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Aharonov's post-selection need not be done literally in the future and does not necessarily imply the kind of real retro-causality that is in the Wheeler-Feynman idea. Thus, Aharonov's use of "destiny" for post-selection and "history" for pre-selection" is misleading. All Aharonov seems to be saying is to use a protocol set in advance in which only conditional probabilities in which a subset of the set of distinguishable final outputs is considered. The more interesting issue is a real retro-causation closely allied to real signal nonlocality in which entanglement is used as a real communication channel outside the light cones in the sense John S. Bell explained. This would be a gross violation of quantum theory of course, and it is my conjecture that such gross violation is necessary for living matter.

"The uncertainty principle implies a loss of quantum interference whenever we can detect through which slit a particle passes ... applied the uncertainty principle to the detector to explain the loss of interference, but applying the uncertainty principle to the particle tells us nothing about loss of interference ... " Quantum Paradoxes p. 61

It needs to be understood that Aharonov's new book with Rohrlich only deals with the paradoxical thinking of orthodox quantum theory that has Shimony's "passion at a distance" where the classical matter dynamical "hidden variables" are in "sub-quantal thermodynamic equilibrium" in which the Bohm quantum pilot wave "potential Q" acts on these hidden variables without any direct back-reaction of them on their Q to close the loop of action and reaction. This is essentially what in general relativity we recognize as the "test particle approximation" i.e. the hidden variables are test objects not sources of the quantum potential Q (or super-potential in classical field theory). Everything in Aharonov's book breaks down fundamentally in the post-quantum theory where the hidden variables of the classical matter fields are not only not in thermal equilibrium but are prevented from relaxing to thermal equilibrium by an external pump of some kind. All living matter is post-quantum in this sense with direct back-reaction of the hidden variables on their Q forming a "more is different" self-organizing emergen creative loop controllably nonlocal in both space and time. Our inner consciousness is the key emergent property of sustained thermal non-equilibrium of the hidden variables.