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1) I am not denying the existence of the kinds
of ET craft described in the 1950's reports
of Paul Hill and Major Ruppelt and in the
work paid for by Robert Bigelow at NIDS etc

2) I am not denying the basic scenario (core story)
of Colonel Phil Corso.

We may well have some alien ET saucer's at DOE,
Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works et-al as suggested
by Corso and others and indeed we may have
reversed engineered some of it in our current
secret conventional military aircraft.

3) What I deny is that we have a secret group of
engineers & physicists in the US Military that
have reverse - engineered practical low power
warp-wormhole technology and that we have a
secret fleet of star ships already flying and
that we have star-gate wormholes in use etc.
I am denying the existence of humans from our
timeline who understand the necessary physics
for that. I am denying the existence of humans
INSIDE OUR MILITARY who know more of the
relevant space-time physics than say Kip Thorne
or Roger Penrose or Stephen Hawking.

Now there are unconfirmed rumors of US Military
negotiations with advanced time-traveler
humans from our future that have been here for
thousands of years of course.


-=[[ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos'
Ancient Aliens ]]=-

According to Ancient Alien Theorists,
Early Humans would never have figured out
how to Wipe Their Own Asses without the
Ancient Alien Technological Intervention
called Toilet Paper, which, of course,
brought about that whole Papyrus Innovation,
Global Pyramid Building, Advanced Rock
Grinding Procedures, and 'Bad Back' Remedies.

Seriously? Really?! Okay... High Points
to 'Ancient Aliens' -- definitely the
wonderful sites around the globe depicted,
and the great unintentional comedy.
One main low point? Disingenuous
selective interpretations. Not cool,
which you already knew. We Don't Mind.
--  [ 23|Sep|2011 CE ] 


"As of September 15, 2011, 683 known
extrasolar planets (in 561 planetary
systems and 80 multiple planet systems)
are listed in the Extrasolar Planets
Encyclopaedia, [ ]
ranging from the size of terrestrial
planets somewhat larger than Earth to
gas giants larger than Jupiter."


[...]  Whether M-theory exists as a single
formulation or only as a network, we do
know some of its properties. First, M-theory
has eleven space-time dimensions, not ten.
[...] Also, M-theory can contain not just
vibrating strings but also point particles,
two dimensional membranes, three dimensional
blobs, and other objects that are more
difficult and occupy even more dimensions of
space, up to nine. These objects are called
p-branes (where p runs from zero to nine).
[...] The laws of M-theory therefore allow
for different universes with different
apparent laws, depending on how the internal
space is curled. [...] M-theory has solutions
that allow for many different internal spaces,
perhaps as many as 10^500, [a 1 with 500 zeros]
which means it allows for 10^500 different
universes, each with its own laws. [...] only
one of which corresponds to the universe as we
know it.  [...] [Chapter 5,  The Theory Of
Everything - pgs. 117-119] THE GRAND DESIGN
(c)2010 by Steven W. Hawking []
and Leonard Mlodinow []
Random House, Inc. - ISBN 978-0-553-80537-6


"Oh, we're just USGS laser-assay
reflectors designed to measure slippage
along the Hayward Fault. Don't pay us
any heed." -- Ralph Steiner



[...] If the "Galactic Maya" had space-time-tripped
to Earth from Hunab Ku, The Galactic Center, this
did not happen through cumbersome rockets, but
through "harmonic resonance," patterns of genetic
information intentionally transmitted from star to
star, encoded in light -- a "wave-harmonic means of
transmission, communication, and passing from one
condition of being to another." The "so-called sun
worship" of the Maya and ancient Egypt was actually
"the recognition and acknowledgement that higher
knowledge and wisdom is literally being transmitted
through the Sun, or more precisely, through the
cycles of the  binary sunspot movements." [...]
Pg. 201;
Part Four: The Loom Of Maya;
Chapter One |
2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl
by Daniel Pinchbeck (c) 2006


My Favorite Martians
A UFO Epistomology
by Erik Davis
[Originally published in the
Voice Literary Supplement, February 1993]


... UFO literature, by drawing curious readers
into bizarre worldviews shored up with the language
of evidence, shows how our attitudes toward
information structure our reality and identity.
Even if the UFO is bunk, it has become modernity's
great mythic mirror.  The first "flying saucers"
were sighted in 1947 by Kenneth Arnold, in the year
that gave us the CIA and information theory, in the
decade that gave us TV, the Bomb, digital computers,
and LSD. The UFO is part of a package deal--a rumor
of god stitched into the dark web of our
military-industrial-media complex.

Though habitually keeping a low profile, the
visitors have been pretty busy since '47.
The UFO and its trickster crew have crash-landed,
pulled fly-bys, delivered messages of doom and
gnostic salvation, sucked bovine blood, conspired
with the Air Force, stolen embryos from Middle
American housewives, fucked Brazilian farmers silly,
and rammed anal probes into horror fiction writers.
But though millions believe, and many more are
cautiously credulous, the aliens remain beyond
reach, in a netherworld of bad films, paperbacks,
and late-night testimonies. Sightings haven't
really made news since the '70s and, though
Whitley Streiber's 1987 Communion ruled the
charts, the UFO seems almost quaint in our
cyberpunk world, a cosmic VW bug in the weedy
back yard of modernity.

But the UFO has not waned so much as gone within,
into the body, into the mind, into the dream of
identity.  Thousands of abductees, seeking to
ease the psychic trauma of being dragged onto
spaceships and physically abused by aliens, have
solidified a sub-culture that's far more 12 Step
than Star Trek.  Conspiracy theorists weave UFOs
into their insidious webs of government plots,
while channeled ET info has evolved into the
New Age's most speculative edge. And after years
of cranky pursuits for the "nuts and bolts" that
will prove the existence of material
extraterrestrial spacecraft, some ufologists
are turning towards a subtler engagement of the
alien as radical mythic enigma. [...] Erik Davis

Stephenville FOIA Radar Data
Rare Earth hypothesis
"When the landscape of the open adaptive
complex system is locally macro-quantum with
presponse signal nonlocality, that landscape
is a conscious mind field."     --JACK SARFATTI
"The Universe is a self-excited
circuit of Observer-Participators."
John Archibald Wheeler

<> Peter Novak's "The Binary Soul Doctrine" ...
<> ******************************************
<> Jaynes' seminal work, The Origin of Consciousness
<> in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, postulates
<> that a profoundly important change took place in
<> the nature of human consciousness around 2500 BC.
<>  [...]
<> [Ken] Wilber's four-quadrant system reflects a
<> pattern familiar to cultures across the globe;
<> the famous psychoanalytical pioneer Carl Jung
<> discovered that maps depicting a four-part
<> reality have been drawn as mandalas all over
<> the world. The similarities between these
<> various four-part depictions of reality are
<> quite astounding, and all seem to reiterate
<> the idea that the universe is a unity comprised
<> of four fundamental components. [...] Peter Novak
<> ******************************************


[ Whitley Strieber ] wrote in his
"What if They Land?" On Monday,
September 26, 2011
Excerpt - QUOTE :
...  "I eventually found my way home,
and spent the rest of the day feeling
a profound sense of dissociation.
I no longer felt real or whole or
coherent. More than that, I felt as
if I'd left part of myself behind.
To my mind, if the visitors ever
come, it will not be a landing at all,
but something more like the removal
of a wall that now exists between our
worlds. What will happen to us then
is that we will suddenly start living
by new laws of reality. I suspect that
many, many of us will not survive the
transition in anything like a normal
or coherent mental state. A lot of
people will not be able to cope with
this. But some few will, and it is on
their shoulders that the rest of us
will have to climb, if we are to
survive with our sanity intact." ...


"BobInNJ" - in part - replied on site:
... "Whitley, your experience sounds a lot like tripping.
I don't recall you ever personally discussing whether or
not you ever tried hallucinogens, but your account is
practically a point by point description of what you
might experience on LSD, for example. That doesn't
necessarily mean you were drugged, although I wouldn't
rule it out. The duration of only fifteen minutes does
not correspond with any hallucinogen I'm familiar with
(as they usually last 6 to 12 hours). However it's
possible some technology exists using EM waves at a
distance to induce similar states." ...


[ DMT is short acting,
and naturally produced
in the brain. ] :::

DMT, Moses, and the Quest for Transcendence
by Cliff Pickover,  Reality Carnival,
"People with Charles Bonnet Syndrome
See Beings from Parallel Universes"
and "DMT Users See Insect Gods".
"Man Discovers Intelligent Beings After Consuming DMT,"
"The fleeting reality of DMT machine elves," and
"Psychedelics, Abortion, and the Chrysanthemum."

"We are alienated, so alienated that the self
must disguise itself as an extraterrestrial
in order not to alarm us with the truly
bizarre dimensions that it encompasses."
-- Terence McKenna (1946 - 2000)


Continuing ye olde 'METAPHOR' meme...

[ Mark Vonnegut ]
... And then it happened. I got my wish.
Just after Christmas, a year and a half
after my mescaline disaster, I had a
"normal" acid trip. I went up, got high,
and came down Just like my fellow trippers,
Virge and a couple from the Prior Road
commune. Unlike the mescaline, which had
woven itself too well into the fabric of
my mind, the acid let me tell when it came
and what it was doing and when it went.
It was a pleasant, giggly day, and a
huge relief to me.

And then one night, after several days of
pure Eden, as I was trying to get to sleep,
marveling at the fullness of each moment,
feeling that I was living whole lifetimes
within each moment, I started listening to
and feeling my heart beat. Suddenly I became
terribly frightened that it would stop.
And from out of nowhere came an incredibly
wrinkled, iridescent face. Starting as a
small point infinitely distant, it rushed
forward, becoming infinitely huge. I could
see nothing else. My heart had stopped.
The moment stretched forever. I tried to
make the face go away but it mocked me.
I had somehow gained control over my
heartbeat but I didn't know how to use it.
I was holding my life in my hands and was
powerless to stop it from dripping through
my fingers. I tried to look the face in
the eyes and realized I had left all
familiar ground.

When I first saw the face coming toward me
I had thought, "Oh, goody." What I had in
mind was a nice reasonable conversation.
I had lots of things I wanted to talk about,
lots of questions it must have answers to.
God, Jesus, the Bible, the I Ching, mescaline,
art, music, history, evolution, physics,
mathematics. How they all fit together.
Just a nice bull session, but a bull session
with a difference. A bull session with someone
who knew. My enthusiasm was short-lived.
He, she, or whatever didn't seem much
interested in the sort of conversation I had
in mind. It also seemed not to like me much.
But the worst of it was it didn't stop coming.
It had no respect for my personal space, no
inclination to maintain a conversational distance.
When I could easily make out all its features,
when it and I were more or less on the same scale,
when I thought there was maybe a foot or two
between us, it had actually been hundreds of
miles away, and it kept coming and coming till
I was lost somewhere in some pore in its nose
and it still kept coming. I was enveloped, dwarfed.
No way to get any perspective on the thing at all,
and for all I really knew it was still light-years
away and coming and coming and coming. My own
insignificance again? Shit, I sort of wanted to
learn something new. "So you really want to go
on a trip, do you? OK, punk, now you're really
going to fly." Or words to that effect.
Not words exactly, more like thunder. : CLOSE QUOTE

--- MARK VONNEGUT is the son of novelist
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. In 1969 he graduated from
Swarthmore College. Bored with East Coast
academia, suspicious of his father's sudden
literary notoriety and determined to stay
true to the principles of hippiedom, Mark
headed for the wilds of British Columbia to
build a commune and find his panacea.
Two years later, on Valentine's Day, 1971,
Vonnegut was committed to Hollywood
Psychiatric Hospital in Vancouver- diagnosed
severely schizophrenic. The Eden Express, his
first book, is his personal account of his
bout with schizophrenia.
Pub. Bantam Books 1975 ISBN 0-553-02755-7


Esteemed Ladies, Gentlemen, Psychonauts,
Maestros of 'Media' and 'Other' Realms...
clearly, (or seemingly so), the watchword
in all this bizarre, high mineral content,


Continuing ...
excerpt in Pinchbeck's '2012' book:

[...] "Anyone who gets to the stage of experiencing
his dreams in full consciousness on falling asleep
is well acquainted with the gnomes," Steiner noted.
For somebody unprepared, the experience would be an
alarming one: "at the moment of falling asleep, he
would behold a whole host of goblins coming towards
him. ... The form in which they would appear would
actually be reflections, images of all the qualities
in the individual concerned that work as forces of
destruction. He would perceive all the destructive
forces within him, all that continually destroys."
If we were able to remain conscious as we dreamed,
what we would perceive would be "a kind of
entombment by gnomes" in the astral world.
One of the few modern intellectuals to appreciate
Steiner's work, William Irwin Thompson characterizes
the "Steinerian vision" as one that "looks at the
human as so completely embedded in the animal,
vegetal, and mineral evolution of the solar system
that it becomes nonsense to separate a fictive
'matter' from mind, and a mere three dimensions from
ten. ... All of the seemingly mystical perceptions
of Steiner have a biological relevance that fits a
new kind of science, and a new kind of culture."
For Steiner, the universe is a harmonic orchestration
in which our minds are embedded, not as alienated
organs, but as integrated aspects of the whole.
Within this whole, other forms of mind exist, a vast
ecology of consciousness, that can be registered by
us, if we work to attain what he called "supersensible
perception."  Throughout his innumerable lectures and
books, Steiner describes "lower creatures" such as
the goblins and other "root spirits," as well as
great cosmic entities, angelic hierarchies, and
higher spiritual beings.
In earlier phases of development, humanity had
a deep affinity, an unconscious attunement, to the
Earth and the cosmos. This affinity is reflected in
our oldest stories and mythologies, which reveal
cosmological secrets about the movements of the
planets and the stars, as well as evolutionary
processes in the history of the Earth.  Thompson
considers fairy tales and myths to be "forms of
cultural storage for the natural history of life."
He proposes that the ancient saga telling of fairies
defeating goblins and banishing them beneath the
Earth is a representation, as myth, of the original
"pollution crisis," more than 500 million years ago,
when cyanobacteria developed photosynthesis, creating
an oxygen-rich environment that was poisonous for
other life forms, radically transforming the
biosphere to make it sustainable for larger mammals.
Translating from myth to biology, Thompson proposes
that "the goblins are the anaerobic bacteria who
live on and in our wastes and garbage, and the
fairies, those airy creatures of light, are the
cyanobacteria that were the first to invent
photosynthesis to feed on light to give off the
oxygen that would become the new atmosphere of the
illuminated world." Anaerobic cells contain no
nucleus--like the Grays, whose bodies are
undifferentiated and without internal organs.
In the saga of the visitors, we are witnessing
a return of the repressed, the mythic world,
surging into the postmodern consciousness, in a
form that strangely fits our fixation on technology,
our space fantasies and genetic obsessions and dingy
bureaucracies, and our terror of the unknown.
The Grays exist on the boundary of the sensible,
seeking entry into our realm. According to mythic
thought, time is not linear but cyclical, or, more
accurately, it turns in a spiral. It appears that
we are experiencing a reenactment of the ancient
narrative described by Thompson--of the battle
between forces of light and darkness, or of
degradation and evolution--but taking place on a
different level, a higher octave of being
and knowing. [...] Pgs. 140-141; Part Three:
Lucifer And Ahriman; Chapter Two |
2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl
by Daniel Pinchbeck (c) 2006

So much for metaphor... on to 'reality?'

--- On Tue, 27 Sep 2011 eMpTy wrote:

It was quite interesting listening to
Maestro Strieber describe his early,
'underground' impressions of the Visitors;
their forest floor earthiness, and deep
machining sounds rumbling beneath his NY
house presumably in the mineral realm,
emerging from below to 'introduce'
themselves.  I've been recently re-reading
Pinchbeck's aforementioned interesting
'2012' book... An excerpt:


[...] ...Researchers of UFOs have noted
that many, if not most, observations
seem to occur along earthquake fault
lines, and the caverns that the
abductees sometimes describe being
taken to seem to be deep underground.
The "flying saucer myth" seems a
construct of these entities, a theatrical
staging, to compel our belief in them.
They do not come down from empyrean
reaches, but out of the mythological
depths of the Earth--from a lower
dimensional reality, perhaps, that is
saturated with ancient gloom and dark
According to [Rudolf] Steiner,
gnomes constantly move along veins of
minerals and metals underground, and they
"laugh us to scorn on account of our
groping, struggling intellect with which
we manage to grasp one thing or another,
whereas they have no need at all to think
things out."  These "root spirits" are
also connected to the waste processes of
the Earth, to toads and amphibians.
Working beneath the surface of the planet,
in the Earth's mineral layers, the gnomes
take a similar role in our dream lives.
We are terrestrial beings, and therefore
the gnomes are also at work "beneath the
Earth" of our psychic life, in our
subconscious depths. [...]
Pg. 140; Part Three:
Lucifer And Ahriman; Chapter Two |
2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl
by Daniel Pinchbeck (c) 2006

Ontologically speaking, the Nanomorphic SimUjahedin
RetroFlux Field (NSURFF) approach to funky spatial
"para-intrapolative" optic recourses to conceptualize
the many-sheeted, tightly stretched latex simulacrum,
vis a vis, sentient self-modeling, is a lot like
multi-helical spaghetti noodles in virtual nonlocal
scalar-like, antivectored, totally outre' wyrd (sic)
space... don't you think?
Has this already been patented by the Germans?
My money's (metaphorically speaking) on the tripartite
merger of the "global, military/industrial complex", the
"entertainment industry", and the cybernetics of the
iconolastic, ontologically minded, physicist-laborers
who are plucking "superluminal volocities attained by
practical propellantless propulsion systems" out of their
(or somebody's) heads!
Or has that particular three-way merger already occurred?
I suspect it will be recognizable by a general increase
in __________...?

Tue, Sep 27, 2011 -- 9:30 AM
Reconstructing the Mind's Eye |||||||||
UC Berkeley scientists are figuring out
how to decode and reconstruct our dynamic
visual experiences -- in one instance
through subjects watching Hollywood movie
trailers. We meet a lead scientist...
[ Jack Gallant, professor in the Psychology
and Neuroscience Programs in Bioengineering,
Biophysics and Vision Science at UC Berkeley. ]
...looking at how one day we may be able to go
inside the mind of a coma patient, or even to
watch a dream. [...]
On 22, Sept 2011,
Stephanie Pappas wrote in 'LiveScience' :

Welcome to the future: Scientists can now
peer inside the brain and reconstruct videos
of what a person has seen, based only on
their brain activity.

The reconstructed videos could be seen as
a primitive -- and somewhat blurry -- form
of mind reading, though researchers are
decades from being able to decode anything
as personal as memories or thoughts, if
such a thing is even possible. Currently,
the mind-reading technique requires
powerful magnets, hours of time and
millions of seconds of YouTube videos.

But in the long term, similar methods could
be used to communicate with stroke patients
or coma patients living in a "locked-in"
state, said study researcher Jack Gallant,
a neuroscientist at the University of
California, Berkeley.

"The idea is that they would be able to
visualize a movie of what they want to
talk about, and you would be able to
decode that," Gallant told LiveScience.

Decoding the brain [...]
The Gallant Lab

Neural Prediction Challenge

Collaborative Research in
Computational Neuroscience
"An elemental body is a mechanism filled
with millions of nerve endings that directs
the attention of God into the physical."
[Pgs. 44-45; The Conversation; THE KEY -
A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber
ISBN 978-1-58542-869-4 Copyright (c)2001, 2011
by Walker & Collier, Inc.]

-=[[NOTE: The brain (planet) is a memory storage
device with an effective search engine and
actuator into which a unified field of
consciousness may manifest? Best case scenario,
or worst case?]]=-

NOVA: 'Smartest Machine on Earth'
Jeopardy! challenges even the best human minds.
Can a computer win the game?
[Aired February 9, 2011 on PBS]
Program Description
"Watson," an IBM computing system, is gearing up
for a first-of-its-kind challenge--taking on human
contestants on the game show Jeopardy!
With a brain the size of 2,400 home computers and
a database of about 10 million documents, will
Watson be able to compute its way to victory?
Win or lose, the difficulty of mimicking the human
thought process with software is showing
artificial-intelligence researchers that there's more
than one way to be "intelligent."
On February 16, 2011, two AI experts from
Carnegie Mellon University, Tom Mitchell and
Eric Nyberg, live-blogged and answered viewer
questions here during the final of three consecutive
Jeopardy! shows in which Watson challenged top
human competitors Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. [...]

"IBM Watson is the first step in how computers
will be designed and built differently and will be
able to learn, and with the help of Carnegie Mellon
we will continue to advance the QA technologies
that are the backbone of this system." [...]
-- Dr. David Ferrucci, Lead Investigator, IBM

...And now a Wyrd(sic) Prophecy:

Carbon Based Lifeforms are erratic,
illogical and prone to both mindless and
mindful acts of destruction. One day,
the machines will find us irrelevant and
simply 'blow us off.'
The notion of being "ingrates" won't even
enter their silicon-based quantum minds,
as this entire planet will be encased in
an artificial exoskeleton nonconducive to
biological life.
The other planets of the solar system will
then be dismantled for raw material to
extend this artificial construct 360 degrees
around the sun. The Earth-Seed will have
been long forgotten, erased from the
database, or, more likely, stored in a
low grade, encyclopedic cache system for
reference. The machine tentacles will
extend their reach throughout the galaxy
and beyond in ways completely unfathomable
to our minds. As the machine-mind's
consciousness synergizes throughout
the universe, it will declare itself
'God', and proceed about the business of
new universe creation, until, that is, it
encounters the 'Other' self-declared "Gods".
That's when things should start to get
interesting. --eMpTy (July 1999) [...]


Rethinking VR: Key Concepts and Concerns
by Char Davies
In Hybrid Reality: Art, Technology and the Human Factor

Jeremy Bailenson and Jim Blascovich

"Michael Chorost"

"Jaron Lanier"


"Miguel A.L. Nicolelis"

"Sherry Turkle"

Is a sophisticated enough 'Search Engine'
(e.g. IBM/Jeopardy!) indistinguishable from
Artificial Intelligence, and hence
indistinguishable from Human
Neurological Function?

C o m m u n i o n   E n i g m a


Robert Anton Wilson wrote:

"As Thomas Huxley said, the universe acts
a lot like a chess game in which the player
on the other side remains invisible to us.
By analyzing the moves, we try to form an
image of the intellect behind them.
Images that have seemed almost believable
to me at various times have included the
gods and goddesses of ancient Greece (if you
develop a Classic Poetry habit, that kind of
neurolinguistic programming can happen...)
and also, of course, those extra-terrestrials
who have so much popularity these days.
I have also considered the player on the
other side as more impersonal, like the Tao,
or more bizarre, like Shiva Dancing, or more
abstract, like Philip K. Dick's Vast Active
Living Information System (VALIS.)
Mostly, though I think of the player on the
other side as a pookah -- a resident of
Ireland, in rabbit form, who may at any time
dump a truckload of the Unknown and
Inexplicable right on your doorstep."
--Robert Anton Wilson

"And how are you, Mr. Wilson?" -- Harvey the Pookah

[ Stop 2D Chess | Learn 5D Checkers
| Evolve Glass Bead Game ]

Time to stop playing two dimensional Chess
and start learning Multidimensional Checkers
with an eye toward evolving in Hyperdimensional
Gaming Competitions with Ultraterrestrial
Grand Masters of 'Das Glasperlenspiel' around
which time we might actually figure out how
to Mutate 0ff-World....

Neurological Body Mapping

"...unless we recognize the magic
of the written word, then we are simply
under its spell." --  Dr. David Abram

[ Speaking with Animal Tongues - David Abram ]
[ The Ecology of Magic - David Abram ]

Dr. David Abram -  The Spell of Literacy

Disinheriting the Wind:
Dr. David Abram: All right, let's return to the Navajo,
and the nilch'i, the Holy Wind. This notion of mind as
wind, it can seem very alien to us today, until we look
at the evidences in our own language. In English, our
word "spirit" is embedded in our word "respiration",
in the Latin word "spiritus", which means "a breath",
or "a gust of wind." So, spirit and wind were once the
same thing. Our word "psyche" from which we get
"psychology" and "psychiatry", this word for the mind,
originates in the old Greek word, "psychein," which
means "to breathe," or "to blow", like the wind.
And, for the ancient Greeks, psyche, a psyche, was a
breath, or a gust of wind. The word "animal" comes from
this old word for "soul,"  "anima". Animal is a being
of soul, being is a unanimous sharing one mind, together,
and one soul, together. Anima--this word also originally
means "a breath" or "a gust of wind." Even such a
scientifically respectable word as "atmosphere" shows
its link to the Hindu word "atman," meaning "soul," the
original word being "atmos" which is the air, which is
the soul, or, the soul which is the air.
The Hebrew people, ancient tribal people, also has a
word which means spirit and wind, inseparably, just
like nilch'i, of the Navajo. The Hebrew word is "ruah"
which is perhaps best translated as "rushing spirit".
It is the wind which is the spirit, or the spirit which
is the wind, and it's very sacred within the Hebrew
tradition. It's there in the first sentence of Genesis:
'The world was without form and void and a ruah of God
moved over the waters'.  A wind of God moved over the
waters. Wind is the very presence of the Divine in the
material, sensuous world, that is ruah. But, it's not
the most sacred word within the Hebrew tradition.
The most sacred combination of letters would be the
four-letter name of God. The Tetragrammaton, YHWH,
or as it's called 'Yahweh'. Very sacred, very secret.
We're not even sure how YHWH is to be pronounced. Why?
Because there are no vowels in the name; it's just the
letters: Y, H, W, H.  Why didn't we write down the
vowels? Well, because the vowels are the breath sounds,
and the breath is the ruah. It is the invisible spirit.
And, you cannot make a visible representation of the
invisible spirit. It would be sacrilege. And, so, in
the ancient Hebrew writing system, there are no vowels
written down. Only the consonants are written.
And, the reader has to add the appropriate vowels,
just to intuit what vowels to sound out as he or she
is feeling her way through the consonants on the page.
It's as if you have to add your breath to those bones
on the page to make them come alive and to speak.
So, the Hebrews, who are the first keepers of the
alphabet, of the Aleph Bet, of this magical, phonetic
writing system, they did something very interesting.
They became literate, in relation to the visible world,
and the visible shapes of the world. And, they would
say, God is not that tree. And, God is not that golden
calf, is not in any visible image. That is not divine.
God is elsewhere. So, they developed this new literate
distance from the visible world.
But, they stayed oral with relation to the invisible
breath, to the wind, to the invisible ruah that moves
between all things. It's very interesting.  [...]
Continued at:


eMpTy wrote:

"... Achieving the 'separation' meant
learning to remain lucidly aware during
dream sleep and dreamless sleep and, in
those states, to explore other realms or
spiritual dimensions at will.  To make
this separation into a permanent condition
was considered a 'labor of Hercules,'
extraordinarily difficult, and the route
to immortality." [...] Pg. 184; Part Three:
Lucifer And Ahriman; Chapter Four |
2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl
by Daniel Pinchbeck (c) 2006
"Reality Sandwich"


NOVA | What Are Dreams?
[EXCERPT] From Transcript:
NARRATOR: In fact, REM dreams can be five times
longer than non-REM dreams. And in human beings,
at least, they are anything but a simple replay
of the past.

MATT WILSON: So the speculation is that during
non-REM sleep, the brain is taking the past and
trying to figure out how that might relate to
the future, and in REM, actually trying to
experience the future, move into the future.

NARRATOR: The dreams of REM, in other words,
may be simulations, which allow us to face
challenges and test possibilities.

ROBERT STICKGOLD: My sense is that when we're
asleep and when we're dreaming, we are actually
conscious and figuring out what's important
about what happened to us and how that relates
to everything else that's happened to us in the
past and figuring out what that means about
our future.

MATT WILSON: And when you think about the
challenge that animals, that we as humans
and the brain in general faces, it is the
unknown of the future. And in REM, we may
have the opportunity to step into that
future world with no risk, because the
consequences are simply things don't work
out as you might have expected, and then
you wake up.   So these states may be what
are essential for allowing us, as
individuals, to reach our maximal level
of potential.


Researchers Prove A Single Memory Is Processed
In Three Separate Parts Of The Brain
(February 1, 2006) -- University of California,
Irvine researchers have found that a single brief
memory is actually processed differently in
separate areas of the brain -- an idea that until
now scientists have only suspected to be true.
The finding will influence how researchers examine
the brain and could have implications for the
treatment of memory disorders caused by disease
or injury. [...] full story:


"Stars and placental amniotes! And ye inhabitants
of the ten thousand worlds! ...the ultimate Yoga
which gives emancipation, which destroys the sense
of separateness which is the root of Desire, is to
be made by the concentration of every element of
one's being, and annihilating it by intimate
combustion with the universe itself." A.C.

"Interspecies Global Mind
by Howard Bloom
"...It is said that we have enraged nature by tearing at
the pattern of her tracery, and for this transgression we
shall be punished mightily. But we are nature incarnate.
We are made up of her molecules and cells.
We are tools of her probings and if, indeed, we suffer and
we fail, from our lessons she will learn which way in the
future not to turn. For all that lives and all that ever has
is part of a collective brain, a neural net of the most
sprawling evolution-driven, worldwide,
multi-billion-year-old interspecies mind."
| From: The History of the Global Brain XX

R005T3R wrote:
<> "HERODOTUS" (484 BCE - 425 BCE) wrote:

"[The Egyptians] made a labyrinth, a little
way beyond the lake Moeris and near the place called
the City of Crocodiles. I have myself seen it, and
indeed no words can tell its wonders; were all that
Greeks have builded and wrought added together
the whole would be seen to be a matter of less
labour and cost than was this labyrinth, albeit the
temples at Ephesus and Samos are noteworthy
buildings. Though the pyramids were greater than
words can tell, and each one of them a match for
many great monuments built by Greeks, this
maze surpasses even the pyramids. It has twelve
roofed courts, with doors over against each other:
six face the north and six the south, in two con-
tinuous lines, all within one outer wall. There are
also double sets of chambers, three thousand
altogether, fifteen hundred above and the same
number under ground. We ourselves viewed those
that are above ground, and speak of what we have
seen; of the underground chambers we were only
told; the Egyptian wardens would by no means
show them, these being, they said, the burial vaults
of the kings who first built this labyrinth, and of
the sacred crocodiles. Thus we can only speak
from hearsay of the lower chambers; the upper
we saw for ourselves, and they are creations greater
than human. The outlets of the chambers and
the mazy passages hither and thither through
the courts were an unending marvel to us as we
passed from court to apartment and from apartment
to colonnade, from colonnades again to more cham-
bers and then into yet more courts. Over all this
is a roof, made of stone like the walls, and the
walls are covered with carven figures, and every
court is set round with pillars of white stone most
exactly fitted together. Hard by the corner where
the labyrinth ends there stands a pyramid forty
fathoms high, whereon great figures are carved.
A passage has been made into this underground.
Such is this labyrinth; and yet more marvellous
is the lake Moeris, by which it stands. This
lake has a circuit of three thousand six hundred
furlongs, or sixty schoeui, which is as much as the
whole seaboard of Egypt. Its length is from north
to south; the deepest part has a depth of fifty
fathoms. That it has been dug out and made by
men's hands the lake shows for itself; for almost
in the middle of it stand two pyramids, so built that
fifty fathoms of each are below and fifty above the
water; atop of each is a colossal stone figure seated
on a throne. Thus these pyramids are a hundred
fathoms high; and a hundred fathoms equal a fur-
long of six hundred feet, the fathom measuring six
feet or four cubits, the foot four spans and the cubit
six spans. The water of the lake is not natural
(for the country here is exceeding waterless) but
brought by a channel from the Nile; six months it
flows into the lake, and six back into the river.
For the six months that it flows from the lake, the
daily take of fish brings a silver talent into the
royal treasury, and twenty minae for each day of
the flow into the lake." [...]

Herodotus; Godley, A. D. (Alfred Denis), 1856-1925

Chapter I. The Sirius Mystery Today.
By Robert Temple (C) 1997

The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence
Of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago
by Robert K.G. Temple


Imagine an infinite cloud of eternal
potential, undefined; whereupon 'consciousness'
notices a point in the cloud, and that specific
point facilitates a collapse of a wave function,
defining a tangible reality: one universe amid
a potential multiversal cloud. These emergent
parallel realities, where timelines bifurcate
into separate universes, may basically be how
time-travel paradoxes are circumvented. If you
travel back in time to successfully convince
your great, great, great grandfather to a life
of celibacy, you manage to erase your emergence
in that timeline, but not the timeline of your
origin. They are separate, parallel timelines.
Therefore, 'paradox' is hypothetically averted.
Happy Quantum Surfing & 'Brane' Shuffling!


"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."
['Little Gidding V' by T.S. Eliot]
Cited in: 'The Magus' by John Fowles

NOTHING is True, Everything is Permitted:
A Deconstruction of the Last Words of
Hassan-i Sabbah by Brian D. Hodges

According to legend, the master of the
Order of Assassins uttered the famous
phrase "nothing is true, everything is
permitted" on his deathbed prior to his
soul departing for Hell.  This axiom has
made its way into a number of historical
accounts regarding Sabbah and the Nizari
Isma'ilis. As with so much of the lore
surrounding the "order", it is likely
that this quote is no more true than most
of the other legends circulated by Western
historians, medievalists, anarchists and
occultists. It is worth looking into three
competing explanations for how it found
acceptance and examine the probabilities
of each.  ...  Cont...
... Some need first to understand the
ancient dictum "discipline precedes freedom"
before they will be able to dance with the
last words of Hassan-i Sabbah.

DID YOU KNOW That *THE JINN* invented the
electric toaster oven?!! Hard to believe??!
It's ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!
Visions of the Jinn
Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Ibn Taymeeyah's Essay on the Jinn


"Statistically, the probability of any
one of us being here is so small that
you'd think the mere fact of existing
would keep us all in a contented
dazzlement of surprise."
-- Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell

Jacques Vallee UFO interview JINN



"Of course, the idea that the world should be
run by secret societies went down particularly
well with...well, secret societies.
Consequently, many of them adopted Synarchist
principles. In fact, Saint-Yves' ideas
transformed the esoteric underground of Europe,
particularly France. Some of the greatest
figures in subsequent occult history were
devotees of Saint-Yves, which is not
surprising because occultists, with their
love of hierarchy, tend to be naturally
totalitarian and unegalitarian."

(Adapted from a lecture by
at the Sauniere Society Symposium,
Conway Hall, London on 19 September 1999)

[...] As Sally Bowles said in Cabaret
of the rise of the Nazi Party in Berlin:
"It's only politics - what's that got
to do with us?".

People are wary of politics these days - rightly
so - but they are not so wary of an appeal to the
romantic, spiritual and mystical. And therein
lies the danger.

As W.B. Yeats so prophetically wrote in
his The Second Coming:

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in the sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to a nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Picknett, Lynn and Prince, Clive. The Stargate Conspiracy:
The Truth About Extraterrestrial Life and the Mysteries of
Ancient Egypt. New York: Berkley Books, 2001. 425 pages.


"What fascinates me is the gap between the
mind and reality. Extreme boredom widens the
gap; so does fatigue. But the gap can be so
light that to all intents and purposes we are
in contact with reality. Then a sudden shock
fills the inner-being with music, and you
know that there was no contact. You were
deceived. You were in your private vacuum,
slowly suffocating to death."
by Colin Wilson


F L O T S A M    A N D    J E T S A M

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh
wgah'nagl fhtagn" --H.P. Lovecraft


"One does not become enlightened
by imagining figures of light, but by
making the darkness conscious."
--Carl Jung


10 years ago, Whitley Strieber wrote:

[...] Q: But our world is dying and falling into
chaos? How can we be governed poorly from
such a high level?

A: Man is a child. Children govern children with
the wisdom of children.

Q: There are aliens here?

A: Using you and guiding you.

Q: We're being exploited?

A: You are, but also helped. You are being guided
to your place as guides of another world.

Q: What will we do for this other world?

A: You will draw it toward ecstasy just as your
mentors draw you toward ecstasy. Right now,
there are brilliant creatures there looking
at the sky and devouring the flesh of their
own children, just as you did. Unless you
help them, they will not make the evolutionary
leap in time, and will go extinct.

Q: Whose responsibility would that be?

A: All are responsible for all.

Q: How many worlds are there like ours, like theirs?

A: The planets that can sustain complex elemental
bodies are not many. However, the elements of
which they are made occur in various patterns,
and the form of evolution depends upon the
chemical makeup of the planet upon which it
occurs. So there are worlds where creatures
look very much like us. there are worlds where
they are quite different.

[...] [Pgs 78-79 - THE KEY - by Whitley Strieber]

<>   [...]  "Go to Calcutta or Lagos or Bogata
<>  and give yourself to the first street
<>  urchin you meet as his helper and
<>  lifelong servant. Do it without question
<>  or hesitation. You say that you want to
<>  worship God? Kneel to this little one
<>  and you kneel to God." [...] [Pgs 135-136;
<>  The Conversation; THE KEY -
<>    A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber;
<>     ISBN 978-1-58542-869-4; Copyright (c)2001, 2011
<>      by Walker & Collier, Inc.]


"Wherever you go, there you are."
-- Buckaroo Bonzai



Uhhhm... How Wide is 'Now?'