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 Wheeler’s IT FROM BIT, Null Tetrads and Bell Qubit Pair States-/title-



The fundamental gravity fields are the tetrads for Local Inertial Frames (LIFs) on

force-free geodesics in curved spacetime. The tetrads are the “square roots” of Einstein’s

metric tensor. Material LIF detectors on timelike geodesics can be described by Cartesian

tetrads whose Newman-Penrose 2-spinor qubit representation are the four entangled Bell

pair states of quantum information theory. In contrast, the local light cone null tetrads are

unentangled pairs of 2-spinor qubits. Furthermore, in a local spherical coordinate basis,

the two real null tetrads are the Wheeler-Feynman advanced and retarded spherical waves

emanating from the origin of the local light cone. Curvature corresponds to relative

disclinations or “tilting” (Penrose) of neighboring light cones. Therefore, the qubit spinors

are Wheeler’s “BITS” for the fabric of spacetime where Einstein’s metric tensor field emerges

from strings of four qubits. This picture is compatible with Aharonov’s pre-selected

history and post-selected destiny state-vector formulation of quantum theory.