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From: Demo Hassan Subject:  (Re: Doctor Sarfatti's V6 DARPA-NASA Star Ship paper MindWarp)
Date: October 30, 2011 7:57:26 PM PDT


"Everybody understands Mickey Mouse.
A few people understand Herman Hesse.
Hardly anybody understands Einstein.
And nobody understands Emperor Norton."
-- Malaclypse the Younger
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Tesla was scary-brilliant [and namesake of a cool car: ]  ...
'Einstein Bashing' always seems weird and disingenuous
to me, kind of like neuroscientists bashing Freud
for his quaint ideas about sex, dreams, and psychology.
When you consider that both these guys, Freud and
Einstein, came up in fairly primitive circumstances
relative to today's knowledge, and broke through old
ideologies, beliefs, then managed to absorb the new
ideas of the time, breaking tradition, etc., actually
building a new train of thought and exploration...
To bash them really seems like misguided anger.
So, I was reading Walter Isaacson's
'Einstein: His Life and Universe'
the other day, and in a chapter on Quantum Entanglement
I learned that Erwin Schrodinger and Albert E. were not
huge fans of the emerging quantum mechanics of the day;
although, Schrodinger had less difficulty with non-locality
than Einstein did, (Albert liked an empirical universe that
you could wrap your mind around, not that spooky-action-at-
a-distance dice game of uncertainty and inseparability);
they both teamed up to discredit some of the weirdities of
quantum mechanics, which gave birth to the 'Schrodinger's
Cat' mental experiment. Not being particularly bright, or
well enough read, I always assumed the 'cat experiment' was
somehow meant to reinforce quantum mechanic theories, when
it turns out to be quite the contrary. Albert started it
all with a scenario of gunpowder that would be triggered to
explode dependent upon an atomic doohicky, showing that the
gunpowder could not be simultaneously exploded or non-exploded
pending a viewer's perception of the matter.  Erwin S. then
conceived the famous cat-in-a-box of acid connected to a
trigger mechanism in order to prove the absurdity of a cat
being both dead and alive pending some human's glimpse of the
waveform collapsing reality. And Albert even added a variation
with gunpowder instead of acid, so the cat (and box) cannot
possibly be both exploded and not exploded. This was their
way of dismantling the entire quantum/macro human observer
determining 'reality' scenario, which they thought was pretty
stupid, and anthropocentric to a maniacally egotistic degree,
(i.e. what about the cat's observation, or a flea's or
what-the-hell's 'other'?) But other than that, non-locality
eventually proved to be generally correct, under the premise
that two particles that interact, continue to simultaneously
reflect each other's state as a result of being a 'system'
regardless of so-called distance. But the existence of
'reality' being entirely due to human observation really
bugged both Erwin Schrodinger and Albert Einstein.
Can't say I really blame them.

And as far as Prof. Hawking's  dismissal of traveling
backwards in time due to various grandfather paradoxes
like killing yourself 2 minutes before you step into
the '2 min. time machine' - subjectively, precluding a
shrug and/or a change of mind as outcome, thereby
eliciting all sorts of bizarro 'many-worlds' hypothetical
timeline jumping, consider the: "Equivalent Sets
of Histories and Multiple Quasiclassical Realms"

Authors: Murray Gell-Mann,
James B. Hartle (Santa Fe Institute,
Los Alamos, and University of New Mexico)
(Submitted on 8 Apr 1994 (v1),
last revised 5 May 1996 (this version, v3))

Abstract: We consider notions of physical equivalence
of sets of histories in the quantum mechanics of a
closed system. We show first how the same set of
histories can be relabeled in various ways, including
the use of the Heisenberg equations of motion and of
passive transformations of field variables. In the
the usual approximate quantum mechanics of a measured
subsystem, two observables re- presented by different
Hermitian operators are physically distinguished by
the different apparatus used to measure them. In the
quantum mechanics of a closed system, however, any
apparatus is part of the system and the notion of
physically distinct situations has a different
character. We show that a triple consisting of an
initial condition, a Hamiltonian, and a set of
histories is physically equivalent to another triple
if the operators representing these initial
conditions, Hamiltonians, and histories are related
by any fixed unitary transformation. We apply this
result to the question of whether the universe might
exhibit physically inequivalent quasiclassical realms
(which we earlier called quasiclassical domains), not
just the one that includes familiar experience.
We describe how the probabilities of alternative
forms, behaviors, and evolutionary histories of
information gathering and utilizing systems (IGUSes)
using the usual quasiclassical realm could in
principle be calculated in quantum cosmology, although
it is, of course, impractical to perform the
computations. We discuss how, in principle, the
probabilities of occurence of IGUSes could be
calculated in realms distinct from the usual
quasiclassical one. We discuss how IGUSes adapted
mainly to two different realms could draw inferences
about each other using a hybrid realm consisting of
alternatives drawn from each.



(( MEANWHILE... [Circa: June 2010]... ))

Prof. Hawking most recently said that
Time Travel was only possible to the
future, because Time Travel to
the past is fraught with paradox.
He used the example of a man who
builds a time machine that takes him
back in time 2 minutes before he
'steps into the time machine.' If he
subsequently 'prevents' the man that
is his 'past self' from stepping into
the time machine, then the man who does
the time traveling cannot possibly
exist to perform this action. Paradox.
Therefore, Hawking admits that although
time travel to the past is impossible,
time travel to the future is easily done.
Simply approach the speed of light, and
as your clocks slow down, relative to the
outside, the reality outside speeds up.
Balance is compensated with relativity
in space-time. To be fair, Prof. Hawking
did not mention the notion of parallel
realities and bifurcating timelines.
The 'Parallel Universe' theory is the only
theory that allows time travel to the past,
but the illusion of 'past' time travel
is compensated for by leaving the timeline
entirely; so, technically, the past is
an illusion, merely another parallel
reality not within the timeline in which
you started. In other words, the only way
to travel backwards is to jump onto an
entirely different timeline which creates
the illusion of traveling backwards.
The arrow of time is not violated, and
you lose track of your original timeline,
existing thereafter in a parallel, seemingly
'past' timeline (assuming the reality isn't
completely divergent!)  At its core, 'time'
really is illusory. Einstein said it
didn't really exist, but was a human
cognitive construct. All we ever really
know is now. We can only travel in the now,
creating various illusions along the way.

[SEE: 'Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking' ]

I guess that wonderful notion of 'us'
jumping into a time machine to take a
look at what Ezekiel saw way back when
and realizing he saw us in our time
machine, was really less about going
backwards and more about going SIDEWAYS
onto a parallel track where a parallel
Ezekiel existed contemporaneously with
'us.' Hmmmm...  Quoting Saul Paul Sirag:

"There's been some speculation that the
Ezekiel vision was of what we today would
call a flying saucer. In other words, an
object of advanced technology.
It's hard to know one way or another,
but I've been wondering if it was not
a time machine of some sort. Recently
in Physical Review Abstracts (D 15 March
1974) there was a report [by Frank Tipler]
of the possibility of time travel by means
of a rotating cylinder. It would be odd
if we were to go in such a time machine
to visit Ezekiel's time and place.
We could do this, because we know the
day he saw his vision, since he carefully
recorded the time (a date equivalent to
July 5, 592 BCE give or take a day) and
place. It would be odd if in doing
this -- to have a peek at Ezekiel's
vision it turned out that what Ezekiel
saw was just us in our time machine
trying to have a peek at his vision."
-- Saul-Paul Sirag (May 1974)

So, in a Multiverse, given a near infinite number
of earths, (and Ezekiels), e.g. Earth Prime,
Earth^2, Earth^3, Earth^4... all at various
waveform manifestations with separate timelines,
we could conceivably convince ourselves of all
sorts of possibilities as they might apply to the
illusory nature of time travel. Perhaps we'll
figure this all out, in time...? AND...

The curiosity of 'entropy,' light speed, time dilation,
etc., according to relativity, quite proven by GPS
satellite's onboard clocks slightly out of phase with
earth surface clocks, and myriad's of other cosmological,
quantum mechanical anti-intuitive shenanigans, verified;
time travel, apparently is limited to future travel
only... Curiouser and curiouser, however, the speed of
light is, yea verily, limited to approx. 186,000 miles
per second in 'SPACE' - lovely inflating invisible space,
created, it seems, following the inflationary big bang
dohicky, inflating, by the way, FASTER than the speed of
light! Is that not interesting?  That space itself may
expand faster than the speed of light, while the light
within the superluminal inflation of space maintains
its photonic speed limit!  Therefore, if one could
perhaps circumvent 'space,' one could circumvent the
speed of light?  Definitely not a technology for
beginner fire apes. Seeya 'round the mountain!
"When She Comes...
She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
"When She Comes... "
Which reminds me of the blood curdling gargoyles
stationed at the portal to the pylons of the Temple
of Cool Stuff specifically designed to occupy and
derange the minds of barely evolved primates in search
of specificity and shiny things. It gives them
something to gnash their teeth and shiver their timbers
over on the way toward enlightenment and non attachment
to such things as temples, gargoyles, monkeys, horse-
power, artificial intelligence, hyper-conspiratorial
gyrations of an anti-critical thinking mode, and other
amusements of a lucidly dreaming collective.
Then again... Never mind.

22|JUNE|2010 CE | 4:08 AM | Earth Prime?


Philip Kindred Dick (December 16, 1928 - March 2, 1982)

Philip K. Dick's Reality by Tessa Dick

(Tessa Dick was the late science fiction writer
Philip K. Dick's 4th wife. Dick's most famous
book is probably "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"
published in 1968, which was made into the film
"Blade Runner." Note that he also had "visitors.")

One of the last substantial conversations that I had
with my husband Philip K. Dick entailed a synopsis of
all the speculation in which Phil had engaged since his
visionary experience of 1974, when he saw the world of
ancient Rome superimposed on the landscape of
southern California.

Phil agreed with Plato that we see only the shadows
on the wall of the cave, and not the real objects
which cast those shadows. Those real objects, the
archetypes, stand outside of space and time, but
occasionally they bleed through and some people catch
a glimpse of them. Thus, the Rome that he saw was not,
strictly speaking, the Roman empire of early Christian
times, but an archetype of that kind of reality.

Hints of these philosophical ideas can be found
throughout Phil's writing, even in works from before
he experienced the visions. He always suspected that
we have made some kind of Faustian pact, that we
agreed to live, suffer and die in this illusory world.
Thus, when a character tries to purchase a cola from a
vending machine, he might find himself in an empty
room holding a piece of paper on which the words
"vending machine" are printed. The visitors who came
to Phil showed him alternate histories stacked like
dominoes above our time line, in what he called
"orthogonal time"--a time and space perpendicular to
our own, where we cannot perceive them any more than
the point in Flatland can see the sphere who comes to
visit him. He sees only the circle that appears in his
flat world when the sphere passes through.

Those visitors seemed to be moving chunks of
alternate history and dropping them into our
time line, trying to achieve a result that would
satisfy their goals. They sometimes leave behind
artifacts, which might explain why many ancient
societies which we have labeled "primitive" left
evidence of advanced technology, including electric
light bulbs and flying machines. It would also
explain records of ancient nuclear war, such as
we find in the Vedas.

The time travelers, or time meddlers, sometimes
enter our reality to observe us, and they appeared
quite shocked whenever they realized that Phil
could see them. They did occasionally communicate
with him. They claimed to come from a time that is
neither the past nor the future, but outside of
our time. Phil most often thought that they were
humans, not aliens, but genetically altered in
some way. He felt that they wanted to help us
avoid some global disaster that happened in the
1970s and which negatively affected their world.

The longer I live, the more I see that this world
is not quite real. To some extent, we have distanced
ourselves from reality with our technology, but the
illusory quality goes deeper than that. Some things
simply do not make sense. The next time you say,
"This can't be happening" or "I don't believe it,"
you just might be right.

"The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick"
by R. Crumb:


(((((((((((O)))))))))))           ... of cosmic expansion, Einstein, holographic cosmos, instantaneous action at a distance, ad nauseum!  Think not of our beloved Czar of Back Action Timeline Engineering as the chief science officer aboard the Dark Star, but, rather, as an eccentric Lovecraftian uncle living in the attic who madly scrawls
out endless arcane equations, the chanting of which in the appropriate order opens vast rifts in the space/time continuum, allowing the return of THE OLD ONES, with
whom we may interface over tea and scones.

(((((((((((O)))))))))))           Etiology of Mad Genii:

Stops asking questions.

That is:
Somewhere along the line, the genie in
the bottle stops asking questions, stops
seeking clarifications, and instead uses
the images from the bottle's inside
reflective surface to account for all
manner of external phenomena, which the
genie summarily delineates with the
internal play of self-reflecting imagery;
hence, dismissing in one fell swoop the
disturbing possibility that there is in
fact something actually existing
external to the mirror-generated self.

What manner of weirdity would cause
such a state?

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(((((((((((O)))))))))))           P.S.     Please accept my apology on behalf of my crazy
cohorts and I, for getting a little carried away with
the whole email thing.  It won't happen again.
You know, [weeks ago], I happened to catch the OCCUPIED
'Stormdrain' rebroadcast with Glenn Freezerburns,
wherein s/he [it] hosted various representatives directly
involved with the Moist Rocky Planetoids Exhibit; and
listening to the 3-way trialogues -- a psychological
ideological tug-of-war between the three unique
perspectives involved -- it rapidly became apparent,
the microcosmic struggle over something as seemingly
inane as an Unholy Trinity Consortium, and the horrific
macrocosmic struggle of the generations old Third Planet
Posturing Nightmare, that the only true genuine hope in
all of this is probably people like you.  Therefore,
please accept my (our) naive, humble encouragement to
you to always remain positive and open to all
possibilities, for as long as you are able to exhibit
the peaceful beauty of your spirit, and those you share
your struggle with, you will certainly succeed at
whatever you seek.  Maybe not today, or the day after
tomorrow, or even in your lifetime, but eventually,
in this sad whirling world, one day for sure.
Take care, and all the best!
-- G00G00 GJ00B  [ 3O|OCT|2OII ] (DONE!)

(((((((((((O)))))))))))           JACK SARFATTI wrote:
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| Subject: My SLAC Stanford University American Physical |          Society talk on signal non locality on 11-11-11
| From: JACK SARFATTI | Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 13:27:01 -0700
| To: JACK SARFATTI Session C1: AMO & HEP Theory

4:00 PM--5:24 PM, Friday, November 11, 2011
Bldg 48 - ROB Room: Redwood A/B
Chair: Virginia Trimble, University of California, Irvine

Abstract: C1.00002 : Is entanglement signaling really impossible?

4:12 PM--4:24 PM
Preview Abstract
Jack Sarfatti

Quantum information theory is based on the premise that entanglement cannot be used as a stand-alone communication channel without a classical signal key decoder. The proof depends on linearity of observables, orthogonal base states, and unitary time evolution between measurements of the Schrodinger equation in configuration space. Spontaneous symmetry breakdown giving a Higgs-Goldstone condensate macro-quantum coherent Glauber ground state has a nonlinear non-unitary Landau-Ginzburg equation in ordinary physical space. The Glauber coherent states are non-orthogonal. The conditions for no-entanglement signaling are not satisfied in this case and it may mean the need for a generalized quantum theory that is to orthodox quantum theory as general relativity is to special relativity.

News Science

Quantum keys let submarines talk securely as Sarfatti predicted 30 years ago.

See David Kaiser's account of the Chickering letter in "How the Hippies Saved Physics" before the mainstream physics community even had a clue about this.

"Submarines must be able to talk securely with remote naval bases while remaining submerged. Could quantum communications allow them to pull off this technically challenging feat?

Submarines employ random "keys" known as one-time pads to encrypt messages. Each key can only be used once, making it impossible for eavesdroppers to crack the code.

One problem with this is that the key must be securely agreed before the submarine leaves base. There is a risk involved in having many keys on board, in case the sub is captured and they fall into hostile hands.

The other problem is that submarines receive messages using low-frequency radio waves that can penetrate water, but only a few characters per second can be transmitted at these frequencies. To receive high frequencies, which can boost the data rate, submarines have to surface and risk detection.

'You want the submarine to be undetectable for as long as possible - we're talking about several weeks," says Marco Lanzagorta, director of quantum technologies at US defense firm ITT.'

He suggests that a technique called quantum key distribution (QKD) could solve these problems. It uses the quantum properties of photons, which are polarised in two different ways to encode 0s and 1s, to generate and exchange a key. Any attempt to intercept the photons disturbs these properties and raises the alarm."

Written by :
Kim Burrafato
Copyright (c) 2010 On Oct 30, 2011, at 12:28 AM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

From Werner Von Braun's V2 to my V6 ;-)

On Oct 30, 2011, at 12:03 AM, Mark Thornally wrote:

Are Low Power Warp Drive and Retrocausal
Quantum Entanglement Interstellar Space
Command Control Communication Possible?

Jack Sarfatti
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
San Francisco, CA 94133


I propose two plausibly practical near-term
profound super-technology game-changers for
the DARPA-NASA 100 Year Starship Project.
They would allow C^3 from the Pentagon/Langley
in present real time of far interstellar,
intergalactic and even interworld drone and
human missions throughout the conjectured
multiverse string theory landscape of parallel
universes -- if the multiverse exists.
All conventional forms of spacecraft propulsion
are unlikely to motivate largescale private
capital because the Einstein time dilations
for interstellar travels even to the nearest
exo-planet are simply too long for practical
profitable commerce. The long-term
living-in-space habitat problems are likely
to be too difficult. The cost in our declining
world economy seemingly on the brink of
financial if not environmental collapse in 2011
appear to be too great. However, recent
discoveries in the slowing of the speed of
light in Bose-Einstein condensates and the
negative electric permittivity and magnetic
permeability in partially-fractal broad-band
metamaterials suggests a low power speculative
possibility for warp drive based on Einstein's
orthodox field equation for gravity coupled to
the longitudinal non-propagating electromagnetic
near field. Suppose, for example, that we can
slow down the speed of light...
...This would break the space-time stiffness
barrier to low power warp-wormhole technology.
This conjecture is entirely new and needs
further investigation. The unitarity and
(sub-quantal hidden-variable thermal equilibrium)
Born probability axioms of quantum theory are
proved to break down in the presence of Higgs-
Goldstone spontaneous symmetry breaking in the
ground states of complex systems. This permits
stand-alone, possibly back-from-the future
(retrocausal) nonlocal entanglement signals
for instant interstellar space communications
without light speed retarded time delayed keys
to unlock the messages. This is a violation of
the no-entanglement signal theorem of special
orthodox microquantum theory by a more general
macro-quantum coherent post-quantum theory
similar to the violation of global special
relativity by local general relativity where
the former is a limiting case of the latter.
Nobel prize laureate P.W. Anderson calls this
kind of emergence of new higher-level order
"More is different."

Keywords: warp drive, wormholes,
metamaterials, dark energy, slow light,
future event horizon, past particle horizon,
multiverse, Arrow of Time, hologram universe,
quantum entanglement, signal nonlocality,
rapid space communications
Thanks to Paul Murad and Professor
James Woodward for useful suggestions
and to Dr. Ronald Pandolfi, Directorate
Science and Technology CIA, for inviting
me to the June, 2008 JASON meeting on
Chinese and US research in high frequency
gravitational radiation at General Atomics
in La Jolla, California where I learned
about the Navy's keen interest in
metamaterials. This meeting
triggered the current paper. V6 DARPA-NASA Star Ship paper

-=[[ NOTE: Dr Tamara Davis's Ph.D. dissertation available online from her home page. Fundamental Aspects of the Expansion
of the Universe and Cosmic Horizons: UNSW Ph.D. Thesis 2004. NEWS Article in University of New South Wales:

How the Hippies Saved Physics by David Kaiser

How The Hippies Saved Physics

(((((((((((O)))))))))))           __________________________________________________

SCALAR 1990 --   [Excerpt]

"They took manufacturing skills to incredible heights, devoid of all restraint, possessing the fundamental secrets to matter and energy, and apparently willing and able to utilize those secrets.  Within this bold realm, however, resides a nightmarish quality, in so far as their method of development and motivation. Some tremendously horrific distortions manifest there. For example, the planet's sentient inhabitants were structured in a rigidly controlled hierarchy, with an ethical system unrecognizable from what we value: uncaring, cold, indifferent to personal freedoms; everything and everyone served the arcane purpose of the all-controlling 'complex,' and the 'complex' used everyone mercilessly."

"...and there was something really odd about these people. It was as if their minds were exclusively utilitarian in nature. Nothing superfluous to the task at hand, as if the pleasure centers of their brains were nonexistent, or evolved a subordinate function in relation to this enormous structure..." [...]