Our two 2D cosmic horizons past and future are the pixelated hologram screens
the 3D interior of the causal diamond is voxelated at scale
L^3 = Lp^2A^1/2
A = area-entropy scale of the cosmological horizons
Seth Lloyd argues that horizons are computers.
The software is some kind of topological conformal anyonic quantum field theory.
i.e. a de Sitter / > 0 version of AdS/CFT
the interior bulk gravity & matter fields inside the causal diamond are hologram images of the stuff running on the horizon hologram computing screens.
In terms of what the yearning masses will understand - Hawking's Mind of God is alive and well on our past and future cosmological horizons.
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  • Theodore Silva From what I can understand, that makes sense to me...
  • Jack Sarfatti Your darn toot'n it does. This is my Destiny Matrix Theory of Reality.
  • Jack Sarfatti So, now can we hack the Mind of God since its software on the cosmic horizon computing screens and we are its sub-programs like in the movies MATRIX et-al?
  • Nick Albertini Seth Lloyd is right. The scaling factor had me for a loop. But, if it is correct; and if dark matter is external to the cosmic horizon (as infalling matter into our cosmic black hole - universe), then that ratio would help to calculate the energies and masses of dark matter cluster originating cosmic ray particles generated by impact of such infalling matter with our cosmic horizon.
  • Larry Lowe If you could hack the Mind of God, what kind of programming change would you induce?

    Win the lottery?

    World Peace?

    World Dominance?

    Should be be thinking about issuing GodMind Hacker's licenses?
  • Nicole Tedesco OUCH! I think I just came across a bug in that computer...
  • Nicole Tedesco As with Hawking Radiation in general, I would assume the evaporation rate of the Universe to be proportional to the total mass of the Universe, which of course evaporates with time. I don't recall this being enough, however, to account for the "expansion" acceleration (e.g., dark energy).
  • Theodore Silva Speaking of bugs this question has been bugging me: I know this is, in all probability, a dumb idea, but is it possible to have many time lines in your view of physics reality without multiple Universes – all moving toward the Omega point and merging together – or is there only one time line toward your Destiny Matrix?
  • Nick Albertini Dark energy is required by metrics that might not be the right metrics (Einstein Field Equation metrics). For example, what does a Poplawski Metric (with sp-t torsion) require? Which, if describing a black hole universe, is probably a better approximation metric to use to deduce any need for dark energy. So, it might not be required at all by the true quantized metric, or whatever description comes out of TOE; even if it is required by approximate metrics.
  • Jack Sarfatti Yes, Larry u got it.
  • Jack Sarfatti Nicole - yes the future cosmic horizon evaporates that's what advanced Hawking radiation dark energy is, but also matter from our causal diamond is falling through. Yes, this is a good point.
  • Jack Sarfatti Nick - good question about torsion. However, the standard model with dark energy and dark matter is working well and there is no evidence yet for torsion. However, I would be surprised if torsion is not there because it's a natural extension of GR as a local gauge theory.
  • Jack Sarfatti Larry - yes win the lottery for sure. A Hitler-type who can hack the Mind of God would enslave us all - like the Beast 666 etc in the Evangelical Mythos. Think Q on Star Trek. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_(Star_Trek)
    Q is a fictional character who appears in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, as well as in related products. In all of these programs, he is played by John de Lancie. The name "Q" also applies to all other individuals of the Q Con...