Error on p. 33 of Jim Woodward's Making Starships book (Springer-Verlag)
  • Jack Sarfatti Our future universe is dominated by the de Sitter metric.
    Using Jim's notation:

    g00 = 1 + phi/c^2

    phi = - 2r^2/A

    A is the area of our future horizon

    we are located at r = 0


    Jim's equation:

    phi/c^2 = 1 is the classical equation for an infinitely thin cosmic future event horizon with advanced back-from-the-future Wheeler-Feynman Hawking radiation peak black body wave length ~ A^1/2 contradicts his "vector" approximation to Einstein's tensor GR, which requires

    phi/c^2 << 1
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    In any case, the universe is NOT flat:
    Evidence left over after the Big Bang may suggest a saddle-shaped universe.
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    Sep 11 2013 - 5:00pm
    Charles Q. Choi, ISNS Contributor
    (ISNS) -- The shape of the universe may be dramatically different than before thought, a group of researchers now says.