2. A crisis for Bohm's version of quantum theory
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    • Jack Sarfatti re: http://xxx.lanl.gov/pdf/1306.1576.pdf

      Where is the flaw in Valentini's argument that the Born rule is so unstable in it, that orthodox quantum theory would not even work for inanimate simple systems like spectroscopy and scattering where in fact it works so well? It seems "too cheap" (Einstein to Bohm, 2952) that de Broglie's p = gradS works and dp/dt = - grad(V + Q ) does not. Q has such beautiful properties explaining spooky quantum weirdness.

      Will coupling to a gauge field help?

      p = gradS - (e/c)A ?

      even though the field harmonic oscillators are also unstable just like the hydrogen atom electron - perhaps when coupled to sources "a miracle happens"? I don't have much hope for that at the moment.

      Of course, I rejoice that the Born probability rule should be unstable - but not too unstable. It should be meta-stable to allow signal nonlocality - post-quantum voodoo "magick without magic" as in http://arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/0203049 Valentini still seems to believe in that as well, but not with Q. What's wrong with this picture?