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Obviously read Borges.

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Yes, I meant to say that

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We are definitely triggering a new fusion genre of science faction.

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Clever and obviously demented. :-)

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Date: November 6, 2011 16:13:32 PST
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Subject: Re: Non-Darwinian Mind [Re: Occupy Time, National Security, DARPA & Wikileaks (Re: Hal Puthoff - CIA RV Evidence for Entanglement Nonlocal Signaling)]

Last night I finished a 17 month study of the  Srepsirrhine  descended sentient prosimian lineage of QWL 1064B-8 commonly referred to by Travel Egg passengers as "Java-4", home of the Akoun Sriwas Island "lemur people."

Precis : Vocal mimicry is the central and unchallenged Axis about which revolve all issues of personal identity and social hierarchy among these velvet furred humanoids, at their current illiterate neolithic level of material culture. Possessing a dual larynx and a hollow saggital crest as an outgrowth of the orbital sinus, their vocal abilities are significantly more complex than any Terran mammal and perhaps only rivaled by our Psittacidae  avians.  Their predominant tone languages are divided into more than forty social stratified and  even inter-clan  and gendered dialects/ sub-languages.  Even more profound is their native facility with vocal mimicry and its unique role in their personal and group identity, for from the earliest age immediately on acquisition of basic spoken language every Sriwasan child begins learning vocal impersonation and its enormously complex  attendant set of rules and taboos.  Impersonation is not a useful term, however, as Sriwasans under strict clan and intra-clan customs do not believe they are impersonating their peers, they and all their peers firmly believe that they have under these conditions not merely 'borrowed' but become  the family member or peer that they imitate with perfect fidelity of vocal, psychological and body language-posture.  The enormous implications and complications of this trans-cultural phenomenon (as indeed even pre-verbal infants from a mere three weeks of age begin to imitate idiosyncratic parental facial expressions and tongue gestures) are the substance of this study.  No Sriwasan is a discrete individual in any sense a Terran human could comprehend,  for when they 'borrow the Voice'  (or even three voice(s) simultaneously using their dual larynx and extremely sophisticated linguistic  neural multi-tasking, which includes registers both below Terran hearing thresholds in the infra-sonic and beyond in the ultra-sound registers)  ;  they are for all intents and purposes completely filling the role of the 'character' they are in a sense 'acting', to the point where their fundamental cultural assumptions leave no room to even doubt that it is 'B' now speaking and not 'A'.  An individual was not observed on any occasion in any attempt to interrupt or 'claim' their own identity during this 'impersonation', though they were free to take on another peer's identity.  Personal nomenclatures are unknown, at most they are approximated by clan and kinship titles.  The actual 'finger print' of the vocal timbre  appears to primarily identify an "individual" as much as the word 'individual' can even be usefully applied, which is  here weakly at best.  In the following paper, I will attempt to begin a deconstruction of the vast complexities of this mimicry and its central role in the culture of the Sriwasan Srepsirrhines, but this is a most simplistic and early examination focusing on only the most elementary of their linguistic and social-hierarchical language variants, with special emphasis on  the rules and taboos regarding 'borrowed speech' among siblings and the additional taboos regarding the assumption of Voice among mated pairs and their single, unmated peers.  Some consideration in all these contexts must also  be given to those who have undertaken to speak for life with  the Voices of  those deceased, as well. One particular case will be examined of a lineage of vocal mimicry which appears to be at least forty  generations  in duration, and the implications this has for Sriwasan mytho-history, oral culture and political leadership.  Final speculation will be included regarding what role vocal mimicry may have to do with the apparent lack of organized violence among these humanoids, and the total lack of mention of conflict or warfare in the entirety of their oral tradition of history and story telling.  We were also not able to document in a single instance even one case of personal violence among these humanoids in any adult specimen, though the very young juveniles did have a tendency to rambunctious personal violence which tapers off swiftly in direct proportion to the sophistication of their  maturation of verbal fluency.
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Zato Quentin Bahrim I did a 17 month exo-anthropological study in my sleep last night, and wrote a 909 page paper on it. this is all I can now remember, and it is a rough draft at that
about an hour ago ·
Zato Quentin Bahrim in the dream, wrote all... 909 pages... with extensive use of charts, mathematics and diagrams
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Zato Quentin Bahrim I had to use special hearing aids to understand their speech that was below and above at times human hearing thresholds. I also had to use a computerized translator that provided a heads up display and did continuous field recording
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Neil Haverstick Were you tired when you woke up?
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Zato Quentin Bahrim very
12 minutes ago ·

"in costa rica the more sloth attach them self to your body the more powerful you are" - anonymous troll

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Subject: Re: Non-Darwinian Mind [Re: Occupy Time, National Security, DARPA & Wikileaks (Re: Hal Puthoff - CIA RV Evidence for Entanglement Nonlocal Signaling)]

You got it right. Dr. Barak Morgan is a friend and co-conspirator, interviewed in
Cognition Factor, published in Journal of Consciousness Studies, 17, No. 3?4, 2010, pp. 192?230
Neuroscience of the human brain for humanities.
Science needs this for its emotional evolution.

> --- On Sat, 11/5/11, Mike <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:
> [><]
> [>
> [> [> violating orthodox quantum theory
> [> [> in the macro-quantum coherent brain
> [>
> [> lets call it
> [> the non-Darwinian mind....
> [>
> [> schwann (not swann)
> [><]
> <] [>
> <] [>
> "Non-Darwinian Mind," suggests 'something'
> that has not evolved out of a crucible of
> competition or struggle. What could that
> be, O Prophet?  A quick GOOGLE search
> brought forth this quirky gem:
> -----------------------------------------------
> Barak Morgan
> Getting Scientific with Religion:
> A Darwinian Solution... Or Not?
> Abstract:
> Introducing non-Darwinian mind as a
> nonaptation (raw materials of evolution)
> I argue that Darwinian mind evolved from
> non-Darwinian mind through the evolution
> of desire and aversion. The subject position
> within Darwinian mind is Darwinian self and
> is inherently selfish.  However the cathexis
> whereby the subject prioritises motivations
> of desire and aversion is not an inherent
> property of mind. Instead it is proposed to
> be an adaptation, a predisposition to respond
> to pleasant/unpleasant sensations with
> desire/aversion. This explains why
> self-sacrifice and disengagement from
> desire/aversion are the sine qua non of
> serious commitment to the spiritual path,
> i.e. Darwinian self and desire/aversion are
> two sides of the same coin and erosion of one
> is erosion of the other. Thus, through
> self-renunciation and suspension of
> desire/aversion the seeker passes from
> adaptive selfish Darwinian mind towards
> nonaptive selfless non-Darwinian mind.
> But Darwinian mind automatically resists
> this transcendence by intensifying motivations
> of desire/aversion thereby explaining the
> extreme difficulties of the spiritual path.
> A theoretical distinction is made between
> evolved Darwinian 'morality' (self-serving
> 'unselfishness'), 'Darwinian' morality
> (genuine unselfishness) and amoral
> non-Darwinian kenosis (selflessness).
> These distinctions make it easy to disentangle
> scientific and religious jurisdictions on
> morality with important implications for both
> religious ethics and science's view of
> spirituality. All in all, the nonaptive theory
> of spiritual mind offers a unified solution to
> age-old problems which have been uncomfortably
> shifting this way and that in the interstices
> between biology, psychology, theology
> and philosophy.
> [ ]
> Correspondence: Barak Morgan,
> UCT/MRC Medical Imaging Research Unit,
> Dept of Human Biology, University of Cape Town,
> Private Bag X3, Observatory 7935, South Africa.
> Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
> -----------------------------------------------
> --- On Mon, 31 Oct 2011, "Jupiter" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:
> "Walking the spiritual path properly is a very subtle process;
> it is not something to jump into naively. There are numerous
> sidetracks which lead to a distorted, ego-centered version of
> spirituality; we can deceive ourselves into thinking we are
> developing spiritually when instead we are strengthing our
> egocentricity through spiritual techniques. This fundamental
> distortion may be referred to as spiritual materialism."
> --Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987)
> Author of: "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism"
> --- On Sat, 5/11/11, "Thorn Alley" wrote:
> |
> | --- On Fri, 4 November 2011, "astral projection" wrote:
> || -----0rigami Massage-----
> || Subject: Re: Hal Puthoff - CIA RV Evidence for
> ||          Entanglement Nonlocal Signaling
> || Date: Fri, 4 November 2011, 23:45
> || From: "astral projection" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
> || To: [|||] Cc: [|||] Bcc: [|||]
> for-2012/
> -----End 0f 0rigami Massage-----
> Hello, Pane 'astral projection' Andov;
> Perhaps you should look in on
> Millennium Twain, as he also suspects
> nefarious malfeasance (to be redundant)
> on the part of institutionalized
> mainstream science organs like NASA, et al. ...
> Twain
> ... And don't miss:
> "... Visual material, in the form of photographs, images and
> animations are available for use."
> Hipparcos Parallax Database
> In the meantime, for your 2012 amusement...
> _______________________________________
> F o u r t e e n   Y e a r s   A g o
> _______________________________________
> Jettisoning Religious Comparative
> Extrapolations ^ CHINA? [circa: 1997 CE]
> <snip>
> ... You might as well
> forget about it
> when that happens.
> Peace...
> (c)1997 MT
> ___________________________________________
> See also: "Cybridization" -:-
> ___________________________________________
> |||||||||||||
> "... Glauber states are non-orthogonal eigenstates
> of the non-Hermitian photon destruction operator ..."
> --[ ]--
> Wellllll... 0kay, if you say so...
> We do not doubt for one femtosecond that
> the physical brain configuration of highly
> practiced theoretical physicist synaesthetes
> are neurologically structured to hypothetically
> envision while ecstatically articulating genuine
> realms of euphoric abstract relationships of
> convoluted wonders in parallel enchantments
> betwixt and between the actual 'stuff' of
> the multiverse...
> Or as George Orwell once upon a time wrote:
> "Who controls the past, controls the future:
> who controls the present controls the past."
> |||||||||||||
> "In quantum mechanics a coherent state
> is a specific kind of quantum state of
> the quantum harmonic oscillator whose
> dynamics most closely resembles the
> oscillating behaviour of a classical
> harmonic oscillator. It was the first
> example of quantum dynamics when Erwin
> Schrodinger derived it in 1926 while
> searching for solutions of the
> Schrodinger equation that satisfy the
> correspondence principle. The quantum
> harmonic oscillator and hence, the
> coherent states, arises in the quantum
> theory of a wide range of physical
> systems. For instance, a coherent state
> describes the oscillating motion of the
> particle in a quadratic potential well.
> These states, defined as eigenvectors
> of the lowering operator and forming an
> overcomplete family, were introduced in
> the early papers of John R. Klauder.
> In the quantum theory of light (quantum
> electrodynamics) and other bosonic
> quantum field theories, coherent states
> were introduced by the work of Roy J.
> Glauber in 1963. Here the coherent state
> of a field describes an oscillating
> field, the closest quantum state to a
> classical sinusoidal wave such as a
> continuous laser wave.
> However, the concept of coherent states
> has been considerably generalized, to
> the extent that it has become a major
> topic in mathematical physics and in
> applied mathematics, with applications
> ranging from quantization to signal
> processing and image processing (see
> Coherent states in mathematical physics).
> For that reason, the coherent states
> associated to the quantum harmonic
> oscillator are usually called canonical
> coherent states (CCS) or standard
> coherent states or Gaussian states in
> the literature." [...]
> Eigenvalues and eigenvectors [...]
> "The eigenvectors of a square matrix
> are the non-zero vectors that, after being
> multiplied by the matrix, remain parallel
> to the original vector. For each eigenvector,
> the corresponding eigenvalue is the factor
> by which the eigenvector is scaled when
> multiplied by the matrix. The prefix eigen-
> is adopted from the German word 'eigen' for
> 'own' in the sense of a characteristic
> description. The eigenvectors are sometimes
> also called characteristic vectors. Similarly,
> the eigenvalues are also known as
> characteristic values. [...]
> These ideas often are extended to more general
> situations, where scalars are elements of any
> field, vectors are elements of any vector
> space, and linear transformations may or may
> not be represented by matrix multiplication.
> For example, instead of real numbers, scalars
> may be complex numbers; instead of arrows,
> vectors may be functions or frequencies;
> instead of matrix multiplication, linear
> transformations may be operators such as the
> derivative from calculus. These are only a
> few of countless examples where eigenvectors
> and eigenvalues are important.  In such cases,
> the concept of direction loses its ordinary
> meaning, and is given an abstract definition.
> Even so, if that abstract direction is
> unchanged by a given linear transformation,
> the prefix "eigen" is used, as in eigenfunction,
> eigenmode, eigenface, eigenstate, and
> eigenfrequency.   Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
> have many applications in both pure and applied
> mathematics. They are used in matrix
> factorization, in quantum mechanics, and in
> many other areas." [...]
> [...]  "Such a scheme, of course, envisages
> measurements partially destroying the coherence
> of the original pure state and leading to
> statistical mixtures of non-orthogonal states.
> Concept of this type of measurement ('partial
> collapse'), though unconventional, is not
> prima-facie inadmissible and can be dealt with,
> in principal, by appropriate generalization of
> the standard quantum theory of measurement [...]
> A simple example of a non-orthodox measurement
> in which the final states of the measuring
> apparatus are not orthogonal is a Stern-Gerlach
> experiment for spin-1/2 atoms where the magnetic
> field is very weak and the counters are placed
> so close together that each of the two separated
> beams has a finite probability of being
> registered in both the counters."  [...]
> o0O0o
> WikiLeaks and Carl Lundstrom
> om
> o0O0o
> How Chimpanzees Mourn Their Dead
> o0O0o
> "Let's assume, for the moment, that human
> beings are the smartest species on Earth.
> If, for the sake of discussion, we define smart
> as the capacity of a species to do abstract
> mathematics then one might further assume that
> human beings are the only smart species to have
> ever lived. What are the chances that this first
> and only smart species in the history of life on
> Earth has enough smarts to completely figure out
> how the universe works?  Chimpanzees are an
> evolutionary hair's-width from us yet I think we
> can agree that no amount of tutelage will ever
> leave a chimp fluent in trigonometry. Now imagine
> a species on Earth, or anywhere else, as smart
> compared with humans as humans are compared with
> chimpanzees. How much of the universe might they
> figure out?" --Neil deGrasse Tyson
> [ The Beginning of Science -- From Natural
> History Magazine -- March 2001 ]
> _/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-
> [...]  'Among those brave enough to resist the
> encroachment of fascism in Sweden was the late
> author Stieg Larsson. Dying on November 9th,
> a significant date for the Nazis, his death
> has been attributed to "natural causes."
> Author Christopher Hitchens opines that if
> Larsson's heart attack was, in fact, an
> assassination that would mean "medical murder."
> Given the links between Sapo (the Swedish
> intelligence service) and Swedish Nazi elements,
> that is not a possibility that can be dismissed.'
> eg+larsson
> the-damned/
> The Author Who Played With Fire
> Just when Stieg Larsson was about to make
> his fortune with the mega-selling thriller
> The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the
> crusading journalist dropped dead.
> Now some are asking how much of his
> fiction--which exposes Sweden's dark currents
> of Fascism and sexual predation--is fact.
> Quote: "In the Larsson universe the nasty trolls
> and hulking ogres are bent Swedish capitalists,
> cold-faced Baltic sex traffickers, blue-eyed
> Viking Aryan Nazis, and other Nordic riffraff
> who might have had their reasons to whack him."
> -- Christopher Hitchens
> 200912?printable=true
> ************************************
> '... A report in the mainstream newspaper Aftonbladet
> describes the findings of another anti-Nazi researcher,
> named Bosse Schon, who unraveled a plot to murder
> Stieg Larsson that included a Swedish SS veteran.
> Another scheme misfired because on the night in
> question, 20 years ago, he saw skinheads with bats
> waiting outside his office and left by the rear exit.
> Web sites are devoted to further speculation: one blog
> is preoccupied with the theory that Prime Minister Palme's
> uncaught assassin was behind the death of Larsson too.
> Larsson's name and other details were found when the
> Swedish police searched the apartment of a Fascist
> arrested for a political murder. Larsson's address,
> telephone number, and photograph, along with threats
> to people identified as "enemies of the white race," were
> published in a neo-Nazi magazine: the authorities took it
> seriously enough to prosecute the editor.'
> ************************************
> Sarah Moore on Anne Hamilton Byrne
> e
> For The Record
> FTR #724 Wiki of the Damned
> Posted by Dave Emory - October 1, 2010
> ----- O -----
> | From: JACK SARFATTI <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
> | Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 19:33:52 -0700
> | Subject: National Security, DARPA & Wikileaks
> | To: JACK SARFATTI <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
> Begin forwarded message:
> From: COLIN BENNET <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
> Subject: Re: March 2012 APS Boston meeting on quantum
> information foundations - Sarfatti abstract
> Date: November 4, 2011 5:02:39 PM PDT
> To: JACK SARFATTI <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
> I think DARPA'S latest idea might interest this List.
> Apparently they are going to create doped documents to
> try and locate leaks in the manner of putting dye into
> water courses. This will create some beautiful postmodern
> philosophical tangles for the future with regard to what
> both Literature and Text mean! This could give a whole
> new meaning to a concept of "entanglement" which Borges
> would surely have appreciated.
> Perhaps this has been going on for a long time, prototypal
> forms being crude deceptions, possibly including the
> MJ-12 papers and the Flatwoods Monster:
> See
> "There can be few very people within the realms of
> Ufology and Cryptozoology that have never heard of the
> so-called Flatwoods Monster, or Braxton County Monster,
> of 1952 -- a bizarre, giant beast that some researchers
> view as being definitively extraterrestrial in nature,
> and others perceive as having origins of a paranormal
> nature. But there's a third possibility, too, to explain
> the diabolical entity that terrorized the good folk of
> Braxton County all those years ago...
> Formerly-classified data now in the public domain may
> well have some direct and significant bearing upon what
> was seen at Flatwoods. That data is contained in an
> April 14, 1950 RAND publication titled The Exploitation
> of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare,
> written by one Jean M. Hungerford, for the top secret
> attention of the U.S. Air Force."
> Colin Bennett
> http://www.combat
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> - From: JACK SARFATTI <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> To: JACK SARFATTI
> <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Sent: Friday, 4 November, 2011 21:33:40 Subject:
> March 2012 APS Boston meeting on quantum information foundations -
> Sarfatti abstract
> [Image]
> Quantum entanglement cannot be used as a communication
> channel without an auxiliary light speed limited
> classical key to unlock the message at the receiver?
> Hermitian observables guarantee orthogonal sender base
> states that erase any nonlocal influence of the sender
> settings on the detection probabilities at the receiver.
> However, this is no longer true when the entangled
> whole has different macro-quantum coherent Glauber
> sender states.  Glauber states are non-orthogonal
> eigenstates of the non-Hermitian photon destruction
> operator.  The Born probability interpretation breaks
> down because of "phase rigidity" (P.W. Anderson's
> "More is different").  This is a new regime that is to
> orthodox quantum theory what general relativity is to
> special relativity.  Antony Valentini has argued that
> the breakdown of the Born probability rule entails
> "signal non locality" (aka entanglement signals).
> The space-time interval between the sending and the
> receiving irreversible measurements is irrelevant
> depending only on the free will of the local
> observers.  That is, this is a pre-metrical
> topological information effect.  There is asymmetry
> between the sending and the receiving. Therefore,
> there is no ambiguity between active (retro) cause
> and passive effect.
> -=[[ NOTE: From below:  ... "Our anonymous
> source questioned the likelihood of Swann's
> mysterious Mr. Axelrod being involved with the
> so-called MJ-12 MAJESTIC group, which the FBI
> has declared as originating from bogus UFO
> documents. Although the FBI has stated that the
> various MAJESTIC documents are fakes, one of our
> other intelligence sources recently suggested
> that the bogus documents may have been used to
> pass real intelligence to the Russians." ... ]]=-
> On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 12:24 PM, R005T3R wrote:
> <snip>
> <>       The strange twists and turns of Swann's
> <> recruitment into black ops psychic spying would
> <> eventually culminate in a close physical encounter
> <> with what appeared to be an alien machine.  [...]
> <> [...] We know of other cases involving telephone
> <> calls from weird mechanical sounding voices, and
> <> from personal contact with another human being
> <> that has had paraphysical experiences. [...]
> -=[[ NOTE: See - 'Sarfatti Parsifal Effect' -
> <> Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin reported they had
> <> seen a UFO during their historic flight to land
> <> the first man on the moon. "There was something
> <> out there, close enough to be observed, and what
> <> could it be?  Now, obviously the three of us
> <> weren't going to blurt out, Hey, Houston, we've
> <> got something moving alongside of us and we don't
> <> know what it is, you know? Can you tell us what
> <> it is?"
> <snip>
> _______________________________________________
> |  [...]
> |   As expected, the phony Apollo 11 UFO stories
> |   continue to be recirculated and embellished.
> |  [...] "We didn't see them..." [Neil Armstrong]
> |  [...] For we can see that UFO stories seem to
> |   spring up and promulgate themselves, even when
> |   there is absolutely no foundation in fact on
> |   which they could have possibly been based.
> |   And if that is true in this case, we have to
> |   suspect that it has happened with some
> |   frequency in other cases where we can't
> |   determine the facts with such certainty.
> |  [...]
> |   The Apollo-11 UFO Incidents by James Oberg
> |  [circa: 1982]
> |
> |
> _______________________________________________
> <>
> <> Memorandum for the Record
> <> 11-4-11
> <> This information was complied by anonymous.
> <> >
> <> >
> "... [W]hile those who do not feel pain and suffering
> might not think that others do feel and experience them,
> the awakening, for example, of the superpowers of
> vibe-sensing, empathy, and telepathy, etc., tends to put
> one more in touch with the unbearable pity for the
> suffering of mankind." [...] --Ingo Swann (08Aug02)
> -=[[This should keep me busy and out of trouble for awhile...]]=-
> -----0rigami Massage-----
> | From: JACK SARFATTI <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
> | To: JACK SARFATTI <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
> | Subject: Hal Puthoff Video on CIA Remote Viewing
> |          Evidence for Entanglement Nonlocal Signaling
> | Date: Nov 3, 2011 3:42 PM
> violating orthodox quantum theory
> in the macro-quantum coherent brain
> V6 DARPA-NASA Star Ship paper
> On Nov 3, 2011, at 2:15 PM, Kathryn Streletzky,
> Monroe Institute Outreach wrote:
> Click Here for More Information
> WY=&10=12&1=1030397
> Here's a fascinating interview with Dr Hal Puthoff
> speaking at the Arlington Institute.  It's the most
> comprehensive history about the origins of Remote Viewing
> that I've ever watched.  I understood a lot more
> about the restrictions put on the researchers after...
> [][][][][][][][][]
> Kathryn Streletzky formally studied right-left
> brain modes of consciousness in a multi-disciplinary
> honors program at Penn State.   She holds an MBA from
> William & Mary, has 20 years of Fortune 500 experience.
> She's been facilitating workshops since 2003, and has
> been active in developing TMI's local chapter
> network program.
> Kathryn holds her Excursion classes at retreat centers
> in locations as varied as Mount Shasta, Ojai, Reno,
> Beverly Hills, Asilomar and Esalen.  Some Excursion
> programs include segments in spoon bending, lucid
> dreaming, remote viewing, or brainwave monitoring.
> for complete workshop details
> Contact Kathryn at: (831) 392-6321
> email Kathryn at tmiexcursion[@]
> Esalen Excursion: Big Sur, CA
> Easter Weekend: April 6-8, 2012
> $730 all-inclusive package price
> Reserve now for just $190 deposit
> Visit the Outreach Calendar ...
> << >>
> ... to Learn about Upcoming Excursions:
> Outreach Calendar Excursion is a results-oriented
> program designed to assist in expanding awareness,
> developing latent dimensions of creative intelligence,
> discovering a new sense of certainty and purpose,
> and applying one's full potential to all areas of life.
> Excursion participants learn through taped exercises
> and group discussions how to achieve Focus 10 (Mind
> Awake/Body Asleep) and Focus 12 (Expanded Awareness).
> [][][][][][][][][]
> XII. Quantum Physics and Consciousness
> Consciousness and Quantum Measurement: New Empirical
> Data York H. Dobyns, Ph.D., Journal of Cosmology,
> Vol 14. In press
> Consciousness and Quantum Physics: A Deconstruction
> of the Topic Gordon Globus, M.D., Journal of
> Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> Logic of Quantum Mechanics and Phenomenon of
> Consciousness Michael B. Mensky, Journal of
> Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> A Quantum Physical Effect of Consciousness Shan Gao,
> Journal of Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> The Conscious Observer in the Quantum Experiment
> Fred Kuttner and Bruce Rosenblum, Journal of
> Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> Does Quantum Mechanics Require A Conscious Observer?
> Michael Nauenberg, Journal of Cosmology,
> Vol 14. In press
> Consciousness Vectors Steven Bodovitz, Journal of
> Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> Quantum Physics, Advanced Waves and Consciousness
> Antonella Vannini Ph.D., and Ulisse Di Corpo,
> Journal of Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> The Macro-Objectification Problem and
> Conscious Perceptions GianCarlo Ghirardi,
> Journal of Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> Consciousness and the Quantum Don N. Page, Ph.D.,
> Journal of Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> Retrocausality and Signal Nonlocality in Consciousness
> and Cosmology Jack Sarfatti, Journal of Cosmology,
> Vol 14. In press
> The Quantum Hologram And the Nature of Consciousness
> Edgar D. Mitchell and Robert Staretz, Journal of
> Cosmology, Vol 14. In press
> \\\\\\\\\\\\|/////////////
> Ingo Swann, born a naturally gifted psychic,
> is the man who coined the term "Remote Viewing."
> He was a research subject at Stanford Research
> Institute in the 1970s and escaped from the
> typical "guinea pig" mold by forcing the
> "researchers" (under threat of resignation)
> to take notice of his ability to break down
> and understand psychic functioning. Hal Puthoff
> at SRI was commissioned by the DIA (Defense
> Intelligence Agency) to come up with a reliable
> technique for intelligence collection purposes.
> The prevailing logic (left over from CIA research)
> maintained that research subjects should only do
> what they are told. They were not supposed to
> have any thoughts or ideas of their own.
> This frustrated Ingo, as he had seen many
> subjects "burn out" and did not want to be
> another casualty of the system. He had researched
> the earliest PSI experiments by pioneers such as
> Rene Warcollier, and in many respects knew more
> than those who were conducting the experiments
> at SRI. The scientists, unable to create a
> reliable and repeatable process, finally gave
> up and allowed Ingo to develop his ideas.
> Ingo studied and documented his own psychic
> data gathering system and the miracle of
> Remote Viewing as a learned - trained skill
> was realized. Ingo, working with Hal Puthoff
> coined the new discovery "Coordinate Remote
> Viewing" or "CRV" (Now known as "Controlled"
> or "Technical" Remote Viewing) The DIA sent
> Ingo five people who were about as "psychic
> as rocks" to undergo the first prototype CRV
> training to test the newly discovered remote
> viewing techniques.
> The results were more then what anybody could
> have imagined. Using only a couple of Ingo's
> Swann's students, the Defense Intelligence
> Agency took Ingo's protocols (which they had
> paid for) and funded a "Top Secret" remote
> viewing unit which to this day has never
> been formally declassified.
> In 1989, the Remote Viewing unit was disbanded
> under the umbrella of the DIA. Albert Stubblebine,
> the presiding General of Intelligence Security
> Command, sat as Chairman of the Board of a private
> corporation called PSI TECH. The true visionary
> that the General was, he ensured the safety and
> continuity of the remote viewing technology by
> bringing it out into the public. The trained
> remote viewers began to work for PSI TECH and
> Ingo was brought on as a consultant.
> Ingo's CRV training protocols and structured
> technique is now used by the most prominent
> remote viewers and remote viewing operations.
> Those trained in Ingo Swann's technology are
> still sought by government and law enforcement
> agencies to provide remote viewing data on
> subjects and cases where conventional methods
> fail. Because his techniques allowed any human
> being to be trained to access their innate
> psychic abilities, a historic first, thousands
> of people are now able to successfully learn
> remote viewing. He has long been considered
> the "Father of Remote Viewing."
> Source:
> Ingo Swann The Man Who Started Remote Viewing
> [][][][][][][][][]
> To the Moon and Back, With Love
> Gary S. Bekkum
> August 3, 2006
> Government consultant Ingo Swann's tale of
> covert extraterrestrial activity on the moon takes
> on a new twist, now that the CIA STAR GATE documents
> support many of his claims. This is the bizarre true
> tale of Ingo Swann's psychic work for the U.S
> Government, at various agencies including the CIA
> and the DIA (now substantiated by the CIA release
> of roughly two thirds of the existing STAR GATE
> documents) and his personal allegations of a
> mysterious black operation that first contacted
> him during the peak of CIA sponsored testing at
> the Stanford Research Institute.
> If Ingo Swann is to be believed, and this coming from
> a man with top secret clearance that in his day briefed
> and trained officers from the USAF, the Defense
> Intelligence Agency, INSCOM, and many others too
> numerous to mention, then there is some truth to the
> rumors of an otherworldly intelligence working behind
> the scenes here on Earth. Not only are they already
> here, according to Swann's testimony from a rare
> out-of-print book, self-published in 1998, but they
> are building something on the far side of the moon.
> And they are not friendly.
> The truth is stranger than fiction, and this story
> is guaranteed to stretch the imagination right back
> into reality. For Ingo Swann, the turning point
> leading into the cloak and dagger world of deep
> black ops and weird requests for psychic surveillance
> of the moon and beyond began in early 1975.
> When Swann published his tale in 1998, most of
> the CIA and DIA classified documents from the
> secret STAR GATE program were still unavailable
> to the general public. As this story goes to press,
> in the summer of 2006, more than 80,000 pages of
> documents are close at hand here at Starstream
> Research, including the results of medical and
> psychological tests conducted on Mr. Swann as a
> result of his CIA sponsored testing while working
> with SRI: The Stanford Research Institute,
> in the 1970's.
> The CIA STAR GATE Program
> In the early 1970's concerns began to float
> about the various intelligence agencies over
> a psychic war gap with the Soviet Union.
> Unknown to the general public, the Soviets
> were busy exploring fringe science:
> application of the dark shadow of the
> paranormal world for espionage. Swann's
> abilities had been tracked for some time,
> but they really attracted the powers that
> be in Langley with the recording of an
> apparent perturbation of delicate test
> equipment by Swann's mental perception.
> In addition to disturbing the output of
> this sensitive instrument, Swann was able
> to produce a rough description of the device,
> which he had never seen previously.
> In a letter dated June 27, 1972, Dr. Hal Puthoff
> of SRI wrote, "At the suggestion of Russell Targ,
> I am writing you about an observation in the
> laboratory involving one Ingo Swann, a New York
> artist ... An interesting side light of the
> experiment was that Ingo was able to describe
> rather well what the interior of the device
> looked like, apparently with some form of direct
> observation." Although redacted, it is likely
> that the recipient of this letter was at the CIA.
> Apparently sponsorship of Dr. Puthoff's interest
> in Swann's mental interaction with the test
> equipment followed quickly.
> Among the STAR GATE files is a Stanford Research
> Institute (SRI) Technical Memorandum dated 22
> February, 1973, prepared by Dr. Hal Puthoff and
> Russell Targ, Contract Number 1471(S)73 and tagged
> by CIA/ORD # 1416-73: "A program in biofield
> measurements was initiated in July, 1972 with a
> preliminary experiment with Mr. [Ingo] Swann.
> In this work using a shielded magnetometer,
> Mr. Swann apparently demonstrated an ability to
> increase and decrease at will the magnetic field
> within a superconducting magnetic shield.
> This experiment made use of an existing facility
> and we have confidence that Mr. Swann had no prior
> knowledge of either the apparatus or of our
> intended experiment."
> An August, 1972 memo to the Chief of TSD/BAB
> at the CIA notes that, " ... [name redacted]
> and somebody named [redacted] from [CIA] Life
> Sciences are planning a trip to the West Coast
> on 11 August, when they will meet Ingo Swann
> and have a chance to watch him flex his
> sphincter ... Life Sciences is planning on
> forming a coordinating committee to work on
> ESP and the data that is coming in ..."
> When we contacted the unnamed former
> officer from CIA Life Sciences, he confirmed
> the authenticity of the document, but denied
> any knowledge of Swann's tale. An undated
> draft memorandum from Deputy Director for
> Operations William Colby, addressed to the
> "Director of Central Intelligence," reveals
> the clandestine nature of CIA involvement in
> research using human subjects:
> "Recently, two individuals, Mr. Uri Geller
> and Mr. Ingo Swann, appear to have demonstrated
> certain of these abilities [paraphysical effects]
> under controlled laboratory conditions.
> The abilities of these individuals (unwitting
> of Agency [CIA] sponsorship) are being submitted
> to a serious scientific investigation, part of
> which is being supported by the above mentioned
> project. "An anonymous source, working in the
> alternative energy and transportation industry
> recently commented that "Actually, they became
> interested in Swann when he RV'ed [psychically
> remote viewed] some of their well-hidden deep
> underground vaults, and the contents thereof.
> This was when they approached SRI because they
> were finally truly scared about the reality of
> RV [psychic remote viewing] as a tool in the
> hands of the Soviets."
> Based upon the available records in STAR GATE,
> no one seems to have seriously considered that
> all of these manifestations of the impossible
> were strong indications of interference in
> human affairs by higher intelligence with more
> powerful technologies at their disposal.
> Or did they? Swann's account in his book
> suggests that someone lurking in the shadows
> was paying very close attention; someone whose
> reach included the often super-secret work
> done at SRI.
> Starstream Research was able to uncover Swann's
> medical and psychological test results from SRI
> documents, even though the test subjects were
> referred to only as S1 through S6. One of the
> CIA memos failed to redact the names of the
> participants, and it was simple enough to use
> the process of elimination of sex and age to
> determine the identity of Ingo Swann and
> Pat Price, two of SRI's early star performers.
> According to the official record, Swann was
> in almost every way perfectly normal.
> He certainly wasn't delusional, as the tests
> confirmed. [SRI data on medical and psych
> tests can be viewed at
> ]
> During the early days the CIA funded SRI research
> team harbored concerns that the Soviet KGB would
> be interested in the work they were doing, and
> always held in the back of their minds that they
> might someday be kidnapped, or worse. Cold war
> paranoia was still in full bloom during the
> early days of psychic-spy research.
> Swann's departure from psychic experiments
> funded by the CIA, into the mysterious black
> unknown, began with his recruitment by a man
> who called himself "Mr. Axelrod." A CIA memorandum
> for the record dated 21 January, 1975, documents
> the status of the SRI program just prior to
> Axelrod's appearance: "In 1972 reports of paranormal
> activities being documented at SRI by Dr. H. Puthoff
> and Mr. R. Targ reached the Agency. The original
> contracts were [redacted] OTS/APB and [redacted]
> ORD/TC. A small work order type contract
> (approximately $10,000) was initiated by [redacted]
> with the permission of Dr. S. Gottlieb, D/OTS.
> This contract arranged for SRI to administer
> controlled laboratory testing of Mr. Ingo Swann,
> a New York City artist, with claimed paranormal
> abilities. Mr. Swann was tested and produced
> significant data under controlled conditions."
> We will only mention that Dr. Sidney Gottlieb,
> D/OTS was heavily involved in the notorious CIA
> experimentation on human subjects using LSD,
> under a project called MKULTRA.
> In late February, 1975, Swann's affair with
> the mysterious operation interested in
> extraterrestrial activity was initiated by a
> phone call from a well placed acquaintance,
> who alerted Swann to a forthcoming contact
> with a real-life man in the black. Weeks later
> the call came in at 3AM, requesting Swann's
> presence in Washington, D.C. The mysterious
> contact from Mr. Axelrod directed Swann through
> a series of covert meetings at various locations.
> In the first meeting Swann was instructed to wait
> at the Museum of Natural History at the
> Smithsonian, until he was contacted by Axelrod's
> operatives. In a scene worthy of a Hollywood
> movie, Swann was subjected to a full body search
> while en-route to the clandestine meeting.
> To prevent Swann from knowing the location of
> Axelrod's secret underground lair, a black hood
> was placed over his head.
> Needless to say, by this point Swann's mind
> was spinning, wondering what on Earth he had
> gotten himself into. The strange twists and
> turns of Swann's recruitment into black ops
> psychic spying would eventually culminate in
> a close physical encounter with what appeared
> to be an alien machine.
> Who was this Mr. Axelrod?
> One legendary group of alleged deep black
> government insiders, brought into the limelight
> by a series of 'leaked' papers (unlike the
> STAR GATE files, which were officially released
> by the CIA) is known as MAJESTIC. Our anonymous
> source questioned the likelihood of Swann's
> mysterious Mr. Axelrod being involved with the
> so-called MJ-12 MAJESTIC group, which the FBI
> has declared as originating from bogus UFO
> documents. Although the FBI has stated that the
> various MAJESTIC documents are fakes, one of our
> other intelligence sources recently suggested
> that the bogus documents may have been used to
> pass real intelligence to the Russians.
> Mr. Axelrod's mission statement to recruit
> Swann was purely verbal: there was to be no
> paper trail; no secrecy statement; lending
> some evidence that Axelrod's people might
> have been working under non-official-cover
> (NOC) -- they would be denied by those in
> charge if their activities were ever revealed.
> Swann soon learned Axelrod's primary interests
> were less than Earthly. In addition to the
> potential of remote viewing the lunar surface,
> Axelrod also had a fascination with the concept
> of telepathy, the sharing of thoughts in a
> conscious interface. Confirmation that the human
> race had fallen under the finger of higher
> intelligence with advanced technology was also
> a strong indication of the correctness of the
> simulation argument: Any interaction between a
> 'natural' reality and a much more developed
> intelligence automatically meant that simulation
> had entered the picture. The interface of
> human-mind with alien-mind as a complex
> simulation scenario had not yet been fully
> evaluated in the available CIA-sponsored
> research literature of the time.
> The personal mental environment is largely
> an assembled experience or simulation based
> upon millions of years of development.
> The idea of 'telepathy' or the mind-to-mind
> interface is an artifice introduced to bridge
> many individual simulations, each with their
> unique point of view of the same natural
> environment: The world 'out there' in a
> telepathic network merges the individual
> with an undivided whole.
> Perhaps there was a general subconscious
> discomfort level and fear induced by the
> knowledge that a higher intelligence
> appeared to have developed a means of
> interacting directly with the human brain
> and higher conscious mind functions as a
> form of communication, or worse, as mind-control.
> Once a form of direct to brain communication
> was accepted, a network of minds linked in a
> cosmic internet was the next logical assumption.
> Recent research using functional MRI technology
> [fMRI] to read the state of a human brain and
> correlate that state with behavior is an example
> of a primitive means of interfacing mind and
> machine.  The idea floating around in government
> circles today is to use the MRI to spot
> terrorists intending to cause mayhem and
> destruction, by detecting their thoughts.
> In a related story, the American Civil Liberties
> Union has raised concerns that such devices are
> an invasion of privacy and may have been used to
> interrogate suspected terrorists. Given a few
> million or more years to advance their technology,
> one might ask what kind of device might be
> evolved into the brain-mind of an
> alien civilization?
> Axelrod debriefed Swann about his work at SRI,
> in particular the psychic method that later
> came to be known as coordinate remote viewing.
> How did it work? At first Axelrod limited
> discussions to the power of the group mind,
> and discussion of 'memory' addressing.
> Were remote viewers accessing the universal
> mind-computer? Thirty years prior to recent
> serious discussions that humanity might exist
> in a simulation of reality, Axelrod was probing
> Swann about a stored memory of all possible
> worlds and outcomes, and a means of accessing
> this potential database underlying reality.
> Dinner conversation also included discussion
> of telepathy: mind-to-mind communication,
> something that the DIA would become very
> interested in later, as shown by the
> STAR GATE files.
> Soon the discussion turned to Swann's
> experimental remote viewing of the planet
> Jupiter which had yielded apparent hits,
> like the existence of rings around the
> planet. Axelrod was interested in Swann's
> 'trip' to Jupiter, an attempt to see if
> he could psychically discover unknown details
> about the gas giant that might later be
> confirmed by the NASA Pioneer spacecraft.
> And then he asked, "Ingo, what
> do you know about the moon?"
> Swann had quickly agreed to accept
> $1000-a-day compensation to remote view
> the moon. Axelrod tasked Ingo with a
> series of moon coordinates. Unknown to
> Swann, the targeted moon coordinates,
> about ten different locations, would bring
> him mind-to-mind with what he soon realized
> was an unearthly extraterrestrial presence.
> Swann 'saw' with his mind's eye craters in
> darkness, and decided that he must be seeing
> the hidden side of the moon, the side that
> always faces away from the Earth.
> Upon achieving psychic 'contact' with the
> lunar surface, Swann first came upon what
> looked like trails of tractor-tread marks.
> Confusion set in until Swann realized that
> he was 'seeing' intelligent activity and
> structures on the moon.
> In the depths of a crater he viewed a green,
> dusty haze lit by banks of artificial lights
> mounted on very large, tall towers. Swann was
> stunned by the realization that 'someone' or
> 'something' appeared, under the aegis of his
> mind's eye, to be building a base on the moon.
> He had been inducted into an interplanetary
> operation and brought to Mr. Axelrod's
> underground facility by the need to monitor
> extraterrestrial activities in an unconventional
> way. Swann decided that Axelrod and company had
> been given the task of psychically spying on
> the alien moon base because the extraterrestrials
> had been less than friendly about conventional
> human curiosity. When Ingo sensed that he had
> been psychically 'spotted' by two of the
> humanoid-looking inhabitants of the moon base,
> he questioned whether or not he was at risk.
> Axelrod was less than forthcoming. "I spent
> the next few months wondering if the ET's
> were going to find me and zap my brains out
> of existence." After being released from his
> work at the underground facility, Swann returned
> home and sketched what he could recall of the
> Axelrod sessions, and locked them away until
> the late 1990's. They are reproduced in his
> book. The sketch is dated March 14, 1975.
> A recent TV documentary, "Apollo 11:
> The Untold Story," may have added additional
> support to Swann's moon-base tale. Apollo 11
> astronaut Buzz Aldrin reported they had seen
> a UFO during their historic flight to land
> the first man on the moon. "There was something
> out there, close enough to be observed, and what
> could it be? Now, obviously the three of us
> weren't going to blurt out, Hey, Houston,
> we've got something moving alongside of us
> and we don't know what it is, you know?
> Can you tell us what it is?"
> Mr. Axelrod's reach even extended within SRI.
> At the time of first contact, STAR GATE records
> prove that Swann was still officially unaware
> that the experiments and tests at SRI were
> being conducted under the auspices of the CIA.
> Taken at face value Swann's account could be
> interpreted as the passing of information about
> CIA sponsored research to an organization of
> unknown origin for an extended period of at
> least a couple of years.
> At one point Swann was instructed to relay
> to Axelrod the status of the SRI psychic
> results. In a classic example of the spy
> art, Swann was instructed to write the number
> 65 on a piece of paper to alert Axelrod when
> they had achieved a 65 percent hit rate using
> remote viewing. One might wonder if this was
> an indication of a security breach at SRI,
> or merely a means of checking Swann's loyalty.
> Sometime in the late summer of 1976, Swann
> made several trips between SRI and Los Angeles
> to spend time with friends. Little did he know,
> but he was about to encounter Axelrod's
> operatives again. During an ordinary trip to
> a Hollywood supermarket he was attracted to a
> super-sexy woman. As he stood near the scantily
> clad beauty, he experienced an 'electric-shock'
> that sent waves of goosebumps over his entire
> body, and stood his hair on end.
> Swann interpreted this psychic alert as a
> warning that all was not right with this woman.
> In fact, he decided that she must be
> an extraterrestrial.
> Swann's 'shocking' experience is far from
> unusual. It has been reported in many cases
> that lead to paranormal activity. Starstream
> Research was recently contacted about what
> appeared to be an animal mutilation that
> produced a similar 'shocking' effect upon
> physical contact with the carcass. We know
> of other cases involving telephone calls from
> weird mechanical sounding voices, and from
> personal contact with another human being
> that has had paraphysical experiences.
> Swann had little time to react, however, as his
> shock turned to panic. Looking down the aisle
> he saw both of Mr. Axelrod's operatives,
> real-life men in black; dressed not like the
> character played by Will Smith, in suit and tie,
> but more like Arnold Schwarzenegger in
> "The Terminator," dressed in black jeans,
> boots and tank tops. They were watching the
> strange, unearthly woman. Swann quickly left,
> knowing that Axelrod would soon be calling.
> The renewed phone contact by Axelrod was
> far from ordinary. First Swann received a
> mysterious phone call from a female operative,
> directing him to a different phone. The call
> ended in dead silence, suggesting that the
> phone line had been cut and spliced into.
> Once he reached the designated phone, Swann
> engaged in a scrambled conversation with
> Axelrod, asking about the strange sexy woman
> in the supermarket. Axelrod warned,
> "I feel obliged to tell you that she is
> really dangerous."  Apparently Swann believed
> that Axelrod's warning had confirmed his
> worst fear. Not only were extraterrestrials
> on the moon, but they had operatives here on
> Earth, among the ordinary people. If Axelrod
> was to be believed, they were to be avoided
> at all possible cost.
> Axelrod inquired about how the remote viewing
> work at SRI was going. Axelrod told Ingo,
> "we have a special task." He needed to know
> when Swann had reached 65 percent accuracy.
> Axelrod instructed Ingo to place an ordinary
> sheet of paper with the number 65 written on
> it under his ink blotter on his desk, in a
> secure office at SRI, once the goal had been
> achieved.  In his book Swann mused about the
> possibilities: "Who were this Axelrod and his
> henchmen / operatives anyway? CIA, KGB, Mossad,
> M-5, some ultra-secret military goings-on?"
> "Then one morning when I lifted the blotter
> the hair on my arms once again stood up.
> The signal (the piece of paper with 65 written
> on it) was gone. In its place was some dust-like
> powder in which a finger had scrawled two words."
> "Expect contact." Swann continues: "The result
> of the promised 'contact' was that if I had any
> doubts about whether they existed, such doubts
> were shortly to be resolved. I almost got killed
> in the process."
> "The expected contact came in July, 1977,
> a few days after I discovered the message
> in the dust." Swann was surprised to see
> Mr. Axelrod standing in the dining hall at
> SRI. After a brief meet-up with Axelrod in
> the men's room, Swann was directed to Axelrod's
> Jeep, waiting outside in the parking lot.
> Axelrod drove Swann to a Lear Jet waiting at
> the San Jose airport, and informed him that
> they might have an opportunity to see a UFO,
> "rather close up." After several hours of flight
> the plane made a covert landing without any
> lights onto a dark runway. This was followed
> by a two-hour drive into cold, dark mountains.
> Swann noticed that the van moved even after
> the van's motor appeared to go silent.
> Once they reached their destination, Axelrod,
> Swann and Axelrod's two operatives hiked their
> way to the intended location. Axelrod instructed
> Ingo, "Just observe, we'll debrief later ...
> Do not move unless I tell you to. They detect
> heat, noise, motion like mad." Swann, Axelrod
> and the two operatives watched, and waited.
> Above a small lake, a gray fog began to rise.
> Swann was startled as the fog was suddenly
> awash in luminous colors. Purple, red and
> yellow lightning bolts silently shot out in
> all directions.  Then, suddenly an object
> appeared, fading into view over the lake waters.
> Swann described the object as triangular, almost
> diamond shaped. "As I remember it, the thing did
> not 'transport' itself. It GREW in place right
> where it appeared." With the appearance of the
> object a wind passed overhead, causing pine cones
> and branches to fall to the ground. Swann writes
> that "ruby-red laser beams" began shooting out from
> the object, which still appeared to be growing in
> size, even though it remained stationary over the
> same location above the lake. Swann estimated the
> fully visible object at ninety feet wide.
> Laser beams hit the trees, and in the commotion
> of blasting pine and low-frequency pulsations,
> Swann was dragged out of harm's way by Axelrod's
> operatives. A beam cracked the branches at the
> location they had only moments before abandoned
> in urgent haste. Looking back for a final glimpse,
> Swann noticed that the water of the lake was being
> sucked up into the weird object.
> Swann writes "I was virtually petrified with
> a kind of terror for which there are few words
> to describe."  Upon returning to the airfield,
> Swann observed an USA-Alaska mail plane.
> He surmised that they had been in far northern
> Alaska.  Axelrod explained, "Our mission will
> be disbanded shortly and the work picked up by
> others, because of strategic security reasons
> involved ..." "Next week you will be summoned
> for a complete physical examination, ostensibly
> in line with overseeing the health status of
> the people on your project. We just want to be
> sure you experienced no physical damage.
> The physicians performing the examination will
> be ordinary doctors who have no knowledge of
> our existence."
> Swann mentions that he sustained a leg injury
> while viewing the UFO. We have yet to find any
> mention of this in the STAR GATE files.
> According to Swann, "The last I saw of Mr. Axelrod
> was at the San Jose airport, and so there ends the
> tale of my encounters with him and his
> ultra-subterranean covert mission."
> A CIA released memo on SRI stationary, dated
> November 2, 1978, from Hal [Puthoff] states
> that, "Just a quick note. For what it's worth,
> Swann now has a T/S [top secret] clearance with
> DoD [Dept. of Defense]."  Indeed, Swann was
> ushered into the inner sanctum of many top
> secret, limited access military programs,
> coming as a result of the success of the SRI
> psychic research. The turning point was the
> move from experimental work into operational
> programs, and Swann's knowledge and ability was
> to become the reference point for many.
> By 1984 he was personally training military
> personnel to become working psychic spies.
> The CIA's role had been moved from cutting
> edge research sponsor to "tasking customer,"
> with the various Department of Defense military
> service elements taking the lead.
> A summary of activity requested by Senate
> Appropriations Committee via Congressionally
> Directed Action states:  "During the period
> between 1975 and 1979, the following DoD Service
> elements supported psi [psychic] research:
> [Note: The various programs were grouped
> together under a project titled GRILL FLAME]
> The U.S. Navy program was to evaluate an
> individual's ability to perceive remote visual
> stimuli ... The U.S Air Force National Air
> Intelligence Center, formerly the Foreign
> Technology Division (FTD), initiated its program
> by asking whether the phenomena existed and
> whether it could be used to collect
> intelligence ... [redacted service or agency]
> research effort focused on the use of RV
> [remote viewing] to collect intelligence data ... "
> Of potential interest to the Ingo Swann tale,
> the report continues with: "The U.S. Army's
> Missile Research and Development Command
> (MIRADCOM) had Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
> under contract from August 1977 to 1978.
> The work was done under the sponsorship of
> the Missile Intelligence Agency (MIA).
> The object of the MIA program was to determine
> whether selected individuals could interact
> and influence, by mental means only, sensitive
> electronic equipment ..."
> Curiously, the MIRADCOM program began in
> August 1977, one month following Swann's
> alleged encounter with the alien machine
> in Alaska. The implication was that remote
> perturbation, commonly called psychokinesis,
> or mind over matter, could somehow be used
> to sabotage our nuclear missile deterrent.
> Of the subjects tested at SRI, it was Swann
> that had allegedly perturbed sensitive test
> equipment, and remote viewed the interior
> of the device.
> The report continues: "From May 1979 to
> September 1979, SRI assisted MIRADCOM in
> developing sensitive measurement equipment
> for the experiment [to test for remote
> perturbation by mind over matter] ...
> the Army Material Systems Analysts Activity
> (AMSAA) extended the applications-oriented
> research lines begun by other organizations ...
> During this same period of time the U.S.
> Army Intelligence and Security Command
> (USA INSCOM) was also asked whether RV
> [remote viewing] could be used to collect
> intelligence data.  "The report also notes
> that, "During the period that DoD Service
> organizations were involved, DIA also pursued
> some aspects of psychoenergetics [remote
> viewing and perturbation, mind over matter].
> Its activities were restricted, however,
> to aspects clearly related to threat assessment
> and intelligence data collection. DIA contracted
> research with SRI to train individuals to do
> RV [remote viewing] and supported attempts by
> experienced remote viewers to collect
> intelligence on former Soviet sites of
> operational interest."
> Is there anything to be gleaned by looking
> closer at the various agencies involved in
> the official record that might help to
> identify Mr. Axelrod and his black operation?
> One possibility involves the numerous reports
> of nuclear missiles going off-line when UFO's
> have buzzed the launch field. This clearly
> registers as a major breach of the
> national security.
> Perhaps there was concern that the UFO's buzzing
> air bases might be related to sightings during
> various space missions, like the recent revelation
> that a UFO had shadowed the Apollo 11 mission?
> It is possible that target locations on the
> moon were selected based upon observations
> of UFO's by the astronauts. It is also quite
> conceivable that someone might have decided
> it was worth a try to have Swann, notable for
> his Earthly remote viewing of super-secret
> installations here on Earth, take a minds-eye
> view of the moonscape to see what was going
> on in the darkness.
> Fans of the hit television series,
> "The X-Files," will tell you that,
> "The truth is out there." For real-life
> psychic operative Ingo Swann, the
> truth is still in his head, and he
> isn't talking anymore.
> Note: Additional information and documentation
> are available at the Starstream Research
> web site:
> Copyright (c) 2006 Gary S. Bekkum
> and Starstream Research
> |||||||||||||
> On Thur, Nov 3, 2011 4:42 PM,
> Christopher Rudy <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:
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> | From: Christopher Rudy <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
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> | Date: Nov 3, 2011 4:42 PM
> |
> |
> | Graphically archived at:
> |
> |
> | by Christopher Rudy / 11-3-2011
> |
> <<snipped>>
> |
> | <>   "This is a test to see if your mission
> | <> on Earth is over.  If you are still alive,
> | <> it's not." ~ Sir Francis Bacon
> |
> <<snipped>>
> \\\\\\\\\\\\|////////////
> [The Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP)]
> RNEP could kill millions of people:
> A simulation of RNEP used against the Esfahan
> nuclear facility in Iran, using the software
> developed for the Pentagon, showed that
> 3 million people would be killed by radiation
> within 2 weeks of the explosion, and 35 million
> people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
> would be exposed to increased levels of
> cancer-causing radiation ...
> |||||||||||||
> [WAAAAAY Back in the Olden Days of Oct. 2011]
> Report: U.S. positioning 'bunker-busters' for
> possible Iran strike
> Sunday Herald:  387 'Blu' bombs are being
> shipped to U.S. military base on Diego Garcia
> in Indian Ocean. By Haaretz Service
> The United States is transporting 387
> "bunker-buster" bombs to its air base on the
> island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean
> as part of preparations for a possible strike
> against Iran's nuclear facilities, according
> to a report in Scotland's Sunday Herald.
> The U.S. government signed a contract in
> January with Superior Maritime Services to
> transport 10 ammunition containers to Diego
> Garcia from Concord, California. The shipment
> includes 195 smart, guided Blu-110 bombs and
> 192 Blu-117 2,000lb bombs.
> Both types of bombs could be used against
> reinforced or underground facilities.
> Neither the United States nor Israel have ruled
> out military action if diplomacy fails to resolve
> the long-running row over Iran's disputed
> nuclear ambitions.
> Contract details for the shipment were posted
> on an international tenders' website by
> the U.S. Navy.
> "They are gearing up totally for the destruction
> of Iran," Dan Plesch, director of the Center for
> International Studies and Diplomacy at the
> University of London, told the Herald.
> "U.S. bombers are ready today to destroy
> 10,000 targets in Iran in a few hours."
> Plesch is the co-author of a recent study on
> U.S. preparations for an attack on Iran.
> The final decision on whether to launch an
> attack would be in the hands of U.S. President
> Barack Obama. Obama may decide it would be
> better for the U.S. to strike instead of
> Israel, Plesch said.
> "The U.S. is not publicizing the scale of
> these preparations to deter Iran, tending
> to make confrontation more likely," he added.
> "The using its forces as part of
> an overall strategy of shaping Iran's actions."
> Diego Garcia is a British territory about
> 1,000 miles south of India and Sri Lanka.
> It is used as a U.S. military base as part
> of an agreement reached in 1971.
> In the past, the British Defense Ministry
> has said that the U.S. would need permission
> to use Diego Garcia for offensive action.
> It has already been used in operations against
> Iraq during the 1991 and 2003 Gulf wars.
> The U.S. Department of Defense did not
> respond to a request for a comment from
> the Sunday Herald.
> |||||||||||||
> |||||||||||||
> Israel accelerates building
> of 2,000 settler homes after
> UNESCO move. By Al Arabiya with AFP
> Tuesday, 01 November 2011
> Israel decided on Tuesday to accelerate
> settlement building and withhold Palestinian
> Authority funds in response to a UNESCO decision
> to admit Palestine as a full member, a senior
> official said Tuesday.
> The decision was taken at a meeting of
> Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Forum
> of Eight senior ministers a day after the
> Palestinians successfully joined the
> U.N. cultural organization, the source
> told AFP [...]
> |||||||||||||
> Bunker Buster ineffective in Iran
> ve+in+Iran
> |||||||||||||
> <>
> <> A patent? Sure we can buy a Kerr black hole
> <> off the shelf at Cost Co.  -)
> <> This is silly even if the physics is correct.
> <> I have not checked the physics, though
> <> it sounds impressive.
> <> Definitely not a practical proposal.
> <> However, we have here a fusion of sci-fi fantasy
> <> with advanced physics - interesting literary
> <> development perhaps.
> <>
> <> On Nov 3, 2011, at 11:28 AM, thylacinus_cynocephalus wrote:
> <>
> <> Title: Method of gravity distortion and time displacement
> <>  United States Patent Application 20060073976
> [...]
> <>  Inventors:  Pohlman, Marlin B. (Tulsa, OK, US)
> <>  Application Number: 10/954767
> <>  Publication Date:  04/06/2006
> <>  Filing Date: 10/01/2004
> <>
> <>  --- On Thu, 11/3/11, nick herbert  wrote:
> <>
> <> From: nick herbert
> <> Date: Thursday, November 3, 2011, 1:19 PM
> <> =====================================================
> <>
> <>
> design.html
> <>
> <> =====================================================
> Is this the same 'Marlin B. Pohlman' who wrote:
> "Oracle Identity Management: Governance, Risk,
> and Compliance Architecture" ?
> agement
> They had me at:
> "A method for employing sinusoidal oscillations
> of electrical bombardment on the surface of one
> Kerr type singularity in close proximity to a
> second Kerr type singularity in such a method
> to take advantage of the Lense-Thirring effect,
> to simulate the effect of two point masses on
> nearly radial orbits in a 2+1 dimensional anti-de
> Sitter space resulting in creation of circular
> timelike geodesics conforming to the van Stockum
> under the Van Den Broeck modification of the
> Alcubierre geometry (Van Den Broeck 1999)
> permitting topology change from one spacelike
> boundary to the other in accordance with Geroch's
> theorem (Geroch 1967) which results in a method
> for the formation of Godel-type geodesically
> complete spacetime envelopes complete with closed
> timelike curves."
> AND:
> [0364] "The theoretical understanding of
> quantum gravity allows the design of time
> displacement systems from first principles.
> It is unlikely that gravitons or Kerr
> singularities can be controlled in a precise
> way using current technology. Nevertheless,
> an understanding of three dimensional
> space-time and matter, does allow the design
> of elementary displacement systems. That is,
> systems whose displacement rely on direct
> warping space-time as opposed to the ejection
> of material to provide thrust resulting in
> time dilatational effects."
> \\\\\\\\\\\\|////////////
> IT'S A ...Nouveau Time-Machine
> with Emission Standards for
> Convenient Galaxy Hopping (with
> undisclosed psychological side
> effects)... STAR SHIP ENGINE!
> Here's where I get confused about 'TIME' and
> 'TRAVEL' forward, and the opposite of forward
> in 'IT' - through it, around it, up it, down
> it, etc. I sort of get that 'TIME' is kind of
> the sentient consciousness component of 'SPACE.'
> 'TIME' seems existentially relevant to 'MIND' in
> a way that compliments 'TIME' as an inextricable
> element of 'SPACE.' If all of 'TIME' is 'NOW,'
> just like 'SPACE,' or metaphorically something
> like an 'OCEAN' in which we are suspended, and
> 'WHERE' we are suspended is 'NOW,' and over there
> by the coral is 'YESTERDAY,' and that steaming
> vent up ahead is 'TOMORROW, but it's all just
> simply 'NOW,' and any notion of before or after
> is relegated to the existence of 'MEMORY,'
> thereby creating an 'ILLUSION' of
> multidirectional 'TIME,' then all that these
> hyper-fast-spinning-gizmos do is 'WARP SPACE'
> in such a manner as to alter 'CLOCK SPEED'
> relative to whomever is the 'OBSERVER/
> PARTICIPANT' in the vicinity of the 'WARPAGE,'
> and always unidirectionally 'FORWARD,' never
> in 'REVERSE'. Whereupon the analogy of an
> 'OCEAN of TIME' breaks down as a viable
> metaphor mainly because it's really 'SPACE'
> that one is swimming around in at different
> rates of speed, and subjectively wherever
> you are is 'NOW,' with a 'MEMORY' of
> 'YESTERDAY,' and an apprehension of 'TOMORROW,'
> always moving along an 'ARROW OF TIME' forward
> with positive entropy...
> (( MEANWHILE... [Circa: June 2010]... ))
> Prof. Hawking most recently said that
> Time Travel was only possible to the
> future, because Time Travel to
> the past is fraught with paradox.
> He used the example of a man who
> builds a time machine that takes him
> back in time 2 minutes before he
> 'steps into the time machine.' If he
> subsequently 'prevents' the man that
> is his 'past self' from stepping into
> the time machine, then the man who does
> the time traveling cannot possibly
> exist to perform this action. Paradox.
> Therefore, Hawking admits that although
> time travel to the past is impossible,
> time travel to the future is easily done.
> Simply approach the speed of light, and
> as your clocks slow down, relative to the
> outside, the reality outside speeds up.
> Balance is compensated with relativity
> in space-time. To be fair, Prof. Hawking
> did not mention the notion of parallel
> realities and bifurcating timelines.
> The 'Parallel Universe' theory is the only
> theory that allows time travel to the past,
> but the illusion of 'past' time travel
> is compensated for by leaving the timeline
> entirely; so, technically, the past is
> an illusion, merely another parallel
> reality not within the timeline in which
> you started. In other words, the only way
> to travel backwards is to jump onto an
> entirely different timeline which creates
> the illusion of traveling backwards.
> The arrow of time is not violated, and
> you lose track of your original timeline,
> existing thereafter in a parallel, seemingly
> 'past' timeline (assuming the reality isn't
> completely divergent!)  At its core, 'time'
> really is illusory. Einstein said it
> didn't really exist, but was a human
> cognitive construct. All we ever really
> know is now. We can only travel in the now,
> creating various illusions along the way.
> [SEE: 'Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking'
> ]
> I guess that wonderful notion of 'us'
> jumping into a time machine to take a
> look at what Ezekiel saw way back when
> and realizing he saw us in our time
> machine, was really less about going
> backwards and more about going SIDEWAYS
> onto a parallel track where a parallel
> Ezekiel existed contemporaneously with
> 'us.' Hmmmm...  Quoting Saul Paul Sirag:
> "There's been some speculation that the
> Ezekiel vision was of what we today would
> call a flying saucer. In other words, an
> object of advanced technology.
> It's hard to know one way or another,
> but I've been wondering if it was not
> a time machine of some sort. Recently
> in Physical Review Abstracts (D 15 March
> 1974) there was a report [by Frank Tipler]
> of the possibility of time travel by means
> of a rotating cylinder. It would be odd
> if we were to go in such a time machine
> to visit Ezekiel's time and place.
> We could do this, because we know the
> day he saw his vision, since he carefully
> recorded the time (a date equivalent to
> July 5, 592 BCE give or take a day) and
> place. It would be odd if in doing
> this -- to have a peek at Ezekiel's
> vision it turned out that what Ezekiel
> saw was just us in our time machine
> trying to have a peek at his vision."
> -- Saul-Paul Sirag (May 1974)
> So, in a Multiverse, given a near infinite number
> of earths, (and Ezekiels), e.g. Earth Prime,
> Earth^2, Earth^3, Earth^4... all at various
> waveform manifestations with separate timelines,
> we could conceivably convince ourselves of all
> sorts of possibilities as they might apply to the
> illusory nature of time travel. Perhaps we'll
> figure this all out, in time...? AND...
> Yes...
> The curiosity of 'entropy,' light speed, time dilation,
> etc., according to relativity, quite proven by GPS
> satellite's onboard clocks slightly out of phase with
> earth surface clocks, and myriad's of other cosmological,
> quantum mechanical anti-intuitive shenanigans, verified;
> time travel, apparently is limited to future travel
> only... Curiouser and curiouser, however, the speed of
> light is, yea verily, limited to approx. 186,000 miles
> per second in 'SPACE' - lovely inflating invisible space,
> created, it seems, following the inflationary big bang
> dohicky, inflating, by the way, FASTER than the speed of
> light! Is that not interesting?  That space itself may
> expand faster than the speed of light, while the light
> within the superluminal inflation of space maintains
> its photonic speed limit!  Therefore, if one could
> perhaps circumvent 'space,' one could circumvent the
> speed of light?  Definitely not a technology for
> beginner fire apes. Seeya 'round the mountain!
> "When She Comes...
> She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
> She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
> She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
> "When She Comes... "
> Which reminds me of the blood curdling gargoyles
> stationed at the portal to the pylons of the Temple
> of Cool Stuff specifically designed to occupy and
> derange the minds of barely evolved primates in search
> of specificity and shiny things. It gives them
> something to gnash their teeth and shiver their timbers
> over on the way toward enlightenment and non attachment
> to such things as temples, gargoyles, monkeys, horse-
> power, artificial intelligence, hyper-conspiratorial
> gyrations of an anti-critical thinking mode, and other
> amusements of a lucidly dreaming collective.
> Then again... Never mind.
> And as far as Prof. Hawking's  dismissal of traveling
> backwards in time due to various grandfather paradoxes
> like killing yourself 2 minutes before you step into
> the '2 min. time machine' - subjectively, precluding a
> shrug and/or a change of mind as outcome, thereby
> eliciting all sorts of bizarro 'many-worlds' hypothetical
> timeline jumping, consider the: "Equivalent Sets
> of Histories and Multiple Quasiclassical Realms"
> Authors: Murray Gell-Mann,
> James B. Hartle (Santa Fe Institute,
> Los Alamos, and University of New Mexico)
> (Submitted on 8 Apr 1994 (v1),
> last revised 5 May 1996 (this version, v3))
> Abstract: We consider notions of physical equivalence
> of sets of histories in the quantum mechanics of a
> closed system. We show first how the same set of
> histories can be relabeled in various ways, including
> the use of the Heisenberg equations of motion and of
> passive transformations of field variables. In the
> the usual approximate quantum mechanics of a measured
> subsystem, two observables re- presented by different
> Hermitian operators are physically distinguished by
> the different apparatus used to measure them. In the
> quantum mechanics of a closed system, however, any
> apparatus is part of the system and the notion of
> physically distinct situations has a different
> character. We show that a triple consisting of an
> initial condition, a Hamiltonian, and a set of
> histories is physically equivalent to another triple
> if the operators representing these initial
> conditions, Hamiltonians, and histories are related
> by any fixed unitary transformation. We apply this
> result to the question of whether the universe might
> exhibit physically inequivalent quasiclassical realms
> (which we earlier called quasiclassical domains), not
> just the one that includes familiar experience.
> We describe how the probabilities of alternative
> forms, behaviors, and evolutionary histories of
> information gathering and utilizing systems (IGUSes)
> using the usual quasiclassical realm could in
> principle be calculated in quantum cosmology, although
> it is, of course, impractical to perform the
> computations. We discuss how, in principle, the
> probabilities of occurence of IGUSes could be
> calculated in realms distinct from the usual
> quasiclassical one. We discuss how IGUSes adapted
> mainly to two different realms could draw inferences
> about each other using a hybrid realm consisting of
> alternatives drawn from each.
> |||||||||||
> 22|JUNE|2010 CE | 4:08 AM | Earth Prime?
> |||||||||||
> V6 DARPA-NASA Star Ship paper
> I look forward to the day when a
> parallel timeline produces an artificial
> intelligence derived from a JACK SARFATTI
> duplicate event horizon stationed in a low
> planetary orbit housed in a superluminal
> propellantless communications vehicle that
> manages to thread a tunnel across relevent
> temporal bifurcations expediting a link to
> a circa 1950's Earth timeline where a call
> is placed to Flatbush New York to a young
> Jack Sarfatti whose mind is subsequently
> blown and the rest is high strangeness
> negative entropy whoopee math history!
> <> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> <> A Physicist Explains Why Parallel Universes
> <> May Exist:  [...]     "But there's a more
> <> confounding aspect of quantum theory that
> <> receives less attention.
> <>  After decades of closely studying quantum
> <> mechanics, and after having accumulated a
> <> wealth of data confirming its probabilistic
> <> predictions, no one has been able to explain
> <> why only one of the many possible outcomes
> <> in any given situation actually happens.
> <>  When we do experiments, when we examine
> <> the world, we all agree that we encounter
> <> a single definite reality. Yet, more than
> <> a century after the quantum revolution
> <> began, there is no consensus among the
> <> world's physicists as to how this basic
> <> fact is compatible with the theory's
> <> mathematical expression." [...]
> <>
> <> Excerpted from 'The Hidden Reality'
> <> by Brian Greene
> <>  Copyright 2011 by Brian Greene.
> <>
> \\\\\\\\\\\\|////////////
> --eMpTy O3|N0V|2OII - IO:O5PM
> |||||||||||||
> The C.I.A. Factbook on Intelligence
> ===============================
> A D D E N D U M
> ===============================
> Reconstructing the Mind's Eye |||||||||
> UC Berkeley scientists are figuring out
> how to decode and reconstruct our dynamic
> visual experiences -- in one instance
> through subjects watching Hollywood movie
> trailers. We meet a lead scientist...
> [ Jack Gallant, professor in the Psychology
> and Neuroscience Programs in Bioengineering,
> Biophysics and Vision Science at UC Berkeley.
> ]
> ...looking at how one day we may be able to go
> inside the mind of a coma patient, or even to
> watch a dream. [...]
> ----------------------------------------------
> On 22, Sept 2011,
> Stephanie Pappas wrote in 'LiveScience' :
> activity.html
> Welcome to the future: Scientists can now
> peer inside the brain and reconstruct videos
> of what a person has seen, based only on
> their brain activity.
> The reconstructed videos could be seen as
> a primitive -- and somewhat blurry -- form
> of mind reading, though researchers are
> decades from being able to decode anything
> as personal as memories or thoughts, if
> such a thing is even possible. Currently,
> the mind-reading technique requires
> powerful magnets, hours of time and
> millions of seconds of YouTube videos.
> But in the long term, similar methods could
> be used to communicate with stroke patients
> or coma patients living in a "locked-in"
> state, said study researcher Jack Gallant,
> a neuroscientist at the University of
> California, Berkeley.
> "The idea is that they would be able to
> visualize a movie of what they want to
> talk about, and you would be able to
> decode that," Gallant told LiveScience.
> Decoding the brain [...]
> activity.html ---------------------------------------------- The
> Gallant Lab
> Neural Prediction Challenge
> Collaborative Research in
> Computational Neuroscience
> ----------------------------------------------
> C o m m u n i o n   E n i g m a
> ~o0-O-0o~
> Robert Anton Wilson wrote:
> "As Thomas Huxley said, the universe acts
> a lot like a chess game in which the player
> on the other side remains invisible to us.
> By analyzing the moves, we try to form an
> image of the intellect behind them.
> Images that have seemed almost believable
> to me at various times have included the
> gods and goddesses of ancient Greece (if you
> develop a Classic Poetry habit, that kind of
> neurolinguistic programming can happen...)
> and also, of course, those extra-terrestrials
> who have so much popularity these days.
> I have also considered the player on the
> other side as more impersonal, like the Tao,
> or more bizarre, like Shiva Dancing, or more
> abstract, like Philip K. Dick's Vast Active
> Living Information System (VALIS.)
> Mostly, though I think of the player on the
> other side as a pookah -- a resident of
> Ireland, in rabbit form, who may at any time
> dump a truckload of the Unknown and
> Inexplicable right on your doorstep."
> --Robert Anton Wilson
> _______________________________________
> Prefrontal cortex
> .html
> -    -  -  - -=O) -    -  -  - -=O) -    -  -  - -=O)
> The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment
> by Thaddeus Golas [ (c) 1972) ]
> "We can start with a paradox at the highest level:
> expanded beings, completely unresisting, are also
> completely irresistible. Space beings are entirely
> permissive to other beings, but when one of us
> contracts, he becomes dense to the extent of his
> contraction, and is then in appearance propelled
> by the space beings. The experience of being
> propelled and later compelled is due entirely to
> the density of the contracted beings. Space beings
> have no intention to propel or compel anyone
> to do anything.
> "All conceivable universes in all conceivable
> dimensions exist in the One Mind as pure idea
> or archetype. When any of us withdraws from a
> willingness to create any aspect of that,
> we drop to a lower vibration level.
> For this illustration, imagine we are a
> great number of energy beings who are
> indifferent to the idea of Pluto the Dog.
> Since we are denser than space beings,
> they would propel us, and we would appear
> in space as a flowing, flashing image of
> Pluto the Dog, looking like a fireworks
> display, perhaps.
> "Imagine, then, some of us, more than indifferent,
> who deny the concept of Pluto the Dog, withdrawing
> to the mass level. Our mass, being even denser
> than the energy, is compelled to take the form
> denied, and behold the physical manifestation
> of Pluto the Dog. In this manner, what is denied
> on the conceptual level, the space level, becomes
> manifest on the physical plane.
> "Of course, the truth is not quite that cut-and-dried,
> but it will give you the idea. Space appears to
> propel energy, and energy appears to compel matter.
> But these reactions cannot occur without the
> density of the more withdrawn beings. By denying
> your capacity to create a concept, or by denying
> someone else's freedom to do so, you drop to a
> vibration where not only Pluto the Dog is evident,
> but a lot of other material forms also. Denying
> the truth is what opens Pandora's box." [...]
> h
> ttp://
> "And how are you, Mr. Wilson?" -- Harvey the Pookah
> [ Stop 2D Chess | Learn 5D Checkers | Evolve Glass Bead Game ]
> Time to stop playing two dimensional Chess
> and start learning Multidimensional Checkers
> with an eye toward evolving in Hyperdimensional
> Gaming Competitions with Ultraterrestrial
> Grand Masters of 'Das Glasperlenspiel' around
> which time we might actually figure out how
> to Mutate 0ff-World....
> Neurological Body Mapping
> ng
> "...unless we recognize the magic
> of the written word, then we are simply
> under its spell." --  Dr. David Abram
> [ Speaking with Animal Tongues - David Abram ]
> [ The Ecology of Magic - David Abram ]
> Dr. David Abram -  The Spell of Literacy
> Disinheriting the Wind:
> [...]
> Dr. David Abram: All right, let's return to the Navajo,
> and the nilch'i, the Holy Wind. This notion of mind as
> wind, it can seem very alien to us today, until we look
> at the evidences in our own language. In English, our
> word "spirit" is embedded in our word "respiration",
> in the Latin word "spiritus", which means "a breath",
> or "a gust of wind." So, spirit and wind were once the
> same thing. Our word "psyche" from which we get
> "psychology" and "psychiatry", this word for the mind,
> originates in the old Greek word, "psychein," which
> means "to breathe," or "to blow", like the wind.
> And, for the ancient Greeks, psyche, a psyche, was a
> breath, or a gust of wind. The word "animal" comes from
> this old word for "soul,"  "anima". Animal is a being
> of soul, being is a unanimous sharing one mind, together,
> and one soul, together. Anima--this word also originally
> means "a breath" or "a gust of wind." Even such a
> scientifically respectable word as "atmosphere" shows
> its link to the Hindu word "atman," meaning "soul," the
> original word being "atmos" which is the air, which is
> the soul, or, the soul which is the air.
> The Hebrew people, ancient tribal people, also has a
> word which means spirit and wind, inseparably, just
> like nilch'i, of the Navajo. The Hebrew word is "ruah"
> which is perhaps best translated as "rushing spirit".
> It is the wind which is the spirit, or the spirit which
> is the wind, and it's very sacred within the Hebrew
> tradition. It's there in the first sentence of Genesis:
> 'The world was without form and void and a ruah of God
> moved over the waters'.  A wind of God moved over the
> waters. Wind is the very presence of the Divine in the
> material, sensuous world, that is ruah. But, it's not
> the most sacred word within the Hebrew tradition.
> The most sacred combination of letters would be the
> four-letter name of God. The Tetragrammaton, YHWH,
> or as it's called 'Yahweh'. Very sacred, very secret.
> We're not even sure how YHWH is to be pronounced. Why?
> Because there are no vowels in the name; it's just the
> letters: Y, H, W, H.  Why didn't we write down the
> vowels? Well, because the vowels are the breath sounds,
> and the breath is the ruah. It is the invisible spirit.
> And, you cannot make a visible representation of the
> invisible spirit. It would be sacrilege. And, so, in
> the ancient Hebrew writing system, there are no vowels
> written down. Only the consonants are written.
> And, the reader has to add the appropriate vowels,
> just to intuit what vowels to sound out as he or she
> is feeling her way through the consonants on the page.
> It's as if you have to add your breath to those bones
> on the page to make them come alive and to speak.
> So, the Hebrews, who are the first keepers of the
> alphabet, of the Aleph Bet, of this magical, phonetic
> writing system, they did something very interesting.
> They became literate, in relation to the visible world,
> and the visible shapes of the world. And, they would
> say, God is not that tree. And, God is not that golden
> calf, is not in any visible image. That is not divine.
> God is elsewhere. So, they developed this new literate
> distance from the visible world.
> But, they stayed oral with relation to the invisible
> breath, to the wind, to the invisible ruah that moves
> between all things. It's very interesting.  [...]
> Continued at:
> R005T3R wrote:
> July 21, 2011 Clip No. 3051
> httpttp://
> Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar Slams PA President Abbas
> for "Aimless Kangaroo-Like" Political Gymnastics
> and Says:
> We Will Not Relinquish Any Piece of Palestinian Land
> Following are excerpts from an interview with
> Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, which aired
> on Dream 1 TV on July 21, 2011:
> Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: We in Gaza conducted a plan
> of resistance in order to drive the occupation out.
> The plan was accomplished, and not a single settler
> or soldier remains on the Palestinian land in Gaza.
> Our plan is to continue this approach.
> Today, we have completed the liberation of Gaza,
> and your plan does not... At this moment in time,
> we say to you, first of all: We want Palestine in
> its entirety -- so there will not be any misunderstandings.
> If our generation is unable to achieve this, the next
> one will, and we are raising our children on this.
> Palestine means Palestine in its entirety, and Israel
> cannot exist in our midst.
> Interviewer: But that was your past rhetoric.
> Today, you are talking about the 1967 borders...
> Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: I swear by Allah, this is
> what is on our minds.
> Interviewer: Today, you are talking about
> the 1967 borders.
> Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: Fine, but this is a phase.
> This is just a phase.
> Interviewer: When Abu Ammar [Arafat] used to talk
> about conducting struggle in phases and about give
> and take, you accused him of treason...
> Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: No, we never accuse anyone
> of treason.   We talk about security cooperation
> and leave the interpretation up to you. Let me
> explain to you the difference between Fatah
> and us on this issue. We talk about the liberation
> of the pre-1967 territories, but we do not recognize
> Israel on a single inch of our land. In other words,
> this land will remain ours, and when the balance of
> power changes, we will regain it. We will regain
> the land, even if we have to do so inch by inch.
> So the difference between Fatah and us is clear.
> They sold out 78% of the Palestinian lands and
> consider them to be Israeli lands. They consider
> only 22% of the land to be Palestinian, and even
> that is subject to negotiation. Therefore, anyone
> who says that Hamas has accepted the 1967 borders...
> I would like to make something clear: We will
> establish a state on any piece of land, but
> without giving up on any piece of Palestinian land.
> Interviewer: That was not what you said in the past.
> Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: We have not changed our rhetoric.
> Interviewer: So there has been a development...
> Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: There has been no development
> and no deterioration. That is an actual
> interpretation of what we have achieved.
> We said in the past and we continue to say:
> Palestine in its entirety is Islamic waqf land,
> which cannot be relinquished.
> [...]
> Mahmoud Abbas is engaged in political gymnastics.
> He made a new jump. After one jump -- the signing
> of the reconciliation agreement -- he's now jumped
> to the so-called "September realization of statehood."
> I don't know who invented this term. "Realization"
> means the demand for one's rights. Who on earth gave
> him the right to mock the people, and to tell them
> that a state is on the way?
> Now, he is incapable of obtaining the status of
> UN member state. He cannot achieve it, because
> the US veto will thwart him. Until now, he has
> been unable to obtain even the status of
> non-member state, because he needs nine countries,
> which is 50% plus one, in order to obtain this
> status in the UN General Assembly. So what does
> he want to gain?
> You are facing somebody whose plan has been
> torn to shreds, whose pond has gone dry, and
> you cannot find even a single frog in it.
> Now he takes us to September, and he postpones
> this reconciliation and its fulfillment until
> September, in case circumstances change and
> they can get a state. Besides, let's assume
> that he obtains a full-fledged state, that
> there is no veto, and everything is fine -- how
> will he implement this in practice, when the US
> is unable to convince the Israeli occupation to
> stop the settlements for even three months?
> How will he establish this state in practice?
> You are facing aimless, kangaroo-like political
> jumping about. Hamas knows the goal of
> its platform.
> We liberated Gaza through resistance. We want
> to conduct resistance in the West Bank as well.
> The problem is the security cooperation and
> the occupation.
> [...]
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> eMpTy wrote:
> "... Achieving the 'separation' meant
> learning to remain lucidly aware during
> dream sleep and dreamless sleep and, in
> those states, to explore other realms or
> spiritual dimensions at will.  To make
> this separation into a permanent condition
> was considered a 'labor of Hercules,'
> extraordinarily difficult, and the route
> to immortality." [...] Pg. 184; Part Three:
> Lucifer And Ahriman; Chapter Four |
> 2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl
> by Daniel Pinchbeck (c) 2006
> ***********************
> "Reality Sandwich"
> ============================================
> NOVA | What Are Dreams?
> [EXCERPT] From Transcript:
> [...]
> NARRATOR: In fact, REM dreams can be five times
> longer than non-REM dreams. And in human beings,
> at least, they are anything but a simple replay
> of the past.
> MATT WILSON: So the speculation is that during
> non-REM sleep, the brain is taking the past and
> trying to figure out how that might relate to
> the future, and in REM, actually trying to
> experience the future, move into the future.
> NARRATOR: The dreams of REM, in other words,
> may be simulations, which allow us to face
> challenges and test possibilities.
> ROBERT STICKGOLD: My sense is that when we're
> asleep and when we're dreaming, we are actually
> conscious and figuring out what's important
> about what happened to us and how that relates
> to everything else that's happened to us in the
> past and figuring out what that means about
> our future.
> MATT WILSON: And when you think about the
> challenge that animals, that we as humans
> and the brain in general faces, it is the
> unknown of the future. And in REM, we may
> have the opportunity to step into that
> future world with no risk, because the
> consequences are simply things don't work
> out as you might have expected, and then
> you wake up.   So these states may be what
> are essential for allowing us, as
> individuals, to reach our maximal level
> of potential.
> [...]
> ============================================
> Researchers Prove A Single Memory Is Processed
> In Three Separate Parts Of The Brain
> (February 1, 2006) -- University of California,
> Irvine researchers have found that a single brief
> memory is actually processed differently in
> separate areas of the brain -- an idea that until
> now scientists have only suspected to be true.
> The finding will influence how researchers examine
> the brain and could have implications for the
> treatment of memory disorders caused by disease
> or injury. [...] full story:
> ============================================
> - 'OPERA' - 'Oscillation Project with
> Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus'
> The OPERA experiment has been designed
> to perform the most straightforward test of
> the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations.
> This experiment exploits the CNGS high-intensity
> and high-energy beam of muon neutrinos produced
> at the CERN SPS in Geneva pointing towards the
> LNGS underground laboratory at Gran Sasso,
> 730 km away in central Italy. OPERA is located
> in the Hall C of LNGS and it is aimed at
> detecting for the first time the appearance of
> tau-neutrinos from the transmutation (oscillation)
> of muon-neutrinos during their 3 millisecond
> travel from Geneva to Gran Sasso. In OPERA,
> tau-leptons resulting from the interaction of
> tau-neutrinos will be observed in "bricks" of
> photographic emulsion films interleaved with
> lead plates. The apparatus contains about 150000
> of such bricks for a total mass of 1300 tons and
> is complemented by electronic detectors (trackers
> and spectrometers) and ancillary infrastructure.
> Its construction has been completed in spring 2008
> and the experiment is currently in data taking.
> 23 Sep 2011 -- CERN
> OPERA experiment invites
> scrutiny of unexpected results
> Neutrino beams from CERN in Switzerland
> are sent over 700km through the Earth's crust
> to the laboratory in Italy.
> The OPERA experiment, which observes a
> neutrino beam from CERN 730 km away at
> Italy's INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory, will
> present new results in a seminar at
> CERN today.
> The OPERA result is based on the observation
> of over 15000 neutrino events measured at
> Gran Sasso, and appears to indicate that the
> neutrinos travel at a velocity 20 parts per
> million above the speed of light, nature's
> cosmic speed limit. Given the potential
> far-reaching consequences of such a result,
> independent measurements are needed before
> the effect can either be refuted or firmly
> established. This is why the OPERA
> collaboration has decided to open the
> result to broader scrutiny.
> ============================================
> Measurement of the neutrino velocity
> with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam
> (Submitted on 22 Sep 2011)
> Abstract: The OPERA neutrino experiment at
> the underground Gran Sasso Laboratory has
> measured the velocity of neutrinos from
> the CERN CNGS beam over a baseline of about
> 730 km with much higher accuracy than
> previous studies conducted with accelerator
> neutrinos. The measurement is based on
> high-statistics data taken by OPERA in the
> years 2009, 2010 and 2011. Dedicated upgrades
> of the CNGS timing system and of the OPERA
> detector, as well as a high precision geodesy
> campaign for the measurement of the neutrino
> baseline, allowed reaching comparable
> systematic and statistical accuracies.
> An early arrival time of CNGS muon neutrinos
> with respect to the one computed assuming the
> speed of light in vacuum of (60.7 \pm 6.9
> (stat.) \pm 7.4 (sys.)) ns was measured.
> This anomaly corresponds to a relative
> difference of the muon neutrino velocity
> with respect to the speed of light
> (v-c)/c = (2.48 \pm 0.28 (stat.) \pm 0.30
> (sys.)) \times 10-5.
> Subjects:  High Energy Physics -
> Experiment (hep-ex)
> Cite as:  arXiv:1109.4897v1 [hep-ex]
> Submission history
> | From: Pasquale Migliozzi Dr.
> [v1] Thu, 22 Sep 2011 17:59:33 GMT (4763kb)
> ============================================
> H a p p y   E q u i n o x !
> ----- 0rigami Massage -----
> | From: G00 G00 GJ00B <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
> | Subject: Re: According to Ancient Alien Theorists
> | Date: Sep 23, 2011 10:37 PM
> The Seeker:
> Chapter V. The Theater of Selves
> The Master Game, by Robert S. DeRopp
> The transformation of an ego-centered being to a free
> being does not take place either easily or quickly.
> One is converted into the other gradually, by a series
> of stages, and each stage carries with it its own
> dangers and difficulties. The transformation begins
> when one of the selves in a man's personality (the
> Seeker) develops an awareness of the state of sleep,
> or, alternatively, a hunger for the fourth state of
> consciousness (Baudelaire's "Taste of the Infinite").
> The Seeker forms as a result of the working in man of
> the will to meaning and the will to self-transcendence.
> [Note: DeRopp, a biochemist, was a student of Gurdjieff,
> who maintained that before awakening to his real
> essence, man was not a singular entity but a
> multiplicity of I's, egos, or selves.]
> Robert S. de Ropp (1913-1987)
> 1&q=Robert+S.+de+Ropp
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> MEMRI: The Middle East Media Research Institute
> "Stars and placental amniotes! And ye inhabitants
> of the ten thousand worlds! ...the ultimate Yoga
> which gives emancipation, which destroys the sense
> of separateness which is the root of Desire, is to
> be made by the concentration of every element of
> one's being, and annihilating it by intimate
> combustion with the universe itself." A.C.
> "Interspecies Global Mind
> by Howard Bloom
> "...It is said that we have enraged nature by tearing at
> the pattern of her tracery, and for this transgression we
> shall be punished mightily. But we are nature incarnate.
> We are made up of her molecules and cells.
> We are tools of her probings and if, indeed, we suffer and
> we fail, from our lessons she will learn which way in the
> future not to turn. For all that lives and all that ever has
> is part of a collective brain, a neural net of the most
> sprawling evolution-driven, worldwide,
> multi-billion-year-old interspecies mind."
> | From: The History of the Global Brain XX
> R005T3R wrote:
> <>
> <>
> <> "HERODOTUS" (484 BCE - 425 BCE) wrote:
> "[The Egyptians] made a labyrinth, a little
> way beyond the lake Moeris and near the place called
> the City of Crocodiles. I have myself seen it, and
> indeed no words can tell its wonders; were all that
> Greeks have builded and wrought added together
> the whole would be seen to be a matter of less
> labour and cost than was this labyrinth, albeit the
> temples at Ephesus and Samos are noteworthy
> buildings. Though the pyramids were greater than
> words can tell, and each one of them a match for
> many great monuments built by Greeks, this
> maze surpasses even the pyramids. It has twelve
> roofed courts, with doors over against each other:
> six face the north and six the south, in two con-
> tinuous lines, all within one outer wall. There are
> also double sets of chambers, three thousand
> altogether, fifteen hundred above and the same
> number under ground. We ourselves viewed those
> that are above ground, and speak of what we have
> seen; of the underground chambers we were only
> told; the Egyptian wardens would by no means
> show them, these being, they said, the burial vaults
> of the kings who first built this labyrinth, and of
> the sacred crocodiles. Thus we can only speak
> from hearsay of the lower chambers; the upper
> we saw for ourselves, and they are creations greater
> than human. The outlets of the chambers and
> the mazy passages hither and thither through
> the courts were an unending marvel to us as we
> passed from court to apartment and from apartment
> to colonnade, from colonnades again to more cham-
> bers and then into yet more courts. Over all this
> is a roof, made of stone like the walls, and the
> walls are covered with carven figures, and every
> court is set round with pillars of white stone most
> exactly fitted together. Hard by the corner where
> the labyrinth ends there stands a pyramid forty
> fathoms high, whereon great figures are carved.
> A passage has been made into this underground.
> Such is this labyrinth; and yet more marvellous
> is the lake Moeris, by which it stands. This
> lake has a circuit of three thousand six hundred
> furlongs, or sixty schoeui, which is as much as the
> whole seaboard of Egypt. Its length is from north
> to south; the deepest part has a depth of fifty
> fathoms. That it has been dug out and made by
> men's hands the lake shows for itself; for almost
> in the middle of it stand two pyramids, so built that
> fifty fathoms of each are below and fifty above the
> water; atop of each is a colossal stone figure seated
> on a throne. Thus these pyramids are a hundred
> fathoms high; and a hundred fathoms equal a fur-
> long of six hundred feet, the fathom measuring six
> feet or four cubits, the foot four spans and the cubit
> six spans. The water of the lake is not natural
> (for the country here is exceeding waterless) but
> brought by a channel from the Nile; six months it
> flows into the lake, and six back into the river.
> For the six months that it flows from the lake, the
> daily take of fish brings a silver talent into the
> royal treasury, and twenty minae for each day of
> the flow into the lake." [...]
> Herodotus; Godley, A. D. (Alfred Denis), 1856-1925
> Chapter I. The Sirius Mystery Today.
> By Robert Temple (C) 1997
> y
> The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence
> Of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago
> by Robert K.G. Temple
> [01][02][03][04][05][06][07][08][09][10][11][12][13]
> Imagine an infinite cloud of eternal
> potential, undefined; whereupon 'consciousness'
> notices a point in the cloud, and that specific
> point facilitates a collapse of a wave function,
> defining a tangible reality: one universe amid
> a potential multiversal cloud. These emergent
> parallel realities, where timelines bifurcate
> into separate universes, may basically be how
> time-travel paradoxes are circumvented. If you
> travel back in time to successfully convince
> your great, great, great grandfather to a life
> of celibacy, you manage to erase your emergence
> in that timeline, but not the timeline of your
> origin. They are separate, parallel timelines.
> Therefore, 'paradox' is hypothetically averted.
> Happy Quantum Surfing & 'Brane' Shuffling!
> ~o0-O-0o~
> --- G00 G00 GJ00B wrote:
> "We shall not cease from exploration
> And the end of all our exploring
> Will be to arrive where we started
> And know the place for the first time."
> ['Little Gidding V' by T.S. Eliot]
> Cited in: 'The Magus' by John Fowles
> -- Goo goo g'joob I AM THE EGG man
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> _/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-
> SCALAR  [ Copyright (c) 1990-1992 ] by eMpTy:
> ________________________________________________
> PART IV   THE LONG WALK [Annotated]
> * Excerpt:
> [...]
> Thus began the changes.
> [...]
> Veritably
> Myriads
> Countless legions comprise our number, yet, if
> the essential truth be told, all of us - without
> exception - could be perceived as ultimately ONE.
> Multiplicity devoid of all barriers, hence
> singular. An annoying mystery perhaps; consider
> then the oscillating, infinite scales of Ouroboros:
> that mythical, cosmological serpent, having
> ingested the tip of his own tail, he thereby
> enacts the ubiquitous, grand circumference with
> no fixed epicenter, as it is eternally consumed
> and eternally regenerated. Magical at first glance,
> founded upon elementary principles upon a secondary
> look, and, in the final analysis, simply and
> unavoidably a paradox.
> Ouroboros.
> Dissimilar to our rather curvilinear, one track
> minded ancient friend of infinite segments we
> instead possess boundless, soaring, multipartite
> sentience of no easy measure nor simple expression.
> Imagine your wildest facsimile of absolute emptiness
> and you will misrepresent us in every attempt.
> Formless energy is our lot, truly rambunctious in
> our thought. Yes we soar in profundity and do
> thoroughly enjoy ourselves almost to a fault.
> You see, if there were an area in our experience
> where we might get just a trifle carried away,
> it would have to be, I suppose, our uncontainable
> hilarity. Laughter, we solemnly proclaim whenever
> the occasion dictates, is the mother's milk of
> the infinite. An archaic epitaph, left over from
> a time we knew death intimately, which generally
> dissolves all traces of solemnity and plunges us
> into a cacophonous hysteria reverberating for aeons.
> The pervasive energy known as laughter is the
> very fuel assisting our temporal occupations which
> are, if you haven't already deduced, the generation
> and rotation of the great vortices. Finding amusement
> in watching those fine, delicate lights gather into
> whirling masses, creating magnificent patterns,
> colorful disks, or iridescent globules; stimulating
> all manner of internal, dramatic events. We enjoy our
> positions of detached clarity, seldom, if ever,
> becoming involved in any of the events we observe.
> I, however, appear to be the rare exception to
> this informal rule.
> Perhaps my not so detached laughter lacks the
> radiant gusto of the others specifically because
> this current state of being (or non being) is a
> recent one to me; hence, atavistic fragments or
> relative attachments may continue to linger.
> Also, I find it so fascinating and tragic to
> watch what I call "their brief gyrations."
> All those agitated, ephemeral little entities:
> condensed sorrow and small joy, endlessly
> springing up out of the vortex, around and
> about, then disappearing equally sudden and
> mysterious. Ah, such pathos... I really cannot
> help it. I do seem to get involved, though I
> never interfere, relishing as I do the exquisite
> sensations accompanying our practice of
> absolute restraint.
> On the other hand, there is one particularly
> obscure "Event Drama" which has been profoundly
> absorbing to my attention lately, and I do
> believe that I may have some mysterious
> involvement there which I think I shall attempt
> to concretize for you by focusing upon one of
> Ouroboros' multifarious, luminous segments.
> I deliver myself to the task and
> thereby lose sight of our expanse.
> Space and time are singularized, folded
> and stretched.  A glistening, infinite sword
> forged on a terrible searing anvil.
> The infinitesimal filaments approach incandescence
> as they are pulled and spun. The fabric is cut.
> Shape shifting sword: I am absorbed, changed,
> another voice speaks; is it me?
> The vortex manifests - blinding me yet I see.
> It begins:
> Like a dream.
> [...]
> "Laughter is the mother's milk of the infinite."
> ________________________________________________
> =====================
> A D D E N D U M
> =====================
> "As of September 15, 2011, 683 known
> extrasolar planets (in 561 planetary
> systems and 80 multiple planet systems)
> are listed in the Extrasolar Planets
> Encyclopaedia, [ ]
> ranging from the size of terrestrial
> planets somewhat larger than Earth to
> gas giants larger than Jupiter."
> "This channel will feature live streams from
> global non violent revolution spreading across
> the globe, with the first broadcasts from Wall
> Street Occupation..."
> "...Anonymous joined Adbusters
> in Operation 'Occupy Wall Street,' an
> ongoing nonviolent demonstration..." [19|Sep|2011]
> "A Call to Action - Oct. 6, 2011 and onward..."
> |||||||||||||||||||||||
> Jews for Justice for Palestinians
> ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^
> "During times of universal deceit,
> telling the truth becomes a
> revolutionary act." - George Orwell
> ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^
> Parag Khanna maps the future of countries:
> l
> [...]   "And today, if you go to Kurdistan,
> you'll see that Kurdish Peshmerga guerillas
> are squaring off against the Sunni Iraqi army.
> But what are they guarding? Is it really a
> border on the map? No. It's the pipelines.
> If the Kurds can control their pipelines,
> they can set the terms of their own statehood.
> "Now should we be upset about this, about
> the potential disintegration of Iraq? I don't
> believe we should. Iraq will still be the
> second largest oil producer in the world,
> behind Saudi Arabia. And we'll have a chance
> to solve a 3,000 year old dispute.
> Now remember Kurdistan is landlocked.
> It has no choice but to behave. In order
> to profit from its oil it has to export it
> through Turkey or Syria, and other countries,
> and Iraq itself. And therefore it has to
> have amicable relations with them.
> "Now lets look at a perennial conflict in
> the region. That is, of course, in Palestine.
> Palestine is something of a cartographic
> anomaly because it's two parts Palestinian,
> one part Israel. 30 years of rose garden
> diplomacy have not delivered us peace in
> this conflict. What might? I believe that
> what might solve the problem is infrastructure.
> Today donors are spending billions of dollars
> on this. These two arrows are an arc, an arc
> of commuter railroads and other infrastructure
> that link the West Bank and Gaza. [See:
> "If Gaza can have a functioning port and be
> linked to the West Bank you can have a viable
> Palestinian state, Palestinian economy.
> That, I believe, is going to bring peace
> to this particular conflict. The lesson from
> Kurdistan and from Palestine, is that
> independence alone, without infrastructure,
> is futile." [...] Cont. at:
> l
> -=0~O~0=-
> ___________________________
> "In a Quasi-Parallel Multiverse, in the dimmest
> recesses of ancient fore-history, there did manifest
> a powerful, quantum computing device, located at
> approximately 2/3rd radius along one arm of a spiral
> galaxy. A cosmological variation on the double-slit
> experiment arose:
> "How about running a near infinite number of
> simultaneous interdimensional 'big bang' simulations
> with infinitesimal variations in each simulation to
> determine the most novel, and long-lived, open-ended
> scenario of survival; thereby selecting the specific
> 'history' of this advantageous pathway over all other
> shorter-lived, 'extinction' pathways...?
> "Could sporadic, sentient unhappiness and
> suffering throughout the successful pathway be
> entirely ruled out?"
> |||||||||||
> |
> |
> |
> |
> |
> |
> |
> |
> |
> |
> Later...
> To No0ne In Particular...
> o0O0o
> On, or around, Sept, 9th 2001, it was written:
> "...Continuity of Consciousness, by definition,
> presupposes that the perceptive core tracks
> continuously across all parallel realities...
> One femtosecond is to a second as one second is
> to 32.6 million years! The 'Parallel Universe'
> theory (Many-Worlds Theory) is a defunct
> bastardization of an ill-perceived anthropocentric
> misunderstanding of the double-slit experiment,
> [Collapse of a Quantum Wave Function into a
> Measurable Particle w/ History]:
> In the 'Many Worlds' theory of quantum physics,
> popularized by David Deutsch and others,
> ( ), our conscious
> selves inhabit an infinite realm of parallel
> universes: a 'multiverse.' Now, over the many years
> wherein we've all made countless decisions both
> conscious and automatic, and the countless times
> we've all pondered ending our own miserable
> myriad existences, what if we actually did?
> Would it, therefore, seem like a cruel fate for
> consciousness to have no final escape from
> awareness, perception, and embeddedness...?
> And what if it's true?! Whooooooooooshhh!!!!
> Is everyone the same biospheric personage? Are
> we dispersed across an undifferentiated
> light-cone of ultra-dimensional wavelike
> potentiality in nature, and only specified
> in particularity as a 3D lifeform?
> ( )
> Who-are-we to suffer such an endless fate?
> And what does it mean?!! What if there is a seamless
> continuity to sentience, so that no matter how
> many times you actually 'die,' your multiversal
> "self" continues uninterrupted?"
> [circa: Sept 9, 2001]
> See also:
> __________________________________________________
> o0O0o
> READING In-between-the-lines therein,
> above, a bit of a crisis, which made
> the subsequent events - days later -
> seem like a parallel life had been
> embodied as the previous one seemed
> to have possibly evaporated?
> Cryptic? Yes, probably... but, point
> being, the MindGland was not so
> rigorous in delineating factual data
> in a subsequently accurate manner.
> Which is my convoluted, elaborate
> excuse for presuming such erroneous
> trans-temporal back-engineered loopy
> mentations of multidimensionality!
> Glad to have caught up with your
> enormously talented real self? again!
> Warmest Regards,
> <>
> <> "This is the awe-inspiring universe of magic:
> <> There are no atoms, only waves and motions
> <> all around. Here, you discard all belief in
> <> barriers to understanding. You put aside
> <> understanding itself. This universe cannot
> <> be seen, cannot be heard, cannot be detected
> <> in any way by fixed perceptions.
> <> It is the ultimate void where no preordained
> <> screens occur upon which forms may be projected.
> <> You have only one awareness here - the screen
> <> of the magi: Imagination!
> <> Here, you learn what it is to be human.
> <> You are a creator of order, of beautiful
> <> shapes and systems, an organizer of chaos."
> <> --Frank Herbert  - Heretics of Dune -
> [...]
> IF:
> In terms of spatial ratios, a hypothetical
> 'super string' is to an atom as a tree is to
> the visible universe... AND: In terms of
> temporal ratios, a femtosecond is to a
> second as a second is to 32.6 million years...
> THEN: ...?
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Unsticking the "brane"
> Professor Tom Weiler and graduate fellow Chui Man Ho
> hypothesize using the Large Hadron Collider as a TIME TUNNEL
> Several [months] ago, had a dream of two silhouettes
> 'Snow Boarding' thru a tunnel of concentric rings,
> ala the old 60's TV show: 'THE TIME TUNNEL' see pic:
> [Wed, 9 Mar 2011]
> 47 years ago, Sir Freddy wrote:
> "It has often been said that, if the human species
> fails to make a go of it here on Earth, some
> other species will take over the running. In the
> sense of developing high intelligence this is not
> correct. We have, or soon will have, exhausted
> the necessary physical prerequisites so far as this
> planet is concerned. With coal gone, oil gone,
> high-grade metallic ores gone, no species however
> competent can make the long climb from primitive
> conditions to high-level technology. This is a
> one-shot affair. If we fail, this planetary system
> fails so far as intelligence is concerned. The same
> will be true of other planetary systems. On each
> of them there will be one chance, and one chance
> only."    -- Sir Fred Hoyle,
> "Of Men and Galaxies," 1964
> ***********************
> 5 years ago, Daniel Pinchbeck wrote:
> [...] "The Catholic mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
> foresaw the development of a 'new, integrated mind' of
> global humanity, calling it the 'noosphere,' from the
> Greek word nous, meaning mind. Noting that our planet
> consists of various layers -- a mineral lithosphere,
> hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere consisting of
> troposphere, stratosphere, and ionosphere -- Chardin
> theorized the possible existence of a mental envelope,
> a layer of thought, encompassing the Earth.
> The 'hominization' of the Earth had concluded the
> phase of physical evolution, during which species
> multiplied and developed new powers, leading to an
> entropic breakdown of the biosphere. This process,
> Chardin realized, requiring the tapping of the stored
> energy and amassed mineral resources of the planet,
> could happen only once." [...] Pg. 60; Part One:
> A Universe In Ruins; Chapter Five |
> 2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl
> by Daniel Pinchbeck (c) 2006
> ***********************
> "Reality Sandwich"
> ====================================================
> T A T   T V A M   A S I
> ====================================================
> [Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011]:
> Had a dream (in High-Def) of two
> brilliant indigenous aboriginal
> South American style native women,
> clearly of high intelligence and
> good humor, naked, immaculately
> groomed, covered with subtle,
> intricate designs of body art,
> (the likes of which make
> contemporary tattoos look garish
> and koyaanisqatsi by comparison),
> apparently from the near future,
> surveying a surrounding area of
> pre-construction grading,
> indicating with facial intensity
> and body language something quite
> extraordinary, joyous, and wise.
> [I guess you had to be there...]
> _______________________________
> See also: Saudi Arabia Electric Power Shortage
> _______________________________
> Milarepa
> "... A true story based on centuries-old oral traditions,
> a youthful Milarepa is propelled into a world of sorrow
> and betrayal after his father's sudden death. Destitute
> and hopeless, he sets out to learn black magic - and
> exact revenge on his enemies - encountering magicians,
> demons, an enigmatic teacher and unexpected mystical
> power along the way. But it is in confrontation with
> the consequences of his anger that he learns the most ..."
> ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^(O)^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
> Why the Obama strategy may work
> by Deepak Chopra
> bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2011/08/15/obama_strategy_may_work.DTL [...]
> "Asking for Obama to stride forth with a flaming sword and a mythic
> tale strikes me as short sighted. The way out of a burning building
> isn't to call for more kerosene. The reason that the Obama strategy
> may work is the same reason that democracy has worked for many
> generations. Every other way is worse and at times catastrophic."
> bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2011/08/15/obama_strategy_may_work.DTL
> [ Deepak Chopra is the author of over
> 60 books on health, success, relationships
> and spirituality, including "The Soul of
> Leadership." Learn more by logging on to
> or
> . To follow Deepak
> on Twitter, go to .]
> M E A N W H I L E . . .
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I had a vivid dream [eleven months] ago
> about Deepak Chopra. I was in some kind of
> room or chapel sitting on a wooden bench amid
> a row of such benches or pews. The room was
> full of people likewise seated. Deepak Chopra
> entered the room from a side passage, and
> everyone stood up, myself included. Suddenly
> it occurred to me that I was standing up for
> Deepak Chopra out of respect for his 'great
> spirituality', but I didn't really feel that
> way at all, so I sat back down. Deepak Chopra
> noticed this and came over to me placing his
> hand on my back, visibly irritated, and
> attempted to make me stand like the others.
> I subsequently expressed my outrage with him,
> telling him not to touch me, that regardless
> of all his many books he is basically a
> spiritual materialist, money making fraud,
> and so on... His mighty ego grew visibly angry
> indeed as I articulated this deep lack of respect.
> Upon awakening, I was both amused and surprised
> by this dream. I had recently heard a brief
> radio interview with Deepak Chopra, about his
> new book on Muhammad, and thought it sounded
> very interesting and worth reading. I always
> considered Deepak Chopra to be one of the cool
> people on the planet. Perhaps I'm merely growing
> weary of affect and conformity within myself,
> and Deepak Chopra is simply an available icon to
> cast off, archetypally speaking, or perhaps,
> maybe Deepak Chopra really is an ass hole,
> or, again, maybe he's just a convenient model to
> hang my own 'ass holiness' upon! HAH! ... In any
> event, it helps to remember the wise old cliche':
> 'hindsight is 20/20 vision.' However, if you have
> a quantum mechanical bent toward 'back acting'
> quantum wave forms collapsing a particle with a
> specific history, then all bets are off! AHA!
> And so it goes... take care. Your pal. eMpTy
> P.S. 'Muhammad: A Story Of The Last Prophet'
> by Deepak Chopra
> [...]
> The tale was not incredible to everyone.
> Jinns roam the desert thirsting for human
> souls. That was the strongest possibility.
> I had my doubts, though. Jinns attack at
> night, and they don't need knives to pluck
> out your soul. They have dark enchantment.
> Not that anyone has survived to say what
> that enchantment is. I feared Muhammad
> would be shunned for drawing two demons so
> close to camp in broad daylight. In fact,
> the opposite happened. The fact that he
> had survived their attack was considered
> to be a sign of stronger magic than that
> of the jinns. It was decided that
> Muhammad's name would be added to the
> songs about our ancestors who had driven
> off jinns. After that, his reputation was
> made. Besides, it was obvious he hadn't
> had his soul sucked out.
> [...]
> "Do you remember one day in the desert,
> when you got lost?" I asked.
> He nodded. "But I wasn't lost. I had
> a feeling where I should go. Two men were
> waiting for me when I got there."
> I was amazed. "They attacked you, and
> you never told me? After we got you home,
> you wouldn't say a word."
> "I couldn't. I knew you thought the
> jinns had captured me."
> "It had to be jinns. They left no
> footprints. They were seen ripping open
> your chest."
> "I wondered why everyone whispered
> behind my back. But it wasn't jinns.
> Other beings live in the desert. You should
> know that."
> If it had been anyone else putting me
> in my place, my nails would have been at
> his face. But with him I felt a mixture of
> meekness and wonder. "What kind of beings?"
> I asked in a small voice.
> A strange smile crossed Muhammad's
> face. "I've never stopped asking that
> question. You came running in such a
> panic, you scared them off." He put a
> finger lightly on his heart. "Don't worry.
> Whatever they wanted to do, it's done."
> [...] Pgs. 53-54, Chapter 3, HALIMAH,
> Last Prophet (c) 2010 by Deepak K. Chopra
> and Rita Chopra Family Trust;
> ISBN 978-0-06-178242-8
> Surprise! It is a great little book!
> NOTE: [Quote: "Depak does not write his own books...
> A man in Santa Fe New Mexico does it all...I know
> him and his work is just about a secret!" -ANON] AHA!
> []CANADA[]
> Chopra/dp/0061782424 ][USA][
> Chopra/dp/0061782424
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> <> "If you bring forth what is
> <> within you, what you bring
> <> forth will save you. If you
> <> do not bring forth what is
> <> within you, what you do not
> <> bring forth will destroy you."
> <>   -- Joshua, Gospel of Thomas
> <>
> <> ~^~^~^~^~^~
> <> "Whoever undertakes to set himself up
> <> as a judge of Truth and Knowledge
> <> is shipwrecked by the laughter
> <> of the gods." Einstein
> **********************
> "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh
> wgah'nagl fhtagn" --H.P. Lovecraft
> **********************
> "And... have been thinking alot
> about the character in the novel:
> -- LIFE OF PI --
> have you read it?
> Anyway... more later about that,
> and particularly the KORAN."
> Life of Pi
> by
> Yann Martel
> [... Piscine Molitor Patel ("Pi") ... He tried to
> understand God through the lens of each religion,
> and came to recognize the benefits of each. ...]
> I liked this novel.
> It reminded me a bit of
> my childhood's fascination
> with world religions.
> Never gave 'Islam' much thought; although,
> I read once in Crowley, his commentary about
> illiterate You-Know-Who's epiphany (so to
> speak) resulting from long periods of isolation,
> a variation on yoga and meditation, or at least
> that was A.C.'s thought.
> Only recently have I learned that the Koran,
> spoken by 'You-Know-Who,' is really a long
> tone-poem. The original Arabic is the only
> way to hear the book. It is Onomatopoeia in
> uttered form, hence, a great work of auditory
> art, and should be regarded, in my opinion, as
> a synaesthetic creation. No more, no less.
> And I've been meaning to search for a DVD
> or some other media or presentation of the
> book that is in auditory Arabic with supertitles,
> as in contemporary opera. I would like to
> experience that manifestation of the crazy Arab's
> epiphanous inspired utterance. Very sad, isn't it,
> how one man's art becomes generations later, an
> excuse to practice a vast institutionalized
> rigid misogyny?! Stupid Humans:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> "... In pre-Islamic days, called the Days of
> Ignorance, the religious background of the
> Arabs was pagan, and basically animistic. ..."
> "According to some (apparently different)
> sources such as
> "... Muhammad's uncle was one of the resident
> priests of the Shiv temple known as 'Kaaba'. ...
> this glorious Hindu temple was made to
> symbolically represent a microcosm of the universe.
> ... Right at the centre of the Kaaba was the
> octogonal pedestal of Bramha the creator. ...
> Muhammad destroyed all 360 idols,
> but even he could not summon the courage to
> completely obliterate the Shivling in the Kaaba. ...
> "... Today it [the Shivling] lies broken at seven
> places and held together by a silver band studded
> with silver nails, bearing the name 'Sangey Aswad'
> which came from the Sanskrit Ashwet meaning
> non-white or black stone.
> [...]  From the Hindu point of view, it is
> Shiva's lingham, or phallic symbol. [...]
> ***********************
> "The status of women was that
> of pride and equal respect.
> **********************
> "The Shivling is the sacred meteorite. [...]
> "More material and pictures about such
> things on webpage:
> "Although the above is not widely known in
> Eurocentric societies, it is common knowledge
> in India, and indicates some of the history
> and depth of feeling that is involved in the
> Muslim-Hindu conflicts between Pakistan and India."
> **********************
> "... Muhammad received his first revelation in
> 610, on the mountain of Hira outside Mecca. The
> revelation came in a time when Muhammad searched
> for solitude. ..."
> [...]
> "According to a xenohistorian.faithweb web page:
> "... Mohammed stayed [in Mecca in 615] because
> his family connections protected him ... He came
> into the courtyard of the Kaaba and suggested
> that the gods and goddesses of Mecca might be
> real after all, serving as saints or angels to
> mediate between God and man. ... These are the
> so-called "Satanic verses" that have caused much
> controversy among scholars of Islam. ... They
> [the Meccan establishment] enthusiastically
> received his [Mohammed's] recantation, but when
> he [Mohammed] saw the reaction he repented ...
> He [Mohammed] said that the devil had momentarily
> possessed his tongue, and denounced idolatry more
> vigorously than before. ...".
> **********************
> **********************
> I sent my Soul through the Invisible,
> Some letter of that After-life to spell:
> And by and by my soul return'd to me,
> And answer'd "I Myself am Heav'n and Hell."
> Omar Khayyam
> The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
> Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
> Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
> Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.
> Omar Khayyam
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> The Gandhi Nobody Knows
> by Richard Grenier
> **************************************************
> Was Sir Ben Kingsley as Don Logan
> in Sexy Beast much more honest?
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> [...]  Whether M-theory exists as a single
> formulation or only as a network, we do
> know some of its properties. First, M-theory
> has eleven space-time dimensions, not ten.
> [...] Also, M-theory can contain not just
> vibrating strings but also point particles,
> two dimensional membranes, three dimensional
> blobs, and other objects that are more
> difficult and occupy even more dimensions of
> space, up to nine. These objects are called
> p-branes (where p runs from zero to nine).
> [...] The laws of M-theory therefore allow
> for different universes with different
> apparent laws, depending on how the internal
> space is curled. [...] M-theory has solutions
> that allow for many different internal spaces,
> perhaps as many as 10^500, [a 1 with 500 zeros]
> which means it allows for 10^500 different
> universes, each with its own laws. [...] only
> one of which corresponds to the universe as we
> know it.  [...] [Chapter 5,  The Theory Of
> Everything - pgs. 117-119] THE GRAND DESIGN
> (c)2010 by Steven W. Hawking []
> and Leonard Mlodinow []
> Random House, Inc. - ISBN 978-0-553-80537-6
> __________________________________________________
> NOTHING is True, Everything is Permitted:
> A Deconstruction of the Last Words of
> Hassan-i Sabbah by Brian D. Hodges
> According to legend, the master of the
> Order of Assassins uttered the famous
> phrase "nothing is true, everything is
> permitted" on his deathbed prior to his
> soul departing for Hell.  This axiom has
> made its way into a number of historical
> accounts regarding Sabbah and the Nizari
> Isma'ilis. As with so much of the lore
> surrounding the "order", it is likely
> that this quote is no more true than most
> of the other legends circulated by Western
> historians, medievalists, anarchists and
> occultists. It is worth looking into three
> competing explanations for how it found
> acceptance and examine the probabilities
> of each.  ...  Cont...
> ... Some need first to understand the
> ancient dictum "discipline precedes freedom"
> before they will be able to dance with the
> last words of Hassan-i Sabbah.
> DID YOU KNOW That *THE JINN* invented the
> electric toaster oven?!! Hard to believe??!
> YES! BUT...
> It's ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!
> Visions of the Jinn
> Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
> Ibn Taymeeyah's Essay on the Jinn
> "Statistically, the probability of any
> one of us being here is so small that
> you'd think the mere fact of existing
> would keep us all in a contented
> dazzlement of surprise."
> -- Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell
> Jacques Vallee UFO interview JINN
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Dissociation Dynamics,
> the Alice Miller Finding
> and the Social Organization of Torture:
> http://alice-
> [See also NPD: (DSM-IV code 301.81)
> Synopsis
> Diagnostic Features:
> 'Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition
> characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance,
> need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and
> lack of empathy for others. Individuals with this
> disorder are usually arrogantly self-assured and
> confident. They expect to be noticed as superior.
> Many highly successful individuals might be considered
> narcissistic. However, this disorder is only diagnosed
> when these behaviors become persistent and very
> disabling or distressing.' ... ]
> ====================================================
> T A T   T V A M   A S I
> ====================================================
> "A Human Being without a Deity
> is like a Rainbow Trout without
> a Tricycle." --Xeno Bilderberg
> Reeeelaaaaaax.... have a banana:
> "There you go, man
> Keep as cool as you can
> Face piles of trials with smiles
> It riles them to believe
> That you perceive
> The web they weave...
> And keep on thinking free" --Moody Blues
> "Of course, the idea that the world should be
> run by secret societies went down particularly
> well with...well, secret societies.
> Consequently, many of them adopted Synarchist
> principles. In fact, Saint-Yves' ideas
> transformed the esoteric underground of Europe,
> particularly France. Some of the greatest
> figures in subsequent occult history were
> devotees of Saint-Yves, which is not
> surprising because occultists, with their
> love of hierarchy, tend to be naturally
> totalitarian and unegalitarian."
> (Adapted from a lecture by
> at the Sauniere Society Symposium,
> Conway Hall, London on 19 September 1999)
> --------------------------------------------------
> [...] As Sally Bowles said in Cabaret
> of the rise of the Nazi Party in Berlin:
> "It's only politics - what's that got
> to do with us?".
> People are wary of politics these days - rightly
> so - but they are not so wary of an appeal to the
> romantic, spiritual and mystical. And therein
> lies the danger.
> As W.B. Yeats so prophetically wrote in
> his The Second Coming:
> Surely some revelation is at hand;
> Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
> The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
> When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
> Troubles my sight: somewhere in the sands of the desert
> A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
> A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
> Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
> Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
> The darkness drops again; but now I know
> That twenty centuries of stony sleep
> Were vexed to a nightmare by a rocking cradle,
> And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
> Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
> Picknett, Lynn and Prince, Clive. The Stargate Conspiracy:
> The Truth About Extraterrestrial Life and the Mysteries of
> Ancient Egypt. New York: Berkley Books, 2001. 425 pages.
> [13][12][11][10][09][08][07][06][05][04][03][02][01]
> "For we contend not against flesh and blood, but
> against principalities, against the powers, against
> the world rulers of this present darkness."
> Ephesians 6:12
> "Memes are like mind viruses, they swim in the ocean
> we call the collective unconscious.  Since all mankind is
> linked at a deep mental level, then Memes or in more
> religious terms, Dominions and Principalities can move
> easily from consciousness to consciousness, mind to mind.
> As they do so they can control groups, organizations,
> businesses and of course, individuals. While we like to
> think of our minds as centered and integrated if we are
> critical we realize that there are many selves within us,
> there are the images we have of ourselves, the images we
> inherited from our parents, there are critical selves,
> fun-loving selves, self effacing selves and so on. While
> many of these selves are sub-personalities and aspects
> of our psyche, they also feed and are fed by forces both
> within and beyond the mind."
> Meme: (pron. "meem") A contagious idea that
> replicates like a virus, passed on from mind
> to mind. Memes function the same way genes
> and viruses do, propagating through
> communication networks and face-to-face
> contact between people --
> "Memes create and mould consciousness so as to fulfil the
> directive of the original DNA program. Memes transform
> meaningful social movements into bureaucracy, and take
> ideals and turn them into commodities. They take
> transformational technologies and turn them into
> mechanisms of control. TV, Computer Games, Sport -- all
> have become means to stop man really using his mind to
> any spiritual end by keeping his mind absorbed and
> controlled. The whole of our culture is based on this
> premise, all thought must be controlled, albeit covertly,
> so that freedom is impossible. Democracy is simply the
> choice between different paradigms of control.
> Isms, cults and ologies offer further mechanisms of
> control, which seem outside of the structure and yet
> are really part of it.
> "Where do we go from here?"
> Just when you thought it was safe
> to ridicule the heroic sanitation
> engineers and their endless battle
> with vermin, a non-sequitar
> MATRIX ambiguity rears its ugly head,
> straining, straining, ever straining
> to drop a load of tangential
> pseudo-gnostic-cinematic-crapola
> upon thy funky mindspace:
> B e H o L d :
> Oh My God ... HEAD LICE
> WRATH! JEHOVAH 1 - a.k.a. YAHWEH - is
> a mad alien, full of eyes round about, He cometh
> with the clouds, radioactive, all-pervading,
> He has forged His covenant with the SubGenius
> DEMANDS OBEISANCE to His caveman sense
> of humor. He has been denying us SLACK and
> what He is making us do dates back to
> Homo Connectus, First Whole Man; only by
> letting our bodies obey the Code of financial
> lust survival that is built into them can our
> brains be freed from his INEVITABLE FIST."
> Petroleum World!
> The Sorcerers --
> "Naughty Aluminium" wrote:
> [01][02][03][04][05][06][07][08][09][10][11][12][13]
> "Historically the chief role in the formation of
> Christianity was played not by the teaching of
> Christ but by the teaching of Paul.
> Church Christianity from the very beginning
> contradicted in many respects the ideas of Christ
> himself. Later, the divergence became still wider.
> It is by no means a new idea that Christ, if born
> on earth later, not only could not be the head of
> the Christian Church, but probably would not be
> able even to belong to it, and in the most brilliant
> periods of the might and power of the Church
> would most certainly have been declared a heretic
> and burned at the stake." -- Peter D. Ouspensky
> "Acharya S"
> -----------------------------------------------
> "What fascinates me is the gap between the
> mind and reality. Extreme boredom widens the
> gap; so does fatigue. But the gap can be so
> light that to all intents and purposes we are
> in contact with reality. Then a sudden shock
> fills the inner-being with music, and you
> know that there was no contact. You were
> deceived. You were in your private vacuum,
> slowly suffocating to death."
> by Colin Wilson
> ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
> F L O T S A M    A N D    J E T S A M
> "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh
> wgah'nagl fhtagn" --H.P. Lovecraft
> -=o0~O~0o=-
> "One does not become enlightened
> by imagining figures of light, but by
> making the darkness conscious."
> --Carl Jung
> -=o0~O~0o=-
> o0O0o
> ***********************
> 10 years ago, Whitley Strieber wrote:
> [...] Q: But our world is dying and falling into
> chaos? How can we be governed poorly from
> such a high level?
> A: Man is a child. Children govern children with
> the wisdom of children.
> Q: There are aliens here?
> A: Using you and guiding you.
> Q: We're being exploited?
> A: You are, but also helped. You are being guided
> to your place as guides of another world.
> Q: What will we do for this other world?
> A: You will draw it toward ecstasy just as your
> mentors draw you toward ecstasy. Right now,
> there are brilliant creatures there looking
> at the sky and devouring the flesh of their
> own children, just as you did. Unless you
> help them, they will not make the evolutionary
> leap in time, and will go extinct.
> Q: Whose responsibility would that be?
> A: All are responsible for all.
> Q: How many worlds are there like ours, like theirs?
> A: The planets that can sustain complex elemental
> bodies are not many. However, the elements of
> which they are made occur in various patterns,
> and the form of evolution depends upon the
> chemical makeup of the planet upon which it
> occurs. So there are worlds where creatures
> look very much like us. there are worlds where
> they are quite different.
> [...] [Pgs 78-79 - THE KEY - by Whitley Strieber]
> <>  [...]  "Go to Calcutta or Lagos or Bogata
> <> and give yourself to the first street
> <> urchin you meet as his helper and
> <> lifelong servant. Do it without question
> <> or hesitation. You say that you want to
> <> worship God? Kneel to this little one
> <> and you kneel to God." [...] [Pgs 135-136;
> <> The Conversation; THE KEY -
> <>   A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber;
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> <>     by Walker & Collier, Inc.]
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> "Wherever you go, there you are."
> -- Buckaroo Bonzai
> Fellow Lunatics!
> Someone once wrote:
> <> In his book Memories, Dreams, and Reflections,
> <> Carl Jung discusses how he acquired an insight
> <> into Western man's denial of the Heart when he
> <> recounts a conversation he had in 1932 with the
> <> Native American Chief Ochwiay Biano (meaning
> <> "Mountain Lake") of the Tao Pueblos Indians of
> <> New Mexico. The chief was quite candid in his
> <> perception of the white man's Heart-Mind split:
> <> "See.... how cruel the whites look. Their lips
> <> are thin, their noses sharp, their faces furrowed
> <> and distorted by folds. Their eyes have a staring
> <> expression; they are always seeking something.
> <> What are they seeking? The whites always want
> <> something; they are always uneasy and restless.
> <> We do not know what they want. We do not understand
> <> them. We think they are mad."
> <> When Jung asks why he thinks they are all mad,
> <> the Chief replies, "They say they think with
> <> their heads."
> <> Jung answers, "Why, of course. What do you
> <> think with?"
> <> The Chief, indicating his heart, said,
> <> "We think here."
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> It's always just NOW...
> Or as that weird Munchkin,  E c k h a r t   T o l l e,
> likes to pontificate: "Stillness Speaks: When you lose
> touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself.
> When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in
> the world. Your innermost sense of self, of who you are,
> is inseparable from stillness. This is the I Am that is
> deeper than name and form. [...] Nothing that comes and
> goes is you. 'I am bored.' Who knows this? 'I am angry,
> sad, afraid.' Who knows this? You are the knowing,
> not the condition that is known."
> "If you cannot be at ease with yourself when
> you are alone, you will seek a relationship to
> cover up your unease.
> You can be sure that the unease will then reappear
> in some other form within the relationship, and
> you will probably hold your partner responsible for it.
> All you really need to do is accept this moment fully.
> You are then at ease in the here and now and at
> ease with yourself.
> But do you need to have a relationship with yourself
> at all? Why can't you just be yourself?
> When you have a relationship with yourself, you have
> split yourself into two: 'I' and 'myself,' subject
> and object. That mind-created duality is the root cause
> of all unnecessary complexity, of all problems and
> conflict in your life. In the state of enlightenment,
> you are yourself - 'you' and 'yourself' merge into one.
> You do not judge yourself, you do not feel sorry for
> yourself, you are not proud of yourself, you do not
> love yourself, you do not hate yourself, and so on.
> The split caused by self reflective consciousness
> is healed, its curse removed. There is no 'self'
> that you need to protect, defend, or feed anymore.
> When you are enlightened, there is one relationship
> that you no longer have: the relationship with yourself.
> Once you have given that up, all your other relationships
> will be love relationships." ::: -- Eckhart Tolle
> 'The Power of Now'
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> Uhhhm... How Wide is 'Now?'