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Hand held I-phone device to wirelessly diagnose illness like in Star Trek Sci Fi - to detect at single molecule level any DNA/RNA based pathogen in bio-terrorist attack
also possibly control biosystems at nanoscale at a distance wirelessly?
DOD ARPA funding this.
Anita Goel is fascinated by motors. Not the kind of motor that resides under the hood of your family car, but the molecular motors that make their way along strands of DNA, reading and replicating genetic information. They are the motors of life itself. Goel, a 29 year-old researcher in the physics department at Harvard, hopes to learn how these nanoscopic machines work. In particular, she is interested in how the environment can affect the motor's operation. “I find it intriguing,” says Goel, “that conditions within cells can affect the flow of information encoded in DNA.” Anita Goel Nanobiosym
controlling DNA encoding/decoding nano-machines

Nanomotors are Maxwell Demonesque Feynman "rachets".

Wigner inequalities for a quantum clock applied to nanomotors for accuracy and precision & processing power.