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"TOE" = string Theory Of Everything
Also Roger Penrose's reincarnation cyclic universes model thrown into grave doubt.
good news for my competing cosmology of the post-selected back-from-the-future hologram Destiny Matrix self-creating universe

On Dec 19, 2010, at 7:04 PM, Saul-Paul and Mary-Minn Sirag wrote:

    The lack of micro black holes is a strike against a particular version of string theory, the ADD theory (of Arkani-Hamed, Dimopoulos and Dvali). In this theory the extra dimensions of string theory are large. See, for example, "Large Extra Dimensions: a New Arena fro Particle Physics" by these authors, Phys. Today, Feb. 2002.
    So string theories with microscopic hidden dimensions are NOT ruled out by this lack of black holes at the LHC. At the end of the Wired article we read:

    "Contrary to some reports, this result doesn’t mean the death of string theory, only the particular flavor that predicted black holes at these energies. Eliminating some models is a critical process of narrowing down what’s possible, but most theoretical constructs have a range of possible models, and string theory is no different. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the ADD model was generated simply because physicists were looking for something they could possibly test in the LHC."    Page 2 of Missing Black Holes Cause Trouble for String Theory | Wired Science |
All for now ;-)

Jack Sarfatti
No black holes found at LHC – yet
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Richard Jensen is that good new or bad news?
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Nicole Tedesco Well, so much for their new automatic garbage collection facility! ;-)
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Xavier Terri Castañe Bad news for theory of relativity.
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Jack Sarfatti wrong - not bad news at all general relativity is experimentally tested many times over
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Jack Sarfatti It's bad news for string theory's extra space dimensions not bad news for Einstein's 1916 classical geometrodynamics.
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Nicole Tedesco Darned reality, always getting in the way of our long hoped-for dreams of Universal Conquest!
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Jack Sarfatti The most beautiful theory is murdered by an ugly fact - Feynman
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Jack Sarfatti Ouch! You stepped on my TOE!
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