the fact that her paternal grandfather wrote an essay in 1908 that anticipates the New Physics in which the Future causes the Past.  Herb Gold explains all this in Chapter One of his book fitting me into the Bohemia of Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso and Lawrence Ferlinghetti in that sizzling cauldron of creativity that is San Francisco's North Beach.  Gold connects North Beach of the latter 20th century to the Bohemia of Vienna, Paris, London and Greenwich Village of years gone bye. Gold's richness of prose is a joy to read. Gold's book should be made into a docu-drama. Like Mel Brooks, Yiddish Vaudeville would have been for me, were it not dead and were I not partially waspified by the Cornell Savoyards in my tender years when I first met Herb at Telluride House in the Groves of Academe in 1957.

It was in Ithaca with Herb Gold that the imprint of the Penelope archetype was made on my Wandering Jewish Soul that appeared in my future liaisons with several Amazon Women who run with Wolves-and bite like them too!

Harold Chipman's associate PI Virginia Bruce with Jack on her short leash! (1989)

I went to Midwood High School in Flatbush in the 50's, as did Woody Allen.  I was exposed to some of the same influences that nurtured his comedic genius.191 My appearance on Gold's stage is in the very beginning (pp.14-17) "Protocols of the Elders of Bohemia".  A play on "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" an anti-Semitic tract by the Tsar's Secret Police still loved by New Age UFO conspiracy kooks and crypto-Nazi's of the still-present Occult Third Reich now operating in the Middle East as a result of the Grand Mufti's close relationship to Adolph Hitler. Saddam Hussein was a follower as are the Islamo-fascist terrorists today.

Morning of the Magicians and The Spear of Destiny

The title of this first chapter evokes memories of pop-occult books like the French "Morning of the Magicians" by Pauwels and Bergier, the "Spear of Destiny"

Look who has it now! :)

by Trevor Ravenscroft, "The Edge of History"192 by William Irwin Thompson, and "An End to Ordinary History" by Esalen's Michael Murphy.193 Gold's prose in this book is very rich with literary images. If one were to check them all out one would get a very good liberal education.  The book "Techgnosis" by Erik Davis gives the historical background to put a context on what all this means. Herb writes:

"America may not have been greened, but it was boheemed." p.13 Bohemia is a nonlocal "virtual community" linked by cultural telepathy, the quantum voodoo of Bell's theorem, the sympathetic magick of Aleister Crowley, the Chapel Perilous of Robert Anton Wilson, the occult "morphogenetic fields" of Rupert Sheldrake, the "implicate order" of David Bohm, faster than the confined speeding photons bouncing "higgledy piggledy" in the tiny fiber-optical tubes of that magical "information super-highway" promised us by Clinton, Gore, Gates and Clarke, though seen long ago by Ted Nelson. Bohemia is the highest form of the modern solid Republican neo-conservative idea of the "free market economy", it is the purest expression of democracy, and it is the transubstantiation of Saint Augustine's "City of God" to Planet Earth.

"Like ailanthus, the tree of heaven, Bohemia grows in any alley where there's a bit of fertile dirt and noninterference." p.14

Talking about me, Herb writes:

"The Bohemian physicist...contributes a balanced scientific non establishment for this expanding society. I don't mean to disparage the work; either...among all the blatherers there sometimes appears a breakthrough thinker. Originality has always required a fertile expanse of fumble and mistake.  That's the beauty of the option.  Your wastrel life might turn out to be just what's required to save the planet." p.14

"Sarfatti's Cave is the name I'll give to the Caffe Trieste in San Francisco, where Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. in physics, writes his poetry, evokes his mystical, miracle-working ancestors, and has conducted a several-decade-long seminar on the nature of reality and his own love life to a rapt succession of espresso scholars."

Cartoons by Norman Quebedeau, Jack standing with hand raised at telephone. Norman is flying like in a Marc Chagall painting upper right corner.

"He sings Gilbert and Sullivan songs."194

Joan Zajac, Jack Sarfatti, Alfred Kahn at Cornell 195

Jack as Colonel Fairfax in white cape in "Yeomen of the Guard"

Cornell 1964 - Jack Sarfatti and Joan Zajac, Yeoman of the Guard

Jack Sarfatti as Alfred. Timothy Jerome as Falke 196, "Fledermaus" 1964, Oberlin Conservatory's Highfield Theater, near Hyannisport, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"With ample charm and boyish smiles he issues nonnegotiable demands...It's Jack Sarfatti against the world, and he is indomitable."

"One of his soaring theories is that things, which have not happened, yet can cause events in the present...Obviously this has consequences for prediction, the nature of causality, our conceptions of logic...He has published papers in respectable physics journals. His poetry is widely photocopied. His correspondence with the great in several fields is voluminous, recorded on computer disks. Cornell University BA, University of California Ph.D., his credentials are impeccable. Following is a quotation from a lecture given to a San Francisco State University physics seminar on 30 April 1991:

Causality-Violating Quantum Action-at-a-Distance?

By Dr. Jack Sarfatti

Jack at the Caffe Trieste ~ 1991

The universe is created by intelligent design but the Designer lives in our far future197 and has evolved from us 198...Perhaps all of the works of cultural genius, from the music of Mozart to the physics of Einstein, have their real origin in the future. The genius may be a real psychic channeler whose mind is open to telepathic messages from the future.199  The genius must be well trained in his or her craft and intellectually disciplined with the integrity of the warrior in order to properly decode the quantum signals from the future. The purpose of our existence would then be to ensure, not only the creation of life on earth, but also the creation of the big bang itself!  We obviously cannot fail since the universe cannot have come into existence without us in this extreme example of Borgesian quantum solipsism.  Existentialism is wrong because it is an incorrect extrapolation of the old physics. Breton's surrealism, with its Jungian idea of meaningful coincidence, is closer to the truth.  This would then be "The Final Secret of the Illuminati"200 - that charismatic chain of adepts201 in quixotic quest of their "Impossible Dream" of the Grail. Enough of my subjective vision, now on to the objective physics."  pp. 15-16

I open a page "randomly" (in deference to the hard-boiled skeptics who believe that the Universe is "sound and fury" and that we are accidental) to Gold's chapter "Israel" and on p.115 I find:

"So now I am in the first hour of one of my deaths. The thought made me dizzy. I was reminded of Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. physicist and reincarnation of the eleventh-century mystic Rabbi Sarfatti...with rapt descriptions of how events from the future cause events in the past."

The universe is created by intelligent design but the Designer lives in our far future202 and has evolved from us 203...Perhaps all of the works of cultural genius, from the music of Mozart to the physics of Einstein, have their real origin in the future. The genius may be a real psychic channeler whose mind is open to telepathic messages from the future.204  The genius must be well trained in his or her craft and intellectually disciplined with the integrity of the warrior in order to properly decode the quantum signals from the future. The purpose of our existence would then be to ensure, not only the creation of life on earth, but also the creation of the big bang itself!  We obviously cannot fail since the universe cannot have come into existence without us in this extreme example of Borgesian quantum solipsism.  Existentialism is wrong because it is an incorrect extrapolation of the old physics. Breton's surrealism, with its Jungian idea of meaningful coincidence, is closer to the truth.  This would then be "The Final Secret of the Illuminati"205 - that charismatic chain of adepts206 in quixotic quest of their "Impossible Dream" of the Grail. Enough of my subjective vision, now on to the objective physics."  pp. 15-16

I open a page "randomly" (in deference to the hard-boiled skeptics who believe that the Universe is "sound and fury" and that we are accidental) to Gold's chapter "Israel" and on p.115 I find:

"So now I am in the first hour of one of my deaths. The thought made me dizzy. I was reminded of Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. physicist and reincarnation of the eleventh-century mystic Rabbi Sarfatti...with rapt descriptions of how events from the future cause events in the past."

Nefertiti's Eye
by Jagdish Mann


A romance across centuries

On December 6, 1912, a team of archaeologists unearthed the statuette of Nefertiti in Tell el-Amarna, once the site of short-lived capital city of the rebel pharaoh Ikhnaton.  This likeness of his queen had lain buried and forgotten in the dry sand for more than thirty centuries.
 The discovery of the site of Ikhnaton's short lived capital city was one of greatest archaeological find and made Ludwig Borchardt a celebrity in Europe. Until the close of the Nineteenth Century, nothing was known of Ikhnaton and Nefertiti, not even their names.  This was no accident.  Right after Ikhnaton's death (some say murder), their names were systematically chiseled off the monuments, their faces were defaced from statues and their new city of hundred thousand, with wide boulevards, parks and gardens was razed to the ground, its very bricks stolen and carried off.  To this day, it remains an unparalleled example of petty spite and vindictive vandalism.
 Still, the attempt did not succeed.  In fact, as this story shows, it failed spectacularly and beyond all imaginings.
First, there were the ubiquitous storytellers, poetizing and pantomiming their tall tales, hiding within fiction the facts of a prophetic Pharaoh preaching of One God.  And, there were also the stories about a nameless queen.  "She was so beautiful, O beloved listener that my tongue is speechless with awe", would say the storytellers.  The awe was, at first at least, often aided by the fear of the censor.  But like all censorship, this too had the opposite effect.  Nefertiti, forbidden to be mentioned, became a legend.
 Then with the onset of the modern scientific archeology and increasing successes in deciphering of hieroglyphic and cuneiform writing, a plausible narrative of Egypt's First Pharonic Dynasty began to jell.  Reactionary hammers were not entirely Nazifficient and failed to disfigure everything.  The border stele in the remote areas had survived the destructive fury of the priests; and the letters and messages sent to foreign capitals and written on clay tablets had also escaped the censor's reach.  Archaeologists began to read these dispersed messages and started to fill in the empty chiseled-out spaces on the monuments in Thebes and Karnack.  By 1900, a picture had emerged of a pharaoh who was courageous or crazy enough to defy one of the most enduring, powerful and entrenched establishments the world has ever seen, that of the priesthood of Amun.  He challenged their old orthodoxy and started a new ethics based monotheistic religion and erected a beautiful city 300 miles North of Thebes, away from the old oppressive temples of Amun.
 Reaction to this rebellion was swift and complete.  Within a year after his death, nothing remained of his religion or his city.  A concerted and organized effort was made to wipe out even the memory of his reign.
 But what about the queen herself?  Was Nefertiti as beautiful as the myth hints and the carved epithets proclaim?
The answer emerged from the sand with the discovery of the bust of Nefertiti.  It was dug up near the small town of Tell el-Amarna in Egypt.  A team of archaeologists working for the German Orient Society and led by Professor Ludwig Borchardt of Berlin had been excavating the site.  The team was convinced that they had located Ikhnaton, the short-lived Capitol City of Ikhnaton. They were allowed to dig the site in the name of the Government of Egypt.
 The first person to lay eyes on Nefertiti's face in 3300 hundred years was Muhammad Ahmes Es-Senussi.  On this day of December, he was digging in room 19-grid p-47.  The area was divided in grids measuring 600 square feet and each grid was assigned, one digger per grid.  Muhammad Ahmes Es-Senussi, a young Arab digger, taciturn and with graceful movements, assigned to grid P-47, and according to him, by Fates.  When his shovel loosened the impacted sand to start a small cascade of sand, his eyes had the first glimpse any human had of this magical object in three thousand years.  In the slanting rays of the afternoon sun, the gold and green colors of the queen's necklace were aflame.  He stood still for a moment, mesmerized.  Then he put his shovel gently on the ground and knelt down on his knees and began to brush off the remaining sand of her face.  She had lain buried head down in this nest of debris for all this time, safer than she would have been stored in a temperature controlled bank vault.
 If those eyes could see the young fellahin bending over her on his knees, she would have been pleased.  He may even have reminded her of someone she had once known.  And she was used to people kneeling before her.  But she could not see him.  She was only a statuette, a sandstone figurine barely twenty inches tall, even if she was in near perfect condition.  The only visible damage was the chipped earlobes, broken off cobra-head decoration on her crown.  Also the inlay of the retina for the left eye was missing.  A shout from Muhammad brought all the picks and shovels to a stand still.  The great man himself was sent for from his makeshift hut where he slumbered on a canvas cot after a heavy midday meal and strong German beer.  One look and the Professor had no doubts of the archaeological value of this find.  Greed was to come a little later.
 Ludwig Borchardt, the respected archaeologist became a smuggler and smuggled the little bust out of Egypt disguised as broken pieces of pottery.  The Egyptian Government found out about the theft soon after from Muhammad es-Senussi, who perhaps was the only person in this whole affair without dishonest motives.  The catalyst for Mohammed's complaint, however, was Rasool the water-carrier.  He was a spy for a team of French/Swiss archaeologists also working in Egypt.
 "Do you know Muhammad, the foreigners have stolen the statue you found and have taken it to the land of the infidels?  Now only the fat professor will get credit for it, and much money.  But it was not he who found it but you.  As Allah is my witness, I saw that with my own two good eyes." Rasool said to Muhammad es-Senussi.  Muhammad, his curiosity triggered, went to the Germans and demanded to see his find.  In a surprisingly incompetent attempt to placate him, they showed him a different figurine, trying to pass it for the real thing.  Right away, he knew that Rasool was telling the truth.  A man who has seen the unicorn is not to be fooled by a pig. Muhammad Ahmes es-Senussi went straight to the Antiquities Department of the Egyptian Government.  Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to him and the statue ended up in Germany.  When the truth about this theft finally came out, the German team was expelled from Egypt, not allowed to return for the next eighty years.  The bust, however, was never been returned to Egypt and is now on display in lonesome splendor in Das Egyptische Museum in Berlin.
 In order to find the missing pieces of the statuette the sand and dirt from room 19 (more than 30 cubic feet) was sifted again and again through a finer and finer mesh.  All the ear chips and broken snake-head on the crown were finally found but the eye inlay was never recovered.  Only later in Berlin, a closer examination revealed that it was never inserted.  There are no glue marks in the left eye.
 Many theories, some likely and others far-fetched were advanced to explain this unexplainable flaw in this otherwise flawless artwork.  It was suggested, for example, that the artist was interrupted at his work and left the workshop with the inlay in his possession, never to return.  Or that the artist had fallen in love with the queen as she posed for him, was jilted by her; and in an impotent revenge, refused to complete his own greatest masterpiece.  This is not as far fetched as it may seem at first blush.  The queen was known to be free with her favors and capricious with her affections.
 Another theory was that Nefertiti had gone blind in one eye.  The artist had simply opted for realism over Pharonic dignity.  The prevalence of eye disease in ancient Egypt gives credence to this claim, as does the unique and innovative style of this artist, Thutmose.  The graceful curve of the long neck, the arched eyebrow, the hint of a Mona Lisa smile on her full lips is a far cry from the symmetrical frozen immobility of the traditional Egyptian statuary of the time.  This view too had to be abandoned, however, when new wall relief's and other three dimensional figures were found.  Some of these were clearly by the same hand that had carved the famous bust, that of Thutmose.  These show the queen at a later and older age with both perfectly good eyes. No satisfactory consensus has ever been reached to explain this intriguing archaeological mystery.  If time travel to the past is theoretically possible, then here is one imaginative explanation:
 The Earth is dead.  It has been dead for ten centuries, give or take a century, depending how you define 'dead'.  Dead or not, it is still 'Mother Earth' the cradle of humanity, even if humanity is now scattered all over tarnation in the Universe.  Bursting with vigor in the freedom of space and reveling in the abundance of livable planets, humanity is not thinking of mothers and cradles and definitely not of this empty husk of a planet.  Has not this always been this way?  After all, the world did not die by fire or by ice; it was killed by man-made pollution, poisoned by toxins synthesized by humans in their shining high-tech laboratories.  The Biblical prophecy that the meek shall inherit the Earth has finally come true, albeit the inheritance is a barren piece of real estate.
 After despoiling the planet, humanity fled to the stars, leaving behind a few scientists still obsessed with some arcane curiosity of their own and, of course, monks of various faiths who still hark to their religions for some sort of understanding of the absurd and explosive exuberance of humanity.  Humanity, in the trillions now, has no time for such naval-gazing.  It is busy 'going fourth and multiplying' and, thanks to Space Travel, it is going everywhere except Earth.  The only ones who are moved by the phrase 'cradle of humanity' are these persistence scientists and few monks.  These are the 'meek'.  The Diaspora Council, to its credit, is generous to any one wishing to make their life on Earth.  Maybe it is an expression of some atavistic guilt; but whatever the reasons, The Council has never refused the Academy of Antiquities any tools of research it requests.  In addition, it spends a lot of money in all the major planets colonized by humans to encourage young people to develop a passion for the past, especially for Earth.  Since the top age limit for Cadets (Yes, that is what they call them; use of military terms is wide spread in human governing institutions) is thirteen years old, it is a hard slog.  It is impossible to make the young look backward with any passion.  Nature of life is onward; direction of life is forward.
Tomas Safari did not have that problem.  To him, it seemed as if he was born looking backward.  In his romantic and unscientific moods, (Kept entirely private) he felt he was looking backward even before he was born and maybe even before that.  Only thing he had truly looked forward to was the day he could use the Time Machine to go back in Time, to a certain past.  Antiquities Academy was the sole authority for the Time-Machine.  Well, maybe Time-Machine is not quite the right word for this contraption.  It is more like a Time-Slingshot; it simply flings you backward and you hope you land in the period you wanted and like it there.  It is strictly a one-way trip; you are not coming back.  Tomas Safari will be on his way to Egypt of the First Phaornic Dynasty.  He is not thinking of coming back and can hardly wait to be flung.
 The Academy is extremely conservative in approving the use of Time-Machine.  Most of it is the usual psychological inertia of Academic institutions through out history.  Once, there was a genuine fear of dangerous paradoxes involved in Time-Travel but no one believes any longer that you can go back in time and kill your own grandfather in his infancy.  Still the fear lingers.  Another reason is that the Academy does not want to become some one's source of subtle suicide scheme.  Except the missing body, this one way trip is a form of death.  Fortunately, Tomas Safari's single minded obsession about Nefertiti was a proof of his motive.  He was no suicidal nut but a driven scholar wanting to expand his 'research', a magic word for the members of Academy.  He was approved to try his luck in the Past.
 For the first thirty centuries after her creation, Nefertiti's bust was buried in the sand.  No one laid eyes on it and its existence was unknown.  However, once found, she was never to be forgotten again.  This bust is a magical object; it enchants any one who beholds it.  Everyone who had seen it speaks of it as if they were speaking of a living being.  Artists and tyrants alike have been falling under her charm.  Other things may change but, all through the ensuing centuries, Nefertiti's image keeps on luring the human eye. Tomas Safari maybe the last to be smitten but he was, by no means the first.  How was Nefertiti in the flesh, still walking the wide streets of Ikhnaton and posing for Thutmose?  We can only imagine that.  The statuette, however, is forever, unchanging and timeless.
 First European victim of her charm was the architect Ludwig Borchardt himself.  After holding the bust in his hands, he was incapable to let go.  "Describing her is useless, she must be seen. -Something to die for-", he wrote in his diary.  It turns out; it was definitely something to steal.  For eleven months, he hid the statue in his own home on the Island of Gezirah-Zamalek before smuggling it out to Germany.  The grateful Kaiser decorated the architect turned thief, and later appointed him honorary cultural attache at the German Embassy in Cairo.
 Hitler, when he saw the bust in the museum in Berlin, declared it an 'Aryan Treasure', conveniently overlooking the fact that neither the subject of the bust nor its creator was an Aryan but Semitic like the Jews he was bent upon annihilating.  Neither did it matter to him that the archaeologist, who unearthed her and stole it for Germany, was also a Jew who had to escape from Nazi Germany to Switzerland.  As you can see, when convenience calls, bigotry can be quite flexible.
 The bust of Nefertiti not only survived the Nazis but has survived all other catastrophes that befell all Arts as humanity struggled to survive on the increasingly depleted planet.  For a couple of centuries, it was not a pretty sight to see.  Only on the eleventh hour, humanity was saved from certain extinction by Space Travel.  The last collective decision made my human beings as they bailed out, and perhaps the only sensible one ever made under such fearful conditions, was to declare all human Art on Earth as "Common Heritage" and create a permanent storage on Earth.  Now, Tomas Sefari was poised to trace one of these Art piece to its origin.  Academy of Antiquities hopes that he may find some way to communicate his findings back to them.  Would he remember who he is?  Would he retain his obsession?  Everyone hopes the best for him but no one is holding their breath.
Tomas Sefari hovered in the clouds over a bluff, looking down as if he was god Horus the hawk.  Below him the Nile was a wide ribbon of shimmering water speeding to meet the Mediterranean.  A sea of wheat fields spread on both side of the river as far as the eye could see; some harvested, tied in neat bundles and arranged in straight rows, others ripe and ready, yellow as the sands of Sinai.  The sky was turning pink in the East; the sun will soon rise.  His feet felt the ground and ripe wheat stocks blown with the gentle breeze rubbed his ankles.  He was in the land of the Pharaohs.  The 'River of Time' has brought him here to the land and time of his dreams, the time of Nefertiti.  He was here but he was not himself.  He has ceased to be Tomas Sefari, once upon a future archaeologist.  He was now Thutmose the artisan.  Certainly, now, standing on the fertile land of Sacred Egypt, he was Thutmose the artisan and no one else.
 A boulder polished by ages protruded like a tax collector's heart in the middle of the wheat field.  Here the plowman had connived with necessity and bent his furrows around the unyielding rock, creating a thing of beauty, a place of power, a place to welcome the morning sun, maybe even a time traveler.  He walked towards the boulder as if pulled by it.
The boy bolted from under the rock; sleep still in his eyes, and fear.  Thutmose grabbed him and held him, smiled at him and offered him a piece of bread, the universal symbol of peace.  Where had the bread come from?  He does not remember that the bread was baked in a far future oven according to an ancient Egyptian recipe and now it was helping break the language barrier for the two strangers.
Fate rules the world.  Never were two people better met than Thutmose and Jabedi, a time traveler and a run away slave.  Jabedi taught Thutmose the Theban language, guffawing at his mispronunciations; Thutmose taught Jabedi to carve soapstone into figures and to whittle faces from the driftwood.  They wandered along the Nile, always going north, Thutmose prompted by some subliminal longings, Jabedi just to get farther and farther away from his sadistic owner.  Almost preordained, their friendship deepened.
One hot afternoon, thirsty and tired from the dusty road, they came upon an inn.  The walled courtyard with its gate wide open was inviting.  Men snoozed in the shade of trees on thick papyrus mats or sat talking and drinking beer made by the innkeeper.  Tethered donkeys dozed under palm trees, resting only as a beast of burden can.  In the shade of an old fig tree, a woman cooked in an outdoor kitchen.
 Emboldened by his hunger and taunted by the aroma wafting from the flaming brazier, Jabedi walked up to her.
"Mistress, for the price of a meal, my master will draw the likeness of thy face which is more beautiful than the full moon of the harvest season". Said Jabedi, his voice a dry croak.
"Drink!" she pointed to the water pitcher.  "Drink some water before you flatter me or sell your master; and give him some too".
Thutmose did not draw the likeness of Dulea, the cook and the proprietress of the inn; he painted it in bright living colors on the huge adobe wall of the inn overlooking the Nile.
 In the mural, Dulea stands in her outdoor kitchen, the brazier flaming next to her.  The fig tree, with its lush green leaves and pregnant with fruit, fills and forms the background.  Bundles of onions and garlic hang from the wall.  Foods of all sorts: a roasted duck, a fish on a hook, a basket of bread and bunches of fruit sit on the raised counter.  Surrounded by this cornucopia, her arms full of green vegetables, she looks abundant, like an Earth Mother.  And you could see the mural from miles.  Business of the inn boomed.  Dulea was the greatest fan of her own picture.  She found many reasons, some quite odd and others totally transparent to be on the river in her little boat.
"No matter where you go, the eyes follow you".  She said proudly.
"She is happier than a Pharaoh's daughter".  Said her taciturn and adoring husband, Juma.
And then the Pharaoh's soldiers came.  Thutmose was putting finishing touches on his second mural for the Inn, a bird's eye-view of the Nile, this one painted on the front wall.  It shows Juma standing next to the waterwheel that hauls the river water for the use of the inn's gardens and guests.  Below him, filling the horizon is the Nile.  On its broad back float sluggish barges and swallow-swift sailboats; and anchored far in the distance, a royal galleon, colorful as a firecracker.
With the clatter of hooves, dust, and barking of orders, the soldiers rode into the courtyard.  Fear hung sweat thick in the Inn.  People herded themselves near the kitchen, vainly seeking security in the company of others just as helpless.  The soldiers brought nothing but death and slavery to the common man.
"Where is the one who painted that?" demanded the officer of the horsemen, pointing with his spear to the wall mural.  Not an eye raised or a muscle moved.  Thutmose put his reed brush down in the water bucket by his side and looked up at the horseman, his artist's eye admiring the deadly craftsmanship of the spear-maker.
"Keep thy eyes cast down, O artisan.  Provoke them not". Whispered Dulea to him, trying to be discreet but her panicked hiss heard by all but Thutmose.
"Foolish woman, bringing attention to herself". Thinks her husband, sensibly still and silent.
"It is I", said Thutmose, walking towards the officer.  Jabedi thinking it was a stupid thing to do, followed anyhow, close on his heels, but still giving lip service to prudence and keeping his eyes mostly on the ground.
"Are you also the one who pained the picture that can be seen from the river?" Inquired the officer, already, his voice had lost its harshness.
"That is so". Replied Thutmose, pride of his work in his voice.
To every one's amazement, the officer climbed down from his horse.
"Sir!" he said, bowing, "You are asked to present yourself for an interview with a person of importance.  A boat will collect you tomorrow morning at the Inn's docking.  This tunic is sent for your use". He gave Thomas a bundle.
Hardly anyone slept that night.  The inn hummed with gossip.  Who was this person of importance?  Who was Thutmose for that matter?  All attempts to talk to Jabedi or pump Dulea for information failed, leaving a field for speculation rich as a compost pile.
"He is a banished Prince of India.  Now that the cruel regent is dead, he is to go back and rule his native land and free his sister and mother from the dungeon where they have languish for many years". Said the storyteller with an entirely unjustified confidence.
But a less fanciful explanation offered by the donkey-driver, delivered with visual aids, held more sway.
"Look at my donkey over there, just look at her', he pointed to the donkey.  "Now, look at this'. He passed around a small papyrus sheet.  Thutmose had done the handsome animal justice; the charcoal drawing had captured the vitality of the young beast.
"As anyone with eyes can see, this man Thutmose is a damn good painter of pictures.  The tax collector has heard of his talent.  He is going to decorate his tomb.  Even now, if you take the trouble to look, there is a galleon anchored on the Nile to take him to the city of the dead".
The donkey driver did not know how uncannily close to the truth he had come.  It was not the tax collector but Nefertiti, the queen of Upper and Lower Egypt, who had seen the mural on the wall.  The sun was shinning on the mural as the queen's galleon passed by.  The peasant woman looked alive, her eyes following the royal barge.  Painted leaves seemed to move in the breeze and the queen thought she saw a bird dive for the painted figs, mistaking it for a real fruit.  Even Hetusha, her chamberlain agreed that yes, the wench's eyes follow her majesty with admiration.
"Bring him to me Hetusha," she ordered.  "The man that painted that mural, bring him to the barge.  Make sure he is treated with respect.  No harm must come to him.  We need men like him to build the New Capital".
Akhenaten, the new capitol of Ikhnaton and Nefertiti, was the first planned city in history.  In 1359 BC, one hundred thousand workmen and artisans arrived at the virgin site, a barren desert (Egyptians never used arable land for building) on the western bank of the Nile, midway between Thebes and Memphis.  In less than four years, they built a city with broad avenues, lush gardens; great temples dedicated the sun god RA.  There were elegant homes, ostentatious palaces, all built to last.  That they did not was not the fault of the builders.
Thutmose was the master sculptor of the 'city of dreams', and the most favored of its queen.  And he loved her with all his heart.  No woman was ever painted or sculpted with more passion for perfection than Nefertiti by Thutmose.  He sketched her as she posed for him in her different and mercurial moods, he chiseled her likeness in alabaster, granite and sandstone.  As he knew her more, his art transcended tradition and time and touched the face of eternal beauty.
On the thirteenth day of Peret, in the year 1355 BC, Jabedi brought a load of sandstone blocks to the workshop.  One small block (2'x2') took Thutmose's fancy.  He carried it to his private workplace.  His body shivered with the cool touch of the stone, his mind filled with strange premonitions.  He closed his eyes and clearly saw the statute embedded in the stone.
For the next two months, in secret, he coaxed the stone, chisel stroke by gentle chisel stroke, to release the face hidden within.  Slowly the graceful neck, the high cheekbones and the curved brow began to emerge, and the sensual lips of the queen started to smile at the artist.  Still in secret, he painted the bust with loving care.  But the statuette stayed sightless.  Thutmose could not bring himself to insert the eye inlays.
Finally, when he could find no more excuses, he forced himself.  His hands shook as he put in the right eye retina; and as he picked up the piece for the left eye, his mind whirled, his head spun; and then, memories came flooding in, memories of another time, and memories of who he once was and why he was here.  Thutmose/Tomas Sefari realized that he must not; he could not complete his masterpiece, his most famous work.  He knew why he must not insert the left eye, why he must not disturb Destiny's Matrix and break the link of mystery between the Past and the Future.  He walked to the river.  The Nile was in flood and the little paste was never found.

The Face of Eternal Beauty

Tomas Sefari at The Inn

Joe Firmage and ISSO

Jack Sarfatti, Jagdish Mann, Creon Levit, Faustin Bray, Jean Pierre Vigier, 1999

Faustin Brayl and Jack Sarfatti at Joe Firmage's "Last Hurrah"

I forget who first put me in touch with Joe Firmage in I think it was 1998? Joe Firmage was about 30 and made a few million dollars in the Internet Dot.Com Bubble. He comes from a Mormon background descended from Brigham Young. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons, had an ET Contact like Abraham, like Moses, like Mohamed and others. So did Joe. Joe gave me money as a consultant to help him set up his International Space Sciences Organization (ISSO). I arranged for Creon Levit to join ISSO as "Scientific Director". Creon took a leave from NASA to do this. ISSO operated for about two years before going down in flames when Joe lost a lot of his money. However, we did do some good scientific work on how flying saucers might work.  We also debunked every "over-unity" bogus pseudo-science "free energy" claim that came to our attention.  Creon set up a laboratory to test these claims. None of them worked.  We had several theoretical physics conferences including a two-month visit by Louis De Broglie's207 assistant Jean Pierre Vigier who was also a hero of the French Resistance in WWII and a close personal friend of Ho Chi Minh.208  We also did a "classified" engineering project with SARA209 Corporation in Huntington Beach, California and a table top hot fusion project with John Brandenberg on the East Coast in Washington DC and Princeton.  The ISSO Theoretical Physics Group included Saul-Paul Sirag and Dr. Vladimir Poponin from Moscow, Russia.

The late Jean Pierre Vigier at age 81.

Cold Fusion? ISSO Science's Position by Creon Levit

Creon Levit wrote210: "There are several questions here.  The first is the question of the reality of low energy nuclear reactions (including cold fusion and other phenomena), the second is the viability of the claims, and finally there are the political issues.  I have been interested in this for a while.  I followed it fairly closely for a few years, but was never really "in the field" and have been paying less attention for the last year, mostly due to other demands on my time.211  For what its worth, here is a brief summary of my positions on the questions.

On the reality of low energy nuclear reactions, I personally think there may well be something there.  But the field is not healthy.  This is because it is heretical, the initial announcement was problematic, the replications are troublesome, and what little objectivity there was or is usually swamped by polemic from true believers and debunkers alike.  Also, the brave academics that embarked upon serious research in this area were usually already tenured, since only they did not have to worry how publishing heretical material would affect their careers.  But this happened over ten years ago.  Many of them are becoming less active because of age, and there is very little fresh blood being added from the main stream for obvious reasons.  It is very hard to get funding for this stuff, unless you get it privately by making big economic promises.

It does seem to me that the initial replications by the big names (MIT, Princeton, Los Alamos) were not objective or careful enough, and Eugene Mallove makes a good case that at least for MIT, there may have been, shall we say, some "scientific misconduct".  He was a skeptic who went in to investigate but eventually resigned from MIT because of what he found. I also agree with Mallove that the initial DOE report dismissing the phenomena is not fair.

But as yet, so far as I am aware, there is no example of an electrolytic or gas phase experiment that produces unambiguous nuclear reactions, be it heat, fusion products, or transmutation, and that has been replicated by more than one group.  There are literally dozens of experimental claims, some from reputable institutions, that put forth positive evidence in one or more of these areas, but with the possible exception of some work at SRI, I know of no exact replications that came out positive.

As for the viability of Black Light Power's claims, I am not an expert.  Some time ago, if I remember correctly, they backed away from their energy claims and were promoting their "exotic chemistry" claims instead.  What about claims of sub-ground states of hydrogen (hydrinos) in chemical combination with metals?  This in and of itself would still be the biggest news in physics for a long long time, if it were true.  I'm not sure if it is or not but they are not the only ones who believe such a thing is possible.212  Are they promoting over unity energy again?  I should have a look.
Hal213 and Scott and company at Earth Tech have attempted some replications of the work of Black Light, as well as of Storms, of Mizuno, and of other big names in the cold fusion community.  You can find their results on Earth Tech's web page.  Earth Tech is highly competent, productive, funded for the "right reasons", dying for a positive result, and they have no economic conflict of interest regarding the outcomes of their experiments.  They are, primarily, honest.  But they have no breakthroughs, or even positives, to report at this time so far as I know.  Mallove himself has admitted to me that what he wants is an experiment that convinces Hal Puthoff's lab.  I don't think he has found one.

But I don't want to appear too negative.  The cold fusion phenomenon is elusive, the funding is scarce, and it is not a good career move. That really is too bad.  Work in this area is too important to let it be dictated by fashion or forgone conclusions.  Personally, if I had the wealth of some of today's newsworthy philanthropists, I would spend a few million a year on cold fusion.  If I were the NSF, I would do the same.  There's nothing like an announcement of a well-funded peer-reviewed competitive grant program to get both nay Sayers and new folks to take a field seriously.

If I were on such a review committee, I would look favorably upon proposals that utilize ion beams bombarding hydrogen loaded metal foils in vacuum.  This gets rid of a lot of the alchemy. There have been interesting Japanese results in this area.  Also, I believe there is good evidence for unexpected transmutation in some of Ken Shoulders' charge cluster214 experiments.  Why no one is attempting to replicate any of these experiments is no mystery.  There is no money available to do it.  Tragic. 215

If you want to get up to speed quickly, order the "10 year anniversary of cold fusion" issue of Mallove's magazine "Infinite Energy".  It is a little dated, but well worth the couple of bucks he asks for it.  Also, there are several conference proceedings; probably available through "Infinite Energy" though not published by them that contains some extremely interesting papers, as well as some junk.  Though Mallove now seems firmly in the true believer's camp, he at least has a right to be.216

Jagdish, Vigier and Jack, Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, 1999 at ISSO Live-Work Space

Saul-Paul, Jack, Tina, Vigier, Eldon Byrd 217, ISSO Telegraph Hill, 1999

ISSO/ISEP218 Research in the Physics of Consciousness

Dick Bierman and Jack Sarfatti at ISSO Telegraph Hill219

Explaining Radin's and Bierman's pre-sponse brain data with signal nonlocality violating quantum theory.

"On the evidence so far, pre-sponses are genuine causal anomalies that appear to be readily reproducible. If these characteristics turn out to be robust, they'll have to be explained. Major questions centre on whether orthodox quantum theory can be modified to accommodate them and, if so, what sort of modification is needed. Some quite intensive discussions on this topic were held on-line (in the 'quantum mind' forum) at the end of last year. Two front runners emerged from the discussions, one due to Henry Stapp and the other to Jack Sarfatti, both of whom are physicists based in California."

Quantum theory without inner conscious qualia is Bohm's interpretation is simply that approximation in which the context/form dependent quantum potential Q acts on the particle hidden variables without any direct back-reaction of those (electron) particles (or EM field configurations) on their Q. Signal nonlocality permits entanglement to be used as a stand-alone-command-control-communication channel not needing a classical signal key to unlock the qubit messages that are nonlocally stored beyond spacetime in Q itself. Antony Valentini describes this as a non-thermal equilibrium of the particles and/or the classical EM dynamical degrees of freedom. How the two different ways of looking at signal nonlocality relate to each other is not known and progress has been hampered by the physics mafia twisting Antony Valentini's arm, so to speak, not to think about "crank" topics if he wants to continue to get a salary in a university physics department. This situation is reminscent politically to the reason Hal Lewis resigned from the American Physical Society in protest over Climate-Gate and the ideological pressures on the funding physics research.

Henry Stapp's Bohr-Heisenberg idealistic model of pre-sponse

"Stapp's idea is to push the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory as far as it will go. This leads him to a view similar to that of Alfred North Whitehead who held that reality is a series of 'knowings' (Whitehead sometimes called them 'actual occasions of experience'). In particular, until an event has registered in someone's mind, its nature is not necessarily fixed. So the apparent pre-sponse could be an outcome of the unfixed nature of reality prior to observation by someone (note that the GSRs were recorded and were not seen by anyone until long after each experimental session)."

Jack Sarfatti's Bohmian realistic model of pre-sponse

"Sarfatti's suggestion is quite different. He builds on David Bohm's picture of the quantum world, which divides reality into 'particles' and the 'quantum potential'.  According to Bohm the 'quantum potential' has no sources and thus cannot be influenced by the 'particles', despite being responsible for guiding their motions. Sarfatti however suggests that the 'particles' of certain systems, including brains, can feed back to influence the 'quantum potential' in a manner which essentially involves loops in state space (i.e. imaginary space) but can sometimes manifest as temporal loops in the perceived world." - quotes by Dr. Chris Nunn

Telos as Final Causes in Post-Quantum Physics

"Like most of modern science, which characteristically shuns the deeper questions of 'final causes' and human purpose." Colonel Robert Hickson (January 6, 2001)
"Suppose there is even something vaguely teleological about the effects of consciousness, so that a future impression might affect a past action." Roger Penrose, "The Emperor's New Mind" pp 442-445 (1989)
"It seems to me that biological systems are able in some way to utilize the opposite time-sense in which radiation propagates from future to past.  Bizarre as this may appear, they must somehow be working backwards in time." Sir Fred Hoyle, "The Intelligent Universe", p. 213 (1986)

No, I did not read Colonel Robert Hickson's paper of January 6, 2001 below before I wrote "Destiny Matrix" with allusions to Shakespeare's "Tempest" and Melville's "Moby Dick" and "Ishmael".  I saw the work below for first time only on December 26, 2001.220 This is John Lilly's "Cosmic Coincidence Control" in action, that "invisible Police officer of the Fates" in "Loomings" the first chapter of "Moby Dick."221

"Strategic Defense-In-Depth of the Homeland and the Moral Hazards of Two New Materialist Ideologies of Sociobiology-and-Neuroscience's View of Man in Full and Their Likely Effects on the Moral Character of the Citizen by Colonel Dr. Robert Hickson, Visiting Professor, Joint Special Operations University , U. S. Special Operations Command"

Excerpts relevant to the thesis of this book:

"The neuroscientific view of life, has become the strategic high ground in the academic world, and the battle for it has already spread well beyond the scientific disciplines and, for that matter, out into the general public... The new generation of neuroscientists ... express an uncompromising determinism...[i.e.,] that there is not even any one place in the brain where consciousness or self-consciousness (Cogito ergo sum) is located.  This [consciousness or self-consciousness] is merely an illusion created by a medley of neurological systems acting in concert...Since consciousness and thought are entirely physical products of your brain and nervous system-and since your brain is fully imprinted at birth [it is "an exposed negative waiting to be slipped into developer fluid" to develop what is "already imprinted on the film...i.e., the individual's genetic history"]-what makes you think you have free will?  Where is it going to come from?  What "ghost" [i.e., Geist, spirit], what "mind", what "self", what "soul", what anything that will not be immediately grabbed by those scornful quotation marks is going to bubble up your brain stem and give it to you? (Tom Wolfe, "Hooking Up"-Chapter 5, "Sorry, but Your Soul Just Died") [Given the inner logic of these neuroscientific premises, not only "free will", but also "free reason" itself, is an illusion-and a self-refuting proposition, to boot! - Our provident and strategic (prudent and far-sighted) defense of the common good will be, however, an even greater test for us as a nation, in light of some very powerful, perhaps subtly ungovernable, and even dangerously self-replicating, new technologies, such as genetic engineering, bio-remediation, robotics, molecular electronics and other nano-scale technologies.  Yet a far more important challenge to our "providing for the common defense" will be the intimate moral effects of certain shocking new views, which derive from our predominant scientific culture, about "the nature of man" and the world.  Even within our predominant culture of scientific materialism, some of these new views are altogether shocking and psychologically dislocating-and politically "radioactive".  Just as the theories of Darwin, Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche have had great effects upon man's perception of himself, and also upon the character of his pervasive political culture and even his strategic revolutionary warfare, so, too, will the growing new theories of sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience touch him most inwardly; and especially since they may also make intimately manipulative use of psychotropic drugs and GNR technologies, and other bio-technologies of power.  Although, like most of modern science, which characteristically shuns the deeper questions of 'final causes' and human purpose-e.g., "What is man for?"-neuroscience and sociobiology will certainly compel us to re-examine the question "What is man?" Drawing on the language of the vivid-souled Tom Wolfe [2], we may frame our initial strategical admonition and challenge something like this: The "Confluence" or "Hooking Up" of the sociobiological-neuroscientific view of life (and the natural man) with the self-replicating application of GNR technologies is a terrible thing to think upon![3]  The allure of hermeticism-the temptation of this potent hidden knowledge-and of unbounded demiurgic engineering, in combination, will be very great and intimately consequential.  Indeed, "If it weren't attractive, it wouldn't be a temptation.

And, it is hard to hold "the Natural Man" down.  The lure of unbounded liberation is seductive.  We may remember that Shakespeare's Caliban showed us that, very movingly.  Nature itself is not enough.  Neither is raw force, nor "power without grace", some would say! Despite his beautiful poetry of heart and speech, Caliban himself was full of lust and spiritual astigmatisms.  He had, as it were, a restive libido dominandi; a desire for "power without grace"-and for the raptures that came from a delusive sense of liberation and dominion.  Let us think of utopian Caliban now amongst the scientists, and among the seductive new technologists, and we may see some of our strategic challenges more clearly...

In a famous essay by the British military historian, Sir Michael Howard, entitled, "The Bewildered American Raj: Reflections on a Democracy's Foreign Policy", [5] he notes our confused American dominion and "mood of resentment" (55) over the ingratitude of the world towards our power...

With these various considerations in mind from the political wisdom of our cautious Founding Fathers and from our disciplining Constitutional Order-while likewise mindful of America's doubtful cultural dominion, "Caliban's Bewildered Raj", and modern science's intrinsic and tendentious exclusion of telos and all Aristotelian "final causes"-a more descriptive and neutral alternative title for this essay might be: "The Great Power of GNR Technologies in Light of the World-View of Modern Neuroscience and Sociobiology, and their Combined Effect on the Moral Character of the Citizen and Honorable Fighting Man: A Strategic Defense-in-Depth of the Homeland under an Increasingly Centralized State and Balkanized-Uneducated Culture with Porous Borders".

But, first, another pre-emptive caution, and suggestive literary allusion.

A Message to my Gentle Reader:

If, unlike exile Ishmael on the first page of Moby Dick, you are unable first to "sail about a little and see the watery part of the world", thereby "driving off the spleen and regulating [your sluggish] circulation", you should certainly not too rashly read what follows!  For, the subject matter is (in the words of Master Rabelais) "a terrible thing to think upon"-especially if it is also now "a damp and drizzly November in [your] soul" and if you are likewise psycho-cramped and "grim about the mouth", as Ishmael alas was!  Rather, you should, like him, "account it high time to get to sea as soon as [you] can".  And, I wish you good sailing!  For the rest of you, we may continue."

End of excerpts from Colonel Hickson's paper.

Also quoted with permission from Neal Pollock; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Chief Acquisition Engineer, PEO(IT)C1 00/Pollock00.html

"B.    People like to believe they are in control (i.e. conscious)

1.    simple observation belies this belief
2.    belief differs from knowledge; few study epistemology
3.    people ascribe expertise to college degrees and job titles
a.    most scientists have never studied the Philosophy of Science
b.    understanding a specialty does not imply understanding per se
c.    Our society supports a belief in causation-a bottoms-up approach-past drives the present

1.    Jung developed synchronicity-meaningful coincidence
2.    Jung spoke of a top-down approach, a teleological approach
a.    the desired goal, for instance, drives the present from the future
3.    when planning a journey you need both the start point and the end point
a.    as the Mad Hatter told Alice, if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."

OK now to the physics explaining all of the above and refuting the "ant colony" view of Man by E.O. Wilson in his "sociobiology" and its derivatives all based on physics, bad and bogus. ;-) The key paper is by Richard Feynman:

"Space-time approach to non-relativistic quantum mechanics"
Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 20, p. 267 (1948), Feynman 222

"The quantity ( defends only on the region R' previous to t...It does not depend, in any way, upon what is done to the system after time t. This latter in formation is contained in (.  Thus with ( and ( we have separated the past history from the future experiences of the system...the asterisk on (* denotes complex conjugate...the function (*(x,y,z,t) characterizes the which the system is to be subjected."

Feynman's Lagrangian method is precisely "a journey you need both the start point and the end point".223  The key idea I present below is inherent in Feynman's Section 5 "Definition of the Wave Function" and it is the basis for Yakir Aharonov's "Destiny" and "History" two state vector "multiple time" version of quantum physics in which teleology (AKA "telos") is Teleology is explicated when I step beyond Aharonov from quantum to the post-quantum covering theory.  This is a violation of "sub-quantum equilibrium" in the sense of Tony Valentini's papers.224

The post-quantum level has "signal nonlocality" in contrast to the quantum level, which has "signal locality"225 in spite of "quantum nonlocality". Abner Shimony calls the latter "passion at a distance". It is a fainthearted kind of passion methinks. If Abner Shimony "is content with a vegetable love", which most certainly does not suit me, why he is welcome to it. :)226  OK back to Feynman:

"Choose a particular time t and divide the region R into pieces future and past relative to t."

The Cat's Cradle Principle: Collision of History with Destiny

The upper handlii is the final cause hyper surface of future destiny - our future dark energy event horizon - the hologram computer simulating us in the Destiny Matrix virtual post-quantum parallel realities of the multiverse at Levels I and II in Max Tegmark's classification. Our future event horizon is the past light cone of our Omega Point.  The lower hand is the past cause of history - our past particle horizon, which is the future light cone of the Alphas Point.

More precisely the conditional probabilities nonlocal in time are given by the Aharonov-Bergmann-Lebowitz conjecture based on Richard Feynman's papers in the late 1940's:

When one pictures this in terms of Feynman's "spacetime paths" or "world lines", it's a bit like a "Cat's Cradle"liii made from a string. 227 The nexus (crossing point) of the world lines is "here-now".228

The Cat's Cradle is one of the meanings hidden in

Adam's hand is the history state vector pointing to the future.  God's hand, the Finger of Fate, La Forza del Destino, is the destiny state vector, Henry Dwight Sedgwick's "home of explanation" pointing to the past.

Spontaneously Sentient Self-Organization by the Time Loops of History's Collision with Destiny M.C. Escher's "Drawing Hands" (c) 2002 Cordon Art B.V. - Baarn - Holland. All rights reserved.

"The Boring Universe"

If the universe was "boring" in the sense of Matt Visser, then the lights would not only blink out all over Europe as Winston Churchill warned, but, indeed, all over Sagan's Cosmos in Wagner's Gotterdamerung.

"You now face a new world, a world of change. The thrust into outer space of the satellite, spheres, and missiles marks a beginning of another epoch in the long story of mankind. In the five or more billions of years the scientists tell us it has taken to form the earth, in the three or more billion years of development of the human race, there has never been a more abrupt or staggering evolution. We deal now, not with things of this world alone, but with the illimitable distances and as yet unfathomed mysteries of the universe. We are reaching out for a new and boundless frontier. We speak in strange terms of harnessing the cosmic energy, of making winds and tides work for us, of creating unheard of synthetic materials to supplement or even replace our old standard basics; to purify sea water for our drink; of mining ocean floor for new fields of wealth and food; of disease preventives to expand life into the hundreds of years; of controlling the weather for a more equitable distribution of heat and cold, of rain and shine; of spaceships to the moon; of the primary target in war, no longer limited to the armed forces of an enemy, but instead to include his civil populations; of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy; of such dreams and fantasies as to make life the most exciting of all times." General Douglas Mac Arthur, "Duty, Honor, Country", West Point, 1962

My Spiritual Path by Hyman Sarfatti 229

"There is no creature who is not destined for the supreme goal as there is no river which is not winding its way to the sea." - Avatar Meher Baba

The late Hyman Sarfatti and Jack Sarfatti

Born in The Cave 1914

Life is the only literature that lives and if I had not first lived this story, it would not be worth the writing.  This consciousness is sufficient recompense for relating what has made an indelible impression on my mind.

As related to me by my older sister, in 1914, the year in which I was born, a war had been raging for two years between Bulgaria and Turkey. Unfortunately, Greece became a victim of the hostilities because the armies of both countries would cut across Greece, north to south and vice-versa.  The town of Monastir, a suburb of Kastoria in which I was born, was in the left-center of Greece and made a direct passage-way for the two opposing armies to cross in order to get at each others front lines.230

The Bulgarians, as it turned out, were a good and principled people because as their armies would cut across Greece, north to south to get at the front lines of the Turks, they did not harm the Greek population in any manner whatsoever.  In fact, if they took anything they needed such as food, drink, fodder for their horses etc., they would pay for everything they needed. However, the Turks were a brutal and bloodthirsty people who took what they needed, never paying for anything.  In fact, they would rape the women and kill anyone who resisted, male or female.  For obvious reasons, lookouts would be posted in the hills so that when Turkish troops would be spotted advancing, the lookouts would jump on their donkeys and ride through the town yelling, "The Turks are coming! The Turks are coming!"  This is reminiscent of Paul Revere in our Revolutionary War riding his horse yelling, "The British are coming! The British are coming!"

Of course, the American people's army made their stand and battled the British, but the Greek people simply gathered up their children, packed everyone's back with everything they could carry for survival and headed for the hills in which there were many caves.231  They would live in these caves until all the Turkish troops had passed and it would be safe to go back to their homes.

As Fate would have it, my very dear and wonderful mother was pregnant with me and on one of these occasions, the hurried and forced march into the hills brought on birth pangs and I was born in one of these cold, damp and dark caves in the winter of November 1914.  The midwives simply stretched out a blanket on the rough earthen floor and I was born under candlelight, as my good mother related it to me.
It is ironic that the only other Jewish individual I know of that was born in a cave was Jesus.

However, Mary gave birth to Jesus in a cave that had been converted into a stable to house the animals that came into town with their owners, like we park our cars in garages or parking lots.  The stables had stalls called mangers filled with plenty of hay and lit up with oil lamps.  Besides, there was an inn next door where all amenities could be purchased and there were no cruel and murderous enemies at the "door".  Therefore, I may say that Jesus was born in a Hilton Hotel compared to where I was born, and my mother had a much harder time, generally speaking, than Mary did.

Strangely enough, I have always had a heart-felt sympathetic affinity to Jesus even as a teenager. My sister Regina, the oldest in the family often told me the story that when I was a baby in the crib, I would wake up at night crying and asking for water in Ladino, "Yo quiero agua - Yo quiero agua!" "I want water, I want water!"  My mother had assigned sister Regina the duty of caring for me in the night time so that mother could get a well-deserved and needed rest at night as she worked in the day-time taking care of the family.

Sister Regina would bring me a cup of water to drink and say, "Here is your water," in Ladino232, but I would shake my head saying, "No, yo quiero agua, no yo quiero agua!"  My sister would get exasperated repeating, "Here is your water," in Ladino and I would repeat, "No, no quiero agua, no yo quiero agua."  This went on for months.
I remember this story well because when I grew older, I realized intuitively that the child in the crib was asking for the spiritual water of Truth, not the drinking water.  This has been the key signature to my life, for I have always been searching for the Truth.

Beat The Devil

When I was about seven or eight years old, I had periodically, the most frightening of dreams.  I dreamt that I was in the bottom pit of Hell and seeing the Devil clearly in all of his ugly fierceness scowling at me.  I was scared out of my wits, but slowly I felt a strong and distinct surge of courage well up in me coursing through my body and into my heart.  Then I would stand tall facing the Devil, look straight at him and say, "I'm not afraid of you; God will protect me.  I'm not afraid of you; God will protect me.  Do your worst, I'm not afraid of you, God will protect me."  I remember to this day the exact words I voiced in defiance.  I said those words with such a bravura that the Devil seemed to cringe and slowly fade away.  Our dream world is just as real as our awake world, each having its own reality and running the gamut of fears, doubts, worries, despair, resentment, anger, hatred, hope, courage, pains and pleasures, happiness and misery, all seeming real in both the dream and the awake world.

I had this same dream periodically for many months where I got to the point where I dreaded going to sleep for fear of having this most frightening dream recur.  But who can give up sleep?  So reluctantly, I would lay down in my bed and think, "Oh well, if I should have the same dream again, God will protect me.  I had a simple child-like faith in God that was instinctive and natural. I did not have to think about God.  God was as natural as flowers and trees, birds and stars.  Around that time, a boy my age living in the same building and whose father had recently passed away said to me, "My mother says that my father is in Heaven with God and that he is an angel."  Then he looked up in the sky pointing and saying, "See those angels in the sky."  I would say, "Where, where?"  I didn't doubt him for a moment, only I couldn't see the angels.  Thereafter, for many days I would periodically look up in the sky hoping to see angels.  Of course there were angels but I couldn't see them just yet.  Who could doubt God and His angels?

Along about the same time when I was seven, eight and nine, there were some ladies, all grandmothers who all knew each other, who would come to visit my mother to chat over a cup of demitasse Turkish coffee of the most wonderful aroma and taste.  I would ask my mother for some, which she always gave me and I would stand aside sipping my coffee.  I enjoyed listening to these wonderful ladies conversing in Ladino, which I understood quite well.  I was struck by the fact that in practically every sentence spoken, God was mentioned.  The phrase used was, "El Dio Santo," the Holy God.  It was like a golden thread running throughout the fabric of their conversation.  I felt very good listening to them.  I really enjoyed their 'company.'  This made a deep impression on my young mind and perhaps helped me in my dreams of Hell and the Devil, which occurred around the same time.

Sometimes one, two or three of these ladies would drop by when mother was not at home.  I would welcome them in, as I was always delighted with their company.  Immediately, I would take out the real, traditional, copper Turkish coffee pot that my father had told me that they had brought with them on the boat from Greece when they sailed to the United States.  I would immediately start making some Turkish demitasse coffee that I learned to make by watching my mother make it innumerable times.  The ladies would tell me not to bother, but I would insist that they stay and have some coffee.  I was proud and happy to serve them and they seemed pleased with my hospitality.  They told me how good the coffee was and praised me for it.  I simply adored these ladies and always felt happy in their presence. There was one lady that I remember in particular, Tia Luna, who seemed to be the conversational leader of the group.  I recall clearly how she said that she fasted one day a week every week of the year, including of course Yom Kippur.  It was a religious fast in which she always prayed to God, El Dio Santo, asking for His help for some sick individual or family member having some difficulty.  She was indeed a Saint and I remember her like it was only yesterday.

In touching on the subject of fasting, let me say that it is a common denominator for every religion in every part of the world. It is a part of religious observances such as the one-day Fast of Yom Kippur of the Jews or the Thirty-Day Fast of Ramadan of the Moslems.  Both are exactly alike except that the Moslems fast for thirty days in a row or thirty Yom Kippurs consecutively.  The relationship between fasting and religion is so pervasive that one cannot separate them.  They are heads and tails of the same coin.
Mahatma Gandhi said, "I know that there is no prayer without fasting and all fasting, if it is a spiritual act, becomes an intense prayer.  I can as well do without my eyes as without fasts.  What the eyes are to this outer world, fasts are for the inner world.
St. Clement (AD 150-215) a Greek theologian said, "Fasting is better than prayer."  The prevalent beliefs of the ancient Greeks was that the soul reached its greatest power when totally cut off from the lower digestive system of the body and relinquishing sex-activity as well.  The fast, no food and no sex, freed the soul from the influence of the senses of the body and brought the individual nearer to the Gods and receive their wise messages.  The Romans as well as the Greeks believed that through fasting one could become an oracle, a medium through which the gods could speak and communicate their wisdom.
It is a said of Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician (582-500 BC), that his fasting practices generated the insights for his most elegant mathematical theories and helped develop his scientific skills and power of prophesy.  Also, one of the basic tenets of Pythagorean philosophy is the belief in reincarnation. During the early Christian era men fasted as an ascetic act that included rigorous self-discipline, self-denial, silence and prayer, thereby attaining virtues. Moses, Buddha and Jesus, all three fasted for forty days and forty nights completely, unlike the Fast of Yom Kippur or the Thirty-Day Fast of Ramadan when food is consumed once every twenty-four hours. Moses received the Ten Commandments from God after his forty-day complete fast on Mount Sinai. Buddha attained Enlightenment after his forty-day complete fast under a banyan tree.  Then he went on his mission teaching his Eightfold Path to Perfection and his Wheel of Rebirth, to live eternally in Eternal Life with God in full consciousness.  Let me add that the face of the Buddha as represented in statues of the Buddha is an expression of the calmness of the Cosmic Consciousness or the state of Nirvana.

The philosophy of Buddhism states:

The Four Noble Truths

The existence of suffering
The cause of suffering (ignorance)
The cessation of suffering
The Eightfold Path to Perfection that leads to the cessation of suffering

The Eightfold Path to Perfection

Right belief
Right thought
Right speech
Right living
Right action
Right work
Right meditation
Right adoration of God

Jesus fasted for forty days and nights in the wilderness and was tempted by Satan to give up his faith in God, following His precepts and doing His Will.  In return, Satan would give him unlimited wealth and worldly power.  It is ironic that both Jesus and I were born in a cave in the humblest of circumstances and we both wrestled with Satan, Jesus in his way as an adult and I in my way as a young boy.  And we both emerged victorious.  God always wins, never loses, so it behooves us all to stay with God.  It is never too early or too late to be spiritually minded and have supreme faith in and love for God.  By our own thoughts, words and deeds, we make our own Heaven and our own Hell.

When I was in my twenties, the thought occurred to me that if I had a choice of being any famous or prominent individual in all of history in any major field of endeavor, who would I choose to be like the most.  The answer came to me instantaneously.  It was Jesus.  To me he was the greatest-Numero Uno.  Jesus was the sweetest, sanest and dearest individual who had ever walked on the face of the earth.  I have always had the greatest respect and love for Jesus, even though I was raised in the Jewish tradition, went to Hebrew school, attended a Sephardic Synagogue which I loved, was circumcised and Bar-Mitzvah'd at thirteen.  I was a 'Jew for Jesus' long before the Jewish individual who started the organization known as 'Jews for Jesus' was born, or perhaps he was still in his diapers.  This organization was started in San Francisco and its headquarters are still here.

When I was about ten, eleven and twelve, I remember living on the lower East Side of Manhattan and that I would often walk across town to get to the Italian section.  There the most wonderful fruit and vegetables among other foods were sold on pushcarts and storefronts.  It brought joy to my heart to see crowds of people happily shopping.  The activity was festive and I would buy a piece of delicious fruit and ate it as I sauntered along.  It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Now, to get to the Italian section from where I lived, I had to cross the Bowery, which was then the Mecca for alcoholics.  Near to the intersection where I would cross was a Salvation Army chapter, a storefront with a deep interior.  As I looked inside through the storefront plate glass, I could see all the way forward a pulpit with chairs in front of it, sometimes occupied.  Obviously, a Salvation Army chaplain would give a sermon and then after would serve sandwiches, donuts and coffee.  In short, first food for the soul then food for the body is a practical and wise combination in the right order.  This tradition and service has always engendered in me a great respect and love for the Salvation Army. Now in the facility up close to the plate glass was a huge Bible on a bookstand similar in size to the large Webster's dictionary one may find in a library on a stand.  I would read the open pages, and it seemed to me that every time I passed by, the Bible would be turned to another page and another chapter.  It was then and there that I started reading the New Testament.  The Bible also contained the Old Testament but more often it was open to the New Testament.  As young as I was, I was very literate and could read the Bible with ease and could understand it well.  I did not find any conflict with the Old Testament.  The Five Books of Moses and the New Testament were to me the repositories of the most and best Truths.  My intuitive heart told me it was the truth from God.  All religions come from God and are meant to bring people back to God.  I certainly had no problem understanding the teachings of Jesus, which were to me as clear as crystal.  I have always enjoyed reading the Scriptures of all religions.  The reading of Scriptures develops a devotional bent of mind and makes one humble.  Before God, one cannot become an egotist or ostentatious.

I started high school at the age of twelve.  I was generally a good student and well behaved.  One year I had a wonderful English teacher who taught us well.  She focused upon and insisted that we learn how to read, write and speak English with excellence.  Her favorite homework was to read some classic in literature and write a book-report on it.  In class daily, she would assign a student to write on the black board about some character or event in the book that we were studying.  Every student took a turn at the blackboard.  Of course my turn would come.  I saw behind the events and characters in the story a meaning of moral and spiritual significance.  Things did not just happen.  There was clearly cause and effect, or "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" or the Law of Compensation or Retribution, or Karma as the Hindus call it.  Invariably, in writing my composition on the blackboard, I would inject some quote from the New Testament attributed to Jesus, which would explain from the moral point of view, why things happened as they did.  I knew that these events and results were not manifestations of some blind, foreign or oppressive Fate.  They were based on the inexorable spiritual laws of God in Creation.  The Scriptures made that clear. I knew my compositions were flawless as I could read and write comparably and equally with any college student, by today's standards - perhaps better. We were studying Ivanhoe when it came my turn at the blackboard.  I chose to write about the wicked Black Knight, his evil character and wicked ways and the final results of all of his wickedness.  He had an insatiable appetite for wealth and power. His selfish ego-mind dominated all of his thoughts, words and actions.  I injected the teachings of Jesus to explain why he ended up as he did, as just retribution for his demoniac character and wicked actions.  After finishing writing our composition on the blackboard, we were required to read it out loud before the teacher and classmates. From my opening sentence, the class went into such a silence that you could literally hear a pin drop.  I had my student audience mesmerized as they concentrated on every word I spoke.  When I came to the end, their reaction was as if they had just gotten out of a spell and remained speechless momentarily.  Moments later, my English teacher asked me how come I knew so much about Jesus.  I cannot forget her exact words even to this day.  She said "Hyman, you are a nice Jewish boy; how come you know so much about Jesus?  I answered simply, that I liked reading the Bible.  Thereafter, whenever I wrote a composition to be read out loud, absolute silence was the norm.  A student or two would even shush the class at the slightest disturbance.  When Hyman spoke, everyone would listen.

The subtle power that I exhibited unquestionably came from the spirit of the Truths that I had gleaned from the Bible. Words come alive and are potent when the Spirit of Truth is behind them.  I had a facility for reading and understanding Scripture with remarkable ease.  Nothing was too deep for my understanding.  I have been told more than once that I should have been a preacher. Let me add that my English teacher always gave me two tens for a single composition, a ten equaling 100% - two tens were the equivalent of 200%.  Perhaps one ten was for flawless composition and other ten for scriptural knowledge.  I am probably the only student in any English class that rated 200% for a single composition.

One day in the spring, I was walking on the Boardwalk of Coney Island.  I was about seventeen at the time, when I came upon an intersection where the street ran up to the boardwalk.  At the corner right off the boardwalk, I saw a large individual standing on a wooden portable pulpit with a large book in his hand, preaching.  I knew immediately that it was a Christian evangelist, because such sights were common in those days.  We had our Billy Graham's all over the place.  I approached and joined a small crowd listening with rapt attention.  I focused on every word he uttered with a booming voice and very articulate presentation and with great sincerity.  He was telling the crowd of the events preceding the Crucifixion of Jesus and the Crucifixion itself.  His speech was so moving and I felt so sorry for the suffering Jesus that tears started welling up in my eyes and rolling down my cheeks.  I didn't realize it until a cool breeze from the ocean rolled in and cooled my warm tears.  Realizing suddenly that I had been weeping I looked around me furtively to see if anyone else had tears in his eyes.  I saw that I was the only one and suddenly the thought came to me, "I am a Jewish boy and Jews are not supposed to cry over Jesus." Immediately, I took out my handkerchief and gently blew my nose, feigning that my tears were only due to a cold.  I felt somewhat embarrassed that I had wept for Jesus.  Can you for a moment, picture a Jew-boy in a crowd of Christians weeping for Jesus?  That preacher could have made a Sphinx melt into tears.  My tears were totally sincere and honest.  By then I had a very sympathetic rapport with Jesus as we're on the same 'wavelength'.

Remaining on the subject, I was in my early twenties when one day in the morning, I had gone to the Main Public Library on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue.  Looking through the catalogue on Religion and Philosophy I came across a title that intrigued me.  It was `The Life of Jesus the Christ' by an author named Levi.  I took it out immediately to read it in the main reading room.  I remember that it was 9:30 am when I started reading the book.  It was so interesting that around lunchtime, I debated with myself whether I should stop and go out for lunch or continue reading.  I decided that the book was much too interesting to stop even for lunch, so I went to the men's room, had a drink at a water fountain readily accessible and then went back to my place and continued reading.  I never ate breakfast with perhaps only some acid fruit juice, so that I fasted all day while reading. Amazingly, I focused on the book with such concentration that I was aware of my mind but not my body.  I was all mind and no body unaware of my surroundings.  I kept reading the book until five minutes before 10pm, when a bell would ring announcing the closing of the Library. I got up and was reading the last page as I walked up to the return counter.  I had finished this version of the New Testament, cover to cover in twelve and one half hours of total concentration.  I felt as light as a feather as if walking on a cushion of air.  My mind felt clear and pure, my heart was buoyant with a sense of emotional equilibrium, and my soul cleansed of any residue of impurity.  I felt happy like nothing in the world could disturb me.  The sky could have fallen down at the time and I would not have been the least bit upset.  It may be said that I got a `Spiritual High.'

I felt generally good the following week when I thought of my wonderful experience.  And so I decided to go back the Main Library and read the same book again.  I got the book out by 9:30 am and reread it.  At around noontime, I got up to go the men's room, drink some water at the fountain and returned immediately to the reading room.  The thought of having lunch did not appeal to me and seemed like a sheer waste of time when I had so much mental and spiritual 'food'.  The call of my soul for the Truth overrode the call of my body for food.  I read the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ' from cover to cover with total concentration, finishing by five minutes to 10:00pm.  Again, I experienced the same 'spiritual high' as before.

A week later, I got the urge once more the go to the Main Library and read the book once more cover to cover.  I finished reading the book in time for the closing of the Library.  This was the third reading in two weeks.  I got the same 'spiritual high' for a third time.
This can be compared in a manner to the 'high' gotten from drug-use, with a big difference.  The 'high' gotten from drug-use has a bad after effect, resulting in depression, misery, pain and illness.  The 'spiritual high' brings health, joy, mental stability, emotional equilibrium, courage, faith and hope - with no unwelcome side effects.

Drug use develops rapidly into a craving for the pleasure it gives followed by pain in an endless cycle of pleasure and pain.  In my 'spiritual high' I was likewise developing a craving or addiction - but for God, Jesus and Truth, with no pain or unwelcome side effects.  In fact, to become addicted to God frees one from all the dualities of a materialistic life, such as pleasure and pain, happiness and misery, health and sickness, success and failure, riches and poverty, etc.

On the peak of the God-Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness storms never beat, misfortunes never settle, vicissitudes never venture and disasters never fall, because that individual has risen above all mortal ignorance, weakness and sin.  The wisest thing that anyone can do is to develop a predisposition for God, Truth and Love.  Nothing is real but God, because God is permanent or immortal and He never changes.  Everything else in the Universe is in a process of change through the dual aspects of Evolution and Involution (the development of consciousness.) Therefore, everything in the Universe has only a temporary or relative reality.  Therefore, the whole Universe is not real-only God is Real.

Speaking of libraries, when I was about eighteen I visited a local library and was looking in the section marked Philosophy and Religion when my finger touched a book, as I was running it across the various titles.  The book fell to the floor, face-up and I read the title, The Bhagavad Gita.  The title intrigued me, so I picked it up and went to the reading room.  After about a half-hour, I said to myself, "Wow, how long has this book been around." At the time I did not realize that it was the Numero Uno of the many Hindu Scriptures.  The book is an actual conversation between Krishna an incarnation of God, about five thousand years ago with Arjuna, His friend, companion and disciple.  God as Krishna dictated the Bhagavad Gita to his top disciple, Vasudeva, and it is truly God speaking directly.  I read the Scripture through and through and reread it two or three more times.  Then I decided to write a short version of it, taking excerpts that seemed to pertain to my understanding and me.

This copy, written in longhand on white blank paper, I carried with me in my back pocket, reading and re-reading it countless times.  It always had a beneficial effect on me.  It seemed to lift my spirits and gave me hope for the future.  I treasured it as much as I did the teachings of Jesus.  I regarded them both as being on the same level.
Again, when I was about eighteen, I joined the Rosicrucian Order, headquarters in  and received weekly manuscripts.  The basic study is of all religions and philosophies and to bring one to God and become ultimately Self-Realized or One with God.  I read all the books published by the Order and read many of their monthly issues of a magazine called the Rosicrucian Digest.  Among the dozen or so books published were two that I loved to read, (a) The Mystical Life of Jesus (b) The Secret Doctrines of Jesus.  I was already familiar with the teaching of Jesus through the New Testament. By the time I read The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, I was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah that the Jews never recognized even to this day.  I was indeed a 'Jesus freak' on the highest intellectual level. In fact, I believe that I understand Jesus better than the Pope himself.

At this point, let me go back to when I was twelve years old.  My older brother Sam had bought a set of the Bernarr McFadden Encyclopedias of Physical Culture.  Bernarr McFadden was then the nationally famous Guru of health and Physical Culture.  He also published a monthly magazine called, Physical Culture which was very successful and popular.

My brother Sam practiced the lessons for a time and then gave up.  He told me he was too busy to continue his efforts and I could have the set of eight volumes.  I was very literate at twelve and could read the encyclopedias with ease and understand everything.  I was fascinated by its teachings and started immediately to follow his system of health building, which included physical exercises, diet which was most important, yoga, breathing methods, all kinds of baths and exposure to air, sun and earth, massage and aids to health and curing diseases with natural methods, including fasting. In four years of steady practice and adopting a strict vegetarian diet, which was recommended as the ideal diet for building and maintaining health of body and mind, I achieved perfect health, incredible stamina, great strength and a beautiful body.  I may interject that Yoga Ashrams around the world serve strict vegetarian menus and Yogis on the spiritual path are strict vegetarians to a fault.  Back to Nature and up to God is the essence of their philosophy.

As to vegetarianism, Appolonius of Tyana (A.D. 10-98) a Greek philosopher said that he refused to eat meat on the grounds that it defiled the mind and rendered it impure.  He considered that the only pure food was what the earth produces, fruits, vegetables and nuts.  He also abstained from wine, because it disturbed the composure of the mind.  He was 100% vegetarian, like all Yogi's are.  Yoga philosophy says that meat has vibrations not conducive to health and spirituality and which excites the passions of lust and anger.  A vegetarian diet, they say (Yogis) calms the mind and the passions are greatly reduced, make one more self-controlled and is conducive to spirituality.  The mind actually becomes clearer and stronger.  They are absolutely right because I have proved all of this myself in the practice of vegetarianism over long periods of time.
Appolonius of Tyana also believed in re-incarnation and even spoke of who he was in a previous incarnation.

Plotinus, a Greek philosopher in the same era (AD 204-270) thought along the same lines and emphasized the unity of all creation and the ideal of oneness with God-God, Nature and Man or unity Consciousness and no real separation between the three.
Let me relate a significant incident.  In my neighborhood lived a young individual, my age of sixteen, who was a bully who terrified the whole neighborhood, by challenging anyone and everyone, teen-agers and adult alike, to engage in fighting him. One day I was playing handball, by myself when suddenly this bully came upon the scene and grabbed my ball.  He started playing with it as I had been doing, when after a few minutes, I asked for my ball back.  He said that if I wanted my ball back I would have to take if from him. He was provoking me, as was his habit, to fight him to get my ball back.  He would use any ruse to get someone to fight him.  I accepted his challenge.  As we squared off like two fighters in a boxing ring, he began weaving in and out, side to side like a professional boxer.  I waited for him to come in and throw a punch.  As he came in close to throw a punch, I threw one with lightning speed, so fast he never saw it coming.  I struck him such a powerful blow that he went reeling backwards and fell like a board of wood.  He looked so surprised when he got up and said, "You win" with a wan smile and stretched out his hand to shake mine.  One blow struck and the fight was over.  It was my left hand.  Had I been able to follow up with my right hand, he would have needed a medic to revive him.

I was in top shape physically and he was unaware that I had trained myself for four years steady and had remarkable strength and stamina for my age.  Thereafter, when I would run into him occasionally in the neighborhood, I was struck by the fact that his whole personality had changed.  He acted sweet and gentle with a ready smile and without the slightest trace of arrogance, belligerence or prone to violence.  He even said once that if I ever need help, to call on him.  He became a friend instead of a potential enemy.  I believe that my purity of body and mind and my proneness to spirituality and religious bent of mind, got to him subtly and he was 'reborn' in the moral and spiritual sense.  I say this in retrospect.  We influence others by our own state of body, mind, heart and soul for good or ill.

In my mid-twenties, World War Two had started.  I went to trade school and learned enough to get a job as a ship fitter, 3rd class in the shipyards of Bethlehem Steel in Brooklyn.  For some obscure reason I transferred to a job at Todd Shipyards In Hoboken, NJ and I was upgraded to ship fitter 2nd class.  I enjoyed my work and the pay was good for those days.  After about four years through the war, working six days per week ten hours a day, I contracted a cold and cough that I neglected for weeks.  Besides, I was smoking cigarettes, which was bad for me.  In those days the cancer causing potential of smoking was not in the public consciousness at all.  In fact, it was unknown and unspoken.  Let me add that at some time, I was notified by the Draft Board, to come down and be examined by government doctors as I was eligible to go into the Army.  I passed the exams but received a draft deferment, because of my essential work in the shipyards.

Getting back to the time I was neglecting to treat my cough and cold, I contracted bronchitis, which developed into pneumonia and became deathly sick.  Providentially, my brother Joe happened to come by for a visit to my apartment in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.  I was married to Millie at the time and my brother Joe was not aware that I was home in bed seriously ill.  I had little Jack who was a most beautiful and brilliant child then.  Brother Joe and his girlfriend, who later became his wife, took one look at me and immediately called for an ambulance.  I was rushed to Kings County Hospital somewhere in Brooklyn.  This actually saved my life, for I would have died shortly.  God did not want me yet and so I survived.

The first day after the very night that I was taken to the hospital, my mother and brother-in-law, Sam Cohen, came to visit me.  After a few words, I asked my mother to bring a certain Rabbi who used to visit us when I was living at home. He was a very sweet and gentle soul and I felt that his presence would comfort me.  Upon hearing this, I heard my dear mother telling brother-in-law Sam that I was dying, while she was weeping, "My Hymie is dying."  After a while a nurse came in and said it was time for everyone to leave.  I saw my mother walking out of the room still weeping. The next day, my mother visited me bringing a jar of chicken, vegetable soup, fresh made.  My mother was an excellent cook, but I had no appetite whatsoever.  Even the thought of food nauseated me, but out of respect for my mother and not wanting to hurt her feelings, I ate most of it.  I did not even taste the hospital food.  The next day my mother visited me again, bringing some more fresh made vegetable chicken soup.  I wasn't the least bit hungry, but not to hurt her feelings I ate it once more.  I still did not touch the hospital food.  Then I told my mother, that instead of bringing me food, to bring me a big bag full of oranges, lemons and grapefruit, which she did the very next day.  I told her that every time she would come to bring me more of the same.  I believe she visited me every other day, bringing me some more oranges, grapefruit and lemons.  I asked the nurses on duty round-the-clock, to find the biggest glass and fill it with a fresh squeezed cocktail of mixed juices.  I drank these juices daily for twenty-seven days, taking no food whatsoever.  In other words, I fasted for twenty-seven consecutive days on acid fruit juice and a little water, nothing else.  For twenty-seven days I did not have so much as a glass of milk, a cup of coffee, or a single slice of toast.  Of course I did not tell my mother or the nurses.  I simply gave my hospital meals to others in the large rooms of four beds and patients.

From my study and practice of the Bernarr McFadden lessons on natural methods for building health and curing disease, I learned about the efficacious effects of fasting and vegetarianism, as well as all of the natural aids to health and curing of diseases of every kind.  Bernarr McFadden owned and ran a Physical Culture Hotel in Dansville, New York where his system was practiced.  He literally cured thousands of people of various diseases which the medical profession said were either incurable, or could be helped on a limited basis.  Even many thousands of people without a disease would go there to improve their health.  In my practice of his methods in the past, I had proved to my self that he was totally right.  He was a true Guru of Health.

Long before Dr. Linus Pauling came out with his theories about high doses of Vitamin C for the cure of colds of any severity, I had been practicing it for years.  Bernarr McFadden had been teaching the same for fifty years previously.  Among true followers of Physical Culture, Dr. Linus Pauling's theories and practice were common knowledge.  Even I knew more that the good doctor did.  Let me prove my point. Going back to the hospital, where I fasted for twenty-seven days on nothing but fresh squeezed acid fruit juice and water, the time came for me to be discharged from the hospital.  It was customary for every patient being discharged to receive a complete check-up including X-rays. I was in the office of the doctor who examined me and had the X-rays of my lungs with her, a female physician of course.  She looked at me with dismay. She could not understand why my lungs showing up in the X-rays were perfectly clear.  She put the X-rays on the light screen once more, commenting, "I can't understand it, after a severe bout with pleurisy and pneumonia, lesions would be left on the lungs, with unmistakable clarity, visible on X-rays."  She said, "Your lungs are as clear, pure and healthy as those of a new-born healthy baby.  I can't understand it." It was then that I told her that I had fasted for twenty-seven days, on acid fruit juice and water. I explained that I had learned all about the fasting method with large doses of natural vitamin C for the cure of colds, bronchitis and pneumonia.  In fact fasting, properly conducted and completed will cure all cases of acute disease and most cases of chronic illness.  Bernarr McFadden, proved this to be true for fifty years.  But the medical profession sneered at McFadden and his natural methods of cure.  Why?  Because it hurt their pocket books and those of the pharmaceutical industry.  I proved to myself that I was a Master of Physical Culture in both building health and curing disease, superior in some ways to the medical profession.

Fasting, rightly conducted and completed is nearest a panacea for curing all disease of any other single method of cure.  Bernarr McFadden proved it thousands of times as well as a number of Naturopathic physicians.  I proved it to myself in curing an occasional cold and a severe case of pleurisy and pneumonia.

The Arab physicians of the Tenth and Eleventh centuries, prescribed three week fasts for the cure of all diseases, in conjunction with their prescribed herbal medicines and right diet thereafter. Athenaneous, a Greek physician in Rome (A.D. 50) said, "Fasting cures diseases, makes the mind clearer and purer and raises man to the throne of God."  He perceived the physiological mental and spiritual benefits of Fasting. I noticed that in my twenty-seven day fast, I not only cured myself of disease, but that my mind did become clearer and purer and I attained a deep sense of peace and emotional equilibrium.

Again when I was nineteen and twenty I had the idea of going to India and find a Spiritual Master or true Guru, stay and live with him or nearby, and serve him like a servant, and would be his disciple at the same time for about seven to ten years.  I had read about these Yogi Masters living in or near the Himalayan Mountains.  I was saying to myself, "First the pathway to God, then the affairs of the world.' The average individual thinks, in effect, first the affairs of the world then the pathway to God if at all.  If he is not spiritually inclined, then finding God does not even enter into the picture.
For the materialistic individual not concerned about God, then his way is best for him to attain whatever goals or success he envisions.  He is relatively happy going his way, with periods of happiness and unhappiness, pain and pleasure rich or poor, in health or in sickness, prominent or unknown, success or failure, and all of the other dualities that the worldly life entails and are experienced.

As for me, I did not function well in the mundane world, so for me the spiritual path was more practical.  I wanted to go to India and find a true Guru or Spiritual Master, realizing that if I could become centered in God and attain Cosmic Consciousness, I could then enter into the mundane world with the stature of symmetry and could handle the affairs of the world with masterful ease.  I was fully aware that to attain Cosmic Consciousness and become one with God was the ultimate goal of life itself.  Cosmic Consciousness is not a theory, a figment of the imagination, some hallucination or poetic dream.

It is as real as the Empire State Building or the Rock of Gibraltar.  Even more so, because a nuclear bomb dropped on each one would turn them both into clouds of dust.  But the Cosmic Consciousness is eternal and nothing can change it or put so much as a scratch on it.  It is the mind of God Himself. Einstein once said, "I would like to know the thoughts of God...the rest are just details."  Not even Einstein can know and understand the mind of God because it takes a Cosmic Mind to know and understand the Cosmic Mind of God. Only by attaining the Cosmic Consciousness can one know God, experience Him and become one with God.  The term Yoga means "union with God", which is the goal of the Hindu philosophy and religion.  It is also the goal of Buddhism.

The two processes of evolution and involution, which means the development of consciousness, are meant to attain the Cosmic Consciousness, while we are still in the human form. Technically speaking, the process of evolution ends when man attains the human body, evolved from animal forms.  Then starts the process of involution, which is the development of consciousness.  For example, compare an aborigine in Australia with an Albert Einstein, dozens of incarnations lie in-between the two.

Let me state unequivocally, that the desire to attain Cosmic Consciousness and become one with God, is the greatest of all desires.  When one attains oneness with God, then all right desires are satisfied completely forever and you enjoy everything but without attachment.

Spinoza implied the same philosophy when he said, "The union of the soul with God is our 'second birth' and therein consists man's immortality and freedom.  "He was known as the God-intoxicated philosopher.  "I am the God-intoxicated thinker."
Dante implies the same when he says in Canto IV, "Instruct me Master and most noble sir, better to understand the perfect creed that conquers every error."

Cosmic Consciousness cannot be investigated by the methods of scientific research, since such research depends ultimately on sense perception.  Cosmic Consciousness is beyond the grasp of the senses; this is the certainty of certainties. It has been the general experience of all true Gurus or Spiritual Masters, that first they had to attain an intellectual knowledge of God and the spiritual path leading to Him. Then had to develop a love for God and a longing to attain Him equal to one in the desert thirsty for water.  Was I not that little child in the crib thirsting for the Water of Truth and not the drinking water?

In the past, but of course no longer true today the greatest puzzle to me in the Universe was I to myself.  How could I possess the wisdom of the ages on the one hand and be so ignorant, weak, fearful and inept in the mundane world at the same time.  I simply lived in two worlds that I could not harmonize.  In the world of Philosophy, Literature and Scripture I was like a fish in water.  In the mundane world I was a fish out of water, gasping and wanting to return to its native element.  For years, I feared that if I got too involved in worldly life I would lose sight of my spiritual desire and goal.  This fear of entanglement was all wrong and contributed to my failing to fulfill all of my duties and responsibilities as a father and husband.  The memories are painful even to this day.  I thought to myself, why can't I be like everyone else, pursuing and attaining material goals and not having spiritual ideals, which brought pain in not realizing them.  In effect, I was a failure in both the spiritual world and the mundane world, not having attained success in either world.  I was in limbo.  My head and heart were aimed at Heaven, but I didn't have my feet on the ground.  I know now, of course, that one must succeed and harmonize both worlds in order to be a true and all-round success.
Even the most successful businessman, financier or professional person, is not a true well-balanced success unless he is firmly grounded in spirituality.  Because if one, by the vicissitudes of life, loses what he (or she) has attained or gained, one becomes despondent, miserable, unhappy - can lose his mental stability and emotional equilibrium, lose all of his money or health or both and divorce often steps into the picture if married.  If grounded in spirituality, one becomes detached from all material and worldly things and so can handle all vicissitudes without pain or fear or worry and maintain one's poise and peace of mind.  There are many factors that enter into the equation for success, but without spirituality one's life remains on shaky ground and a weak foundation at best.

The worldly life is like a dangerous ocean to cross and reach the safe shores of God and His Kingdom.  There are seven passions or seven wild horses that need reigning, namely, lust, greed, anger, hatred, false pride, envy and attachment to material things and pleasures of every description with it's endless round of pleasure and pain.  These attachments may also be called habits or addictions that keep us in bondage to the world.  Thus the materialistic individual believes that the world and worldly life is the only reality and that God, the spiritual life and spiritual world seem unreal, vague and hard-to-grasp. Thus the materialistic individual takes the world seriously and God lightly, whereas, the spiritually oriented individual takes God seriously and the world lightly. The earth-life is the junction between Heaven and Hell.  This is where God gives us free will, to choose which path to follow.  The choice is ours and thus we make our own Heaven and our own Hell.

Let me relate a significant incident that occurred many years ago.  I made a trip to California to see my son Jack and stopping in Chicago for a few days to visit my sister Vicky and her married daughter with children.  Arriving in San Francisco I recall staying with Jack and his then girlfriend in their apartment for about two weeks.  It was time for me to move with my suitcases elsewhere.  I wound up at the YMCA where the rates were cheap by the week.  My funds were running out and in order to stay on longer, I got myself a job in one of the downtown banks on lower Market Street, as a guard.  I was paid by an employment agency not directly by the bank.

A Vietnamese or Cambodian individual also worked at the same bank, also as a guard.  We became friendly and talked about experiences and ourselves.  One day he told me of his life in Cambodia, where he was in a guerrilla army, fighting the Communists, who were cold-blooded killers of civilians and military alike.  He said he was the leader of a troop of men and had killed many of the enemy himself.  I knew that he wasn't boasting or exaggerating, as he was simple and straightforward.  Also, he told me that he had been married and brought his wife with him to the USA about seven years previously.  Then he told me that he had a friend also from Cambodia, who had come to this country and friends of his wife and himself.  The saddest part of his story was that his friend had seduced his wife and urged her to divorce her husband and marry him.  The rival was earning much more money than he was and could provide her with a much better lifestyle.  His wife did leave him to live with this rival.  He was sad and angry over this betrayal and brooded over it for some time.

Then he told me that in his anger and desire for revenge, he was thinking seriously of killing his rival.  He even showed me the knife he was carrying and he told me that he was a Master of Karate by which he killed many of the enemy in Cambodia.  He could have killed his rival in a split-second.  After listening to him thoughtfully and intently, he asked me what I thought of the whole matter.  I told him to forget his anger and desire for revenge; that there was a Law of Compensation or Retribution, which would exact the penalty for that betrayal.  I said that he should be thankful that he didn't commit such a sin on someone else and that someone else did it to him instead. Therefore, the Retribution would fall on his rival's head and not on his own head.
He marveled at my sage-like advice, thanked me and said "You speak wisely like my father, my father would have liked to have met you."  Then he said, "I am going to do something that I have never done before.  We were both sitting on chairs during this whole conversation.  He got up from his chair, got down on his knees and touched his hands and forehead to my two feet.  This is the tradition in the Hindu and Buddhist religions, where people and disciples do the same to their Spiritual Master.  The reason is that in doing so according to their traditions, the people lay upon the Master, the burden of their sins.

This is a form of spiritual cleansing and symbolizes the surrender of their wills to the Master.  The feet, though the lowest part of the body, are considered to be the highest form of the spiritual point of view.

This Vietnamese or Cambodian fellow employee was paying his respect for me as his Spiritual Master.  When he got up he smiled and looked relieved as though he had laid his evil thoughts of committing murder at my feet.  His face shone as though he had been cleansed and I'm sure that he never had the same wrong thoughts again.  He was 'reborn' in the same sense that the story of the bully was in my early years.
When I was about forty, I had moved back to Bridgeport, CT from Port Jervis, NY where I had worked for my two brothers, Sam and Joe.  They were manufacturers of ladies garments and quite successful.  Back in Bridgeport, I got a job with Sikorsky Helicopters as a sheet-metal fabricator.  Since I had worked in the shipyards as a ship fitter, the work was similar.  Instead of working with steel, I was now working with aluminum and titanium.  I worked there for four years, when there was a general lay-off.  I got a job immediately with Avco-Lycoming as a sheet-metal fabricator, also working on steel parts and assembly work.  After twelve years, there was a general lay-off.  Let me say that Avco-Lycoming made the engines that went into military helicopters, since these engines were very expensive and only the government could afford them from the vast military budget.  Foolishly, when I was called back, I did not return to my job, having got entangled with other pursuits to make a living.  This proved to be a disaster I didn't realize that I was much better off working for a large company than working for myself.  I was ignorant, weak and inept working for myself and not smart, sharp or strong. I even lacked faith in myself.

There are three kinds of faith that are most vital,

Faith in Nature, which ensures health.
Faith in God, which ensures abiding peace of mind and heart.
Faith in Self, which ensures success.

My Faith in Nature and God were perfect, but I lacked that strong faith in myself to be successful in the mundane world. I was like a lop-sided tire, with a big bulge on one side, making it impossible to spin right.  Even the wheels on a car need periodical balancing in order to turn smoothly.  I was anything but balanced thus becoming generally unhappy even miserable.

The saddest part of my life came during the years that I worked for Avco-Lycoming in Stratford, CT, which was next door to Bridgeport, CT where I lived with my dear wife Ruthie and two wonderful sons, David and Michael.  During those years, Ruth developed cancer.  The doctor advised an operation.  My dear Ruth lived for about a year and one half after the operation.  On the day that she died in the early morning hours of October 20th, it was Mike's birthday.  I can never forget that morning when I told Mike that his mother had passed away; he burst into tears saying, "She had to die right on my birthday!"  He broke my heart. The memory of it still breaks my heart, to this very day, to this very moment, I am writing it.  If I were to live to be a thousand years old, I can never forget that day.  It was indeed the most tragic event of my life.

When I realized that she was not going to survive, I would awake in the morning as the sun shone and look out the window and pray, "Dear Lord, if one of us must go, let it be me, let it be me."  I said this prayer more than once.  I was thinking that children need their mother more than their father.  Nothing can compare with a Mother's love for her children.  Besides, believing in Reincarnation and the immortality of one's soul, I thought that I would get another opportunity in my next life on earth to attain the goal that I prized the most - attaining Cosmic Consciousness and oneness with God.  This idea and ideal has stayed with me for over sixty years and has never changed.  If anything it has become clearer, stronger and I have become more determined to attain it in this incarnation.

Before my dear Ruth passed away, one morning sitting on the bed next to her lying down she told me, "I love you very much" and I told her that I loved her too and that I wasn't worthy of her.  I told her "I am not worthy of you, you are too good for me."  She answered in protest, "No, no you are good enough."  We meet our loved ones again in Heaven and I will be with her once again as well as with my dearest Mother and Father and all others.  God Himself is Love and Love is the only coin that gets us into Heaven.
Besides losing Ruth, my other great loss was losing the companionship of little Jackie, when Millie and I were divorced.  I can honestly say that I never wanted a divorce. It never even entered my mind.  But Millie insisted on it and I just went along with her wish.  I could still have kept in touch with my dearest Jackie (I always called him Jackie) but I neglected to do so and I have always regretted it.  The memory of it pains me whenever I think of it to this very day.  But I thank God that I have him today.  I love the three of you equally and dearly and nothing gives me more pleasure than thinking of you individually and collectively.  No amount of success or money can ever replace my love for the three of you.  God never gave any father three brighter, nicer, sweeter and more lovable boys than my three sons.  It is, in fact, God Himself who comes to us in the form of our children.  Are not our soul's a part of the Supreme Soul of God?
Therefore, we should welcome, love and adore, our children as God in human form.  See God in each other for we are all a part of God.  The bottom line is that God is the one and only Reality.  The entire universe is the body of God and if our souls are a part of God, what is left?  Only God! And nothing can exist without God, and nothing can exist outside of God.

The entire Creation came out of the Mind of God and He sustains it.  The Creation needs God to exist, but God doesn't need the Creation to exist.  He is independent and self-sustaining. Ralph Waldo Emerson calls God or the Supreme Soul - the Over Soul.
Swami Vivekananda, a Yogi Master of the early part of this century and a disciple of the Spiritual Master Sri Ramakrshna said, "The highest Truth is this; God is present in all beings.  They are His multiple forms.  There is no other God to seek.  He alone serves God who serves all other beings.  Is Swami Vivekananda not saying in his own words that our souls are a part of God that He is the only Reality and that only God exists as the essence of everything?  Only God is Real.  Everything else is in the state of flux or the process of change through Evolution and Involution, and therefore has only a relative or temporary reality and is not real.  Since God is permanent and never changes, therefore only He is Real, the one and only Reality.

The long journey of the soul consists in developing through Evolution, from animal consciousness to human consciousness and then transcending the limited human consciousness and attaining the unlimited Cosmic Consciousness.  What we call Life is only the development of Consciousness going from the unconscious to the conscious, from unconscious God to conscious God.

We come to the realization that we are a part of God and that our souls are no different than God, qualitatively speaking, just as the water in a wave of the ocean is no different, qualitatively speaking, than the water in the entire ocean.  With this analogy, we can say that every one of us is a wave in the Ocean of God Himself and that God is everything and in everybody.

Mathematically speaking, think of God as being a very large equilateral triangle.  Think of us as being equilateral triangles coinciding with the very large equilateral triangle.  Also, each triangle coinciding with the very large triangle is still an individual triangle. Now when one attains the Cosmic Consciousness, one's soul blends with God as the wave in the ocean blends with the ocean, but at the same time we maintain our individuality like the illustrated coinciding triangles.  This is the Magic of God - the Supreme Magician.  He also plays the game of hide and seek.  I hide and you seek ME.  It is His game and sport and we only have to play it until we win.  We can only find Him when through the development of consciousness (involution), we finally attain the unlimited Cosmic Consciousness.  Our limited ego-mind is the veil that hides God from us.  The limited individual ego-mind of ours must be completely submerged and dissolved into the unlimited Mind of God or the Cosmic Consciousness.  When the limited ego-mind disappears, then we attain the God-state, the Yoga or union with God, the goal of the Hindu religion and philosophy.  It is exactly the same goal of the Buddha with his Eightfold Path to Perfection.

This world is not our true home.  This planet earth is just a school of experience where we learn how to behave and mature spiritually until we are fit to live with God in His Kingdom, which is our true and Eternal Home with Eternal Life.  This is not a beautiful dream, a theory or poetic imagination.  It is a spiritual Reality as the Law of Gravity is a scientific reality.  This is the Perfection that the Buddha preaches in his own words.
Plato implies the same Truth when he says, "If there exists a good and wise God, then there also exists a progress of mankind towards perfection."  Plato is also implying that one cannot separate God from perfection because they are heads and tails of the same coin.  From the Perfect God can only come what is perfect.  Be God-oriented, not world-oriented.

In the beginning only God existed like a placid ocean.  Then when God stirred and spoke the creative spiritual word 'Om', the ocean became full of waves and those waves became the Creation and our individual souls, all part of the ocean and not separate, like the waves in the ocean are not separate from the ocean.  So the universe and everything in it springs into existence from the Om Point.  God's only purpose for His Creation is to develop consciousness to its highest point.  It is His Play of Consciousness and He is the Author and Director; the theater, the stage and the actors are all His Creation.233

As long as I can remember, I have always had a clear, spontaneous, concise and intuitive perception of Truth, expanding more and more as I grew older and older.  My intellect simply expanded on the Truth that I perceived easily and intuitively.  When the intellect coincides with intuition, then we know we are absolutely right on target.  As my intellect expanded till the age of nineteen and twenty, I knew then that the highest Truth was the principle of Cosmic Consciousness, that it was absolutely possible to attain and totally desirable to experience.  That's why I wanted to go to India, meet a true Yogi or Spiritual Master and attain the goal.  I had read a book titled, `Cosmic Consciousness' by an author named Bucke, which may be still available in Main Libraries.  As a member of the Rosicrucian Order, this ideal was expressed innumerable times as part of their philosophical concepts.  The term became a part of my consciousness like the world was round and not flat.  My intuitive sense and intellect combined said it was the certainty of certainties and no one could dispute it with me.  One's spiritual certainly cannot be challenged by anyone.  The materialistic world may dispute it, but then the Mass Mind is spiritually ignorant.  One may be religious and ignorant but one cannot be spiritual and ignorant.

This became my goal in life at the comparatively early age of nineteen-twenty, and has never changed since, in over sixty years.  An authoritative and ultimate ideal lasts a lifetime and never needs renewing.  The hardest thing in life to do is to attain ones own ideal.  Endless years of struggle, anguish and failure accompany the man with a high ideal.

An ultimate ideal last a lifetime and never needs renewing to repeat.  It is indestructible.  But we must translate our ideals into the vernacular of life and attain the goal.
The ancient sages of India called the soul simply the Self.  The doctrine of Self-Realization says that God dwells within the body as the Self and that the body is the temple of God-the Self, The Lord, they said, is indeed the dweller in the body as the Self.
Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita "Steady in the Self, being freed of all material contamination, the Yogi achieves the highest perfection state of happiness in touch with the Supreme Consciousness." (Cosmic Consciousness)

The spiritual aspirant, following the path of meditation turns within.  The inward directed movement finally, with practice, finally merges the mind into the inner Self and melts into the plane of Cosmic Consciousness, which is the goal of meditation.  Meditation and Mantra repetition are meant to attain this highest consciousness.  It removes the veil that separates our limited consciousness from the Cosmic Consciousness or God- Consciousness.

A Spiritual Master gives the Mantra to us.  Right understanding, meditation on the Self within is the way to find God and unite with Him.  This ultimate goal cannot be realized independently of Creation.  The individual soul undergoes the experience as an individualized ego and limited mind through many incarnations until it matures spiritually and is ready to attain the Cosmic Consciousness and is freed from the recurring births and deaths or Buddha's Wheel of Rebirth or Reincarnation.  Then, when one attains the highest goal, the Cosmic Consciousness, one no longer is compelled to re-incarnate on earth and lives eternally in the Kingdom of God with God.  Eternal Life consciously in God's Kingdom is an absolute reality.  Then the dear, wise purposes of God are fulfilled in His Play of Consciousness.  For such a one, the Play is over!

Meditation may be defined as the path that the spiritual aspirant takes trying to get beyond the limitations of the mind to the inner Self.  With the practice of meditation, the aspirant will turn more intensely to God.

Past wrong thoughts, wrong words and wrong actions have left 'seeds' or impressions on the mind and one cannot achieve emancipation of the soul until these impressions or 'seeds' are burned in the fires of wisdom and meditation.  Meditation is our link with God and the means to find God within-the Self.  It is wise to seek God before our 'earth-visa' expires.  Otherwise, we have to return to earth (reincarnate) and suffer all over again to a greater or lesser extent and experience all the dualities again, pain and pleasure, happiness and misery, health or sickness, rich and poor etc.

Milk poured into water readily mixes with it.  Similarly, the waters of ignorance, weakness and illusion quickly dilute the milk from an ordinary person's mind.  The Yogi, the man of spiritual self-discipline churns the milk of his mind into the butter-state of divine stability and is able to float serenely on the waters of worldly life.
He is as the maxim says, "To be in the world, but not of it."  This is the hardest thing to do.  But when one attains Cosmic Consciousness, it becomes like child's-play.  This Cosmic Consciousness makes of this world a little playroom, of mortal possessions a box of toys, of the human race a handful of tin-soldiers, and of you, owner of the nursery, dispenser of the toys, Commander of the host.

In the conscious state of Cosmic Consciousness, one becomes a Man-God; man and God at one and the same time.  We rise up from being a limited and ordinary human being into Consciousness, Knowledge and Power and being a Son of God.
All who have reached the highest Consciousness, the Cosmic Consciousness are no longer ordinary human beings, but humanly divine and divinely human.  Call him a 'Cosmic Man' or a 'Cosmocrat'.  He is the real Superman and not the comic-book character.  So, never underestimate this ideal of attaining Cosmic Consciousness, which is the highest and greatest ideal possible to attain on this Planet Earth.

God makes His devotees like Himself in order to bring others back to God.

The Spiritual Master or Cosmic Conscious Man has only one desire, to teach and raise others to his own level.  It is God's Plan and desire to bring all human beings, His children back to Himself in God's Kingdom with Eternal Life.  The ultimate goal is attained individually.  Everything fails on earth but the Cosmic or God-Consciousness where there is never any failure, disappointment, ignorance, weakness, pain, sin or misery.  There life becomes a triumphal march to the citadel and royal domain called God-Consciousness.

I have used the word 'intuition' many times, and it is essential that I explain what 'intuition' is and how important it can become in one's life. Intuition is the voice of the past.  That is, what we get by reason in this life, we get by intuition in the next life.  Reason can grasp only the cause-effect principle that pertains to the phenomenal world; higher than reason is intuition, knowledge derived immediately and spontaneously from the soul-not from the fallible agency of the senses or reason.  Intuition is uncommonly known as the 'sixth-sense', by which one apprehends knowledge distilled from the multitude of experiences, gathered from past lives and which become part and parcel of the intuitive make-up of one's active consciousness in this life.  The details of one's past lives are eliminated; just the distilled essence remains as intuitive wisdom.

In other words, intuition is the digested experience of the past lives, or we may say it is the compressed and consolidated wisdom distilled from the past.  Intuition is actually a `voice of the soul'.  The soul 'speaking' to the body is called instinct (animal instinct).  The soul 'speaking' to the heart is called intuition.  The soul 'speaking' to the mind is called inspiration and last comes revelation, which is the soul immersed in the Divine Light and in which Divine Knowledge and understanding comes from God Himself.  This revelation is also known as 'illumination of the soul'.  Thus, it can be said truly that intuition is superior to reason.  We still need reason for our current experiment.  In other words, intuition tells us what to do, reason tells us how to do it.

In my dreams as a boy of seven in the bottom pit of Hell facing the Devil, how did I know that God would protect me and keep me safe and had nothing to fear from Satan?  Feeling the very Spirit of God surging through my body and making me absolutely fearless and challenging the Devil to do his worst, how did that come about?  It was my intuitive heart telling me that God was my Friend and that no one or nothing could hurt me.  Where did my supreme faith in God come from without thought or learning?  How could I read Scriptures at ten-eleven with ease and understand everything if I hadn't learned these things in a former incarnation?

The teachings in the Bible were to me as clear as crystal, never doubting its Truth for a single solitary second.  I even felt that Jesus was not some distant historical character, but more like a friend or relation of my family.  I must have had an incarnation at the time of Jesus, otherwise we would not have been, both of us, born in caves and wrestled with Satan and emerging victorious.  That is not a coincidence.  I even think like Jesus - we are on the same wavelength.

At nineteen-twenty I had, intellectually and intuitively, the highest spiritual wisdom of the ages and knew what the highest and ultimate goal of life was - to attain God and become one with Him.  Nothing mattered but supreme faith in and love for God - the one and only Reality.  Only God is Real.  Even our worldly life is an awake-dream like we have a dream-dream.  We only become really awake when we awaken in the Cosmic Consciousness, when the ultimate Truths of the Infinite are revealed to us in a glorious array.  You ain't seen nothing yet!


"Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck;
And yet methinks I have astronomy,
But not to tell of good or evil luck,
Of plagues, of dearths, or seasons' quality;
Nor can I fortune to brief minutes tell,
Pointing to each his thunder, rain and wind,
Or say with princes if it shall go well,
By oft predict that I in heaven find:
But from thine eyes my knowledge I derive,
And, constant stars, in them I read such art ...
As truth and beauty shall together thrive,
If from thyself to store thou wouldst convert;
Or else of thee this I prognosticate:
Thy end is truth's and beauty's doom and date."

As truth and beauty shall together thrive,
If from thyself to store thou wouldst convert;
Or else of thee this I prognosticate:
Thy end is truth's and beauty's doom and date.

Aged Merlin
Photo by A.T. Conway

Prospero's Cell, Shakespeare's "Tempest"

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Ye all which it inherit, shall dissolve
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.


Commentaryliv on
Fair  use  excerpts  from  the Discover  Magazine  article:

Back  From  the  Future

A series of quantum experiments shows that measurements performed in the future can influence the present. Does that mean the universe has a destiny-and the laws of physics pull us inexorably toward our prewritten fate? by Zeeya Merali

... Everyone would agree that events in his past have prepared him for today's excursion. But Tollaksen and his colleagues are investigating a far stranger possibility: It may be not only his past that has led him here today, but his future as well. lv

Tollaksen's group is looking into the notion that time might flow backward, allowing the future to influence the past.lvi By extension, the universe might have a destiny that reaches back and conspires with the past to bring the present into view. On a cosmic scale, this idea could help explain how life arose in the universe against tremendous odds. On a personal scale, it may make us question whether fate is pulling us forward and whether we have free will. ... as crazy as it sounds, this notion of reverse causality is gaining ground. A succession of quantum experiments confirm its predictions-showing, bafflingly, that measurements performed in the future can influence results that happened before those measurements were ever made. ... the mounting evidence that the arrow of time-the flow that defines the essential narrative of our lives-may be not just an illusion but a lielvii. ...

"Aharonov was one of the first to take seriously the idea that if you want to understand what is happening at any point in time, it's not just the past that is relevant. It's also the future," Tollaksen says.... experiments began to reveal the indeterministic effects of quantum mechanics-for instance, in the radioactive decay of atoms. The problem goes like this, Tollaksen says: Take two radioactive atoms, so identical that "even God couldn't see the difference between them." ... There is nothing to explain the different behaviors of the two atoms, no way to predict when they will decay by looking at their history, and-seemingly-no definitive cause that produces these effects. This indeterminism, along with the ambiguity inherent in the uncertainty principle, famously rankled Einstein, who fumed that God doesn't play dice with the universe. ...

It bothered Aharonov as well. "I asked, what does God gain by playing dice?" he says. Aharonov accepted that a particle's past does not contain enough information to fully predict its fate, but he wondered, if the information is not in its past, where could it be? After all, something must regulate the particle's behavior. His answer-which seems inspired and insane in equal measure-was that we cannot perceive the information that controls the particle's present behavior because it does not yet exist.lviii

"Nature is trying to tell us that there is a difference between two seemingly identical particles with different fates, but that difference can only be found in the future," he says. If we're willing to unshackle our minds from our preconceived view that time moves in only one direction, he argues, then it is entirely possible to set up a deterministic theory of quantum mechanics. ... If the universe has a destiny that is already written, do we really have a free choice in our actions? Or are all our choices predetermined to fit the universe's script, giving us only the illusion of free will?... The Rochester experiments seem to demonstrate that actions carried out in the future-in the final, postselection step-ripple back in time to influence and amplify the results measured in the earlier, intermediate step. Does this mean that when the intermediate step is carried out, the future is set and the experimenter has no choice but to perform the later, postselection measurement? It seems not. Even in instances where the final step is abandoned, Tollaksen has found, the intermediate weak measurement remains amplified, though now with no future cause to explain its magnitude at all. ... No single measurement can ever be taken alone to convey any meaning about the state of reality. Their inherent error is too large.lix "Your pointer will still read an amplified result, but now you cannot interpret it as having been caused by anything other than noise or a blip in the apparatus," he says.

In other words, you can see the effects of the future on the past only after carrying out millions of repeat experiments and tallying up the results to produce a meaningful pattern. Focus on any single one of them and try to cheat it, and you are left with a very strange-looking result-an amplification with no cause-but its meaning vanishes. You simply have to put it down to a random error in your apparatus. You win back your free will in the sense that if you actually attempt to defy the future, you will find that it can never force you to carry out postselection experiments against your wishes. ... The error range in single intermediate weak measurements that are not followed up by the required post_selection will always be just enough to dismiss the bizarre result as a mistake. ...

"The future can only affect the present if there is room to write its influence off as a mistake," Aharonov says.

Is feedback from the future guiding the development of life, the universe, and, well, everything? Paul Davies ... and his colleagues are investigating whether the universe has a destiny-and if so, whether there is a way to detect its eerie influence. 

Cosmologists have long been puzzled about why the conditions of our universe-for example, its rate of expansion-provide the ideal breeding ground for galaxies, stars, and planets. If you rolled the dice to create a universe, odds are that you would not get one as handily conducive to life as ours is. Even if you could take life for granted, it's not clear that 14 billion years is enough time for it to evolve by chance. But if the final state of the universe is set and is reaching back in time to influence the early universe, it could amplify the chances of life's emergence.lx ...

 Davies ...  and Botero are also searching for signatures that the final state of the universe could retroactively leave on the relic radiation of the Big Bang, which could be picked up by the Planck satellite launched last year.

Ideally, Davies and Botero hope to find a single cosmic destiny that can explain three major cosmological enigmas. The first mystery is why the expansion of the universe is currently speeding up; the second is why some cosmic rays appear to have energies higher than the bounds of normal physics allow; and the third is how galaxies acquired their magnetic fields. "The goal is to find out whether Mother Nature has been doing her own postselections, causing these unexpected effects to appear," Davies says.

The above general ideas are precisely the ideas that Fred Alan Wolf and I were discussing as far back as the late sixties at San Diego State when we were both on the physics faculty.

Mathematical Appendix
This is technical and can be skipped by the general reader,
Our Once and Future Holographic Universe
Based on My talk to the San Francisco Theosophical Society July 30, 2010

Robert Anton Wilson wrote about my early ideas on signal nonlocality permitting entangled messages234 from future to past in this 1977 book based on our 1976 meetings in Esalen in Big Sur , California. So did Scientific American editor the late great Martin Gardner in May/June 1976 MIT Technology Review "Magic and Paraphysics" where he said that most physicists did not then believe in signal nonlocality, i.e. use of quantum entanglement to send faster than light and precognitive back from the future messages, but if I turned out to be right it would make me one of the greatest physicists of all time.

Twenty years later Antony Valentini gave the mathematical conditions for signal nonlocality in what I had called a post-quantum theory extension of ordinary quantum theory. It's ironic that the same Valentini disinvited Brian Josephson, David Peat and myself to the 2010 Bohm meeting that I had initially suggested to Michael Towler during my September 2009 stay at Trinity College, Cambridge. Allegedly Valentini was put under pressure by other physicists hostile to the study of consciousness and the paranormal. Valentini was afraid he would be considered a crackpot if he allowed us to attend since his own ideas were already at the cutting edge of orthodoxy in a time of shrinking budgets in this era of global financial collapse when many over-educated theoretical physicists are being forced to take menial jobs.

Adapted from Fig 1.1 Tamara Davis's 2004 PhD University of New South Wales

Our idealized time line from the Alpha Point of inflation creation prior to the hot Big Bang is the central vertical line. Light rays (aka null geodesics) are lines at 45 and 135 degrees. Roger Penrose's "conformal time" is plotted vertically up from the Alpha Point of Creation to the Omega Point in our infinite future. A finite conformal time maps to an infinite proper time. "To hold the world in a grain of sand" wrote William Blake. Each point on the diagram is a 2D spherical wave front of a possible light wave from some point emitter on the central vertical timeline (aka worldline). Our past particle horizon is the future light cone of our Alpha Point of Creation. Our future event horizon hologram pixilated cosmic conscious computer is the past light cone of Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point "Noosphere" what Stephen Hawking called the "Mind of God." This is the Cosmic Trigger Final Secret of the Illuminati in a Nutshell that Robert Anton Wilson was seeking but never found. We are the 3D hologram images projected back from the future from the 2D future horizon celestial sphere that surrounds us. We are always at its center. This is a property of the dark energy accelerating the speed of expansion of 3D space from the Alpha Point 13.7 billion years ago. This is a very crazy idea. Is it crazy enough to be true?

From Eternity Back to Here-Now

The dark energy density is inversely proportional to the area A of our future horizon made up from about 10122 pixel quanta of area of 10-66 cm2 in the asymptotically constant de Sitter space future of our universe.  That is the finite maximum entropy of our observable piece of the multiverse infinity of parallel universes at "Level 1" of Max Tegmark's classification.

Adapted from Fig. 5.1 Tamara Davis Ph.D.

 The entropy/area at the initial Alpha Point of The Creation is only one bit one pixel. This solves the problem of the Arrow of Time, why we get older as the universe expands that Sean Carroll had no good answer for in his latest book. The problem of why the Second Law of Thermodynamics works is trivial in his hologram theory since we are merely holographic image projections from the future Omega Point Destiny Matrix horizon computer. Note that the number of voxel quanta of volume V that the future horizon of area A surrounds at a given conformal time is equal to the number of quanta of area. What Carlo Suares called the "wall of light" in Paris in 1973 is simply this future de Sitter horizon that he had a precognitive remote viewing of, but he did not have the precise physics terms for since he was an artist and a poet like Jean Cocteau not a physicist.

Time runs vertical in this diagram.  Space runs horizontal. The edge of the cylinder is the black hole horizon. No light can escape from it classically ignoring the quantum Hawking blackbody radiation in the first approximation. The central line is the black hole singularity where the curvature is infinite. Static detectors can only exist outside the horizon and they must accelerate in curved 4D spacetime in order to stand still relative to the horizon. They detect real blackbody photons whose temperature is infinite on the horizon.lxi In contrast, a coincident freely-falling detectors does not see any real blackbody photons only the virtual photons inside the vacuum would be detected indirectly e.g. Lamb shift of atomic spectral lines. This is an example of black hole complementarity. Furthermore, all horizons are pixelated like a computer display with quanta of area. We are surrounded by, inside of two such cosmological horizons one in our past and the other in our future.

The intrinsic tensor property of Einstein's curved spacetime is the relative tippings or disclinations between neighboring invariant light cone pencils of null geodesics that are all aligned parallel to each other in the globally flat Minkowski space-time of Special Relativity like the aligned magnetic moments in a ferromagnet. The bending of light by gravity is an effect of this. Indeed that is how we detect the presence of invisible dark matter by its "gravitational lensing" of starlight similar to Eddington's observations of the bending of light by the Sun in the Isle of Principe near Africa in 1918 - except dark matter is like the Black Sun of the Russian Occultists in Michael Murphy's novel "An End to Ordinary History" about the Soviet KGB and paranormal Psi Wars with the CIA. Carlo Suares's "wall of light" is when the light cones tip over so much that no classical light rays can escape to distant detectors. This is the horizon and it is thermodynamic with a quantized entropy that emits real black-body thermalized photons even to a freely-falling time like geodesic detector that experiences zero g-force (aka "weight").

Holographic Universe Conjecture

Suggested by Nobel Prize Physicist Gerardus 't Hooft in 1993 and also Leonard Susskind that the maximum information in a volume V of space is proportional to the area A of a closed surface surrounding that space.

The idea comes from black hole physics that if you focus too much energy into V you make a black hole. This modifies Heisenberg's quantum uncertainty principle

to the quantum gravity uncertainty principle

Notice that the position uncertainty  in a conventional Von Neumann quantum measurement, e.g. using the Heisenberg microscope, decreases to a minimum and then starts increasing again from the formation of a highly unstable small black hole horizon that will quickly explode via the emission of Hawking radiation.

The hologram principle says that the number of 2D pixels (quanta of area) of Planck area LP2 ~ 10-66 cm2 tiling the area A of the closed surface horizon hologram equals the number of projected hologram image 3D voxel (quanta of volume) in the finite interior volume V that A surrounds.

We have assumed flat Euclidean 3D space geometry, which is actually true on the large cosmological scale of de Sitter (dS) spacetime with the positive Einstein cosmological constant L actually observed in Type 1A supernovae anomalous redshifts showing the accelerating, i.e. increasing speed of expansion of 3D space away from the moment of inflation that causes the hot Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Note that the imaged V is retro-casually projected back from the intersection of our here-now future light cone with our future dS cosmological event horizon according to the 1940 Wheeler-Feynman principle of advanced action at a distance. Our future event horizon hologram is the Wheeler-Feynman total absorber which explains why radiation is only observed in retarded form propagating from past to future. This same idea explains the Arrow of Time that we age as the space volume V accelerates to larger values approaching an asymptotically constant value as far as light signal observations are concerned. That is, the effective volume V of our observable piece of the multiverse is bounded from above at ~ 10123 voxel/pixels even though the total multiverse is infinite. We would need post-quantum signal nonlocality to remote view the rest of the multi-verse beyond our past and future horizons shown on my modification of Tamara Davis's Fig 1.1c conformal time diagram. Also I should mention that the closed surface A of our future event horizon is a non-bounding 2-cycle in the mathematical language of homology because each pixel projects a singular geometrodynamical monopole topological point defect in the post-inflation macro-quantum coherent vacuum superconducting fabric of Einstein's curved spacetime. In fact, the Cartan tetrad gravitational fieldslxii of timelike geodesic LIF observers, as well as the Penrose-Newman-Rindler null light cone tetrads are emergent from the vacuum superconductor just like the frictionless flow field in superfluid helium and supercurrents in electrical superconductors. Indeed, the world crystal lattice of Hagen Kleinert is a 4D supersolid with the point defects as the lattice points. Curvature and torsion are disclinations and dislocations imperfections in the lattice of point defects.

We are Platonic Shadows "on a distant wall," but the "wall" is in our future.

A horizon is a wall of black light in Einstein's curved space time that acts like a computer according to Seth Lloyd at MIT.

John Archibald Wheeler's IT FROM BIT

The pixilated black light event horizons are also electrical membranes235 with thermodynamic entropy and Hawking blackbody radiation. We are outside observer-independent black hole event horizons, but we are always centered inside our observer-dependent future de Sitter dark energy event horizon and also we are inside our past particle horizon shown on Tamara Davis's Fig 1.1.

Jacob Bekenstein and Stephen Hawking discovered that the maximum information swallowed by a black hole is its event horizon area A divided by the quantum of area ~ 10-66 cm2 in quantum gravity.

Hawking's formula is

Entropy = (Boltzmann's constant)(Area of Horizon)/4(Planck Area)

The temperature of the horizon is

~ (Planck's constant)(speed of light)/(Boltzmann's constant)(Area of Horizon)1/2 .

The energy-mass of the horizon is proportional to the square root of the Area, therefore as the very small black hole radiates energy, it gets smaller increasing its temperature and its rate of emission in an unstable positive feedback loop, i.e. a fast explosion. This should be seen in the Large Hadron Collider (LC) in Geneva if Abdus Salam's f-gravity idea is correct where there is a strong short-range gravity 40 powers of ten bigger than Newton's from the exchange of a virtual tachyonic (spacelike) massive spin 2 f-meson outside the local light cones of special relativity. The lifetime of the black hole is

One advantage of Abdus Salam's theory is that it gives simple explanations for the basic experimental data of hadronic string theory, the parallel Regge trajectories of hadronic resonances, in terms of small rotating Kerr black holes whose angular momentum is proportional to the square of their mass.

The slopes are all the same because of the universality of Einstein's equivalence principle - the same minimal coupling of the GeoMetroDynamic (GMD) field to all the matter fields because the gravity "charge" is simply Einstein's iconic 1905 equation E = mc2. This includes virtual quanta zero point energy inside the vacuum - no form of energy is exempt from gravity's rainbow. Indeed, this gives a simple explanation of both dark energy and dark matter as virtual bosons and virtual fermion-antifermion pairs (closed Feynman diagram vacuum loops in time) respectively. Not only that, but we have a very simple intuitive picture of Frank Wilczek's "Lightness of Being" the quark confinement and asymptotic freedom of Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD) generalization of U1 local gauge theory to SU3. The basic dark matter QCD physics is then that of the SU3 3D quantum harmonic oscillator whose potential energy is

with a toy model SSS micro Anti-de Sitter (Ads) metric for static LNIF detectors

Intuitively, this colored massless gluon effective static potential is from the clumping of virtual quark-antiquark pairs whose density exceeds that of the virtual gluon pairs inside the hadrons. Therefore, perhaps not any area will do for 't Hooft's and Susskind's crazy hologram conjecture, we need a special kind of area A - a null geodesic "horizon."

Dark Energy

About 3/4 of our universe is made of dark energy - a repelling anti-gravity field accelerating the speed of 3D space expanding from the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago - at the Alpha Point.

Einstein's 1916 theory of gravity passes every observational test with flying colors. It tells us that the dark energy density is proportional to the inverse area A of a horizon that is in our future not in our past!

Event horizons are Nature's static LNIF detectors. Hawking's radiation is easily understood intuitively as energy from the gravity field at the null geodesic horizon of a black hole lifting virtual electron-positron pairs et-al from off-mass-shell to on-mass-shell. We are outside the observer-independent black hole horizon. The Unruh temperature of the real plasma at the event horizon is

T ~ (c2/rs)(1 - rs/(rs +LP))-1/2 ~ (c2/rs)(rss/LP)1/2

for static LIFs outside the horizon

However, in the far-field limit

r >> rs

T --> c2/rs

The Wheeler-Feynman total absorber is dual to the above! We are inside our observer-dependent de Sitter dark energy future event horizon - we are at r = 0 in the static LNIF representation of Einstein's dS metric tensor field.

Now here is what I suspect I am the only one so far to realize - at least James Woodward does not know it, and until recently, I would have agreed with him. Also I was completely dissatisfied with Sean Carroll's "From Eternity to Here" because its great title, like Paul Davies "God and The New Physics" was false advertising - did not deliver on the implicate promise. God was nowhere to be found between the covers of Davies book, and why we age as the universe accelerates was not explained in Carroll's book. This is a vaporware trend in physics today started by Brian Greene and Michio Kaku on TV. Lest we forget, last but not least, the application of string theory to financial derivatives on Wall Street - Sting236 Theory - pardon me for rubbing salt on wounds. In another relevant case, talking about signal nonlocality in extended quantum theory without talking about consciousness and the paranormal is like a loveless marriage. ;-)

The Hare and The Tortoise

The pre-dark energy FRW cosmology had Einstein's cosmological constant vanish, i.e., /\ = 0 without any finite future event horizon and without any natural explanation for irreversibility's arrow of time, why the entropy of the early universe was so small - why we age and die as space expands. Indeed from Wheeler and Feynman to Hoyle and Narlikar we know that retarded causality from past to future does not work when /\ = 0, but it does work for any /\ > 0. The reason is simple, eventually all real on-mass-shell quanta peter out like the Hare. Virtual quanta are like the Tortoise or super Energizer Bunny - they always win out in the end. Therefore, the initial cosmological redshift from the stretching of the de Broglie wavelengths will eventually give way to the blueshifting anti-gravity repulsive field of the virtual off-mass-shell bosons on the large scale doing work on them resulting in the Planck-scale limited temperature at the future dS horizon that they are inside of as r --> /\-1/2. The hot plasma at the future horizon is completely opaque to any real quanta getting there. This plasma is self-generated by the real quanta themselves! If no real quanta attempt to cross, that region of space will be quiet.

1  With contributions from Colin Bennet, Kim Burrafato, Alan Waite, A.T. Conway, Tony Gantner, Herbert Gold, Creon Levit, Jagdish Mann, Norman Quebedeau, Bridget Saunders, Hyman Sarfatti, Saul-Paul Sirag, Colonel Robert Hickson, Rina Shelly Orid, Nick Herbert and Fred Alan Wolf.
2 The 2010 Nobel Prize in physics is for one-atom thick sheets of graphene consisting of carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice. With nano-engineering it may be possible to make a stack of these sheets into a super-strong higher then room temperature superconducting meta-material that can generate a repulsive anti-gravity field for weightless warp drive. Was this the thin foil allegedly found in the 1947 saucer crash at Roswell, New Mexico near our only nuclear bomber base at that time?
3 Son of Uri Geller
4 Carlo Giuseppe Suarès (1892-1976) was a French writer, painter and Kabbalah author. He was born the 12 May 1892 in Alexandria, Egypt. The ancestors of his Sepharad Jewish family had been expelled from Spain in 1492 and found refuge in Italy before immigrating to Egypt. He died in Paris the 16 July 1976. - Wikipedia
5 allusion to book by Arthur Koestler
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8 We set up a protocol at the beginning to randomly measure three different properties of a quantum system and ask for the conditional probability for the outcome of the intermediate measurement given particular outcomes of the past and future measurements. The quantum theory allows us to compute all the possibilities. Only in terms of the theory can we say that the future influenced the past intermediate measurement in this case. That is, there is no real signal nonlocality here. If there was, then the experimenter could know at the time of the intermediate measurement what the result of the future measurement was in each individual case. "Such an arrangement has long been considered in actual experiments: consider a bubble chamber scattering experiment. The incoming particle interacts with a target and then evolves into various outgoing states. Typically, photographs are not taken for every target-interaction, but only for certain ones that were triggered by subsequently interacting with detectors. In CM, there is (in principle) a one-to-one mapping between incoming states and outgoing states, whereas in QM, it is one-to-many. By selecting a single outcome for the post-selection-measurement, we define the pre-and-post-selected-ensemble that has no classical analog." -- Jeff Tollaksen (see endnotes)
9 Cambridge, 1998 Chs 14, 15
10 Our 2D + 1 dark energy future event horizon hologram cosmic computer screen is, in Yakir Aharonov's terms "post-selected" by "Destiny" or "Fate", whilst our past particle horizon is "pre-selected" by "History" - all in a self-consistent self-creating, but conscious, Novikov loop in time - that's the key idea lurking here.
11 Thanks to Fred Alan Wolf for sending me this paper by Fred Holye July 23, 2010. It greatly influenced his 1980's book "Star Wave" that pre-dates Yakir Aharonov's Destiny/History extension of quantum theory. Roughly speaking "Destiny" is the advanced influence of our future event horizon boundary condition on the "Present," whilst "History" is the retarded influence of our past particle horizon boundary condition on the Present.  The Present is the intermediate "weak measurement."
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24 Q is for ordinary quantum theory without direct back-reaction. Q* symbolizes the additional back-reaction with signal-nonlocality violating quantum theory. Signal-nonlocality means that entanglement can be used as a direct communication channel violating ordinary ideas of past cause/future effect.
25 Winky (Al Brough) today is a retired NYPD homicide detective living in Staten Island. Also Norman and Neal Lagatta were the other two kids from Flatbush, Brooklyn almost 50 years ago.
26 Legendary, perhaps mythical, super secret US military laboratories staffed by Dr. Strangeloves. Stephen Schwartz, an expert in Soviet disinformation working on the KGB Venona File, says that the "Majestic 12" documents are forgeries in the same category as the Nazi "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" still very popular in the Middle East made into a disgusting TV series and portrayed as fact in a resurgence of anti-Semitism in the 21st Century.  The Protocols were actually fiction composed by the Czar's Secret Police. I classify the urban legend of these Black Ops DOE UFO labs as paranoid schizophrenic delusions like those alleged of John Nash in the movie version.  The "UFO Disclosure" group has used this myth politically to vaguely protest space weapons.
27 Antigravity happens when Einstein's local cosmological "Lambda" field is positive.
Details can be found online in & http://stardrive. org/Jack/Cosmo1.pdf
28 Literally "thought experiments"
29 NIDS at and Bruce Maccabee at See also Brother Blue on the Occult & UFOs at paranormal/
30 Artificially constructed metamaterials are being made with both negative electrical permittivity and negative magnetic permeability in finite frequency and wave vector bandwidths. Therefore, the non-radiative near electromagnetic fields trapped inside them will make an antigravitating repulsive field that, in principle, can be used as propellantless propulsion and for a weightless geodesic warp drive. The problem, however, is that the effect is much too weak to be practical and even measurable. The speed of light in short-lived atomic Bose-Einstein condensates can be slowed down indeed even stopped cold corresponding to an infinite index of refraction. This is the clue, I suspect, to how the alleged alien ET saucers that allegedly neutralize our nuclear deterrent, really work. The weak coupling of stress energy density to induced gravity curvature can, perhaps, be corrected by developing a very high Tc superconducting metamaterial with a negative index of refraction of ten billion or so compared to the usual number of order one. According to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, this should amplify the effective coupling of applied on-board power of the warp drive engine by the fourth power of the huge index of refraction. As this book goes to press I am having a debate on this with Professsor James Woodward (Cal State). A similar effect is predicted in 1-atom thick sheets of graphene (carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice) where the effective index of refraction is 300 for the coupling of the dressed electron quasi-particles with light. What we need is a nonlinear optical effect giving a a huge negative electrostatic DC polarizability. Then a static voltage in an anyonic graphene-based meta-material superconductor should generate an anti-gravity field.  However, we don't know yet how to actually make such a hypothetical wonder material. Presumably the "men" in the flying saucers know how.
31 To a good approximation ignoring a correction from special relativity that is normally too small to detect
32 Weight (loosely speaking "inertia") comes from the electrical reaction forces between our bodies and the surface of the Earth. Although the idea of "force" is eliminated in geometrodynamics, it is still a useful idea in many situations so long as we understand its limited domain of validity. All ideas in physics are approximate with limited domains of validity. This may come from Godel's incompleteness theorem of 1931 that any sufficiently complex consistent scheme of thought must be incomplete, i.e. with true statements that cannot be proved within the scheme.
33 A straight line geodesic in 4 spacetime dimensions can be a closed elliptical orbit when projected down into ordinary 3 dimensional space. Indeed, this is true for the motion of the Earth around the Sun and for the motion of the Moon around the Earth, indeed for the motion of all the planets around the Sun, for the motions of stars around black holes like the strong X-ray emitter Sco X-1 indeed for everything classical.
34 The timelike geodesic connecting two events has the longest experienced "proper time" than any neighboring path close to it that passes through the same two events. This is an example of the "action principle" from the "calculus of variations" that is universal in all of theoretical physics.
35 A straight line geodesic in hyperspace is not a straightest path in lower dimensional spacetime anymore than the 4-dim spacetime geodesic is the straightest path in lower dimensional 3-dim space.
36 As Saul-Paul points out, Einstein's special relativity of 1905 is a hyperspace theory beyond Newton's "absolute" 3-dim space.
37 Hairpin curves at thousands of mph that would normally have enormous g-forces.  See Paul Hill's "Unconventional Flying Objects".  This is an old very good book by a key aeronautical engineer.
38 Or even if you try to hover close above the surface of "a relatively small black hole of ten solar masses or less"  firing your rocket engines radially away from it. You will be ripped apart. Marc Millis who runs the small NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Project, trying to appear respectable, has ignored these basic observations of UFO physics and has, in my opinion, supported unimaginative approaches that would as Kim Burrafato quipped, have us "crawl to the stars on our knees".
39 The group, for a short while, included Robert Solovay, the UCB logician now Emeritus (e.g. Solovay-Kitaev theorem that is important in quantum computer theory.)
40 Quiz Kid on radio. Johnny read Synge and Schild's "Tensor Calculus" at age 12 and understood it.
41 Lenny later became Professor of Physics at Stanford. Lenny, Glogower and me all worked at Cornell in 1963 on Lenny's first paper on time and phase operators that was published in same issue of Physics that John Bell's famous locality inequality was first published. Indeed, I suggested the time operator problem to Lenny as I had been working on it with George B. Parrent,  Mark Beran and Brian J. Thompson at Tech/Ops before coming back to Cornell to do some graduate work in Space Science. It's was at that time that I also got an idea for nuclear long-lived isomer powered gamma ray laser that I discussed with Hans Bethe. I got Phil Morrison to arrange for Glogower to come to Cornell. Johnny, Lenny and I worked together on this problem. I then went away to Ford Philco Aeronutronics in the summer of 1963 where I met Fred W. Cummings - my later thesis advisor.  This was before Steven C. Frautschi's student, George Chapline Jr. from Cal Tech, who I met in La Jolla in 1967, got me my job at San Diego State. Chapline, many years later, actually built a similar device to my gamma ray laser idea lower down on the energy scale. Chapline and I were also with Greg Benford and his brother at UCSD, part of the group in the novel "Timescape" about messages from the future with Herbie Bernstein and Harry Yesian.  Chapline worked under Edward Teller on the X-ray laser for SDI. The X-ray laser required a nuclear explosion. President Reagan dropped it for that reason although it did work in an underground nuclear test. Hans Bethe discouraged my interest in the gamma ray laser in 1963 saying that the actual numbers for nuclear isomer lifetimes etc. would not allow it.  Gamma rays are higher energy per quantum than X-rays. I worked with Bethe in 1960 on correcting an error in Julian Schwinger's WWII MIT Rad Lab report on polarization of synchrotron radiation at small angles off the plane of the charged particle orbit. I also, independently of others like Keith Brueckner and the JASONS, got the idea, of using laser beams to confine hot fusion plasmas. This was why Ron Bullough invited me to UKAERE Harwell in 1966.
42 Breen was funded by his coin dealing, but also, via Sheldon, by one of the four founders of Texas Instruments with OSS connections in WWII-E-mail from Richard Newsome. This was Eugene McDermott who wrote four books with William Sheldon.
"During World War I, he served in the United States Navy, and from 1941 to 1946 he was a civilian consultant to the Office of Scientific Research and Development ("Philadelphia Experiment" link?)...In 1949 McDermott collaborated with William Sheldon on four books, including 'Varieties of Delinquent Youth'."  Did McDermott and Sheldon know Arthur Young and Andrija Puharich at that time in the early 1950s?  Was Charles Lindbergh, a close friend of Arthur's with, like McDermott, a strong interest in eugenics, directly involved? htm
43 Former CIA Chief of Station, Harold Chipman, with Joe Peeples of TLC in Dallas (or Houston) Texas talked of a lab on a mountain in New Mexico that I might want to work in.  This was ~ 1985.
44 As was, the then very young, Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve.  Howard Roark, played by Marshall Naify's close friend Gary Cooper, in the movie of Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" was my role model at age 16 when I read the novel.  I met Cooper's daughter with her husband Byron Janis in London in 1974 during the Geller tests at Birkbeck College with John Hasted and David Bohm.  Arthur C. Clarke and Arthur Koestler attended these tests, see "Magic and Paraphysics" in "Science, Good, Bad and Bogus".
45 See film "October Sky" for a similar story in a similar time.
46 My grandfather Murray Jacobson worked for the US Army Quarter Master Corps in lower Manhattan in late 40's & early 50's where I used to go and "play" after school and I got to ride around in Army cars talking with officers about my plans to build spaceships to the planets and then to the stars. My grandfather did the driving. This, I speculate, may have a causal connection to my later contact with Breen and the phone calls. Curiously, John Hersey wrote a novel in the 1950's called "The Child Buyer". "This is a story of an investigation into the activities of Mr. Wissey Jones, a stranger who comes to the town of Pequot on urgent defense His business is to buy for his corporation children of a certain sort, in this case a ten-year-old named Barry Rudd, a budding genius of potentially critical value. A hearing is held and questions are asked: exactly why does Mr. Jones' company buy children, and will it succeed in buying Barry?" - There was also a Twilight Zone episode with the same story line.
47 A musical genius that went to Julliard, Bashlow died in a hotel fire in the Cabala's City of Saragossa, Spain in 1975 after playing Scarlatti at Francis Ford Coppola's  mansion at 2805 Broadway and leaving his Orphic Lute with Gary Zukav at the end of 273 Green Street on Telegraph Hill where Gary and I lived.
48 See books by Hank Harrison on this. Hank is father of Courtney Love and he says he was with Ira Einhorn in Dublin, Ireland after and wrote a famous book on the rock group  "The Grateful Dead". Ira was in disguise and Hank did not at first realize who he was. Hank is part of the Caffe Trieste Irregulars, the usual suspects at the Table Round (not the Mystic Pizza Parlor) on the corner of Grant and Vallejo.
49 Now a cable TV mini-series with Angelica Huston as The High Priestess of Avalon.
50 Fritjof Capra is the author of "The Tao of Physics", "Turning Point", and the film "Mind Walk". He was a founding leader of the Green Party in Germany and a personal friend of Mikhail and Rasa Gorbachev. He currently runs the Elmwood Institute. He was not famous in 1973. In 1975, when I was in charge of the Esalen physics program, Fritjof told me he was broke. He said he needed $1500 to get his Green Card. I telephoned Werner Erhard and he gave Fritjof the $1500.
51 David Bohm worked with Einstein at Princeton. Bohm was a student of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Bohm became a target of Senator Joe McCarthy and had to leave America. Bohm's informal ideas on "implicate order" have been warmly embraced by Pundits in the, now worldwide, New Age Human Potential Movement. My own idea on modifying the quantum connection into a retroactive superluminal communication "conscious" channel by post-quantum back-reaction of the material particle on the mental pilot wave was inspired by Bohm's insight on page 30 of "The Undivided Universe".  However, my bigger new idea is not limited by Bohm's more restricted one.  This back-action is missing in orthodox quantum theory with local quantum randomness. Note that Roger Penrose, Stephen Hawking, David Deutsch, Henry Stapp et-al only have the wave without the particle. Hence their interpretation of quantum reality is incomplete.
52 I had published a paper in "Nature Physical Science" while at Birkbeck on the creation of the universe and little extreme nonradiating black holes . It was at Birkbeck that I suddenly remembered my earlier idea from Einstein, Rosen and Podolsky, quantum mechanics required faster-than-light influences. Murray Gell-Mann says that you do not need faster than light, but only many worlds with no counterfactual definiteness. I first got my faster than light idea in 1961 at Brandeis University where I was a National Defense Fellow reading a Review of Modern Physics article by David Inglis on, I seem to recall, "tau-theta puzzle" for the weak parity violating decay of the kaon into two and three pions.  Both final states are entangled with EPR correlations. I remember when Phil Morrison announced weak force parity violation to us at Cornell ~ 1957. He immediately applied it in a gedankenexperiments for SETI to contact with ET. Phil was writing the famous ET contact paper with Giuseppe Cocconi at the time using the 21cm spectral line on neutral hydrogen
53 Fred and I were "Odd Couple" roommates at the time. We were both separated from our wives. Bob was making money on the Chicago Options Market and funded us with it.
54 Fred's high school class, and football team mates, included film director, Billy Friedkin, who lives in North Beach and entertainment lawyer, Ruben Glickman of Enrico Banducci's "Rat Pack", who I work out with at the Bay Club.
55  Abdus Salam later shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for the unification of the electromagnetic and weak forces. Salam was interested in my idea that elementary particles were little black holes in his strong short range G* gravity that I published later in "Space-Time and Beyond". I abandoned that idea - my greatest mistake. I have now come back to it because of superstring M-theory triggered again by collaboration with Saul-Paul Sirag.  See Robert Anton Wilson's "The Cosmic Trigger". My interest in the universe's unseen dimensions of hyperspace hit a peak in 2001, but now in the Spring of 2002 has waned because I seem to be able to qualitatively and coherently and elegantly explain the key mysteries of the universe in a simple unified way without invoking them. They may still be there in an important way of course. It's soon to decide. The mysteries I mean are: "Why is there smooth low entropy curved  spacetime at all?" Why does time appear to our consciousness to flow from past to future with rare experiences of precognition? Why is at least 80% of gravitating mass in the universe electromagnetically invisible? Why is the universe accelerating rather than slowing down in its expansion? How can flying saucers work if they were fact and not fiction? Could time travelers from our future and from parallel worlds be here now influencing our history? I mean as a matter of principle in terms of plausible extensions of today's laws of physics. Indeed, Stephen Hawking in "The Universe in a Nutshell" writes: It's tricky to speculate openly about time travel. One risks', either an outcry at the waste of public money...or a demand that the research be classified for military purposes.... There are only a few of us foolhardy enough to work on a subject that is so politically incorrect in physics circles. We disguise the fact by using technical terms that are code for time travel (p.133)...we have no reliable evidence of visitors from the future. I'm discounting the conspiracy theory that UFOs are from the future and that the government knows and is covering up. Its record of cover-ups is not that good (p.142)....  You might wonder it this chapter is part of a government coverup on time travel. You might be right. (p.135)
56 The International Atomic Energy Authority in Vienna also funded ICTP. I went to Yugoslavia from there. Fred Wolf visited and went to Bulgaria. Werner Erhard's est had a "Bulgarian Desk" at their HQ on Union Street in San Francisco in 1975.
57 The FBI did a security check at San Diego State after I was already in Europe.
58 Fred Wolf describes some of these events in his book "The Eagle's Quest". Fred's book, "Parallel Universes", and similar books, have made to Sci Fi in the TV series "Sliders".
59 Also Jack Kerouac. See Herb Gold's book "Bohemia" to grok the scene I was in.
60 Helen Quinn is now a prominent professor of physics at Stanford.
62 Sharon was a tall aristocratic-looking woman with large Bette Davis eyes and chestnut hair from a solid San Francisco Irish Family who seemed to me to be from the Victorian Age. Fred Alan Wolf's 1973 film with me and Sharon can be found at
63 The late Brendan O' Regan worked for Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's Institute for Noetic Sciences which was funding the SRI project. Brendan was from Dublin and his family was in the publishing business. He told me about a near death out of body experience that he had in a car crash'.  My mother had also had an OBE as did Fred Alan Wolf. O' Regan's story was very similar to Walter Breen's 1954 tale to me about his alleged airplane crash with USAAF in New Mexico in 1947. Indeed, O'Regan and Breen had many common personality characteristics like two peas from the same pod in "Invasion of the Mind Snatchers" - just kidding!'
64 Mitchell was an astronaut who went to the moon and did telepathy transmission experiments on the trip. He is very interested in the Bohm - Pribram idea of the mind as a hologram. I have shown how the mind is an interferogram. A hologram is a special kind of interferogram. The main idea is that mental information is coded by quantum phase modulation on a coherent phase field from a spontaneous broken symmetry of a pumped Frohlich mode made from a billion-billion (1018) hydrophobically caged electron qubits in the brain that is far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Stuart Hameroff popularized the existence of these electrons but he does not use them explicitly. He uses the much too heavy protein dimers that encase them as his qubit. There also appears to be a cosmological connection of the duration of our conscious moments that I calculate to be ~ 1 sec, to the age of the universe ~ 13 billion years. The power needed to maintain our internal subjective, not really private, stream of consciousness in my model is less than a tenth of a watt. Our metabolism is about 100 watts.
65 Russell Targ was parodied in the Dan Akroyd movie "Ghost Busters" based on information about PCRG at Esalen and in San Francisco he got from George Koopman. George, killed in 1986 in a freak auto accident on way to Edwards AFB, worked with Dan Akroyd and John Belushi on "The Blues Brothers". Russell is still actively doing experiments in precognitive remote viewing. He is working on a theory with Elizabeth Rauscher using complex spacetime. However, I do not think that model really works or is even needed. However, I have not studied their model in detail.
66 Martin Gardner has described these tests in his article "Magic and Paraphysics" reprinted in his book, "Science, Good, Bad and Bogus"
67 Sharon and I stayed with Fritjof in London and with his parents in Innsbruck in the winter of 1973.
68 I met Michel an extraordinarily handsome man from Aix-en-Provence, fluent in English, Italian, German, Spanish and Chinese, when he was teaching at San Diego State in 1970. Michel's father (a friend of De Gaulle) was a high officer in the French Army in Algeria and Michel served under the French Naval Attaché in Rome where he became a good friend of U.S. Ambassador Graham Martin and his daughter. I introduced Fritjof Capra to Martin's daughter in London.  Sharon and I visited The Pope's Garden  where Michel worked part-time at Vatican Radio . We drove to Sicily and wandered into a 2 AM wedding feast in a scene right out of Coppola's "Godfather". A few days later, we, and several French sailors, also "spied" on rusting WWII vintage prop fighters, seemingly from Mussolini's time, in the tall grass, hiding our tiny Citroen, outside a NATO AFB near Palermo, Sicily in a "war game" with the French Navy. Our patriotic duty done, we had fresh seafood, calamari, and wine on the beach from some friendly peasants near an ancient Greek Temple.
69 Carlo Suares lived only a few yards away, but I would not meet him until three months later.
70 Years later, Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove told me that Kardec researched the occult. He has a cult of millions in France and Latin America. I made two shows on Mishlove's "Thinking Allowed" on Wisdom Channel. I am also on Discovery Learning Channel's "Ultra-Science" in their "Time Travel" show. I was also interviewed by Italian TV RAI on Michael Murphy's garden at 2 Whiting on Telegraph Hill where Jacob Atabet lived. I think RAI was interested in the connection to Margherita Sarfatti. I was not too aware of that at that time in mid-70's.
71  I wrote this all in 2002 before I had any knowledge of Dan Brown's novels about this legendary story whose literal truth we do not allege. It has a memetic power that can't be denied.
72 Note also Himmler's use of these myths including Atlantis, and Tibetan Magick in his Occult SS . These memes are strong in the current New Age constellation of ideas. Hitler's keen occult interest in Wagner's use of The Grail Legend is common knowledge.
73 Professor Scott Littleton of Occidental College in Los Angeles told me this story.
74 In 1990, my charismatic glamorous live-in of two years, a gun-toting private detective VB that I first met in the apartment of CIA Chief of Station, Harold Chipman. John Updike allegedly based Darryl Van Horne on me in his "The Witches of Eastwick". I have no way of knowing if this rumor is true. Many false stories about me are in circulation. I had several girl friends in 70's & 80's who claimed to have Intelligence connections, one "Crystal" is described in Jerry Carroll's Chronicle article "Another Eccentric Genius in North Beach?" another said her father was, like Harold Chipman's friend, Joe Peeples, a Mid East arms dealer from Texarcana, Arkansas. I met MB through Linda Murtha, granddaughter of the original owner of the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas whose big parties were described by Herb Gold in "Travels in San Francisco". Still another, "Maiti", allegedly an ex-Weatherman, said her father was a senior CIA analyst for Arab affairs. Her father once called us late at night to say that "The Philadelphia Experiment was real."  He also worked with Herman Kahn of Hudson Institute and wrote a letter about me to Marvin Minsky ~ 1979. Maiti's grandfather, General Rudl, (not Hans Ulrich Rudel) was allegedly on German General Staff in WWII. Maiti's Dad became the first US Army Islamic Chaplain later on! I did not know back in 1980 too much about Maiti's Dad Robert Dickson Crane who wrote a letter about me to Marvin Minsky and who sent me some interesting papers on "Tauhid" the teleological idea of future causation in some Islamic metaphysics. "Dr. Robert Dickson Crane grew up in Cambridge, Mass and graduated with B.A. from Northwestern University in 1956 and JD from Harvard in 1959. He was personal adviser to President Nixon and was appointed Deputy Director for Planning in the National Security Council. He served as Ambassadors to the United Arabs Emirates from 1981 until 1984 when he embraced Islam. He has authorized a dozen books and several dozen articles on policy issues. He continues his research on Islam and is leading an effert on how American Muslims can take the true faith of Islam back from extremists. Currently established an organization called CUI which stands for Center for Understanding Islam and its main goal is to counter extremism." http://www.pakistanamericancultural  
75 "Amadeus" film by Milos Forman. I met Milos and Saul Zaentz several times with Francis Ford Coppola in the mid 70's.
76 Michel also interviewed (1979) the sister of the late Jean Reisser Nadal buried in Pere Le Chaise. Nadal asked his sister to contact me using a prearranged signal.  Nadal seemed to be working for French Intelligence.
77 Compare the three motorcycles of my experience and Orphee to Rashi's prophecy of Godfrey's fate in Jerusalem.
78 Castenada's Shaman, Don Juan says that the impeccable psychic warrior, as in Lt. Col. Jim Channon's "First Earth Battalion", must walk with Death on his left shoulder. "Stopping the world" is the transformation of real to imaginary time. Imaginary time is the "dream time" of the Australian Aborigines and the Shamans as explained in Fred Alan Wolf's book, "The Dreaming Universe".
79 According to "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", Wagner's Grail Knights are based upon the Templars from Troyes.
80 Fred was always quite the lady's man. Late one night, he had a tryst with a very sexy young secretary in David Bohm's great leather chair at Birkbeck. The next morning Bohm's much older secretary, who looked like Miss Marple, started sniffing the chair saying, "Someone's been here who shouldn't!"
81 Fred later rewrote "Space-Time and Beyond", which sold ~ 200,000 copies in a revised edition. I took my name off the new edition because of the scandal over our book agent Ira Einhorn who was a fugitive from justice for the murder of his girlfriend Holly Maddux. Sharon and I did do a hot tub with the two of them in 1974 in Philadelphia on my way to see Andrija Puharich. Einhorn claimed he was innocent and was framed by the KGB. Einhorn was deeply connected with Michael Murphy and Esalen as recorded by William Irwin Thompson in "The Edge of History". Congressman Charlie Rose (D. North Carolina) of the House Select Committee on Intelligence told me on the telephone that Einhorn was working on projects he knew of. Rose supported funding of psychic research and was a visitor to Esalen. Einhorn is now in prison in Pennsylvania, probably for life. Did he really do the terrible deed? I simply do not know. Had Einhorn not run away twenty years ago, he would have beat the rap on "reasonable doubt" same as O. J. Simpson. "The Unicorn's Secret"  may die with him in the Pennsylvania Prison where he is now serving life.
82 Cabala is a Jewish mystical tradition based upon permutations of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, which is allegedly given to man by God. Cabala is to Orthodox Jews as my post-quantum physics is to mainstream physicists - not quite kosher.
83 Henry Miller retired to Big Sur a short walk from Esalen.
84 See Fred Wolf's strangely incomplete account of these meetings in "The Eagle's Quest".
85 Nadine told me that as a young student, she was instructed by a Ghost of a Medieval Sephardic Physician on her dermatology exam in Toledo, Spain. She had not prepared for her exam. This story is like that of the first Bard of Britain who could not sing.
86 I was invited to Theosophical Happy Valley estate in Ojai outside of Santa Barbara by Suares's California friends. One of the old Theosophists told me that I was the reincarnation of Leadbeater. Theosophy was started by Madam Blavatsky based upon her alleged travels in Tibet. It is alleged that these ideas played a role in the rise of Hitler through the Thule Society. Carlo had met David Bohm but they did not hit it off.  Joyce Petschek flew Brendan O' Regan and me with her from London to Paris to meet with Carlo.  Joyce was a wealthy American living in London who supported paranormal projects with Andrija Puharich. Ira Einhorn also stayed with her. Her mansion had a huge swimming pool in the basement.  We drove up to Cambridge in her white Porsche to meet Brian Josephson, Chris Bird, Ted Bastin. This was when I met Dennis Bardens.
87 One of Suares's books is "The Cipher of Genesis."
88 Graves wrote "Good-bye to All That", "The White Goddess", and "I Claudius". 'The cottage where George Sand lived with Chopin was close by.'
89 Jean Stein's father, Jules Stein (MCA) also was funding some New Age projects in the mid-seventies along with Laurance Rockefeller. One of Rockefeller's close friends Jean Lanier financed me at that time.
90 Josephson spent two weeks with me in San Francisco in 1977. The visit was reported in The Chronicle. He spent a lot of time with Puthoff and Targ at SRI. I introduced Zukav to Josephson. Josephson believes that the superluminal quantum connection is necessary for life and consciousness to exist.
91 Peter Maddock, who was also at the Cambridge meeting told me, years later, "Oh yes, Bardens, he was a part-time stringer for British Intelligence". Maddock resurfaced at the Tucson II meeting in April 1996 where he presented a paper on telepathy (abstract # 418)
92 I had been at CIA Los Angeles Office near UCLA in 1963 when I was working at Ford Philco Aeronutronics in Newport Beach, California. This was also around the same time I first met Feynman at Cal Tech where he told me about his work in superfluid helium vortex formation that gave me the idea for my Ph.D. topic on rotational gauge fields in superfluid helium. A former CIA Chief of Station, Harold Chipman confirmed that I was part of a long-term operation in 1985. Chipman said he was running the SRI RV program behind the scenes without Hal Puthoff's knowledge. Chip mentioned Kit Green more than once. See also book "Future War" by Col. John Alexander" who wrote "The New Mental Battlefield" in Military Review, 1980 and directed Los Alamos Lab for Non Lethal Weapons of Mind Control. Col Alexander was on the board of advisors to Robert Bigelow's NIDS in Las Vegas. Bigelow is the new "Howard Hughes" with vast real estate wealth. Most of the real US UFO data analysis, using high level retired police and US military intelligence officers, was funded by Bigelow via his "National Institute of Discovery Sciences" (AKA NIDS). Unlike Joe Firmage, Bigelow still has money and power. There is an internet legend that James Jesus Angleton of the CIA was really concerned about flying saucers Stephen The Angleton story spread by Robert Collins, a retired USAF officer was debunked in 2009 on the blog Reality Uncovered  Bigelow essentially, except for UFO website, closed down NIDS in the Spring of 2002 concentrating his waning post 911 hotel resources on Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vega working with NASA to bring ordinary tourists into near space orbit.  Bigelow's agenda, however, still very much contact with alleged ET aliens possibly coming through Star Gates in the brane parallel universe (Jacques Valle's "Magonia" of Michael Murphy's "Greater Earth") less than a millimeter away from us across a thin Josephson junction hyperspace barrier. NIDS people had allegedly at least one encounter with an alien being on Bigelow's Utah ranch that would fit this scenario and is consistent with NIDS ex-physicist Eric Davis MUFON 2001 paper. Davis and Puthoff are still working together on UFO related physics allegedly with a USAF grant as this book goes to press. Indeed, there was a very strange encounter in 2004 in London when a French woman told me and Janes Defence Weekly editor, Nick Cook (author of "Hunt for the Zero Point") that Jacques Vallee told her there had been a firefight with ET aliens out of a star gate at the Bigelow Skinwalker Ranch in Utah with human deaths and injuries. I reported this bizarre story to retired CIA officer Christopher Kit Green who is on Bigelow's board. Dr. Green said that Vallee denies there is any truth to the story. So matters stood until 2010 when Bigelow in an interview with the New York Times made some odd statements that suggested some fire behind the smoke.

His space stations are not his only interest in space. "I've been a researcher and student of U.F.O.'s for many, many years," Mr. Bigelow said. "Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced. You don't have to have personal encounters." He added: "People have been killed. People have been hurt. It's more than observational kind of data."
More details are in "Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah" Colm A. Kelleher , George Knapp
93 See the late Ron Mc Rae's "Mind Wars", also "Special Tasks" by Pavel and Anatoli Sudoplatov, Updated paperback edition with forward by Robert Conquest of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University p. 483.
94 Discoverer of the isotope effect that helped Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer formulate the theory of electrical superconductors as a quieting of the local randomness of the zero point fluctuations by the formation of coherent quantum superpositions of different numbers of nonlocally connected, or "real entangled" electron pairs . This violates, i.e., "spontaneously breaks" an internal "gauge symmetry" from hyperspace in the lowest energy "ground state". The same idea works for the virtual quanta inside the "quantum vacuum" of the system.  This new coherent phase ordered quantum vacuum state with a smaller amount of random zero point fluctuations (ZPF) has a slightly lower total energy than the normal state with a larger amount of random zero point fluctuations.  Symmetry means that something does not change when something else does change.  P.W. Anderson was also at UCSD around this time where he gave his important 'More is different' talk. Anderson wrote: "I admired Frohlich's book on dielectric theory...I came to see the crucial importance of the concept of broken symmetry...Broken symmetry is the clearest instance of the process of emergence which lies behind 'More is different' ...I developed the concept of the Goldstone boson...superconductivity, the Higgs phenomenon and the concept of Generalized Rigidity arose, the latter referring to the similarities between superfluidity superconductivity, and elastic rigidity of all sorts" from "A Career in Theoretical Physics", P W Anderson (World Scietific,1994)
95 Julian Schwinger left staid Harvard for UCLA where he liked to drive Cadillac convertibles to the beaches.  Feynman had a similar experience with me in 1963 down the Sunset Strip in my black Jaguar XK 150 convertible with white leather seats that I got at Hollywood Sports Cars.
96 Never underestimate the power of a vibrating G-string!
97 Called a "fermi".
98 = 3.861592 x 10-11 cm for the electron for those who know some physics.
99 G = 6.670(4) x 10-8 cm3sec-2grams-1
100 From Feynman's Cal Tech Lectures on quantum gravity.
101 This is why Eric Davis's claim at 2001 MUFON that Hal Puthoff's theory explains flying saucer flight physics is wrong. Eric has not responded to my challenge for a detailed justification - a strange silence.
102 I do not think the physics in the new book "The Hunt for Zero Point" by Nick Cook of Jane's Defense Weekly on this is on target.
103 I also met Marcello Truzzi within minutes of meeting Padwa shortly before John Wheeler attacked parapsychology in this famous meeting of the AAAS.
104 Photo by David Gladstone; the late Beat Poet Gregory Corso sleeping in my North Beach Flat 1980's. I took Gregory to a party at Lawry Chickering's in Sara Fernandez's Mercedes. Sara ran the Fritz Jewett Foundation. Herb Gold, Sandra Mossbacher and William F. Buckley, Jr. were there and, of course, "Gwegowy" made a scene! This was when Buckley asked me how to attack Carl Sagan on Nuclear Winter as we sat in the back seat of his black limo right before he went to TV station to debate Sagan.
105 David Padwa visited Gregory Corso as he lay dying.
106 More details are in "Il Duce's Other Woman" by the same author with Brian R. Sullivan. The Sarfattis and the Grassinis were also blood cousins and there is an obvious strong genetic similarity to my father's sisters Regina and Victoria Sarfatti and I to her son, Amedeo.
107 Margherita Sarfatti's father Amedeo Grassini was a long time close personal friend and financier to Pope Pius X. He was called "The Pope's Jew". Margherita was called "The Uncrowned Queen of Italy" in the 1920's. The Grassinis and the Sarfattis were related both by blood and marriages. Margherita, in her 1926 official Fascist biography "Dux", wrote of Mussolini's alleged encounter with a Gypsy as child who foretold his sinister and tragic date with destiny. This, admittedly totalitarian propaganda piece, sounds like a Verdi Opera, very Italian melodramatic, I know. However, it is similar to Winston Churchill's childhood experience as well as to my 1953 experiences. These precognitive prophetic events of the Destiny Matrix are common in, indeed at the core of the folklore of, human history in the stories of Moses, Joseph, David, Alexander, Caesar, Jesus, Mohammed et-al.
108 Hearts of Space Radio, Pacifica
109 Catherine Maria Sedgwick, "A New England Tale", first American female novelist, daughter of Judge Theodore Sedgwick, first Speaker of the House after the American Revolution, Alexander Hamilton's mentor.  Catherine had a literary salon that included Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Cullen Bryant et-al. Ellery Sedgwick, Henry Dwight's brother, was the great editor of The Atlantic from 1909 to 1938.  Henry Dwight Sedgwick's nickname was "Babbo".  All the Sedgwicks made it to Harvard's most exclusive Porcellian Club. FDR did not get in!  I don't recall off hand if Putzi was a member?
110 Hawking's "The Universe in a Nutshell".
111 General Sedgwick was a popular charismatic leader who Lincoln was going to appoint as head of the Union Army of the Potomac that fell to US Grant. Sedgwick is alleged to have said "Don't worry boys, those Rebs can't hit the side of a barn" moments before a fatal wound to the head by a Confederate sniper.
112 I am reminded of September 1960 newly arrived at Brandeis University as a National Defense Fellow. I was on my way to the home of President Abraham Sachar. A frail old lady came up behind me and asked if I would help her up the small hill to Sachar's house.  It was Eleanor Roosevelt.  She entered the party holding my arm. I also met Isaac Bashevis Singer sitting on a bench on campus. I had already read some of his novels.
113 Same De Forests that Humphrey Bogart also came from. Suky knew Lauren Bacall.   Suky's grandfather built Noyes Lodge at Cornell near the girl's dorms where I used to hang out.  Julia Noyes was Suky's grandmother. Alice Delano De Forest was Suky's mother, same D as FDR. Suky was named for Susanna Shaw Minturn whose brother Robert Gould Shaw, her great great paternal uncle, led the 54th Massachusetts Black Regiment in the Civil War. The story of the 54th is in the film "Glory".  General John Sedgwick's statue stands at West Point. John Sedgwick, killed at Spotsylvania, was Lincoln's favorite. John was replaced by U.S. Grant. FDR's Groton school master Endicott Peabody was part of the large Sedgwick Clan.
114 Henry De Forest was a close friend of both of John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles.
115 Kyra is Suky's cousin.  Kyra is married to Kevin Bacon.
116 With the Benford twins, Herbie Bernstein, Harry Yesian, George Chapline Jr. in his black Shelby Cobra down from Cal Tech frequently, James Edgar Felten, Arty Wolfe,, Bob Gould in the shadows of Keith Brueckner and Geof Burbidge,  Bernd Matthias and their visitors like Fred Hoyle, Ed Teller, John Archibald Wheeler, Herbert Frohlich et-al.
117  Essentially misunderstood, in my opinion, by Haisch, Rueda and Puthoff in their attempts to derive inertia and gravity from the purely uncontrollably locally random electromagnetic zero point fluctuations. The latter is only a small piece of the "normal" virtual fluid component of the quantum vacuum of the unified field. You need the coherent virtual superfluid to get both inertia and gravity..
118 Top National Defense Group of physicists that Keith Brueckner and other UCSD faculty were members of. I was working for Brueckner at the time. JASON has run into a dispute with Rumsfeld's DOD in the Bush Administration over who should be in it.
119 USAF Think Tank in Santa Monica, California.
120 The New York Times recently ran an article about this Dec. 4, 2001 "Challenging Particle Physics" I show explicitly how classical spacetime emerges out of the "fire" of the quantum foam as a Josephson phase modulation effect in which the "world crystal" (Hagen Kleinert), like "ice", freezes out.
121 "The Child" Andrew of "The Woman"
122 "Why do we eat unleavened bread? Why is this Knight different from all the others?"
123 Francis is today executive producer of "First Wave" on the Sci-Fi Channel about ET invasion of Earth.  The schism in the UFO community today is that of the "Alien Huggers" vs. General Douglas MacArthur's position.  Also see "Hollywood Vs the Aliens" by Bruce Rux and "UFOS and the National Security State" by Richard Dolan for more details.  "The Star Gate Conspiracy" is also relevant but it has a bizarre political spin to it.  Sarfatti comment
124 The literary agent for this book was the notorious Ira Einhorn now in a Pennsylvania prison for the 1977 murder of his girlfriend, Holly Maddux. There are still lingering doubts about Einhorn's guilt.
125 Jack took his name off later editions because of the Ira Einhorn scandal, but still continued to collect a third of the royalties.
126 Who was working with Jean Reisser Nadal.  Both Nadal and Truffaut died prematurely which Jack considers suspicious because of what they were working on at the time that Jack was privy to.
127 This antigravitating exotic matter is a positive cosmological vacuum local /\(x) field in Jack's new theory in 2001, with dark matter as a gravitating negative /\(x) field. 
128 "One way passages surrounding a spacetime singularity. If you go in along a free float geodesic, you cannot get out provided you are real and not quantum virtual, and move at or less than the speed of light. If, for smaller black holes of about ten solar masses or less, you attempt to hover on a nongeodesic you die from stretch-squeeze tidal forces (e.g. 15 g at 20,000 km above event horizon of 10 solar mass non-rotating  black hole) as you get closer to the event horizon whilst still outside it without reaching the singularity where the same fate awaits you.  None of this happens in a star gate, which is a traversable wormhole without an event horizon and without an interior singularity." - comment by Jack Sarfatti
129 With Wheeler, Feynman, Hawking, Susskind, Gell-Mann, Finkelstein, Coleman and many others attending.
130 The original Einstein-Rosen wormhole cannot be used as a stargate. It pinches off crushing the traveler inside it. It was not until Kip Thorne's solution that the idea became plausible. To repeat, because it is new and important if true, Jack's new local cosmological field idea has an exotic phase of the quantum vacuum /\ > 0 that permits Kip's solution and also Alcubierre's warp drive to be achieved as a matter of principle.
131 Jack wrote this several years before Kip Thorne wrote of an "advanced technological civilization" amplifying tiny wormholes into star gates and years before the many worlds or "pages" of Stephen Hawking's "O Brane New World" in hyperspace.
132  Jagdish Mann uses this idea in his romantic fiction "Nefertiti's Eye" in this anthology.
133 This is also partly what Jack means by "Destiny Matrix".
134  Roger Penrose's "spin networks in the pre-geometry" basis for loop quantum gravity - Sarfatti comment.
135 Arthur Young was a key patron of Ira Einhorn who would visit the Institute in Berkeley several times.
136 Martin Gardner's "Magic and Paraphysics" in "Science, Good, Bad and Bogus" is a long article about both Jack's early immature theory and Uri.
137 Hagen Kleinert of the Free University of Berlin shows that Einstein's explanation of gravity as local curvature corresponds to stringy cracks in the 4-dimensional "world crystal" that coherently freezes out of the quantum gravity foam in Jack's new theory.
138 Funded by the Central Intelligence Agency.  This was not public information back in 1973.
139 This Vallee book had a description of Werner Erhard's est in the beginnings of the Silicon Valley computer industry.  Ira Einhorn claimed he was working with Vallee at that time when he met Jack and Kim in Bolinas after his indictment for the murder of Holly Maddux.  Ira had just driven north from Esalen in Big Sur.
140 Jack's mother, Millie, would not read Andrija's URI for another year. It had not even been written then.
141 See also Chapter 11 of "Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies" by Jim Schnabel.  Colonel John Alexander told Jack that this book is reliable.  The story in Chapter 11 is similar to the one here. It involves CIA's Kit Green, Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ and physicists from Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLL) checking out Uri Geller. Some of them were part of Elizabeth Rauscher's "Fundamental Physics Group" at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LB). Green, at that time, had the same job Ron Pandolfi later took.  Harold Chipman's role in this is mysterious. Jack Sarfatti wrote: "Indeed, former high-level CIA officer Kit Green, MD and former NSA employee Hal Puthoff, both confirmed to me (by e-mail in 2002) the essential authenticity of this story that is clearly similar to my 1953 contact experience. Green's and Puthoff's testimony corroborating the very uncanny bizarre "metallic voice tape" (and the "one armed man" banging on the door) story, told in Chapter 11 "You can't go home again" of James Schnabel's "Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies", is important evidence of post-quantum objective weirdness with retroactive advanced signal-nonlocality in obviously paranormal human events of immense historical important (e.g. Churchill's and Mussolini's childhood "remote-viewing" precognitions, the alleged precognition of  911 by Usama Bin Laden's terrorist followers etc.) and the plausibility of my own 1953 testimony. Colonel John Alexander (USA, ret) author of "Future War" and former head of Los Alamos National Laboratory's "Nonlethal Weapons" program, also corroborated Schnabel's book in general to me about two years earlier. To stick our heads in the sand in denial is not wise."
142 "The hidden variables in Bohm's quantum realism are "nonlocal".  That is, you can think of an electron approximately as a point particle with a continuous classical path.  However, it feels a nonlocal quantum bit potential of active nonclassical information. The electron's path, though continuous, need not be differentiable, so there need not be a conflict with Heisenberg uncertainty even at this sub-quantum level." - Jack Sarfatti.
143 De Beauregard was from the same Institut Henri Poincare in Paris as Vigier, but with opposite politics and opposite philosophy about the paranormal. Vigier was a former Communist who pooh poohs paranormal. De Beauregard a right wing aristocrat who believed in the paranormal.
144  Role of French Military Intelligence here? Sarfatti comment.
145 The detector efficiency loophole has recently been plugged for massive particles, reported in Nature 2001 by Philippe Grangier.
146  Also it fits John Cramer's "transactional interpretation" of the quantum idea from Wheeler and Feynman. Sarfatti comment.
147 Where he met Lawry Chickering.  Michael Berry also visited Jack at the Caffe Trieste. Creon Levit was at that meeting between Berry and Sarfatti.
148  One of the LLL weapons physicists in the metallic UFO voice incident in Chapter 11 of Jim Schnabel's "Remote Viewers" with CIA's Kit Green? - Sarfatti comment.
149 Dakin died in the Fall of 2010.
150 Indeed, it was Jan Brewer's tales of this to us at Esalen that prompted Jack to write the parody "Hitler's Last Weapon", George Koopman investigated Ichazo and Arica.
151  Jack Sarfatti saw the movie in Francis Ford Coppola's home with many of the people who made and acted in the movie.
152  An instability of Newtonian classical mechanics in which a tiny shift in a starting point rapidly causes a large deviation from the continuous path that the particle would otherwise have taken. (Jack comment).
153  Self-similar patterns of patterns like Ezekial's "wheels within wheels" and Russian Dolls. (Jack comment)
154  Which, like in Dancing Wu Li Masters and Space-Time and Beyond, disappeared in the later editions.  Jack's articles, like Spectra's metallic voice tapes, have a tendency to disappear. :) (Jack's insert)
155  I'll name the people I recognize, starting from the back row, and reading from left to right (using "Blanck" for people I don't recognize: Blanck-Blanck-Dr. Frank Barr; Blanck-Blanck-Blanck-Emily-George Koopman (Allegedly of "Nut Desk" for DIA)-Blanck; Nick Herbert-Julia Kendell-Saul-Paul Sirag-Dorothy Kelly-Blanck; Betty Andreasson-Blanck-Anne Dale; Jack Sarfatti in the middle in white pants lying on the ground like a Pasha. This was at the Westerbeke Ranch, 2300 Grove Street, Sonoma CA. Koopman paid for this event that lasted for several days. Note on Emily: She is the woman to George Koopman's right. I don't remember her last name. But she came with George to Westerbeke.  She ran an oriental rug store on Sacramento Street in San Francisco. George was a silent partner in the business, importing rugs from the Middle East (I don't remember which countries). But it might have been a cover for other activity-of course:-) I visited the rug store and Emily after Westerbeke. She was still there when I moved from Berkeley to SF in November 1977 to the flat (owned by Henry Dakin) on Washington Street with Barbara Honegger. The picture was taken with Emily's camera; and she gave me the print of the Westerbeke picture at that time. Note on Barbara Honegger: She was a White House staffer working for Martin Anderson in the early 1980s and is mentioned in Ron McRae's book Mind Wars (St. Martin's, 1984). McRae, an ex Navy Intelligence officer working for Jack Anderson, stayed with Jack and Sam Sternberg in North Beach for a week while researching that book.  Honegger wrote October Surprise (Tudor, 1989), after she left the Reagan White House. Barbara in 2002 is working for DOD in current Bush Administration and, as we go to press, has just blown the whistle on a Federal Judge she accuses of protecting al Qaeda operatives impeding the pre-911 FBI investigation according to 122.html
156 Close friend of Richard Feynman's at Esalen who aided him in his final days.
157 "Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D., Director of the Physics/Consciousness Research Group, is the catalyst without whom the following people and I would not have met..." Acknowledgments, "The Dancing Wu Li Masters. Gary Zukav reneged on his witnessed oral contract with Jack Sarfatti for 10% of the royalties. Jack's actual role in the writing of the book has been deleted more and more with later editions like the rewriting of history in George Orwell's "1984".
158 New York Times, October 29, 2001 " 'Oprah' Gaffe by Jonathan Franzen Draws Ire and Sales...In 1996 Jonathan Franzen wrote an essay in Harper's magazine about...the banal ascendancy of television...Last selection but politely withdrew the invitation to appear on her show. And instead of rallying to Mr. Franzen, most of the literary world took her side, deriding him as arrogant and ungrateful...Mr. Moody said...'If you want to sell 700,000 copies," he said, "then you have to play ball with the 700,000-copy vehicles, and then you are in Oprah-land." Sarfatti comment
159 on the works of Antony Valentini that support my theory from a slightly different point of view than my own. Note: I do not agree with Valentini's cosmological ideas.
160 Jim Schnabel, "Remote Viewers" and the "pre-sponse" mind-brain data of Dean Radin and Dick Bierman.
161 See the Lawry Chickering letter to Richard De Lauer, Under-Secretary DOD in "Destiny Matrix" (1st Books, 2002). Robert Anton Wilson writes of this in "The Cosmic Trigger" as does Martin Gardner in "Magic and Paraphysics" (MIT Technology Review, 1976) in "Science, Good, Bad and Bogus".
162 Patsy Quinn
163  p. 526 "Memoirs" Ch. 40 "Strategic Defense" (Initiative, "SDI") 2001 Perseus
164  This group included P. Siegel and Michael Weiner who is now Michael Savage on talk radio with an audience of least 8 million. Michael has was banned from Britain for his lack of political correctness  ("Liberals with Mental Disorders) and allegedly "negative statements about Muslim and Hispanic terrorists, gay activists and his advocacy of Borders, Language, Culture." Michael maintains his remarks have been taken out of context by his political enemies and that the charges by the disgraced Jacqui Smith of the British Home Office are factually false.  Michael's 2010 book "Trickle Up Poverty" on the decimation of the American Middle Class is alleged to have significantly altered the mid-term national election shift to the right. Ironically, leftists like Robert Sheer, co-founder of Ramparts in The Sixties with Warren Hinckle largely agree with Savage's analysis of the sell-out of Main Street by Wall Street and Obama's connections to the forces that precipitated the September 2008 financial meltdown from the packaging of mortgages into securities/financial derivatives invented by string theory physicists that left millions twisting in the wind hanging by a thin thread- as it were.
165 "In the half-century that North Beach has supplied a haven for waves of brilliant and erratic thinkers, few have rivaled Jack Sarfatti for comprehensive weirdness an what just might be original genius." by Jerry Carroll in "Another Eccentric Genius in North Beach?" San Francisco Chronicle, May 11, 1981, p.23
166 Indeed these include the very topics that got Jack and Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson disinvited from the Bohm Physics Conference August 28-Sept 4, 2010 at the Towler Institute in Tuscany

167 Jack's letter to MIT Technology Review published in 1976 and CIA Memorandum for the Record on Jack's ideas in 1979.  See also "Pentagon Is Said to Focus on ESP For Wartime Use", William J. Broad, New York Science Times, January 10, 1984

168 These parallel quantum universes, as in David Deutsch's "The Fabric of Reality" are not the same as, and are not to be confused with, the many classical material brane universes next door to ours in the hyperspace of Super Cosmos-Sarfatti note.
169 This conference was chaired by the late Heinz Pagels who was a close friend to both Ira Einhorn and Nick Herbert. Heinz strongly attacked Jack's arguments for precognitive remote viewing in a phone call with David Gladstone. Oddly enough, Heinz died falling off a mountain near Aspen Physics Center. He had dreamed his death almost exactly and one finds it at the end of his book "The Cosmic Code". Here is another tragic example of The Destiny Matrix we are all caught in.
170 Which may have come later after 1979? Saul-Paul Sirag traces Jack's ideas here back to at least 1973. Jack's idea, of course, goes back to his strange phone call(s) in 1953.
171 As we go to press, President Bush has informed President Putin that America will proceed with anti-missile defense.
172 Curiously Francis Ford Coppola produces "First Wave" on the Sci Fi Channel that deals with this scenario in fictional form. Of course this is a popular theme and I do not imply any direct causal relation.
173 Colonel Phillip J. Corso, who wrote "The Day After Roswell" worked for MacArthur. MacArthur's speech, "Duty, Honor, Country" ends with a reference to ET War in space and also "harnessing the cosmic energy".  Jack, in a recent meeting (2002) with a high-ranking USG Intelligence Officer was told that in fact Edward Teller did think of SDI as also a defense against possibly hostile ET aliens. This really surprised Jack because Jack heard Teller say that UFOs were not real at public talks at functions of Rabbi Pincus Lipner's Hebrew Academy of San Francisco in the early 90's where Jack was teaching. Teller was on the Board. The problem used to be if ET were here, how would he/she/it get here? Now with the parallel universes of Super Cosmos and the kind of star gate warp drive time travel physics Jack is working on, that seems less of a problem. Of course, this is still speculative and conjectural and Jack is first to admit he could be wrong on all of it.
174 Iolanthe, Gilbert & Sullivan
175 Descended from Timothy Dwight, first President of Yale. Lawry's grandfather and Leila's great grandfather, Henry de Forest, ran the Southern Pacific Railroad with E.H. Harriman including a private railway car now in the Southern Pacific Railway Museum in Oakland, California. - Sarfatti comment
176 San Francisco
177 Jack introduced Stephen Schwartz to Lawry Chickering.  Chickering hired Schwartz at ICS.
178 Lawry was also close to Esalen's Michael Murphy and Jack's old Cornell teacher, Herb Gold.
179 Zukav has since attracted a huge following because he is being promoted by Oprah Winfrey. Jack, arms flailing about wildly laughingly aping Mel Brooks, calls Gary Zukav  "Oy vey Jose, my Golem, My Frankenstein Monster run amuck!"
180 Not the New Age jargon in it, which was Gary's original contribution like in "Seat of the Soul".
181 Especially Paul Nitze.
182 Which he did. Jack received a letter from Cap Weinberger Sr. on DOD stationary thanking him for the material. Cap Jr. said that Jack's ideas were discussed explicitly between Reagan and Cap, Sr. in the White House. Jack presented the detailed ideas of Hollywood billionaire, the late Marshall Naify. Marshall presented a detailed "Star Wars" plan in a crucial lunch at Enrico's in 1981 with Jack and Lawry Chickering.  Reagan, of course, knew who Marshall was, whether Reagan was aware of this connection we do not know. It would be an interesting topic for a historian. Marshall financed the James Bond movies with Al Brocoli.  See also "Meteor" with Sean Connery. Indeed Marshall had one of the black Aston-Martin convertibles from the Bond films.  Jack's report on Marshall's Vision went to Paul Nitze.
183 Reagan also specifically alludes to Jack in his 1986 State of the Union Address where he says physicists have found evidence for the existence of God in their equations and he mentions "Back to the Future".  This was two years before Hawking's questions in a "Brief History of Time".  The origins of these remarks can be traced to his discussions with Cap Weinberger, Sr. on Jack's ideas.
184 To Richard DeLauer at DOD. Note reference to "untappable unjammable command control communications" years before IBM's Charles Bennett et-al introduced "quantum cryptography", "dense coding" and "teleportation".  Chickering's letter is more important today in 2002 because of Jack's argument below that the "no-cloning theorem" of quantum computers may not be correct. This would mean stand alone nonlocal quantum C3 that does not need a classical signal link. Chickering's letter was inaccurately described by Jeremy Bernstein in The New Yorker article "Quantum Engineers" on John S. Bell, by Murray Gell-Mann in "The Quark and the Jaguar" on "Flap Doodle" and by N. D. Mermin in Physics Today. Note reference to "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" and CIA Memorandum for the Record that Lawry had a copy of. Gary Zukav removed much of the final chapter on Jack's ideas in later editions and did not pay Jack the 10% of royalties to the book that he had promised and agreed to in front of several witnesses including myself. "One physicist at the New York Meeting, Dr. Jack Sarfatti of San Francisco said that he not only believes that faster than light communication is possible by means of 'time loops,' but that he is trying to attract backing from the Defense Department..." Malcolm W. Browne, "Quantum Theory: Disturbing Questions Remain Unresolved", New York Times, Feb. 11, 1986, p. 25. See also NOVA and Ultra Science TV shows on "Time Travel" citing an experiment in Germany in which Mozart's 40th Symphony allegedly is transmitted faster than light by quantum tunneling of photons through a barrier. Ray Chiao of UC Berkeley disputes this however.  Jack met William F. Buckley, Jr. at Chickering's house around the time Buckley was debating Carl Sagan on "nuclear winter". Buckley asked Jack what he thought of the issue.  Jack had first met Buckley with Norman Thomas in a church in Manhattan in 1956 as a Cornell Freshman.  Jack also spent several hours sitting with Itzak Rabin and Edward Teller at the home of Rabbi Pincus Lipner when Jack was teaching at the Hebrew Academy of San Francisco. Jack had met the prominent San Francisco businessman, Alvin Duskin, also ~ 1980 and told him about prospects for zero point energy.  Jack ran into Alvin only recently at the San Francisco Bay Club.  Alvin told Jack that his meetings with him 20 years earlier significantly influenced him to get into the alternative energy business (flywheels from Lawrence Livermore Laboratory).  Curiously, Alvin and Lawry Chickering were working together on the "Educate the Girls Foundation" for Muslim women.  Alvin and Lawry visited Jack and Creon Levit at ISSO in the Dakin Building at 3220 Sacramento Street to look at the possibility of sharing office space.  They wound up at the Presidio.
185 Jack saw Bootsie Galbraith as well as Byron and Maria Janis on his frequent visits to New York City 2008-9.
186 (Simon & Schuster, 1993, ISBN 0-671-76781-X)

187 Updike appears to allude to my work on coupling a hot negative quantum temperature heat reservoir to a cold positive classical temperature reservoir in a Carnot Engine. One then gets complete conversion of heat to work from both reservoirs in a quantum loophole to the second law of thermodynamics. Updike certainly knows the Sedgwicks alluded to in "Eastwick". He also has a lot of things to say about superconductors in this passage in the full version.
188 "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me" by Richard Farina describes this group I was part of at Cornell.
189 Senior Editor of The Atlantic Monthly made important by Ellery Sedgwick in early 20th Century.
190 Peter Paul and Mary.
191 Including Enrico Banducci, though much later.
192 With a chapter on Ira Einhorn at Esalen in Big Sur.
193 Herb Gold and Michael Murphy are close friends. Michael's book is fact described as fiction as is Jacques Vallee's "Fastwalker" with "Slider's" Tracy Torme.
194 Photos from high-energy astrophysicist, James Edgar Felten, buddy at Cornell and UCSD.  Jim introduced me to Martin Rees in the late 60's at the Institute for Theoretical Astronomy, Cambridge, UK.
195 Alfred Kahn, Professor of Economics as Sergeant Meryll became CAB head under President Jimmy Carter.
196 Tim is in several Woody Allen movies and is in "The Cradle Will Rock" with Susan Sarandon playing Margherita Sarfatti.  He is still active in Broadway Musical Theater. I was with Roberta Anne Friedman at the time.  Roberta taught English for many years at San Diego State much beloved by her students.  She died at her desk working apparently of a heart attack.  Thanks to James Edgar Felten and Richard Moyer for keeping me informed. Tim will be in the San Francisco production  of  "La Boheme" at The Curran, Fall 2002.
197 Princeton's Richard Gott has a new book "Time Travel" (2001) with essentially this idea years after I suggested it starting around 1973 based on my contact in 1953.
198 The influence of Harvard's Henry Dwight Sedgwick on my thought here is obvious.
199 This precognitive remote viewing funded by the CIA and the DIA, as told in James Schnabel's "Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies", is a violation of quantum physics but not post-quantum physics. The mathematics of this is in papers by Antony Valentini.
200 Book by Robert Anton Wilson
201  Heinz Pagels in "The Cosmic Code" also talks about this as well as his own dream of his death that came true.  Usama bin Laden talking of his 911 Attack on America, mentions such precognitive dreams in the horridly evil videotape released by the Pentagon.
202 Princeton's Richard Gott has a new book "Time Travel" (2001) with essentially this idea years after I suggested it starting around 1973 based on my contact in 1953.
203 The influence of Harvard's Henry Dwight Sedgwick on my thought here is obvious.
204 This precognitive remote viewing funded by the CIA and the DIA, as told in James Schnabel's "Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies", is a violation of quantum physics but not post-quantum physics. The mathematics of this is in papers by Antony Valentini.
205 Book by Robert Anton Wilson
206  Heinz Pagels in "The Cosmic Code" also talks about this as well as his own dream of his death that came true.  Usama bin Laden talking of his 911 Attack on America, mentions such precognitive dreams in the horridly evil videotape released by the Pentagon.
207 Predicted wave nature of electron using Einstein's special relativity and Planck's quantum formula.
208 Vigier assisted Ho Chi Minh in combat operations in Vietnam which understandably angers Stephen Schwartz.
209 Science Applications Research Associates work includes "nonlethal weapons Colonel John Alexander consultant."  Former SARA Chief Scientist, James Corum, publishes on reality of "The Philadelphia Experiment". Corum was briefly Chief Scientist at Institute of Software Research in West Virginia funded via Senator Robert Byrd's direct efforts. He has since dropped out of sight. Corum, who visited ISSO, is working on "electromagnetic stress" propellantless propulsion motivated by the flying saucer phenomenon.  Hal Puthoff has refuted  Corum's formula for electromagnetic stress propulsion, which in any case even if it worked, would not be real electro-gravitic metric engineering of a weightless warp drive without g-forces. The physical barrier from the weakness of classical of classical Newtonian gravity to achieving this seemingly impossible dream is the spacetime stiffness barrier of one Planck length per Planck energy = 10 _ __ centimeter warp distortion per 1019 Gev applied energy expended.  This is where my (index of refraction)4 conjecture for gravity amplification may save us?
210 On December 12, 2001
211 As day-to-day director of ISSO Science coordinating program with SARA and other projects.
212 J.P. Vigier has such a theory and experimental work on it has been going on in Belgrade for years. Creon met with these Serbian physicists with Vigier in Budapest. Creon and Vladimir Poponin also went to Moscow to meet with several physicists.  Creon also met with Hagen Kleinert in Berlin. This was a very important meeting because that is how I learned about Kleinert's idea of the "world crystal". Kleinert studied with Feynman at Cal Tech.
213 Puthoff
214  A billion to a trillion electrons seem to clump together in defiance of the Coulomb repulsion. Skeptics dismiss them as charged mercury droplets.  The debate is unresolved. One possibility is that the _ field is negative inside the hollow cavity.  This would, perhaps, give a strong short range "Abdus Salam" gravitational attraction stabilizing the charge cluster.  The same idea on a larger scale is "dark matter".  Therefore, the charge clusters, if not mundane charged mercury droplets, might be small samples of "dark matter".
215 Joe fumbled the ball on this one - this is Jack's opinion not Creon's.
216 Mallove was murdered May 14, 2004 the case is unsolved
John Mack also murdered shortly after on September 27, 2004 in London under suspicious circumstances.  Ira Einhorn is in prison for the murder of Holly Maddux in a strong circumstantial case.
217 The late Eldon Byrd was an engineer working for US Navy who investigated Uri Geller in the 70's along with Wilbur Franklin who had a strange death. Byrd and the Dean of Paranormal Debunkers Amazing Randi were involved in a legal battle. I do not use "Skeptics" since I am a real Skeptic keeping an open, but critical mind, on the uncanny high strangeness I have witnessed first-hand. I am quick to reject extreme claims on both sides and am damned by both sides in the ideological culture war seen in the disinvite of Brian Josephson et-al in 2010 to the Bohm Conference at the Towler Monastery in Tuscany.
218 "Internet Science Education Project",
219 The white board shows the experimental pre-sponse effect in our living brain of future causes of past effects. See Dean Radin's "The Conscious Universe".

220 This reminds me of an incident from 20 years ago with I.J. Good who worked with Alan Turing cracking the Nazi war code.  See Thomas Pynchon's "Gravity's Rainbow". Good wrote me a letter asking if I had read his "GOD(D)" paper that he gave in Chicago ~ 1980 to some parapsychology group. Of course, I had not seen it. The reason I.J. thought I had was that some of the ideas in his paper were identical to those I had in a paper in Psychoenergetic Systems. I.J. was miffed that I did not cite his paper, which I had not seen. These strong nonlocal correlations between my paper and I.J's had to do with a "superluminal telepathic discarnate intelligence" that Good called "GOD(D)" -very much like Stapledon's "Star Maker", Hoyle's "Black Cloud" and Melville's "police officer of the Fates" in Moby Dick.
221 Thanks to Ron Pandolfi Ph.D, a physicist with the Central Intelligence Agency for alerting me to these considerations. Quoted with permission from Colonel Hickson.
222 In Julian Schwinger's Dover volume on "Quantum Electrodynamics". p. 321 Equations (13) - (16) See also Feynman's Ph.D. on the forced quantum harmonic oscillator and the elimination of EM field oscillators to get both advanced and retarded light cone actions at a distance between electrons, i.e. Paper 23 in Schwinger.
223 I will discuss this in detail in my second more technical book "Super Cosmos".
225 Quantum entanglement cannot be used as a stand-alone communication channel in orthodox quantum theory.  It can in post-quantum theory. Pre-sponse is a violation of quantum theory. Pre-sponse is evidence for the reality of post-quantum signal nonlocality from local order parameters.
227 Mentioned in email to me from Eugenia Macer-Story.
228 Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Cat's Cradle" is a fictional account of my Cornell physics teachers in the Manhattan project. In addition to Colonel Robert Hickson's concern about a nano-goo destroying the biosphere, the quantum vacuum phase transitions are potentially equivalent to "Ice 9" if misused.
229 Jack Sarfatti's 88-year-old father. Hyman died at age 93.
230  Hyman's father was from Naples, Italy. His business was trade in fruit between Italy and Greece.
231 Not unlike Afghanistan today.
232 15th Century Castilian Spanish mixed with Hebrew from 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Jews from Spain because they were the "brains" of the Moorish Empire.  Ladino is to Spanish as Yiddish is to German.
233 Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" in "Loomings".
234 Signal nonlocality from direct back-reaction of the matter field hidden variables on their intrinsically conscious qubit Bohm (super) quantum potential Q*, in my theory, violates Abner Shimony's "passion at a distance" and the no-cloning a quantum theorem of orthodox quantum theory. This is a conjectured post-quantum theory that contains orthodox quantum theory as a limiting case when the afore-mentioned back-reaction vanishes. This limit is one of sub-quantal "heat death" thermal equilibrium of the matter hidden variables. Living matter violates this condition. Death is the return to sub-quantal thermal equilibrium.
235 Kip Thorne
236 Pun intended
iiii I believe I was the first to coin the phrase "back from the future" and there is strong circumstantial evidence that I inspired the film "Back to the Future" because of my being part of Francis Ford Coppola's rat pack in the late 1970's and his wife Ellie's enthusiasm for my book Space-Time and Beyond with Wolf and Toben. Aharonov and his student's work on weak measurements is good and his interpretation is what I have been proposing since the late 1960's motivated by Wheeler-Feynman and Fred Hoyle. I hope historians like David Kaiser at MIT will set the record straight that Fred Alan Wolf and I were thinking along these lines since we were on the faculty at San Diego State more than 40 years ago. We do not wish to take away any of Aharonov's glory and we thank him for filling in vital details and testing the ideas in a Popper falsifiable way. Aharonov's first paper on the influence from the future does date from 1964 before I started thinking about it technically. However, my work with Fred Alan Wolf on it in the late 60's was done in ignorance of Aharonov's important papers. Oddly, I don't recall David Bohm talking about these ideas at all when I was a Research Fellow with him at Birkbeck College, University of London in 1971. Only I.J. Good and Fred Hoyle seem to have discussed it openly, but the mainstream paid little attention to the best of my knowledge. I.J. Good who elevated this idea to a GOD(D) entity with signal nonlocality violating the quantum theory restrictions. Now I know that I. J. Good's GOD(D) is located on our future dark energy hologram event horizon. I.J. worked with Alan Turing breaking the Nazi War Code in WWII. Turing ate a poisoned apple because he was, like Oscar Wilde, hounded by the police for being gay.
ii This would imply that Einstein's "greatest blunder" was not the cosmological constant, but his saying that God was subtle not malicious. Indeed, the jealous God, Yahweh, would be unsubtle and malicious, more like The Devil. What do you think? Now that the retro-causality that Fred Alan Wolf and I have been suggesting for decades has been made fashionable by FQ Foundation, Templeton Prize winner Paul Davies's promotion of Yakir Aharonov's "weak measurements" with the post-selection reaching back from the future to the present etc, Hawking may have missed the boat. I seem to be the only one connecting all the dots here with the hologram universe and Tamara Davis's 2004 Ph.D. Paul Davies was on her committee and I am surprised he did not see the obvious link - maybe he did? Hawking's "Mind of God" at the end of his "Brief History of Time" is alive and well literally on our 2D future event horizon that is the computer that MIT's Seth Lloyd writes about. The dark energy density in our pre-selected past light cone is the inverse area of our post-selected future light cone's intersection with our future observer-dependent de Sitter horizon hologram. We are its retrocausally projected 3D images in this crazy hologram paradigm unleashed by Gerardus 't Hooft and Lenny Susskind. Litttle did they know they had opened Pandora's Box. ;-)
iii More precisely the dark energy density we see in our past light cone is proportional to the reciprocal area of our future observer-dependent event horizon causal boundary of our observable accelerating universe.
iv As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, 139-143
v Futurism was an international art movement founded in Italy in 1909. It was (and is) a refreshing contrast to the weepy sentimentalism of Romanticism. The Futurists loved speed, noise, machines, pollution, and cities; they embraced the exciting new world that was then upon them rather than hypocritically enjoying the modern world's comforts while loudly denouncing the forces that made them possible. Fearing and attacking technology has become almost second nature to many people today; the Futurist manifestos show us an alternative philosophy. Too bad they were all Fascists.
vi On Sep 30, 2010, at 2:58 PM, james f woodward wrote:
A few clarificatory comments are perhaps in order.  First, ... has alluded to "Jim's theory".  Flattering as this is, it isn't really right. I have no "theory" in the usual sense of that word.  I am convinced that Einstein's general relativity theory (GRT) -- without any added on ZPE or ZPF baggage -- is correct.  I am also convinced that GRT fully accounts for the origin of inertial reaction forces as the gravitational action of the chiefly distant "matter" [everything, including dark matter and energy] that gravitates. 

Exactly my point! "distant stars" are too small a fraction of the total stuff.

That is, Mach's principle is correct.  It has been known for 40 years or more that Mach's principle is a "boundary"
condition on GRT --

Exactly, but I am saying the important boundary is our future event horizon!

namely, if "critical cosmic matter density" obtains and [space] is flat at the cosmic scale, then inertial reaction forces are purely gravitational in origin.  Cosmic [space]  flatness has been known to be the the fact of reality since the WMAP results were reported some years ago.  The correctness of Mach's principle, as Hoyle and Narlikar figured out in the '60s requires that Wheeler-Feynman "absorber" theory apply to gravity (and presumably electrodynamics).  That fixes the future, and in the post  't Hooft era leads to the talk about holograms.  I suppose you could say that Mach's principle being correct enables the hologram interpretation.  The reverse, however, is
not necessarily true.

So we agree on this fundamental issue.

Such work as I have done that sometimes gets mistaken for "theory" consists of some calculations using the theoretical notions of others (notably relativity theory) to show that there may well be a way to ultimately make absurdly benign wormholes -- that is, stargates (a term familiar to several on this list).  Whether those calculations are right will eventually be sorted out in the laboratory; but in the interrim they make fodder for interesting speculation.

I might also add that John Cramer's retrocausal signaling experiment should shed light (so to speak) on whether the future is fixed or not. Oddly enough, the creator of the transactional interpretation of QM -- which seems to fix the future -- does not himself think that the future is fully fixed.  Just a little bit in advance of the present, freezing
out like ice crystals forming on a pane of glass in winter. . . .

Is that Popper falsifiable?

May you be successful in your projects,

Jim Woodward

There is also Aharonov's idea of "post-selection" on our future event horizon.
vii Key Excerpts - bottom line the military threat - the key observational evidence
"The documents discussed during our presentation of October 1, 2008, especially the summary of General Twining, dated 23-09-1947, to the commander of the Air Materiel Command, did not say anything else. Other elements confirmed by official documents, such as repeated overflights of the facilities of the Atomic Energy Commission from 1948 to 1952, the deprogramming of ICBMs in 1967, and more recently, the deliberate interference with airliners, as in Bariloche, Argentina, confirm our hypothesis... The behavior of these devices during encounters with fighter jets or interceptors - some have participated in real swirling battles in the U.S. - suggests they are controlled, guided or led by particularly sophisticated automation. ... The observations made since 1946 suggest that some craft use an unknown technology. However, we have not yet sufficiently analyzed the documents and available evidence. We are content for now to cite a few examples: Longitudinal accelerations exceeding 10 g were measured in Belgium by Air Force interceptors in 1989, 1990 and '91. We will resume an analysis of the data recorded available to us. ... Remarkable accelerations of the craft right after a stationary mode were repeatedly noted by civilian witnesses. Unusual accelerations and decelerations, sudden stops as well as very tight turns were detected simultaneously by two radars and observed by competent witnesses over Washington DC on July 19, 26 and 29, 1952. Radar echoes of these objects were also detected briefly on the onboard radars by the crew of the F-93 interceptors chasing after them. ... An unknown form of support that does not involve the reaction of a mass projected down - as is the case for aircraft, helicopters and rockets - was noted on multiple occasions, especially in the case of Trans-en-Provence [January 1981] and Amaranth [October 1982]. It was shown by some of the devices involved in the flights over Scandinavia during the summer of 1946 * [* See Hillenkoetter document]. Many witnesses in France in 1954 observed in the sky stationary craft of great dimensions. It should be emphasized that no man-made aerial craft is capable of these kinds of performances... Flights at very low speed of very large craft, often triangular in shape, were observed at very low altitude by dozens of motorists in Belgium in 1989 and 1990....
On November 5, 1990, in France, between 6:15 p.m. and 7:45 p.m., many "apparatus" of various shapes were observed and even filmed on two main routes: from the tip of Finistère to Strasbourg, and the Basque Country  to Nancy, passing through the Massif Central. The observations ranged from a triangle with lights at the bottom,  to an elongated wingless fuselage over two hundred meters long [Gretz-Armainvilliers]. An unusual silence was noted during most of these events....A speed of 2300 km/h in horizontal flight was reported by radar in Finland in 1946. Speeds of about Mach 5 at relatively low altitude - 9 to 10000 meters - were measured by an airliner in 1966, southwest of Buenos Aires. In July 1994, air traffic radar on the Detroit vertical, measured the same speed at a slightly higher altitude. This last observation was confirmed by three airliner crews of Air France, Lufthansa and Olympic Airways. ... Because of kinetic heating leading edges and a high-drag, these performances are virtually out of reach of current military aircraft... which was even more true in 1966.... A particular form of stealth has been verified with regards to the simultaneous observation of a very large aerial disc by CDB Duboc and his crew, as well as by an air defense radar station.  While the disc observed visually disappeared for the crew of Air France, it continued to be detected by the military radars. In other cases, the craft remained clearly visible to the observers but without appearing on the radar screens. It seems that this was the case for some of the observations made on November 5, 1990. ... The air superiority of the craft concerned, if they are indeed crafts, is such that none of the many interceptions which have been made against them, in the United States for example, have been able to overcome one of these devices. On the contrary, they allegedly caused the destruction of several U.S. aircraft launched in their pursuit in the late forties. They seem able to violate with impunity the airspaces of the best defended countries in the world. ... The above features suggest that in many cases On November 5, 1990, in France, between 6:15 p.m. and 7:45 p.m.,  many "apparatus" of various shapes were observed and even filmed on two main routes: from the tip of Finistère to Strasbourg, and the Basque Country to Nancy, passing through the Massif Central. The observations ranged from a triangle with lights at the bottom, to an elongated wingless fuselage over two hundred meters long [Gretz-Armainvilliers]. An unusual silence was noted during most of these events. ...
The above features suggest that in many cases the devices detected, far from being unidentified, are easily recognizable by the aerial defense agencies as part of a technology far ahead of ours. [The jerky trajectories at right angles and the descents like dead leafs are known since the fifties. High speeds at relatively low elevations appear in several documents (La Paz for example.). They seem almost like signatures!] ... We feel that we must reject the thesis of a terrestrial origin for all the observations made since World War Two. Indeed, if a nation of the world had been able to secretly develop such an armada of exotic craft, like those observed for more than half a century, the means of analysis and strategic logistics available would have permitted their rapid identification. The illegal overflights which they have been guilty of conducting could constitute a casus belli ... However, repeated overflights from 1948 to 1949 of all the U.S. bases where atomic weapons were constructed and stored, could be considered a clear transactional message and an implied threat. The same can be said for the confirmed deprogramming of ICBMs at Malmstrom AFB in Montana on March 16, 1967, for example, while a luminous machine the size of a B-52 flew over the site at very low altitude.
viii a meaningful synchronicity, i.e. nonlocality across time as in Yakir Aharonov's "weak measurements" where Destiny and History collide in the Present. We need signal nonlocality to complete the explanation. Abner Shimony's "passion at a distance" and the no-cloning a quantum theorem of text book quantum theory simply break down for all living matter in my opinion. Signal nonlocality is Henri Bergson's "elan vital" found in Ilya Prigogine's non-equilibrium "dissipative structure" with macro-quantum coherence from spontaneous symmetry breaking in the ground state of the living system. Vitiello has published detailed papers using this ideaMind and Matter, Vol. 1(1), pp. 59-79 Quantum Noise, Entanglement and Chaos in the Quantum Field Theory
Eliano Pessa, Department of Psychology University of Pavia, Italy, Giuseppe Vitiello Department of Physics University of Salerno, Italy. Abstract We review the dissipative quantum model of the brain and present recent developments related to the role of entanglement, quantum noise and chaos in the model.
On Oct 12, 2010, at 9:51 AM, Jim Felten wrote:
    To Jackie from Jimmy. No, Jackie, MY OWN TWO MESSAGES are not confidential, and Yes, you may send them to Michael Savage or anybody. However, he and you should be aware that I'm not an expert on this (just a rank-and-file physicist), and that my message is only one out of over 200 that the officers and councilors of APS received about this matter. ... Presumably you took no notice of this at the time. But in fact this message from Cherry Murray is the most annoying thing in this whole episode. She proposes to "investigate" Hal Lewis and the other dissenters. ...
On Oct 14, 2010, at 11:35 AM, Jim Felten wrote:
When I wrote to APS officers a year ago objecting to the APS's 2007 statement, I zeroed in on the use of the propaganda word "disruptions". So I was amused when that word emerged again in recent political statements. That is mentioned below. Note also Hal Lewis' assertion that the CO2 absorption lines are "nearly saturated"! The APS made a tactical mistake by responding to Hal Lewis' resignation. That just draws more attention to the fact that the APS has screwed up.
xii It may be shown that quantum nonequilibrium for entangled systems leads to nonlocal signals at the statistical level, in pilot-wave theory (as already mentioned) and indeed in any deterministic hidden-variables theory; while in equilibrium, the under- lying nonlocal effects cancel out at the statistical level. Locality is therefore a contingency (or emergent feature) of the equilibrium state. Similarly, standard uncertainty-principle limitations on measurements are also contingencies of equilibrium. These results provide an explanation for the otherwise mysterious ''conspiracy'' in the foundations of current physics, according to which (roughly speaking) quantum noise and the uncertainty principle prevent us from using quantum nonlocality for practical nonlocal signaling. From the above perspective, this ''conspiracy'' is not part of the laws of physics, but merely a contingent feature of the equilibrium state (much as the inability to convert heat into work, in a state of global thermal equilibrium, is not a law of physics but a contingency of the state). On this view, quantum physics is merely the effective description of a particular state-just as, for example, the standard model of particle physics is merely the effective description of (perturbations around) a particular vacuum state (arising from spontaneous symmetry breaking). If one takes this view seriously, it suggests that nonequilibrium phenomena should exist somewhere (or some time) in our Universe. And again, the early Universe seems the natural place to look.

In the case of particle mechanics (for simplicity), the hidden variables are the particle positions on some spacelike hypersurface. Clearly if these particles are pumped they are kept off thermal equilibrium and should show signal nonlocality with statistical behavior violating the Born rule. Valentini only considers closed systems without any external pump. Furthermore, if these particles are in a Bose-Einstein condensate, the macro-quantum coherent phase rigidity will definitely cause large departures away from the statistical predictions of ordinary quantum theory in which these same particles are independent forming an ensemble.
xiii Subquantum Information and Computation,  Antony Valentini (Submitted on 11 Mar 2002 (v1), last revised 12 Apr 2002 (this version, v2))
It is argued that immense physical resources - for nonlocal communication, espionage, and exponentially-fast computation - are hidden from us by quantum noise, and that this noise is not fundamental but merely a property of an equilibrium state in which the universe happens to be at the present time. It is suggested that 'non-quantum' or nonequilibrium matter might exist today in the form of relic particles from the early universe. We describe how such matter could be detected and put to practical use. Nonequilibrium matter could be used to send instantaneous signals, to violate the uncertainty principle, to distinguish non-orthogonal quantum states without disturbing them, to eavesdrop on quantum key distribution, and to outpace quantum computation (solving NP-complete problems in polynomial time).
To appear in 'Proceedings of the Second Winter Institute on Foundations of Quantum Theory and Quantum Optics:
 Quantum Information Processing', ed. R. Ghosh (Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore, 2002).
Quantum Physics (quant-ph) arXiv:quant-ph/0203049v2
Pramana - J. Phys. 59 (2002) 269-277

xiv  On January 22, 2010, Michael Towler allegedly wrote to Brian Josephson
Dear Brian,
It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the forthcoming discussion
workshop "21st-century directions in de Broglie-Bohm theory and beyond" to
be held at the Apuan Alps Centre for Physics in Tuscany, Italy next
August. The official announcement with all relevant details is below.

Please let us know whether or not you would like to attend.

With our very best wishes,
Mike Towler
Antony Valentini

On Aug. 24th., Brian Josephson wrote to Towler explaining that as, it seemed, the workshop was going to be more technical and focussed on the deBB theory than had been apparent from earlier discussions he had decided not to attend, but offered instead to send a video discussing his current work for showing if there was sufficient time and interest; this offer was accepted by Towler.  He also disputed Towler's earlier statement that he had not been formally invited, sending a copy of an email received in January that clearly _was_ a formal invitation. Towler replied that he had not been invited 'in the way normally understood', to which Josephson responded that this reminded him of Humpty Dumpty's statement 'when I use a word it means what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less'.

On Aug 11, 2009, at 3:39 AM, Mike Towler wrote:

Dear Jack,

Sorry for the delay in replying - I've been busy running a summer school at my Italian institute (a 20 hours a day task) and we just got rid of the last of the students.

I will indeed be in Cambridge at that time - we should be back sometime around September 7th. I would be happy to chat - assuming you've forgiven me for calling you a 'celebrity nutjob'. If it's any consolation, everyone round here thinks I'm one as well on account of volunteering to give a lecture course on such a non-PC subject.

Best wishes,

|Dr. Mike Towler (mdt26 at Theory of Condensed Matter (Rm 529)|
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On Thu, 6 Aug 2009, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

I was with Bohm at Birkbeck in 1971
I also knew Feynman & J.P. Vigier
I am Brian Josephson's guest at Trinity College Sept 20 - 25
Will you be at Cambridge then?
I am interested in your Tuscany Institute as well.
Jack Sarfatti

On Aug 13, 2009, at 7:26 PM, Mike Towler wrote:

Dear Jack,

Yep. We can do that.

How many people can attend lectures at your Tuscany Monastery?

It's currently configured for 30, but with a bit of light rearrangement of furniture that could go up to 45 (maybe 50 at a squeeze).

How many can sleep there and how many can stay in nearby hotels & pensions?

16 in the monastery itself, and there are something like 30 places available in houses in the village that I usually rent out. If I made further enquiries I could probably find some more.

If people want to stay in a proper hotel/agriturismo rather than a village room there are two or three options nearby (say, within a 15 minute drive) that I could look into. Transport up to the village would need to be arranged. Our events tend to be extremely informal so our visitors have never done this but there is no problem in principle..

The biggest event we've ever done was with 46 people (30 scientists and 16 hangers-on) and everything worked very smoothly, so we could probably boost that figure a bit if you want.

First workshop

Frontiers in Physics
Bohm, Consciousness, Cosmology (dark energy, dark matter)

I like the idea - sounds like fun. As you say, let's discuss in Cambridge in September..

Best wishes,

|Dr. Mike Towler (mdt26 at Theory of Condensed Matter (Rm 529)|
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On Jan 24, 2010, at 9:19 AM, Mike Towler wrote:

Hi Jack,

Great - you're on the list.

shall I publicize the workshop or do you want to keep it low-profile?

Feel free to publicize, of course. Note however that I won't be able to accept any more participants until we're clear which of the original list of invitees have accepted.

So far:

12 YES

By the way, were you able to find any money from your friends in the end? I'm almost at the stage where I have to start worrying about finances.


|Dr. Mike Towler (mdt26 at Theory of Condensed Matter (Rm 529)|
|  Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Cambridge  CB3 0HE, UK |
|Tel. +44-(0)1223-337378 OR -334256 (College)     Fax. +44-(0)1223-337356|
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On Fri, 22 Jan 2010, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

yes, that's fine I will attend
i am not actively working on consciousness
i am mainly working on cosmology these days
hologram horizon gravity, dark energy/dark matter
mainly want to learn what Valentini is doing in more detail
shall I publicize the workshop or do you want to keep it low-profile?

On Jan 22, 2010, at 4:50 AM, Mike Towler wrote:

Dear Jack,

Sorry to be so slow with the Bohm meeting. Antony and I have been working
on the official announcement and the programme. So as not to scare the
more traditional uptight chaps, we've decided to lower the emphasis - for
official publicity purposes at least - on the 'celebrity nutjob' end of
things (consciousness and all that..). Of course, in the actual meeting we
can talk about what you want.. So:

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the forthcoming discussion
workshop "21st-century directions in de Broglie-Bohm theory and beyond" to
be held at the Apuan Alps Centre for Physics in Tuscany, Italy next
August. The official announcement with all relevant details is below.

Please can you officially confirm that you would like to attend.

Note also that I had to change the dates -
since the main house that we usually rent in the village was unavailable later in September.

With our very best wishes,
Mike Towler
Antony Valentini

| Dr. Mike Towler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Theory of Condensed Matter          |
|  Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K.          |
| Prof. Antony Valentini (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)                      |
| Theoretical Physics Group, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London |

                     WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT

   21st-century directions in de Broglie-Bohm theory and beyond

          Saturday 28th August - Saturday 4th September 2010
 Apuan Alps Centre for Physics @ TTI, Vallico Sotto, Tuscany, Italy



A quantum foundations discussion workshop on the de Broglie-Bohm
formulation of quantum mechanics and related topics is to take place in
late August/early September 2010 at the Apuan Alps Centre for Physics, a
15th-century Tuscan former monastery in the mountains near the
beautiful Italian city of Lucca. It is hoped that the meeting will be of
great interest to anyone stimulated by the work of physicists Louis de
Broglie and David Bohm, and by the directions their ideas have followed
through the work of many people over more than eighty years. The meeting
is being organized by Cambridge University physicist Dr. Mike Towler, who
owns and runs the monastery, and Prof. Antony Valentini of Imperial
College, London and Clemson University in South Carolina. In its six years
of operation, the monastery has become well-known as a unique communal
venue where the community spirit and magnificent location have inspired a
series of memorable meetings; we very much hope this workshop will
continue this tradition.

The usual format of workshops at this venue is intended to encourage a
relaxed and intellectually-stimulating atmosphere rather different to the
8am to 7pm grind of your regular conference. Formal talks are restricted
to the mornings, and participants are given the freedom and space to think
and to contemplate and discuss the issues at hand in front of the many
available blackboards. For the young and vigorous, afternoon mountain
walks, caving, and other healthy outdoor pursuits are organized, whilst
the unfit and elderly might enjoy artistic tours, reading and conversation
in the garden, and gentle country strolls, with all participants reuniting
in the evening for excellent Tuscan dinners in local restaurants. It is
hoped that by taking part in these activities, whilst breathing clean
mountain air and having access to good food and wine, participants will be
able to return home mentally and physically refreshed as well as having
learned something new about science.

De Broglie-Bohm theory is a 'hidden variables' formulation of quantum
mechanics initially developed by de Broglie from 1923-1927 and clarified
and extended by Bohm beginning in 1952. In non-relativistic quantum theory
it differs from the orthodox viewpoint in that the notion of 'probability'
refers to the probability that a particle *is* at some position, rather
than to its probability of being found there in a suitable measurement.
From this seemingly subtle difference it is easy to show that - contrary
to popular belief - QM can be interpreted as a dynamical theory of
particle trajectories rather than as a statistical theory of observation. In such a formalism the standard paradoxes related to measurement,
observation and wave function collapse (Schroedinger's cat, and so on)
largely evaporate. The classical limit does not have to be presupposed and
emerges from the theory in a relatively clear way.  All the 'talk' is
replaced by sharply-defined mathematics, it becomes possible to
'visualize' the reality of most quantum events, and - most importantly -
the theory is completely consistent with the full range of QM
predictive-observational data.  While some believe the study of
interpretational questions to be mere semantics or 'just philosophy', it
is often forgotten that the location of the boundary between philosophy
and physics is unknown, and that one's philosophical perspective can guide
mathematical developments.  For many people it is clear that de
Broglie-Bohm theory should be studied, not only because it is beginning to
make apparently testable predictions, but also because it has the
potential to suggest possible directions towards the next generation of
ideas in theoretical physics.

Over the years the subject has been somewhat contentious, both internally
and in its relationship with people working in other areas. It is however
clear that - because of its fringe nature in modern physics - there is a
singular need for researchers in the field to move forward with a common
purpose. The meeting therefore intends to focus the energies of
professionals in quantum foundations by resolving, in so far as is
possible, any conflicts that have arisen. Areas of disagreement will be
identified, and inspired by the relaxed environment and generous spirit
engendered by the monastery, participants shall work towards achieving a
harmonious understanding. The formation of new collaborations, the
beginning of new projects, and the identification of the best new
directions for 21st-century research are to be encouraged.  Participants
will also work towards mutually satisfactory answers to specific
objections levelled by critics of de Broglie-Bohm theory (some of whom
will be invited); a summary of the best answers to such objections - if we
can agree on them - will be put on a suitable website afterwards.

Though the format of the meeting is highly flexible and suggestions are
most welcome, an initial suggestion for possible topics might include:

- Quantum non-equilibrium and 'signal non-locality'. Dynamical relaxation
to quantum equilibrium. Potential instabilities in the Bohm dynamics.

- Possible deeper interpretations of de Broglie-Bohm theory (such as Basil
Hiley's new quantum algebra work).

- Pilot-wave field theories and relativistic generalizations

- De Broglie-Bohm quantum cosmology

- 'Deconstructing' the wave function. Can the theory be reduced to 3-space
waves? Norsen's 'theory of exclusively local beables'.

- Proposed experimental tests (Valentini, Riggs, etc..)

- The ontological status of the theory. First or Second order? Energy.
Empty waves. The arguments for and against psi-epistemic hidden-variables
theories. Alternative formulations of deterministic hidden-variables
theories. Non-Markovian trajectory theories.

- Comparison with the consistent histories formulation.

- Use of trajectories for efficient numerical simulations in quantum

- Spin, antisymmetry, the exclusion principle and the 'quantum force.'

- Responses to common objections (it's not possible for particles to
exist; particles going round corners ought to radiate etc.).

- The best way to teach the subject. Why should young people be interested
in these ideas, when showing interest in quantum foundations still might
harm their careers? Of what use is de Broglie-Bohm theory and why is it
to be studied?

In deciding on suitable topics for talks, speakers are encouraged to avoid rehashing old arguments to which, ultimately, the answers are a matter of opinion. Rather, we are looking for genuinely new, forward-looking material which can guide future research in quantum foundations.

Given the nature of the event, most participants will be specifically
invited, but anyone who feels they have something to contribute and wishes
to attend the meeting should contact the organizers for further details.
The initial list of people to be invited is as follows:

Guido Bacciagaluppi, Herman Batalaan, Andrew Bennett, Harvey Brown, Jeremy
Butterfield, Samuel Colin, Murray Daw, Maaneli Derakhshani, Chris Dewdney,
Felipe Falciano, Arthur Fine, Sheldon Goldstein, Jonathan Halliwell, Jim
Hartle, Lucien Hardy, Basil Hiley, Peter Holland, Adrian Kent, Tim
Maudlin, David Mermin, Alberto Montina, Lubos Motl, Wayne Myrvold, Hrvoje
Nikolic, Travis Norsen, Philip Pearle, Roger Penrose, Alejandro Perez,
Patrick Peter, Nelson Pinto-Neto, Paavo Pylkkanen, Peter Riggs, Carlo
Rovelli, Jack Sarfatti, Simon Saunders, Maximilian Schlosshauer, Ilja
Schmelzer, Lee Smolin, Rafael Sorkin, Rob Spekkens, Ward Struyve, Mike
Towler, Roderick Tumulka, Jos Uffink, Lev Vaidman, Antony Valentini, David
Wallace, Robert Wyatt, James Yearsley.

Space permitting, students and family members are welcome.

For further practical details, such as transport, accommodation,
excursions, food, technical equipment and so on, please see the draft
workshop programme document available on the monastery website (follow the link 'PUBLIC EVENTS').

We look forward to seeing you in Tuscany in summer 2010.

Warm regards,
Mike Towler and Antony Valentini

xv  Allegedly from Edie Sedgwick to Andy Warhol according to my former North Beach room-mate David Gladstone who wrote an unpublished shorter version of my story.
xvii Randi and Jon Ronson who wrote "Men Who Stare At Goats" came to the Singularity Summit Aug 14-15 San Francisco. I was given a free ticket to it because my sister in law, Ellen Heber-Katz of the Wistar Institute is a featured speaker on organ regeneration.
xviii See John S. Bell's Bertlemann's socks.
xix Aharonov's earliest relevant papers do date from 1964.
"The "time-asymmetry" attributed to the standard formulation of Quantum Mechanics (QM) was inherited from a reasonable tendency learned from Classical Mechanics (CM) to predict the future based on initial conditions: once the equations of motion are fixed in CM, then the initial and final conditions are not independent, only one can be fixed arbitrarily. In contrast, as a result of the uncertainty principle, the relationship between initial and final conditions within QM can be one-to-many: two "identical" particles with identical environments can subsequently exhibit different properties under identical measurements. These subsequent identical measurements provide fundamentally new information about the system which could not in principle be obtained from the initial conditions. QM's "time-asymmetry" is the assumption that measurements only have consequences after they are performed, i.e. towards the future. Nevertheless, a positive spin was placed on QM's non-trivial relationship between initial and final conditions by ABL [named after the physicists Yakir Aharonov, Peter Bergmann, and Joel Lebowitz] who showed that the new information obtained from measurements was also relevant for the past of every quantum-system and not just the future. This inspired ABL to re-formulate QM in terms of Pre-and-Post-Selected-ensembles. The traditional paradigm for ensembles is to simply prepare systems in a particular state and thereafter subject them to a variety of experiments. These are "pre-selected-only-ensembles." For pre-and-post-selected-ensembles, we add one more step, a subsequent measurement or post-selection. By collecting only a subset of the outcomes for this later measurement, we see that the "pre-selected-only-ensemble" can be divided into sub-ensembles according to the results of this subsequent "post-selection-measurement." Because pre-and-post-selected-ensembles are the most refined quantum ensemble, they are of fundamental importance and subsequently led to the two-vector or Time-Symmetric reformulation of Quantum Mechanics (TSQM) [4, 5]. TSQM provides a complete description of a quantum-system at a given moment by using two-wavefunctions, one evolving from the past towards the future (the one utilized in the standard paradigm) and a second one, evolving from the future towards the past. While TSQM is a new conceptual point-of-view that has predicted novel, verified effects which seem impossible according to standard QM, TSQM is in fact a re-formulation of QM. Therefore, experiments cannot prove TSQM over QM (or vice-versa). The motivation to pursue such re-formulations, then, depends on their usefulness. ...TSQM brings out features in QM that were missed before: e.g., ABL considered measurement situations between two successive Ideal Measurements (IMs) in which the transition from a state |_in_ (pre-selected at a time tin) to a state |_fin_ (post-selected at a later time tfin) is generally disturbed by an intermediate precise measurement.  Post- selection reflects a unique aspect of QM in that measurement results are not determined by equations of motion and initial conditions. A subsequent theoretical development arising out of the ABL work was the introduction of the "Weak Value" (WV) of an observable which was probed by a new type of quantum measurement called the "Weak Measurement" (WM) [4]. WM experiments have been performed and results are in very good agreement with theoretical predictions. One of the unusual properties of WVs (and a manifestation of superoscillations) is that they can lie far outside the eigenvalue spectrum." - Jeff Tollaksen -
xx With regard to the time traveler who tries to kill his father before he was conceived Hoyle writes that he: "hesitates, trying to make up his mind, which he eventually does through an individual quantum event in the brain, an event which takes the form that preserves logical consistency." P. 247
xxi "The situation is entangled." Gondoliers, Gilbert and Sullivan "In a contemplative fashion some solution we must find."
xxii "Making Stargates" by James F. Woodward, Department of Physics, California State University, Fullerton, CA  92834, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Stargates - extremely short throat "absurdly benign" wormholes enabling near instantaneous travel to arbitrarily remote locations in both space and time - have been a staple of science fiction now for decades.  And the physical requirements for the production of such devices have been known since the work of Morris and Thorne in 1988.  Their work has engendered a small but significant literature on the issue of making stargates and warp drives.  If we take seriously the evidence of reports of anomalous, mostly aerial, phenomena as some do, then we can argue that clever aliens have already mastered the physical theory and technical issues of making such devices.  And, presumably, if they can make them, so ought we to be able to as well.  For the sake of argument, without taking a stand on the reality of any anomalous aerial and other phenomena, we posit that clever aliens really have succeeded in making stargates.  We then ask: what plausible physics must be true if stargates are to be made?  The chief problem in making stargates is that they seem to require the assembly of a Jupiter mass of "exotic" matter concentrated in a thin structure with dimensions of a few tens of meters.  Elementary arithmetic reveals that such structures would have a density of on the order of 1022 gm/cm3, that is, orders of magnitude higher than nuclear density. Not only does one have to achieve this stupendous density of negative mass matter, it must be done, presumably, only with the application of "low" energy electromagnetic fields.  ...

Note that Kip specifies "negative energy density" for "static observers" i.e. static LNIF's

Einstein's field equations

Guv + kTuv = 0

in the weak field static limit reduce to

Laplacian of Newtonian potential per unit test mass ~ (index of refraction?)2(G/c2)(energy density)(1 + 3w)

Kip obviously back in 1986 was thinking w = 0 and maybe w = 1/3 for real photons. In any case he was not thinking w = -1 dark energy (ZPE from virtual bosons dominating virtual fermion closed loops). So that is part of the semantic confusion in the literature.

And you need a Jupiter mass - 2 X 1027 kg - concentrated in a region of small dimensions. A simple calculation assuming a throat diameter of, say, 10 meters and a wall thickness of a meter or so, leads to an exotic density of, ~ 1022 gm/cm3, that is, on the order of seven orders of magnitude greater than nuclear density.  Similar densities, as a matter of idle interest, are required to make warp drives.
Faced with this fact, several responses are possible.  Thorne's recently expressed view is that the engineering of  time machines (enabled by stargates) will require a profound understanding of the elusive, yet to be created theory of quantum gravity - if it can be done at all.  And that may require evolution on our part comparable to the evolutionary distance between amoeba and us.  That is, asking us to invent time machines is like asking amoeba to invent jet aircraft.  This would mean that the clever aliens who have purportedly already done this are hundreds of millions of years more evolved than are we.  A simpler, equivalent stance is to assert that anyone trying to make a stargate is an idiot.  To propose that clever aliens have succeeded in this seemingly impossible task is just plain stupid.  Working on the problem is a waste of time.  Those of this view may be right.  But if we adopt this view and abandon all work on the problem, we surely have no chance, however small, of succeeding
Another approach to the problem of making stargates is to turn Thorne's heuristic question around.  Instead of asking what constraints the laws of physics place on clever aliens, we propose that clever aliens have made stargates and ask how, with plausible physics, might they have done so?  Of course, allowing physics other than that endorsed by the mainstream opens the door to all sorts of excesses and stupidities.  But if only mainstream physics were ever allowed, no progress on much of anything really interesting would ever be made.  Arguably, a heuristic exercise of this sort has the same sort of value as that of Thorne and his graduate students years ago in that it illuminates what must be done to achieve the goal of stargates, thus shedding light on the requisite physics and thus on whether they will ever be made.

xxiii On Jul 23, 2010, at 11:03 AM, Nick Herbert wrote:
"The notion that knowledge of a future boundary condition could eliminate quantum uncertainty was first put forth by I.J. Good (1916-2009) in "The Scientist Speculates--
an Anthology of Partially-Baked Ideas" published in 1964. As far as I am aware Good has priority in this speculation. ..."
For the record, I was not consciously influenced by I.J. Good's book about that idea.
I think Saul-Paul showed me that book when I got to San Francisco? Saul-Paul had already cited me in his Berkeley Opera on that idea when I was with Abdus Salam in Trieste before I met Saul-Paul. Actually Feynman has the germ of the idea in his Lagrangian QM fairly explicit in his NR QM paper. I do remember being influenced by Fred Hoyle who is clear about it in his book Intelligent Universe. Also remember Greg Benford's sci-fi novel Timescape - I was collaborating with Greg informally on some of this back at UCSD - part of the gang with Herbie Bernstein, Harry Yesian he fictionalizes in the novel. Of course Hoyle came to La Jolla frequently back then to see the Burbidges and the beaches. Fred Wolf wrote Star Wave in early 80's I think influenced by Feynman's papers. I don't recall Fred even knowing about I.J. Good's book, but maybe I am mistaken? It's not obvious reading Aharonov's and Vaidman's papers that they literally mean a real physical retro-causality on the intermediate measurement by post-selection, which operationally seems to be merely a way of doing the after-the-fact statistical analysis (throwing away - tracing over) final states one is not interested in - similar to how the Bell's theorem-violating correlations are extracted from the raw data. Basically post-selection is temporal EPR correlation rather than spatial. My early ideas on future to past are already recorded in the 1973 SRI tape of my first meeting with Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ arranged by Brendan O Regan during their CIA remote viewing experiments with Uri Geller, Pat Price, Ingo Swann et-al - my idea was implanted in my 1953 "contact" whatever that really was. I never read the Sciama article cited below until Saul-Paul sent it on July 24, 2010. Of course, if we believe in signal nonlocality then my getting the ideas years ago could be the past effect of the future cause of me reading Saul-Paul's message.

On Jul 24, 2010, at 9:47 AM, Saul-Paul Sirag wrote:
Nick & Jack,

    Nick is referring to I.J. Good's short article "Two-way Determinism" on pp. 314-315 of "The Scientist Speculates" (Basic Books, 1962). Here it is:
    'Backward time isn't such a new thing, backward time will start long ago.' --Doog (after a popular song).
    G.N. Lewis* outlined a theory of light in which the present is determined as much by the future as the past.  Popper,** contradicting a familiar interpretation of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, claimed that the position and momentum of a particle can both be determined with arbitrarily high accuracy at a single moment of time, provided one has accurately observed both its earlier position and its later momentum at two specified moments. It is natural then to raise the following question.
    Given a connected bounded piece of space-time, are all the elementary subatomic events within it that are classically describable (i.e. without explicit reference to quantum mechanics) fully determined by all the classically describable events outside of it?  Or, if not, is there any neat way of describing how much indeterminacy is left?  Can these questions be answered in terms of existing quantum mechanics, and do they raise interesting new mathematical problems?

    If the answer to the first question is yes, then we could say that we have two-way determinism, since the present would be mathematically determined jointly by the past and future, however remote.  Note however that two-way determinism is a special case of what is usually called 'indeterminism', since the past alone would not determine the present.  This merely shows that language does not alway behave very well.

    If two-way determinism is true it raises another, more philosophical, question, namely whether we should then say that future events are contributory causes of present ones.***

    * Lewis, G.N.: Nature, volume 117, pages 236-8, 1926.
    ** Popper, K.R.: The Logic of Scientific Discovery: page 231, 1959. See also Sir Arthur Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World, London, 1928, chapter 14.
    *** Compare pbis Nos. 104 (Computers, Causality, and the Direction of Time), 45 (Speculations Concerning Precognition), and 59 (Precognition and Reversed Causality).
        -------------------------------------[end of quote from I.J. Good]

BTW: I gave a copy of this book to Andrija Puharich in the spring of 1973, when I was working on a story about Uri Geller for Esquire magazine (which was never published).  In that story I also mentioned the idea that we are being influenced by us in the future. (Also both Uri and Andrija had discussed this idea).

    As I have mentioned before Dennis Sciama discussed "two-way determinism" in the book "Determinism and Freedom" (edited by Sidney Hook, New York University, 1958; Collier Books edition, 1961).  This is also short so I (again) will type it.
    Determinsm and the Cosmos
    Dennis W.  Sciama, Trinity College, Cambridge

"As a physicist I have found the following working hypothesis very useful: violent controversy about a scientific problem is a sign that some simple essential consideration is missing. The polemic, as it were, tries to substitute for the missing point, but of course it never can.  I think for instance that this has been so in discussions of Mach's principle of the origin of inertia, and also of the problem of deducing irreversible macroscopic behavior from reversible microscopic laws.

    Bridgman has reminded us that the physicists are conducting violent controversy about the meaning of quantum mechanics.  This situation is in striking contrast to that prevailing in classical mechanics; for although classical mechanics is known to be false, there is no dispute as to its meaning. It is only in quantum mechanics (which is known to be true!) that there is such a dispute....

    The basic way in which quantum mechanics differs from classical mechanics is the following: our inferences about the future must be expressed in terms of probabilities.  This introduction of probability would enable us to make the calculation.

    With this state of affairs in mind, let us make a new assumption.  Let us suppose that in nature systems are deterministic in the sense that we can calculate the state of a system at time t if we know enough boundary conditions referring to times other than t; but let us differ from classical mechanics by supposing that nature is so constructed that roughly speaking, half the boundary conditions must refer to the past and half to the future of the moment t.  In other words, we assume that nature is such that "mixed" boundary conditions are always needed.

    Presumably a system with such properties would be called deterministic.  This is a matter of definition, of course; what is really important is that the behavior of the system is as well defined and intelligible as that of a system obeying classical mechanics.  But now we must ask: How would a "mixed" system appear to an observer who himself is part of the system?

    Now, such and observer, for reasons that cannot be elaborated here but that have to do with the second law of thermodynamics, is acquainted only with the past.  Hence if he attempts to calculate the state of a system at a time t in his future, he will find that he cannot do so, for he does not know all the boundary conditions.  His knowledge of the past boundary will delimit the possibilities considerably, but it is clear that to the observer the system will appear to contain indeterminate elements.

    What sort of a theory will such an observer devise?  In effect he will be forced to average over all those future boundary conditions that are compatible with his present knowledge.  (Of course, at first he will not realize that this is what he is doing.)  That is to say, he will be forced to introduce a probability calculus to account for his observations.  The suggestion is that this probability calculus is just quantum mechanics.

    In this way the correctness of quantum mechanics can be reconciled with a deterministic universe.  In the language of von Newmann, there are hidden variables;  they escape his ban because they refer to the future."


---------------------------[end of quote from Dennis Sciama]

All for now;-)

Thanks Waldyr, I will cite you on this in my book Destiny Matrix 2010 - we did not know this. Yes, I think I already have Helmut Schmidt & Henry Stapp cited in old version Destiny Matrix 2002 - thanks for reminding me of Raju who I did not know about in 2002.

On Jul 24, 2010, at 12:09 PM, Professor Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr. UNICAMP, Brazil wrote:

"Dears  Jack  and Fred,
1)      The famous Italian mathematician Professor Luigi Fantappié  wrote a series of articles in the 50's where he proposed explicitly influence from the future.
One of his students, Professor Giuseppe Arcidiacono ( now deceased, and which I knew personally when I have been  a visiting professor at Perugia university) wrote a very interesting book called  ''Fantappié e gli Universi'' (Il Fuoco edditora, Roma ,1986) where Fantappié's ideas are described in detail and where references to Fantappié's papers can be found. Fantappié's ideas are very similar to your ideas.

Maybe it is a good idea for Jack to order and read the book ( you will recall the Italian of your grandfathers ). If you did not succeed in buying the book, I will ask one of my students to scan it for you."

It's a good idea. Perhaps you can write something we can include or do it in a review of the 2nd edition when it comes out - you can put it on Amazon. I am under time pressure to get this 2nd revised edition into the market. I think I cite Costa de Beauregard already along with Stalin's alleged spymaster Yakov Tereletskii whose tachyon book we had at SDSU.
"2)      Also, I mention here  Professor Olivier Costa de Beauregard ( a famous French physicist, now deceased). He has been my guest at UNICAMP in 1974 (!). We discuss a lot about retro causality at that time. In particular, I recall that he wrote a paper called:  "Einstein-Podolski-Rosen-Paradox non-separability and Feynman non-locality, Phys. Letters A  60(2), 93-96, 1986" where he claimed that retro causality coming from QM  gives to paranormal phenomena  a real existence right."

For that we need signal nonlocality violating quantum theory as Brian Josephson and I independently suggested and as Antony Valentini formalized in the Bohm interpretation. Henry Stapp already formalized it in the Copenhagen collapse interpretation for which he was figuratively burned at the stake by the same people who have attacked Brian Josephson now for decades like in Les Miserables 

"At that time, when I got interested in the paranormal, I put  Beauregard in contact with several extraordinary paranormal people in Brazil and he got very much impressed.

3)      Of course,  you cannot forget also Helmut Schmidt ( who you meet at São Paulo) and that is talking about retro causal influences since 1969. ( see:
4)      Finally, last month I have meet in Pecs and Budapest the mathematician Professor C. K. Raju ( see his web site at: He wrote some books and articles arguing for retro causation. His ideas are very similar to Fantappie´s and yours. I told him about this fact, he said that never read Fantappié or your papers. So, eventually one can conclude that those are ideas coming from a very far from future and arriving free for anyone who pay attention on it..."
Yes, Fred Hoyle suggests that explicitly.

Best regards,
Quotes below are excerpted from:

Astrophysics and Relativity
Preprint Series No. 70
May 1981
Department of
Applied Mathematics and Astronomy

"Many will smile if I say that such an incident was triggered by the deciphering of a cosmic signal. It will be agreed that a sudden reordering of substantial blocks of information in the brain must have been involved, but it will be said that the initiating signal happened by chance, from a random firing of neurons. ...

The alternate view is that the deaf Beethoven, decisively cut-off from the distractions of the world of men, equipped as a terminal with unusual backing storage, was able to receive a particular component of the cosmic signals, and with sharply increasing clarity as the years passed by. This view would be my choice, but each of us must listen and decide. Perhaps the decision turns on whether we ourselves hear the thunder of Zeus on Mt. Olympus."

Hoyle died in 2001 before the meaning of dark energy was understood.

dark energy density ~ (area/entropy of our future horizon hologram)-1

"The time was the late 1960_s, when Narlikar and I were struggling with the problem of the quantum mechanical signal from the future."

Fred Alan Wolf and I were doing the same thing at San Diego State at same time.

"Let me begin with the 1964-70 period. It was then that I became a dyed-in-the-wool believer in the time symmetry of basic physics. Of course there are aspects of our experience that are not time symmetric - thermodynamics, the past-to-future propagation of radiation fields, and certain features of particle physics. In my view such asymmetries are cosmological manifestations, however, not basic physics. Here I have space only to discuss the past-to-future propagation of the electromagnetic field. In a famous demonstration, Wheeler and Feynman showed more than thirty years ago that one could have a time-symmetric electrodynamics augmented by a cosmological response from the future that reproduced exactly the same results as the classical Maxwell-Lorentz theory. For some years it was thought that a similar demonstration could not be given in quantum physics, but in the late 1960_s Jayant Narlikar and I showed that, just as in the classical case of Wheeler and Feynman, it was possible to have a time-symmetric local quantum theory augmented by a cosmological response from the future that reproduced exactly all the practical results of normal quantum electrodynamics. Although there was no difference at all in its statistical predictions, the time-symmetric theory was interestingly different in its details. Because the cosmological response involved both the wavefunction and its conjugate complex, unlike normal quantum mechanics no pure-amplitude theory could be formulated. This I saw as an advantage. The pure-amplitude aspect of normal quantum mechanics involves a redundancy, because information is discarded in passing to practical results. The time-symmetric theory yields the practical results without redundancy.

... What I saw in 1970 or there abouts was that von Neumann had been concerned with a finite local system. If cosmology were involved, with a response from the future, the dynamical variables in the system could be infinite, and the situation could then be different. This was the chink of light.

Even so, the problem remained acutely puzzling. The future imposes a condition on a local system because a signal goes out from the local system to other material systems in the future, which respond with a return signal on account of the time symmetry. One would like a situation in which the return signal imposed a deterministic reality on the local system, forcing an explicit decision to be made in all situations of an A or not-A kind, as in the example discussed above (mushroom cloud or no-mushroom cloud). The trouble is that so long as one calculates the return signal from within quantum mechanics this does not happen, just as von Neumann claimed it could not happen. One is faced by a chicken-and-egg situation. The initial local system does not have deterministic reality because the systems in its future with which it interacts do not have deterministic reality, and this is because the systems in the further future with which the second systems interact do not have deterministic reality, and so on along an infinite chain of interactions. Yet somewhere the Gordian knot has to be cut - it must be, since our everyday experience tells us that it is! The mathematical loophole lies at the limit-of the infinite chain of interactions. True, we cannot establish deterministic reality by starting within the chain and by attempting to argue in a past-to-future direction towards the limit. But if we were to start with deterministic reality at the limit, arguing backwards from future to past, there would be deterministic reality at every link of the chain. In other words, the trouble may well come from arguing the problem back-to-front instead of front-to-back."

Obviously the buck stops at our future dark energy dS event horizon that cuts the Gordian knot. Note Hoyle came to UCSD when I was there in the late 60's before he really had this idea matured - did I.J. Good get it from Hoyle or the other way round. Obviously, they knew each other.

"This was the stage of my thinking following the work of the 1964-70 period, before it became apparent, from the arguments given earlier, than an enormous intelligence must be abroad in the Universe. As the Americans say, this instantly creates a new ball game. ...the persistent religious conviction that the pattern of our lives is stored in the future looks as if it could quite well be correct."

That's the future hologram right there!

"At the mathematical limit discussed above. At the last trumpet! What an extraordinary way to describe the outcome of a sequence of arguments involving the condensation of the wavefunction, the need to avoid von Neumann_s mathematical result for finite systems, and time-symmetric electrodynamics. Of course one can argue that the correspondences are fortuitous. Notice, however, that in timesymmetric theory influences are indeed felt "in (less than) a moment, in (even less than) the twinkling of an eye", and that all finite events are brought together at the mathematical limit in the future. Fortuitous or not, it is curious that so many people without scientific knowledge have believed in the idea, as if they had caught a glimpse of a difficult message which they could only express in terms of an everyday analogy.  Religion is an interesting but not really convincing example of the computer terminal idea."

On Jul 24, 2010, at 4:34 PM, Creon Levit wrote:
The long Sciama quote at the end of Saul-Paul's post suggests extensions to what may be the only profound and decent idea I've ever had in fundamental physics: The equivalence, (or complimentarily) of quantum effects in different interpretations of QM.

In the DeBroglie-Bohm interpretation, it is the quantum potential that's responsible for all departures from classical mechanics. In the many-universes interpretation, it is the effects of other universes upon ours which accounts for all nonclassical effects. In the Feynman path integral approach, it is alternative paths. In the Sciama/Good/Susskind/Sarfatti scheme, it is the future boundary conditions. In the Wheeler-Feynman-Cramer picture it is also the future (absorber) boundary condition. In the Bohr-Heisenberg picture, quantum departures from classical causality are "inherent" - i.e. there is no "picture".

So the point is: The future, the quantum potential, the effect of other worlds, and "inherent quantum behavior" are all equivalent. They make equivalent predictions. They produce the equivalent quantum effects.

They are complimentary tools in the quantum mechanic's tool-crib. While each might prefer one tool or the other under different circumstances anyone can, in principle, build all of quantum physics with any one of the tools.

Why do you include Susskind? He has the hologram idea with 't Hooft, but I think they mean the past-particle horizon not the dark energy de Sitter asymptotic future event horizon if they have even bothered to think of when the hologram is? Perhaps I am mistaken. Reference?  See below on my new gedankexperiment conceived a few moments ago increasing brain blood flow on machines at the Bay Club. Note - the key issue is signal nonlocality - do all the interpretations permit extensions of themselves to include it in more general theories when some of the constraining axioms of orthodox quantum theory are removed?

Consider both Aspect experiment across spacelike intervals outside the relevant local light cones as well as the timelike version of Aharonov and Vaidman et-al inside the relevant sets of light cones with pre and post-selection (here we simplify and ignore the intermediate measurement - not doing weak measurements - a composite of two timelike EPR correlations. The quantum correlation of photon polarizations in all of these cases will be essentially sin2(Theta). But what is Theta?

Theta = theta(Alice) - theta(Bob)

at the events A & B of actual irreversible single photon (ideal case) detections of an individual pair. Practically we will use short entangled laser pulses - some changes in the details). OK, in Aspect experiment A & B are spacelike separated. In an Aharonov type experiment A & B are timelike separated. Ignore gravity curvature. Let Alice be an active sender of a real message like the price of Apple stock at a certain moment. Bob is a passive receiver. Since we are only using passion at a distance with signal locality (sub-quantal thermal equilibrium of the nonlocal hidden variables) Alice and Bob locally see random white noise as pairs of photons are emitted back to back to them. Now let Alice encode the Apple stock price according to a standard protocol in the time series theta(Alice(t)) where t is the time of irreversible detection of a photon by Alice. Similarly, theta(Bob(t')) where t' is the time of irreversible detection of the precise twin of Alice's photon. In general t =/= t' also the flight paths from the source of pairs to the detectors are different and can be adjusted with delay lines to either spacelike or timelike at will. This is a variation on Wheeler's delayed choice experiment. Suppose t (Alice) > t'(Bob) in the invariant timelike sense. Also suppose t(Alice) - t'(Bob) = 1 week!  The source emits a pair at t" < t'(Bob). Therefore, on Sept 14 Alice sends a sequence of theta(Alice) that encodes the Apple stock price on Sept 14 - where Bob's twin photons are detected on Sept 7! True, Alice and Bob locally see random white noise on Sept 14 and Sept 7 respectively if they look at their local outputs on their laptops. But now on Sept 15 a computer does the correlation analysis and out comes the Sept 14 Apple stock price.  The only rational conclusion is that information was transmitted backward in time from Sept 14 to Sept 7 - but that information could not be decoded until after Alice made her free will choice to encode the Apple stock price showing on her I Phone APP. Weird for sure - there is no alternative rational explanation consistent with free will. That's without signal nonlocality. Russell Targ's report of the CIA SRI precognitive remote viewing of the Chinese nuclear bomb test at the 2006 AAAS Retrocausality Workshop at USD that I attended, for example, is signal nonlocality violating orthodox QM. That would correspond to Bob seeing the Apple stock price of Sept 14 on Sept 7 without needing to do a hindsight correlation analysis!

My Greatest Blunder?

Both the past and future particle horizons are infinite redshift surfaces. What does that mean in terms of retarded photons? We never see a retarded photon emitted from the past particle horizon or behind it because it is infinitely redshifted to zero frequency when it reaches the origin of the past light cone of our detector. For the moment forget Hawking blackbody radiation. The past particle horizon is the future light cone of the Alpha Point of inflation. Next emit a retarded photon into the sky. That photon will infinitely blue shift along the future light cone of the emitter at its intersection with the future event horizon that is the past light cone of our conformal end time Omega Point (infinite metric clock proper time). Therefore, if, in past, I argued that our future horizon was a Wheeler-Feynman total absorber because zero frequency at it for a retarded signal - that is wrong - my greatest blunder. Not sure if I did, but I might have. In fact, our future horizon is the Wheeler-Feynman total absorber because any retarded photon hitting it will form an opaque electron-positron plasma that will absorb it with probability 1 - is the idea here. This is essentially Lenny Susskind's black hole complementarity argument that static LNIFs at horizons need infinite covariant accelerations and consequently infinite Unruh temperature prior to imposing Planck quantum gravity cutoff.

On Jul 25, 2010, at 3:01 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

On Jul 25, 2010, at 11:53 AM, james f woodward wrote:

"Yes, Nick Herbert.  Recall that he pointed out that a photon approaching the event horizon will propagate through the horizon (as its local speed is still c and assuming that in the vicinity of the horizon spacetime is transparent)." 

I think Nick is mistaken. Kip Thorne has shown that the event horizon is an electrical membrane. We shoot a retarded photon into the sky. When it reaches our future event horizon it is infinitely blue-shifted exciting real electron-positron pairs out of vacuum of the horizon -getting totally absorbed. The horizon itself acts as a static LNIF detector with acceleration computed as follows:

The de Sitter "Newtonian" potential is  -c^2/\r2

V/c2 = - (area of concentric sphere inside our future horizon)/(area of our future horizon)

Newton's force per unit mass is

a = -dV/dr = +2c2/\r

i.e. in Newtonian terms the repulsive anti-gravity field does work on the photon relative to static LNIF detectors.

we are at r = 0 in this observer-dependent dS metric representation

In Einsteinian terms

gtt = (1 + 2V/c2) = 1 - 2 (area of concentric sphere inside our future horizon)/(area of our future horizon) ---> 0 at our future horizon

therefore the static LNIF representation metric is

TUnruh ~ a =

2c2/\rgtt-1/2 = 2c2/\r(1 - 2 (area of concentric sphere inside our future horizon)/(area of our future horizon))-1/2

I think this is the physical basis of Kip Thorne's membrane idea. It's also part of Lenny Susskind's black hole complementarity.

"And if it interacts with something beyond the horizon (as it must in the TI view as emission only occurs when the future absorption event is fixed), the advanced wave will propagate back through the horizon to the source -- unless the horizon is accelerating.  If the multiverse really is infinite so photons can, in principle, propagate infinitely far, then accelerating cosmic expansion is the only way to cut off interactions that produce advanced waves that return to the source from beyond the horizon. If total absorption within the event horizon is the case, then this cutoff issue is not a matter of concern.   But if total absorption is NOT the case, then it is."

On Jul 25, 2010, at 10:56 AM, james f woodward <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

"The paper you seek is (with loosely translated title): "A response to the argument directed by EPR against Bohr's interpretation of quantum phenomena," Comptes Rendus, vol. 236, pp. 1632 - 1634 (1953). As for predicting dark energy in the '50s (or, for that matter, the '60s, '70s, or '80s), the historical situation in observational and theoretical cosmology made that impossible for even very smart people like  Sciama to carry that off.  Had Hoyle not had such a commitment to steady state cosmology, he might have done it I guess.  By the mid '90s, any cosmologist with a real understanding of action at a distance field theory, and the cutoff issue idenified by Nick Herbert a while back, should have been able to make the prediction."

On Jul 24, 2010, at 10:42 PM, james f woodward wrote:

"Olivier Costa de Beauregard's first paper on the application of W-F absorber theory to QM was published in 1953.  So was Sciama's first paper on Mach's principle -- which leads to an "action at a distance" view."

Seems like Sciama could have predicted dark energy back then. The de Sitter future event horizon as a hologram total absorber is a kind of ultra-strong Mach's principle it seems to me.

Intuitively, there is a competition between the /\ = 0 FRW metric cosmological redshift effect and the /\ > 0 de Sitter cosmological blue shift effect. But de Sitter wins the race in the end. FRW is the Hare, de Sitter is the Tortoise. The energy densities of real quanta keep going down as space expands - not so the virtual zero point quanta! There is NO finite future event horizon in the old /\ = 0 FRW Big Bang cosmological metric tensor field prior to the 1999 discovery of dark energy in the anomalous redshift spectra of Type 1a supernovae.

area of future event horizon ~ /\-1 ~ 1/(dark energy density in past light cone)

Remember that in Wheeler-Feynman/Hoyle-Narlikar a pure FRW cosmology gives the wrong answer for the Arrow of Time - there is no net retarded causality for /\ = 0, only for dS /\ > 0.

We need the dark energy density in order for the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to work! Sean Carroll does not seem to know this in his book "From Eternity to Here."

On Jul 26, 2010, at 1:39 PM, james f woodward wrote:

"Jack, I repeat, a photon emitted, necessarily into the future, gets cosmologically redshifted as it travels along.  It does not get blueshifted."

That's what I used to think also. But it's wrong. Sure the universe is expanding so the wavelengths stretch that's the standard argument and it works for /\ = 0, but it does not work as our universe approaches the de Sitter (dS) metric

gtt ~ 1 - /\r2  asymptotically in the future

in static LNIF representation where we are located at r = 0

There is, of course, a competition between the cosmic redshift stretching of the wavelengths for the /\ = 0 contribution, but eventually the /\ > 0 wins.

Remember in Newtonian terms the repulsive gravity force (per unit test mass) is

g = +2c2/\r   (universal anti-gravity repulsion accelerating expansion rate of 3D space)

and this does work on the photon increasing its energy relative to the static LNIF detectors (actually does work on any real particle).

This is in contrast to a photon leaving a black hole where

g = - c2rs/2r2

here r = rs is the event horizon and we are at r goes to infinity

therefore a photon must do work to get out of the gravity well in Newtonian terms.

also a photon falling into the gravity well has work done on it by the gravity field and blue shifts

Note the duality in the effective Newtonian potentials

VdS = -c2/\r2  repulsive field toward inside future cosmological dS event horizon that we are inside of!

we at r = 0

therefore work done on retarded test particle falling toward the dark energy dS horizon from the inside.

VBH = - c2rs/2r   attractive field toward black hole event horizon - we are outside black hole horizon

we at r go to infinity. Therefore, work is done on retarded test particle falling toward the black hole event horizon from the outside. The inside/outside topology difference and the r2 vs 1/r difference, and the inversion r = 0  compared to r = infinity for our location and time are a kind of duality here.

"So, as it approaches the horizon of the source, it cannot excite e-p pairs out of the vacuum to act as an absorber.  If the expansion is accelerating, I suppose you might try to argue that the acceleration at the horizon produces a Unruh-Davies thermal bath of photons of sufficient energy to excite the e-p pairs out of the vacuum that would then act as an absorber.  But that's a completely different scenario than the one you are pushing here.  And to be convincing, it would have to be fleshed out in much greater detail.  Besides, if there is an accelerating expansion, you automatically get a cosmic horizon without invoking the vacuum at all."

On the contrary, to my intuition it's obvious that the future de Sitter horizon is a static LNIF detector i.e. Kip Thorne's electrical membrane, where any real on shell charged particle or photon that couples to charged particles has so much energy relative to it, that it will excite real pairs out of the virtual vacuum sea and thus in effect be the desired total absorber of last resort restoring the Arrow of Time (2nd Law of Thermodynamics) and the net past to future retarded causality - that is broken only when we have post-quantum signal nonlocality as in living matter - as Fred Hoyle clearly saw back in the 1980s.
xxiv by Julie Rehmeyer on July 2, 2010 Aharonov's post-selection does not have signal nonlocality, therefore the FQ article and Davies's quote perpetuate the common confusion over the distinction between "passion at a distance" and "signal nonlocality". Post-selection is simply time-like EPR correlation statistical analysis.
xxv Princeton's Richard Gott has a new book "Time Travel" (2001) with essentially this idea years after I suggested it starting around 1973 based on my contact in 1953.
xxvi The influence of Harvard's Henry Dwight Sedgwick on my thought here is obvious.
xxvii Sir Fred Hoyle write about this quite explicitly in his paper cited below in the endnotes. This precognitive remote viewing funded by the CIA and the DIA, as told in James Schnabel's "Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies", is a violation of quantum physics but not post-quantum physics. The mathematics of this is in papers by Antony Valentini.
xxviii Heinz Pagels in "The Cosmic Code" also talks about this as well as his own dream of his death that came true.  Usama bin Laden talking of his 911 Attack on America, mentions such precognitive dreams in the horridly evil videotape released by the Pentagon.
xxix Particles in quantum field theory come in two forms: virtual inside the vacuum and real outside the vacuum. Only real particles can directly trigger detectors. However, because of Einstein's equivalence principle that accelerating detectors have inertial g-force locally indistinguishable from Newton's gravity force, virtual particles seen indirectly by the Lamb shift or the Casimir force for a freely falling detector will morph to real particles when that same detector accelerates from a non-gravity force on it. This is called the Unruh effect. The external work from the non-gravity applied force provides the energy for the induced quantum jumps of virtual to real photons.
xxx Fred Hoyle wrote: "Let me begin with the 1964-70 period. It was then that I became a dyed-in-the-wool believer in the time symmetry of basic physics. Of course there are aspects of our experience that are not time symmetric - thermodynamics, the past-to-future propagation of radiation fields, and certain features of particle physics. In my view such asymmetries are cosmological manifestations, however, not basic physics. Here I have space only to discuss the past-to-future propagation of the electromagnetic field. In a famous demonstration, Wheeler and Feynman showed more than thirty years ago that one could have a time-symmetric electrodynamics augmented by a cosmological response from the future that reproduced exactly the same results as the classical Maxwell-Lorentz theory. For some years it was thought that a similar demonstration could not be given in quantum physics, but in the late 1960_s Jayant Narlikar and I showed that, just as in the classical case of Wheeler and Feynman, it was possible to have a time-symmetric local quantum theory augmented by a cosmological response from the future that reproduced exactly all the practical results of normal quantum electrodynamics. Although there was no difference at all in its statistical predictions, the time-symmetric theory was interestingly different in its details. Because the cosmological response involved both the wavefunction and its conjugate complex, unlike normal quantum mechanics no pure-amplitude theory could be formulated. This I saw as an advantage. The pure-amplitude aspect of normal quantum mechanics involves a redundancy, because information is discarded in passing to practical results. The time-symmetric theory yields the practical results without redundancy. ... What I saw in 1970 or thereabouts was that von Neumann had been concerned with a dynamical variables in the system could be infinite, and the situation could then be different. This was the chink of light.

Even so, the problem remained acutely puzzling. The future imposes a condition on a local system because a signal goes out from the local system to other material systems in the future, which respond with a return signal on account of the time symmetry. One would like a situation in which the return signal imposed a deterministic reality on the local system, forcing an explicit decision to be made in all situations of an A or not-A kind, as in the example discussed above (mushroom cloud or no-mushroom cloud). The trouble is that so long as one calculates the return signal from within quantum mechanics this does not happen, just as von Neumann claimed it could not happen. One is faced by a chicken-and-egg situation. The initial local system does not have deterministic reality because the systems in its future with which it interacts do not have deterministic reality, and this is because the systems in the further future with which the second systems interact do not have deterministic reality, and so on along an infinite chain of interactions. Yet somewhere the Gordian knot has to be cut - it must be, since our everyday experience tells us that it is! The mathematical loophole lies at the limit-of the infinite chain of interactions. True, we cannot establish deterministic reality by starting within the chain and by attempting to argue in a past-to-future direction towards the limit. But if we were to start with deterministic reality at the limit, arguing backwards from future to past, there would be deterministic reality at every link of the chain. In other words, the trouble may well come from arguing the problem back-to-front instead of front-to-back."
xxxi Tamara Davis's PhD dissertation may be downloaded here
xxxii Carlo was close friends with Jack Parson's partner Frank Malina, Henry Miller, Aldous Huxley, Lawrence Durrell and Krishnamurti. He met David Bohm but they did not hit it off. Parsons and Malina invented JATO in WWII, created Cal Tech's JPL wit von Karman and created Aerojet General. Parsons supported Aleister Crowley and roomed with L.Ron. Hubbard before he created Scientology. Malina was close friends with Werner Von Braun, Carl Sagan and other major scientists. He ran UNESCO Science in Paris and created the Leonardo Foundation of Science and Art. I stayed at the Malina house in Paris a few years ago after his death. I met Malina in Paris with Carlo Suares in 1973.
xxxiii We now understand the "wall of light" as the pixilated thermodynamic Hawking radiation horizon hologram computers (Seth Lloyd) that may be conscious like Olaf Stapledon's Star Maker, P.K. Dick's  poi        qfgkl;'   , I.J. Good's GOD(D), Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point teleological Noosphere and, finally, Stephen Hawking's Mind of God.
xxxiv Brendan, an Irishman from Dublin, was an assistant to Astronaut Edgar Mitchell at the Institute of Noetic Sciences; Brendan was part of the 1973 SRI project with Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ investigating psychokinesis and remote viewing with Uri Geller, Ingo Swann, Pat Price and others. This work was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. Like Michael Talbot, author of the "Holographic Universe" and "Mysticism and the New Physics," Brendan died young alllegedly from AIDS.
xxxv George Koopman showed up at Esalen in Big Sur in January 1976 at the month long seminar in the physics of consciousness that I directed. Participants included my North Beach room mate Gary Zukav, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Michael Murphy, George Leonard, Fred Alan Wolf, Fritjof Capra, Henry Stapp, David Finkelstein, Werner Erhard, Nick Herbert, Will Schutz and many other New Age Luminaries at the time. Koopman was head of a defense contractor company called Insgroup in Huntington Beach, California with contracts from the USAF and the US Army Tank Command. He had worked the "weird desk" at DIA dealing with flying saucers and the paranormal.  More details are in Saul-Paul Sirag 's chapter "Contact".
xxxvi This was years before Roger Penrose's conjecture of consciousness from quantum gravity in "Shadows of the Mind".
xxxvii It was the late 1970's. Kim Burrafato and I were walking from North Beach out to the Marina Green on San Francisco Bay. We walked into a bookstore on Chestnut Street. I opened a Sci Fi paperback "The Satori Trilogy" by I think it was Dennis Schmidt. I see the words, as close as I can from memory; "Jack Sarfatti and Brian Josephson inventors of the Star Ship Warp Drive". I showed this to Kim. In 1996 an engineer Bill Wear in Atlanta contacted me by email. He said he had a lucid dream of being in a hanger with shadowy figures, possibly "Grays" of ET folklore. He sees a gleaming ship with the word "SARFATTI" on it.  He claimed he had never heard of me. He did a web search and found my name and then contacted me - or so he said.  The chap seemed to be on the level after further checking, one can never tell for sure in this Looking Glass World. We must learn to live with uncertainty and mystery as we unwrap the veils.
xxxviii Herman Hesse's "Magister Ludi", also "Narcissus and Goldmund", Lawrence Durrell's "The Alexandria Quartet" and Erik Davis's "Techgnosis" are all relevant readings to supplement the message of this book.
xxxix "A Journey into Gravity and Spacetime" is a good book for the layman to learn relativity without too much mathematics.
xl "The Undivided Universe" with Basil Hiley, p.30 & Ch.14.
xli I have made a lot of progress post September 11, 2002 after the above was written. I have derived the following results that will be in the sequel to this book "Super Cosmos".  1. The zero point vacuum used in the models of Bernie Haisch and Hal Puthoff is the pre-inflation false vacuum in which spacetime cannot come into existence. 2. An internal symmetry is spontaneously broken in the false vacuum to create our spacetime from the released energy coming from the partial cohering of the random zero point fluctuations in the false vacuum. The coherent vacuum order is mostly from a huge number of bound state pairs of virtual electrons and positrons all marching in step to the beat of a different drummer. Hagen Kleinert's "world crystal lattice" precipitates or freezes out in this quantum vacuum phase transition in which string defects create curvature. 3. The false vacuum of higher energy density is analogous to a normal metal. The lower energy density actual quantum vacuum is analogous to a superconducting metal. Both Einstein's geometrodynamic and cosmological fields come out of this creative process that also lowers entropy of the early universe to create the "Arrow of Time's" apparent flow from past to future. 'The random noise of broken virtual electron-positron pairs at large scales is normally very small', However, if it is positive we have exotic repulsive antigravity, or "quintessence" which explains why the expansion rate of the universe is speeding up rather than slowing down. It also explains how allegedly alien ET space ships fly in warp drive without g-forces.  4. If this, now local, cosmological field is negative we have attractive gravitating "dark matter" that is most of the mass of our universe. Since the cosmological field is probably controllable we do not need to worry about the extinction of life in the far future in a continually accelerating universe. Furthermore, Super Cosmos has many available universes. If M-Theory is on the right track, we may not be forever  stuck, like Flatlanders, inside of this one. "Note added July 04, 2002: This is brand new fundamental physics on the unified origin of light, gravity, quintessence and consciousness that I think no one has thought of before. I think now I have this paradigm picture of macro-quantum vacuum virual electron-positron super currents as the Dirac "substratum" of Maxwell's "classical" displacement current that explained the generation of light. My theory I think is now consistent with Lorentz and general covariance as well as gauge invariance. Lepto-quark sources are more fundamental than gauge force - a la Wheeler- Feynman ~ 1940 (Hoyle-Narlikar later) with advanced destiny + retarded history in a kind of "transactional" (John Cramer) sense. This ties in with Antony Valentini's non-equilibrum post-quantum signal nonlocality violation of no- cloning a photon theorem that upsets the quantum computing-cryptography-teleportation theory. There is no such thing as a classical limit of quantum theory really. Penrose points out problems with Niels Bohr's old correspondence principle idea of the classical limit in "The Emperor's New Mind". There is only the macro-quantum phase coherent "holographic" limit in the sense of P W Anderson's "More is different" and "Generalized Phase Rigidity" with emergent qualitative new collective modes from spontaneous broken "Goldstone" symmetries including "consciousness".
xlii Seth Shostak SETI
xliv Not the first "contact", real or simulated? You decide.  About a year earlier while kept after school in the Bronx, walking down a deserted staircase, a loud bass voice says "Jack, I have chosen you to do something very important.".  I looked to see who was talking could find no one.  I am not prone to hallucinations or hearing voices that are not there.  Not then, not now.  Those are the only two such incidents in the past 50 years. I have seen the film "A Beautiful Mind" about John Nash. I do not suffer those kinds of delusions.
xlv  This actually happened of course with my 1973 meeting at SRI.
xlvi Psychotronic mind control at a distance or over-active imagination? You decide-if you can? There are true statements that are not decidable until you enlarge your paradigm. That's Godel's theorem of 1931.
xlvii Winky (Al Brough) today is a retired NYPD homicide detective living in Staten Island. Also Norman and Neal Lagatta were the other two kids from Flatbush, Brooklyn more than 50 years ago.
xlviii Today, more than 60 years after the Fascist dictator was executed, Sarfatti's descendants prefer to view her as an intellectual and a patron of the arts, who worked to distance Italy from the Nazi danger and was forced to flee to Argentina when Benito Mussolini implemented the race laws. They did not hear from her about the 20 years in which she shared Mussolini's doctrine and bed. Or about the 1,272 letters he wrote her in those years, and which disappeared. No, they are not in her private archive at her home at 18 Via Dei Villini in Rome. At least, that is what her granddaughter, Ippolita Gaetani, who is in charge of the archive, told Haaretz in an exclusive interview. - Saviona Mane, "The Jewish Mother of Italian Fascism" Haaretz, 6 July, 2006
xlix _On Sep 9, 2010, at 2:52 PM, nick herbert wrote:_Jack, I consider it silly for you to be making a fuss about who thought first about future influencing the present. It is a very old idea, at least as old as Aristotle (333 BC) and St Thomas Aquinas (1270 AD) who used the term "final cause" to refer to any cause that lies in the future._
_Of course. Look who's talking about "silly"! Takes one to know one I guess. At least I am not on "all fours." :)_Kidding aside, there is a serious priority issue here for the history of physics on how the idea of final causation is now creeping back into mainstream physics in a highly technical way (weak measurements, time machines, super oscillations). Hopefully David Kaiser and other serious historians of physics will set the record straight. _
The notion of a future cause is included in the scope of "teleology"--See "teleology", "Aristotle" and "Aquinas" in Wikipedia. Aharonov came much much later than these fine dudes. If you can prove that Sarfatti came up with the notion of final cause before Aristotle that would be worth putting in the history books.__Like I came back from the future in a flying saucer and became Aristotle? Kidding aside once more, I never made any such claim of course. I am quite familiar with the history having minored in philosophy at Cornell with Max Black et-al. Indeed I got an A in Mario Einaudi's course in Aquinas. I would have made a good Jesuit like Jerry Brown. :)_
Neither Feynman nor Aharonov have priority in proposing the notion of "final cause."__
No one is making that claim either of course.
Aharonov's priority is in actually proposing an experiment to test whether "final causes" exist in nature. Whether his experiment actually accomplishes this end is a matter of some dispute.__
It's obvious to me that final cause is the only way to really understand uncontrollable quantum randomness in the present and passion at a distance in the entanglement of space-time separated subsystems. Aharonov et-al are 100% correct on that score. But that's only my opinion and unreasonable physicists who think they are thinking clearly but aren't have the right not to agree with me! :)__Of course, the important issue beyond that is signal nonlocality's strong violation of quantum physics as normally understood. I think that is necessary for life to exist in a non-equilibrium state (at the level of the not-so-hidden variables)._
Larry King to Host Robert Spitzer and Stephen Hawking
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Sep. 9, 2010 01:06 PM
Leading Authority on Metaphysics to Respond to Hawking's Creation Theory

Cap'n Jack Sarfatti It's Hawking's Grand Illusion - a persistent one. ;-)
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Jack Sarfatti GOD is alive and well on our future event 2D horizon that is the world hologram conscious cosmic computer and we are its back from the future 3D hologram images. This is the craziest idea to come out of the minds of men starting with Wheeler and Feynman to 't Hooft and Susskind put together by me. It's so kooky, so crazy that it may even be true!
22 shots o' rum ago · Arr! · Jack Sarfatti We need to throw in Hoyle, Narlikar, I.J. Good, John Cramer, Fred Alan Wolf, Yakir Aharonov & students, and Paul Davies and probably others (Basil Hiley?).

If you want a receipt for that popular mystery,
Known to the world as a Heavy Dragoon,
CHORUS. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
COLONEL. Take all the remarkable people in history,
Rattle them off to a popular tune.
The pluck of Lord Nelson on board of the Victory -
Genius of Bismarck devising a plan -
The humour of Fielding (which sounds contradictory) -
Coolness of Paget about to trepan -
The science of Jullien, the eminent musico -
Wit of Macaulay, who wrote of Queen Anne -
The pathos of Paddy, as rendered by Boucicault -
Style of the Bishop of Sodor and Man -
The dash of a D'Orsay, divested of quackery -
Narrative powers of Dickens and Thackeray -
Victor Emmanuel - peak-haunting Peveril -
Thomas Aquinas, and Doctor Sacheverell -
Tupper and Tennyson - Daniel Defoe -
Anthony Trollope and Mister Guizot! Ah!
Take of these elements all that is fusible,
Melt them all down in a pipkin or crucible,
Set them to simmer, and take off the scum, 
And a Heavy Dragoon is the residuum!
W.S. Gilbert

On Sep 9, 2010, at 9:12 PM, nick herbert wrote:

There are more serious critiques of the recent Aharonov paper than the fact that Jack fails to credit the priority of Aristotle for some of his ideas.

Not true, Nick, in the July 30, 2010 video of my Lecture to the Illuminati of the Theosophical Society I mention Aristotle's Final Cause many many times. Just Google and get the links on And of course it will be in Destiny Matrix 2012.

Aharonov and Vaidman are certainly more aware of the subtleties of quantum measurement than your average quantum grease monkey. It was they who worked out the details of quantum non-disturbing measurements using the Zeno Effect. However there may be problems with the very concept of a "weak measurement" (not the same as the well-understood Zeno phenomenon) that have not yet been addressed and that might render this kind of measurement a less useful tool than one might hope. I have not read Aharonov's new book so I do not know if he addresses the criticisms raised by Stephen Parrott in his "What does a "weak measurement" actually measure?" a question that neither Aristotle nor Aquinas raised--for obvious reasons (but on the other hand Aharonov completely ignores the question of the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist.)
A precise definition of "weak [quantum] measurements" and "weak value" (of a quantum observable) is offered, and simple finite dimensional examples are given showing that weak values are not unique and therefore probably do not correspond to any physical attribute of the system being "weakly" measured, contrary to impressions given by most of the literature on weak measurements.

A possible mathematical error in the seminal paper introducing "weak values" is explicitly identified. A mathematically rigorous argument obtains results similar to, and more general than, the main result of that paper and concludes that even in the infinite-dimensional context of that paper, weak values are not unique. This implies that the "usual" formula for weak values is not universal, but can apply only to specific physical situations.

The paper is written in a more pedagogical and informal style than is usual in the research literature in the hope that it might serve as an introduction to weak values.

Stephen Parrott

Since you are enthused about weak measurements I expect you might be able to produce some cogent commentary on Stephen Parrott's analysis of their limitations.

I am not enthused so much about weak measurements. You are painting my fence quite nicely. Like you, signal nonlocality a strong result compared to the faint-hearted lily of weak measurement is what whets my appetite. It is obvious to my intuition that back-from-the-future retro-causal influences do not live or die only on the issue of weak measurements. They are not the crucial test, merely a stepping stone along the way. Weak measurements still obey signal locality. They are puny, stunted like Shakespeare's Richard III.

Nick Herbert

PS: Jack, you merely took one course in Aquinas. I lived in St. Thomas's world for the first quarter of my life.

Ah so, that explains it!
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l Sound Photosynthesis
li  Yakir Aharonov wrote : 4.2 Destiny states: new solution to measurement problem
Up until now we have limited ourselves to the possibility of two boundary conditions which obtain their assignment due to selections made before and after a measurement. It is feasible and even suggestive to consider an extension
of QM to include both a wavefunction arriving from the past and a second "destiny" wavefunction coming from the future which are determined by two boundary conditions, rather than a measurement and selection. This proposal
could solve the issue of the "collapse" of the wavefunction in a new and more natural way: every time a measurement takes place and the possible measurement outcomes decohere, then the future boundary condition simply selects one out of many possible outcomes [35, 32]. It also implies a kind of "teleology" which might prove fruitful in addressing the anthropic and fine tuning issues[77] The possibility of a final boundary condition on the universe could be probed experimentally by searching for "quantum miracles" on a cosmological scale. While a "classical miracle" is a rare event that can be explained by a very unusual initial boundary-condition, "Quantum Miracles" are those events which cannot naturally be explained through any special initial boundary-condition, only through initial-and-final boundary-conditions. By way of example, destiny-post-selection could be used to create the right dark energy or the right negative pressure ...

However, Aharonov et-al here do not invoke the hologram principle nor does he seem to be aware of how Tamara Davis's 2004 Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales provides the connection of our observer-dependent future event horizon boundary condition of the accelerating universe to the dark energy in my formula

Dark energy in our past light cone ~ (area of our future horizon)-1
4.1 Reformulation of Dynamics: each moment a new universe

This is Tibetan Buddhism! 

" ... the description of the time evolution given by QM does not appropriately represent multi-time-correlations which are similar to Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen/Bohm entanglement (eq. 1.1) but instead of being between two particles in space, they are correlations for a single particle between two different times. Multitime-
correlations, however, can be represented by using TSQM. As a consequence, the general notion of time in QM is changed from the current conceptual framework which was inherited from CM, i.e.: 1): the universe is viewed as unique, and the objects which inhabit it just change their state in time. In this view, time is "empty," it just propagates a state forward; the operators of the theory create the time evolution; to a new conceptual framework in which: 2): each instant corresponds to a new pair of Hilbert spaces, (i.e., each instant is a new degree of freedom; in a sense, a new universe); instead of the operators creating the time evolution as in the previous approach, an entangled state (in time) "creates"the propagation: a whole new set of structures within time is able
to "propagate" a quantum state forward in time ...
liii 09/28/lifetimes/vonnegut-cat.html
liv My comments are in these end notes.
This is precisely what my 2002 version of this book was about.
lvii Yes, Wheeler and Feynman showed in the 1940's that the future absorber must send a signal back from the future in order for seemingly past to future "retarded" causation to work. More precisely, there must be a total future absorber. The dark energy only discovered in 1999 or so is the retro-causal image of that future absorber called our future de Sitter event horizon. Indeed, the dark energy density in our past light cone is the inverse of the area/entropy of our future horizon in our future light cone. The total entropy of our observable universe sandwiched between our past and future horizons, as shown in Tamara Davis's 2004 Ph.D. Fig 1.1 below that I have modified slightly, is the area of our future horizon. That area is one Planck BIT at the Alpha Point of inflation and it quickly saturates to the constant asymptote of ~ 10123 Planck area BITs because the acceleration of space from the anti-gravitating dark energy density sets up the causal barrier that is our future event horizon hologram computer (e.g. Seth Lloyd, MIT). None of this is mentioned by Aharonov et-al, though it should be obvious to Paul Davies who was on Tamara Davis's committee at the University of New South Wales.
lviii Indeed, Fred Alan Wolf and I asked these same question when we were physics professors at San Diego State in the late 60's and came to the same really obvious conclusion under the influence of Wheeler-Feynman, I.J. Good and also Terletski who was allegedly Stalin's Atomic Bomb Spy Master running Klaus Fuchs, the Rosenberg's et-al at the Manhattan Project. Fred had a little book by Terletski on tachyons. Fuchs lived with the Peierls. Rudolf Peierl's son Ronnie was with me at Cornell. He lived with Hans Bethe and did Gilbert and Sullivan with me in the Savoyards. James Edgar Felten informed me that Ronnie passed away and that there is a theater in his name near Stony Brook SUNY.
lix When the statistical sample is too small the inference is Godel undecidable, true but unprovable within orthodox science. This is why individual paranormal events like precognition can always be debunked by that class of true believers on the other side of the aisle who belong to CSICOPS. I mean, of course, James Amazing Randi & Motley Crew. Of course, we have even worse on the opposite side. A curse on both their houses. :)
lx Fred Hoyle's book, "The Intelligent Universe" addressed this in the affirmative back in 1984 or so.
lxii There is a serious physics error in the Discover article:

Another example of the trickiness of coordinates, drawn from general relativity, is the black hole. In the canonical Schwarschild coordinates describing a black hole, it looks like terrible things (e.g., singularities) happen at the event horizon [or Schwarschild radius, which represents the 'surface'] of the black hole. But these are a problem with the coordinates. In truth, nothing particularly weird happens as you cross the surface of a black hole (besides gravitational lensing causing the sky to appear bent and warped). This can be seen by writing the exact same spacetime in different coordinates (e.g., Kruskal coordinates), where everything becomes well behaved (except for the singularity itself). No big deal crossing the event horizon (though all hell breaks loose as you approach the singularity). A similar confusion resided in the nature of gravitational waves.

Something weird does happen if you are lowered on a cable, or have rocket engines thrusting to the center of the black hole. There is the quantum Unruh effect, such static observers will see black body radiation of temperature T(r)

kBT(r) = (hcrs/r2)(1 - rs/r)-1/2  + hc/rs---> infinity as r ---> rs+

whilst a locally coincident geodesic observer only sees the Hawking black body radiation of temperature hc/rskB. These static observers will also collide with in-falling matter that is infinitely blue shifted at the event horizon.
On Sep 30, 2010, at 7:41 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

On Sep 30, 2010, at 4:55 PM, nick herbert wrote:

Here's a nice blog post by daniel holz (feynman professor at Los Alamos) about the history of gravitational waves:

The comments are particularly amusing and instructive.

Since gravity is so weak there are few opportunities to test Einstein's theory (and its competitors) experimentally.
The newest test is the lifetime of the Hulse-Taylor binary pulsar which agrees with GR to 0.2% and for which Hulse & Taylor appropriately received the 1993 Nobel Prize. First indirect measurement of Einsteinian gravitational waves. The intensity of such waves depends on how many polarization degrees of freedom one assigns to the graviton. For a speed of light spin-2 graviton the number of degrees is 2. The intensity of G-radiation depends directly on these degrees of  freedom so if you double the degrees of freedom you double the intensity and seriously mess up the agreement with experiment. Graviton degrees of freedom is not a small effect. Jack has proposed a clever path to quantum gravity that invokes spin-1 tetrads as the basis out of which the spin-2 graviton is composed and he has not failed to recognize that in quantum mechanics 1 + 1 can add up not only to 2 but to zero and to one also. Therefore on the face of it,  Jack's suggestion predicts not only a spin-2 graviton, but a spin-1 and a spin-0 graviton as well--for which I propose the names scalar and vector Sarfattions.

The spin 0 and spin 1 gravitons may have rest mass. As you point out the Hulse-Taylor data only shows massless spin 2. Yukawa and all that.

Destiny Matrix 2012 Version 10/14/10 San Francisco p. 271 of 271, copyrighted, all rights reserved by Jack Sarfatti