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The basic local laws of physics are symmetric under time reversal, why then do we experience irreversible aging and death? Why are we not immortal? The Wheeler-Feynman idea leads to the thought that we must include the large-scale cosmological structure of our observable universe. Indeed, if were are merely 3D hologram images projected retro-causally back from our future cosmological event horizon then the entropy of the universe at any moment on our timeline is simply the area of that horizon when our future light cone intersects it. Tamara Davis, in Fig. 5.1 of her Ph.D. shows that this area of the hologram computer approaches a “de Sitter” constant ~ 10^122 BITS because of the anti-gravitating universally repulsive dark energy now accelerating the expansion speed of 3D space from the moment of inflation, we are cut off from most of the multiverse as far as light signals are concerned.

Adapted from Fig 5.1 Tamara Davis Ph.D.

We also see that the initial area of our observable patch of the multiverse was only 1 quantum BIT at the moment of inflation – a mighty tree from the seed. Therefore, we trivially explain why All the King’s Men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. Indeed, Sean Carroll in his book “From Eternity To Here” hems and haws without ever providing a satisfactory answer to the enigma of time. Like Paul Davies title “God and the New Physics” the title promises more than it delivers. You really can’t tell a book by its cover. Obviously the wits at the Templeton Foundation never got beyond the cover.