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FW: Oh, I looked into the time
reflected luxons producing tachyons.  The reflection symmetry is charge
conjugation C=PT.  So while space reflection of luxons giving R to L, e.g.,
is governed by P alone (ala Feynman zig zag), when you go backwards and then
forward in time you must use both P and T together--i.e., C symmetry.

JS: This is important. Also we need to be clear how the closed loop Feynman diagrams are needed for unitarity. Is it only for scalar Higgs diagrams or more general?

My idea

fermion closed loops are dark matter of positive vacuum pressure

boson closed loop are dark energy of negative vacuum pressure

the gravity source term in weak field Newtonian limit is RHS of

Laplacian of Newton's potential energy per unit test mass = G(mass density)(1 + 3w)

Peacock's theorem: Lorentz invariance + Einstein equivalence principle ---> w = -1 for all ZPF vacuum fluctuations

QM statistics gives

positive zero point energy density for virtual bosons

negative zero point energy density for virtual fermion-antifermion pairs

also consider ghost particles in Yang-Mills - opposite spin-statistics - they also are sources of (anti) gravity

FW: In effect the luxon going backward in time would be the same as antitachyon
going forward in time (ala Feynman).  I think this means an imaginary mass
term in place of a real mass term in the Lagrangian.  So we have the
interaction "potential" [im (L-bar R + R-bar L)] instead of [m (L-bar R +
R-bar L)]  as per the Weyl form of the Dirac Lagrangian.
I haven't fully checked the algebra, but I think it is right. 
Best Wishes,

Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.
Have Brains / Will Travel
San Francisco

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