Subject: Quantum physicists have been brainwashed since the 1927 Solvay Conference by Niels Bohr


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Naive Quantum Gravity
Subjects: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (gr-qc); Quantum Physics (quant-ph)
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Lagrangian Formulation for Particle Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics: Single-Particle Case
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Subjects: Quantum Physics (quant-ph)

Lagrangian Description for Particle Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics – Entangled Many-Particle Case

Roderick I. Sutherland
Centre for Time, University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia 
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A Lagrangian formulation is constructed for particle interpretations of quantum mechanics, a well-known example of such an interpretation being the Bohm model. The advantages of such a description are that the equations for particle motion, field evolution and conservation laws can all be deduced from a single Lagrangian density expression. The formalism presented is Lorentz invariant. This paper follows on from a previous one which was limited to the single-particle case. The present paper treats the more general case of many particles in an entangled state. It is found that describing more than one particle while maintaining a relativistic description requires the introduction of final boundary conditions as well as initial, thereby entailing retrocausality. 

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At this point we all need to re-read Sutherland very careful starting with the 2006 paper and instead of making wild unsupported generally false or muddled statements about his work - we all need to copy and paste relevant text and equations point by point in a close analysis because his claims are of such fundamental importance for the foundations of quantum theory. I will start doing just that rather than dealing with the polemics and ersatz metaphysics of the New Agers.
The new physics of R. I. Sutherland is, in my understanding
1) Bohm trajectories are revealed albeit approximately by intermediate Aharonov weak measurements between LOCAL initial and final strong measurements also called boundary conditions. Real experiments by Aephraim Sternberg for photons confirm this.
2) Retrocausality in the weak measurements is shown in the Lagrangian formalism that is locally specially relativistically invariant i.e. all quantities are tensors under the Lorentz group. The boundary conditions are irrelevant to this Lorentz symmetry of the dynamics.
3) Configuration space for entangled particles is replaced by Costa de Beauregard zig zags same as for Cramer’s TI and Hu Price and Ken Wharton’s papers.
4) Aharonov, Sutherland, Price, Wharton et-al are only interested in orthodox quantum limit with no-entanglement signaling assumed.

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5) Sutherland’s Lagrangian equations include my “back-reaction” from particle to wave that violates orthodox quantum no-signaling. Sutherland calls this “action-reaction”.

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Sutherland’s Lagrangian has the form for weak measurements
L = L(classical be able) + L(quantum) + L(post-quantum back-reaction)
In orthodox no-signaling quantum theory the thought-like mental quantum wave function is a complete description of physical reality.

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Obviously, in that case
 L(classical be able)  = 0
 L(post-quantum back-reaction) = 0
This is the case for Copenhagen, transactional interpretation, and all forms of many worlds.
This is insane in my opinion and it leads to all sorts of ridiculous Rube Goldberg pseudo-problems well described in Nick Herbert’s books
e.g. collapse of the wave function - this is a literal miracle corresponding to the theological
Wheeler calls this
I claim that mainstream quantum theorists and philosophers have been brainwashed into this Laputan paradigm because of the immense charisma of Niels Bohr and his false victory over de Broglie and Einstein as well as the demonization and isolation of David Bohm. The book by Mara Beller

Quantum Dialogue: The Making of a Revolution, Beller
University of Chicago Press
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proves what I am professing here.
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6) L(post-quantum back-reaction) ~ (be able particle 4-velocity - pilot wave 4-current/invariant 4-current density) ….
Therefore orthodox quantum theory corresponds exactly to de Broglie’s pilot wave condition = zero back reaction = sub-quantum  equilibrium
In this case the pilot wave stream lines are identical to the be able- trajectories.
This is why as a practical matter we can pretend there are no beables for all traditional lab tests and technology on dead matter - closed systems.
My thesis is that pumped open dissipative structures (e.g. Frohlich model) with macro-quantum coherence have back-reaction with violation of the de Broglie piloting.
The pilot wave stream lines no longer match the Bohm be able trajectories.
Cramer’s cancellation of phases in his transaction no longer happens.
Retrocausal signals happen e.g. brain presponse.
Post quantum physics is to quantum physics as general relativity is to special relativity in the sense of the general action-reaction principle.
7) all of the above is for particles. Doing quantum electrodynamics (also weak and strong) and quantum geometrodynamics is more complicated. Sutherland had made some progress on this issue.
8) Finally the back-reaction of classical charges on the EM field is irrelevant to our concern here - that is all classical physics in L(be-able