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Henry Hudson, according to Catskill Hudson Valley legend met “little people” on top of a mountain who said they came to Earth every twenty years. Washington Irving, who knew the Henry Hudson story, has Rip Van Winkle “sleep” for twenty years. Allegedly this story was based on a real man who reappeared after twenty years after a hike to that same Catskill Mountain. Thousands of people allegedly saw huge silent triangular craft flying over that area in the early 1980’s. Several security police at the nuclear reactor at Indian Point reported a silent hovering triangular craft hovering over nuclear reactor 3 to Imbrogno that they allegedly tried to shoot down. “As an example of the ultraterrestrials, Imbrogno shared the story of famed explorer Henry Hudson's encounter with little gnome-like entities in 1609. While exploring the river that would eventually bear his name, Hudson was warned by Native Americans to avoid the "little men" in the nearby mountains. One night during the expedition, he heard music and saw flashes of light coming from a mountain top. Deciding to investigate, Hudson and his men climbed the mountain and discovered a party of gnomes that were dancing around the fire and playing games. Welcomed by the little people, Hudson was told that they were from "somewhere else" and that they come into our world every twenty years. Though this may seem like simple folklore, Imbrogno observed that similar stories of celebratory gnomes in the region seem to resurface every twenty years and there were even reports as recently as 2009.” “Ultraterrestrial Contact: A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations into the Hidden Abduction Epidemic,” Phil Imbrogno on Coast to Coast AM, December 19, 2010. See also Jacques Vallee’s books. The book by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher “The Hunt for the Skinwalker” reports similar, though more sinister, more recent tales of high strangeness at a Utah Ranch owned by Las Vegas hotel tycoon Robert Bigelow who has funded UFO, paranormal and commerrcial space programs.