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signal nonlocality is essential for our own inner consciousness in my opinion.

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signal nonlocality is essential for our own inner consciousness in my opinion.

Jack: What do you mean by this?

"The most beautiful theory is murdered by an ugly fact." Richard P. Feynman

The quantum information field is the intrinsic mental field.

Our material brains have a quantum information field attached to it - by the equations of Bohm's formulation of quantum mechanics.

Our minds are the Bohmian quantum information field Q (quantum potential - or super-potential for classical EM fields - minor distinction at this stage).

Ordinary quantum mechanics is a one-way street in which Q (mind) causes motions in the material brain, e.g. neurons to fire, without any direct back-reaction or feedback-control loop of the neuronal signal back on Q itself.

There is a theorem that under those conditions we have "signal locality" and uncontrollable quantum randomness, it is impossible to clone an arbitrary quantum state etc. All of modern quantum information computer cryptology technology assumes this to be a fact.

However, our inner experiences, the qualia, must be the change in Q induced by our material brain sensors - that change is what we feel.

There is then another theorem that when that feedback-control loop exists we have signal nonlocality in which Einstein's spooky telepathic psychokinetic quantum entanglement between separated material quantum objects can be controlled from one of the objects causing a distant object to do its bidding. This is post-quantum voodoo you might say. Signal nonlocality permits back-from-the-future messages like is seen experimentally in our brains by Ben Libet, Dean Radin, Dick Bierman and most recently Daryl Bem at Cornell. This is strong violation of quantum theory in living conscious matter - a laboratory fact in my opinion. All living matter is far from "sub-quantum thermal equilibrium" so that "signal nonlocality" is Henri Bergson's "elan vital" - the spark of the soul.

I have perhaps over simplified - but that's the basic idea.


Subquantum Information and Computation
Antony Valentini
(Submitted on 11 Mar 2002 (v1), last revised 12 Apr 2002 (this version, v2))
It is argued that immense physical resources - for nonlocal communication, espionage, and exponentially-fast computation - are hidden from us by quantum noise, and that this noise is not fundamental but merely a property of an equilibrium state in which the universe happens to be at the present time. It is suggested that 'non-quantum' or nonequilibrium matter might exist today in the form of relic particles from the early universe. We describe how such matter could be detected and put to practical use. Nonequilibrium matter could be used to send instantaneous signals, to violate the uncertainty principle, to distinguish non-orthogonal quantum states without disturbing them, to eavesdrop on quantum key distribution, and to outpace quantum computation (solving NP-complete problems in polynomial time).

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