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but with important differences -

Tipler's cosmological model is completely wrong in my opinion. It's inconsistent with Tamara Davis's 2004 fig1.1 at

Tipler does not seem to understand the holographic principle and the idea that the reciprocal of the dark energy density in our past light cone is the area of our future event horizon. The future entropy of our observable section of the multiverse is finite not infinite. We do not have a final singularity Omega Point, rather we have a non-singular future Omega surface that is a computer - based on Tamara Davis's work.

"The divergence of information coded in the biosphere means that a computer of sufficient power will eventually exist in the far future. I have argued in my book that life’s drive to total knowledge in the far future will cause our far future descendants to carry out this emulation of their distant ancestors. After all, we are now attempting to reproduce our ultimate biological ancestor, the first living cell from which all life on Earth descended. We would be the first rational beings from which all rational beings in the far future would be descended, so in reproducing us in these far future computers, life in the far future would just be learning about their history. So the laws of physics will not only be for us in the sense of requiring the biosphere to survive, they are for us in the sense that they will eventually allow every human who has ever lived have a second chance at life. Notice that this ‘life goes on forever’ picture really makes use only of the integers. At any one time, the complexity of the universe is finite. In fact, we could now be an emulation in a digital computer! But since we have no way of reaching the computer from inside the emulation, we could just regard the emulation as fundamental. This would mean regarding physical reality as a subset of mathematical reality. This is the Platonic universe: physical reality is not ‘real’ ultimately; only number—the integers comprising the true ultimate reality— is actually real. What does mathematics tell us about this ultimate integer reality?"