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"Time thus propagates forward from the past boundary condition and backward from the future boundary condition." Aharonov et-al
I have been saying this for decades of course. It started with Wheeler and Feynman in 1940.
Aharonov avoids the real revolution, which is signal nonlocality. He is like Moses with me like Joshua - the wall of light will come tumbling down when we cross the Great Divide. :-)
The radical conservative physicist pushes the envelope of mainstream battle-tested physics by minimally tweaking the control parameters and suggesting new ones. The extended models must always have the orthodox physics as a limiting case. This is in contrast to the numerous clueless cranks and/or well-meaning eccentrics who have not mastered mainstream models try to reinvent the wheel, and fix what is not broken based on not even wrong-primitive-concepts of no scientific meaning in any operational empirical laboratory sense. Feynman called that "Cargo Cult Science."
Subject: Re: Beating Heisenberg's microscope with a meta-material super-lens and super-oscillating weak measurements? (Dr. Quantum) Part 4
 "However, physics would be fundamentally different. If we break the uncertainty principle, there is really no telling what our world would look like."
      Magick without magic.
I announce the conjecture:
Nature is as weird as it can be.
The nonlocal action principle of maximal weirdness, e.g. consciousness.
Post-quantum theory has maximum weirdness (aka signal nonlocality) beyond the minimal weirdness of orthodox quantum theory.
Part 4, Commentary on the rest of Yakir's Physics Today paper November 2010
The weak expectation value of an observable A is
Aw = /
future = post-selected
past = pre-selected
Ordinary quantum mechanics is when future & past merge in the present.
This immediately tells us how to reformulate Bohm's quantum potential Q as a Cramer transaction.
In the static limit neglecting light cone special relativity causality
Q ~ R^-1 LaplacianR
Psi = Re^iS
Obviously, therefore replace R by
Rw = (RfutureRpast)^1/2
to get Qw
Aw and Qw can be complex, i.e. non-unitary allowing signal nonlocality? as well as far outside range of eigenvalues permitted in orthodox quantum mechanics. Under certain conditions when Aw is pure imaginary and the pointer's state is Gaussian it can get an impulse kick in momentum.
The "three box paradox" can be used to get anti-gravity!
"The probe that measures the gravitational field of Box 3, instead of being attracted to the box, is in fact repelled by it."
This is a rare zero point quantum fluctuation "error" that happens with "virtual certainty." Analogous anomalous effects for the electromagnetic interaction also predicted.
In addition pre & post-selected weak values of negative kinetic energy exist for "genuine tunneling particles" through a potential energy barrier.
Actual lab experiments confirm the correctness of Aharonov's back-from-the-future extension of quantum mechanics including the "time-translation-machine".
Can the time-translation effect be tweaked to violate the no-cloning theorem modifying Nick Herbert's FLASH to weak amplification?
Obviously weak amplification can be applied to LIGO & LISA gravity wave detectors with advantage.