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Hi Menas
Yes, this is very exciting indeed!
In addition to the super-oscillation we have the meta-material superlens, both seem to lead in the same direction in this regard.

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Hi Jack:

Yes, what you are saying is very exciting, these super oscillations can give the power to go beyond the usual limits. Yakir and I have been discussing this. But at a price, exponentially weak tails (which is the usual problem, for example you can get values of variables through weak measurements outside the orthodox expectations and with better S/N but quite rarely). Anyway, it is worth pursuing.

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Memorandum for the Historical Record

btw I got a flash yesterday that using Heisenberg microscope made by a metamaterial super-lens combined with Aharonov's weak measurement superoscillation may shake the foundations of quantum theory in view of the close connection of nonlocality with the Heisenberg gedankenexperiment. This idea is still half-baked, but basically the premise that we cannot resolve details smaller than the smallest wavelength of the probe pulse is now suspect - very suspect.