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Hi Jack! Snowing in your part of the USA? It's hot, humid and raining here in Oz.
never snows in san francisco- warm here
Nor here in Brisbane. But it sure does rain!
Did you see the preprint on making electron-positrons via pair-production via an intense laser pulse?

yes no big deal
I think the new thing is the computation. It's been theorised for years, but tough to compute.
So how would you make antimatter? Or is that passe?

maybe but it's standard QED no new physics there at a fundamental level
True enough. Weird when the media exaggerate the novelty factor.
passe - it's made at CERN it's standard physics from more than 50 years ago
Tiny bits at woeful efficiency. I mean making it for propulsion.
PET scans done with anti-electrons
From radioisotopes.
No betatron sitting around in a PET lab usually.

propulsion maybe but still it's only a damn rocket with g-forces - no good for interstellar - it ain't warp drive
Quite so. So how do we get around the energy density issues of Alcubierre warp-drives?
hopefully superconducting meta-materials graphene based - look at blog
Hmmm... Superconducting metamaterials? Casimir engineering right?
we want large negative indices of refraction - should increase coupling of EM fields to gravity - Casimir no!
coupling ~ (index)^4
Really? That'd be interesting to see in a lab. What's current coupling? Really low isn't it?
too low
(index)^4G/c^4 much better
if index ~ 10^10
stopping light in its tracks should dramatically increase matter's ability to warp spacetime
that's my conjecture

Interesting conjecture. Wonder if there's anywhere in the Universe where it happens naturally?

In our skies - flying saucers

That Penrose recycling Universe concept would be bad news for intelligent life. Means extinction is inevitable.

Most UFOs are mistaken identity. Which ones convince you that some are actual space-vehicles?

It's wrong I think. Three new papers out showing it's a wrong inference. Even Penrose can be wrong at times. With time travel you can have immortality anyway even if universe comes to an end - I mean if you can conquer aging simply keep going back in time to virgin planets in other star systems.


"Most" not "all" - this is no place to discuss the saucer data. I think they are real - alien ET with warp/stargate technology. Of course, I may be wrong. But I know too many military intelligence guys obsessed with them - as well as several very rich powerful people like the late Laurance Rockefeller and the still living Bob Bigelow in Las Vegas.

You don't have to justify the ET hypothesis to me. I believe ETs are amongst us in human-form to observe. But we find it very easy to impute meaning to things we see in the sky.
Any UFOs we see that are ET are shown to us deliberately.
Observations don't happen by chance
Though "ET" might really be our future selves
Come back through time for some reason, perhaps to get us through a crisis.
But that's a theory.

That's my theory for several decades now.