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Dear Giuseppe
That's OK - your paper is very detailed and impressive and I was not asking you to cite me in it. The new idea I have that you do not have is that the non-orthogonal coherent states you get permit signal nonlocality in Valentini's sense of the word. I think this is the missing link to explain how consciousness arises within your model that I think is essentially correct, but it does not go far enough. :-)

In other words when P.W. Anderson says "More is different" it means the Born probability rule breaks down and signal nonlocality (entanglement signals without need for a classical key) is permitted. Orthodox micro-quantum theory breaks down because of macro-quantum coherent "phase rigidity."

On Oct 25, 2011, at 2:32 PM, Giuseppe Vitiello wrote:

Dear Jack,

I have seen your mail message and I thank you for it. I knew your work in the old time of superconductivity....

We have not quoted your papers (as well as the ones by other authors, except for the book by P. Anderson and some more recent paper on nonequilibrium TDGL equation) just because the TDGL eq. is a well established subject (also thanks to your contributions), matter of textbooks.

All my best,