• The Quantum Mechanics of Time Travel http://t.co/zNuT1Ru94e
    The Quantum Mechanics of Time Travel
    Dr. Seth Lloyd, an MIT professor and self-described "quantum mechanic," describes the quantum mechanics behind time travel during a guest lecture at the Inst...
  • Jack Sarfatti Nice intuitive explanation of quantum teleportation in terms of Cramer's transaction explanation of entanglement - due to Charlie Bennett. Post-selected Aharonov weak measurement CTC not same as David Deutsch's. Indeed time traveler to past loses all memory in Deutsch's scheme, though not in Seth Lloyd's. Aephraim Sternberg actually did a real experiment proving that Gerard 't Hooft's claim about Grandfather Paradox is wrong. Some argue that it's only a simulation not the real thing. Hmmnn I have heard that one before.