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Memorandum for the Record
Subject: Destiny of the Universe - Back FROM the Future
Here are some excerpts Note that the idea of the future influencing the past today professed by Yakir Aharonov, Paul Davies and their students, is clearly articulated in this 1992 document archived on the internet.

Note at this time in 1992, like Nick Herbert in his FLASH, I was still trying to find a loophole in orthodox quantum theory for signal nonlocality. I no longer think that's possible of course. The turning point was about 1993 or so when I read Bohm and Hiley's The Undivided Universe when it first came out and noticed their discussion of the fragility of the quantum potential - action of Q on particle with no direct back-reaction of particle on Q needed for Born probability rule - and I immediately grasped my conceptual error - the missing piece of the puzzle. By the time of the 1996 Hameroff Tucson Conference where I gave a talk, I had clearly formulated the signal nonlocality idea independently as the breakdown of the test particle approximation for the hidden variables. I had not heard of Antony Valentini's concept of "sub-quantal nonequilibrium" in 1996. Indeed, I am under the impression he did not publish it until 2002. The connection between these two notions is yet to be understood.

Aharonov's two state post-selection plus Seth Lloyd's teleportation P-CTC paper gives us a different kind of signal nonlocality from the two types discussed below. What is most interesting in Seth Lloyd's approach is his allegation about super-computing if it can be done in the lab and not only inside black holes.
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