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Roger Penrose’s argument is very similar to Einstein’s 1935 argument on quantum entanglement with his younger colleagues Podolsky and Rosen. Einstein proved that an uncontrollable random faster than light (and/or backwards through time delayed choice) action at a distance must happen in order for Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle to work at each end of an entangled pair of simple quantum systems (e.g. two qubit electron spins). Similarly, Penrose proved from actual brain experiments, that if we have conscious free will, and are not mere automatons reacting unconsciously to sudden life-threatening changes in our environment, then a future post-quantum mind state must influence a past material brain electrical state over a time scale of about 1 second. Indeed, this is why the “second” ~ 1044 Planck times was chosen as our unit of time – a seemingly contingent artifact of our material evolution? Or are we the product of intentional design from a future designer creating itself?


Igor Novikov wrote in “The River of Time”[1]


It is possible to imagine that using specially designed machinery, a human being could get into a special ‘tunnel’ in which he moves backwards with respect to time in the external space, and emerges in the past when passing through the other mouth of this tunnel. … the traveler through time does not get younger … having sneaked into the past, he can find himself … in his youth or even … before he was born … [Kip] Thorne showed that to stabilize a tunnel, it must be filled with an unusual matter … the anti-gravitation of this matter prevents the collapse of the tunnel”


There are two possibilities here, one is to amplify the small ambient random zero point fluctuations of the virtual light that is the dark energy in some way. The other is, perhaps, to make a very high Tc superconducting meta-material with negative index of refraction of non-random non-radiating near electromagnetic fields. If UFOs are real machines and not mass delusions then an advanced ET intelligence has figured out a way to make these star gate space-time tunnels.


“With the time machine becoming a reality, the future starts to affect the past. All events occur in such a way that this influence is taken into account. However, once an event has taken place (it was influenced by the events both in the past and the future), that’s the end, it cannot be altered.” (p.263) … of the limitations imposed on ‘free will’ … a remark made by Einstein … ‘Schopenhauer once remarked: A man can do what he wishes but he is not free to wish what he wants.’


Indeed, Penrose gives several detailed examples to flesh out these limitations on our free will if our physical mind field is not retrocausal strongly violating the axioms of textbook quantum theory.


[1] Cambridge, 1998 Chs 14, 15