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some notes (fragments)

real technology of movie Inception not that far away - can soon read secrets when brain is sleeping - it reviews events of the day at 5x normal pace like replaying a tape - imprinting into memory - discussed by Dr. Litt at end of his talk - very briefly
Subject: I was videoed with kurzweil

Good discussion of my back-action model based on Bohm's Q in q&a at singularity summit 2010 in their official video
Kurzweil on screen from Massachusetts
Kurzweil critical of the Hameroff-Penrose model but was interested in my two-way feedback control loop (particles <---> quantum potential) giving signal nonlocality with patterns induced in Q = qualia

Dr. Litt gave evidence for retrocausal presponse! - but does not realize it.

Beam splitter
Steve Mann
Chirplet transform Bci Corp Interaxon
Hdi patent
Undigital singularity Sousveilance iPhone
Subject: Re: Alzheimers clinical tests latest 2010

lot's of interesting stuff at this 2 day meeting
will write up details later this week
some amazing stuff - brain-computer-interface -- machines that can read thoughts from sleeping people - not far off for real!!!
Brian Litt MD University of Penn - large group doing many important projects
also stuff on aging (company in Irvine Genescient)
Chinese will surpass us in this -
creating AI biologist to analyse large chunks of bio-data impossible for humans to do
"Haptics" MIT Media Lab
& more

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Gregory Stock Signum Bioscience CEO at Singularity Summit says nothing works well on Alzheimer's
I am attending meeting Hyatt Regency