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Memorandum for the Record

My paper in Vol 14 Journal of Cosmology April 2011 cites Jorge Berger's work on the time-dependent Landau-Ginzburg eq and I also suggest it as a model for the mind field.

The non-orthogonal coherent eigenstates of the non-Hermitian Goldstone boson destruction operator in the brain are responsible for locally decodable entanglement signals connecting different parts of the brain into a kind of hologram. The Born probability rule of micro-quantum theory is violated.

There is no unitary transformation connecting an orthogonal sharp Fock number basis to the over-complete non-orthogonal Glauber coherent state basis. This is obvious because inner products are invariant under a unitary transformation. Hence the orthodox rules of QM breakdown in the regime that Freeman et-al are talking is a photo of AC with Walter Freeman that I took at Castiglioncello 2008 where I mentioned this general idea in my talk and informally.

Also I think that's Vitiello behind Penrose at that same meeting?

Hagen Kleinert, Angela & Mrs. Kleinert - same meeting

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[PDF] Cortical phase transitions, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and the time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equation
WJ Freeman, R Livi, M Obinata… - Arxiv preprint arXiv:1110.3677, 2011

Abstract: The formation of amplitude modulated and phase modulated assemblies of neurons is observed in the brain functional activity. The study of the formation of such structures requires that the analysis has to be organized in hierarchical levels, ...

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