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The late Fred Hoyle wrote in his book “The Intelligent Universe”[1] before Yakir Aharonov?[i] – before Igor Novikov? – before Roger Penrose?
“Loops in time
At first sight, communication from future to past seems to lead to logical inconsistency. On the one hand, we have events behaving statistically according to the normal past-to-future time sense, the situation as most everyday situations are concerned.  … The less recognizable individual quantum events controlled from the future, as when we make up our minds to do one thing rather than another, can also have a major influence, however. These future to past situations are so subtle compared to something like a road accident that they tend to pass by us almost unnoticed. … Can cause and effect work both ways in time? … To avoid inconsistencies, both time senses must be linked into a consistent kind of loop.  … Cause and effect becomes a convenient description only in special situations involving localities in the universe, not the Universe as a whole.

[1] Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1983

[i] Aharonov’s earliest relevant papers seem to date from 1995, though I may be mistaken.
[ii] With regard to the time traveler who tries to kill his father before he was conceived Hoyle writes that he: “hesitates, trying to make up his mind, which he eventually does through an individual quantum event in the brain, an event which takes the form that preserves logical consistency.” P. 247

From my book Destiny Matrix 2010 - still under construction - will try to resolve this historical question in it i.e. Aharonov's 2-state QM, Novikov's loop in time & Penrose's "presponse" (relation to Orch OR?)