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Aharonov and his student's work on weak measurements is good and his interpretation is what I have been proposing since the late 1960's motivated by Wheeler-Feynman and Fred Hoyle. I hope historians like David Kaiser at MIT will set the record straight that Fred Alan Wolf and I were thinking along these lines since we were on the faculty at San Diego State more than 40 years ago. We do not wish to take away any of Aharonov's glory and we thank him for filling in vital details and testing the ideas in a Popper falsifiable way.

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Back From the Future
A series of quantum experiments shows that measurements performed in the future can influence the present. Does that mean the universe has a destiny—and the laws of physics pull us inexorably toward our prewritten fate?

Tollaksen’s group is looking into the notion that time might flow backward, allowing the future to influence the past. By extension, the universe might have a destiny that reaches back and conspires with the past to bring the present into view. On a cosmic scale, this idea could help explain how life arose in the universe against tremendous odds. On a personal scale, it may make us question whether fate is pulling us forward and whether we have free will. ...

And yet, as crazy as it sounds, this notion of reverse causality is gaining ground. A succession of quantum experiments confirm its predictions—showing, bafflingly, that measurements performed in the future can influence results that happened before those measurements were ever made.

by Zeeya Merali; photography by Adam Magyar
From the April 2010 issue; published online August 26, 2010

Fred Alan Wolf and I also independently thought what Aharonov thought here:

His answer—which seems inspired and insane in equal measure—was that we cannot perceive the information that controls the particle’s present behavior because it does not yet exist.

So did I.J. Good who elevated this idea to a GOD(D) entity with signal nonlocality violating the quantum theory restrictions. Now I know that I. J. Good's GOD(D) is located on our future dark energy hologram event horizon. I.J. worked with Alan Turing breaking the Nazi War Code in WWII. Turing ate a poisoned apple because he was, like Oscar Wilde, hounded by the police for being gay.