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Klee wrote on Nov 21, 2011

Hi, Jack.  We met briefly via email a couple months ago.  I'm a friend of Tony Smith and Simon, as you might recall.  I also know Laura and Ark, so it's a small world.

Your comment, "If I am right about entanglement signals it means direct contact with future alien intelligence. Indeed a portal is opening." is interesting.  Certainly the future exists now concurrent with the present and past.  And certainly there is much evidence of non-local information exchange in studies on psychic phenomena, (e.g. SRI remote viewing study and various entanglement type experiments).  So communication with the future is plausible.

I met Simon in Palo Alto at Singularity University, where Ray Kurtzweil and a bunch of other geeks like me, Larry Page, the director of the AMES Research Center and many others believe that the human race is approaching an evolutionary crescendo in terms of our collective knowledge, specifically our technology.  But I sense that there's something else at play, more similar to what mystics talk about in terms of something related to galactic alignments or a harmonic convergence of subtle energies or something along those lines.

I don't think galactic alignment or harmonic convergence have anything to do with it. That's New Age not-even-wrong pseudo-physics in my opinion.

My sense is that our species ends up making a quantum leap in consciousness and interconnectedness and somehow breaks out of the perception of being locked into the "time" bound domain of sequential local only information and somehow becomes very different very quickly.  IF that happens, then as we get closer to that big event in spacetime, we will inter-resonate with that future information at an increasing rate.

Childhood's End - Arthur C. Clarke.

I see it sort of like remembering forward in time.  Like with remembering backwards, we can recall very clearly a dream that we just woke up from. But several days later, trying to recall such a dream would be blurry at best. So as we get closer to fully remembering (non-local information exchange) a future event, the interresonation of information increases exponentially.

Right- see Daryl Bem's "feeling the future" - unfortunately we seldom act on our precognitions.

Anyway, I think that the most likely contact we would make with future aliens would be human beings from our future who exist in other star systems.


But why do you sense or theorize that a portal is opening?

A long story. See my 2002 Autobiography Destiny Matrix (on Amazon et-al)

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Curious I am giving my paper to SLAC American Physical Society that day. If I am right about entanglement signals it means direct contact with future alien intelligence. Indeed a portal is opening.

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Session C1: AMO & HEP Theory

4:00 PM5:24 PM, Friday, November 11, 2011
Bldg 48 - ROB Room: Redwood A/B

Chair: Virginia Trimble, University of California, Irvine
Abstract: C1.00002 : Is entanglement signaling really impossible?
4:12 PM4:24 PM
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Jack Sarfatti

Quantum information theory is based on the premise that entanglement cannot be used as a stand-alone communication channel without a classical signal key decoder. The proof depends on linearity of observables, orthogonal base states, and unitary time evolution between measurements of the Schrodinger equation in configuration space. Spontaneous symmetry breakdown giving a Higgs-Goldstone condensate macro-quantum coherent Glauber ground state has a nonlinear non-unitary Landau-Ginzburg equation in ordinary physical space. The Glauber coherent states are non-orthogonal. The conditions for no-entanglement signaling are not satisfied in this case and it may mean the need for a generalized quantum theory that is to orthodox quantum theory as general relativity is to special relativity.

VIdeos of this talk are on my Facebook page - public access.